Is This The Calm Before The Storm?


Our entire reality is in an unprecedented state of flux, we are all in uncharted territory. With each passing day the likelihood of a major paradigm altering event or chain of events grows more likely. Now is the time when we see what we are made of, now is the time when we must take a stand and make our voices heard. —DW

by Zen Gardner

There’s been quite a lull in major events of late, despite all the garish noise and typical bravado of global figureheads and their complicit media. Sure, there are skirmishes worldwide and economies continue to tumble, but the urgency of many regarding our ongoing situation is apparently suspended in some sort of strange holding pattern.

While it’s encouraging that the awakening is keeping TPTB’s machinations at bay and forcing them to change directions and tactics, I find it nonetheless a bit foreboding.  It’s clearly not a time to let our guards down.

If you think back to 9/11, there were no warnings as to the vast dimension of what was about to transpire on the world stage. That particular sudden shift in the collective consciousness and the subsequent restructuring of society within that emotionally charged atmosphere were unprecedented. Surely the beginnings of the World Wars and the false flag events that were used to justify them as well as draw in US participation such as the sinking of the Maine, the Lusitania and then the infamous Pearl Harbor set up, were traumatic for their day.

But in this modern era of instantaneous communication and media dominance, the 9/11 events were exponentially more drastic.

The Russian Gambit

Since the Muslim terrorism meme seems to be running out of steam, especially now that it’s clear the West is again using these same elements they groomed from the start to foment their wars, they’ve now resurrected the Russian demon. Russia and the US have been working in close cooperation for decades on many levels, especially after the West imploded their economy and their previous Union was drastically dispersed. Russia has needed outside help to get back on her feet.

Over time the tables have turned somewhat as they’ve gained more economic independence and exploited their vast natural resources, something the West has had their eye on all along. Ukraine is one such gem of natural wealth, as outlined in globalist architect Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book The Grand Chessboard in 1997 where the allusion to the need for a new Pearl Harbor was first coined and where he also names the countries and states of that entire region as the prize the West should strive to control.

Don’t discount the fact that this entire play we’re witnessing is fully staged. At the very least it is being carefully manipulated to create just the atmosphere that will take the New World Order plan to its next level. Similar to the global economic take down to bring about a one world digital currency, the hidden powers behind the scenes know exactly what they’re doing, despite any setbacks their interim plans may have taken.


The Doors for Major Events Are Wide Open

Unfortunately a variety of options are now available as lynch-pins they can yank out at any moment that would make the wheels fall off of our current societal structure and drastically change humanity’s course. Not only could this orchestrated cold war simulation burst into some kind of military conflagration, whether limited or an all out nuclear war thus changing the course of humanity profoundly, but the undermining of Syria continues to simmer, as does the pugnacious Israeli hate for Iran that apparently cannot be satisfied, just to name a few.

Add to that the descent of the United States into a totalitarian 3rd world state with a first world military and the potential for another major false flag event, not just to distract from domestic issues and the clearly seen unraveling at hand, but to galvanize the mass American mind into the next level of hysterical jingoism. In that climate the US machine can go after any named culprit it wants, having saturated the Middle East and Eastern Europe with military installations, especially over the past 14 years.

This may be stating the obvious but this is our real time predicament. And we must be prepared for any eventuality. We won’t be warned. The value of just such a drastic manipulated event is in the emotional impact, massively supported by government propaganda via their mainstream media mouthpieces, dutifully filling in the blanks as to whodunnit and why we need more war and domestic controls. This scenario then bleeds into the NATO countries the fastest and travels the world in new restrictions and mind traps, all based on fear.

The Walking Dead

These are not very pleasant scenarios, but if we can’t see the handwriting on the wall by now we’re in even worse shape already.

Despite the sabre-rattling and economic, military and police crackdowns, most think the world will just keep trundling on with little adjustments here and there, but all will be fine. Their faith and reliance on authority refuses to be shaken. The consequences of such thinking may require individual action and that option was engineered to be discarded in most cases since birth.

If anyone isn’t aware of the grand plan to institute global governance they are seriously hindered from connecting the dots of this worldwide meltdown. Once you understand the plan, everything from the Agenda 21 driven BLM land grab, gun control and the plethora of other One World driven programs, to the deliberate evisceration of the world’s food and water supply while toxifying anything that brings life to the planet and its inhabitants come into focus.

Depopulation, disempowerment and gulag type city incarceration are plainly stated plans of these megalomaniacs. The slightest bit of open minded research will prove that to anyone willing to investigate.

Spiritually It’s Anything But Calm

Many are experiencing very trying times as this transition continues. As I’ve said repeatedly, for those not spiritually prepared, the next major storm is going to hit very hard and turn their worlds upside down in a moment. For those aware of the forces at work and sensitive to spiritual conditions the great war is already here and well under way. Is is already World War 3 by the technical definition of world wars.

When the ocean comes to life and the waves and currents become tumultuous, everything in and on the sea is greatly affected. Perhaps the deeper levels under the sea feel the impact less immediately, but everything is part of the whole experience. Similarly, as the waves of global tension rise and manifest in all walks of life, so our spirits sense the deeper changes working behind the scenes both causing and reacting to these pressures and disruptions.

I know I and many others have been experiencing such changes. Perhaps it’s difficult to concentrate, your sleep pattern is disrupted, or waves of emotion and questions pass through seemingly without reason, even to the point of anxiety and depression. If you’ve been on a boat in rough seas it’s not easy to do much of anything, be it writing, eating or hardly any normal activity while being tossed by a storm. This is what many are experiencing.

So before you get all introspective and down on yourself, remember almost all of this is being brought on by external influences. Know, too, that you are not alone in much of what you are experiencing. We’re all in this turbulent bathtub together. There are some very dark forces, both earthly and spiritual, deliberately trying to make things confusing and conducive to fear, a very suggestible state to be in.

This is why the media is pounding on the tropes they’ve embedded into the mass mind harder than ever – humanity is very susceptible in times like these.


Abandon Their Stinking, Sinking Ship

A story was recently told of how the passengers of a sinking ferry boat were told to put on their life jackets but stay where they were. Do not jump off the ship, even as it was listing they were told. 302 people died needlessly as a result, while those who did abandon ship, following their basic instincts, were rescued from the water. Those who didn’t, died in their mind-frozen, authority-obeying seats, if you will, holding on to their so-called life jackets, a token gesture of care from rulers who don’t give a damn for who dies or how many. They only want to preserve a semblance of order as long as they can while their perfidy in perpetrated.

Don’t fall for the life jacket ploy. It’s like waiting for FEMA to come to your rescue. It’s all a sham to keep you quiet and staying in the boat. And just waiting for them to take the initiative.

When people wake up to the reality that today’s authorities do not have mankind’s well being or even survival at heart, and are in fact working feverishly for its demise into controllable factions of vastly reduced number, they start to approach the point of taking action.

This begs the question: will such activation be in time to thwart their Machiavellian plan?

The Sleepy Sound of the Alluring Sirens

The Sirens of Greek mythology were beautiful, singing bird-like maidens said to put unwary sailors to sleep as they lured their ships onto the reefs and their destruction. There couldn’t be a more fitting illustration of the shallow, mind numbing spewings of the likes of of Obama, Cameron, Harper and a host of other puppeteered so-called first world leaders. It’s all essentially a sleep inducing lie with a very disturbing, destructive motive, dressed in syrupy sing song platitudes.

It seems the more they lie the more people believe them. As the adage goes, tell a big enough lie and everyone will believe it. That apparently applies to quantity of lies as well.

History bears this out. Yet do we learn from it? Does anyone know any history? Is the history that they have been taught the truth, as in real, true history? These questions come front and center as individuals proceed through the wake up process.


Steady As She Goes

Spiritual disciplines and communing with nature are very healing, comforting and strengthening in times like these. As is drawing close to those you love and who love you, as well as forming community with other awakened souls in whatever form we can. Remembering that most of these strange phenomena are outside spiritual attacks and influences will help clear the mind and heart from confusion. This is also why alternative information must include the so-called “bad” news with the good; it’s important to keep track of these trends, as well as continue to expose them to the unwary.

Our accumulated voice is rescuing and empowering people by the day. Never ever let that be minimized in your mind and heart.

Do your best to be “steady as she goes” as we all traverse this next phase. A major event is on the horizon in some shape or form. It’s their trump card, having worked so well in the past. They even brag about this fact. As David Rockefeller infamously stated years ago, “All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the new world order.”

They cannot control us all, especially as the awakened grow in strength and numbers. They’re aware of this, which is why they’ve become somewhat slipshod in their execution of their plans of late. They know time is of the essence, which, as I said, may be why they moved straight for the Russia confrontation, temporarily bypassing their thwarted efforts to go after Syria and Iran as was their admitted original plan. But they’re still in play.

Stay alert and prepared – physically, mentally and spiritually. And do your best to help prepare those around you, and inspire even more to get prepared.

The storm that’s coming following this relative lull will be earth-shattering. The US would gladly nuke one of its own cities if it has to. Insane Israel would be happy to attack and nuke anyone or everyone to push their self-serving genocidal program. These self proclaimed controllers are all psychopaths, so never expect anything to make sense or follow any sort of path of reason, as much as they try to create scenarios to justify their actions.

Don’t be lulled into complacency by contrived rhetoric. It’s all a lie.

Very strange dark powers are at work. Stay supple, stay sharp, but keep your dukes up.

Much love, Zen


21 Responses to Is This The Calm Before The Storm?

  1. William says:

    I have noticed exactly what this  article read, watched it come to pass, I have awakened. Hurricane Katrina woke me, we were forgotten and lies were told to hide what happened. So I know and I am spreading the word and trying to wake all I can.

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  3. becca miller says:

    we all do you need to join together in love try to talk to those who cover their ears so tightly grace reach out to each other pray and meditate love and ask for help from the good side we are not alone and even if we die for I mean whenwhen we die every little thing’s gonna be alright

  4. Jasmine says:

    I just want to write to everyone that we must remember that no matter what happens, we are ALL immortal and our souls will never truly dies. Trust as the time comes nearer, just trust in God/Creator/Source or whatever you call him or her. He will see you through, and remember to trust yourself as well and that you are on the right path and exactly where you are meant to be at this time. Blessing to everyone <3

  5. Maribel Rodriguez says:

    Hi Janet, I understand how you feel. You are not alone, for sure.
    I awoke just 4 months ago and it was almost a traumatic experience. Awakening made me question everything I had learned as real and searching for the truth took me to God. I didn’t believe in God before, thankfully I do now and my life has taken a turn for the better even with all the danger over human kind that I’m aware of now.

  6. Janet says:

    It is lonely, I know. Once you ‘know’ you cannot un-know….and ignorance is not bliss anymore. Trust in our saviour Jesus and pray. If I didn’t I’d probably be insane by now! All this research brought me to him…..

  7. Barbie says:

    and will bring an end to all the suffering and undo all the damage that has been done through the misuse and abuse of power. Man will at last live in harmony with His Creator and all creation. (Daniel 2:44, Psalms 37: 1, 10,11)

  8. Barbie says:

    Kristine I can relate to your frustration. However, I keep reminding myself that for many it is too frightening to contemplate the coming storm. We are living in a time of grrat transition. But as was already stated, in spite of the forces of darkness that exist, believe in a good God, one that will take control and

  9. justin says:

    this time there’s nowhere to hide, we’re facing the firing squad side by side.

  10. horsegirl says:

    Regret being the bearer of horrible thoughts, but I think that this nation which has known an extended orgy of consumption while the rest of the world cowers and starves – Europe too – are going to become the locus of the wrath of this insane cabal of pirates. Just posted a comment to the effect that the US is deemed by the demons (NPI) as an economic engine for their phony currency (and that I am surprised at the number of wealthy people who have confessed to me they don’t know what a fiat currency is). What we are doing is propping up a currency scam. Once they are done with printed/tangible currency, I believe they are done with us. The war will concentrate right here. They are at war with us right now in “soft” terms of weather, biotechnology, etc. But if there’s anything I would urge people, if they get rid of tangible currency, go any direction but the NATO countries. I mean it. We have been allowed merriment while the other half of the world has been demolished. The demons in power can’t mean for this country to continue. It is the only armed population on earth to such an extreme extent. Once they want to put in their NWO, we will amount to the one impediment. And guns can’t fight HAARP and gas. I have expected this country to go biblical. My late father used to say it is a house of cards I would see fall in my lifetime. Having understood the totally false nature of the dollar as international reserve currency, that will be the locus of power for them to destroy once they go digital with money.

  11. Silverskies? says:

    Solidarity with you all from Australia….it is a very heavy burden to bear, to see and know these things. It is a bitter pill we swallow daily. It is true that apart from doing our best to waken others up, the most important task we have and the most powerful is to connect with what brings us peace, harmony and joy so that whatever terror and horror we may witness and experience, we have been a positive energy for the Earth and it’s people. And yes, we preach what we most need to practise 😉

  12. m says:

    It’s lonely being awake and not knowing anyone else who is aslo. It feels like a dualistic bad dream. Everything I study about this is infinitely dark. Maybe it’s designed to remove hope. The spritual

  13. Constant Walker says:

    This IS “the storm.” This is not a test. This is the actual emergency.

    Well, it is a sort of test….of the ‘stress-to-destruct’ type. What we’re going to see is whether the artificially “individual”-ized Humans currently caught-up in the virtual world-o’-hurt can, by getting over their own too-precious usurping alienating crippling “self,” recover a sufficiency of the Organic Integrity necessary to fulfillment of our Human Function here as a component of Earth’s immune system.

    Can they then re-emerge (from the variously sized and configured random collections of the ersatz “individual” into which they’re presently divided….and conquered) into Her Whole Living Arrangement as the Free Wild Natural Persons we are by-nature, and then coalesce spontaneously into the Free Wild Natural Communities that are our true Organic Form, and in which alone resides the Organic Integrity essential to our Function? Will we ALL together then be able to arrest the “progress” of the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease, now in its own terminal throes, somewhere short of the Planet-‘death’ toward which it is headed much sooner than later?

    Even if things have already gone too far for that, though, is there any other viable option for our Kind except to DO (as best we still can) the one thing genuinely Humanly possible to us….which is to BE what we ARE?

  14. Imogen says:

    Thank you Zen , and thank you to others who’ve commented because every day I look up and see the Chemtrails and know that there is little point in feeling angry and resentful. Part of me feels my still point and no matter what , we will go on.
    We must still try . Still try to dissuade them from the devastating harm they’re causing . But now I am sensing such futility .

  15. Laurie says:

    I completely relate to everything you have said. Yes, it’s been ramping up to an incredible degree and looms in the air. I can’t, however, imagine how to “prepare.” What – buy an extra case of water? When it all comes down, there will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The only preparation is on the spirit level; knowing, somewhere deep inside, we’ve been through this many times and places before, and here we go again.

  16. horsegirl says:

    For those who, as one commenter beautifully says, believe in a good God – I want to share this little-known passage from the Revelation. This passage I love because it refutes the bizarre rapture teaching stemming from spooks insinuating themselves in churches, where people have learned to embrace a false picture of God wanting to hurt the earth. Here it is, the antidote to that falsehood:

    The nations were angry; and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your saints and those who reverence your name, both small and great– and for destroying those who destroy the earth.

    Revelation 11:18

  17. Amanda Birdbear says:

    Taking heart in reading more confirmation about what is really going on around the world…also great to hear that the sleeping giant (populations) is slowly awakening. I too am reading & sharing all I come across on this issue…& in a way it’s not with a heavy heart because those who think they hold all the power are underestimating those who put them in power big time. Like you say, it’s all a lie but that too cuts both ways, in that just because we don’t see it on national news the word is getting out & soon enough the cat will be out of the bag. That which is meant to harm will be used against those who are trying to do harm (or something to that effect)… they are trying to direct what we see & hear in newspapers & tv but the social media out there are what people are tuned into anyway, (Facebook, twitter, etc.) Keep God first & He will keep us first, this is truly a fight between good & evil. And in my book God will always trump evil as long we keep the faith! & keep sharing information.

  18. Wanda says:

    Wow, so good to read this as an affirmation to what I feel in my heart everyday. I have put my life on hold in a way, spend it spreading the news anyway I can mixed with spending time with those that mean the very most to me. Its difficult to carry on everyday activities around others who will never be awakened. My job is working in the outdoors creating beautiful gardens and outdoor living spaces for people and now I question its purpose and longevity. I have a deep connection with the earth and feel it’s torment daily.I feel very inadequate in her protection, but I walk in the forest and hear the water flowing, the birds still calling out their mating calls and it gives me courage to at least keep trying.So glad you are all here.

  19. francis m reps says:

    Chances are; If he or she is wearing a uniform or displaying a badge, it’s time to run in the other direction. Strangers do not have our interests at heart. Stay below the water line and try to be as self sufficient as possible. Renew familial and social ties with old friends. Believe in a good God.

  20. horsegirl says:

    Zen, thanks for this balm. Knowing we are not alone. And blowing the whistle on how activists become targeted individuals who could mistake angst for a strictly inner problem.

    In accordance with a vision I had the afternoon I spoke with (the highly regretful) former Science advisor to Eisenhower and Kennedy Jerome Wiesner, now that the demons that be have HAARP etc. in their talons, will they be able to resist manipulating Yellowstone? Or provoke “the big one” in California? I hate to say it, but I think the 2001 demolition extravaganza foretold their future intention to destroy the country. Symptoms like ripping up all the railroads – who’s ever done that to the hard-won infrastructure of their country? Sorry to bear this awful news but I don’t think they mean for the country – which they view as nothing more than an “economic engine” for their bogus currency – to last. No one who wanted their country to survive would do what they already have done. They have no allegiance. Transnational transhumans.

    You are so spot on about the calm before the storm.

  21. kristine says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been feeling just like this. It is very frustrating and dishearting to say the least. I post everything i can on my pages and it is disturbing to me just how many people do not share or even block my posts..i live in n.louisiana where the spraying is very heavy and it has effected my health and my concentration and mood..It is helpful to know that im not the only one feeling this way…i will heed your advise and will never give up the fight..its not about me..or you its about everyone and the little ones that can not say stop..God Bless and see you on the front lines..

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