Call To Action
President Obama is traveling to Alabama, Friday, to meet with the Governor, Robert Bentley,   in order to survey the damage that has occurred due to the deadly tornado's that have ravaged  Alabama in the last couple days.  Fax, phone, and e-mail (doing all 3 would be powerful) Governor Bentley, informing him of the geo engineering capabilities of Stratospheric Aerosol Spraying (ie Chem Trails), and the weather modification applications of HAARP, NOW, before he meets with the President.  It is the Governors responsibility to protect his constituents. You may want to remind him of this fact in your communications to him.

Switchboard : 334-242-7100
Fax : 334-353-0004    To send a free fax on-line go to <>
To send e-mail:  search  "e-mail Alabama Governor" to access e-mail form

Follow up by sending a copy of "What In The World Are They  Spraying" to the Governor.  To purchase a copy go to <>   .  
Information to send Governor Bentley in regard HAARP can be found at <>

State Capitol
600 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama   36130