Concerning the comments of Ted Gunderson:

 I lived in Lincoln Nebraska from 2000 to 2006.  My house was in a new development called The Highlands.  The Highlands Golf Course was between my house and the Lincoln Muni Airport (LNK).   I spent a lot of time golfing and walking my dog in the fields next to the runway.  I also have contacts in the Lincoln Air National Guard, one of which is a KC-135 Pilot.

On several occasions, I personally saw large, unmarked aircraft flying in and out of LNK between 2001 and 2006.  These we not military aircraft, but large white commercial or private looking aircraft.   I never saw these aircraft parked in the ANG area located on the South side of LNK.

The only jet aircraft I saw parked in the ANG area were KC-135s and an occasional transient jet (F-15, F-16, C141, etc).   I am prior active duty Air Force of ten years and can identify military aircraft by silhouette if needed.   I know what military aircraft look like, from fighters to heavies.

After reviewing the information from Ted Gunderson concerning ADV aircraft flying out of LNK, I called one of my Neb ANG contact, a KC-135 Pilot and Capt. in the Neb ANG.  He confirmed that no unmarked military aircraft were operated in the Nebraska ANG area at LNK from 2000 thru 2010.   He said a number of contracted companies flew private jets in and out for personnel transport purposes primarily during the IRAQ war effort, but no ANG or military aircraft existed other than the marked KC-135.

He did state however that Duncan Aviation, located on the other side or North side of the runway from the ANG area had a number of large, unmarked jets in for contracted work.  These were largely private jets, often company owned, no markings, not military, and definitely not bomber looking aircraft.

If LNK is or was an operating location for ADV aircraft, one might presume that these aircraft were being operated out of Duncan Aviation.   Therefore, one might be interested in knowing if Duncan Aviation has received shipments of aerosol material.   One might also want to get a rundown of pilots flying for or contracting with Duncan Aviation.

I am not implicating or confirming that Duncan Aviation operates ADV aircraft.  I am simply saying that the Nebraska ANG unit located at LNK did not have large, unmarked bomber looking aircraft parked next to there KC-135s from 2000 to 2010.

I think it is very important to validate information prior to releasing or promoting it.   Hopefully, this will information will help you validate the statements made by Mr. Gunderson concerning aircraft located at LNK.

best wishes