Many of you reading this do not realize that I am involved with the Carnicom Institute named below. Some of you are veteran activists and know Ilya's work but may not have seen this yet.  

I have undergone an education like no other this past year. I have attempted to speak with family and friends about a multitude of issues that are a clear and present danger to our lives and survival and many have shut me down. I can appreciate that to acknowledge what is happening in the world today in it's entirety is mind bending but that can no longer be an excuse to ignore it or to label me or other activists as nuts. For my part what is at stake is so dire that I no longer care if you think I am crazy. I intend to speak out more aggressively and more publically as all evidence suggests catastrophic consequences of the multitudinous covert operations taking place are imminent. These activities MUST stop and we must be the ones to stop it.

Chemtrails are one of several agendas intent on destroying our health, freedoms and much of the world population of human and animal life.  I believe remedy is still possible. I believe that we are many and the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity are few. However, until we are willing to acknowledge it and willing to take direct and meaningful action at a personal level this will go on.

Please, if you are unaware of these activities, or if you are peripherally aware and have decided it is none of your concern wake up and think again. If after reading the following article you would like more information on how to become active in the efforts to put a stop to this by all means email or call me.

My best to all of you,

Lorraine Hurley MD