Global Cooling or Global Warming, Which is it?


Dane Wigington

Is it really getting colder? What does scientifically undisputed data say? The stakes could not be higher, or our collective reality could not be any more dire. The more the planet plummets into total meltdown, the bigger the lies have gotten from the special interest groups that are paid to spread them. Unfortunately, there are many that desperately want to believe the lies in spite of massive amount of data and information to the contrary. The latest lie of a coming "mini ice age" is truly beyond comprehension, the warming of the planet continues to build at a rapidly accelerating rate.


Green dots show the 30-year average of the new PAGES 2k reconstruction. The red curve shows the global mean temperature, according HadCRUT4 data from 1850 onwards. 

I want to make one point clear, my goal in highlighting specific facts, charts, and data is primarily to bring attention to the subject of global geoengineering and the damage it is inflicting on the biosphere. Geoengineering is, of course, not the sole source for the climate chaos and atmospheric disintegration that is now unfolding around us (there are countless anthropogenic causal factors), but available data does indicate that geoengineering is likely the single greatest climate disrupting factor of all (in addition to poisoning all life on earth in the process).


When “global cooling” articles and conclusions are embraced by anti-geoengineering activists and websites without proper investigation, these activists and websites are then completely discredited in many circles (especially the science community). The subject of geoengineering goes out the window with the “climate change denial” that cannot be rationally denied at this point if one truly examines hard data. If we are to successfully bring geoengineering to the light of day, we cannot afford such missteps. It is imperative that we all make an effort to pull together, and not open up new battle fronts in directions that are not supported by verifiable information. Buying into the "global cooling" disinformation narrative is exactly what the power structure and the geoengineers want us to do.

So, is it getting colder?

The most dire factor of all regarding our rapidly disintegrating climate is mass methane expulsion in the Arctic that is becoming rapidly worse as the sea ice melt off is reaching record low levels. In addition to the methane threat, the latest data makes clear the fact that global sea level rise is already a "worst case scenario", this is just one more reflection of our rapidly warming world. 

pic 19

One more factor that is extremely important to consider, it appears that all the climate data/temperature records are being radically falsified to the down side. In the areas we have investigated, the “official reading” for a given day is routinely 3, 4, or even 5 degrees below what actually occurred on the ground. This is a massive data skewing factor which helps to hide the true extent of the warming. In addition, “official agencies” like NOAA (NOAA is connected to geoengineering contractor “Raytheon”), and National Weather Service (NWS is connected to geoengineering contractor Lockheed Martin), etc., now appear to be recording many more temperature readings from a given “cold” event as compared to “heat wave” areas of the same land mass. This skews the data to the down side even further. On top of all this, let's add the “geoengineering” factor, artificial/chemical ice nucleation, jet stream manipulation, etc., which can and does create temporary cooling anomalies from which the agencies above take an abundance of temp readings in the attempt to lower the overall temperature picture.

It is imperative for each of us to consider the entire data picture before leaping at conclusions. None of this is about “Al Gore” or carbon credit scams, but rather it's about a harsh and verifiable reality. Any conclusions must consider the massive data altering and even more the global geoengineering programs and their effects. The planet is warming at blinding speed, climate engineering is making this warming worse overall, not better.

33 Responses to Global Cooling or Global Warming, Which is it?

  1. apyre says:

    I have to agree that we are so being lied to. I was so sick of all the lies on tv about our weather I put out a rain gauge, and have a sensor set outside for temps. Every day at different times I log what is going on outside. While looking right at my gauge and listening to weather, they will lie and say the temp is sometimes 10 deg different. The other thing they keep lying about is the rain fall. Here in N. NV I have logged every rainfall and have figured around 11in since last Aug. Since I also observe the chemtrails, I know that they are for some reason forcing the rain into the high desert away from CA. Our average rain is usually only 7in a yr. The manmade reservoirs are empty but natural lakes seem to be at normal rims. The only reason I can figure they are manipulating water resources has to be for some monetary gain. I have tried to tell the sheeple around me but they just stare like I grew two heads, and would rather believe the lies they are told. The only thing I ever try to get people to do is simply look up and notice what is going on over their head. God gave us brains and I wish people would start using them.

  2. @Marc, I live in Québec, Canada, on the north eastern part of Canada. Also I want to add that I discovered something about my phone camera, it has this dot in the lens every time I take a picture of a bright light source, like the sun or a light bulb. Meaning that the second sun in my pictures are probably that effect. Didn't want to sound like a conspirator or anything. Sorry if I offended some or scared others. I still believe something might be purposely hidden away from us. Let's keep fighting and unite as one in this hard fought war against Earth and all living beings on it. By the way, Thanks Dane for this website, I say it again but, I mean it.

  3. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Hello, Jonathan,

    A young relative of mine and I saw the two Suns years ago, probably in the late eighties, before we ever heard about this or the internet or aerosols.  One Sun seemed to be behind a thick haze and was pink in color.  Our Sun was in the proper place setting in the NW, as it does in summer, while the pink Sun was directly South. We live in Alaska.

    A saw a video from NASA recently saying these were brown dwarf stars inside our Solar System.  But it's hard trust NASA anymore. 

  4. Marc says:

    Jonathan, what part of the country (or world) do you live in? I am not willing to dismiss what you are saying as absurd. I have seen many videos of a "second sun" as well as another anomalous object appearing in various places on earth. I have thought your exact same thoughts……that the atmosphere is intentionally being obscured for yet another, quite worrying, reason. I'm scared, too. Something very fucking weird is going on with all this and simple SRM does NOT ring true. They've been spraying 24/7/365 for how many years now? AND STILL THE PLANET IS GETTING WARMER, AND RADICALLY SO. So much for their dumb-ass attempts to cool the planet. But I've never really thought that was what they were trying to do anyway. But if it were, what a colossal FAILURE and a poisoning of the entire biosphere to boot!

  5. marc says:

    Right on Earth Angel. The sheer unadulterated absurdity of not seeing,feeling,and UNDERSTANDING all the connecting dots would be laughable (out loud, too) if it weren’t so depressingly tragic. The efforts of the assholes who actively spread lies and disinformation does apparently pay off. I, too, believe the majority of humankind to be good. But we have been under such an incomprehensibly vast assault on every front that it’s no wonder why millions are believing utterly preposterous things that make zero sense. Not only is “stupid” a liability for humankind, it is a glorious victory for the worthless tripe who sit at the helm of this assault.

  6. marc says:

    Right on Earth Angel. The sheer unadulterated absurdity of not seeing,feeling,and UNDERSTANDING all the connecting dots would be laughable (out loud, too) if it weren’t so depressingly tragic. The efforts of the assholes who actively spread lies and disinformation does appently pay off. I, too, believe the majority of humankind to be good. But we have been under such an incomprehensibly vast assault on every front that it’s no wonder why millions are believing utterly preposterous things that make zero sense. Not only is “stupid” a liability for humankind, it is a glorious victory for the worthless tripe who sit at the helm of this assault.

  7. Frank says:

    I mowed my lawn the other day. I wear a long sleeve shirt to protect my arms from the sun. Also a large brimmed hat and neck protection. I try too cover as much exposed skin as I can. I have a lawn tractor as I mow 3 acres. I try not to expose myself to the sun more than 20 minutes at a time. I had to mow in the afternoon because the grass is to wet to mow from the dew. The tops of my hands got burnt really bad which never happened before, I guess I will have to wear gloves now on. The UV rays have to be extremely high as everyone I talk to says how hot the sun is. I used to love to be outside and never had a problem with my skin burning so fast. I hate going outside now as the UV is burning us all. The trees and vegetation and even the weeds are brown and dying. My fruit orchard is wiped out this year with dying trees and if any crop of fruit has grown it is small and insect ridden. Our temps here in SE TN have been extremely high with feel like temps of 105 to 110. The dew points have been in the middle 70's and night time temps never go below the 70.s. We always had temps in the lower 60's at night. I see the devastation all over from trees to vegetation to lack of animals and birds. 

    These sick individuals and groups that claim the earth is cooling are shills for the power structure. The criminal aspect of all government agencies are beyond any rational thinking now.  

  8. Paula Tuttle says:

    Great confusion abounds! Even alt-media 'good guys' like Michael Rivero and Clif HIgh are constantly pushing global cooling/mini ice-age coming! At least Clif talks about geoengineering and it's devastating effects for the planet. But Rivero flat out denies geoengineering is taking place and hangs up on callers that bring up 'chemtrails'!  Michael Rivero devotes at least 20 minutes of each show bringing up the record cold temps happening in varying global locations each day.  Of course some 'pockets' on the planet are experiencing  colder than average temps, due to jet stream manipulations!  I can't decide if these people, who study & research the Truth on all other geo-political levels, and report real news, are just that ignorant about climate engineering or if, because they have great reputations with the truth-seeking public, that they're being used by the establishment to cover up the issue convincingly?!  I like What Really Happened shows, but always just tune out for his daily "global caused global warming" rants!    Would love to hear what other fans of's opinions are on why this is happening to our 'trusted' alternative media reporters. 

    • Rodster says:

      IMO, I don't any stock in anyone who isn't studying a science for a living. Radio Talk Show Hosts like Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh are uneducated (jack of all trades, masters of none) indivduals who are merely offering up their opinions rather than facts. They don't study the science but just pick out articles that suits their agenda/schtick. The same applies to alternative media.

      So I leave it up to indivduals like Guy McPherson or Dane who have devoted their lives to finding out what's behind all the crazy weather going on for the last several decades.

    • Earth Angel says:

      I feel the same Paula- I've even e-mailed Rivero about the subject and asked him if is is aware of artificial ice nucleiation and directed him to this site..never got a response from him. I agree, I enjoy his show and he gives some good information but he is really missing the boat on this one. I get so annoyed I tune it out too when he starts up on the 'global cooling' bandwagon. He lives in Hawaii for God's sake- they must be burning up out there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! And dumped on by Fukushima radiation too.

  9. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Well you guys are on top of things fast-no surprise there!  I found this article yesterday, too, and just made some copies, as I realize one of my denier friends must be a conservative rebloodican, mouthing, searching for the right word and not finding it-Maunder Minimum-saying: something to do with the sun becoming cooler.  Uh huh.  He thinks all this vacillation is just normal Earth stuff.  Can't wait to leave this for him today at his work place.  He truly believes the Earth will be cooler and that there is no problem!  So I did bring up geoengineering, did ask if he knew the diff between sea ice and…he does.  Still he clings to this way of thinking.  He did, in an off hand way, mention a depopulation agenda which surprised me, but leads me to believe he's had some exposure to geoengineering issues.  He owns some video stores, is educated, wife is a nurse, i.e.: a perfect one to "turn".  Hopefully to showcase some anti-geo-engineering videos-which he does not have!!  Plus, I now get where he is coming from, the better to discuss our case.  I do not want to lose his friendship and he doesn't want to lose mine.  This is a perfect start for him.  R

  10. russ elder says:

    Lawrence———–I too live in upstate N.Y.—I completely agree with your statement on the T.V. weather reporters———-they lie daily and talk about Beautiful skies—the skies are  Checker-boards—now they say we have never hit 90 deg. yet—where I live we have hit it quite a few times—thanks Dane for all you do

  11. Damon Duval says:

    New Ice Age??? Sun will be cooling down in a few years??

    Yea…. and the World Trade Center were the first three, not one, three steel structured buildings in history to have ENTIRELY COLLAPSED BECAUSE OF FIRE.

  12. Hello von Droid: You stated: "Media and politicians are one thing, but we need people arrested immediately."

    True. And local sheriffs have the authority to do exactly that (arrest persons who indulge in hazardous activities.) Citizens need to understand where their true civil power is. Local law enforcement officials need to be notified regarding these chemical assaults. The EPA is so corrupted, the entire executive staff should be arrested for treason and manslaughter…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul, As you may know, the EPA is finally getting" real".  For decades run at Federal level by some bonehead who never showed up-almost never, telling everyone he was a spy for the government, which apparently was believed, retired more than a year ago, yet still somehow drew his full salary for another year, which someone finally caught.  Question is-what has become of him?  As I understand it, no repercussions.  This went on for nearly 30 years.  His spy theory everyone thinks is a joke as he hated paper work, felt impotent sort of, but hey, what if the Government paid him to take a hike and he exaggerated that?  We know his name, doesn't roll off my tongue but lots of talk about it at end of last year when new head of EPA took over.  Since then, seems as if the EPA is growing baby teeth.  We could start with him.  Should start with him.  Should not be hard to find his name.  This was only at end of last year and did make the news.

    • laura hall says:

      Paul eloquently said.

  13. Michel B says:

    The lying from authorities occurs in direct proportion to the scale of the disaster.

  14. lin says:

    John L. Casey, President of Space and Science Research Center seems to be the expert on the "mini ice age". Odd, no credentials (official bio) or published papers (other than books) can be found on this guy, just references to who he is from other sources. Not even on his own website. Any info on this guy? 

    • Bija says:

      Former Space Program Advisor and Shuttle Engineer. If you watch him on Caravan to Midnight, Episode 234, he makes all the right arguments yet somehow draws all the wrong conclusions. It's very hard to watch.

  15. Lawrence Goodwin says:

    Many thanks for continuing to publish information about our dying planet that people must consider, Dane. It worries me to no end that local media here in upstate New York, including the well-paid (and mostly overweight) meteorologists, keep remaining silent about the blatant geoengineering programs in our skies. I often write letters to the editor and send these so-called media professionals pictures of 'solar radiation management.' I get NO responses. Total silence. In fact, a few weeks ago, one TV news anchor went so far as to act joyous as she described the so-called "Pic of the Day." It showed one of those very unusual multi-colored splotches in the sky, even though it was clearly obvious that the "rainbow" in the pic was part of an artificial cloud sprayed by an aircraft. It's EXTREMELY disturbing when local reporters celebrate and glorify this madness.        

    • von Droid says:

      I live in Buffalo and have been documenting extensive geoengineering activities the past week.  The jets have been flying the same flight paths back and forth northwest to southeast and vice versa.  They seem to be seeding the trails left previously and at dusk, ripple formations appear in the clouds.
      Photo evidence from Buffalo, NY Friday, July 10, 2015:
      If anybody can give me resources for understanding satellite imagery better, I would appreciate it.
      Also, another commenter alerted me to and I consulted the radar for several flights and they are not reported.
      We are in a very serious situation now and drastic action should be taken to alert local law enforcment of these activities.  Media and politicians are one thing, but we need people arrested immediately.

  16. David says:

    I think this is a critical point.  We are trained to look up to "experts" but it's up to individuals to study logic and history and use common sense and then take personal action.  We still need to use the legal system and govn't as much as possible since the "throw the baby out…" mindset is part of some anarchy mindsets which would take civilization a step backward.  Try stopping corporate pollution as a single small town for example.  How much of the billions/trillions spent in Iraq or Afghanistan just since 2003 could have helped fund clean energy to get us closer to better and cheaper sources of energy?  How much technology is being suppressed?  How can we shift to quality of life over quantity of things since the US economy is so dependent on consumerism..?  I have to remind myself all the time that people are subject to so much influence from birth really it's easy to blame people for their laziness, greed or ignorance when it's hard to get a real baseline of humanity since in the same way it's impossible to study the climate without factoring geo-engr. it's also impossible really to study humanity without factoring in the constant agendas and propaganda from media sources, in academia or in churches…to separate the good from evil within human actions.

    • Earth Angel says:

      You bring up some very excellent points to consider David. Some people are so quick to blame humanity or say that people are inherently evil. I believe the exact opposite is true of MOST people. I think that those of us who have been fortunate enough to be reared in a loving, nurturing environment WANT to do good and take right actions. (and maybe even some who weren't) I admit much damage has been done to our planet by the human species in the past 100 yrs. or so but if we have been tricked into the paradigm we have been living under how else could it have been avoided?? Most of us in America grew up living in a world of gasoline engines for transport, having shopping and consumerism shoved at us via the TV, the propaganda of wars and the lies fed to us by deceitful media outlets, and compromised criminal politicians deftly maneuvering behind the scenes with their lies as well. Many of us are only now realizing the covert crimes being perpetrated against us- so how could we have fought against something which we had no knowledge that even existed? How is that possible?? Most young people just take for granted the times we grow up in and do not question much farther than that. If we are to blame ourselves for this mess now occurring it is our ignorance of the TRUE situation and naievete in blindly accepting and trusting what we were being told (SOLD !) by others. It is my prayer that with so many waking up to what really happened and is occurring now- we can somehow stem the tide of danger and damage to ourselves and this marvelous planet we inhabit. I am not denying that we and the generations before us have let this happen. Now that we know, it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to correct the situation; however late the hour. ( And yes, I do not see how anyone can argue that the planet is cooling when glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, asphalt is melting off roads, people are dying from heat stroke in the streets of India, methane is blowing giant holes in the landscape near the arctic, wildfires burning massive acreage throughout the globe and we are all experiencing exhausting heat and burning sunrays on our skin.) Sometimes you just have to LOOK UP and see what's happening for gosh sakes!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello David: You replied: "We still need to use the legal system and govn't as much as possible since the "throw the baby out…" mindset is part of some anarchy mindsets which would take civilization a step backward."
      The ugly baby needs that needs to be thrown out, is the entire world wide corporate system under the auspices of the United Nations. The former United States of America became a "corporation" in 1925, and this fact was made "official" in 1934 by Satan's favorite spawn, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
      THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY: the de facto government – YouTube
      Thus you have no human rights (are owned) and are a debt slave to the corporations that have controlled America for the last 70+ years. Our entire social order is a Hollywood illusion. Corporate anarchy IS the current system. It would be next to impossible to do much worse…
      There is no VALID entity occupying the office of the American presidency at this time in history, and this has been true since 1934. What we now have is a person named Barry Soetoro, aka: Barack Obama (a completely fictitious character) who claims he is president, when he is in fact an international war criminal.
      Further: Present "officials" occupying offices in our Federal and State institutions, are no longer OF legal authority nor entitled to govern under such facts and conditions as stated above. All Federal and State officials are obviously in breach of their Constitutional obligations to act in good faith under the dictates of OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights. Read the Constitution. What does it state?
      By definition: All current State activities are acts of treason against the American people, as there is no valid entity occupying the office of the American presidency. Every one of these treasonous actors and actresses should be arrested and hung from the public gallows. County sheriffs (under the original terms of the Constitution) can arrest these political frauds, and hang them in the public square as needed…
      It's time for another American Revolution, and well past time to throw the United Nations off the surface of the planet forever…

  17. Sezer says:

    I have been laughed at, ridiculed, ignored, mocked, faced arrogance, anger, denial, ignorance and apathy. But nothing disheartened me like the fellow activists believing this global cooling lie. It really is a big blow when you work so hard to expose the truth and have division within this cause as a result.

  18. Irene Parousis says:

    I'm so glad you addressed this Dane.  I find it amazing that people who are activists in this movement believe the science on the Global cooling "hoax".  First of all, how can they believe anything coming from the mainstream when they know that they deny Geoengineering, and how can they trust their prediction when the climate has been and is being manipulated?  Most of all how can they not use common sense, knowing Geoengineering is depleting the ozone and how intense the UV rays are?  I debated this with a few other activists who believe the planet is cooling and they finally agreed that I had a point.   

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Irene, Do you mean climate change activists?  Surely not anti-geoengineering activists, right?  How can I prove the UV ratings to others?  I don't have the equipment and they'd have to take someone else's word for it which becomes difficult.  Same for ozone sort of in that it is fluid sort of, fluctuating, tear, mend, tear again.  What is the total and specific state of the ozone layer, like, today?  How does one find out?

  19. Kim says:

    Dane – Thank you for addressing the "Ice Age" articles. I read them yesterday and my first thought was that this was the power structure's next attempt to confuse people, more lies. The temperatures reported are nowhere near correct here, it is much warmer.

  20. Rodster says:

    I live in SW Florida, three blocks from the gulf coast. In Miami Beach, Florida SLR has already made it's presence felt where street flooding has become the norm, not from heavy rains but from high tides along with strong onshore winds. That combination causes seawater to bubble up from manhole covers. It's become such a problem that City and State officials are concerned with salt water contaminating fresh water aquifers. But State officials per the Florida Governer are not allowed to use the terms "Global Warming or Climate Change".

  21. penny says:

    Thanks for this reality check, Dane.  I read the original article in Nature, from which all these totally false "little ice age" articles claim to take their source.  That article was emphatically not about us heading toward an ice age!  Its authors claim to be able to predict that the sun is heading toward low activity like that which (they claim) occurred during the mini-ice age of the late 1600's.  They then state that despite that lowering of sun activity, there will be barely any change in global warming.  They say that it could be retarded by about 2 years – so, on the current trajectory, say 2032 instead of 2030. 

    Additionally, and even cosmologists admit this, modern cosmology cannot explain anything about the sun – like, for instance, its corona, or why sunspots are cool.  From that murky pond of uncertainty, the propagandists twist a report which says the opposite into "The glaciers are coming! The glaciers are coming!"  They really have no shame, those liars.  Here is the link (I hope):

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