Geoengineering Winter Weather Warfare Assault Continues


Dane Wigington

The latest completely engineered winter weather assault to be launched on US populations is the theatrically named "Winter Storm Europa"  How severe does the rapidly worsening weather whiplash have to get before populations face the fact that ongoing global climate engineering/weather warfare programs are decimating and derailing Earth's climate and life support systems?

How extreme, anomalous, and unnatural was the divide between extreme cold and record heat in the US on Sunday? The map below shows a shocking scenario.


The increasingly extreme temperature swings are wreaking havoc on all life forms.

Skies all over the globe are being sprayed with highly toxic aerosols that are a core component of the climate intervention operations (these are NOT condensation trails).  In the forecast model below, warm flows of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico are chemically ice nucleated by the geoengineers. This process creates the short term chemical cool-downs that have now become the norm.

The bullseye of impact from "Winter Storm Europa" was yet again directed toward the Dakotas.


Ice storms are now almost always seen in the transition zones between warm flows of moisture (used as fuel for the engineered winter weather events) and the core of the chemically ice nucleated zones.

The Dakota Water Protectors have been consistently and severely impacted by extreme "winter weather". This has occurred even after the US experienced its warmest autumn ever recorded. Is this also just a coincidence? The video animation below has captured the chemical ice nucleation process being carried out by the climate engineers. Warm (far above freezing) flows of moisture can clearly be seen "flashing out" to snow for no apparent reason (meteorologically speaking). The power structure paid disinformation sources like "The Weather Channel" have now called this process "changing over to snow".  Official sources of weather forecasting and information are simply covering the tracks of the climate engineers as they have been paid to do. The radar loop shown below is undeniable proof of "chemical ice nucleation for weather modification".

Chemical ice nucleation of the warm flow of moisture from the south is clearly visible in the radar animation above. A close examination also reveals radio frequency transmission manipulation with an epicenter located in Rapid City. Why don't we have whistleblowers sounding the alarm on the climate engineering insanity? The illegal federal gag order on all National Weather Service and all National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration employees is certainly a major factor. 

In the map below, major ice storm impacts (mentioned earlier) are seen in the transition zone where the warm flow of moisture from the south is being chemically nucleated.


As mentioned earlier, disinformation sources (like The Weather Channel) are doing their best to convince populations that is is now normal to have a "warm side" and a "cold side" to a "winter storm".

The storm severity map below clearly shows the epicenter of the extreme weather from "WInter Storm Europa" is directly on top of the Dakota Water Protector protest zone. 


The red zones in the map above reveal the most severe impact zones of "Winter Storm Europa".

What is worth noting in the next map (shown below) are the extremely warm temperatures that exist in the flows of moisture that continue to feed "Winter Storm Europa". As this flow of moisture migrates to the North East, temperatures of over 60 degrees are visible only a short distance from the chemically cooled ice nucleation zones. We now almost never hear the power structure paid "weather forecasters" referring to snow levels based on elevations. Now, thanks to climate engineering, you are either on the warm side of the storm or the cold side of the storm. Elevation is now generally no longer a factor.


Scenarios like the one shown in the map above are historically unprecedented. Now such scenarios are considered the norm.

The completely out of control climate engineering cabal continues to try and cover up the rapidly worsening planetary meltdown with more and more "engineered winter" short term toxic cool-downs. The paradox is this, every climate intervention that the climate engineers carry out makes the overall warming of the planet worse, not better. The Geoengineers are destroying the ozone layer, disrupting the hydrological cycle, fueling forest fires, and contaminating the entire planet in the process. 2016 will be the third record shattering hot year in a row and this record will occur in spite of the fact that "official" agencies are UNDERREPORTING high temperatures, not exaggerating them. 


The meltdown of the polar region is of especially grave concern. The bright red zones at the top of this Temperature Anomaly map clearly reveals the ongoing Arctic meltdown. Massive formerly frozen methane deposits are now rapidly thawing and releasing. These methane releases may soon determine our collective fate, climate intervention programs are making the methane releases worse overall, not better

We must all work together in the most critical effort to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity. Those that have chosen to deny or hide from reality must realize that their denial will not stop what is coming. Join the fight to expose and halt the climate engineering planetary omnicide, help us in the battle to sound the alarm.

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161 Responses to Geoengineering Winter Weather Warfare Assault Continues

  1. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    Here in northeast Florida, we have experienced near record high temperatures (mid 80's) and below average rainfall. The nighttime temperatures have been the most noticeable to me, with Low temperatures in the low to mid 60's. The average High temperature for late December is 65, average Low temperature in the upper 40's. I observed SAG/SRM being conducted above the rain, while the Cold front was moving through. The air temperature dropped about 15 degrees when the rain began falling.

  2. Ken says:
    cheetahs and giraffes just added to the endangered list. Now joining an extensive and growing list of animals, plants and insects that are either threatened with extinction or have already disappeared. Skies that look like scenes from a science fiction movie or alien planet. Weather that is not only more volatile and unpredictable, but goes against natural weather patterns and principals, like snowing when it's above freezing and temperature swings that go from one extreme to the other. The majority of people take no notice or refuse to acknowledge what is going on. Amazing.

  3. Rosalie says:

    So, given all of this geoengineered climate denial by so many; I can't help but wonder, when our poor, dying trees start snapping and breaking and falling on houses, what this will do to insurance companies? That's a lot of dollars doled out in claims.  If there's any industry that should be waking up to this weather warfare, you'd think it would be the insurance companies.

    • Dennie says:

      CBOE has been dealing in weather futures since some time in the 90s, maybe 1994?  You BET the insurance companies know about this. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Rosalie, I have tried to alert several people working in the insurance industry as to how many untold billions of dollars they have paid out in claims that could be directly related to weather warfare activity and directed them to this site for more credible info. about it. I have no idea if it has had any effect on these folks yet. Oh well, planting seeds which will hopefully come to fruition soon. There ought to be A LOT of really pissed off people when the shoe finally drops for them.

  4. MS P says:

    Southern CA  -Ventura County
    After a week of cooler, very  windy weather. Where all the fruit blows off the trees. Avocados  everywhere! Crop loss= expensive to buy. We even had 3 days of AM frost.
    Yesterday was hot. Into the 80's. No breeze. With a storm on the way. The day had those light  wispy clouds. Then in the afternoon hours. A strange looking,  dark mass of clouds. From the south -west. As these dark  clouds rolled in.  As a solid cover. It seemed to get even warmer. Hot, dry, with dark rain clouds overhead. So very un natural!
    Last night I could hear the rain coming down rather hard. It was much colder, during the rain. When it stopped. It was  much warmer again. Then again, when it rained; much colder. Very un-even temps inside my home. During the night. Felt like  a hot summer night, tossing off even the bed sheet. As it rained. I was cold enough to where I had felt  cold under  all the covers.  The kind of cold the goes through me, to my bones. This AM the rain gage  in the driveway, says 1.75 inches. 
     S. CA always has these winters, where it is best to dress in layers. This is much more extreme. Also the temps do change more rapidly. Instead of  a cool AM or afternoon. Followed by a warming, or cooling trend in the later part of the day.With maybe a 5 degree difference?
     It changes by the hour, or even in less time. Sept 2009 it  had shot up from 101 to 113 in 45 minutes. After 4 PM.  In mid September. At the beach.

  5. Barry says:

    Dane, got any environmental contacts who can reveal the truth on this one…could this be from chemicals in air entering the water?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Barry, there are countless sources of damage to our oceans at this point, it would be impossible to pinpoint a single causal factor for the die off. This being said, the oceans are superheating which is causing sea floor deposits of methane and hydrogen sulfide to thaw and release. This process strips oxygen from the water column and creates abrupt die-offs.

  6. Donna-AZ says:

    I recently wrote that I had not seen any military jets spraying, other than the air show out of Luke Air Base. Well yesterday, while letting the dog out back, I noticed one line in the sky (not real long) almost above my house. Then I heard and watched a plane quickly make a half circle which connected to that line. As it was going around, I grabbed my camera from my pocket (which has a 30X zoom) and got a couple of pictures of an F-35 in action. So, if you happen to be in a U2 Spy Plane at 70,000 feet, it would look like a P, but from my back yard it looked like a b. I see F-35s almost daily, because they train here, but never sky writing.

    Also, yesterday the 29th, we had another opportunity for a good amount of rain, (according to NOAA) but once again, it was stolen (Grand Theft Rain). 

    • BaneB says:

      Donna:  Given what is stated as a likely ingredient for creating temperature cool downs, my black humor tells me it's not a 'b' but a 'p'.  Urea as in urine.  If you should spot these jets writing out an 's' stay indoors for sure because e-coli is part of their aerosol repertoire 

  7. horsegirl says:

    One thing keeps piquing me concerning the war on our very brains.  Safeways offers organic produce.  Yet it's hourly doused many times over with what I imagine is the fluoridated local water supply.  Which of course has to bleed into the produce.  How much of a concern is this?  Anyone?  Concern number two is restaurants.  Consuming anything in a business using locally fluoridated water has to be a smorgasbord of fluoride, right?  Finally, motels.  What about showering in fluoridated water.  Not that we have had the resources to stay in motels or eat in restaurants for a very long time, but it seems like these have to represent a  high-dollar volitional poisoning.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Horsegirl, I would ask them while in Safeway. I once worked for them, As I remember, they did not have a filter system. Tthey used tap water to clean up the produce to re-stock & to re-fresh the shelves. And unless the Restaurant too has a filter system for all the taps, they too would be using Flouidated water. 

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Horsegirl, I would ask them while in Safeway. I once worked for them, As I remember, they did not have a filter system. They used tap water to clean up the produce to re-stock & to re-fresh the shelves. And unless the Restaurant too has a filter system for all the taps, they too would be using Flouidated water. 

  8. Mario says:

      After looking at the bigger meteorological picture . .  the ubiquity of storm creation and manipulation, the world wide array of ionospheric heaters, and the use of weather as a weapon . . . I am left pondering this whole "Solar Radiation Management" idea that is being sold to us by obvious liars posing as "scientists".  It seems to me that the aerosols have a much larger purpose than SRM.  Does that mean that SRM is one gigantic deception — I'm not sure on that.  I truly wonder about that.  I honestly don't believe that SRM is the explicit goal of all the spraying and atmospheric manipulation.  We know that there is no benevolence in these programs.  What is benevolent about creating weather in order to control people?  What is benevolent about killing every living thing on Earth?  That is the pinnacle of scary and crazy.  I don't think the dam is going to going to hold much longer.  Prepare for the paradigm shift and surround yourself with as much positive energy as you can find — in yourself and others. 

  9. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Are those in power looking to further ignite tensions with Russia? This may just be bitterness on the part of the Obama administration. However it could also be the beginning of the war that will mask the real catastrophe, meaning the omnicidal devastation that ongoing geoengineering is inflicting on us and our planet.  As I’m sure you know — The United States on Thursday expelled 35 Russian diplomats and closed two Russian compounds in New York and Maryland in response to a campaign of harassment by Russia against American diplomats in Moscow, a senior U.S. official said on Thursday. The U.S. official … told Reuters the Russian diplomats would be given 72 hours to leave the United States. Access to the two compounds will be denied to all Russian officials as of noon on Friday… [Reuters]
    Russia Warns Of "Proportional Response" To Obama's "Paranoia"  / Zero Hedge / Dec 29, 2016
    Having already made it clear that any sanctions would be met with retaliation, IFX reports that Russian Commissioner Foreign Ministry on human rights, democracy and the rule of law, Konstantin Dolgov exclaimed that "any anti-Russian sanctions are futile and counter-productive."  … Russia has no alternative than to make a proportional response, adding in a call with reporters that Moscow "doubted the effectiveness of the measures as the current U.S. presidential administration was stepping down in three weeks" while Duma Foreign Affairs head Slutsky slammed U.S. sanctions as "signs of real paranoia." … the lies about the "Russian hackers", which continues to flow into the United States from the very top. … It only remains to add that if Washington really takes new hostile steps, it will get the answer.  This also applies to any action against Russian diplomatic missions in the United States, which immediately ricocheted on US diplomats in Russia. …

    • Dennie says:

      That Old Lizard Brzezinski is a known Russia-hater.  It's probably HIS Big Idea to start a war with Russia in order to control Central Asia– crazy or what?  Yeah, like, um, the United States is going to control THE WHOLE WORLD and RULE IT WITH AN IRON FIST BY FORCE!!!! I can hear that snotty little general who got sooo offended not long ago by some imaginary slight by Russian diplomats, the one with all the scrambled eggs hanging off his shoulders, screeching again:  "And if all YOU LITTLE PEONS don't get in line behind ME, I'LL JUST DROP NUCLEAR BOMBS ALL OVER THE PLACE and we'll see HOW YOU LIKE IT THEN–

    • BaneB says:

      SF:  Serious stuff!  Maybe artificial intelligence is not such a bad idea.  These ruling elites have the natural kind and they are insane.  Every day  the world is still here in one piece, I give thanks.

    • Dennie says:

      And then Putin said, no, we are not going to stoop to the same level and retaliate, then invited all the diplomat's kids to the annual New Year party and wished the U.S. a happy New Year.  Way to go, Vladimir: I am not saying I'm taking sides and I am not insinuating that Repugnicans are any better but this, I think, really takes the wind right outta the lyin' Corporate asskissin Clintonista Demos' sails.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Does anybody know where the hell Brzezinski originates from? The name sure sounds Russian to me- if so, why then would he be a Russia hater I wonder?.. From under what rock did that lizard slime crawl out from?..and how the HELL did he wind up entrenched in advising the US government for so many decades??? Seems like he needs to be one of the first to be BOOTED OUT- along with Kissingerrcrap, SorryassSoros and so many of the other 'behind the scenes in view' scumbags doing destruction to everything they touch.

  10. Stan says:


    What if the situation with the heating planet is so dire and out of control that the power structure really has no choice but to continue with the spraying insanity? Considering skyrocketing methane and water vapors, what if temperatures could spiral completely out of control within months, or even weeks or days without the toxic shield being dumped on our heads?

    Thank you for everything you do, I have learned so much thanks to you. Admire your courage and energy in this fight.

    People are so deeply asleep, deliriously dreaming and ranting of mall sales, football, greasy food, countertops, reality shows, cars, interest rates… Somebody did an amazing job to put everyone in a fluoridated trance.

    Best to you Dane,


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Stan, about your question, the climate engineers are negatively impacting every aspect of the climate and biosphere, there is unfortunately no benevolance regarding the geoengineering assault. The goals of those behind these programs are in every way related to power and control. In the attempt to hide the biosphere implosion from the public for as long as possible (and to use weather as a weapon) the geoengineers are causing so much additional damage that the unfolding planetary omnicide is virtually assured if climate engineering is not exposed and halted.

  11. Nemo says:

    When trying to tell others about geo engineering I am able to get by most objections with the help of info on your site Dane. Thanks! But, there is one objection that is problematic; the question is "If they can control and are manipulating the weather, why is south CA in a drought?"  I say because of the population centers in the NE USA. they want to make it more normal there. They say for propaganda  purposes lots of people live in CA also plus loss of crops can't be good news!

    …Also, this is weird…every winter I run humidifiers in my house, I turn them off when humidity reaches 60% or so,  I have done this for years.  This year I have not been able to get the humidity much above 50% (even bought a new monitor because I assumed the old was broken). 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nemo, about your question, this must be kept in mind, climate engineering is not being done for the greater good. More insight is in the attached link, and there yet much more to the issue. FYI

    • Dennie says:

      @ Nemo:  At least part of the rationale is that since water vapor is a greenhouse gas, we "need" to dry out the planet's atmosphere.  This is one "solution" to controlling green house gases (never mind the droughting and flooding of actual weather warfare).  I've read this in a few places, probably here, too.  Apparently there's a formula for how much drier it "needs" to be to head off the exponentially increasing amount of greenhouse gas saturating the atmosphere.  Never mind it's not working and never mind the massive environmental destruction that is being done by all the spraying. 

      People need to avail themselves of the 1997 Air University report titled Air Force 2025, prepared for the school by a combination of the top brass of the U.S.A.F. and the Federation of American Scientists, nice people whose organization came into being as a reaction to nuclear weapons they figured out only after building them for $,$$$,$$$ in profit to be too destructive to use, so they all felt it important to figure out how to come up with "kinder, gentler" WMDs– thus, geoengineering, which really serves a multitude of purposes to further the agendas of the various organizations blasting us with their chemical sh!t stews, 24/7/365 now.  The Plan to Control the weather by very large scale weather manipulation is very clearly outlined in the chapter titled Owning the Weather in 2025.  Incredibly, too many people who see this report online actually believe it's a "hoax.." showing just how f*cked up we, the reading public, have become.

  12. MS P says:

    Bats are heading towards extinction. White Nose syndrome. A fungal infection recently discovered. It's killing them off. Bats are important. Without bats, the mosquitoes will rule the earth. Which carry so many nasty diseases, infecting  humans, birds & animals.


  13. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Dane, It was very Clear they were under reporting the temperatures On Feb 9, Lethbridge was 17 degrees & Calgary was 16.4 degrees C This is Insanely warm for Feb. On March 31st in Edson 17 degrees C & Snow!  22C on April 1st they said it was 18C By April 18th it was 31C  The 19th  – 18C  I had a Tan in April.  May 2nd 28C May 17th Rain – 18th Snow 19th – Rain again. June 1st Calgary 31C  Always under reported. Then they knocked our temperatures down for the entire Summer. From the 20's & 30's in the Spring, to the low teens during the Summer. Few days were in the 20's. I thought it would be in the 40's come Summer, but they knew just what to do to decieve the masses!  Now saying the temps. would be warmer & they would rarely reach them.  I wore rubber boots for most of it. Socked in with Clouds & Rain almost daily. Is there such a thing as Cool down Rain?  Even the radio station would say…Big surprise Rain from the North to the South, again this week. Unheard of.   Farmers Crops were destroyed from the excessive down pours & lack of Sunlight. Then the Autumn came & from the start they hit us with Ice Nucleated storms. It was 20 – 30 degrees Colder in October & November than it is now in late December.  We now have the temperatures we should of had in October. Now again, they are under reporting. If we do have warm temperatures, they say… It's a Chinook!  Warm winds have caused the rise in temperatures.  I stopped keepimg track, but I will again Dane. I know it is important.

  14. paul fowler says:

         The vast majority of people in the world don't care beyond their own selfish desires . They seem to think it won't effect them , that nothing is happening or that there is nothing they can do . I suppose it is understandable with all the devious , miss leading info. we all have to sort through and the frantic pace we must keep up to have food on the table and a roof over out heads .

           The compartmentalization of all activists is how they control the opposition (us) . We all need to get together on these dire issues and sort out the rest later . This fight is already over if we don't .

         United you stand , divided you become a groomer of the stool at best . 

  15. Jeff Pitre says:

    hi Dane….i'm from Toronto Canada…Just wanted to let you know my plan to help sound the alarm in this  dyer issue…I saw a news report on CBC and Global news about the University of Toronto racing against time the save all the climate change data before Donald Trump becomes in power…as Donald did state "i'm going to remove the EPA out of our lives" So I called up the students and professor's who were in charge of the program…because we all know the EPA are nothing but lies. …so here's my calling card to help you get the true message out…to exchange information with the students and professors about the truth…I'm hoping on making a shock wave around the University's in the southern ontario area to wake the students up…..I thank you so much Dane for all the knowledge on the truth…us Canadians support you %100….your Canadian supporter Jeff Pitre…..wish me luck!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jeff, my most sincere thanaks to you (and all Canadian activists) for all the work you are doing to raise awareness in your beautiful country. Lets all keep pulling together.

  16. In these dark times, we continue to work for the common good.  And Dane has encouraged us to stay at our posts and maintain our philosophies.  Personally, as a preacher's grandkid, I'm wondering if now isn't a good time to be more childlike, as in – Mark, 10:15?  We can certainly make "a great big noisy fuss."  This is from the classic children's book Ramona the Pest. Thanks to all helpers!  

  17. horsegirl says:

    A legal twist to criminalize alternative media? Did Obama sign a law to criminalize Alternative Media? [snip] On December 24, 2016, Investment Watch Blog (IWB) published a very alarming article by Sean Adl-Tabatabai titled “Obama Signs Christmas Bill Making Alternative Media Illegal“. Adl-Tabatabai writes (I supplied the red bold emphasis):
    “President Obama has just quietly signed into law a bill that makes it illegal to run an alternative media website in the U.S. On Friday, just two days before Christmas, Obama signed the ‘Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017′ bill into law.“

    • BaneB says:

      Fake laws are to be ignored as one would do with fake MSNs.  

    • Earth Angel says:

      How 'bout since the Prez. of the US isn't a dictator or a ruling Monarch-  we all just ignore these illegal bills being issued by them.. Nowhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is the President of the US granted the power to unilaterally make up rules and laws without having them properly ratified by the House and/or Senate procedures. So in everybody's book they should all be rendered moot. Let's hope people begin to realize this and not allow themselves to be led along like an ox with a ring in its nose! Happy New Year to all good people around the world- May 2017 be a decisive turning point for humanity and our Mother Earth. For some inexplicable reason, in spite of all the bad, I feel a sense of optimism for the coming year ahead. Namaste everyone here at Dane's site. You are all making a difference in this powerful energy shift for the better, I truly believe it!!  : )

  18. Wes says:

    Eastern Nebraska Update:

    Really messed up "winter". I use that term loosely. Warm all through late fall, then a -15 night, then two days later 47. Christmas day was 50 degrees and pouring rain……all day! Extreme weather whiplash.

    Pink sunsets. Lots of people complaining about respiratory problems. I'm hearing of more people with dementia, Alzheimer's. 

    I see along with the ubiquitous snow storm of particulates, lots of big chunky stuff with it. I wonder if it has something to do with what feels like artificial cold temperatures many times. As someone commented on, a few years ago I noticed how it felt like the cold was coming from the ground, or somewhere, it didn't feel right.  I probably shouldn't I look for the particles every night, but I do. They are never not there. I guess I keep looking every night because I want to look and not see them. No such luck for over a year and a half.

    Dane, I'm  not sure if you know the post office has what they call EDDM(Every Door Direct Mail). It's .17cents a copy to mail. It has to be a full size paper, a large envelope size. And I think it's a 200 piece minimum You can saturate zip codes or routes.

    Talked to a cousin I hadn't seen in a long time. Brought some things up with him. Found out he has never even heard of building 7 falling on that fateful day.  I shake my head in disbelief. Of course he had cable. I told him, you pay for t.v., watch the news, and you have no idea of reality. Shouldn't that tell you something.

    It's almost every time. In between Blair and Omaha on highway 133. I get a feeling of water in my ear. Or the type of ear pressure you feel when flying. We're all being zapped.

    I brought this up to a friend of mine and she remembered it. Sometime in the early nineties they put this huge buried cable through town. I remember everyone commenting on it's way too big for t.v. or anything anyone had ever seen. I wonder if that had anything to do with synchronizing all these nexrad weather towers. We've seen in one of the video's Dane posted.  They cover the whole country and go off in synchronization. I've seen other radar videos showing the same thing.

    A couple of months ago you could see "clouds" that had geometric shapes and dripping with vertical lines. Stringy vertical lines falling. Water vapor and nature, NOT. And this is not the talk on the streets? What is wrong with people?

    There is a 60 or 70 ft. oak tree I can see across the street. Not an acorn on it this year. It's usually spilling nuts all over the street. Then I see across the other street. A 4ft. diameter black walnut, not a nut on it this year. Once again the street is usually a mess from all the nuts falling.

    Many times I'm outside…….It's hard to hold the tears back. Sometimes you can't hold them back.


    • BaneB says:

      Wes:  NEXRAD…. I too have watched satellite imagery of the synchronized wave of activated sites sweep from west to east, creating and destroying weather systems.  The great West Virginia flood of a year or so ago is good example of how to terrorize a population by way of weather warfare.  

    • Nemo says:

      Thanks Wes.  I see same things here in west Pa.  Comments like yours are strangely comforting in that I feel less crazy knowing others are seeing the same bizarre and scary changes.

  19. Dave says:

    Dane, considering the power these people have to,as tou have demonstrated, cause earthquakes, could they also be able to cause volcanos to erupt that would put enough ash to temporarily cause some cooling? Also, I may have missed it, but did the precipitation analysis from Standing Rock come in yet? Again, thank you for all you've done over the years to be our guiding light.     

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dave, we had a glitch with the first attempt at lab tests for Standing Rock, working on plan B now. It is a team effort Dave, glad to march with you in this battle.

  20. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    And yet another Heart Attack on a flight!!! Carrie Fisher Dead at 60.    She was on a flight from London to Los Angeles Friday & suffered a Heart Attack 15 minutes before landing.  Then passed on Tuesday at 8:55 AM.  So many Heart Attacks now while in a Plane. Should we find this Odd?    60 years old!    What happened to living into your 90's ? I guess that is now in this Polluted environment, an Impossibility!!!     God Bless Carrie. Thanks for the Memories!

    • MS P says:

      I was also thinking along the same lines. There is way too many deaths from heart attack, cancer, pneumonia, & respiratory failure. Look how many famous people have died this year.  The numbers must be just even worse for those who are not famous. A look into the local obituary also shows this. If cause of death is mentioned?

  21. Donna-AZ says:

    Right now on NOAA GOES WEST at 253pm, we should be getting lots of rain here in Sun City, AZ. All I see are rows of clouds, and my ears feel like they're in an airplane. Theft of precipitation while poisoning all life on Earth. I look forward to the day, the criminals pay.

  22. Rosalie says:

    Dane, thank you for enlightening us all with a harsh shot of reality that so few are willing to come to grips with. With the recent reports of massive fish die-offs on the south shore of Nova Scotia; almost in my backyard, it's never been more real and scary.  In Nova Scotia, there is the Navy, several air force bases throughout the province, and a whole lot of geoengineering and fungal overgrowth and dying trees. I believe there is a connection.  Some days are so bad with the microwaving of the skies, it's hard to think straight or walk straight. I think about how beneficial it would be if we had a page as an add-on to your site, to go to, that would be like the weather netwk, only it would report daily on geoengineering activity.  We could upload images and comments from around the globe. and this would be a portal that would give up to date weather warfare changes. And it's a hub for all of us to comment on here about what's going on, but more specifically zeroing in on our own communities and then sharing it with the world. I see on your site that we can upload images, I just wonder if a separate page could exist. Just a thought. Thank you for all you do and blessings for you and your Family in the New Year.  

  23. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Virginia, I too was a wee bit offended by Fowlers jab at Seniors !     I am not yet a Senior, But, I do Know, many are very awake to the World. They usually are awake listening to late night radio shows that are more truthful and informed then what daytime radio shows allow. They also know that the many clouds are odd, even if they do not know about SRM Programs. Spend some time talking to them and show them what to look for and they'll spend time looking unlike the "Juniors" that spend three quarters of their day on a Dumb Phone. No Offense to You, Fowler. But, let's not group people into one category. There are people of all ages that are Guilty of deliberate Ignorance. The Seniors of today are the ones they are waiting to die off because they know too much.                   I Think !   I Would Assume there are many Seniors at this Site.   Let's not scare them away!

    • BaneB says:

      Speaking as an old person and not as a young person, my perspective might be that most of this nation's population are hooked into the mainstream entertainment matrix including ALL forms of electronic media.  Only the truth seekers are going to do the cerebral observations that require giving some thought and soul searching for an understanding.  And these are young and old.  I am afraid the vast majority will not lift a mental finger to save themselves and the planet until way past time to panic.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Indeed, I am 66yrs. young, and have been trying to wake people up to this since 2001. So many do not want to know, do not want to look up.


  24. Gladstone says:

    So Cal OC observations and commentary:

    Observed rainbows in the aerosol, but sort of small colored halo flattened against the spray layer. Thought it to be presence of radio frequency energy.

    Heavy rains last week preceded by fog. Fog is natural here in early am in Dec/Jan. But it didn't burn off: suspecting massive aerosol dump visible at ground level.

    Observing more and more people in their 50's with tremors and what could be the outward symptoms of neurological degeneration. Wife is an RN who observes more youthful victims of stroke and dementia. Nano-particles of aluminum oxide crossing the blood-brain barrier for a quick uptake and permanent residence in brain tissue: I think this could be the crown jewel of destruction for the crypto-Satanists at the top of the control pyramid:  push 35 + y.o. into an early old age and demise, while injecting kids with toxic vaccines to make them both naturally docile and gullible. In between these two demographics, young parents face financial ruin through artificially inflated healthcare costs for both young and old, thus becoming permanent debt slaves.

    An axiom through which one can begin to explain the omnicide "the result achieved is the result intended."  Take whatever effect that a nescient person might take note of, and relentlessly examine the cause.  Maybe they finally acknowledge the hideousness of the sky. What could cause it?  Industrial pollution? Not in the US, they've deindustrialized it.  If that same person is willing to look at other bizarre facts (like that vid of nucleated river of ice flowing through the sands of Arabia), then we can ask, why? Why would someone want to undertake such a massive, multi-billion dollar, global undertaking with such widespread destruction? Trees die, bees die, good soil is poisoned, toxic heavy metals ingested. How can this be good in any way? For the complacent who wish it all away and turn to their screens, we should push things right up to the boundary with demands for an answer: why, friend, why would such things be done? Make them make the case for how this avalanche of evil is in any way normal.

    Normality bias run amok: folks who have staked their heart, soul, mind and strength in the Disney-verse of "getting ahead" in a crooked financial system, and unwinding with NFL or shopping, may be mentally wedded to the masonic matrix. Exposure to the ridiculously fake world in which we in the West have lived our entire lives (for those born after WW II) could leave people sensing such a cognitive strain that they fear the fabric of their psyche will tear.  I cornered a friend once who said they can't look at it because it makes him "want to slit my freaking wrists." The only solution I can think of is to be a supportive friend and avoid breaking the limit in how far I take things in conversation.

    The worst motives are suspected as regards to these criminal plutocrats and their robotic, order-following minions. Cataclysm on the horizon.  However, and in spite of the unplummable evil of it all, be not afraid. Look up, and lift up your heads.



  25. virginia says:

    This is a message to Dane:   Hi.  You have to find a way to get  to Michael Rivero (WhatReallyHappened)   This guy is off the charts with his climate engineering denial and is doing a lot of harm to our cause.  I know you have tried.  I have in my own inept way, but there must be something in his bonnet that won't allow him to even consider climate warming, etc.  Every nut can be cracked with the right implement.   Just an idea.  Many thanks.

    • BaneB says:

      Virginia:  A number of instances upon visiting that website left me puzzled and scratching my head.  My gut feeling is it is a confusion oriented disinformation operation.  

    • Dennie says:

      @virginia:  Better to use the energy simply to keep telling the truth.  It's really going to be futile to go to every single website that we know is denying the truth and try to pound it into them.  Many of those sites exist just to spread the lies.  As Michael C, Ruppert, author of Crossing the Rubicon said, the best disinformation is 98% ice cream and 2% bullsh!t.  Lots of websites fit that description, either by not really checking their facts, or they're run by C.I.A./military-industrial-banking complex's paid troll army.  Remember:  It's the 2% you need to keep your nose out for.  Most Eedjots run right past this fact. 

  26. Texas Girl says:

    Hello Dane and fellow Weather Warriors,

    i want to send a little report from South Central Texas.  Heavy spraying began 2 days before Christmas , I guess a little Xmas present. Unfortunate as so many travel to see family. There was a blustery moist wind that blew in Christmas Eve– felt like frequencies also, making it hard to sleep deeply. Then Dec.26 th we drove to West Texas. Came upon a bright clear blue sky in SAN Angelo, then many white trails, the whole sky became white by that evening and next morning. 

    Also our winter temps are erratic. About 10 days ago we had a 19 degree night, killing or hurting citrus and plants. Now it has been 60-80 degrees and very humid for one week. My guess is Gulf moisture is being pulled up.

    so my question is, does anyone know of a respiratory mask I can wear outdoors when I need it. I am thinking I can make a tshirt or little sign to wear that explains why I need to wear a mask. I am doing infrared saunas, humid minerals, magnesium malate,chlorella, etc.  Also I have placed orgonite indoors and outdoors for protection .Any more advice about how to stay healthy???

    thanks for any reply

    And thank you Dane, please rest over Holidays and take care of yourself We need your bright light shining!

    • Dennie says:

      As far as I know there are no known filtration systems that can keep the nano-sh!t metal particulates entirely out of the air we're breathing.  I checked with Ben Wells, owner of Environmental Resource Group in Mill Valley, CA.  The particulates being used are that finely ground now.  It's getting worse and causing even more respiratory and GI distress.

  27. SD says:

    Another outbreak of VERY suspicious EQs in western NV/CA border last night.  Shallow depth/unusual decay rate.

     Southern Sierra snowpack remains below normal.  Geoengineers guiding ANOTHER tropical system into CA this week, intent upon demonstrating capabilities.  EXACT same sequence of events as last week. SAME seven day schedule as have noticed past few years. Everyone in desert SW prepare for possible floods/ high winds.

  28. Alan says:

    From San Diego's Union Tribune this morning –

    "What can we expect from the storms this week?  A tricky pattern similar to last week has set up.  A hard-to-predict low-pressure system off the tip of Baja will move east by Friday, but how close it comes and how strong it will be are uncertain.  Then a second, colder storm, like last week, should arrive from the north Saturday.  There's potential for a couple inches of rain, or as little as a few tenths."

    Hey, they don't call it AccuWeather for nothing.  Or, maybe they do.

    • BaneB says:

      Alan:  That Accu Weather forecast clearly shows these fake weather entertainers have to know what's going on with the weather warfare terrorism assaults.  The forecast is not a forecast but a cover their ass juggling act.  A gale force low is off of Los Angeles in the near Pacific.  True to form, the weather terrorists combine microwave and aerosols to weaken this rainmaker into a wimp of what it could have been.

  29. Joseph L. says:

    Happy Holidays to everyone in here.  We need

    everyone doing there part whatever they can do to make more people aware of  climate engineering. 

         Dane great work by you and I hope you inspire more people.  Your Saturday Global Alert shows are great.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Ditto !!! Your Absolutely Correct !! We must All Do What Ever It Takes To Gett'r Done !!

    • C. Hallman says:

      Good day Mr. Wigington . I live in n.c. and we have been experiencing very strong temperature shifts . 20s and teens one week back up to the 50s and even 67 today. Very abnormal to feel these fluctuations. Ice nucleations have to be behind this. My father brushes these anomalies off as nothing to get exited about but I know better the climate is way out of wack. I relocated from wa state. The activity of spraying is very much in full swing up there to the point mount ranier can seldom be seen for the chemical haze. As well as dead or dying trees. This nightmare must be stopped. Thank you for your efforts once again. You are the tip of the spear on this most important issue. Don't give up the fight.

  30. horsegirl says:

    Dane, in addition to appreciation for this vital forum on the assault on life, I am thankful for having a place to contribute.  Apropos of a subject on the past two global alerts, I've been so ghost-banned on Farcebook.  The majority of my contacts are persons I've  known personally, and I've queried them via phone or email.  Sure enough, my posts and messages are usually scuttled.  In the face of the actual fake news of the media cartel, I'd started a blog about an alleged internet invasion hoax… by other species. specifically horses.  Modeled after the talking horse Mr. Ed, who constantly meddled with his master's life by snooping through mail, phone calls, etc.  Seemed to be effective satire on fake terror internet hacking issues du jour.  But FB made sure the effort was extinct.  For the longest time I thought none of my contacts thought it worthwhile.  Or that people disliked me, etc.  Now upon trading notes I learn just how many people are being screwed with by that FB outfit.  So many FB contacts also post unseen, whom I mistake for disinterested in the greater good.  All kinds of skirmishes and misunderstandings are provoked by ghost-banning techniques  Divide and conquer. erode trust.  In the face of which it is a comfort to have a trustworthy forum.  By way of which I thank each person who has kindly responded to my comments.

    • Dennie says:

      We have now more than enough evidence to prove beyond all reasonable doubts that Sucker-berg is yet another Useful Idiot working for the interests of a Greater Zionist-controlled Empire. 

    • nobodiesfool says:

      yes, fb is pretty useless now. Only maudlin posts allowed, slogans and pettiness.

    • BaneB says:

      Horse girl:  I grew up with Mr. Ed:-))). We kids loved those black and white movies.  That horse taught me to be curious (nosey):-). Regarding Facebook, without free exchanges including misspeaks and errors in dialogue, it is nothing but a fake book.  Wait til the entire techno mad house is subsumed by AI.  

    • along the same lines – Here is an organizational alert message with strange color-coded email addresses (or maybe they're random?) that I am repeatedly unable to send.  My previous organizational alert message disappeared from my email account.


  31. gotta go says:

    Flew cross country from Palm Springs, Dallas arriving Boston for the holidays sorry to report non stop spraying across the entire country, still in NH for the next few days skies are a mess.

  32. dave t says:

    Indeed poisoned weather sux. But deceit is everywhere. From the drug companies, food industry, the war machine, clergy, police, doctors, politicians, news programs, and the list goes on!  It's all about the money. The lies will end when mankind is gone.

  33. Octavia says:

    Dane, do not be pessimistic. This is NOT human "nature" to destroy. What we have is a social illness called patriarchy (I mean the whole mass structure and its 'thought' system). It respects nothing and no one and destroys all. It is not a consequence of our "nature," but perhaps an oversensitivity (extremely intelligent sensitivity) of the human nervous system such that we are relatively incapacitated, albeit in different ways, by the trauma of violence. It is the trauma, physical, psychological trauma that renders our otherwise intelligent natures dysfunctional through fear and negative mental projection of that. It is largely born from fear and runs on fear. We can change that and thanks to you and others, we are. Let us take some time to project victory, project the positive future we want. It has material impact. (This is why the power structure does so much psyoping/mind control to keep us on doom, gloom, negative, scarcity, suffering stories exclusively. They do know it has material impact.) Patriarchy makes us doubt and mischaracterize our own natures. They are not our 'better natures': they are us. You yourself prove this. Thanks for all you to do to help our planet survive, recover and thrive.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Octavia, yes, I do realize good exists, and is worth fighting for. Having studied the history of human behavior since the dawn of civilization, it is hard to ignore the bent toward self destruction that exists in our species. This being said, certainy one hopes for the desperately needed awakening. Our part is to sound the alarm, and to do our best to fully expose the truth.

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Octavia: While I agree with your post, I do not agree that Dane is being pessimistic.  Please do not conflate pessimism and truth-telling. Dane is exceptionally knowledgeable about political-socio-economic problems that we are facing, as well as being a walking encyclopedia about climate destruction that is on-going. It is a wise man who listens and learns from him, for it is the truthtellers who will save our country and planet.  Thanks and Happy New Year.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Octavia, I do not believe I've heard Dane speak in a Pessimistic way !  Telling us what is happening in the World is Truth. Not Pessimism !  Dane, due to his Leadership, has inspired Myself & Others to Work Harder to Wake Others Up. I assure you, that a Doubtful Person would Not Inspire such a Great Effort by Others. I know you too wrote Kind words of Dane, But those ….

    • ron hall says:

      Octavia: Dane or anyone else who is willingly to travel wide and study human behavior through history need not be pessimistic, per se. But if you are not timid of experiencing certain levels of human existence and search for the truth regarding the levels of brutality among men, you are stepping closer to reality.  Now, in this very world, there are horrors beyond description–Africa alone can leave one speechless. The reality of human "evolution" is not pretty, but it is fact. Of course there are good people. There is every type of human psychology imaginable.  For me, at 76, the dark ones scramble for power and wealth.  It is a constant.  It has been that way since before the dawn of civilizations.  That is what makes our efforts both valiant and dangerous to the sick keeps of power.  Our Dane is not afraid to speak truth to power. In these times, speaking truth is a revolutionary act in and of itself. Of course, I know you are with us all here.

    • Bonnie Hanson says:

      Also, check the percentage of psychopaths in any given population…now there's some very interesting statistics!

  34. Susan Ferguson says:

    CHRIS HEDGES: In the Time of Trump, All We Have Is Each Other
    Dec 25, 2016
    … our civil and political institutions, poisoned by neoliberalism and captured by the corporate state, have neither the will nor the ability to protect us. We are on our own. It won’t be pleasant. …  Vocational training, including the expansion of the study of finance and economics in universities, [has] replaced disciplines that provided students with cultural and historical literacy, that allowed them to step outside of themselves to feel and express empathy for the other. Students were no longer taught how to think, but what to think. … A grotesque kind of illiteracy—one exemplified by Trump—was celebrated. Success … solely about amassing wealth.  The cult of the self, the essence of corporatism, became paramount. … “There … have been these forces, the climate deniers, the oil people, all of them are coming together at this particular point in time.”  …  We must begin again. Any hope for a restoration of civil society will come from small, local groups and community organizations. They will begin with the mundane tasks …  “We have to reconstitute a civil society … There is an attack on the American mind… the product of 40 years of dumbing down.”  A crisis is traditionally used by authoritarian and totalitarian regimes to put a country in lockdown. An economic meltdown, a large domestic terrorist attack, widespread devastation from climate change or the orchestrated escalation of hostilities … plunge the United States into dystopia. War is the usual vehicle that demagogues use to justify internal repression and wield unchallenged power. If the federal government expands our wars to create new enemies, even local resistance will be impermissible. All dissent will be criminalized.  Institutions, fearful and weak, will carry out purges of those few who speak out. Most of society, intimidated by a war psychosis, will be compliant to avoid being targeted. Resistance will often be tantamount to suicide.  The late Rev. Daniel Berrigan declared in a 2008 conversation with me that the American empire was in irrevocable decline. … in the face of this dissolution we must hold fast to the non-historical values of compassion, simplicity, love and justice. The rise and fall of civilizations, he noted, is part of the cyclical nature of history. “The tragedy across the globe is that we are pulling down so many others,” he said. “We are not falling gracefully. Many, many people are paying with their lives for this.” We must not become preoccupied with the short-term effects of resistance. Failure is inevitable for many of us. Tyrants have silenced voices of conscience in the past. They will do so again. We will endure by holding fast to our integrity, by building community and by spawning new institutions in the midst of the wreckage. We will sustain each other. Perhaps enough of us will endure to begin again.

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Susan:  A good and timely post.  Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year.

    • Dennie says:

      I see this ALL THE TIME.  I have drifted away from "friends," really just colleagues, who only want to steer the "conversations" back towards what they bought at Costco, or their latest cooking adventures, or their Great Outdoor Adventures like hiking the Pacific Coast Trail, week-long adventure kayaking in Oregon, riding their bikes 100 miles in a day or running ultra-marathons– what are these idiots running away from?  Let's try civic duty and contributing, actually, to the greater good of society.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Folks, In light of the Chris Hedges article posted by Susan please check out the website It is a group of people across this nation dedicated to  'starting again'- the PEACEFUL, LEGAL and LAWFUL Republic- the one we were supposed to have- but which was never truly ratified according to certain Constitutional scholars. As Hedges says, all we have is each other and it will be up to US to make a change for the better. I believe this is the missing piece of the puzzle; a way for us to peacefully, legally and lawfully STEP OUT of the corporate slavery system which has hijacked the America we were SUPPOSED to have! There is a conference call 3 times a week for those interested in making this our reality. These people really know what they are talking about. Activists and freedom lovers check it out and get involved if you are so inclined to HELP US make it happen NOW!!

    • Bluv says:

      I have followed Chris Hedges for quite some time now and have often wondered what his take is on global warming and S.R.M. A man such as Hedges certainly must know about this assault to mankind and the planet. If you follow this site Mr. Hedges, please speak out, for you carry much influence and your voice would reach many.  Thanks Dane as always for your tenacity and vision to expose these criminals. I have a question for you, how do you see all of this ending? Will we simply fall asleep from all the methane being released and what symptoms would precede this event beside what has been reported here by many. Thanks  to all my sister's and brothers here who seek truth and justice. Peace.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bluv, though the horizon does indeed look dark, no one can know the future. If there is a quantum leap we could collectively make in the right direction, that leap would be to expose and halt climate engineering. Lets all continue our march in that direction, every day counts.

  35. Mario says:

    Now that I am coming to a deeper understanding of how highly engineered the weather is all over the world a few thoughts and questions have been plaguing me:

    1. We all see the anomalies on radar (Nexrad, various other viewable radar tools) . . . Is this data being wiped or altered after the fact to hide the activity of the ionospheric heaters?  Is this going to be the next "Fake News" that they begin to censor — real data from weather radars . . . is that that Fake News . . . or part of the narrative the PTB do not want people discussing?

    2.  We know of Nexrad, SBX, HAARP . . . but how ubiquitous are other ionospheric heaters?  I have heard of ocean buoys and the possibility of other smaller ionospheric heaters, but just how ubiquitous have these devices become?

    3. Many of the trees in my region of California (Sacramento – The City of Trees)  look sick, dead, or confused.  Many have not even shed all of their leaves.  Many trees still have what appears to be 1/4 or half their leaves still hanging.

    4. When looking at the big picture of how weather is being manipulated across multiple countries, oceans, continents . . . the question is whether the weather controllers are a group of people who operate outside of all boundaries of any government and is that turn gives any one government far less power to stop such programs?

    We're in the fight of our lives, folks.  Knowledge is power.  Keep speaking up.  Keep fighting for critical mass.  Only the collective effort will propel the coming paradigm shift towards the positive. 

  36. sunflower says:

    Super bad spraying over here in Daly City. And when it does "rain" it dries so fast. The sky right now looks like another planet. You can see the shadow of the spray line threw the haze cloud cover. When I woke up it was pretty clear, now it's completely hazed out. What a birthday! Completely hazey birthday. Thank you Dane for all you do, I admire you so much. 

  37. Dennie says:

    "..if we can't give 'em all smallpox-infested blankets, or start a cholera, yellow fever, etc. epidemic, then we'll FREEZE 'EM OUT!  Stooopid "Injuns," gotta get rid of 'em, and all the Injun-Lovers, too" 

    I continue to hear the insanely narcissistic, arrogant voice of the Great White Psychopathic Dinosaur continually raging and shrieking and howling, even as it's sick unsustainable System is falling apart, "they" are killing themselves too as they madly attempt to kill all "Others" with their weapons of mass destruction, the game going on and on and on and on and ON, "forever and ever, (Great White Psychopath's) world without end, Amen.

  38. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    25 Million People have visited Geo Engineering!!! Yeah!! I Hope & Pray it is doubled with a Mass awakining of Man, In a short time. Do you feel the Earth Moving? It is Us Waking Up The Masses!  Thank You Mankind for opening your eyes & searching for the Truth.    It is the Hundred Monkey Syndrom.          We Will Do This!

  39. paul fowler says:

       Free speech will now come with a high price , however the price for staying silent will be even higher .

       If the C.I.A ( cocaine importing company ) shuts down all the fake news , what the heck will the seniors watch on T.V. at 6:00 pm ?  


    • Dennie says:

      Agreed re paying a higher price still for silence.

      The kind of people, including seniors, who sit in front of their Mainstream Media Tee Vee news will watch whatever's put in front of them.  They don't care.  Not saying there aren't intelligent programs on TeeVee.  As we all know here, there are far too many who, as our "Czar" (which has become another word in the misappropriated Zio-Joo mudslinging terminology to poke fun at the "goyim.. UGH!!!) of Information, "Mama" Cass Sunstein, would say, suffer from a "crippled epistemology."  In reality, that Chief Eedjot wants us to suffer such crippling helplessness.  In general, according to His Holiness-of-Information, Rabbi Sunstein would like to give us all The Mushroom Treatment– keep us all in the dark and feed us bullshit.

    • Dennie says:

      P.S.:  Central-Controlled Idiots' Association is stoopid enough for importing the glittering white death but the other side of the coin shows we have in this sick entanglement of complementary neuroses those who manage to get themselves addicted, looking even stoopider– if only they could see beyond just the tip of their little flat-bridged irritated noses.. but they're much much too stooopid even to notice that double-edged sword of Damocles, hanging over them both.

    • virginia says:

      Fowler: Hi.  You know what?  Some seniors are not as vapid as you think.  For instance, some are really interested in what their world has become over the years.  Some do not own a TV set.  I know.  I am way past a "senior" and have never regretted throwing the squawk box out the window many years ago. Try it, you'll like it.  Happy New Year….junior?


    • Dennie says:

      Yes, there are clueless oldsters and probably even more clueless youngsters who we see play on their Dumb-ass phones all day– and increasingly greater numbers of every age who are not stupid or clueless whatsoever.  Okay, so, now, on with the show: 

      My grandmother, a trick rider for the Wild, Wild West show in the early part of the 20th century, was always talking politics and would have made The Perfect Poli-Sci major and a good political analyst for a decent news service.  My mother in her late 70s and early 80s was the one who turned me onto Bernie Ward, the "Lion of the Left," host of the radio talk show that got the most listenership on the formerly-great live-talk radio station, KGO, out of San Francisco, in the 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. time slot, with call-ins from all over the planet.  I had a lot of friends who also listened to the show (which aired after all the kids had gone to bed– ha!— and I was in my early 40s then).  I'd come in around 11:30 or so from my job playing in the big theaters downtown in San Francisco, and by the end of the run, I was listening, along with our principal trumpeter, to the Bernie Ward show, all the way home, then would tune in once I arrived back home.  Bernie Ward was the one who made sure that the Repugnicans got the due limelight for their shenanigans in the Valerie Plame incident, in which Repugs' minion Robert Novak (who two years later was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer…) outed her, a CIA agent, in "retaliation" for her husband Joe's having confirmed that Iraq did not have any WMDs (well, they actually did– the ones the U.S. gave them, specifically, chemical warfare agents– but the outing was really more of a convenient distraction, get it?).   I'm certain, from remarks that his physician wife made at the end of his trial, that Ward, a former Catholic priest who often criticized the church but did not abandon it, was framed, by having pornography uploaded, via "back-door" PROMIS-based software discussed in Crossing the Rubicon, then "caught" with images on his computer.  This was "found out" by a "call girl" Ward was allegedly in contact with regarding "research" for his forthcoming book on the subject of… child pornography.  Then we were treated to a special show dealing entirely with Ward for the benefit of listeners, to the "news" from fellow KGO radio talk show host Brian Copeland that Ward had been seen in the broadcast room during live air time by a female KGO station employee, with pants down around his ankles, and that because saying this "proved" that Ward was nothing but a perv we all needed to FORGET about him, when the truth was, Ward was getting uncomfortably close to speaking truth to actual power and The Empire decided he needed to be silenced once and for all… so we had trumped up charges, a kangaroo trial and a 7-year prison sentence that he spent out of state, mostly in TX, out of sight, out of mind, teaching inmates to read.  We don't hear even so much as one peep from him now.  

      Now, I feel in my bones that NONE of this was true.  Something reeeally stinks, higher than Heaven, in all of this.  I believe the entire episode was made up and Ward had to go along with it in order to keep The Empire from harming his family.  It just does NOT add up.  My septuagenarian mother turned me on to KGO.  Now it's gone. 

    • Dennie says:

      Here's what says about Plamegate:

      Now here's what Wikipedia has to say about David Horowitz, the founder of

  40. TNGeoWatch says:

    I have some really bad/sad observations from Tennessee, North Ga, SW NC, NE SC.  We in awareness here are seeing pine tree's, cedar tree's, spruce tree's, and evergreen tree's and shrubs flashing out dead just the past month.  In my neighborhood I counted several pines, cedars, and shurbs just brown/red dieing/dead.  These where not this way in mid november.  The recent rain's are also burning the leaves on holly and boxwoods.  Very toxic rain.  Grassy area's also look burnt or damaged.  

    Unfortunately it appears that people I'm making aware are willing to look into the scenario then are just blunt numb from the reality once they dig into it.  We are nearing a real climax soon.  I think it is affecting the subconsciousness of everyone.  We all feel it we know something is going on.  

    Pray for love compassion and kindness during the upcoming trials which are upon us all.  Dane, I and my family and my friends pray for your protection daily.  Not all Christians are blinded by the lie's that are confusing everyone. 


    • MAP says:

      Hello TN: Yes I am able to confirm your observations. Everywhere I go, I observe the struggling/dying/dead trees, especially Conifers. It is very very obvious. Locals will tell you that they are dying from a drought that occurred in 2012. If they only knew the madness behind the destruction of these trees – part of our lifeblood.

      Love, kindness and compassion for all living things is needed Indeed! God bless…..

    • Cherie says:

      From TN myself.  Been watching the changes in our trees last couple years. This summer has really reeked havoc on my health as well as I watched them cover the skies of our small town almost daily before I found this site. No one believes me. But to me this is the evil we fight as the true culprits hide in the shadows and cause all the other distractions of division to keep our eyes off the the arrows that fly about over our heads. The burn I grasp in my throat & nostrils chokes me like inhaling poison and effected by it for days after.  It's only going to get worse, they are out of control!

    • TNGeowatch says:

      this post is now up on Steve Quayle website. 

      That will get a lot of views!  I've sent to Drudge Report too! 

      Everyone send the link to drudge!

      We get drudge posting and the dam will start to break!

  41. Tenderflower says:

    Up here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan we have freak ice conditions- all of the 'snow' that was on the ground (about half a foot in most places) has been flash frozen from the artificial ice nucleation event that occurred a few days ago.  There is a dangerous shine to everything- an ice shine- that has to be tough on wildlife as well as to us fragile humans.  Now another snow event is coming- and it is forecast to 'snow' all week, so there will be a layer of new white stuff over the ice.  Not good!  This new type of snow is strange too- it is like tiny marbles under the feet and doesn't accumulate in the way that real snow does.  Needless to say I am not looking forward to this week!  

    And yesterday when the sun came out the temperatures shot up to over 40F, well above the norm for this region (which traditionally is in the teens by now), though the ice held solid.  What is in the ice is anyone's guess, but it can't be good for the environment!   

    • Mike looking up says:

      Tenderfoot, im just outside of Detroit and things are strange here as well. Wishing you well and the best of luck. Be careful at the wheel 

  42. c walker says:

    We were on the road yesterday, the 26th. It was 8 deg here in NH, and fairly sunny, when we left. 45 min later it was 26 deg. I then noticed extreme spraying going on SE of Manchester. I counted six planes visible and at least another dozen 'spreading' trails. It was hideous. By 2:00 pm, or so, the skies were totally saturated with ugly chemicals. Sleet and freezing rain were forecasted.

    It rained last night and is, at the moment, 48 deg out!! I've been onto this for years and have been photo-documenting this assault. I still try to inform anyone who will listen. Not easy….most people are too busy on their devices and rarely look to the skies. Their lives are about to change dramatically but they won't understand why.

    • Octavia says:

      I have been documenting too (until my camera flash died). I think we should put together an art project/online art show/gallery where we post these in a curated fashion, along with facts and infographics. Just an idea to put out there that we could do now.

    • Janet says:

      I watch the blue skies fill with chemtrails…then in 24-48 hours my neighborhood here in the country start coughing, can't breathe….doctors claim allergies….these people have never had allergies

    • Dennie says:

      Arizona Highways was a wonderful publication chronicling the many moods and character of the great state of Arizona.  There have to be many, many back issues that show the beautiful NATURAL cloud formations seen over that state, without the geoengineering crap we're all treated to as "usual" these days. 

  43. Doug Souders says:

    In Northeastern Ohio and haven't seen the sun in over 40 days, maybe for an hour but that's it. The overcast of spraying completely obliterates any chance of the sun, day after day after day now. It takes away a bit of my soul each and every time I look up at what they're doing to us and this earth we were all given. God help us all.

  44. Lori Diorio says:

    No one is paying much attention to the southeast, especially upstate South Carolina, where we are in a severe drought.  What really struck me as extremely odd, is about a week ago (can't remember which day though), the temperature went from being very cold to very warm overnight.  It was in the low 30's in the late afternoon and by early morning the temperature was in the low 60's.  It climbed continuously through the night instead of decreasing.  I can't ever remember anything like this, especially in December!

    • Mike looking up says:

      Detroit reporting in andI remember last December very well with 8 or 9 dayes in the 60's. Your East coast was in the 70's Good luck

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Lori, By writing daily temperatures on a Calender & the amount of Cloud coverage is Helpful & an Eye Opener at the end of each month in review.     I Pray Fresh, Clean, Rain, comes your way!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gail, thank you for your effort toward keeping track of conditions. It would be most helpful to know if you are seeing substantial differences in the reported daily high temperatures and the actual temperatures you are able to record with your own thermometer. Everywhere we monitor we are seeing a very susbstantial underreporting of temperatures. If you are able to confirm that such underreporting is the case in your region as well, I would be very interested in knowing. Thanks again Gail,

  45. Glo says:

    Thanks for all you do!

    Arkansas gets sprayed heavy daily way up high then the next few days it all settles on the ground as a gray blue fog. The trees are dying from the inside out and the ground is getting drier even in the rain like there in MI. We were just told last week we have lead in the water as this is an area for heavy fracking also. I notified the weather station here local and they gave me the run around. We saw a drone take off from the Air National Guard in Fort Smith one day so they are spraying from there also.

    What do we do, we have even sent letters to the congressmen here and get back letters saying it is contrails, I feel for the Dakotas as you know the PTB are paying to have that worked over so they can continue their pipeline. We have a pipeline getting ready to start here as well. It all sickens us….literally!

    Has anyone heard anything about a HARPP instillation here in AR? We have new and different towers going up and what comes to mind is the dome movie as a safe haven for the elite? Any thoughts here?

  46. L says:

    I don't know if this is old news, so apologise if it is. I have just heard from a friend that the French campaigner, Claire Severac, died on December 24th after a long illness, possibly cancer. She wrote a book about geoengineering in French and was apparently preparing a second book on the subject. It seems she was also a campaigner against vaccination. [How much more appropriate would it be to have yahoo news of her work than that of George Michael?]. This is all I know about here but I hope she may rest in peace.  

    • Octavia says:

      Thanks for passing this on. It is good to know what people in other countries are doing. We all connect and will connect.

  47. Angela Murphy says:

    Dane ! What's  with the seemingly  large Cross when two Sprayers converge.  I presume it's  deliberate or are the covering up more ?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Angela, we believe the very visible features you described may be used by the geoengineeres to more easily monitor the migration of specific air masses on satellite.

  48. Steve says:

    Would like to remind everybody in the greater Vancouver-Portland area, that the GeoEngineeringWatch.Org outreach booth will be presented at  the Washington County Fairgrounds, this weekend, Dec 30/31, Jan 01, 2017.  If you would like to pick up some flyers and other materials, free/complimentary, we will have additional limited supplies on hand for your distribution to friends, neighbors and beyond to help get this critical information into as many hands as possible.

  49. LS says:

    The weather warfare continues. Yes it is war and I appreciate horsegirl telling us what her combat veteran husband said about how it is worse than war. I called Sen Boxer in a panic one day over the sounds of the air assault on Memorial Day weekend. I said it sounded like the air raids that are on film from actual war. I am a mile and a quarter up- in altitude – and it is really bad up here. It has never stopped. Wakes me in the middle of the night with the house vibrating- every night. Torture. A friend of mine who needs oxygen here just moved to sea level and as soon as she got down from the mountains – she no longer needs oxygen. Even at night. She was so low even on forced oxygen here, that she was having brain cell death. Now she's fine. Tell me this isn't war on the people. Withholding knowledge of ongoing harm is war.

    It was -7 degrees this morning and yet the spring creek still runs down the mountainside.There is over a foot of "snow" on the ground. It is insane. It has run continuously for a month when it had only been a seasonal spring creek for the last 37 years. It will be 50 degrees in a couple days. The populace is denying the undeniable. Please keep sharing this site with everyone you can, while we can.

    Congratulations Dane on reaching the 25,000,000 visitor mark in the next couple of hours.  What a feat!

    • BaneB says:

      LS:  Yesterday morning was an absolute blitzkrieg(so) over the Round Valley region of Mendocino County, California.  I happened to be there in the morning hours and was transfixed at all the terrorist jets laying down aerosol trails from every which way. One after another until an already aerosoled saturated atmosphere was turned white with toxins.  No doubt points north and south and likely up into Oregon had the same experience.  I did take lots of pics though how many can one take before the camera part of my phone rebels?  Happy to know you contacted the out-of-touch Babs Boxer, a non-representative of most of my issues.  But, she has been informed and if and when the SHTF, she, nor her office minions, can feign ignorance.  Meanwhile we continue to have our physical wellbeing compromised by these Geoengineering bastards.

  50. Annie says:

    It was 50 degrees and raining in Michigan for 36 hours. Yet the ground is magically dry at 2:00 à.m. This morning with no sun….so unatural 

    • Gretchen says:

      The psychopaths and their order followers cranked up the microwave transmission approximately two hours ago around 9:11 a.m. I can (hear) the change in frequency as a change in pitch of the ringing in my ears, and continue to intensify beyond the time posted. Temps. were 60 degrees melting all the "snow" yesterday and expected to drop 30 degrees today. Feeling the weather whiplash in OH.

    • Adam S says:

      I understand completely. For the past 20 or so years, I've been noticing the soil becoming increasingly hydrophobic. Its absolutely happening.

    • Mike looking up says:

      SE Mich detroit area. If your speaking of sunday early monday we hit 60. still nothing like last year christmas before and after 60 degree mark 7 or 8 times dec 2015

  51. Joe Ceonnia says:

    This is how I feel right now, I'd like to an Anology – It's like you own a home that was built by crooked Builders, that used 1by3's  instead of the requiered 2/4's but no worries because you have an extremely bad case of termites – but no worries there is a tornado blowing in at 800 mph, and you insurance doesn't cover that any-way, no worries because your insurance cover floods, the way your basements on fire!! Other then all that, everything is fine!!

  52. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Yes I'm extremely Frustrated  @ this whole process.  I wish things would move more quickly, Susan by herself has told us all, so many facts, with proof and links, and still it's getting us no-where. Frustrated in Philadelphia North!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joe, yes, we all wish there was a silver bullet to cure the insanity in our skies and the human nature of total denial that has allowed things to get this bad, but there is no shortcut. This battle comes down to reaching a critical mass of public awareness, and that effort will require us all. FYI

    • BaneB says:

      Joe:  The rapidly approaching "perfect storm" is a convergence of many unrequited non-redressed issues of major concern to the population.  My own sense is the entire house of cards upon collapse will remove much of the technology required to operate these death-cult programs, electricity being the primary requisite.  A return to the Stone Age is the likely result of the inevitable demise (destruction) of "civilization.  I cannot focus on so many of the deficits that cry out for rectitude.  But, when skull and bones symbologists and Pentagon psychopaths  paint out the blue sky with nano-toxins, and microwave the weather for warfare, and drought and flood creation, threatening all life on earth, we have no choice but to just say HELL NO to Jared Huffman, Barbara Boxer, David Keith and the university complex that produces his ilk.

    • frank says:


      I feel the same as you. I could have written those same words, but the way I see it – when the story finally squeaks out one night on national news, we will know what's going on. We can talk to people then and say, no, that's all true. At that point it will explode instantly, but not without our support. It would just sail by without us.The more of us the better.

      And your story was a laugh. I can't do this cause of that and I won't need that because of this…..

    • ron hall says:

      Joe;  I think I'm old enough and have experienced enough to suggest that we are all living in a convoluted mystery. True, the matrix coils keep contracting and hell for most on this planet has arrived(India, Africa, Venezuela,Greece, and soon us). Nevertheless we are living, as Carl Sagan said, on a "blue dot" coming from what and going where? I have no idea if this puts a perspective on things. Stand towards the wind, man!

  53. Nigel says:

    Santa  Fe has been getting heavily sprayed , except Christmas day. Many people have been suffering from a severe cold and breathing issues, I myself have been to the doctor and asked several times if I had asthma – This insanity has to be stopped,

  54. Seeing Clearly says:

    The world medicates on the music industry and the movie industry to calm down and relax themselves often repeating phrases like " living life " and "life is a trip" which literally mean do what feels good while you can because you won't live forever meanwhile let the world take care of itself you can just be fine playing video games and smoking a cigarette those phrases seem to be a trend there all over social media being encouraged by major influences it's in music and probably in movies as well this is cancerous behavior people like that lack morality and honorable motives and they live there life in vane doing nothing for the grater good.

  55. Seeing Clearly says:

    I noticed something and that is that despite all the efforts to combat major problems we haven't really completely committed most of them if any  we have made progress I mean these are monster sized problems we are facing these days when will Geoengineering stop the answer is we have to wait and see but we must continue to push against the evil forces hopefully we can defeat them but we can at least slow them down . Is Geoengineering the only apocalyptic problem we face the answer is not even close we have countless other threats to our existence and well being that I won't even name them all because it will make this comment too long to read technology has opened good doors of opportunity and bad doors of advanced warfare and abuse for lack of more better terms we have to end climate engineering so we have a livable planet so we can fight other problems that we face.

  56. Susan Ferguson says:

    Kiel, 24. December 2016
    NOZ: Bavarian politician believes in Chemtrails (German)
    German politician supports inquisition on Chemtrails. Osnabrück, Germany. Martin Bäumer does not let loose. The Lower Saxonian regional deputy from the Osnabrück district has … made his third parliamentary request in connection with chemtrails and geo-engineering.  Amongst other things, Bäumer wants to know under the pressure of pressure 17/7106 from the state government in Hanover, whether Bavaria controls the air better than Lower Saxony. The background to this question is the results of the "Lufthygienische Luftüberwachung" published by the Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU). In a long list of components of the air also measured values for the metals aluminum and barium appear. … These, in turn, are regarded by some convincing as evidence of the supposedly state-controlled influence of the environment on the disposal of chemicals. Choice to control the weather or the fertility of the population. The Celestial phenomena, which are well-known as contrails, are not the result of airplanes for chemtrail believers, but are evidence of the spread of harmful chemicals over our heads.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Susan, I just wanted to thank you and I'll have to add Dane too, because of this plat forum to allow us all to voice their concerns. But I especially wanted to thank to for your tireless efforts to keep us informed of the array of new proposed laws, your Global Knowledge of other Nations laws – just letting us know their are others fighting the same fight, your links are very helpful to me who in turn shares these and your other posts with many others, and for that, your many other attempts and your achievements at getting your points across, with so many confirmations…Well I just wanted to say keep up the great work, I look for your posts everyday, because they are so informative.

      It's the amount of information and the way it's produced, the production quality, it's astounding to me your research. You make it seem so effortless, and I know it's not, research is time consuming. That's why I appreciate your posts, I just wanted you to know that it is appreciated and noticed by all. Thanks You Sincerely, Joe from Philadelphia North.

  57. Melanie Moran says:

    Dane, thank you for another excellent post, and thank you so much for all that you are doing and have done. Your actions are a stellar example for all of us to emulate, sincere gratitude.

    We should all take a moment to send warm thoughts and energy to the courageous water protectors in North Dakota. May the warmness in our hearts keep them warm during deliberate cold weather warfare.

    A quote that somebody posted, a great reminder for all of us. Stay strong friends.

    "The greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor, is the mind of the oppressed."  We are stronger than we realize. Good always prevails against evil. Love to all of you. 



  58. Toby Dent says:

    Snowstorms and cold temperatures in this Canadian Vancouver etc West Coast rainforest are happening daily. First snow, then rain, then ice. They hardly ever skip a day spraying here and when they do it's very cold when the sun actually appears momentarily. Weather channels pretend none of this is happening. One radio announcer did let slip that 'chemtrails' were happening…a blip on the radio. The whiteout is frequent though they're now spraying round 4am so no-one will notice. They must understand what they're doing given the ban on information. With Trump it will only get worse.

    • Edward Palys says:

      It will only get worse with or without Trump. The cabals are getting desperate now because of the way they have been exposed with their fraud in politics altogether. Did you hear about John Beale, the head of the climate change movement? His boss at the EPA found out how he milked the system for the last couple of years by not working for 18 months and collecting a huge salary funded by taxpayers. Yes, he evn was ordered with jail time. More corrupt exposure and nothing wil stop the destruction.

    • Mary C Job says:

      Crap, why would it get worse with Trump?



    • virginia says:

      MaryJob:  Hi.  It will get worse with Trump.  Take a look at his cabinet choices……if not military, they are all big, big business honchos in the defensive industry, chemical industry, banking, etc.  This bunch is the antithesis to a green world.   Trump is not making America great again….he is making his business cronies, his empire greater, and the hell with the rest of us sheep foolish enough to have voted for him (although the Hillary Mafia would have been worse or just as bad.)It just makes the work of saving our planet harder and harder.  Do not accept anything said from the Trump regime as a panacea for the woes of the average American serf……us.  Trump is over his head as president of this country and will rely on the advice of his cronies who have only their own interest on the table. Sorry to say that we are in for a rough next 4 years – again.

  59. Ken says:

    Dane,  I'm glad to see that you're using the word Warfare more in your articles-because that it what the Chemical Trails are.  People tend to think of the word " geoengineering" as a good thing because engineering usually means to make better- (according to the dictionary).  The use of stronger, more meaningful words just might register better with the general public- so they "get" what is happening to them and our planet.

    • BaneB says:

      Ken:  Wearher warfare offers up a term that is so much in vogue nowadays due to the 9-11 false flag con job and the perps need of a brand.  It's a nice fit because those who invented the canard are exactly what is claimed by the inventors for everyone but themselves:  TERRORISM!  When the sun is blotted out, when the blue turns to grunge-white, when the winters turn into summer, when the flora turns brown, when the ozone is removed, when life is sick and dying, when the people's representatives turn a deaf ear….and we have our backs to the wall…..being terrorized by jet aircraft dumping death dealing toxins upon one and all is TERRORISM by any other name.

  60. Jack Walsh says:


    This is my first posting here. I want to thank Dane for taking the time to speak with and be photograhed with me this past September.

    The purpose of this post is to ask the viewers and members of this

    forum who view news articles, websites or YouTube videos that allow

    posting of comments. To place the www.

    URL in any related stories that appear to be Geoengineering realted.

    Every chance I, get to post this website's URL on "The Drudge Report","YouTube", "" Espcially channels with a large subscriber base.  I usually place the following statement.

    "Geoengineering", "Climate Engineering", "Weather Manipulation" or "Weather Warfare" take your pick. an excellent source of data.  

    I do hope this helps spread the word about this great website.

    Dane, a heartfelt thank you and immense appreciation for all that you do. I salute you. Cheers, Mate.

    Jack Walsh


    • Dane Wigington says:

      It is a team effort Jack, you are doing your part (as are countless other dedicated activists), and I am trying to hold my end up. It is our collective efforts that matter. All of your suggestions for speading awareness are important and essential.

    • Angela Murphy says:

      Congratulations  to Jack Walsh ' efforts to reach


    • BaneB says:

      Jack:  Great!!  Dissemination of the truth is of no higher calling.  Indeed, what is more noble? Because the word/term has been Pavlovianly inculcated into our brain for the past  15 years, you might try inserting the phrase "weather warfare terrorism," "geoengineered terrorism," jet-induced aerosol terrorism," "Pentagon weather terrorism," "weather control terrorism," "force enhancement microwave terrorism," etc., etc. 

  61. Bette Thatcher says:

    "Winter Storm Europa" is so stupid and makes no sense!  All of a sudden the Weather Channel is using a description from a moon that goes around Jupiter?  Or did they get the name from the EU website?  What the heck does it have to do with a winter storm in the Midwest of the US?


    • Jan Becker says:

      Maybe it is a reference to saxophonist Gato Barbieri's really HOT song "Europa."  The moisture came from a warm body of water.  Then, with the intervention of the weather manipulators, it becomes as cold as ice.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Europa is a catch phrase of the elite.

  62. Rodster says:

    Florida is breaking all kinds of heat records for the month of December. Today the average temperature in SW Florida was 83 degrees and its been like that for several weeks.

    • Jane says:

      We live in Idaho where temps have fallen below 30 and are staying mostly from 0-20, but the river is not freezing, nor do the wires collect ice when we get freezing rain at 22 degrees. In our first snow, the flakes were tiny, and I took a snow ball inside, tried to melt it with a match–it turned black, took four hours to melt and left a full bowl of water! When cars drive over the powder the tire tracks are icy and stay frozen forever.the humidity stays above 80% which is unheard of in high desert. Thank you for listening. I am alone. No one is interested in how different the snow is now. It makes me sick that all the chemicals are going to water crops and animals and humans next summer.




    • virginia says:

      Dear Jane: Really interesting post….the snowball turned black?  What the heck?  Wish that could have been analyzed as it sounds almost impossible.  Thank you.  And, you are not alone.  Millions of us around the world are desperate and are looking for a way to deliver our message to more and more people…..but the majority, as you say, are so dumbed down with reading about the Kardashians, latest movie gossip, etc. that they react like zombies when one tries to educate them about the toxins being constantly sprayed on us. Stay positive and stick to this website…'ll feel right "at home" with Dane and his rangers.  Happy New Year to you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Virginia, about the chemically nucleated snow, the following link will shed more light. FYI

  63. Zachary Isaac says:

    Hello Dane.  I am currently in Texas where just seven days ago the temperatures were in the 30's.   Now at 7:30 at night it is 85 degrees.  In tbe same rooms where we were burning stoves we're now running the A/C.  I'm 27 and I am really disdained for our future.  Whenever I speak of Geoengineering to people, they immediately start finding fault in what I'm saying.  I was even arrested one time in California for spreading the information youve provided.  I really hope this case comes to light because this is all that matters

    • Lawrence Goodwin says:

      Thank you for sharing, Zachary, and take comfort in knowing that many people understand what you're experiencing (except the getting arrested part–now that's serious dedication!). You should get used to people "finding fault" with any mention of these blatantly psychopathic spraying/zapping/weather-modification operations in our skies. A full 62 million Americans–most brainwashed constantly by such talk-radio tyrants as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity–just voted for a billionaire chump who claims that we can plunder anything we want from Earth because global climate change is a "hoax." Donald Trump appears to have neither concern for the environment nor desire to heal our bitterly divided society, let alone stop the military/corporate/geoengineering "assault" on innocent life in all 50 states. The struggle to halt these evils will be long and hard. Perhaps, the "Star Wars" saga presents one of the best fictional representations of what we're up against. Honorable men and women going rogue, in the same manner as Dane Wigington, give us all the hope we need. Let the facts be our lightsabers. Long live "the Force" in the Lone Star State and everywhere!    

    • Steve says:

      Hi Zachary,

      Curious, why were you "Arrested" in California for distributing valid information, e.g., flyers, dvd's, or (?)  on GeoEngineering? What was the reasoning for law enforcement to arrest you?

    • virginia says:

      Lawrence: A big thank you….great post. I concur with your assessment one hundred percent. 

  64. MorningStar says:

    What has become truly disturbing is that the government wants to con the people into believing that their geoengineering is actually helping us — for our own good. 

    • D Faught says:

       The days are gone that you could step outside to a bright blue sky with a few billowing clouds slowly drifting by like it was in the 60s and earlier. A reporter once asked a sky painter who had decided to come forward discretely, why do you do this, knowing you are not only killing the planet but your family, friends and relatives as well. He said the money is extremely  good for the amount flight hours. It is a compartmentalized operation and pilots are shifted continuously. It has to take soulless person lacking character and any humane feelings to do this in the name of money and greed. There is A God to answer to one day. I hope they have a very good reason for wanting to do such a satanic deed. 

  65. Steven Chamberlain says:

    It looks like the visitors counter will hit 25,000,000 sometime tomorrow.
    When I first found this site three years ago the count was 12,000,000 Never Give Up!!!

  66. Eric (USA) says:

    Dane, what's going on with the lawsuit against this? I was excited to find out that these lawyers were bring this insanity to trial. Would love to know the status. We are insanely getting sprayed in New England and our weather is all over the place. We went from -5F to 60F in two days. All I can do is educate people. Thanks for all your work

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Eric, the Canadian effort is proceeding slowly in spite of the Canadian governments attempt to dismiss the case. The US filing is much more difficult, but is being worked on diligently. I will continue to give updates on my weekly news program, stay tuned. In the meantime, it is imperative for us all to keep credibly and efficiently raising awarness. Reaching a critical mass of the awakened, is the bottom line.

    • Chad says:

      Same here in Idaho. God bless and Amen to you all. The End is Near.

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