Is Chemtrail Barium Contained in Secret STADIS-450 Fuel Additive?


Is Chemtrail Barium Contained in Secret STADIS-450 Fuel Additive?  <—link to article

US Patent office provides little oversight to patent claims when Inventors are allowed to refer to dry powder jet engine emissions as “contrails”. WTF?



Key terms: Welsbach seeding, Global Warming, Powder Contrail Generator, JP-8, Fuel, Static Dissipator, Stratospheric Aerosol geoengineering, Stadis 450, dinonylnaphthalene sulfonic acid, barium salt, Aluminum, Chaff.

NOTE: The Welsbach Seeding patent for Global Warming only calls for Aluminum or Thorium. But the source of Barium has been isolated to secret compound (STADIS 450) found in Commercial and Air Force jet fuels.

Geoengineering was correctly promoted as a drastic last resort to the worst effects of rapid Global Warming. It’ suspicious and disturbing the the military-industrial-complex seems too anxious to spray the skies even before the Kyoto Protocol was given a chance to reduce carbon emissions. Considering the stated mission of “Owning the Waether in 2025”, it’s rational to wonder if the Geoengineering to save us from Global Warming is a pretext to weaponize the atmosphere, instead.

So lets take another look at the 1991 Welsbach patent considered to be the most likely method of gengineering with “Chemtrails”. Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming. Let’s look at the fine print.

Adding tiny (nano-sized) reflective metallic particles to the fuel of jetliners is discussed. While this method appears to match what we often see in the skies, the inventor admits the net effect would be a net increase in global warming. Just the opposite of what the patent claims to fix.

The summary of the invention is explicit that Aluminum oxide is the equivalent to what is called a “Welsbach material”. If deployment of particles below the Stratosphere will increase global warming we can assume the atmosphere has been successfully warmed for over a decade. While passenger jets and Air Force tankers achieve high altitudes in the troposphere, neither aircraft is capable of true and adequate Stratospheric Aerosol geoengineering (SAG) at most pplanetary latitudes.

The definition of “Welsbach material” is never made clear. Thorium oxide and Aluminum oxide are presented as two acceptable metal oxides that are equivalent to Welsbach Meterials. But is Barium oxide also a Welsbach material, or additive to the oxides of Aluminum or Thorium? Is Barium sprayed in addition to the Welsbach formula for a purpose having nothing to do with “Global Warming?” Could Aluminum and Barium oxides be sprayed from the same jet tanker but for different reasons?

STADIS-450, is a “static dissipator” fuel additive that coould provide an answer. Although the ingredients are a “trade secret” study contracted by the EPA [10] and others implies these ingredients contain salts of barium and/or calcium. The EPA report also finds this barium salt is imported into the United States in high quantities of 1 million pounds or more per year.

Broad application of Stadis 450 suggests the high Barium results in lab tests could be an incidental and INVISIBLE fall-out from commerical AND miltary jets. If so, the pollution of Barium may have nothing directly to do with Startospheric Aerosol Geoengineering. However the high volume of Barium reported in lab tests is more likely the result of an increase in overall air traffic by the addition of so many Military jets needed to spray the persistant contrails that we also refer to as “Chemtrails”.

It would be naive to assume the intended Geoengineering compound contains only Aluminum oxide, however.

Aside from STADIS-450 the formula for the military version of JP-8 fuel is also classified, leaving the possibility that the jet fuel actually contains the aluminum oxide found to be associated with the high Barium analysis.

Can the patenting process be corrupted to misrepresent the intent of an invention? In the case of the Powder contrail generator, the inventor was allowed the unethical privelage of corrupting the definition of “contrail” to include a dry powder formula. Now the Welsbach patent contains sufficient ambiguities as to raise serious questions about intent to deceive.

However the patent does not deceive us that these 10 to 100 micron size particles have been raining down to poison the earth and humanity since 1997


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