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As I am the one that took the sample from the pond, and delivered it to the state lab, I will answer your question.
The state lab took it on themselves to classify the sample as "sludge" In fact, it was black water from the lower levels of the pond. There was not a single grain of soil in this sample. The only material that could have been in this "black water" other than the metals is fish fecal matter". Am I to believe that should be packed with aluminum and barium? Lab tests have also been taken from a "surface film" that forms after "spray days" only. Aluminum and barium. This film gradually settles into the lower levels of the water thus the pond water tests were taken from the lower levels. Again, all the water sits on top of EPDM fish safe RUBBER, NOT DIRT or SOIL. This test can be duplicated again, and again , and again.
I re-state, the pond is fully lined with not one layer of very expensive EPDM pond liner, but it is fully lined with two layers.
Second, the water is completely insulated from any contact from the soils whatsoever.
Third, there is no "runoff" entering the pond.
Fourth, its location is on a completely forested hill top far away from any potential source of these contaminants . This includes blowing dust as there is no such phenomenon in this heavily wooded area.
Fifth, the only other source of water into the pond is a well that has been tested and re-tested for aluminum and barium. Virtually none was detected from the well.

I would like to ask you a few questions since you are so "science oriented".

FIrst, what would cause aluminum content in our rain to escalate as much as 50,000% in a single rain event during the last five years? (From an initially high base line of 7ppb, to as much as 3450ppb,all tests taken at a state certified lab)
Second, where is all the barium coming from?
Third, if you are up on your science, you know that though aluminum existed naturally in the environment, it does not exist in free form. It does not just blow around in the wind by itself. And, according to a hydrogeologist I spoke to directly, "aluminum should not be in your rain unless you live next to an Alcoa factory" I ask again, what is all this metal doing in our rain and how could it not accumulate in a fully lined pond that receives 70 inches of rain annually?
Next, so you do not suggest these contaminants are coming from China, CARB (California Air Resources Board) has done studies on the aerosols migrating from China, aluminum and barium were not amongst those found. Unlike mercury, which can convert to a gaseous form, the metals in discussion do NOT migrate across oceans.
You might suggest that, if these metals were raining down on us, the air quality folks would let us know, right? WRONG. I have personally attended a high level private meeting with 5 Cal EPA air quality members at Cal EPA in Sacramento. They said exactly this. " When we take a particulate sample, we are mandated to test for the usual "combustion" particulates, the rest of the sample is "discarded". How convienient.

I would like to ask you what you imagine could have altered our soils PH's in the last five years to a degree that can hardly be imagined. About 12 times toward alkaline. (This matches the rain PH in the last five years which has raised dramatically and correlates directly with the amount of spraying we witness as storms approach. ) Aluminum oxide raises ph (not to be confused with aluminum sulfate which lowers it) I have personally been with USDA soils scientists taking soils PH tests that were 15 to 18 times higher than what should be. There answer? What do you want us to do about it? They are afraid of losing their jobs if they speak out, and why shouldn't the afraid?

I also ask, why, when we get a massive spraying and the trails remain in the sky and span out from horizon to horizon blocking the entire sky, why on these days are there 10 to fifteen times more aircraft in the sky? Why are some of them flying in directions that are completely perpindicular to any commercial flights to that they form very clear grid patterns? Why is this? Dust samples taken from the surface of PV panels after the air settles on these "spray days" reveal massive amounts of aluminum and barium that is not present on "clear" days. My background is in solar power. On these  'heavy spray days" I can lose as much as 80% of my solar power uptake. This has only been happening in the last five years, Can you explain this for me?
Why, after such a "spray day" as I am describing, when the jets leave trails from horizon to horizon, do they no longer leave trails in the dead of night on the same day? The atmosphere is colder, the humidity higher, why no trails? The jet strobe lights can clearly be seen, but not trails are present. Why not?
I could go on and on and on, but in order to avoid this, I simply ask this:
If everything we see happening in the sky EXACTLY matches what the "geoengineers" say they want to do , (and what numerous patents describe as the expressed goal, to  blot out the sun) and, the elements showing up in massive amounts in ALL the rain tests taken during this same time frame in ever increasing amounts, and Cal AIr Quality has made it clear these metals are not coming from China, Then from where? What is the source of this recent massive contamination? Do you expect any of us to believe that the government is going to ask our permission before they do anything?

It seems very clear from your approach to this issue , that you have already made up your mind and chosen to ignore a mountain of data that is readily available to any that want to legitimately investigate this most dire issue..
Dane Wigington

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Subject: What In The World Are They Spraying?


I have watched the film ''What In The World Are They Spraying?'' and have a few questions for you.

In the film it is stated that contrails do not persist yet, as an aviation enthusiast, I own at least four publications from the 1950's and 1960's which perfectly describe and illustrate lasting contrails, which under the right conditions can form ''cirrus like clouds''. Also I carried out a 30 minute search in Google Books using the term ''vapour trails'' and ''contrails'' and found over 20 publications from the 1940's onwards which describe lasting trails. Did any of your production team actually bother to carry out any historical research into contrails, vapour trails or condensation trails?

Why did the speaker in the film not mention that the high measurement for aluminium found at the ''pond'' in Backbone Road, Bella Vista was taken from pond sediment and sludge? The viewer is left with the impression that the high reading was taken from water in the pond, not mud, soil and other debris which had been in the pond for nearly two years! A deliberate attempt to deceive perhaps?

Regarding the aluminium measurements from around the Mount Shasta area. Why was no mention made of the fact that Mount Shasta is a dormant volcano which according to geological surveys has ''basalts bearing a high alumina content''? Wind, water and glacial erosion could quite easily create high levels of aluminium in soil and the water table. Again, did anyone in your team conduct any research into the geological history of the area?

Real science dictates that all evidence is considered before a conclusion is reached, whereas in your film, as with all conspiracy theories, a conclusion is reached first and then only evidence which matches the theory is considered, anything which does not fit is ignored or simply covered up.

I do hope you can answer my questions and in the meantime I will continue to raise the same points every time I comment on the film when viewing it on YouTube etc.

Yours faithfully

(Name deleted)