Geoengineering, What Do Our Children Have To Say About It?

We fight to save a future for our children, we owe our lives to them. Too many in our society have rationalized their own personal pursuits of pleasure while claiming to love their children. To truly show our love for the children of the world, we must fight for them with every breath we take, with every fiber of our being. It is this that drives me forward in this battle. The video below is particularly close to my heart, two of the voices in this video are from my son and my daughter. Our reality and theirs is changing and darkening by the day. Our collective challenges are growing at a pace that cannot be truly comprehended. Will we go silently into the night? Or will we join hands and struggle against the fading of the light? It is time for all to stand and join this fight for our very survival, and the survival of our children. There is only now, make your voice heard in this all important battle to expose and stop the greatest of all human assaults against life on Earth, global climate engineering. My sincere gratitude to Mauro Oliveira for producing this video.


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  1. Sumner Berg says:

    Well folks I think that humanity has dug its own grave and there is no crawling out. The dirt will be shoveled in until we are covered up forever.It isn't just chemtrails but warfare, nuclear energy, over population, etc.  Fukushima isn't finished by far. It alone has the power to destroy the entire planets life forms. We invented the term intelligent and even developed tests to evaluate it. Surprise, surprise we came out on top!! In reality we are very greedy and brain dead as a species. We are hell bent on destroying the biosphere that sustains all life. Why didn't we stop when first informed about the problems of pursuing our greedy capitalistic ways? We are animals and we act like animals. We are greedy and want everything that we can get regardless of the environment. In reality we would have to bew classed as a stupid species and one that is way out of control. We don't attack over population because more people means more consumption. We fail to recognize that the earth has finite resources that sustain life but those resources are non-renewable so will come to and end as we will. We are a plague species and are heading towards extinction which is a common phenomenon as 99% of all life that has ever existed on earth has become. Look what we have done as a species to this earth in the very short evolutionary time that we have existed. Amazing!!!

    • Marsha Gill says:

      Humans are not animals.  Animals would never do what man is doing.    Man is responsible for all the evil.

  2. Caro says:

    **Our** – not just Your: OUR.

    “Our obligations were to protect to planet Earth and to act as divine custodians.”

    …& still is. Group A blames Group B and vice-versa. OUR response-ability. ALL of us. There are thousands, millions of people who contribute their heart and soul for the planet- only to have their light and inventions hidden. How do we find a way around this? Still OUR response-ability. It’s not over till it’s over. Giving up just ’cause you’ve stopped believing is the thousand year old habit consolidating outcomes that nobody wants.

    We need to consciously break the fake umbilical cord to nowhere and reconnect to the real one- the connection to the planet, and each other.

    In this instance- how can we tackle the grave matter of chemtrails?
    Focus on solutions. Military people need to educate each other what’s actually going on for one.

    The practice of Chemtrails is possibly rooted from a classic fear-based crazy peer-pressue, with only a very few people who somehow feel so lucky they won’t be affected. There is no excuse for doing this to the planet- and there’s no time for speculation. Only time for belief, questions, and especially *FOCUSING on Solutions.

    How can we tackle chemtrails?

    1. Military people need to educate each other what’s actually going on for one.
    Anyone care to add to the list?


  3. It’s not about your children anymore, and never was. They’re all dead, and most of the Earth’s populations are dead as well.

    Your obligations were to protect to planet Earth and to act as divine custodians. Your obligations were to husband the land as one tends a garden. Instead, you chose to desecrate your Earth in order to fulfill hebrew (satanic) prophecy… All planned long ago, and bible thumping Judeo/Christian types should at least get Academy Awards for playing their parts so well.

    The plan??? Pump up those idiot military hounds and blood suckers for international banking cartels. Be sure to support the Vatican. Especially Swiss UBS bank… Instruct your children to willfully join in “law enforcement” activities. Teach them to “Protect and Serve” by shooting drivers in the back for failing to signal their turn. Sit your kids in front of digital television “programming” for days and weeks and years on end. Buy them iPads, cell phones, Gameboys, and other electronic cocaine. Make sure they become politically passive and sexually sterile. Shoot them up with all the specified (mercury laden) vaccines before they’re old enough to say no. Feed them lots of GMO crop poisons from the companies you hold in your investment portfolios.

    Pray for Santa to be more gracious during the holidays. Your retirement portfolios depend on massive profits. Turn the entire planet into an industrial diaper bucket, and blame the corporate elite for any lack of profitability…

    The babble script was written by hebrew and jesuit scribes during the “Dark Ages” and shoved up believers asses for the last 1200 years. It was convenient that everyone was so compliant, concerned, loving, and courageous… Please turn the lights off as you leave planet Earth…

  4. Linda says:

    A wonderful video…informative and clear. Good to hear the voices of the young aware ones who could lead the way, if we all live long enough. Thank you.
    (sharing it on my timeline on FB)

  5. dawnybeau says:

    The 17 year old man in this household is sounding the alarm in his high school by choosing to use GMO’s, GeoEngineered Weather, Cellphones & Cancer, and Flouride topics for assignments. I recently brought the topic up at a Ladies Bible Study only to be told, “I don’t want to know about that”. To which I replied, you may not but the health of our children and planet are at stake. Sad to observe such a narcissistic, self-centered parental society walk in such ignorance to to the Pied Pipers flute.

  6. Matt says:

    Come to think about it I have lost many friends and even the relationship with my father is on the rocks because of geo-engineering.

  7. Matt says:

    Awesome video. I’m glad other parents are trying to wake people up about this. I have been doing so for about a year. Got tired of taking pictures of it because everyone is in denial and thinks I am crazy. But its gotten a lot worse recently. Tacoma Washington land of the chem dump.

  8. Elle says:

    Great video!!! Way to go kids!

  9. Michel B says:

    Rage, tears and determination spring forth from viewing this video. Hearing the children’s voices plainly and easily explaining what so many adults are so resistant to is magic. Go to Youtube and forward this video to as many people as possible: friends, acquaintances, officials, etc.

    500 000 Iraqi children died as a result of US led sanctions in the 90s. Madeleine Albright, sociopath extraordinaire, is famously quoted as saying on that matter, “The price, we think, is worth it.” They do not care about any nation’s children.

  10. Marc says:

    As committed as I am to fighting this fight, I despair at the billions of possible excuses people use for not giving a shit about this geoengineering stuff. Now that we are deep into the “cellphone generation”, information and human connections can now happen at virtually the speed of light. The upside is that we can exponentially increase awareness of this horrific agenda through social media and internet, etc. The downside is that billions of people are also totally distracted by billions of other interesting topics that have nothing whatsoever to do with expanding awareness of our impending doom. Unbelievable!!!
    My oldest daughter knows about all this but she prefers to live each day as the mother of my beautiful granddaughter, and cannot be concerned right now…parenting is priority. I understand where she is coming from, but the problem here is the same problem we are finding everywhere: the gravity of the situation has not become apparent to the average person on the street. And it may NEVER become a concern to billions of people before it’s too late. I, for one, already concede that the contamination of our planet may already be so far advanced as to render our efforts moot.
    But I will continue to do what I can to fight this for the sake of my two daughters and for our tortured planet and for all good and decent people everywhere in this world. Namaste.

  11. bija says:

    I spend most days with my infant granddaughter and I cannot tell you how it pains me to look at this remarkable little being and know that she is daily being harmed and most likely has no future due to this unconscionable crime being perpetrated against all humanity. My heart breaks for all the world’s children who may never experience an unpoisioned world or a full and healthy life. I am heartened lately by the number of people looking up and waking up and especially by the efforts and conscious responses I find regularly at Geoengineeringwatch. But I long for the day when there is a report of real action being taken anywhere to halt these death dumps, as they
    were called by Ted Gunderson. His courage to speak out and call out the cowards in congress as well as name specific military installations sadly cost him his life. The irony is that not speaking out or joining the effort to reverse this evil will undoubtedly cost us all our lives. So the choice seems clear. It’s time to stand together and protect our children and future generations from this crime against all humanity. If it is indeed too late, they will at least know we tried.

  12. carol freiberg says:

    This will be shared by me until I run out of kids to share it with.Seems the “grown ups” have been put into such a trance that they are unable to wake up and see what is happening to our planet.Once they can no longer grow a garden to feed themselves (which will be too late) they may realize that this was done on their watch. Thanks for the wonderful video.

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