It’s Not About Freedom And Democracy, It’s About Oil


Many Americans celebrate and glorify wars and conflicts, that is what they have been trained and conditioned to do. We are told America's aggressive behavior all over the globe is about "freedom and democracy", but what are the real motives and agendas behind the endless wars? It is about keeping the completely unsustainable fossil fuel paradigm going as long as possible. It is about hiding a very rapidly unfolding collapse of industrialized society from the masses, which is not hard to do since the most of the population does not want to know what the reality is in the first place. Resource wars are escalating all over the planet as the fight for remaining resources escalates. I respect and regard US veterans that have served for the right motives, I have personally given to veterans causes for many years. Unfortunately those in power have used them for the primary purpose of gaining more power and control. The article below is an exceptional portrayal of the hydrocarbon fuel conundrum and the endless carnage that has been created by the quest for what is left of this finite power source that has already pushed the biosphere past the point of no return. Though climate engineering is not mentioned in the article, it is a core factor in regard to the escalating resource wars.
Dane Wigington


The End Of The Oil Age

Source: Collapse of Industrial Civilization

But how can we define an oil age? It has been about 150 years since the first deep oilwells were sunk, and just over 200 years since the viable steam engine was developed. The two are linked, because the steam engine made deep drilling of oil wells possible and gave us access to a hundred million years worth of fossilized sunlight. Perhaps we have not strictly had an oil age, but rather the first and only age where we enjoy vast amounts of surplus energy that we have extracted from hydrocarbon fuels, of which oil is the most energy dense. It has brought us material wealth, and the means to indulge in wholesale killing of each other and all other species. It gave excesses of food and a population that consumed that food and grew to five or six times the sustainable level of the planet. In the timespan of human existence, the ascendance of modern industrialized man has been a short flash of light and heat that has briefly lifted us out of the mire of the middle ages, but at a considerable cost to the environment.

Our mistake has been to think of that elevation as both divine and permanent. That certainty of permanence explains the mad scramble to come up with ‘alternatives’ and ‘renewables’ in the last decade or two. Something to keep current politicians in office and the masses pacified. It is important that we accept the seductive indoctrination that prayers will be answered and technology will continue to deliver all that can be imagined. The majority have come to believe in the economics of cornucopianism, where wishing for something will make it happen, while ignoring the reality that everything we have is derived from finite hydrocarbon fuels. If we spend enough money, alternatives will always be found to sustain our lifestyle. They won’t of course, and the conflicts that have been fought over oil are proof that they won’t. The pivot of world oil economy is Saudi Arabia, (the concept of ‘Saudi America’ is too ludicrous for discussion here), but that fantasy land of sand dunes and tall towers is being encircled by fanatics who know that when the jugular of global oil is cut, the industrial complexity of the developed west will die.

When (not if) that happens, we might be lucky to hold onto an existence akin to that of the 14th century, which is what the religious zealots want to inflict on all of us. If we’re unlucky, then we must expect something that will be much darker and as yet inadmissible to modern minds that do not have the scope to deal with its implications. That infers an unpleasant imagery of pre-history that we prefer to ignore. Understandably, most think the same way; this is why we cling to the comforting promise of ‘infinite growth’. The alternative is just too awful. Instead we have been encouraged to believe that we can do without oil and not only still run around on wheels, but have a purpose for doing so. And by some means yet to be invented, keep our wings as well.

Our oil age will not end through lack of it, but by fighting over what’s left. So choose your luck‐factor and take that thought where you will, you are on your own with it. Many reasons are given for starting wars, but ultimately there is only one: the pursuit of (energy) resources. Human greed drove improvements in weaponry, and the means of destruction and acquisition became more deadly over thousands of years even though there was more than enough for everyone. The input of oil was the game changer of warfare; history over the last century has shown that conflict was not diminished, but amplified, by the prosperity and technology created by oil. Since the 1860s when black gold gushed from the earth, the economic and political thinking of the pre‐oil era was seamlessly grafted onto the industrial potential of the 19th century, thereby enabling Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Vanderbilt and many others to accumulate fabulous wealth. Their business acumen was undeniable, but none of it could have been brought into existence without energy-rich oil. The use of fossil fuels in our military machines industrialised our methods of killing while at the same time becoming synonymous with progress and commerce. War became a business, the purpose of which was the acquisition of more energy in the pursuit of profit. Battlefield deaths on an industrial scale were an unlisted debit on balance sheets.


WWI started with the muscle power of horses and ended with tanks, demonstrating the murderous scope of mechanized warfare. Recognizing the critical value of oil and its sources, leaders carved up the Middle East to ensure its supply. An exercise in map making in the 1920s by the English and French civil servants Sykes and Picot set the scene for carnage that has raged throughout the Middle East ever since. Arbitrary lines in the sand were drawn, artificial oil states in the Persian Gulf region were created without regard to tribal affiliations, and a quarrelsome orphan Israel was dumped into the lap of unwilling Bedouins. As the quantity of oil there became apparent, all the major nations were drawn into the race for it because those who controlled this key resource were certain to subjugate those who did not.

The critical nature of oil made WWII inevitable. To sustain their empires, the Germans and Japanese slaughtered their way across Europe and Asia in a grab for resources, primarily oil. They promised infinite prosperity and their peoples cheered them on while deaths elsewhere were being counted in millions. With most of the world’s known oil supplies in the hands of his enemies, Adolf Hitler knew he had to have the oil fields of southern Russia and the Middle East to sustain his war machine. He failed, and his dream of a ‘Greater Germany’ collapsed not because of inferior soldiers but because there was insufficient energy input to sustain his plan for world domination. Hitler’s perception of infinite growth in his ‘thousand year Reich’ mirrors our present-day view of ‘permanent affluence’: vast quantities of oil had to be burned to sustain his fantasy. In our desperate scramble for ever-diminishing energy resources, we are in the same mad race to perpetuate the delusion of infinite economic growth. The oil pendulum has swung the other way with roughly 85% of world oil now outside the borders of the USA and Canada in countries not always of a friendly disposition. And just like the Fuhrer, political leaders of today are promising that which is beyond their means to provide. To mask this reality, they have invaded oil-producing nations in the name of ‘freedom’, claiming ‘victories’ which have left only wreckage and simmering animosity behind. So too did Hitler spread a similar line of propaganda that he was liberating other nations from the threat of communism. The second world war that left Europe and Japan flattened in 1945 might be seen as history, but it was just the first of many oil wars, and the politics of it were a side issue. WWII serves as a grim reminder of how violent and destructive humans can be in their ruthless pursuit of energy resources. Hitler’s own ‘oil age’ lasted just twelve years, and it set the pattern for the world oil age that is now in terminal decline.


Don’t be deceived by the democratic righteousness that defeated Hitler’s fascism. 150 years earlier the American empire was created with the same kind of energy grab. The European immigrant peoples who forced their way across America from the 1700s onwards needed resources on which to survive and to sustain the prosperity of an expanding nation just as the Germans and the Japanese did in 1940. The native inhabitants of the American continent were in the way of civilization and progress; their subjugation was a precursor to what happened later in Europe and Asia. Expansive prairies had to be cleared to convert the energy locked in grain and meat to feed the invaders and provide negotiable currency. This self-perpetuating process went into overdrive with the discovery of oil, and the ultimate conversion of that oil into more food resources and hardware added to the wealth of the growing nation. An expanding population needed employment, and the raw energy from oil, coal, and gas supplied it. America and the rest of the industrialized world had the means to build bigger, better, faster machines in endless succession, and created the most powerful country on earth. Everybody was going to be rich, forever. The universal law of consumption was relentless: more demanded more.

Meat and grain grew with relatively little human intervention, but other crops needed to be worked with human muscle. So the slave trade came into being. Slavery might be given many unpleasant names, but essentially it is the acquisition of one energy form to convert it into another for profit. Buy and feed the slave, use slave labour to do work, sell the product of that work. By the time the slave is worn out, several more will have been produced. This was simple economics by 18th century standards but the human consequences were again horrific, costing more millions of lives. It also brought on the American civil war where the slave‐muscled South was overwhelmed by the industrialized muscle that drove the armies of the North.

All the European empires forged out of so-called ‘empty lands’ across the world followed a similar pattern of resource acquisition and an absolute disregard for weaker peoples. It is an unpleasantness that we choose to ignore, but it confirms the killing force that drives us to acquire and convert energy to our own use. The seemingly limitless amount of oil and its energy density appeared to be the answer to all our labour problems. Oil became our ultimate slave. Or so we thought.

We now have maybe 20 years worth of usable oil left. There are certainly no more than 30, perhaps as little as 10. If one of the crazy sects running loose in the Middle East managed to get hold of a nuclear device, setting it off on the Gharwar oil field of Saudi Arabia, it would be endgame overnight. That is perhaps too bleak a prospect, but we should not discount that notion entirely.


Before our oil to food arrangement, the planet supported something over one billion people. We now have over seven billion, and the mothers of the next two billion are alive now and approaching the age of reproduction. Preachers, scientists and politicians will not stop the basic human function of eating and procreation, so if unchecked nine billion people will be here by 2040/50, and set to go on rising after that. Every new arrival expects to be fed, watered, clothed and housed, but by no stretch of the imagination will the global food system be able to feed that number let alone sustain them with what would be expected by way of the most basic material comfort. No one dares to stand up and make the rather obvious point that we are not going to reach 9 billion. Something has to give, and that giving is going to be very unpleasant.

In the first decade of the 21st century, numerous wars have been fought over oil, and are being fought now. Wars are fought over resources because on nature’s terms, gentle contentedness is not a good strategy for survival; we are collectively powerless against genetic forces that dictate our lives no matter how much we protest otherwise. Downsized to whatever level, nature will ultimately force the choice of survival or death, and the outcome will be of no consequence other than to you and yours. To expect humankind to change within a single generation is stretching credibility beyond breaking point. Those who look forward to a life of bucolic bliss in a downsized oil‐less world might do well to think about that. Whether killing and butchering an animal to eat it, or invading another nation to secure oil supplies, we must appropriate energy sources to facilitate survival. You may think there’s a choice about doing that, but there isn’t, other than in the matter of scale. Whether paying a butcher to cut and wrap your steak, or paying soldiers to invade Iraq, securing sufficient energy to live is what we have to do to survive.

For the moment, nature keeps us supplied with oil, and we’ve pulled off the neat trick of converting it directly into food. Not knowing when our oil is finished and our food supply will run out is the little teaser for the early 21st century. Right now, most people think that food comes from supermarket shelves and freezers, which is just as well. The food trucks moving around the country are basically mobile warehouses, delivering food just in time for it to be consumed. When the realization dawns that the food trucks have stopped, the food held in stock by retailers will be stripped bare in hours. The oil age for everyone will have come to an end.

But oil carries man’s destiny in far more subtle ways than food supplies. It holds nations together. The USA is a vast territory of disparate peoples and ideas, held together by a common bond of prosperity and a basic consensus that government and law generally works for the good of all. And the inhabitants of empires are always convinced that theirs is permanent and protected by gods. That definition would apply to many large nations to a greater or lesser degree. But the bonds that hold it together, godly or otherwise, are entirely subject to availability of affordable oil. Empires (and the USA is an empire) remain whole so long as the means exists to maintain them. Oil has become that means.

Without oil, the nation will begin its decline into disparate regions. Without interconnecting transport, the United States of America cannot remain united. The force necessary to prevent a breakup will not be there, so within a decade (probably far less) of oil supply failure, the USA will cease to exist. The cracks are already there along linguistic, economic, racial, political and geographic lines. Even now it would be possible to take a pretty good guess at where those regions will split off.


This will be denied and resisted of course, but armies and police forces have power only as long as their fuel lasts. They will be unable to prevent secession in whatever form it takes. It might just be that Washington will come to govern not much more than the original colonies. Given a suitably deranged political leader and prayers to the right god, fully armed groups are ready to believe that the ‘American Dream’ can be restored. Such demagoguery sets the stage for years of regional violence over the basics of life, particularly food and water. The horror of it will be justified by warped views of right and wrong, clinging to a denial mentality magnified beyond any imagining by the privation that an oil-less society will bring.

This scenario is not exclusive to the USA. The British Empire was built on coal. When the coal was gone the empire faded away. Then in the 80s and 90s the UK became awash with cheap oil from the North Sea, and everyone was reasonably prosperous, particularly Scotland. Now the oil surplus has gone, and the UK is in decline again as a net importer. The ‘oil prosperity’ is fading away. Scotland is losing its main source of income and wants to secede from the United Kingdom, convinced that independence will somehow restore their wealth. Things will get very unpleasant when they realize that an independent Scotland will eventually be reduced to the economic level of Greece. The link between oil and the ability to eat is clear. The UK has to import 40% of its food, and much of the rest depends on oil to produce it, which also has to be imported. It is the end of the UK’s oil age, but few admit to it being the end of a food age as well. The same problem is being revealed in the current fiasco of the European union, but a little more advanced than the USA and UK. Oil-fueled prosperity is falling dramatically in the poorer southern countries. Greece, Spain and Portugal and a swathe of smaller nations have to import all their oil which only worked when oil was cheap. Now it’s expensive, and they are facing bankruptcy. 50 years of ‘unity’ is dissolving like a mirage in the face of the difficulties that smaller states are suffering. Without cheap oil, their economies cannot function, and so are disintegrating. United Europe needs oil to stay united just as the USA does. Russia’s oil dependent economy is crumbling, and Putin is having to make threatening postures to divert attention from his problems. His oil age is ending in a different way and yet we cannot tell if his posturing is just that, but a shortage of resources in the past has invariably brought conflict.

Move to the Far East and the nations around the South China Sea are all threatening one another, again the focus of the argument being the oil and gas fields of the region. They all know that without oil they cannot survive, and are prepared to fight for every last drop of the stuff, no matter what the cost. As a measure of what the dispute is about, the volume of oil in question is 11 billion barrels. One billion barrels is less than a month of world consumption. They are preparing to fight over the last dregs in confirmation of man’s desperation over oil shortages. Eventually, this problem will hit every nation and individual on earth as our oil‐crutch is kicked away. And with the oil age fading into history for us all, there will be no shortage of violent resistance to this inconvenient truth.

Will technological innovation save us?…

Source: Collapse of Industrial Civilization

16 Responses to It’s Not About Freedom And Democracy, It’s About Oil

  1. maciej says:

    Good article. Thank you Dane, you are as usual on top of things. My question is about so called "free energy" technology. I have read about it quite a bit, about Adam Trombly's working model and its sabotage by George H.W. Bush in 1989, and so on. I overall do not understand electricity very well, even in the form, we currently use, thus it is difficult for me to evaluate factual state of affairs on the matter. But, having said that, it seems hard for me to believe, that there is nothing that could substitue oil (and i dont mean natural gas, or even hydrogen). Among all the articles and material on this website, i have never come across anything about "free energy" technology (i hate to use the term, but for the lack of better one…). The most likely possibility in my view, is that technology to create energy without combustion (non solar and non wind) does exist, but for obvious reasons has been heavily supressed, that is only my researched guess thou. I would be very interested in your opinion on that issue Dane.  Thank you and keep up your great work, i am doing my lesser part too, passing flyers, cards, talking to people, etc, Magic.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Maciej, yes, you are correct. “Renewable energy” is an “energy extender” at this point, but hydrocarbons are still the life blood of the current paradigm even if renewables were implemented. As far as other as of yet unknown energy sources, there are still problems associated with population and global resource depletion that are real and unavoidable, issues that must be faced.

  2. The article should be titled: It's Not About Freedom and Democracy, It's About Enslavement to Energy and Slaughter.   Some inconvenient Facts:  The Power of Wireless Cloud  Rod Tucker Director, CEET Laureate Professor, University of Melbourne  First Published April 2013 Revised June 2013  Centre for Energy Efficient Telecommunications An excellent article on the Green Energy con job, and how non-profits like the Sierra Club skew the debate. The Green Sheen Wearing Thin   Man turns the Earth into a Microwave–Oven   Complete text: Electrodynamical Coupling of Earth's Atmosphere and Ionosphere: An Overview   Excerpted from: Environmental Impact of Aviation – Wikipedia   ["In the European Union, greenhouse gas emissions from aviation increased by 87% between 1990 and 2006.[4] "] No one is exempt from these facts… 

  3. Rachel Robson says:

    First, it occurs to me to wonder if these massive underground bunkers really are for people, or for oil?!  Surely "they" are stashing oil?  Seems only reasonable.  And kinda funny in a sick way-all that effort to take it out, then to bury it again?  Sounds about right considering all.

    For a very long time, I've wished for someone to quantify how much oil and what kinds of, go into nearly everything we use.  In antigeoengineering, we think in terms of flying planes, moving militaries around, and individuals' use in vehicles, and hot/cold.  But, the stuff is in the clothing many wear, most wear.  It is in fertilizer Big Ag uses and I've never understood that one-why, why?  And in pesticides.  It is in all the plastics we use and not just for bags, but wire covering, fake "real" goods, diapers like Pampers, nylon everything,–I mean the stuff is everywhere!  It is part of why there are so many people and how this many people can function.  Basic utilitarian stuff that gives the illusion of the good life by way of imitation.  Polyester, once shunned, is back and huge as a "miracle" fabric.  The list is endless.  I have wanted to know for a long time just how much goes to this sort of stuff, and what kind of oil does. Surely one of our geniuses here knows the answer?  Paul Vonhamish?  It is in our computers, it is in nearly everything.  And how the hell did that happen?  I remember when I first saw plastic!  So, this is part of the pie that is oil.

    Ana, I'm not sure I understand you about minimum wage in Portugal.  Forgive my ignorance, but what does 500 EU translate to in American money and do you mean, surely don't mean hourly, so is this monthly or yearly or what?  The cost of a house? or? living accommodations is for rent or?  China bought part of Portugal's debt?

    Didn't China buy one hell of a lot of America's debt?  Everything I read says our economy is gonna crash and soon.  Our, might as well be monopoly, money.  Printed paper not faring well in the world these days. People seem to think our money is gonna crash sooner than oil.  Our debts are sky high.  Can't pay them back with a continually deflated dollar.  There is a good, really good movie-not new-called Bamaka, set in Mali, made by a guy from there and filmed in his family's courtyard.  In it a court of sorts takes place-made up to make a point-in which judges come to hear people give testimony about the IMF and World Bank, and in doing so, make it quite clear why Africa can ever get out of debt.  It is extremely well done and occurs to me this could be us now or soon.  Now that our government has us all squared off on power grids for every single thing we do from computers to banking to paying bills, it would be easy for them to cut us off one square at a time.  Sometimes I think this is what Jade Helm 15 is about.  And that this will happen before we run out of oil.  I mean we do have the prior genius of sustainability without oil, but how long would it take to get it going to the tune of Everyone?  Everything?  Like say medications and such that must be kept cold?  Perhaps this is why the geo-engineers do not care about what they are doing to our environment.  Why there is such a wall of silence.  Keep the multitudes occupied until the bottom falls out-surprise!  Want to smoke weed?  Okay then!  Want marriage equality-sure, fine!  tossing us bones to make us feel like we are advancing as a society.  Go visit Cuba?  Sure- go!  We're "cool" Now.

    So many people think a sign of being intellectual and sophisticated means being an atheist.  No God, no afterlife, makes a great platform for greed.  What conscience?  "I want mine and I want it now."

    This country-so huge, so few people compared to other areas, so much literal area for growing foods, actually came with a full supply.  The buffalo were so vast that it could takes days to ride the width of a running herd.  "We" invented a special gun/pistol just for killing Buffalo and not even using the meat or hides, the idea being to starve out Natives and it worked.  People "discovered" a perfect world and then destroyed it.  Gee, if only there was a litmus test to identify that brain defect, and those with it walked the plank first!  I mean if you just follow the trail of massive blunders, like, say the dust bowl.  No trees so the settlers decided to build sod houses, tearing up the nearly impossible to tear up sod, finding excellent soil beneath, previously fertilized by buffalo, and thought perfect for farming without realizing that that sod held the soil in place.  The same could be said of Nevada now.  Cows don't even like Nevada and the land not suited in any way for cattle.  I was there when they first began to try running cattle in Nevada, by first chain-dragging down the pinion trees whose nuts are so very nutritious, and these big bushes held the soil.  Which they then tried to seed for grass for cattle.  And now we have haboobs in Nevada.  You know, where all the nuclear testing, or so much of it, was done.  Blowin' in the wind.  And what a wind.

    I think soon, money will be the main issue, and yes, chaos will ensue and I think that is what Jade Helm is preparing for.  We've sucked up our aquifers and screwed them to boot.  We've poisoned the whole earth and that before the current geo-engineering, so they probably figure how much more could they possibly do wrong?  Earth is screwed anyway.  The very fact that they are doing this is proof that things are far worse than we know.  Except for those of us with an inkling.

    Still, our world, our universe is far more complex and wonderful than most imagine, miracles do happen.  As long as we can draw breath-and that is getting harder-there is hope.  My wish in waking others up is not only to stop geo-engineering.  But also to come together as communities as we will really need each other.  Real life communities, not just virtual.

    If wishes were horses.  All the old wise ones, so many gone now, but all say that what we think becomes real.  We actually create our reality.  So, let's work on that one!  What sort of world, truly "fleshed out", do you envision?

    • Hello Rachel Robson: It takes enormous amounts of energy to produce those dandy little people killers we call cell phones. Benzene poisoning of workers is rampant in places like China, and most of Earth's rivers are no longer safe. Plastic is indeed everywhere, but that's just the plastics we see. How about all the plastics we bury, so we can buy another dandy little cellular killing machine?

      Production is production, and energy use takes more energy than the end user is ever made aware of. It is all very sick, very stupid, and very deadly…

    • Ana says:

      Hi Rachel .I understand very well your concerns and i agree with you. Thanks for asking me about my comment : when i talk about 500€ of minimum wage means per month and it´s about  USD 551 .The price of 300 or 400 for housing is monthly too and can be the  the price of renting an apartment or the payment of the mortgage of a loan to aquisition of a house. Usually who buys a house have much higher rent monthly to pay to the Bank.Many People already lost their houses to the bank .

      Our government sold all the shares( as % majoraty owner)of rentable companies already to the privates but our biggest "invester" or buyer is the government of China (but not a private chinese company,).Yes, China bought Portuguese debt and Spanish debt too in an sovereign debt auction.Seems that The UE policies don´t agree with a State owning their own public enterprises(?)  .So ,all the the rentable companies and even many services were sold or given to concessions to the privates which means all the´real  profits to our State gone.Portugal has been pressed to privatize the water services too but the People here is against !Now our government almost  just have the public companies with debts of millions  and the tax payers as only resource  ,but in a country with high  unemployment ,low salaries and with people with no capability to suffer more cuts in their wages and full of taxes already what is going to happen next? this is a concern to me cause i already know that a financial  collapse can happen and poor countries in the world don´t need a collapse of industrial civilization to be suffering on misery or in sub-human conditions for decades or centuries  of Existence while  the rest of the world continues peacefuly with their lives. Is of this kind of fate that Greece is trying to run from, a fate that it´s just probably starting from South Europe that will be a concern to others too in the future. All started to us with the bankruptcy of a big bank and some other smaller ones because of the mismanagement of our leaders (to not say worst) .Just now we are paying for another Bank that collapsed in 2014 but that in reality has collapsed long ago,they just falsified their accounts and robbed the bank.We can´t stand more Banks collapsing! The Banks have a huge weight in our lives and are devastating to us:when they fall ,falls everything else .The money that is an abstract thing rules totally our reality which makes people blind to see the diference between the illusory and the true.This System ´s rules  were  made to blind us!Sorry for the long comment!


    • Hello Rachel and Ana: Many good points made by both. World trade and "banking" cartels are at the very base of all modern calamity. Our economic model rations wealth (rather than distributing wealth) and limits resources to those who are in on the game. In the final analysis, it is the banking system and the ghouls who control it, which need to be eliminated. Read the entire text of this Wikipedia entry, because this is where your future is traded for a new excuse….
      Chicago Mercantile Exchange – Wikipedia

  4. Irene Parousis says:

    Let's pray that our fellow Hellenists remember who they really are today, as they cast their vote, and say "No" to Control and Fear!

  5. russ elder says:

    Dane————Im a proud Navy vet. 75-79—-luckily missed the action–however you are right with this great article————things we have done Im ashamed of—————-if we dont stop (we won’t) things are going to happen ———I think that we have to stop the greed and war mentality we have————-thanks for your hard work as I have high hopes for my grandchildren—-Russ

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Russ, thank you for making your voice heard. Those in power carry the responsibility for the misuse of our military men and women, but we do need our brothers and sisters in the military to wake up fast in regard to what is unfolding and what they are participating in. Lets all keep sounding the alarm Russ, thank you again for your courage in speaking out.

  6. Marc says:

    Every word in this essay is an arrow loosed straight at the heart of the normalcy bias. As I have said several times in posts here, we are "nine meals from revolution". And so if this source is correct, that we have only decades of oil remaining at best, we must ask ourselves how this might possibly dovetail into the "scorched earth" scenario guaranteed through continued geoengineering. If we are seeing the "End of Oil" within a matter of years, what the hell will the geoengineers use to spray the world, flying saucers? Does not the "End of Oil" also imply the "End of Geoengineering"? Should we be filled with joy that the end of oil might ultimately serve to be the one factor that will actually put a stop to all geoengineering, in spite of all of our best efforts through other strategies? Uh……I don't think so.

    If we see the so-called end of oil in our lifetimes, we sure as hell ain't gonna give a rat's ass about geoengineering then, will we? All bets will be off, as they say. Chaos and starvation will rule the day, and yes, humanity will almost overnight become sub-human. To contemplate this kind of future remains, as the above writer says, "inadmissible to modern minds who do not have the scope to deal with it's implications". And why should we? It appears almost certain that mankind will not ever be able to come together peacefully in the orders of magnitude required to actually transition to alternative fuels or energies. The world is already far too chaotic, psy-oped and/or geoengineered, to  have much of a fighting chance if oil were to end say, within 15-20 years. And besides, IF WE WERE ALREADY TRANSITIONING ON A MASSIVE SCALE, IN ADVANCE OF THE SO-CALLED END OF OIL, WHO KNOWS WHAT THE FUTURE MIGHT HOLD?

  7. chris chinalsky says:

    Great article Dane, don't forget the desire to install Central banks in all these countries.
    Money is always the desire.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chris, yes, I fully understand who is pulling the strings behind the wars, but we must remember that all the printed money in the world is not worth anything without resources. Resources are always the bottom line.

  8. Ana says:

    Looking at this very naked truth kind of article no wonder why those in Power  started drilling  in the Arctic  !…and here in this link (looking at the comments on the right side ,i´ve made one days ago ,was the only "negative" comment) we can see  the perception of the  truth or  of the reality from people in general,they seem to reduce the problem to just CO2 emissions and even on that they are being fooled by governments with more promisses . We the People  don´t seem to understand the complexity of the fossil fuel civilization chain that the author of this text talks about. Even  renewable energies seem to be an ilusion for 7 billion ,imagine 9 billion or more and maybe renewable are not so renewable afterhall?…i don´t think we will live till the 9 billion .They are taking care of that ! the number of People (the 7 billion or more) are the less problematic for them .The way the environment already is in collapse and geoengineering (the technology that is supposed to save the world from global warming ;a joke )already in place… i wonder who is still dreaming with economical growth ,end of crisis ,more employment and better conditions of life …i think  from now on everything will just get worst :bigger wars(or bigger than ever), environmental catastrophes ,sickness, poverty ,riots etc….One of the scientist from AMEG said that we can´t burn all the fossil fuels we already have cause the planet can´t afford that anymore .So mankind is in the path of  the collective suicidal !and mankind seem to not be prepared to accept to go back to the time of no oli  ,specially cause it´s impossible for 7 billion (everything more than just 1 billion) to be fed and watered returning to a 14 century way of life .We would never survive and we came to 7 billion because of fossil fuels !And the Madness goes on and on … nobody seems to stop to think! but i believe many are thinking about how to escape in silence! And technology is "the God" that is going to save us ? But Technology depends on the natural resources to be made and to function …what kind of  Technology are they talking about?Some not known yet?Yes,people think that technology and money solve all the problems in the world ,they have been lied to  by those in Power that just like in Greece are just delaying the tragedy to come…

    All politicians can give us is promises of better days and end of all social/economical/financial  crisis in our Nations  .And by the way : European Union looks to me more like the Banks Union .And the Greeks with the banks closed for 7 days they will probably vote yes to the EU  cause the hard reality is that people need money to survive and many others don´t want to loose their savings /money  on the Bank -they must be scared to lose everything so if they vote yes they will just be delaying  the collapse for later time but the collapse will come to Greece anyway .And collapse will come to Portugal, Spain but the time to misery will come for all of us sooner or later in Europe and USA . People from other countries like Syria ,lybia, yemen etc are coming to another  sinking boat too that is Europe ! If Greece will vote NO will be getting sooner to the place they can´t run from in the future unless something will change in European Union politics .Here in Portugal our government already sold almost every public enterprises /services/houses to china ,Angola and now to the Americans  (privatization)and left us in misery with taxes and salary cuts of 30% and more  and from now on i wonder where they (politicians )are going to get the money from to pay the debt interest  ! (from the taxes that already they are charging us taxes above taxes?more cuts in our wages? ,criminal). The greeks were smarter people cause i think they didn´t sell it so much so they probably have something to sell or to get some  profit from  …but this is ridiculous ,till when this can last?Are those European Leaders blind? Or they are just worried about preparing their bunkers ? I didn´t had the clue of how much this was connected with the cheap oil cause we always paid too much for car fuel compared with Spain and other countries where the minimun wage is higher while here our minimum wage is near 500 € (less than in Greece)and we don´t pay less than 300 /400 € for a house to live …

  9. carol freiberg says:

    And to think we have had so many free energy devices and inventions, that have been suppressed by the likes of these greedy psychos, that would have kept our planet pristine for eternity. I'm pretty sure there is another force at work here that is either otherworldly or pure evil that cares nothing about humanity. Happy 4th of July, whatever that means anymore.

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