The very best time to sample is after several days of visible stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering (white lines criss-crossing the sky; lines that turn into clouds).If you test on a day that didn't come AFTER trails, your samples will not contain a geo-engineering sample.

Secondly, testing is really easy and really cheap. Our lab, Basic Lab. in Redding California, charges 21 dollars per element.


1- If you can get brand new, never used mason jars, all the better. But CLEAN used jars and lids will work.

2- Place as many of these into the rain, snow as possible (you can pour all their contents into one jar...its hard to get a full sample using one jar to catch but a bunch does the trick).

NOTE: When transferring from one container to another, IT IS CRITICAL TO RE-SUSPEND the sample...shake the jar with the lid on, or stir with a sterilized instrument. Aternatively, you can 'back and forth' the samples, allowing a little "fall" to create enough turbulence to re-suspend any contaminents that may be stuck to the glass.

3- Keep your sampling jars AWAY FROM roofs, trees, plants, your dog....anything that can drop contaminents into the jar...clear open sky above the testing jar. Rainwater collected froma metal roof will give you a metals good.

4- Get all your samples into one jar (see "NOTE" above), seal with the lid and ring and place into refrigerator. Its imperative that this sample now go onto the lab as soon as possible. We usually collect and take the sample no later than the next morning.

5- Take the sample to your local lab, use a lab that tests 'well water'...they are certified and this is easy for them. Call them first, make sure you have the right lab. You ARE NOT looking for something like a 'well analysis'...which is pretty just want to test a rain sample, in a sterile mason jar for specific metals.

6- Tell them to test for aluminum at least, preferably aluminum and barium. Add onto that Strontium and all the rest if you feel rich today. If you have financial means we suggest that you test the full spectrum of reported metals (you will need to research this a little, try, including sulpher hexaflouride, magneseum and titanium.

7- Get the results, hang onto the original and send us a copy, email, or snail mail to:

SOL Communications
GeoEngineering Watch!
Box 225
Montgomery Creek CA 96065


Surface water tests have the highest numbers and will really freak you out when you get the results.

If you are testing a pond, then the only thing different is how you collect the sample. The very bottom of the pond is where the elements stack up. Turn your jar upside down and get the mouth to the bottom of the pond or still water....the older the pond the higher the readings. Turn the jar over and collect both the water and a LITTLE of the bottom sediment.

You will need to put the lid on underwater before you lift the jar off the bottom and out of the water....thats it!


GOD Bless everyone for doing this....our children are depending on us and this is the easiest way to raise up a legal storm against these programs.