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  1. Jeane Green says:

    Lee, it looks that a mix of all various electric nasties is stressing our bodies. Smart meters are the latest, add to it the network of cell phones everywhere, really a miracle we are alive.
    One needs to take action, item by item. Electromagnetic field of our beings is a very necessary part of our functioning. Using simple tools to shield ourselves, helps us to gain some balance, and progress from there. Even just getting one of the hoodies made of EMF resistant fabric (about $ 100 on web) made a difference for my friends. Sugar feeds cancer, lack of sugar helps it to start receding.

    Good luck with your search for healing yourself, your hunch is correct. Follow more of your hunches, you will heal.

  2. Lee Andersen says:

    Can't help but wonder if these high frequency have anything to do with the incredibly enormous number of cancer victims we currently have, including myself. Unless you're involved with someone with cancer, you would not believe the number of cancer patients there are – it's an epidemic. Of course, many people have abused their health, but MANY of us have not – just the opposite, in most cases. Something is making us sick!



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