A note about collidal silver
Wendy Weidenhamer

I would like to add collidal silver as a tool to help our bodies  fight the unthinkable things that are being sprayed on us. I have been without  energy for a while and saw a video by Dr. Gwen Scott. As a test to see what is  in our bodies, she suggested swishing your mouth for about one minute with  organic grape juice and then spit it out into a white sink. Wow! was I  surprised with the results. I have been researching collidal silver for about  two months and I've been experimenting on making it. Well yesterday I had the  idea to swish my mouth with collidal silver first for one minute and then with  grape juice and the collidal silver drastically reduced what came out in the  grape juice. I'm just realizing how our immune systems are probably under  attack 24/7, so help it out is very important.

I have been taking the collidal silver I've been making (along with  detox, vitamins, fresh food, etc.) for two weeks and I am beginning get my  energy back.

Making collidal silver is easy and doesn't take a lot of  equipment.