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Help Us Move Obama Forward on Climate


Unless or until the Sierra Club addresses global geoengineering, they are part of the problem. Pretending to be focused on the environment and climate while towing the military/industrial complex line by completely ignoring the “elephant in the room”, geoengineering.

From the Sierra Club’s “Insider” Magazine:

100 Days of Action to Stop Climate Disruption

President Obama said it himself during his inaugural address yesterday: To ignore the threat of climate change would be to “betray our children and future generations. The path toward sustainable energy sources will be long and sometimes difficult. But America cannot resist this transition. We must lead it.”

It’s up to all of us to make sure the president can set America on the right path with bold climate solutions and clean energy innovation — starting on day one of his second term. Climate disruption is solvable if President Obama and the federal agencies he leads take bold action.

Get involved in our 100 Days of Action to Stop Climate Change campaign from now through Earth Day.


Forward on Climate

On Sunday, February 17, thousands of Americans will head to Washington, D.C., to make Forward on Climate the largest climate rally in history.

Join this historic event to make your voice heard and help the president start his second term with strong climate action. President Obama’s legacy will rest squarely on his leadership in solving the climate crisis — starting with rejecting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and firing up our clean-energy economy. Help shape history by joining the Forward on Climate rally.

And if you can’t make it to the rally, you can still help by chipping in whatever you can afford to help pay for buses, stage costs, spreading the word, and more.

4 Responses to Help Us Move Obama Forward on Climate

  1. anonymous says:

    The current admininstration is in bed with Monsanto (now in bed with Geo-Engineering chemtrailing programs). Ex-Monsanto Head Michael Taylor was hired in the ‘office.’ They are not the answer nor will ever be … nor should ever be trusted.

  2. anonymous says:

    The Sierra Club has been known to be connected to “UN Agenda 21″ –
    chemtrailing, smart gridding, smart metering, de-populatiing, anti-property rights for land owners, surveillance, displacement of Indigenous, Native, and Original Peoples for Unconstitutional control of their land, resources, and soverignty, and pseudo “conservation-wildlife-local re-development-sustainability” programs (vs. real, authenti c ethical self-reliant earth preservation) etc.

    Be on the watch for Trojan Horses
    who want to swoop in to “save” and “rescue” from either global warming, pseudo-carbon pollution, and maybe even their version of rescue from GeoEngineering. Chemtrails, Flouridation, unchecked damaging frequency/radiating DNA-mutating Wi-Fi via cell towers, smart phones, smart meters, pesticided and GMO’d food supply in the soil, water, and mammals promoted-caused by the Big Banks, Unethical Corporations, Government is a problem and at some near point, they must and will be held accountable. The People are paying to be poisoned, electromagnified, heavy-metal sprayed on and our Earth and the precious mammals, cetaceans of the sea, plants, fishes, soil of the Earth is paying a price just for being here.

    Help others to wake up. Some of the “bigger” names and organizations connected to the “environmentalism” movement are actually either knowingly or unknowingly (and even programmed or playing dumb) to keeping Geo-Engineering alive as well as unethically pushing “Agenda 21″.

    The best answer is in the pure Local movement, communities and people (non-partisan, non-commericalized, and un-co-opted by outside forces) taking over town and local city meetings. Don’t be Delphi’d by them. Speak up and Speak Out. This is OUR earth, not theirs.

  3. Karen F. says:

    Well I went to their site via the 100 days link. They had the usual fossil fuels fracking etc. and then they had “other” which when clicked on goes nowhere, which is where they are going “nowhere”

    When I was 19 I went hiking with this group. This was the early 1970’s. I grew up near JPL and UCLA Pasadena. Most of the members of the sector were scientists that didn’t seem to share my love for nature.

    We were busy tagging peaks, (I think that is what they called it). Lunchtime break was mostly a discussion about controlling nature not appreciation.

    So it doesn’t surprise me a whole lot they would be siding with the geoengineers, although I had hoped otherwise.

    I always have looked back at those days hiking with the Sierra Club with some confusion. They never stopped to smell the roses, so to speak. They didn’t even seem to notice that a lot of the trees in the Angeles Nat. Forest were already starting to die from smog.

    They seem to still have their eyes to the ground and are missing the most important cause that is happening right there above their big highly evolved heads.

    How can they be missing this geoengineering project? It is impossible they don’t know. They are for a large degree part of the scientific community that seems to think we need to control or replace nature with an “isolated system” of man made mechanisms. In fact they are probally making a profit from it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised the well meaning members contributing to The Sierra Club are helping to fund some of the engineering projects down there in “Martian City” (what we used to call JPL growing up near it)because I know there was a connection having hung out with these people for a time.

    I even went out on a date with one and after dinner he took me to a lab somewhere in Pasadena. I now remember they were talking about subjects I now know were “Social Darwinism.” That was the last time I went out with them.

    Strange how things turned out. I thought perhaps people would become more aware with time. That we would realize we needed to take care of our home. As is in this quote by Chief Seattle.

    “Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself”.

    Chief Seattle

    Just thought I would share.

    • Karen F. says:

      Me again,
      Woke up with a bad dream this morning. Laid in the dark and quiet and starting thinking about John Muir.

      Had not thought about him much lately.

      I wonder if The Sierra Club has forgotten him too?

      quote from a short bio about John Muir:

      In 1892, Muir and a number of his supporters founded the Sierra Club to, in Muir’s words,

      “do something for wildness and make the mountains glad.”

      Muir served as the Club’s president until his death in 1914.

      some more…

      John Muir

      Conservationist, Naturalist, Explorer : 1838 – 1914

      “The battle we have fought, and are still fighting for the forests, is part of the eternal conflict between right and wrong, and we cannot expect to see the end of it . . . So we must count on watching and striving for these trees, and should always be glad to find anything so surely good and noble to strive for.”

      Hello Sierra Club?? The trees are dying from the on- going Geoengineering project.

      Is anybody out there?

      Have a good day!

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