INFOWARS Continues To Help In The Critical Battle To Expose Climate Engineering


Our most sincere thanks once again to Alex Jones and INFOWARS for throwing their full weight into the critical battle to expose the toxic spraying in our skies. Global climate engineering is the biggest and most important untold story on the planet. The ongoing lethal geoengineering programs hold life on our biosphere in the balance.
Dane Wigington

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  2. Carol says:

    That is the pat answer all JWs give. You don’t have to be responsible for solving anything if you’re waiting for God to do it. Religion is something used to control people and make them feel powerless. So far God has not stopped anything and I think it would be ill advised to expect any divine intervention for chemtrails. I mean, “he” has allowed it thus far. Is there a body count limit we have to meet before God steps in?

  3. Angie Home says:

    Yes I too am heartened that Infowars is looking out for us. I will tell you what makes me mad as hell – I was recently interacting with two JW’s on my doorstep. Asking me to attend a meeting and discuss the World’s problems and how we could change things for the better. I told them the best way to change things for the better would be to stop spraying us with chemicals and gave them a leaflet directing them to this site. The ‘young man’ who accompanied the lady spoke up at this moment and said, “Oh yes, I’ve heard about this – it’s a conspiracy theory isn’t it?” So I told him that it wasn’t – that it’s actually true you only have to Look Up at the sky. The lady continued and said we should all try and do something to improve the way we are living. I agreed with her but there would not be much point is trying to make life better if we are all dead from breathing in chemicals. Her reply was that God is coming and will wipe away all those who are evil.

    I can’t wait!

  4. Steven Chamberlain says:

    We could use biodegradable confetti to avoid any allegations of littering or polluting. LOL

  5. Steven Chamberlain says:

    All of us must step up our efforts to wake people up to Climate Engineering. Print a dozen to a page, cut them into strips. Print 100 pages and you’ll have 1200 possible new recruits in the fight to end Geoengineering. Everywhere you go just hand them to people and say please visit this website. It’s cheap, it’s easy and it works.
    Here’s an even better idea, Print http://www.geoengineeringwatch on small strips of paper like confetti. Then fill airplanes with billions or even trillions of them and drop them over all the major cities all at once. Propaganda works both ways. I think I’m onto something here. We really could organize something like this. What do you think?

  6. Dave Short says:

    Dane! Could you please allow comments on your FB page? I’ve been trying to message you and comment for weeks and they’re disabled. At least private messages!

  7. Peder says:

    I did email this conference he mentions in the video as they gave that possibility on their web page.
    This below here is my email as i sent it.
    Never got a answer regarding any question, claims regarding engines. Nothin what so ever 🙂

    First I asked if they know that cloudcover ceeps heat from radiating out just to be sure!

    I asked them how their kind of aerosol clouds for SRM would differ from “normal” persistent contrails that nowadys cover most skies with a white/grey haze that
    is wellknown to trap heat since it hinder outward heat radiation, especially at earts night side.
    And does their kind of aerosol man-made reflecting clods counter this heat entrapment from persistent contrail haze at the same time as it blocks/reflects inbound heat while “not” due to their designes trap heat like persistent contrails but actually at the same time effect the persistent contrails in such a way that its hazy cloudlike cover no longer traps heat?

    And how thay managed to solve this by means from sience and technology and what that solution is compounded of so we less educated members of the public can understand this dilemma regarding how two things that in much, if not in all will look just the same up in our skies.
    I also asked.
    If the aim is to reduce heat here down on earth would it not be smarter, cheaper, easier and more invironmentaly better and more safely from any point of view to start with the really easy task of fixing those relatively few aircrafts amongst all that actually flies and traffic the skies on a regular basis as statistics clearly shows. That most airliners, commercials, transports, military and all the rest of them nearly never leaves observable trails but sometimes short ones that dissolves quickly within seconds to some minute as longest. A difference caused by variations in humidity temperature and crappy fuel high in sulfur.

    This task to render these few hundreds of aircraft to more or less incapable of producing contrails is easy and well known how to accomplish.
    Rolls royce have available technical devices to be mounted on/in older plain Jet turbines
    (engine most prone to trail formation)
    that will render them nearly incapable of producing even short normal contrails even if the invironment regarding temp humidity and so on is perfect for contrailformation.

    Newer engines with bypass fan technology
    as from bypass fan, to high bypass fan and last ultra high bypass fan also render them practically impossible to create contrails of size durability and so on that is detectable by eyesight.
    Rolls royce’s patented device that cools down exhaust gases in old jet turbines lacking bypass fan technique makes the water vapour cool down at way to exit from turbine. This effects the exhaust in that way that exhaust is cooler and the water vapour cools to the point it is more like tiny tiny tiny droplets instead of hot hot vapour when blown out by exhaust in to the really really cold surrounding.

    It is the condensation of vapour on to a nuclei that allowes for the ice crystal formation as a contrail is made up of. Droplets however is a totaly different thing when it comes to condensation trail formation as it no longer are extremely hot vapour that quickly condensate at existing nuclies into billions of these tiny tiny ice crystals.
    Vapour that has ben cooled enough as to start contracting it self into “more like” tiny tiny droplets cant condens into these fine tiny tine lightweight and light refelctive ice crystals.
    The technical device results in heavier ice particles that quickly falls, disperse render less volume and light reflection in regard to visability compared to a real condensation trail and therefor no longer produces historicaly well known visible condensation trails.

    In engines with bypass fan design the airflow bypassing outside the turbine it self is not combusted in any way! It is just a flow of bypassing cold air outside and around the turbine it self where all the combustion occures.
    In a high bypass enginge some 80% of all thrust comes from this cold bypassing air. This cold bypass air cools down not only the turbine but most of all it cools of the exhaust leaving the engine. And it cools it down brutaly effective since temerature on those hights they fly are some 30-40-50 minus celsius. And therefor has the same effect on the exhaust vapor like the device for the oldest jet turbines and even more effective in that regard.

    So it is really easy to atend and fix also these relatively very few aircrafts that are equipped with bypass engines but although is seen leaving horrendous big persistent trails (of something) that whiteouts the sky with milky haze that blocks sunlight, ruins a lovely blue sky and so on.
    You see, it is something wrong with the engines on those aircrafts leaving these horrendous cloud-making trails and they can and should be repaired. And not by free will but forced to it by law.

    Fuel high in sulfur also effect condensation trail formation as it leaves plenty more of those nucleis that the exhaust water vapour needs if it is going to condensate quickly in to a small ice crystal.
    So by simply regulate by law clean and sulfur free fuel
    or at least very very low in sulfur content. Why not taxation that really feels in their budget if using shit fuel high in sulfur?
    However fixing these easy and cheap things as a first step in the strive to lower, even out or stop heating up of the planet should seem logic, clever and blatantly absolutely the fist thing to attend and fix. Especially amongst the
    well educated smart people working in sience regarding alarmist climate change, geo enginering for planetary survival and things like that! Instead of mundane shit like carbon tax and plans to leave even more white cloudlike haze made by mad men and women.For real, how much whited out hazy skies do we really need?
    Have you ever watched the skies lately in the past years and the change it has gone thru?

    But i guess that first attend to and fix those subjects i mention above is not as funny as new inventions” James Bond style” to play with. Probably it will not land grants and fundings in piles big enough to play around in like a semieGod with earths natural climat systems and what not.
    Best regards Peder E and i am really looking forward to a
    long and well considered lengthy answer alongside the scientific part full of info as to give answer to my questions.

  8. Yes, I also say ‘THANK YOU’ to Dane Wigington and Alex, and everyone involved in trying to stop all these dangerous chemicals being sprayed on our planet.
    And now, they are suggesting more/other chemicals to combat the chemicals already harming plant life, people, animals, insects, bees, etc.?
    I wonder what your personal thoughts are, Dane, in this (yet another) trial to cool planet earth?
    Thank you once again. Keep up the good work and help for all of mankind and LIFE! Blessings to you!

  9. This link is a must read!

    The earliest studies investigating the toxicity of nanoparticles focused on atmospheric exposure of humans and environmentally relevant species to heterogeneous mixtures of environmentally produced ultrafine particulate matter (having a diameter <100 nm). These studies examined pulmonary toxicity associated with particulate matter deposition in the respiratory tract of target organisms [5-15]. Epidemiological assessments of the effects of urban air pollution exposure focusing on particulate matter produced as a byproduct of combustion events, such as automobile exhaust and other sources of urban air pollution, showed a link in test populations between morbidity and mortality and the amount of particulate matter [16-19]. Some researchers have found an increased risk of childhood and adult asthma correlated to environmental exposure to ultrafine particulate matter in urban air [20-22]. However, other research does not indicate the same correlation [23-25].

    Laboratory-based studies have investigated the effects of a large range of ultrafine materials through in vivo exposures using various animal models as well as cell-culture-based in vitro experiments. To date, animal studies routinely show an increase in pulmonary inflammation, oxidative stress, and distal organ involvement upon respiratory exposure to inhaled or implanted ultrafine particulate matter [7,11,26-30]. Tissue and cell culture analysis have also supported the physiological response seen in whole animal models and yielded data pointing to an increased incidence of oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokine production, and apoptosis in response to exposure to ultrafine particles [31-37]. These studies have also yielded information on gene expression and cell signaling pathways that are activated in response to exposure to a variety of ultrafine particle species ranging from carbon-based combustion products to transition metals. Polytetrafluoroethylene fumes in indoor air pollution are nano-sized particles, highly toxic to rats [38]. They elicit a severe inflammatory response at low inhaled particle mass concentrations, suggestive of an oxidative injury [39-41].

  10. What really angers me is how these phycopaths have no knowledge of the organic life they effect with their nano-particles. They have already poisoned our whole planet ecosystem. Google Health effects nano-particles! Even governments understand they have put us all in a gas chamber!

  11. Corrie Donahue says:

    Thank you Dane and Alex for all of your work! I’m relieved to know that there are people out there actually looking out for us and this fragile planet!!

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