It’s All Bullshit


Source: Zen Gardner

Anybody else fed up with all this crap? I can hardly believe my eyes any more it’s all so fucking contrived, shallow and meaningless. Just look for a second at the stuff going down around our planet and you’d think you were in a bad sci-fi production in some failed studio full of unconscious drooling dweebs.

It’s ridiculous.

We can harp all day long on the conscious awakening which is wonderful, but it doesn’t make this crap go away. At least not yet. But it’s such insane spew one can hardly believe their eyes. And if anyone swallows it, man are they in for trouble!

The cool thing is the polarization. While it’s bad news for the idiots who refuse to see the truth, yes refuse, because it’s self evident, it’s setting the awake on new projected courses they never dreamed of. And that’s even more than wonderful – as long as they don’t shirk in fear of the unknown.

But I suspect most who’ve woken up to some degree are fed up enough to try just about anything. And that’s a good thing, because the unknown is hurling towards us whether we like it or not. And it’s nothing to fear.

But for goodness sake, see things as they are! From there you can operate consciously instead of on ethereal cereal BS blindness.

Here’s a poignant example of reality breaking out from 50 years ago that’s well worth reviewing. Just think where the hell this altered civilization has gone since then at its accelerating rate of adulterated change!

Now you’re getting it.

Abject Indignation

It’s healthy as hell to get mad and fed up with this bullshit going on around us. If people don’t recognize it for what it is they’re living in a dream world – either a defensive “safe zone” of religious or belief system framework, or some kind of crapola flitty disjointed anti-reality I really don’t want to know about.

They all stink to high hell with a shallow, unnatural and unreal stench and a vibration that gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Whatever, “if you’re not mad you’re not paying attention” is so damn true. It’s sickening the grovelling most of humanity is doing, genuflecting to fake blowhards masquerading as leaders, false information peddled as fact, and toxic crap doled out as food and helpful “drugs”. It’s obscene. That’s why we better be mad as hell, or we’re not going to be fucking alive any longer!

I have a lot of love in my heart but it doesn’t contradict my indignation one fucking bit. Nor does it in any awakened soul. I’m sickened with the crap being peddled by these usurping “authorities” and talking heads – it’s disgusting. They’re all sell out slime bags who should be put down in one form or another. Humanity has suffered enough – it’s time to have some balls and exterminate the lies and liberate the captives.

That’s just how I see it. I’m obviously in a pissed off mood but it feels good and right. People need to dig up some serious guts and take things into their own hands, wisely and without violence if possible. It’s going to be hand to hand combat for their own existence soon if they don’t.

We are awakening, we are the answer, and we are powerful.

Use it, before you get used up.

And clear your head and blow the snot out – it’s accumulated poison waiting to be ejected.

Stay indignant, but loving and extremely conscious.

Source: Zen Gardner

11 Responses to It’s All Bullshit

  1. Kera Egland says:

    I'm definitely glad to hear that there are other people that are not embracing this counterfeit reality and that are aware of this crap that's going on

  2. andy says:

    just check the skys in the spring its criminal

  3. james harris says:

     so  lets start off buy saying this is are goverment as a place that we not only live but we eat and sleep and bring up are kides so why and how come you as a goverment have but no you have not tryed to even ask are even see what and how you as the how would we start it as are overseers yes i would really like to see what is going on in why the state no why the united states of amarica is failing and why we have not even tryed to get out off depted are feed the people that need it the most but no we are not hearing are seeing that are own country is falling off we dont care if people live are even die that the kind of places we live no not u but are kieds and there familys

  4. Tim says:

    I have went thru the anger phase and now, while in acceptance of this horrific tragedy, I feel like our time is very short and all hell is going to break out. Why do you think FEMA is preparing like mad with camps, drills etc? They know out of control climate is coming. It is going to get so much worse than one can imagine. Think about 5 mile wide tornados and 1000 mile wide hurricanes along with floods, droughts and wildfires and you get the picture. On top of that, imagine habitat dying and food scarce. The 2020s will be hell on earth. I feel sorry for the children.

  5. Dr Cindy says:

    Two weeks ago we had the worst polluted air in the country (Salt Lake City) and when I got above the inversion it was layered with chemtrails. I was furious. Everyday in my office I talk to people about chemtrails and give Dane’s website. Those of us who know need to relentlessly keep informing.

  6. Over it! says:

    Nicely written thanks Zen. I feel this aptly reflects the mood of the people who are awake….it sure does mine. Keep it coming xx

  7. Jane Kean says:

    Thank you for the strong comments Mr Zen Gardener that’s just how I feel sitting in a French cafe surrounded by a babble of French men with their glasses of wine in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Do I stand up and educate them about the horrific events being played out in the sky today. Normally I do but the point of no return having been reached my human instinct of save yourself is comming into play. Steven I agree with you I’m sick of this shit and mad as hell, that makes two of us! It isn’t what is happening it’s the presumption of the powers that be to think they are superior humans to myself and the rest of the world. How dare they wield their neandothol clubs over my head.

  8. Ana says:

    I totally agree Mr Zen Gardner but i have seen how dificult is to even make people to think about what they are seeing happening in their skies? they insist with contrails but since when they saw so many contrails together (even at night) leaving persistent trails in the sky?when i talk to them they don´t even blink or they say “yaahh?” or just laugh,never paying attention or just joking …sometimes i just want to punch them in the head and not be loving as i should…and have you notest how the meteorologists use the cool downs to confuse people? -they enfantize or proudly announce the geoengineered cool down as something natural while other places have drought and the Artic glaciars are melting ,what´s natural or normal about all this situation ?it´s more crazy than anything and however people in general can see insanity on us(people that are awake and angry with this situation)and not insanity in this climate change and maybe because was sale to them the idea that they are the problem (the only problem ):THEIR HUMAN ACTIVITY !,they(weather chanels or Media) don´t proudly anounce the geoengeneering activity as well and why not? if it´s normal and good ,why not? and why oficially they just deny it? …and i have notest how power structures in the world are distracting us and dividing us by importing or promoting etnic/racial conflicts internally and externally to destabilize and at the same time they seem to be trying to introduce more vulnerability or fear with more focused policies in new bacterias and viruses outbreaks .Everything seems to be converging to create distraction ,chaos and stronger control policies as if it was all these things works of chance…Unfortunatly(in my opinion) many of our History was forjed and we don´t even had/have a clue…and how would we explain to people how manipulation was always the biggest weapon used by power structures? how to tell them that their reality is fake as they are the clouds above their heads? …people seem to need to be certain of something even if that means believing in lies that they never had a proof to be true but that they simply believe it (maybe because it´s oficial?)while they seem to need even more evidence about geoengeneering and chemtrails or Haarp etc…

  9. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Mom, Cleaner verbal expression? Does that mean that I shouldn’t say that “I’m sick of this SHIT, I’m mad as HELL and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Yeah, probably too much to ask.
    Thank you for joining the conversation. I hope that you are still telling at least one person a day about climate engineering and asking them to visit this site.

    Love, Steven

  10. susan chamberlain says:

    Scumbags have been around forever (thousands of years}and I’ve known more than my share!! When”The {secret} conference” folks join together I’d like to hear what their “game plan” is. Non-violent solution? Hmmm, how novel? Cleaner verbal expression – probably too much to ask. Let’s see what transpires!!

  11. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Damn Zen! This is by far the most powerful message of urgency I’ve ever seen from you. Thank you Dane for posting Zen’s views that so many of us align with. Many of the people that I attempt to awaken to this crap say, “Attempting to stop THEM will only start a war.” Well, the WAR has already started and we’re losing! Everyday that passes I see less chance of a diplomatic solution.
    I agree with Zen that a nonviolent solution would be best “if possible.” Considering the gravity of the situation all options must be placed on the table and examined. The Scumbags that perpetrate these crimes against ALL life on earth meet secretly to propagate their evil plan to kill us all. The government and media lie to us while THEY slowly poison us. We must join together now at our own (secret) conference to at least form a game plan for the likely worst case scenario. Which I believe has already arrived.
    I’m sick of this shit and I’m mad as Hell!
    Thank you Zen! I really needed this.

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