Geoengineers Wage All Out Weather Warfare As The Climate System Unravels


How long will populations remain oblivious to the relentless weather warfare and biological warfare assault being waged against them by the global power structure? Droughts, floods, chemically ice nucleated engineered snow storms, massive low and high pressure zones, the Earth's entire climate and life support systems are being pounded by the ongoing climate engineering insanity. The planet's climate system is unimaginably complex, if any part of it is deliberately altered, the whole system is affected. In the case of global geoengineering, the entire climate system is being intentionally manipulated, no weather can be considered truly natural at this point. From the dozens of ionosphere heaters to the constant atmospheric spraying, all is now tainted. The sprayed particulates used for the climate modification programs are highly toxic, every one of us is inhaling what the climate engineers are spraying with every breath we take. This is biological warfare. If populations do not wakeup and take a stand, we will soon have nothing left to salvage of our once thriving planet or our own health. The video below contains astounding recent film footage from around the globe.
Dane Wigington


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  1. allen osuno says:

    The free aluminum (atmospheric) levels where I live in northern CA have been tested and show 15X the maximum safety level. That is why CA has a drought and why people are getting sick and the forests are dying and trees are in 'defense mode' (response to stress).

  2. Big government loaded with tax dollars and a federal reserve who can print money endlessly can buy anything. I have decided the worst thing you can do is pay taxes to these creeps. You are paying for your own misery . Do the right thing and cut them off. Quit your job . trade barter . organic garden. That is how we win.

  3. Gerald Strachota says:

    Don't forget about mind-control  (syc-tronics) Broadcasting into brain waves.  JS

  4. Gerald Strachota says:

    Don't forget about mind-control. Syc-tronics. Broadcasting into brain waves.  JS

  5. Earth Angel says:

    This is just a guess Jeff, but it may be they are trying to 'nuke' the methane gasses in the atmosphere. This was actually mentioned as a possibility in one of the nasa documents produced years ago, maybe from the 60's(?). I ran across it while perusing the computer a year or two ago and couldn't believe it. I guess those crazy enough to utilize haarp for what they are doing with it now can and are capable of anything. What could account for these 'booms' where there is nothing else there? Any government/military crazy enough to explode bombs containing depleted uranium waste- thus contaminating and deforming everything around for centuries to come would probably think nothing of nuking our atmosphere. 🙁

  6. Gene Maynard says:

    Correct information is key and truth is always verifiable for the serious seeker; so is error. That’s why I don’t hesitate to quote I caution all, myself included, of not only mainstream but certain major independent news sources. Pride always leads to sensationalism as is evident in the information war [pun intended]. The enemy knows even a little doubt and confusion can stumble much truth. Temps in Wilmingon NC have been well below normal and obviously un-natural for a long time. The artificially cooled air doesn’t end with the nucleated ice and snow-it envelopes a much larger area.

  7. I have been closely watching the weather maps for the last few days and documenting all the abnormalities that I find. We are seeing the jet stream go straight into Alaska, then back down into the Central and Eastern US. With the aid of moisture coming out of Mexico, we got “Winter Storm Octavia”. Classic ice nucleation. I want to mention that in the Alaska interior is well above freezing now, much warmer than many places in the lower 48. We are so done for if this continues.

  8. Freedom Ranger says:

    This man made an engine which puts out cleaner air than it takes in. Duh, he was killed by the oil companies, bankers etc… Imagine if the 2 billion cars on the road utilized engines that produced cleaner air and scrubbed greenhouse gases like this one. Dont give up, we have the inventions already we simply need to prosecute the tyrants who strangle the life of the planet. Nil Desperandum, it is never too late. We can defeat any dictator by spreading the truth. Give up the notion you are powerless, we solve problems all the time. When I am hungry i make a sandwich, BAM problem solved. Powerlessness is indoctrination by herr dictator. Free the human mind and we can clean up the planet and live in harmony with it. MAKE SPREADING TRUTH A HABIT! PEACE! WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!

  9. Jeff says:

    I have heard the booms,every weekend while walking with a friend in the desert of lower Idaho,we remain at a loss for what caused them. Considering that we could see for 50+ miles any direction,and no explosion clouds,out there no real source for what could have caused them.I wonder if it could be the earth shifting,there have been lots of earth quakes in central Idaho this year. Most people worry it could have to do with the Yellowstone volcano. If that volcano goes,every one should be concerned;its 25 miles in diameter.

  10. Joseph says:


    The Los-Angeles times ran an article last Sunday (Feb 14th), in which they followed a government plane that flew over the pacific to “study rain”. In this article they explain that it is part of a government program, that also studies the effects of…


    Please read through it as they mention that they can be both MAN made and ARTIFICIAL! This is absolutely crucial information as it completely proves the theory that planes are indeed SPRAYING. Here is the link, please read through it and share with everyone else Dane. Thank you for all your help.

    p.s. the last 5 paragraphs contain the information.

  11. Mark says:

    All of the earthquakes happening around the US and the earth are caused by HAARP , every time they power up one of the HAARP facilities it causes an earthquake, then another quake occurs at the location that the power is directed, either to build a storm or change the direction of a storm. Also used to slow a storm down and make a storm sit perfectly still, that resembles a low pressure on the weather map, or a polar vortex. It is impossible for a storm, low or polar vortex to stay stationary for any length of time unless the storm is being influenced by HAARP. The map will tell you where the storms are being built or steered to. I have researched this for years now and have learned that when a quake happens that a storm will soon form in that area, unless it’s a quake on the west coast, in that case HAARPs are being used like a force field to plunge the ionosphere and blow the jet stream around an area like California . I don’t hear many people discussing this theory, but I can prove what I say. Thank you for your hard work and efforts.

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