Billboard In Florida: Let’s Keep It Going


Hello everyone, my name is Maciej Kocialkowski and I am a Southwest Florida area anti-geoengineering activist.

The billboard you see was just installed on 4/14/16 and is scheduled to remain at location for 12 months. It is in Punta Gorda, FL, on US HWY 17, about 1.5 miles north of I-75, and visible going north towards Arcadia. The traffic count is about 14,000 vehicles a day. It is going to be a challenge to keep this billboard, unless we can find enough motivated individuals to help us with this effort. Those of you who already donated, can and should be proud of yourself. You are now a part of this project. We are asking and hoping for others to contribute, and/or help us to publicize this campaign so we can reach maximum exposure in order to collect as much funds as we can. It is also my hope and wish that this effort will serve as an example, and encourage others to organize similar projects. Reaching a critical mass of public awareness on the climate engineering issue is absolutely critical if we ever are going to have any realistic chance for ending this climate engineering nightmare once and for all.

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Other awareness raising efforts by Maciej Kocialkowski are shown here: Anti-Geoengineering Activist Sets An Example For Raising Awareness

4 Responses to Billboard In Florida: Let’s Keep It Going

  1. Marilyn Mennig says:

    The billboards look very effective in raising public awareness. I would like to see some of these same billboards on Los Angeles freeways such as the 405 & 5 freeways, as these are some of the busiest highways in the world. Also, Southern California is being heavily sprayed every day, ruining our once beautiful sunny skies. People driving will see the billboards, look up at the sky and see the daily spraying of white lines and obviously realize the truth and hopefully join the effort to stop solar radiation management.

    • maciej kocialkowski says:

      Hello Marilyn. Thank you, and yes I agree, I would like to see them all over too. The problem is, that there is no centralized entity or any sort of funding available, rather than that from concerned citizens and all sorts of funding campaigns. I do recommend to look at the billboards that are available, sometimes it is possible to get a bargain on them, just because there are no takers at some particular time. Talking to the person in charge and presenting the case in the right manner also might help. That was the case with above billboard. You never know who you are going to get on the other end of the phone, it is worth trying. Phone calls are free after all. Digital boards with multiple advertisers are also cost effective ways to convey the message, you also avoid the bill for the graphics. We tend to take the passive stance, because our life experience has taught us that things get done without our involvement. And I can absolutely relate, I was sitting the bench all my life. Because I didn't know how bad things went off course. I hope this helps. If you or anybody has questions, I will be periodically checking comment section here. Super cost effective way to reach out to thousands, is labeling part of your car. It is like mobile billboard.   

    • Maciej, I hope there was a lot of recent holiday traffic.  – posted on my site, too:



  2. Francis Cabana says:

    Stop spraying all over the US and us !!!!!!

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