Some Thoughts On The Chemtrail Delivery System

Ken Bradley

Let's do a little thinking about how the chemtrail substance(CS) gets on the commercial planes and how it gets off.  When a plane lands and stops at the jetway it has to go through ground services-refueling, galley service, potable water service, lavatory service, cleaning crew, compressed air recharge(to start the engines), possible hydraulic fluid check and recharge, conditioned air, external power connection, and baggage unloaded and new baggage loaded.  From observing chemtrail spraying it's evident that chemtrailing can be turned on and off as the commercial plane flies.  That means it isn't in the jet fuel otherwise the plane would chemtrail from takeoff to landing, which it doesn't do.  Pilots don't control chemtrailing, they are out of the loop.  GPS is controlling turning chemtrailing on and off and the spraying is computer controlled.  Since the chemtrail substance(CS) can be turned on and off it has to be in a separate tank on the plane.  Who puts it there?
At LAX fuel comes out of the ground at the jetway, the same way it does at most airports as they all have underground facilities.  The refueler attaches two hoses to the wing to refuel, one hose refuels the right side of the plane and the other refuels the left side as planes have multiple fuel tanks.  The refueler is not recharging the CS.  At the LAX concourse I was in around Christmas potable water is recharged by pulling a hose from the concourse.  No CS here as it would show up in the wash basins.  Galley service removes the used galley boxes and puts new ones in.  Probably not here as the flight attendants would ask why a box is put on but never used.  The cabin crew only cleans the plane and wouldn't handle recharging any tank.  Compressed air recharge, probably not as CS is more than likely a liquid and not a gas.  Baggage handling, probably not as the handlers would ask why they have to attach and detach a bag to some internal system.  Hydraulic fluid recharge, not likely as planes shouldn't be using a lot of fluid and if they are the plane should be checked out.  External power, only electrical connections.  Conditioned air, possible but not likely.  What's left?  Lavatory service.  They pump out the lavatories and recharge the blue fluid on planes that still use blue fluid.  They connect hoses from the plane to the ground facilities and pump fluid back and forth.  The lavatory truck guy only connects and disconnects hoses, he doesn't really know what goes on as he just does his job.
Let's assume that the CS gets put onboard by the lavatory service.  How does it get into the underground tanks to get put on board?  Since chemtrailing isn't done every day but servicing of the planes is then the onboard CS tank must be supplied with clear fluid some days and CS fluid others.  The injection of the CS fluid into the underground facilities is computer controlled, probably by some computer system running in a secure facility that decides which airport will load CS and which won't based on a complex computer program that evaluates the need for spraying over the complete USA.  When planes out of LAX need CS, the computer system turns on valves that inject the CS fluid into the LAX underground system.  Then it's picked up and put on planes by the lavatory service.
How does it get off the planes?  Notice the tubes or spikes sticking out of the engines.

Since these relatively small diameter pipes compared to the jet exhaust or the small openings in the spikes can't flow very much gas they can't be used for any engine function other than chemtrailing, which doesn't need high flow rates.  Notice that the tubes and spikes are blackened by the jet exhaust, thereby covering up any residue coming out of the delivery system.  Let's assume the tubes and spikes are used to deliver CS.  That means that the aircraft and engine manufacturers are in the loop.  They must design and install the CS tanks, put in the plumbing that pumps the CS fluid into the engine and out the tubes or spikes.  Aircraft mechanics must be aware of this system as they have to maintain the CS delivery system.  Are they in the loop?  Maybe not, as the CS delivery system may be hiding inside a completely benign system, let's say some engine function that's a cover story for the CS system.  What this is I have no idea at this point.  Maybe a water injection system to reduce air or noise pollution.  But since chemtrailing is a black program run by the CIA, the fewer people in the loop the better.  Some aircraft engineers and designers are probably in the loop but they have signed agreements and have top secret clearances and they keep their mouths shut because they know what will happen if they blow the whistle.
What do you think?  How does the CS get onboard, where is it stored, and how does it get sprayed?  Who is in the loop and out of the loop?