Global warming plan could leave humans extinct


Global warming plan could leave humans extinct

Forget climate change — the real threat to the planet and all of us riding on it comes from screwball scientists and their schemes to “save” us from nonexistent threats.

The latest plot sounds like it might have been hatched by a Bond villain: a series of simulated volcanic explosions to fill the atmosphere with a manmade chemical sunblock that would shield the entire planet.

Can you imagine anyone saying this stuff with a straight face? Yet that’s just one of a number of dead-serious proposals in the growing field of “geoengineering.”

Another scheme involves spraying seawater into the sky around the planet to create more clouds, lowering the global temperature. I hope you’ve invested in a good umbrella.

What’s even more disturbing is that our government is actually taking this nonsense seriously. The National Science Foundation just awarded $382,000 of YOUR money to University of Montana researchers just to study the ethics of geoengineering.

They should have asked me — I could solve that one for free: Ethics won’t matter one whit if we’re all dead after scientists blow their volcanic loads and dump the sea into the sky.

I wasn’t around when the dinosaurs got wiped out — I’m not that old — but the leading theory says it started with a meteor impact. The space rock itself didn’t kill off the creatures…instead, the real culprit was a massive cloud of dust kicked up by the impact, blocking out the sun.

Sound familiar?

I’m not convinced the climate is changing in the first place — and even if it is, it’s certainly not because of anything we’ve done. The planet’s a lot older and stronger than us.

But if we give in to this manufactured panic and let the mad scientists engineer the environment for us, we’ll go the way of the dinosaurs ourselves.