Here is the response to Rancourt from a MEDICAL DOCTOR:

My response to Mr Dennis Rancourt below.
This is an outrage.

Hello Mr. Dennis Rancourt

You stated Dis-information on your show about the affects of Aluminum Oxide on humans and the environment stating that it ISN'T harmful. Who are you kidding? Are you a Medical Doctor? A scientist with credible studies to prove this?

As a medical doctor I find it appalling that someone like you would decide to spread disinformation to the public without any firsthand knowledge of the affect of something as dangerous as Aluminum. GeoEngineer David Keith is quoted in the documentary 'What in the world are they spraying' as ADMITTING that they have NO TESTS done on the aluminum and they have no idea what affect it will have on human life.

Guiltily, admits Keith: "like free-riding on our grandchildren"

Without conducting any tests and without any medical background naturally he doesn't know as you don't either.

Aluminum is well known to be highly toxic to the nervous system, immune system and overall human well-being as well as to the environment. We are not talking about a small amount of Aluminum either as these now well known illegal GeoEngineering programs are ongoing and world-wide. Have you not noticed HOW MUCH of this stuff they are spraying? And we are not even addressing the other stuff they are including in the spray like Barium and Strontium also deleterious to the human body.  

Please watch the documentary by Mike Murphy and start to educate yourself since YOU and your family are all breathing this stuff every single day.

Here is a paper scratching the surface of aluminum and it's affect on humans

They talk about aluminum toxicity here BUT NONE of these studies take into consideration a free-for-all spraying of the aluminum on a DAILY BASIS!! Just imagine!

This is an environmental problem we all face and especially our future generations.

Dennis, I urge you to be a part of the solution not the problem.

And I hope to hear that you will soon apologize to your audience. They surely deserve better than that.



Extremely concerned citizen and physician