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Globally Recognized Scientist Calls for Geoengineering


The scientific community is apparently in an bubble of denial in regard to the ongoing global geoengineering spraying, or they are lying about this reality.Yes, it is becoming ever more clear that the Arctic is imploding and mass methane releasses have been triggered. This is a global catastrophe that is now unfolding by the day. What is also clear to anyone that bothers to investigate is that massive planetary geoengineering programs have already been going on for decades. All available data indicates that these “climate fix” programs are not helping, but rather harming virtually all climate systems and poisoning all that lives in the process. All that wish to help expose the horrific geoengineering programs should take the time to search out people, scientists, agriculture groups, ADD, autism, and Alzheimer’s groups, etc, and send them a credible article or two along with a web site where they can “get up to speed”. Even better, buy a copy of “What In The World Are They Spraying”, make copies, and send them out. We can all make a difference if we only try.

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