GeoengineeringWatch Weather Update, December 10th, 2014

The all out climate engineering assault continues with major weather events occurring on the West coast and the East coast. Engineered “winter storm Damon” will bring some chemically nucleated “heavy wet snow” to the East. In the West, the moisture flow has been opened up. The HAARP (ionosphere heater) created “ridiculously resilient ridge” of blocking high pressure has been eliminated for now. Though there will likely be significant and perhaps even heavy rain in parts of the West, it is still a fraction of what would have fallen without the heavy aerosol spraying that is occurring. The climate engineers syphon off and scatter much of the initial moisture from the incoming storms. This broadcasts the moisture out in every direction and creates incredibly expansive aerosolized cloud canopy which is already covering most of the continental US. Welcome to “solar radiation management” (SRM). This short video update will elaborate further on the issues mentioned.

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  1. Rick L. says:

    As I read more and more of these deeply concerned individuals write about what's being done to destroy this planet, every day looks more bleak than the day before. I am completely dumfounded on how so much of the population cannot see what's going on above their heads. Much less try to understand it

    I've made comments to some about it and their like, Huh? I never look up. Or, those are just plain jet trails. Or I just get a look, like, Yea sure buddy, I think your white jacket has come loose.

    Unless I search out sites like this I'd never know they were there. I sure don't see any anything posted out doors or indoors about anything like this site. I don't know, maybe because it's California.

    I"m really expecting a huge awakening event to happen because of all this stuff their spraying. Some sort of chemical reaction from it all. You know, like some experiment that went horribly wrong. I mean where could they have run an experiment of this magnatude to see the out come? Sound crazy? Well not as crazy as what their doing to us.



  2. David says:

    Hi, I am in England and very few people are up to date with climate control. I live near Heathrow airport and the only day chemtrails were not spayed was remembrance Sunday. Topman Dane for your work in trying to save the planet and us!!! People replace the word God with the word Nature and understand every single particle is actually one giant being, so every animal every plant every rock, the air we breathe your phone your car, the sun the moon the entire universe in on giant super being. IT is alive and very very smart and knows every single one of us because it is every particle of our body’s. It is The, (as in one) All (as in everything) Mighty (All the power). Heaven is a place on earth, Eternal life posse ad esse. Coming soon to you if you have earned it this is fact not fiction. They the so called elite are leaving for hell soon the meek and mild inherent the Earth believe it!!!

  3. christine says:

    I’m in NC and its 35 degrees outside and everything is covered with ice and the sky is covered with chemtrails and they are still flying overhead. I’ve lived here 29 years and the weather is very abnormal. How can we stop this??? Talk, Talk, Talk we need to head to Washington as one people and let them know we mean business!

  4. Diane Stawiarska says:

    Freedom Ranger, this is exactly how I feel word for word. Thank you for articulating that, especially about the point that no one with any ethics or moral character is allowed to advance.


  5. Freedom Ranger says:

    I could never have dreamed of a worse nightmare than our current reality. I just want to sleep as long as I can because my dreams are better than this waking nightmare. It is so insane, this world, these idiots on tv acting always acting. These idiot politicians, these idiots that run the world, acting always acting. Never can someone with a stitch of common sense, decency and morality be allowed power no, that just wouldn’t do. Only depraved godless souls are allowed to get ahead on planet Earth. This nightmare cant go on much longer, nothing run by idiots lasts long, this world is definitely run by idiots. Insane, genocidal, demented idiots. It just aint right, we deserve better. Maybe we dont, i dont know? Maybe this is God’s judgment, the judgment of karma. Our actions are catching up to us. I know I will keep up the good fight and surrender to what I believe to be God, that is all I can do.

  6. Freedom Ranger says:

    Janet, I don’t believe the American people are in denial, I believe the government is using advanced mind control technology on the masses. For some reason,I have my theories, we fall in the margin of error and judging by the margin it is pretty small. So the only thing is to be vocal. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Yes the planet is heading to an abrupt end. i believe the powers in control want it to end for many reasons but mainly arrogance. Its the immorality and greed of these so called powers that be which brought us to extinction and now they want to save the worst specimens of humanity in their underground bunkers built with our money. It sucks.

  7. Janet says:

    This probably won’t change. The American people are in denial. They believe the government when they are told that this is a myth. So sad, but I think our planet is in peril.

  8. Cheryl D says:

    I contacted my local news station and asked about “chem trails. A representative responded saying there Is no such thing. Claimed he/she didn’t know anything about geoengineering. These people really are trying hard to ignore the problem.

  9. donna ford says:

    Thank you jen for being observant and speaking up about our sky in NM. I have been posting on krqe and koat news sites to try and wake people up, please help. If enough of us post we may wake the masses.
    Strength in numbers.

  10. Jane says:

    Your local airport has a geoengineering contractor. The little planes fly upwind dispersing the low billowy clouds. The big jets disperse the white trails at a higher altitude . Your air ambulance can spray also and your patient Transfer is involved. Your hospitals are involved Big Time. Spray you down make you sick. Big Oil wants you to buy their Oil. Gotta go before they shut this down

  11. Jennifer henson says:

    I witnessed the same assault. From Albq.

  12. Howard Taylor says:

    Visiting Santa fe 12/8 blue skys.12/9 heavy aerosol with 10 jets non stop. Filled in once blue skies. Shot picture’s posted them on Pinecrest. Look under Howard Taylor these pictures are evil.

  13. marta says:

    My understanding of what is being done to the earth is putting the earth in a straight jacket so there is nothing the earth can do to fix this mess… to equilibrate. Also anyone who is participating in this murder of a planet who happens to be reading this post and who happens to have one ounce of love for nature and the earth… expose, expose , expose…..

  14. ann says:

    I bet they do too, because they are too stupid and or lazy to do it themselves.

  15. ann says:

    Dane is a saint, we all need to keep him in our prayers always for his work. It is very upsetting, just beyond words.I wonder how many people have Morgellons now, we need a Morgellons watch chanel too.

  16. Karen says:

    Great weather update. I’ve been waiting for the REAL DEAL on the weather here in the foothills of Sacramento. Thanks so much Dane.
    I knew the rain was not going to happen today b/c of the engineering that was taking place all yesterday. And you could see the puffy lines in the dark gray skies. It looked like one of your pictures you showed on the video, yet it was within the dark gray clouds (or engineered clouds to be exact).

  17. Cori Gunnells says:

    Thank you much Dane. These screen shots and explanations help so many to understand ‘how’ this is done, as well as how to decipher the difference in what they are told by the mainstream weather reporters.

  18. Jan says:

    Linda I was at the gathering in Redding, CA to hear Dane and a panel speak to these concerns. It was revealed/is known that the ones controlling all of this and destroying everything have built underground bunkers and possibly space stations where they think they will survive what they have done to earth. I think they have/believe they have technology to repair the damages and to return to inherit the earth, when about 6 billion of the rest of us are “out of the way.”

  19. Pamela says:

    So check out wisdom tree. There is a stock/etf to play the market on this madness. Let’s play it and use profits to erect billboards about this issue! Best, FL chemtrail researcher harassed by mercenaries. Aka Sandra. Story by Will Thomas and on stevequayle and coast to coast!

  20. Jan says:

    Remember and love that old commercial, especially as it has new meaning these days!

  21. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    Thanks Dane for an excellent weather report. So good to hear your thorough report.I am hoping to contact our weather folks here this week and ask them why isn’t there more weather news about geoengineering. Of course, I already know.

    I am in Massachusetts and find it so sad not to see the sun only a few days a week.Where I am not too far from the coast it is rain, rain and rain today. Yesterday some snow and rain, rain and rain. Very dark skies in the afternoon.Kind of eerie.Lights even going on on the streets. The temps are in the early 40’s.

  22. Steven Chamberlain says:

    This was the best weather update ever! Pass it on!!!

  23. Concerned in Cali says:

    I think we can all agree ladies that are reading this ” that hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn” well Mother Nature ‘s pissed and she wants her earth back ! You can’t mess with Mother Earth for too long without her punching back with both gloves on .. I think some of us over 45 ( ok I am dating myself ) remember the commercial ” it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature “, well that commercial although humorous in the 70’s rings true for today ..,

  24. Linda Passarelli says:

    At 6:58 in this video I hear: “No ozone layer, no life on Earth — period!” WHY????????? We all share this planet together so if there is no life on Earth PERIOD, what will be left. Will ANYONE be left? What an utterly terrifying scenario for us, our children, grandchildren and our Mother Earth. I am appalled. When I talk to individuals about this, they look at me as though I have stepped off another planet.

  25. Michel B says:

    I can imagine that some of the individuals and agencies involved with undisclosed Geoengineering projects read this site to find out even more than what they know, so thorough is the information and in connecting the dots.

    When the G20 was on in Brisbane, it was 40C (104F) on the Sunday and the sky was completely and heavily aerosolised. Despite the extreme amount of geoengineering of the sky, those very high temperatures were reached and so I was wondering if they can induce high temperatures deliberately with the same strategies that cause temporary cool downs?

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