InfoWars Covers Critical Threats To Our Health With Cal Jam’s Dr. Billy DeMoss, D.C.


Not all doctors have sold out to the power structure and the "system". Dr. Billy DeMoss, D.C. is doing his best to get the avalanche of desperately needed awakening going by putting a tremendous amount of time and effort into the organization of the Cal Jam (the fastest growing chiropractic event on the planet) in Costa Mesa on March 27th through the 29th. This major annual event is likely to have its biggest year ever as concerned people from many arenas (including the general public) join together to share urgent information that needs to be heard. Global geoengineering will be one of the major topics covered at this event. Dr. DeMoss is a solid supporter of our fight against geoengineering. I am very impressed with Billy's approach to waking the masses to the lies our medical system feeds us. The 11 minute InfoWars interview with Dr. DeMoss covers the dire threats posed by issues like vaccinations and climate engineering, and the importance of the Cal Jam event for exposing these truths to a wider audience. Billy's commitment to exposing the most dire issues we collectively face is exemplary. Those interested in attending this extremely important event can find more information here.
Dane Wigington


27 Responses to InfoWars Covers Critical Threats To Our Health With Cal Jam’s Dr. Billy DeMoss, D.C.

  1. Pat says:

    Giant Mass Mystery Methane Baffles Scientists Four Corners Region

    Posted: Apr 13 2015 11:30 AM EDTUpdated: Apr 14 2015 04:16 PM EDT

    A giant mass of methane has scientists wondering the origins. Satellite findings say it's roughly in the Four Corners region out West. Meteorologist Alex Wilson has the details.


    Giant Mass Mystery Methane Baffles Scientists Four Corners Region

    Posted: Apr 13 2015 11:30 AM EDTUpdated: Apr 14 2015 04:16 PM EDT

    A giant mass of methane has scientists wondering the origins. Satellite findings say it's roughly in the Four Corners region out West. Meteorologist Alex Wilson has the details.

  2. Tim says:

    Dane – do you feel any health effects from this spraying? My whole family is sick.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tim, most people are feeling the effects, my family has also in spite of a constant regime of health care. Those who don’t yet feel effects (or are not admitting to it) are still being affected. The spraying must be exposed and halted, there is no other choice for us. This effort will take every single one of us working together.

    • Tim says:

      Dane – how do you suppose those in power are avoiding getting sick? I don't know anyone that feels great. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tim, the are methods of chelation that are not available to the general public, this may exempt the elite from many of the symptoms that are occuring for the rest of us. No matter what the case, it does not change what we know is happening in our skies.

    • Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:

      Yes….constantly runny nose, all year!!!  We see Chem Trails here on a regular basis!!!!

    • Paul Joseph says:

      It made my friends from Las Vegas very sick.

  3. Duane says:

    I need to ask if anyone out there is experiencing a constant burn in the throat and nose, coughing up flem and clearing the throat all the time even now on non spray days. This is my situation. I live in New Brunswick, Canada and we are being sprayed almost daily. I took my concerns to my doctor and he didn't even look down my throat told me it is probably acid reflex and wrote me a prescription. I told him my theory and he looked at me like i had two heads




    • Tim says:

      Duane, my eyes and sinuses burn like crazy and both my son and I get severe gunk down our throat on heavy days. It is total poison.

    • Bruce says:


      I to live in NB and have also gone to the doctor concerning clearing my throat constantly , coughing up phlegm and a dripping nose all the time. Doctor said it was because I smoked (haven't for 10 years) – that is BS.

      I showed her all the documentation and photos I could find on Chemtrails/Geo-engineering and the chemicals in this aerosol spraying, she walked out of the room and left me sitting there in disbelief. So much for our wonderful Health Care system when doctors don't care and don't want to believe this is happening.

      I've got photos of our skies in the Moncton area from 2004 up to present day and it's very evident that this spraying is happening on a daily basis. Also this winter I've watched the spraying a few days before our winter storms and looked at the milky skies and see the big rings around the sun. In my opinion all our storms we've had this winter are from the constant chemtrailing and Jet Stream Manipulation. We now are in an endless winter – cold, snowy and nucleated.

      This is not normal and we are being experimented upon.. to what reason, I haven't a clue. If I mention any of this to friends, family, people in business or politicians , they mark me as crazy and a nut.

      If we mention any of this we are outcasts and I hope someday the people responsible will stop this insanity from going on.



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bruce, people will try desperately to stay in denial, I would strongly suggest that you pass on credible data to such people, don’t just try to talk about the issue.

  4. Gwen says:

    Thank you for the video. It is nice to hear. But I can’t help but think our cell towers are a bigger piece of the problem to all these issues than we know. The microwaves seem to be reacting with the solar activity and amplifying it also. We went from -25 degrees celcius to +20 degrees celcius in 5 days… and with that came large wasps and lady bugs prematurely hatching and then dying, green grass under the snow, and bizzare behaviour and massively fluctuating moods and energy levels of our community. We can not function anymore. WE CAN NOT FUNCTION ANYMORE! Our technology reacting with ingested heavy metal nano particles needs to be re-assessed… it may be keeping us in bondage so we can not take action. We are witnessing this first hand, but no one is listening… we are dropping like flys here and no one is listening…

  5. Rachel Robson says:

    Andrew, Gee. Lucy in the sky with diamonds.  Kinda like the saying when life hands you lemons–make diamond dust?

    What is a heat burst actually like?  What does it look like, sound like, feel like?  Sounds like a hot flash in menopause!  Earth-o-pause?

    Andrew, can you explain to me how it is that CO2 does not show up in atmosphere for so long-the lag times?  I just don't get it.  I believe it, but don't understand the mechanism.  I'm betting you can explain.

    Paul Vonhamish, when re-thinking your post about expenses of SRM, I refigured it.  Mining the chemicals-they are already mined and given corporate spending mindset, no doubt overmined for good measure.  For instance, when researching birds' sense of smell, I came across an Antarctica experiment using DMS, the S standing for sulfur, some of which got borrowed for the bird study.  Who knows what quantity is in storage and what shelf life is?  So already mined and stored and looking for buyers.  Let's make a deal?

    So mine and manufacture is done and done.  Transport to facilities-who knows what is stored where and so how to calculate?  Sulfer is used for a lot of stuff and say some company overestimates its needs, this takes it off their hands-must be Something to do with it, the bean counters are thinking.  I have no idea how much storage room is required.  Some equipment is said to be as cheap as nozzles which are not My version of cheap, but by military standards, probably a bargain.  Then, infrastructure-already in place, not just made for this.  And maintenance and again, I have no idea.  But I will bet that they would say some of this accounts for jobs in America.  But then that leaves the fuel and of course the pollution.  God knows our military loves fossil fuels and I believe them to be the main users of them, voracious need for them which is why instead of elephant in the room, I think dinosaur.

    And again about overestimating intelligence.  Perhaps your hi honey person says: I helped save the planet today!  And means it!  Which is why it is so important to wake people up and why even silly looking demonstrations are maybe not so silly.  Human stuffed animals against riot gear makes a statement all its own.  Russell Brand did look over his shoulder in the direction of the chemtrails in the background-perhaps he was not as oblivious as you thought.  He was reading from a script, has an Earth friendly background and dislikes stating the obvious.  Theatrical of him to gesture backwards which he did repeatedly.  So, maybe not entirely useless.  It all garnered attention and we need that.  Myself, I prefer my lifestyle to be the demonstration rather than to demonstrate.  But each has a role.  I am not saying that this is cheap-ish and so should be done.  Just that it might not be so expensive, as corporate, military and business money goes, probably seems a bargain to them.  At any rate nowhere near as expensive as HAARP and all the other crap.  The real expense is to the Earth itself and that of course is priceless.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, on the Co2 part of your question, its not that Co2 don’t show up, its a question as to what comes first, the Co2 or heat. Many disinformation sites try to spin this equatioin to their advantage, to try and deny the anthropogenic damage to the climate system. Paleo data makes clear that on natural cycles the heat has preceeded Co2, but there is nothing natural about this era in time. Human activity has caused Co2 to accelerate much faster than pervious eras. The attached link should clarify.

  6. Rachel Robson says:

    JPV, thank you for the suggestion as I am sick and tired of this constant headache.  Have peppemint oil, will try.

    Paul Vonhamish, No, I take no offense and I like your posts, you are very sharp and on point.  But hey, I didn't say it would not cost Anything!  Details, details and they do all add up.  Just that I'd been reading others with evaluations of geo-tinkering concluding that by compared to competing efforts, SRM is the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to go.  So I'm thinking to Them, a no brainer.  Also remembering some video from a passenger on air craft of chemtrailing, and remembering when suddenly air travel got way less expensive.  Also have found companies that begin with cloud seeding but if you read their whole gig, they say they can lift that cloud and put it where you want it.  Many hands in this money making pot.  And I agree with you about corporrate capitalism and its ugly twin Brother! criminal extortion.  May the Kock brothers roast in hell.  Yes, I know it is Koch, but my daughter and I use Kock as they swing their monied dicks manipulating tar sands and destruction wherever they can in the name of ungodly greed, pissing on the rest of us, then supplying the toilet paper from the Boreal forest!

    I also agree with you about silly demonstrations though I rather like Russel Brand.  If I see one more "polar bear"….I may explode.  I am finding that I've been just way overestimating everyone's intelligence, present company excluded.  And yes, many who claim to care about the environment are flying everywhere, driving everywhere, importing food, wasting resources of all sorts-it is maddening.  And true that the sheer mass of geoengineering SRM is putting a huge amount of CO2 into atmosphere to boot.  As is the Navy's new plan to take to the air, but who knows, who cares, I feel like the only one though I know I am not-I think.  260 days a year, all year long for 5 years, Growler jets and EMFs.  Oh Holy Cows!!  Did you get your comments into them?  This time they gave us a chance.  Have no idea about the upshot, so to speak.

    But I'm still wondering what you meant by getting physical.  Supposedly, according to Snowden, drones are following us everywhere.  I've been waiting for the revolution for more than 48 years!!  We really need one.  Anyone who thinks this is a democracy does not know their this from their that.  Senator Louise Slaughter began a petition regarding the TPP-she's against it- and total lack of media coverage, wondering why that.  Then dropped it.  Hmmm.  Who told her what?

     We do need a revolution, our military is out of control.  But physical, how?  And obviously, in a finite world, money would be finite and I find the idea of "growing" money offensive.  I find the Federal Treasury to be a total rip off.  I'm not the only one on that.  And no one uses more money and fossil fuels than our military. And why the heck should our economy be based on building houses-the alleged American dream?

    I'm finding that everyone lives and thinks in their own personal bubble.  Go outside that bubble and it pops and they are irritated.  Stressed.  But one must look at how it all links together.  You do a good job of that.  But no one has any viable answers.  Except what I've discovered along with others via social media.  And petitions.  We should demand a free press.  The EPA is finally gaining some teeth after decades of uselessness and bringing suit over this and that.  Shreds of hope but so slow, so slow.  Which is why I'd like to see Dane as first person up on Bill Maher's show which is watched by millions? of smart/wanna be smart people.  The first up person usually has an issue to bring to attention, Bill gives them 5 or more minutes, asks a few questions and on to the rest.  Or, his panel, could be a panel of climate people, but turns into arguments. I believe Bill would have Dane on.  And Dane is the perfect one for this scenario.  Let's all comment #BillMaher.   NOW.


  7. JPV says:

    I use this natural remedy especially on days of spraying, I certainly notice an extreme irritation in my eyes and a headache resulting from the toxins in the air. The remedy is Peppermint Oil, the essential oil is rubbed on my forehead and temples and I find the oil breaks the particles and creates a barrier of the irritation. If you have headaches use Peppermint Oil immediately.

  8. Rachel Robson says:

    Paul, I hear you but-for one, SRM doesn't take massive physical labor and massive human resources.  Again and again it is said how very inexpensive and easily done compared to anything else in geotinkering-a term someone coined that I like, that someone saying that the word geoengineering was too grand a word for the shaky "science" SRM is based upon.  These chemicals may well be why way back when, flying became much less costly.  Most likely, a good number of people involved do not even know what is going on.

    This requiring physical force and Physical Actions?  Whatever do you mean?  Surely not a physical fight with the military of the US?!!  May I suggest, rather, a massive demand, loud and clear, for transparency, real information, a free media, a real democracy NOW as events warrant NOW and as we are being treated like children, maybe because we act like children.  Edward Snowden is a true hero.  Just look and listen to the shockingly vast amount of stuff-illegal-that he released with care and little regard for the price he'd pay, rather for the collective good.  Very very quickly all knew.  Most are still trying to process that information about ours.  But that glass wall has now been broken and we know for certain that there is just way more than they are telling us.  As citizens, how can we vote in an informed way, is voting just a charade?  Are we really a democracy at all?  This is the main question behind all the rest and if this door was blown open, then we might have a chance.

    Dane, I want you on Bill Maher's show.  Seems that with your connections, with his production of Vice, with all the talk of geotinkering, with Bill himself saying that the human body is complex, the Earth is just a rock–seems a perfect fit which would reach a broad audience of intelligent people.  How to make this happen as soon as possible.  Everybody hashtag Bill?  R 

    • Hello Rachel Robson:

      I enjoy your posts, so don't take me wrong regarding this response:

      If you add up all the elements it takes to put just one tanker aircraft up for a 1 hour geoengineering run, the environmental cost is enormous. 1.) You have to mine the essential chemicals. 2.) You have to transport these various raw metals and chemical compounds to processing plants. 3.) These processing plant's generally incur multiple associated costs. 4.) More transport costs are encountered as fuel, drivers, tanker trucks, storage and distribution sites. 5.) More fuel and transport costs to airline or military points of departure. 6.) Figure in environmental and manufacturing costs involved in producing a modified C5 cargo jet or similar delivery vehicle. 7.) Add in ground support infrastructure costs in terms of airports, runways, flight control centers, and around the clock maintenance and support staff.

      By this point in our little adventure, hundreds of persons have witnessed, overseen, or facilitated one or more of these processes. All of these people are being paid in large denomination bills… None of these hero's seem concerned enough to mention that poisoning people and other living creatures is what they "do" for a living… I wonder why they don't mention it???

      Hi honey – I'm home!!!  Boy, I killed a bunch of living stuff off today!!! What's for dinner?

  9. Ejvind Simonsen says:

    Three cheers to you. I'm a 83 year old, retired chiropractor. We have been the stepchild in the medical community far too long. So happy to see common sense prevail even in this late hour. – Much Success.

  10. Sorry man. These kinds of entertainment events, only give the owners who control mainstream media another chance to depict anti-geoengineering persons as clowns and circus acts. Prediction: There will be at least one major (corporate controlled) media channel that will show up at the event. That "news team" will be pre-programmed to take the most damaging and denigrating screen shots possible. Then they'll rush back to the office, analyze the video footage, and spin a bunch of selected rhetoric around screenshots of the event. The event will be made to look humorous or silly. This is done to television watchers every day.

    That night, they'll spew the results out upon Fox news at 10PM, or perhaps send the video out to selected news organizations in places where there have been geoengineering "hot spots" or perhaps some public descent. Cal Jam will be depicted as a bunch of dancing around by some poor unfortunates that believe in total hokum and conspiracy theory.

    Geoengineering is a world wide PHYSICAL PROCESS, employing massive physical labor and human resources. Geoengineering is not about a philosophical state, or some vague dream about reaching "critical mass". There are millions of persons who know this is a well executed end-game extermination program. Singing and dancing in a polluted graveyard will not ground these aircraft. Thinking and talking about change, will not cause the sky to change. Commentary will not effect the game plan for those who are doing this to us.

    The process of Stopping geoengineeering will take PHYSICAL ACTIONS using physical forces. All the rest is empty bullcrap and dreamland drama…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, I understand how you feel and you are likely correct about what the mainstream media will try to do. But whatever they do, it does not stop the networking and synergistic exchange of information that will happen with the 3000 or so that are likely to attend this event. Many of these people have big voices in the alternative media community and in their own individual regions, etc. If all available data is examined and rationally considered, exposing and halting climate engineering is the logical primary priority issue for us all. The event organizer believes the same and has given our issue a prime speaking spot. No matter what mainstream media does, the event organizers will have all presentations professionally videotaped, this will allow the information presented to be available to all. We must all do our best to effectively sound the alarm, regardless of the resistance from mainstream media.

    • This is how corporate controlled media depicts all forms of civilian protest:

      Scuffles break out in London as thousands protest climate change (VIDEOS) — RT UK

      In one video we have the great Russel Brand, making bold statements about planetary warming – with a backdrop of chemtrails. He never mentions geoengineering, because he's not paid to be aware of it. See the idiot/people dressed in Polar bear suits? Man, that's impressive, eh?

      We have riot police in full military garb on one side, and people in silly animal costumes on the other. Guess who has more political bang for the buck? And over here we have hundreds of civilians milling around -protesting climate change, when tomorrow they'll jump on some jumbo jet to their next job assignment. Most have no clue that these jumbo jets are burning aviation fuel laced with chemtrail agents…

      All televised media (including "Info Wars") is all about ways to spin and manipulate public opinion. None of these protests will produce direct political impacts, nor will they alter any consequences dictated by unlimited industrial growth…

      Challenging the basic premise of industrial capitalism should be the bottom line of all environmental discussion. Unregulated planetary extortion is a primary dictate of corporate capitalism. Capitalism cannot succeed without unlimited growth of production. It's a fantasy land economic system, and nightmare scenarios like geoengineering are the end result.

      As long as people allow corporate capitalism and it's ugly twin sister Criminal Extortion to exist, all free life on the planet is doomed…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, you make many accurate points that cannot be argured. On a final note, from my point of view, the “Cal Jam” event is going to happen with or without me attending. SInce this is the case, I will attend and present a message that makes many of the points you brought up. Industrialized civilisation was insanity from the begining. It was doomed from the beginning and will kill all life on the planet if it continues much longer The epitome of that insanity is the climate engineering insanity. The Cal Jam event will reach many with this message during the event and countless more after the event from the films produced from the event. There are no perfect answers in this equation, no perfect ways to get the word out, we must use what we have at our disposal.

  11. Frank says:

    The deception of of big Pharma to the control of our weather is rampant and killing us all. We all need verifiable information such as Dane's site and the ones backing him. The power structure is very concerned now as many people know it's all wrong and searching for answers. I thank Dane and all of you silent individuals that never stop and never give up. The big lie must end for all of us caring people of the Earth.  

  12. andrew says:

    My 41st email to my contacts, titled Double Catastroph Scenario.


    1.  Double Catastrophe Scenario is when the 'cure' is as bad, or worse than the problem.

    In the case of many Geoengineering methods, particularly atmospheric spraying and manipulation, the 'cure' is exponentially worse than the problem.


    2.  On 4th March 2015, Arctic sea ice was at a record low for time of year, with no chance of recovery.  A sea ice free Arctic is probable by end Sept 2015.

    Also check the peak daily methane averaging 2350 ppb between 8 Jan – 4 March 2015.


    Excellent information from Arctic News, but I totally disagree with their Climate Plan of atmospheric spraying, since what they suggest is already intensively going on, and has exponentially brought us to this situation.


    3. In 2013, there were 10,885 peer-reviewed climate articles, only 2 of which reject man-made global warming. 

    There is an approximate 25 to 50 year lag between cause (CO2 release) and effect (global warming).

    Arctic methane is bubbling up in plumes 150 km across.  Methane is hugely worse that CO2, and then degrades/oxidizes into CO2 and H2O.

    It takes 334 joules of heat energy to melt 1 gm of ice at 0ºC, and only 4.18 joules of heat energy to raise 1 gm of water by 1ºC.  Arctic and Antarctic ice has been absorbing masses of heat energy and is melting fast. When the ice is gone, we face catastrophic global warming.  

    54 mins of more excellent information.


    4.  Heat Burst.  BBC weather is now referring to localised Heat Bursts over western Scotland (and generally putting much importance on wind chill!).  

    In meteorology, a heat burst is a rare atmospheric phenomenon characterized by gusty winds and a rapid increase in temperature and decrease in dew point(moisture). Heat bursts typically occur during night-time and are associated with decaying thunderstorms.  Recorded temperatures during heat bursts have reached well above 38°C, sometimes rising by 11°C or more within only a few minutes.  A thunderstorm is a prerequisite. (  and


    Heat bursts could also be caused by certain atmospheric sprays and low altitude transmissions from HAARP and SBX ionospheric heaters (would probably still create clockwise rotation high pressure winds = apparent wind chill factor?).


    5.  Project Lucy.   Methane and diamond molecules are very similar, and they believe that with 13.56 MHz frequency they can break methane down and turn it into nano particles of diamond dust floating in the atmosphere, which will reflect sunlight, slowing global warming (no doubt it will also trap heat from escaping earth, so end result probably worse, plus we will end up breathing it in and eating it!).

    They do this with 2 or more HAARP or SBX transmitters. In the case of 2, they can also use 10 MHz and 23.56 MHz, which will create a beat of 13.56 MHz.

    Lucy in the sky with diamonds. 


    6.  Noctilucent Clouds.  You may have noticed the increase in Noctilucent clouds in the last year or so.  These show the huge quantities of methane in the atmosphere, and can be created by HAARP, SBX and Project Lucy.


    7.  Ice is disappearing at an astonishing rate in Austfonna, an expanse of frozen rock far north of the Arctic Circle in Norway’s Svalbard island chain. Since 2012, the ice cap covering the island has thinned by a 160 feet, according to an analysis of satellite measurements by a team led by researchers at Britain’s University of Leeds



  13. plt says:

    Yes, thank you!  To steal a line from Ralph Nader, the dictionary does not suffice to find the way to express my gratitude.  Dane, I am wondering if you have tried posting articles on CounterPunch, and if so, have they printed them?  None showed up on a search, but things do get blocked sometimes. 

    I sit here feeling a lack of oxygen, knowing my poisoned brain is functioning at about half its previous capacity, fuming at my mother who believes the seals she saw on the beach in San Diego recently were just enjoying the sun, etcetera, I find myself wishing I were in CA so I could attend this event.  On a more uplifting note, in a string of comments about the sea lions – on a Fox site, of all places – the vast majority of the people mentioned Fukushima.  Its a start…

  14. Pam Putnam says:

    Thank you for all you are doing!  People are beginning to wake up and people like you are helping to make this happen.  Kudos!  

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