Hitting The Streets To Expose Climate Engineering


Organizers have designated April 25th "The Global March Against Geoengineering". Since many will be recognizing Earth Day on April 25th, this is a prime time to expose the climate engineering issue.


Passing out informational flyers on climate engineering at Earth Day events is well worth doing as these events are everywhere. People who attend Earth Day events care about the planet, but generally are still unaware of the geoengineering nightmare going on in our skies.


I have participated in Earth Day gatherings, protests against mainstream media denial of climate engineering, and Alzheimer's events where people were very interested in receiving information about climate engineering. It is imperative that people make their voices heard in this battle and showing up for an April 25th anti-geoengineering march in your own region is important. This being said, it is also essential to remember that every single day counts in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering. We must not stand idle in the battle while waiting for a particular day to come and go. Fighting the climate engineering insanity can be compared to staying fit, you don't workout one or two days a year and then say you're in shape; it's an every day effort.


From our own home computers we can launch countless flaming arrows of credible data to groups, organizations, and individuals that would perhaps join us in this fight if they had any idea geoengineering was going on. We should all carry informational flyers with us wherever we go. We can and must make every effort to move the ball forward in this battle each and every day. How many people can one activist help to wake up by emailing out credible data to targeted groups and individuals over the course of even a single month? How many more might those newly awakened individuals and groups then help to wake up?


Again, we must make EVERY DAY count in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering. Below is a call to action from Christina Parousis, a very passionate and driven activist.
Dane Wigington


Taking To The Streets

By Christina Parousis

To all those involved in the battle to save our planet from the global climate engineering assaults. On April 25th we have the opportunity to come together to demonstrate our solidarity and stance against the greatest threat to planet Earth, this day is known as the Global March Against Chemtrails and GeoEngineering.

As we are all aware, the governments of the world have been deceiving us by not disclosing the ongoing spraying of our skies. We do not consent to quick fixes of longstanding environmental abuse issues. It is the responsibility of every human being to acknowledge the pillaging, plundering, and destruction on this planet from overconsumption and industrialization, which have brought us to the point where our biosphere is in jeopardy and governments have taken initiative to bandage symptoms instead of addressing core issues. Whatever agenda we believe is being carried out by these programs, the common denominator is that geoengineering is not supporting the healing of our planet but rather compounding the ongoing destruction of its ability for rehabilitation.

There are no doubt millions of us with this awareness, tens of thousands that openly contest on social media sites. It goes without saying that on April 25th, our efforts to protest these dire crimes and wake up the masses should at least be on par with that which the virtual world suggests; unfortunately these events have not been indicative of our collective awareness. What are we waiting for? On this day let us declare an end to these catastrophic programs. One cannot underestimate the power of people uniting in solidarity.

We should also attend other events, like the millions who will March Against Monsanto on May 23rd, support of raising awareness on weather modification programs with signage and/or handouts. We need to inform those in the anti GMO movement and altogether march against the greater evil, geoengineering. There are many demonstrations and events whereby we should further this awareness to those that are making efforts toward change. If millions of people are protesting various other threats to the environment and our health, global climate engineering should have precedence as the greatest threat of all.

There needs to be unity and mass public uprising. This is the time! On April 25th, we will collectively affirm our resistance to these programs. Call on all to come out on April 25th to expose climate engineering programs, including alternative and mainstream media; they must be put on notice that citizens are taking public action. Every single one of us with this awareness should be physically present on this day!

9 Responses to Hitting The Streets To Expose Climate Engineering

  1. Happy Saturday (4/11/15)!

    No chemtrails for the last 2 days after GE incidents, etc. until this morning in Boynton Beach, FL. Question: do you have a template letter to congress/senate, etc. that you could send me?

  2. horsegirl says:

    From my husband Mark Szczepaniak:

    The geoengineering villains may have made it too late to save this planet, but because of people like Dane Wigington they will never destroy the human spirit.  April 25, 2015 will be the real independence day.  No glaring red rockets.  No bursting bombs.  No flags.  This enemy will be defeated by the most powerful weapon of all – solidarity.  There will be a new international anthem.  This earth is your earth.  This earth is my earth.  As another "citizen, not of this country, but of the world" said, "free at last, free at last.  Thank God Almighty, I'm free at last!"  Happy earth day.

  3. JR says:

    We are getting bombarded along with our rain clouds in the Southwest, New Mexico. Line after line East, West, North to South is sickening to think our own citizens would harm us and environment, simply put a crime. We have no government representation but we have taxation! The sky is polluted but that's o.k. because that's what jets do? Talk about blinding the people forever is just plain evil and crazy. Our moon is covered in what looks like sackcloth as the scripture says as the sun also. I got to see the blood moon this morning around 6:00 a.m. He's coming one day and we will strive to be on our good behavior as things permit and will fight for our God given rights! Tomorrow is not guaranteed so we take what the day brings and not worry in it for it brings enough adversity and trouble in itself. Let not our joy be sucked out of us people. Happy Easter who believes….

  4. donna ford says:

    I go on all the local TV web sites and other sites and talk about chemtrails, mostly on days that it is in my face. Also I have found some awesome tee shirts & bumper stickers at cafepress.com that show planes spraying, type in chemtrails and you will see all their offerings. I wear these shirts all the time and must say a lot of people take a second beat at seeing them. Get the word out and never stop until they do.


  5. Pamela says:

    We do need to mobilize 100s of people, for example, in smaller towns.  10-15 people holding signs is NOTenough.

    • Christina Parousis says:

      Hi Pamela, I agree, which is why this year, where I'm from Toronto, Canada, we've organized the event to be inclusive of all the cities in our province, so as to garner more people in the same place at once. However, even if one cannot make it to a larger protest/assembly on April 25th, anything they can do – even if they are alone putting up signs on their front lawn for example and passing out information to neighbors, the idea is for all of us with this awareness to get outside on this day and be involved in some way or another. Millions of us participating, even if we are scattered, is going to make a huge collective impact.

  6. Milla says:

    Very glad to hear this. You/we need to get this out to media right away. Suggest issuing a press release to popular and independent websites of all stripes — Common Dreams is a liberal one but may take. Enviro groups, Code Pink, etc. The signs should have better demands though. We need to STOP the geoengineering. I could give a hoot about investigations that are merely ploys to legimitize or legalize criminal behavior. We can no longer say, we want investigations. We want immediate injunctions and absolute bans. Insanity is insanity and in this case easy to prove. No more useless nonsensical investigations.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Right On Milla!  End it NOW.. We already know it is killing everything. Anyone with the slightest bit of awareness of nature is shocked at the scale everything is suffering and dying around us, especially the trees.  That is the thing that disturbs me most of all, and of course the people who are becoming afflicted with deadly diseases and dropping dead at alarming rates at younger ages. I am so sad for the innocent animals and other species who have no say in this and cannot defend against this omnicide. Woe to those responsible for it.   🙁

    • Hawkeye says:

      Milla – I totally agree with you about the investigations part!!!! Right on.

      Although it may be part of "procedure" we do have EPA laws i.e. Clean Air Act etc. so why immediate injunctions, bans and arrests could not be plausible simply by using the naked eyes, is beyond understanding to me as well.

      I understand this is going on right through the doors of the EPA with knowledge to boot, but only a secret dept. in of this EPA, that only "climate" people may be in participation thereof. Why is that doorway unable to be scrutinized for say….. a court order to disclose accusations of or something in this kind of manner?? I don't understand and if there is not a way in this door then who investigates or stops any of it regardless of how many are screaming about it??

      People MUST stop voting for ALL parties as well, this too is vital in our efforts to halt this insanity. It is not possible to vote for liars and demand truth at the same time. Please consider. I mean, the right denies the entire global warming fact, so for me this is where I attack from as a former pub supporter. If there is no warming then why are we being sprayed? It's a good starting point towards minds understanding what we are trying to warn of. Global warming must be acknowledged as well as the spraying, to confirm the spraying.

      Thank you, Hawkeye

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