Is Natural News Trying to Hide Global Climate Engineering?


Dane Wigington

I have been concerned for a long while on the increasing flow of incorrect information and half truths coming from "Natural News". Creating conflict in the activist communities is exactly what the power structure wants. This being said, there are times when disinformation is so egregious, bringing it to light is a responsibility. Though "Natural News" does often put out valid information, when "independent news sources" like Natural News also puts out what can only be described as total disinformation, this needs to be pointed out. The recent post below from Natural News is truly beyond comprehension.

"California's Drought Actually Caused By Environmentalists, Not Global Warming".

This article is, at least, almost half true. All available data indicates the primary causal factor behind the California Drought is in fact not global warming, but rather global climate engineering programs.

Another "almost half true" article from Natural News is below.

Irrefutable Proof We Are All Being Sprayed With Poison: 571 Tons Of Toxic Lead 'Chemtrailed" Into America's Skies Every Year"

This headline posted from Natural News has very alarming omissions. Does it seem odd to anyone that nowhere in the Natural News article is the intentional spraying of the skies even mentioned? Does it seem odd that the terms "geoengineering" and "climate engineering" are never brought up? And why wouldn't you mention all the aluminum and barium showing up in lab tests around the globe, doesn't that matter to Natural News? The article in question mentions "571 tons of lead" put into the atmosphere annually, but what about the 20,000,000 tons of aluminum nanoparticles stated as an annual atmospheric spraying goal by the geoengineers? The article above by Natural News implies that the trails we see in our skies are simply a matter of very dirty fuel, thats it. This implication is patently false and there is no excuse for this disinformation from a web site that claims to be a front line independent news source.

In the article below Natural News discusses the dangers of aluminum and states that this toxic metal is "falling out of the sky".

"Battle For Humanity Nearly Lost: Global Food Supply Deliberately Engineered To End Life, Not Nourish It"

trails in front of sun

In this article Natural News admits there is aluminum "falling from the sky" but yet again never once mentions the geoengineering/climate engineering programs that are spraying aluminum as a primary element which is even listed in major geoengineering patents as such. NN goes on to imply that perhaps it is China trying to kill us off, isn't this kind of statement exactly what the power structure would want us to think? The statement about China implies its not our own criminal government spraying us, its those evil communists.

A direct quote from Mike Adams (the articles author) is below:

"I'm openly asking this question: Is there a covert heavy metals war being waged against America by China? After all, poisoning the population with heavy metals is a very effective way to collapse a nation by destroying the sanity and health of its people."

Below is yet another completely incorrect article from Natural News which claims  "Planet Plunges Into Global Cooling"?

"Global Warming Computer Models Collapse: Arctic Ice Sheets Rapidly Expand As Planet Plunges Into Global Cooling"

Does this sound like exactly the sort of outlandishly false information that we would expect to be put out from the fossil fuel industry and the geoengineers? Why would Natural News post this kind of completely false disinformtion which exactly paralells what the fossil fuel industry, the power structure, and the geoengineers put out? I don't like Al Gore either, and I am certainly not a fan of carbon credits, but reality is still reality.

Lets do a quick fact check on the title of the Natural News article shown above, is Earth really "Plunging Into Global Cooling"?

glsciers breaking.


Global warming is accelerating

2014 was warmest year ever recorded


 April 2014 was the 2nd warmest global average ever recorded, the 350th month IN A ROW OF ABOVE AVERAGE GLOBAL TEMPERATURES

 Arctic Sea Ice Steep Decline Continues

 West Antarctic Ice Shelves Collapsing

 Greenland Ice Melting And Collapsing.

 2014 and 2015 likely to be warmest years ever recorded.

 We are already in a likely "runaway greenhouse effect

The global climate is not just warming, its in meltdown. Geoengineering programs are helping to fuel this fire making an already bad climate situation exponentially worse. If we are to have any chance of a united stand against the "collective insanity" that is currently ruling the world we must stand on the common ground of truth and verifiable facts. All must learn to separate facts from disinformation and propaganda. This can not be done without at least some legitimate investigation. Lets all keep sounding the alarm from SOLID AND WELL RESEARCHED GROUND.

43 Responses to Is Natural News Trying to Hide Global Climate Engineering?

  1. KundaliniandCelltowers says:

    I just had this post removed from Natural News today RE Mass Extinction:

    "I love Mike, but why doesn't he bring up geoengineering via the Stratospheric Aerosol Injection of nanoparticulate aluminum and other heavy metals into the sky to "protect" the earth from the sun, a practice that is not even secret anymore? Soil is turning alkaline and essential soil microbes and insect life are down 90%. If trout and birds don't have insects to feed on, we'll lose them too, which we are. I thought Mike had a lab where he could test for the fallout from these aerosol activities and he could pose the question, where is all this toxic material coming from that is not from smoke stacks or car exhaust? The web of life is dying for a number of reasons, but the destruction of the ozone layer from this high altitude spraying and the resulting contamination of the breathable air column is not a small contributing factor."

  2. Cori Gunnells says:

    My comment to NaturalNews today (9/12/15) that was 'removed' from their site:

    "This article is ridiculous, shortsighted, slanted, ill researched and another example of doubling the effect (reprint synopsis) of a poor editorial from The NewAmerican. There is nothing "natural" about the California drought, and the disastrous effects are due to much more than poor water management. Have you looked at the skies? – geoengineering/climate engineering. Have you looked at the forests/wildlands? – they are burning up. Have you looked at the oceans? – they are hot, producing record breaking algae blooms, shutting down fisheries along the entire west coast, and leading the to death of untold numbers of fish and marine mammals. Geoengineering is real. Warming is real. CO2 and methane counts in our atmosphere have never been higher since humans inhabited the planet. Both are 'human caused', and if we don't attend both factors you can count yourself in the line up for the sixth mass extinction. The year 2030 is an estimate, but it's likely much sooner. NaturalNews 'should' be about our health? Is it? Tell the truth and quit supporting and regurgitating denial propaganda pieces."

  3. Marla Stair-Wood says:

    Mike Adams should answer to the discrepancies and inadequate "investigations" equaling disinformation on his Natural News (NN) site. Mike has written and appeared in films discussing geoengineering and has published several articles on geoengineering – TWO of which were written by J.D. Heyes, the writer of the first article Dane mentions here about environmentalists being blamed for the CA drought. Did J.D. Heyes completely forget prior articles on the subject and how geoengineering affects rain cycles? The inconsistencies of the NN publications leave much to wonder about. Very suspicious. Thank you, Dane, for calling Adams out to answer to his participation in what certainly looks like a cover up, or at the very least, contribution to the public confusion of the issue. 

    • Marla Stair-Wood says:

      By the way, my comments on the Natural News Facebook site about J.D. Heyes having written 2 articles on geoengineering before (2013 and 14 – search engine brings them up) which contradict this one on environmentalists being to blame – has been removed and I am banned from commenting now. Did I strike a raw nerve? 

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  5. Craig says:

    Natural News’s new love of Dr Oz is enough to clearly see what’s what.

  6. neonon says:

    I take it most people look to the weather reports from the main stream via the met offices from u.s, u.k Australia etc , if you trust their forecasts surely you trust their back casts as it has already happened , I’m just wondering with this link below and many like it , reports of met info whether the globalists are actually telling them to report no global warming for 16 years as a ploy to keep the sheeple arguing amongst themselves instead of other issues or whether the mET don’t adhere to them , can anyone clear this up ?–chart-prove-it.html

  7. Emmett Grogan says:

    I caught on to Mike Adams a long time ago re: geoengineering. He actually wrote an article stating that more carbon is good for us, as it feeds the trees. I learned in 4th grade that trees need carbon dioxide and humans need OXYGEN and that too much carbon would kill the planet, something he completely ignored. If a fourth grader knew better why doesn’t he? I couldn’t believe he actually believed that crap but he’s spreading it.

  8. Betty Kelley says:

    Hi Dane,

    yes I have noticed this from the beginning, you are correct and have hit the nail on the head. Yo took the words/thoughts out of my mouth, I am so grateful that you wrote this article pointing this out. He Never mentions it, never. I watch many sites, including his, trying to keep up with all that is going on, (he does post great articles pertaining to health issues). what I see is controlled opposition from many directions. Suspicious Observer is another one. I wrote quite some time ago on FB that I was suspicious of suspicious observer due to the fact that that on one hand he does mention geoengineering now and again and says he is against it, yet blames the weather extremes on the sun??? also gives a short weather synopsis everyday showing the world weather and maps and never mentions all the visible aerosols and the FACT these storms are engineered on a global scale. I have watched the sat maps closely for over 20 years, this is so so clear to see each and everyday especially so during the last few years. there is no longer anymore natural weather, they are not allowing the earths’ systems to function naturally and have not allowed so for years now.
    I also wanted to share this with you, someone I know just emailed it to me, though quite aware, I never failed to be dismayed and shocked at what is going on. I did finally lose my position at Univ., I knew it was coming. “they” knew I knew too much. Such “institutions” have become ever so corrupt and just before I left those all around me were as deep as ever in the matrix of lies and corruption. it screamed NWO and being so awake became a real challenge/nightmare to exist in. When it comes down to it, no one is your friend, all they want is their job/position, paycheck and the power that comes with it feeding their ego, morality and truth and the earth matter not.
    check this out.
    warmest thoughts and regards,

  9. Great to see this article was picked up by Geo.Watch.
    Like so many, as i read that article by Mike, i couldnt help but wonder why he was not mentioning the words such as chemtrails, geoengineering etc etc.
    Having followed his website for such a long time, with some very interesting information, that article made me wonder what side of the planet he is on. He seems like a very intelligent bloke but now i wonder why is is not mentioning the very words that are linked to the bullshit in the atmosphere and activities of geoengineering.
    Great job Geo. Watch.

  10. Cathy Hubbell says:

    Yes Thank you for pointing that out Dane. Speaking of pointing please go to my facebook page and read an idea about pointing that is so simple and convenient that could really help in making others wake up to the aerosol crimes if we all do it and if we all help make this idea go viral. Thanks everyone

  11. Steven Chamberlain says:

    There is no diplomatic solution to chemtrails. It is a war against humanity. We must coordinate a synchronized lethal attack against all entities involved.

  12. eric says:

    perfectly said James!

  13. reggie says:

    Same thing with Disqus. They will not publish anything that isn’t happy face news (aka, bury your head in the sand). They will not publish any thumbs down because we children need to see only nice, pretty thubs up.

  14. James says:

    After researching just enough on Mike Adams, one can see he’s an Internet operator extraordinaire, and is doing very well. Having some depth in ‘bulk mail’ i quickly understood his model. Very clever, running an advertising-neutral website, growing branding cache from that purpose, then cashing in by blackhat spamming the crap out of the public, stealth selling weird endorsed products out the back door, whilst putting the ill-informed at risk with hocus pocus; broccoli cures cancer, etc. then syndicate with Jones. As for his role in the geoengineering community, nice to see it torpedoed; even if you were a bit gentlemanly going about the job. There are times when the gloves have to come off. Throw the sucker overboard.
    All the best,

  15. Brgitte says:

    Thanks for the article Dane. Mike Adams’ post was totally misleading. I think he sold out …

  16. Libuse Leman says:

    Yes, I like Natural news but I also noticed that there is nothing about chemtrails. All he said that “planes engines put lead into air”. Something is wrong there. Mike Adams is loosing his credibility in my eyes!

  17. lotusflower says:

    EXACTLY! If you understand natural health, and read enough at Natural News, you can see that Mike Adams is controlled opposition.

    Green tea also contains caffeine. Caffeine is an aging body that puts your body in stress. It’s a major cause of stroke. But natural news would have you think the opposite is true.

    Example of Controlled Opposition by Mike Adams & Dr. Mercola: They want to LABEL GMOs. They know that GMOs are so poisonous & destroying the food chain, that they need to be TOTALLY OUTLAWED.

    You can almost ‘feel’ the controlled opposition sites – for starters, they are usually very well funded.

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  20. I noticed the same about Mike Adams and his last write up about chemtrails . He has to be smarter than that . Makes you wonder if he is being paid to divert the facts.

    • C.H. says:

      I've been thinking the same thing for a while now… I saw something that help me to believed something screwy is going on with Mike Adams…

  21. Ken says:

    Dane, I completely understand your frustration here.
    There is a concerted effort from the power elite to hide and confuse the public about the very real issues that we know exist (GeoEngineering and Global Warming).

    These topics are off-topic because of the very real money involved in the Carbon Markets (Oil and Gas).
    As we know, they have the patents, and they are using SRM to control the warming.

    I look at GeoEngineering as damage-control for the Oil companies. If they can cool the planet enough and confuse people with propaganda like this garbage from Mike Adams…and the same things from
    Alex Jones, they can keep selling OIL.
    I’m telling you this is all about them keeping their oil markets going. If they had admitted to all the global warming 20 years ago, people would of got away from oil and went green much more. That’s the LAST thing they wanted. BAD for business.

    Mike Adams has sold out to the same interests as Alex Jones and when it comes to this topic, all roads will lead to the oil companies. I would be willing to bet on it. Who else has the motive and money to wage this kind of disinformation war? Government is naturally in there too with their programs as well, plus, they have a vested interest in the oil revenue taxes. Follow the money.

  22. abhishrut panbude says:

    I was a subscriber of natural news & from few days i was thing the same {about wring info it is providing }thank yu dane for conforming it.,.,.,.,.,

  23. Verna says:

    Today June 15 2014 I took pictures from morning til night of what they are doing in the sky. I live in Grants Pass Oregon.It started out a beautiful blue sky with natural clouds then at 11 am the injection of aerosol in to these normal clouds. The wind as usual these days when the chemtrails ore out kicks up. Before long with no planes in site,I watched the changes in the clouds and one long trail going like it was head toward the sun. Never seen one plain. They must be using chem bombs or spraying higher up. Before long the beautiful sky turn to sickening grey color. Got cooler and the wind kicked up again. We will see if it rains here or if they took the moisture somewhere else. As far as Mike Adams or anyone mainstream media lets on, or anyone the owners of the networks lets on makes me very suspicious.So much work gone into this cover-up. It all is sickening. Verna

  24. Jo says:

    I was so happy to see the headline about chemtrails in a popular publication. But when I read the first sentence of the article I deleted it, very disappointed. Lead in the fuel? Many Chemtrail pages posted it, obviously without having read it. The headline shows that they know the issue, but aren’t reporting on it, and in fact are distracting people from it. Very weird, and disappointing.

  25. Philip Dec says:

    I said Facebook in my first comment, and it could have been my gmail account they were trying to confirm. That would make more sense. It has been a while since I tried commenting there, so now I’m actually not sure. I was logged into FB then, just as I am right now: that’s one of the reasons I had Facebook on my mind when I wrote my first comment.

  26. Philip Dec says:

    Thank you, Dane, for addressing this article from Natural News.
    I remember seeing it on my news feed and almost posted it on my timeline: just wanted to read at least some of it first. Like you, Dane, I thought the mention of “lead” in the title, with no mention of aluminum or barium, was a bit odd. Now, I am glad I waited before posting it.
    Many readers of Natural News are well aware of the ongoing poisoning of our skies, and mention chemtrails from time to time in their posts.
    After reading Natural News for years, quoting and linking to it many times: I am not actually able to comment there, no matter how many times I have tried. Every time it looked like my comment would go through, I would receive an unable to post alert and told my Facebook account would have to be confirmed. So I would give my cell # as requested and I was told that a code number would be sent to my phone that I could use to confirm my FB account. Every time I was told this, the number was never received by my phone; and, to this day, I cannot comment on any articles at NN. At the time, I thought Facebook probably had more to do with what I was going through than Natural News. Just mentioning it because I wonder if others have experienced something similar trying to post a comment there.

  27. Karen Wyder says:

    Thank you Dane for all that you do to keep the public informed. Chemtrails are in the sky every day and I absolutely despise their appearance knowing that they are spraying toxic chemicals our way. I feel helpless, frustrated and angry. It’s unfortunate that Mike Adams isn’t reporting the whole truth. They are there, up in the sky for everyone to see, apparently all over the world. It’s so wrong. So sickening. Education is the only way to inform the public. If they like it or not.

  28. Recynd says:

    I’ve been awake and aware of the Information War being waged on all of us for some time now. I also consider myself to be a “chemtrailer” (or, more offensively, a “chemtard”). Recently, I saw a video by Suspicious0bserver that said that at least SOME of the lines many of us call “chemtrails” are, in fact, condensation trails (aka “persistent contrails”). He said that, when relative humidity is very high in the environment surrounding the plane, the planes’ exhaust will leave persistent trails. He said that, before jumping to the conclusion that a trail is a chemtrail, we must check the relative humidity at 35,000′ or so.

    In the interest of educating myself and not misinforming others, I’ve got a couple of questions perhaps someone with more knowledge than I do can answer: How common is it to have very high relative humidity at that level without there being any visible clouds? Is there any relation between humidity (or lack of) at ground level and at very high elevations? Does humidity occur in pockets at that height? Is there a way to tell the difference between a chemtrail and a persistent contrail just by looking?

    Sorry for the long post…I don’t know where else to ask these questions.

  29. Nicole says:

    Everyone make sure to look at this document Dane talked about in the video so you will understand who brought the climate engineering studies to the table that is now being used as a sword to slay life on earth, and make sure to write every person on the acknowledgment page and demand them to be human and help stop the monster they created: SHARE THIS:

  30. Peter Lawlor says:

    Dear Dane,
    I live in Ireland, near Dublin. Just read your article re ‘Natural News’. Earlier today I read Mike Adams piece on ‘571 tons of toxic lead’ being “Chemtrailed into America’s skies every Year”
    His article surprised me(to say the least). I was licenced by the FAA as a ‘commercial pilot with a flight instructor rating’ in Texas in 1981. His apparent ‘half truth’ or, even ‘lie’ on the issue of the toxic chemtrails being sprayed on the Earth shocked me. I have seen them, and noticed their effect on the skies in Ireland. Only aware of them in last 2/3 years. Thank you for your truthful article.
    Sincerely, Peter Lawlor

  31. nomad says:

    In the early mornings I typically see lots of spreading chemtrails and remnants of already dispersed trails. Leads me to conclude that the bulk of the spraying in my area takes place overnight. Predawn.

  32. nomad says:

    What I have observed on days where spraying seems not to be evident or prevalent is that cumulus clouds are frayed around the edges. This indicates that they are interacting with and being dissolved by ambient aerosols sprayed earlier and not necessarily visible to the eye. In my area this is rare…the absence of visible chemtrails and streaks. Most days they are not hard to see.

  33. Rayna says:

    M. Adams spreads disinformation and this article is just another proof for this. I became suspicious after I read so many articles about health benefits of the green tea. There are some benefits i do not deny this but green tea has big amount of fluoride in it, it natural occurrence.However this combined with the fluoride in the water and dental products makes huge amount of this chemical in our bodies. I sent him an e-mail and asked him why he promotes green tea so much and the answer was very vague and he never did anything to correct his statements. Since then I do not trust him at all, he definitely has some different interests at heart.

  34. Appears you are just one year exactly behind me on my trek for answers to this very question about Mike Adams. Basically he is a “double agent”, never really getting to the solutions of anything he reports but always keeping people spinning in wonder. A waste of precious time imho. I think we can learn a lot from the links listed on this article. Special Report: The Legend of Mike Adams and the Reality

  35. Emil Möller says:


    Hello, just read and would like you to comment in that forum in order to take away unclarities, leading to infighting.

    The article referred to on your site is

    Thanks, Emil Moller, Netherlands

  36. Sako says:

    I have put Dane’s website on the bottom of my emails,(in my stamp) Also,asking people to look up and help expose geo-engineering. I also attack weather reporters and their stations for dis informing public by calling them “high clouds”. We all should try to do our part.

  37. Jon Aretakis says:

    In a time of global disaster viable information is critical. I get so frustrated when I see disinformation and information that is half true is just as misleading. I am so happy to see this article. We can see the difference between good information and disinformation if we use common sense. When we add GMOs to geoengineering the intent of the elite becomes clear. I get so frustrated and even scared about how to approach the subject of geoengineering. But I have realized that there has never been a more important issue to raise the red flag on. I get discouraged because I want people to wake up faster. But they are waking up. We just have to have faith and believe that truth will overcome the lies and the half truths. Nice article.

  38. What says:

    Thank you Dane. Very well stated. Never heard of that site until now. What sites do you recommend for good info and content?
    We had our 1st heavy spray day yesterday in a few weeks. What insight do you on the days there is no spraying? are they doing other “programs” those days? Nor Cal area…

  39. Jerome Saint John says:

    I saw a big problem here when I first read the article a few days ago – Chemtrails tankers have jet engines They use JP Fuel- Lead Free ie No Lead in fuel. Most all piston plane engines have now been modified to use non-leaded gas – VERY FEW PLANES USE LEADED GAS-ITS BEING PHASED OUT.

    Think about all this. How In The world can you call something ‘Organic’ that is getting Chemtrails FallOut nearly every day! Greenhouse grown? OK- We are talking TONES of Metallic Nano Particulate sprayed in the last few years alone that has permeated EVERY home-auto-building-GREENHOUSE in the WORLD and there is NO WAY TO FILTER IT! IT IS UN-FILTERABLE!! We are being FORCED to Breathe it! This is nothing less that A Direct Frontal Military Attack on us AND our food supply. And EVERY elected official REFUSES to STOP IT!!

  40. Lillia says:

    I was reading that article the other day, and I was scratching my head.. I was wondering why they made it sound like it wasn’t so bad.. When we all know what’s really going on.

  41. carol freiberg says:

    Thanks Dane,
    Am doing what I can to help people understand this craziness.Please keep me informed and educated so I can continue to spread the word.
    Last two days they have really been spraying heavily.Went out looked at the moon last night and there was a huge chemtrail lit up by the,almost,full moon.Very discouraging at times.

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