KCNR Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield From Vaxxed And Dane Wigington From GeoengineeringWatch.org


Dane Wigington

We are reaching a period in which many critical issues can no longer be hidden in plain sight. From the climate engineering insanity to the vaccination assault on our children, we are at a crossroads. We are free-falling into an acceleration of converging catastrophes that are beginning to force populations to wake up, to open their eyes, and to face reality. One such unfolding cataclysm that is finally appearing on the radar of the sleeping masses is the astronomically increasing autism rates. The fact that the autism rates have doubled in the last few years should be alarming enough, but if we look back four decades, the rates have statistically increased over 10,000 percent (from 1 in 5000 to 1 in 47). An even more shocking statistic has been published from researchers at the world renowned research institution of MIT, statistical data makes clear that on the current trajectory by 2025 half of all children will have autism. Though Monsanto chemicals have been implicated in this equation, information presented in the VAXXED documentary now conclusively proves specific types of vaccinations are an undeniable factor relating to the autism explosion. How can any rational individual not be completely alarmed over such information? Yet, we live in a world where the people we have been trained to trust, to tell us the truth, are not. What will it take to wake the masses to what is being inflicted on our children? Below is an interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield and myself that was done by KCNR 1460 am in Northern California. Though the host seemed to make a number of attempts to marginalize Dr. Wakefield and the data presented in VAXXED, the information given by Dr. Wakefield was inarguable, shocking, and completely verifiable. 

From climate engineering to the criminal cover-up of dangerous vaccinations, it is imperative that we continue to gain momentum in the critically important effort to fully expose the total tyranny of the individuals and corporations that currently run the world. This effort will take all of us, make your voice heard.

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  1. Free Energy Technologies says:

    From autism.uk.org (This is about as bad as it gets with the anti cure autism community to me personally it is super disturbing ok the following is the arguments from the anti cure) There is a growing movement among activist adults with autism and Asperger syndrome who don't think in terms of 'curing' a disorder but instead of celebrating difference. Although this page has been written primarily for the parents of newly-diagnosed children, it may be helpful to note the viewpoints of some adults with autism spectrum disorders, who don't think in terms of 'curing' a disorder but instead of celebrating difference. (In fact, people with a desire to cure autism are sometimes known by adults on the spectrum as 'curebies'.) Please take time to read their viewpoints below.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      View points:

      Autism Friends Network "We know that autism is not a disease, and we oppose any attempts to 'cure' someone of an autism spectrum condition, or any attempts to make them 'normal' against their will."
      The Autistic Liberation Front A posting on Althouse.
      Autistic Liberation Front fights the 'oppressors searching for a cure' By David Harrison and Tony Freinberg. From the Sunday Telegraph. Includes positive comment from Vernon Beauchamp, our former Chief Executive.
      autistics.org "Resources by and for persons on the autism spectrum".
      Don't mourn for us by Jim Sinclair. Originally published in the Autism Network International newsletter, Our voice, Volume 1, Number 3, 1993.
      Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical Includes thoughts on treatment for neurotypicals (people who do not have an autism spectrum disorder [ASD]) and "What to do if you suspect your child has NT". A humorous site born of outrage at attitudes to ASDs.
      neurodiversity.org "Honouring the diversity of human wiring" This link takes you straight to their extensive collection of thoughts on 'curing' autism.
      Sociological and cultural aspects of autism An in-depth article about autistic culture in Wikipedia.
      Is autism really a disorder? Luke Beardon, Senior Lecturer in Autism, The Autism Centre, Sheffield Hallam University


    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      It's all deception and delusions I disagree with every one of them because they use phony arguments like its a different brain wiring debunking: autism is too much or too little wires in the brain caused by the lack of proper nutrition, hormones ,toxicity and more. My weaknesses are my difference NO I think you can see what's wrong with that argument. Autistics claim they focus on there strength not there weaknesses Debunking, A growing human focuses on there weakness while not loosing strength on other things the more you look into this the less sense they make I confess I was once against the autism cure (an anti cure) it was short lived like for a year or so but as I started reasoning the deficit most people have I found out I was wrong and was promoting harm by pushing the idea that it's ok not to function normally it is not ok TBH it is not human nature to obtain medical disabilities it's just not.

  2. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Nearly if not every parent with admit there child was normal and suddenly became very sick and developed autism sometimes by a vaccine by the way vaccines sometimes have autism listed as a side effect but of course many people don't read the paper and submit to the pressure the doctors give the parents to just let there children be vaccinated sometimes when you visit the doctor that's the first thing they do it's like they're desperate.

  3. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    How can we trust the CDC, Medical Professionals and other Environmental Heath Organizations, governments and even our own healthcare providers, with telling us the truth about the effects of medications and vaccinations etc. I always have the feeling that when I go to a dentist and/or doctor they are using high pressure sales tactics to get as much money as they can from me, without having any concern about my well being. They want to have you return a numerous amount of times, for unnecessary office visits and constantly sell plans and treatments I do not need!

  4. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and Friends, thank you for your work.

    Mr Dane W., I'm very sorry but I have to correct the info above about the rates of Autism in The US.

    Four decades ago, the casuistic it was of 1 in every 50.000 kids, not in every 5.000. ..And if we take into account the various less aggressive forms of Autism that there are in the World, the PROBLEM  is even BIGGER.

    This one is for all the Women that aren't informed; glyphosate and other dangerous chemicals can be found in tampons and in sanitary towels, from 11 different labels, like O.B., Tampax and others.

    And another; Herbalife sells his products in Europe. Here, in theory, it is not possible to sell food for Humans containing gmos. And how this company made a jump "over the fence" to resolve this obstacle??, Easy; they have as their principal suppliers of soybean, a Country where ( in theory ) it is forbidden the production of gmo cereals and others.. A country like Brazil. But if you go to the fields to take a sample ( from the center of the fields, not from the outside lines ) or if you talk to the farmers, what you will find, it will be a very different truth.

    Of course ( in Europe ), indirectly we "eat" glyphosate through animal products, that are bred with gmo cereals that are loaded with the poison of the MFs..

    Good Luck to Us All.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Pedro, though the autism rates have certainy increased even more than the “official” data indecates, I need to stand on data that is the most inarguable and verifiable. The bottom line is this, the rate of autism increase is truly beyond shocking. We must all keep sounding the alarm, every single day.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      I apologize if I am repeating myself,

      We have these movements on normalization and acceptances of disabilities like autism and other medical condition a, they don't have an interest in the cure, they have an interest in the normalization and acceptance of these sicknesses and the people go along with it and agree. I don't know why any person would be anti-cure on any medical condition but yet we have the acceptance groups telling us there is no cure , there would never be a cure ,we should not want a cure, our disabilities make us special and they are all lies we have people curing the autism they caught on the record by the way for those who do not know you are not born with autism you catch autism. The alarm was rung now you are aware if you read this.

  5. paul fowler says:

          My wife has a brother inlaw who was a dermatologist in Geulph Ont. , he has recently retired . On one family occation he and I had a discussion about vaccines . The conversation was mainly him trying to convince me to get a flu shot. He used guilt , ridicule and the one piece of evidence every body keeps throwing around , "They cured small pox didn't they." which might well be true . Bill Gates and the U.N. like the word irraticate rather than cure , not sure why. The cure was discovered in the late 1700's by Edward Jenner . He made an astute observation while ooggling over several milk maidens . He being a man of science took the risk upon himself and tested his revolutionary new  theory on some  poor unsuspecting  child . Luckly for the child Jenner was right .Getting  back to my story, I stated to him that I was not as concerned about the vaccines as I was about the preserves in them . Then I asked him to prove to me that they were safe . He sharpply replied , and I quote , "I don't have to prove anything to you , i'll just shoot you." Now thats a doctor I wouldn't recommend . Lucky for us all he has retired . I hope his son will be a better one. 

    • Dennie says:

      Paul:  That is a truly amazing story. It really looks like the rattlesnakes are absolutely backed into a corner.  My private student who's a physician told me she could introduce me to a good hand surgeon when she saw the swelling and pain that having been prescribed Cipro back in 2011 has caused.  I cannot use my bow hand until this swelling goes away, it went acute on me when I lifted then carried ten bags of soggy bark nugget mulch back on Palm Sunday.  It's getting better but I cannot play professionally or even just for my own enjoyment now, and no telling when or even if I'll ever play as much as I want to again. 

      Looking at all the structures that go into the wrist, it is very complex.  So just which part would the surgeon propose to cut out– the swelling and pain is in about four places..??  Makes about as much sense as my financial planner telling me that in order to have enough money through retirement I need to sell my house and down-size, then invest the capital gain in.. the stock market…??

    • Pedro says:

      Hello paul fowler.
      Medics are very well trained. Psychologically too.
      Medicine is a cult thing. 90% of them obey to the cult.
      A Doctor that thinks for its head and outside of the standards, is a rare case, and normally these rare Persons are exceptionally Human and have High emotional intelligence. They are Free Spirits.
      The average number of deaths in Western Europe due to Hospital infections following surgical interventions, is from 8.000 to 12.000, depending the year and the country. Average 10.000 more or less per year. Per capita, the numbers are Higher in South Countries. This dangerous bacteria are found only in Hospitals, and in the sewage waters these Hospitals produce ( all of them ). These bacteria do not exist outside the Hospital environment. These do not exist in our homes.
      Good Luck to Us All.

  6. CJ says:

    I'm in total agreement with Alan. Even if the sky looks kind of blue it is loaded with the particles. What a mess and real shame.

  7. Michael says:

    Why didn't the host introduce you as an environmental activist or independent climate researcher? 

    0:55: "Dane Wigington, uh local, uh, uh, resident from here Redding"

    Wow! Seems kind of rude.


    • Wendy K says:

      Hello all,

      Regarding the host not introducing Dane as an activist…. I was shocked as well.  Seems like he was ill-prepared.

      Thank you Dane for your hard work and extraordinary strength to get through this fight for the greater good… The fight of our lives. 

      Love to all,


  8. Rachel Robson says:

    I remembered that Robert Kennedy Jr. was ranting about vaccines quite some time ago and so I looked it up as that was all I remembered.  He is?/was? a prominent environmental lawyer, and working as one for NDRC, when this issue of autism and vaccines was brought to him in the 90's.  He was stunned by the obstacles he ran into, the degree of denial, which just made him more stubborn and more adamant.  He collaborated on a book: Let the Science Speak.  The issue for him was not ending vaccines.  All six of his children are fully vaccinated he said.  To him, the issue was the bit of ethyl mercury in thimerosal., an anti fungal, antiseptic agent which was removed, finally, in 2001.  However, it is still used in some flu vaccinations, and in the "developing world".  He and others were certain this would lower the rate of autism.  But, it did not.  If eliminated as cause of increase in autism, that leaves what?  Note the timing.  Aluminum in the skies?  Falling down.  I, for one, do not want all vaccines to go away.  The original idea was not a bad one.  But it was overdone and erred big time.  Fear factor again plus Big Pharma to the rescue.  Nontheless, I don't think we should "throw out the baby with the bath water".  There really are some scary ass diseases out there!  Reason should prevail.  But, it IS very hard to trust any aspect of the establishment these days, if ever.  Way back in the day, I had a "friend" who would not kill the crab lice on her body because she did not believe in killing living creatures!  Uh?  Not an example of truly terrifying diseases, but of bizarre human reactions to common sense at times!  AND THIS PERSON SLEPT IN OUR BED.  I was upset, it was the first encounter for me with crab lice, actually the first I ever knew of them!!!!!  Have you ever been around people when your kids are young who won't use scabies medication because it is so harsh and so your kid gets it, you use it, but no, here it comes again.  Imagine if that was polio instead?  Maybe a bad example, but I'm sure all get where I'm going here.  Tetanus might not matter if you don't do the things I do with old wire and such.  I look forward to learning more, especially since learning that mercury was eliminated in 2001.  Is that not true anymore?

    I would have liked to hear more from Dr. Wakefield.  What an appropriate name!  He mentioned Vioxx.  That rang a bell as I've been on that drug.  I have lots of drug allergies, just tons.  And, basically, a totally misguided immune system such that I catch anything that walks by, and I will get just way more sick than a normal person as my autoimmune defenses don't work, because of my Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which I inherited, it's genetic.  I have had a rough time with medical people, who before AIDs really, did not understand much about autoimmune diseases at all.  And I am poor.  Which means, seemingly, that they are more willing to experiment on me.  With the pain and total inability to walk from the last thing to cripple me, and apparently forever, "they" gave me what is called Major NSAIDS, corticosteroids for inflammation and pain.  After five months, I had a near deadly reaction, another "within minutes of dying".  Can never have any of those! again not even an aspirin.  When I read the PDR, it made it clear that these should be in pulses and never taken for 5 months straight.  Their bad, not that they apologized.  Then, a rheumatologist had me try neurontin.  A miracle of a drug, in 24 hours I had zero pain plus I had tons of energy!  I got a lot done and felt great.  Then the jaw snapping began.  Profound and hundreds of times a day, and mostly at night.  Stopped the drug but that aspect continued and shattered my teeth.  Not listed as a side effect-and though more random now, it still happens.  I insisted it be listed, got scowled at, finally got phone number to register my complaint but did not as all docs thought I was wrong.  However, once again I was the canary in the mine and now it IS listed, but my teeth's days are numbered and they won't pay.  Next up was Bextra.  Another miracle of a drug.  I could bend!  I could do yoga on the floor again.  Sit and draw!  It was wonderful but pulled from market, no damage I know of to me.  Next up was Vioxx.  I did well on it, it helped alot not quite as good as the others but not bad until little very red dots all over me and off, and it had just been pulled from the market!  There is like one antibiotic I can still take.  So, I know for a fact that some many drugs do, past testing, go to market without warnings they should have and wait for reactions to roll in before withdrawn.  I know for a fact that there are at least more than a few people like me who cannot take most antibiotics now, and so are at risk for many diseases. By default, owing to allergies, I  take other drugs for pain that I can tolerate that help.  Like diazepam, vallium? sp?, not for nerves or to relax-I know how to do that, but for muscle contractures that have broken my bones.  And would again if they could.  Magnesium helps but not enough.  And a major pain killer.  These enable me to live, to move some.  I don't like it but I'm grateful given that I can think of nothing else, nor can docs, except I'm using foods and herbs as much as I can for these issues, helps a tad.  I am both marginalized by the medical world and experimented on.  I used to flat out hate all doctors, now, not so much, I do need them.  I have done alternative stuff.  Usually the ego trips are the same with both in my experience.  Docs a tad worse maybe.  I am too poor to count much but for experiments.  Now I have to have a cat scan because of blood in urine and suspecting cancer.  I'm not tripping, I don't believe I do have cancer.  On the other hand, options aren't so great.  Kidney failure?  I think kidney stones or gravel much more likely and I've had that before.  To which Md friend says yes, and another gold star to me for medical astuteness.  I hope.  Lupus could do this, and maybe the drugs.  Sigh.  I feel like I know the whole system inside out.  So sick of being sick and forever though I used to have periods of wellness.  Like 6 months at a time.

    Uber point is we are each very different in body and mindset.  Knowing what all we are up against, or just because, we need to be as informed as possible to navigate this morass of Big Phama and its by the balls grip on medicine and medical practice these days.  Never assume someone is looking out for you.  They are not.  And it really helps to have someone else, a friend or family member with you-to make sure of what is said and to witness.

    • Dennie says:

      I'm finding that the longer I stay away from "doctors" (translated:  Indoctrinated), the healthier I am.  I had bronchitis that wouldn't go away about six years ago.  My doc wasn't in so a "sub" gave me a prescription for Cipro, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, when the first one they gave did nothing to help.  This drug has almost totally destroyed my right wrist.  I'm a violinist and don't know if I will ever play professionally again.  When you look at all the "side effects," really just new symptoms, you quickly come to realize that most of these drugs are POISON. 

      Then there is the fact of the matter of the MMR-vaccinated kids.  The vaccines were causing those who were inoculated to shed measles virus and caused an outbreak at Disneyland (seems a fitting location for this, considering the karmic crap THEY generate– hah!).  The outbreak of whooping cough in Elk Grove, CA, occurred in a school district where over 80 per cent of the kids were inoculated with the vaccine.  Fat lot of good that shot did them.  So much for "herd" immunity– my FOOT!!

    • Rachel — I'm speechless! Endless suffering. I myself personally have had enough of the earth-plane polarities. Fun adventure miraculous tender beauty … and always suffering, endless pain and suffering. In Sanskrit they often write the words for pleasure & pain as one word: SUKHADUHKHA. The Indian continent is a very ancient culture, thousands of years of contemplating our interconnection to the vast  woven universe. They understand so much more deeply, what we adolescent Americans are just beginning to grok. Be well, my friend. God Loves you!

    • LS says:

      Oh my gosh, Rachel,    What are you guilty of but trusting? If only we knew then what we know now, right? I am on the sensitive end of the human spectrum also and they have almost killed me lots of times….PRACTICING!!!! Thanks for telling me where the jaw snapping came from. And Dennis,  I lost my ACL because of a one time script of Cipro, as far as I am concerned. Our friend ruptured both Achilles tendons and eventually died from it. My family rarely goes to any Dr for decades now. We are all safer with alternative care unless you are bleeding out. Even with tumors that need to be removed, I am more likely to die from being in ICU for days than to take my chances and eat tumor shrinking foods.  My thoughts and positive projections are going out to you, Rachel. Thanks for sharing.  (Linda)

    • Dennie says:

      Today there was a movie review on Fresh Air about a movie that depicts an autistic young man who learns about the world from watching Disney movies– educational movies?  "Surely you jest.."

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Mrs Rachel.
      For you.

  9. Ryan says:

    Go along to get along is embedded deep in North Dakota !

  10. Wes says:

    Eastern Nebraska update. We had a storm last night. Like someone else mentioned. These things appear out of nowhere. This was no normal storm. The thunder and lightning was different. The area that this storm was in had to be saturated with electrifying something. There was a period of 45 minutes of solid lightning and this roaring thunder. At one time I could here this "system" or whatever moving away and then it came back. A solid roar with a strobe light effect for that long. All I could think of is they are making the whole atmosphere charged. It seemed like they somehow started this chain reaction and it kept going. Shear winds, some trees but mostly branches down all over town. Very localized.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      I saw a comment recently about 'cirrus' clouds and 'cumulus' clouds being in the same sky.  

      I want to emphasize that the comment is absolutely correct:  natural cirrus and natural cumulus clouds do NOT belong in the same sky together – they require different sets of atmospheric conditions. 

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Similarly, natural condensation trails and natural cumulus clouds do not belong in the same sky together

    • M. B. says:

      Yes, I think another "charged" storm, nothing natural these days.

      Here in Norfolk area there was a lot of lighting and some wind, a few small tree branches on the ground, the storm lasting about 30 minutes.

      Most of my "contacts" have too much on their plate (in their opinion) to be concerned  –  good thing some have a Savior  –  IMHO geoengineering all fits in with His purposes.  


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wes, this sounds weird and scary!  I sometimes "see" something like this happening all over the place.  I expect it to happen, given what "they" have done in fact to electrify our skies.  But I also wonder, if they are in fact messing with the ionosphere routinely and even the magnetosphere, then, along with the ozone our protection from Solar flares and the sun in general is less than it was, enabling even more such events–possible?  I can envision a chain reaction.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks Andrew.  I have wondered about that.  It happens here ALL the time.

    • Dennie says:

      Sounds like the epitome of weaponized weather. 

  11. Alan says:

    I debated whether or not to post this experience but, I think, on balance it might be helpful.  When we read posts about how elated people are to see blue sky a lot of us probably think, "That's great for you, but I'm sitting here under this slop and you'll get yours tomorrow or the next day, so why did you bother?"   But, in spite of my fear of engendering that reaction,  I want to tell you about the blue sky I saw on the Fourth of July in northern San Diego County.  It was  transformational.  It took me back to a time I can barely remember.  I only became completely aware of the spraying about two years ago but seeing this sky made me realize that I had not seen a real blue sky for a much, much longer time than that.  In the morning there was no light brown haze on the horizon, the telltale sign that even though the sky looks natural, it's not.  No, on this day the sky was royal blue from "end to end".  It was the kind of sky that looks Photo-Shopped in magazine pictures.  It was spectacular, inspirational, clean and breathtakingly beautiful. On that day, I allowed myself to feel really alive and think good thoughts because I was witnessing a manifestation of nature's perfection and I appreciated it beyond measure.  I guess the main reason I decided to post this is that the experience of seeing that sky reinforced for me what exactly it is that we've lost and how important it is for our bodies and souls that we get it back.        

    • Grant Jones says:

      Alan,  Bravo!  G.

    • Wes says:


      It might look blue but it still not the blue we use to have before 1999. The atmosphere is shrouded in particulates. It's always there. If you watch the documentary I posted in another thread. "Aerosol Crimes" first edition. About in the middle he gives an interview with Robert Cather. This is at the beginning of when they first noticed it in the high desert of New Mexico, he states even if they haven't sprayed in a week or two, the blue is still not the same. You can see the glow around the sun that should not be there. I've seen the particulates 50 miles off shore in the Atlantic ocean while in Nicaragua. They are everywhere. I saw them inside my house the other night after we lost power. Here's a photo I ran into from Hollywood, circa 1979 to 1983, it's the second to the last picture. Look at how clear the sky is. Look how clear the goodyear blimp is. And this is in the city! It's not like that now even if you don't see spraying for a few days. Look at that sky, that is what we use to have. 


      Another thing I've noticed is the lack of people wearing sunglasses. I watched a tourist video from the eighties from New Zealand. No one had sunglasses on. I framed houses in the early eighties in Dallas I never wore a hat or sunglasses. You didn't need them. If the sun was at high noon, those "rays" would be beating down on you. Now they are all over the place. I can't go out without sunglasses any more. Now it's bright haze, way different.

    • Alan says:

      Wes – yes the kind of sky in the blimp and the Capitol Records building picture is exactly what I saw on the 4th.  That's why it shocked me.  It lasted all day, but they started spraying as soon as the sun went down.  Didn't want to close my original post with that downer but, hey, we at least got one day.

    • Angel Scott says:

      They often take off holidays when people might look up at the sky. Every time my son and I see something close to real blue, it feels wonderful.


  12. DrDignity says:

    Thanks for that, Dane & other bloggers posting today. I'm in San Miguel de Allende/Guanajuato area in Mexico & see the same chemtrails, even behind puffy cumulus clouds.  If you haven't seen today's article in robertscribbler.com, please go there soon.  Scribbler talks about the state of the Arctic zone this week.  

  13. CJ says:

    Hi Susan: You are very welcome my. Also that sounds like good news to me on your last post here. Wow that is something else about the Bonnie a Clyde. Thanks for the information on the Cadmium. I'm sure that is being sprayed along with all kinds of nefarious chemicals. 

    If this is the same Troy that I know. That is fantastic news on the vaccinations Troy. The Troy I know is a listener, unlike the majority out there.

    By the way, I looked at the pictures that you have on the fibers. I notice them built up in certain areas where the snow here was piled up. That is not from anything else, but the Chaff that falls from the SRM and it really piss's me off because I have to clean it off before I paint. That cannot be too good as far as I am concerned. I am very concerned about I have researched, about the Huge Amounts of Aluminum that is constantly being Dumped upon us. One may as well chew beer or pop cans. Again I thank you again. You seem very real and good hearted. I know that you do not like Lies from reading your posts. Anyways, don't stop what you are doing. You make me feel better every time I converse with you. Take care Susan.

  14. Dennie says:

    The crap being sprayed around the S.F. Bay Area lately is finer than I've ever noticed.  I'm having a lot of what feels like overheated urine and bowel movements.  I believe this crap is super-drying and I'm really thirsty a lot, I keep running for water and the w.c.  I'm worried this is going to make me very seriously ill and/or kill me soon, and now we're hearing that "they" want to sell this to Oh-Bummer and RAMP IT UP???

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dennie, I agree.  When my daughter came up the other day, she remarked on how very dry everything not only looked, but was.  How is it given what is said to be fog, that it leaves not a wee bit of moisture ANY WHERE?  It is as if every bit of moisture is just being sucked outta every thing, the ground too, bone dry.  Despite watering.  My nose dry, mouth and throat.  Me too, running for water constantly.  Guess I missed what ever about "being sold to Obama"–uh? he did not know?  WTF?!  Ramp what to where for Pete's sake?!!  Enough!  Stop it!!  Dennie, I was sitting here the other day with Kitchen window-south one open maybe 6 inches, when some smoke? blew in, curved and went back out the window.  No source of that smoke at all.  Looked grey.  Never saw that happen before and don't know what to make of it.

  15. Troy - Japan says No to the MMR Vaccine says:

    After you read the statistics you will clearly see why Japan says no to MMR Vaccines.


  16. The inevitable coming financial crash may bring an end the toxic spraying because funding to the corporations will dry up!
    EU Banks Crash To Crisis Lows As Funding Panic Accelerates
    Zero Hedge July 8, 2016
    The signs are everywhere – if you choose to look – Europe's banking system is collapsing (no matter what Draghi has to offer). From record lows in Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse to spiking default risk in Monte Paschi, the panic in Europe's funding markets (basis swaps collapsing) is palpable.

    • Dennie says:

      I think it would be a very good idea to find out where "They" get their funding, where the money comes from– does the military buy this crap to ionize the atmosphere in order to run their not-so-covert "Star Wars" space weapons of mass destruction program with money from We The People to fund the insanity, then use all nicey-nice terms like "solar radiation management" and "stratospheric aerosolized geoengineering" as a pretext for mass destruction, explaining to you that's it's just what they would like you to think it is– "helping" mitigate global warming, even as the sprays are in the wrong part of the atmosphere and are causing more warming– all the while lying through their teeth.

  17. Free Energy Technologies says:

    We must make our voice herd people need to get together and try to overturn the mandated vaccine laws https://youtu.be/tvNM4lE7DB8

  18. CJ says:

    Very Tragic story Susan. My own mother died some time ago. Just before she died she had a toxicology test done. Loaded with Cadmium. Where the F**k did that come from. Now my father has Parkinson's. Keep pumping him with drugs. Don't go down that road Susan. Once they get you hooked,  your a Goner. I have confidence in you though. I don't think that that will happen. You know too much. 

    For Free Energy Technologies: I hear your frustration. There are way too many Organizations that are reaping the benefits from many other's downfalls (sickness). When you say Wake Up, I don't think that most will in fact do that. Maybe one might say Smarten Up People. 

    The movie Vaxxed was possibly pulled from the theater because of a threat or they were paid off. Who knows. One thing for sure, Big Pharma doesn't like this Cat Out of the Bag.

    Better days ahead. 

    Again Susan, sorry to hear about that. The Zombie effect is Looming over all our heads. 

    I am seeing more and more stunned ones out there to say it bluntly, each and every day. When I look at people now, I am always asking myself? I wonder if they know. La La La La La, is what I see in many. In the little Fairy Tale world in which many live in. No idea the Lie which we live in.

    Yes I get very frustrated at times and feel like screaming out at the Top of My Lungs. Well have a Nice Day. Keep up the good work Dane.

    • CJ — Thank you. My mother was born in 1908 and was part of the 1930s era. She actually had a warrant for the arrest of Bonnie & Clyde! And she could tell me what I was thinking before I could speak. I never doubted 'psychic' powers, I lived with them. You can imagine what those chemicals do to the complicated firings in the brain of an empath. I wasn’t born until she was almost 40. And I never take any prescription drugs, even though she innocently fed them to me as a teen. I rarely go to a doctor. No trust there. Sorry about your father. So much pain. Here is a link for Cadmium sources.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      People do need to smarten up I will consider using that term. I keep seeing things about people becoming dumber (lower IQ) I am more positive than not that autism and other "disabilities" are being under reported I mean people can't just fall off cliffs playing Pokemon GO for example that's just one thing at this point it's hard to tell if people are really that dumb of of they are just being ignorant or now I am questioning if those two words mean the same thing or not whatever it is we are in trouble anyway.

  19. Free Energy Technologies says:

    I want to get people thinking especially those who wardship technology we are living in a time where we miss use technology we weaponize technology we don't fix our problems we have more disabilities we have more problems overall but we focus our efforts in misusing technology delaying the cure to so many diseases autism ,ADD ,Cancer and more by thr way all environmental if we cannot cure environmental disorders what hope do we have for genetic disorders sad just sad.

  20. Free Energy Technologies says:

    There is mass deception about autism acceptance what autism acceptance truly is its literally what is sounds like to accept AUTISM not to accept the people with autism specifically IT IS A CURE SUPPRESSING ORGANIZATION SHAME ON THEM. THE ALARM HAS RUNG, WAKE UP EVERYONE!

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      To normalize it in other words I want people to care for one another regardless if they are dealing with autism but I don't want normalization of disabilities one has to think are we all going to be in wheel chairs in the future being fed through a tube by the few wealthy SHAME ON CONDITIONING THE POPULATION WHAT ARE WE ALL GOING TO HAVE MEMORY PROBLEMS IN THE FUTURE AND DEPEND ON A MACHINE TO REMEMBER THINGS AND THE WEALTHY WILL KEEP TABS ON US THROUGH THAT. 

  21. Melanie says:

    Great show Dr. Wakefield, and Dane! So wonderful that the show was broadcasted in Northern CA. It is unfortunate the interviewer had not done his homework, but Dr. Wakefield and Dane passed on credible, verifiable data. The interviewer sounded unprofessional and uneducated.

    Much gratitude to Dr. Wakefield and Dane, and everyone else out there for your courage and efforts. Cracks in the dam are getting wider. Let's all stay strong and do what we can. Best to all of you.

  22. Irene Parousis says:

    Bravo Steven Chamberlain, it's takes courage to make changes in our lives, but we can't move forwards by being stagnant in our comfort zones.  Good luck with your new adventure!!

  23. I have told the tragic story of my mother here on GW before. She lived the last ten years of her life as a helpless zombie, because she believed in the prescription drugs her doctors gave her. She was brilliant, beautiful, and amazingly psychic, the 7th child of the 7th child — a woman who once carried a gun in her handbag along with her US Marshall badge. She gave up her career to marry my father, and trying to adjust to being an obedient wife in the male Texas culture, became addicted to Seconal, Tuinal, Miltown, Librium, Elavil, and too many others. Watching her lose her mind over the years and her slow excruciating death burns in my heart even today. Big Pharma has been happy to force feed these "side effects include…" prescription drugs on us for 70 years. Thus it follows that with no conscience whatsoever, no compunction, they can destroy the mind of innocent children. 

    • Dennie says:

      Susan:  Big Pharma went on an all-out assault on women, using "hormone replacement therapy" to keep them all sweetie-sweet, young-looking and sexy (ostensibly), thus more pleasing to the eye and easier to maintain in their "position" when in reality the huge nurses' study on the effects of hrt had to be halted because it was show actually to be giving the women cancer.  My mother died of breast cancer due to physician-prescription-caused estrogen-receptor related breast cancer.  My father died of congestive heart failure secondary to blood pressure medication that weakened his heart.  My parents were essentially murdered, albeit slowly, but murdered nonetheless, by Big Pharma.  As much as I detested their dysfunctional relationship and the stress and tension it caused me growing up, these poor trusting people did what their well-meaning physicians recommended, never mind the doctors' own blind following of orders from Big Pharma.  As for me, I don't think I should trust ANYTHING The MOTHERF*CKERS would give me.  I have a po' folks Obama-care plan I pay $34.37 a month. Probably has deductibles that will land you in the Poor Farm if I should need any serious care, God forbid!  I dread that someday some idiot will prescribe something when I don't know what's going on and it will screw up my mind for good, like what happened to my grandmother, or someone dumb will give me Cipro (again!), which has nearly destroyed my right wrist… and I'm a professional violinist.. or was, as recently as three months ago…

    • David Gershon says:

      Woody Allen tells the story of how he became seriously depressed after separating from his wife. So he goes to a psychiatrist for help. The psychiatrist says: "Here is an antidepressant. Take three a day." Woodiy replies: "How is a pill going to replace my wife?"

      Woody wrote and directed "Alice," a 1990 film about a woman who breaks free of a traditional marriage. Brilliant and hilarious!

    • LS says:

      Susan,  Yes, whether they are doling out scripts or chemotherapy or vaccinations it is the entire population that is at risk. Adults get adverse reactions to vaccines, too, like the flu vac which is what happened to me. I am just recovering the loss of the use of my arm for the last four years. This is an industry known side effect of any vaccination but how many people know they may lose the use of their arm from a flu shot? I was in Raley's and noticed the ad boards for 12 vaccinations started at the front door and were front and center by the pharmacy. Line up….

      I don't speak of the unbelievable challenges that I have with my health very often (as I don't want to be identified by that ) but because I have been courageous about a genetic mutation gut cancer that I got from my father's exposure in Japan in '45, I am the longest surviving person with this cancer by almost double anyone else-  after first removal. 35 years. I still have slow growing tumors but it is only because I ignored modern medicine and Big Pharma that I am here to tell about it. Food can be medicine too. And nature, as we here all know. Intuition and instinct need to be our closest advisors in all matters.

    • Dennie — Yes, murder by Big Pharma. Slow death. The Stepford Wives. Funny that the RN nurses who were my mother's 'keepers' for 10 years all used the money to get face-lifts! My mother did estrogen too. We share more than barium. Thank you Dennie, David G, and LS for your thoughtful comments.

    • LS — You have said, " …courageous about a genetic mutation gut cancer that I got from my father's exposure in Japan in '45, I am the longest surviving person." Yes, courageous is correct. You story stayed with me. I apologize for not responding earlier.

  24. a simple horseman says:

    Dane, I live in an area that will probably not get a chance to see the Vaxxed video. Is there any way to purchase a copy? I looked and have not found one for sale or for free.

    Greg Hunter had a great guest today, Michael Kreiger. The topics fall right in line with what Dane says and writes. "real truth weaves tightly together, false truth does not and falls apart when exposed to stress". The poorly woven threads of the power structure are ripping to shreds faster every day. I choose to stay tightly woven in truth's, regardless. Keep up the 'good' fight my friends I haven't met yet.


  25. Donna-AZ says:

    Vaxxed was supposed to play in Peoria, AZ near me and Harkins Theaters pulled the film. It played in Tempe for a short time, but I couldn't get there. The censorship is unbelievable and unamerican. Shame on you Harkins. 

  26. David Gershon says:

    Awareness can lead to desperation; desperation may lead to prayer; genuine prayer will lead to an experience, an experience of The Divine; experience of the Divine changes everything. 

    One of the steps in recovery used to go: "Humbly on our knees asked. . ." 

    Elsewhere spiritual literature counsels: "Reality is not a disaster; disaster is not real."

    Difficult to comprehend as true, for those who believe this world of illusion to be the real world. I counsel the desperate, get on your knees and stay there until things start to look different. All things are lessons God would have us learn. This, the point to awareness of how desperate our situation. 

    Also, when knees begin to hurt, do as Dane is doing, and go find someone to help. Like walking, finding reality is a two step process.


    • Pedro says:

      Spirituality must flourish again.

      Trees are the connection between the Earth and the Atmosphere ( Heaven ). And with Water, with the production of pure Rain. And Water is Sacred. O2 even more.

  27. TrudyB says:

    RESEARCH PLAN > Program suggestions for correspondents to Geoengineeringwatch.org concerning the:

    DELITERIOUS ONGOING, LONG RANGE IMPACT ON EARTHLIFE >  Determining The Biological/Physiological Results Thereof



    RESULT:   ?Destructive    ?Beneficial

    AEROSOL SPRAYING IMPACT of heavy metals i.e. Aluminum oxide, Mercury, Cesium. Barium,  DU  ++  more known/undisclosed   & other ingredients (polymer filaments: polymer fiber) 

    SOIL:  Kills life >  fertility, worms, insects,  bees, vegetation, trees, et al, plus runoff infects water sources of land and the sea ways

    OCEAN:  Methane release causes O2 loss> subsequent degradation destroys sea life incl: coral, plankton, fish populations, whales, et al plus all waterways receiving ocean source entry to fresh waters inland.

    HUMAN/ANIMAL:  KILLS  > most deadly is inhaled aluminum >transport to lungs & is distributed to blood to the entire body/brain, cells et al.  WEAR top quality N-100 Respirator Mask 24/7 when exposed:  diligently detox heavy metals daily/>>>>prepare for survival NOW.  Pray and God Bless you all!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.


      Thank you TrudyB.

      And this is happening because they Have all the POWER already. All acts of genocide in the past – and now it is the same – were perpetrated by very rich MFs over very poor people, there is only one or two exemptions. It is pure Madness. Putin must go forward. This is a terrible thing to say, because the elites and the – mad complex – are only a little minority of the US people. But something must Happen, because they are without any control. It is once again the impulse of the narcissistic and sadistic madness that is guiding the actions of the Lunatics ( the socio-psychopaths!! ). Their "plan" is empty of direction and of content, the goal is proving that they can obliterate everything ( and to impose to everybody, the MAD dream of the dis -order of the eugenics preachers). And the MFs are doomed too. The nuc centrals without supervision will be used as weapons. The G-boss towers, the haarp F antennas, the radio signals. Wifi. The Climate destruction that is connected ( of course ) with the spraying – that must have an END very quickly. Situation is grim.

      But it is the global altar of ( imposed ) sacrifice that the MFs want to offer. It is a cult thing.


      Good Luck to Us All.

  28. Roger Gibbons says:

    For those who are building these under ground bunkers in the mountians and filling them with food and life supplies ……..they need to read Revelations 6: 15,16,17 their is no where to hide.

  29. JillR says:

    I've been walking my talk for many, many years and it's a tough and lonely road. It's tough to not have health problems and not be on any drugs and never, EVER accept vaccinations and instead support an immune system that works and have a strong, slender healthy body. There are few of us left!! I don't vaccinate my dogs and I feed a raw diet. I have 5 gorgeous, healthy dogs and they're never, EVER sick. Vet bills? Never have vet bills. Certainly can't relate to any pet owners out there with their fat, gross dogs. Trying to talk to anyone about what real health is for them or their dogs I just get blank stares. I write letters to our government about environmental issues, I send pictures of the spraying to state EPA and air quality, I send money to fight the stupid GMO DARK act that still has traction, I constantly stand up for this planet and nature and feel like this tiny voice in this sea of cell phones and disease. Ugh. Trying to crack open these programmed minds about anything is next to impossible.

    • Wes says:


      I looked up the GMO DARK act you mentioned. Here's the thing about labeling. It really doesn't matter at this point in time. If it's not certified organic and your buying it at the supermarket, it's GMO, no label necessary. The whole process should be banned.

      I'm sure with you on trying to crack open the programmed minds. It's impossible. It seems like most people just can't go there. At times it feels like I'm watching a movie. All of these actors are playing there parts. I'm not in the movie, I'm watching it. It's "The Truman Show". Everyone is like a Stepford Wife.

      I showed some people the magazine article Dane had. They read it and agreed it is "probably happening", this is three different people. All three of them just shrugged it off. Then a few minutes later are repeating what the local meteorologist spouted off the night before(even though they're batting 100% wrong). It's difficult to understand.

      No one even questions the system itself. The whole system is wrong.

      I've seen two different bumble bees a couple of days apart, staggering and not able to fly. I put my finger down and touch them and they don't try to sting me or get away, they are messed up.

      In 2012 I had a five foot white sweet clover plant. That plant was covered with pollinators. Probably 15 different kinds from little gnat size up to wasp and bumble bee size. It was alive with life. Fifty to a hundred things buzzing around it. This year, one or two things. A bumble bee, a wasp. This is in four years. I have plenty of flowering things for them. Clovers, alfalfa, wild flowers. There is some life but it should be screaming with life. It's so lifeless, it's demoralizing. And no one even notices.

  30. CJ says:

    THE FEAR CARD. I looked at Grant's post a couple of times. Yes Fear is a weapon. Ever since the 9/11, the Fear Card has and is being played over and over again constantly. Maybe that is why the Interviewer on the Radio Station didn't say too much Yes/No about the subject because of the Fear Card. Most likely he doesn't want to end up in a Dumpster. In any case that is why there are so many fence sitters. Because of the Fear Card that is being shoved down our throats. They are most likely scared. Some know but are Scared to speak out. They remain in the Herd like lost sheep. Well have a good day and Have No Fear everyone.

    • Grant Jones says:

      CJ,  The effectiveness of the fear instilled, and capitalized upon, with 9/11 is immense.  Anything that can be remotely attributed to that fear causes it to reemerge and force the individual back to a safer place.  Even when irrational, the fear pushes people back to the "official narrative."  Terrorism, Islam, Refugee, Gun Rights, Gays, and a multitude of other issues including "Conspiracy Theories' trigger that fear and immobilize the individual.  Facts become a challenge to ones beliefs and trigger fear.  The common reply to fact is "But what can I do?" and that is a retreat based upon fear.  Officialdom keeps their narrative forefront and reinforces fear whenever they can.  Keep the Fear alive and keep the war funding flowing.  Makes our quest for the truth daunting yet we are being effective.  Thanks to all. G

  31. Paul Fowler says:

             All these planes that are spraying us fly out of air strips some where . All the chemicals they put in the aerosal spray come from some where via trucks or train and all these people , pilots , truck drivers, load masters , logistics coordinators , ect.live near us. Find them , , expose them , citzens arrest them . 

             Make know doubt about it , this is a fight for your life. 

  32. kathleen says:

    Some of the smartest and most educated (not necessarily the same) people I know are just plain dumb when confronted with facts that seem to disprove their long-held or taught beliefs. Aside from climate engineering (ha, apparently invisible to the "weather" reporters), the other two areas these inexplicable concepts surface are in regards to vaccines (GIMME MORE) and GMO's (NO HARM). These otherwise sane people are likely somewhat braindead to have come to such conclusions. THEY may not be worth your effort to convince, but YOU most certainly are!!!!

    My advice is to look into FOOD that can help heal us from the heavy metals from the sky, which, of course, also falls into our water sources or is put in there (hello, fluoride, a waste product from the petroleum industry/war industry), or is sprayed on food we might buy from a superhorridmarket, and ever so surreptitiously put into vaccines.

    I will suggest one herb I love (and since I didn't taste it until I was fully grown, it took a bit to get used to) and that is cilantro. You can buy the seeds, called coriander, in most every store (not guaranteed to sprout, of course).

    You people, you enlightened ones, are the best hope for our planet's survival, and that of its other life-giving forms.

    We KNOW for a fact that the skies are being spewed with chemicals that rain down on us — every breath we take. We KNOW for a fact that vaccines are being forced on people and that the vaccine manufacturers are granted zero culpability when their untested products kill and harm the victims. I could name a dozen other travesties.

    But what I want to leave you with is this: no matter how out of control and bizarre and wildly inexplicable this current situation is, we DO have one tiny little thing we can do to stave off insanity: and that is what we eat. Or, perhaps more importantly, what we don't eat.

    Please, my dear friends, we MUST stay healthy to maintain our efforts at informing the masses, at spreading the word Dane has so carefully laid out for all to grasp and share. To that end, here are a few suggestions to explore:

    1. Herbs and spices that help detox our bodies from heavy metals. (Bitter herbs, strong spices like garlic, and ancient tubers like ginger and turmeric, for starters.)

    2. Foods that keep our bodies alkaline. (Animal foods, particularly cooked animal foods are, in general, acidic. Raw greens are not. Search "alkaline/acidic food charts" for starters.)

    3. Dehydrating with clean, pure water. Don't worry if you "hate" "water" — add a bit of lemon, or let it sit with a stalk of celery or cucumber, or some berries. Buy distilled water if you don't have an R/O system or distiller. Let your tap water sit out a while to help disperse the chemicals before watering your plants.

    I have tons of ideas I'll share, even though I'm not tied to the AMA or any other industry. In the meantime, some MD's who actually care for their patients via nutrition before sending them under the knife include Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Michael Greger, and Dr. Joel Fuhrman. You won't agree with them all, but you will learn much and, more importantly, learn how to recognize your body's needs and WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU.

    We need our max brainpower more than ever. To that end, search out your local farmer's market and visit it. You can get free tastes of most everything, and just choose something!! Eating nutrient-dense foods means two wonderful things: you are better nourished thus you need less food, and you save money.  After a while, you'll get a third bennie: you'll feel younger and healthier 🙂

    Do just one thing for yourself: eat something fresh and local and brightly colored. You'll soon be so excited at the prospect of trying this experiment that you'll try it at every meal 🙂

    Hugs and love to all; we can do it, we MUST stay healthy to turn this geoengineering around. 

    • Al C says:

      Thanks Kathleen and everybody else here for your inspiring and encouraging posts……..We all have to stand our ground with the psychopathic elites who are crashing this beautiful planet intentionally.

             From False Flags, GMO'S, Geoengineering, Hillary skating,the Banksters, and now vaccines…. We here on this site know the score and the awakening is growing by the day…………..It CAN'T be stopped, it will be a very bumpy ride and I know we'll prevail.

      BTW, I still get "the tin foil hat look" when I point out the spraying to some people, but for a brief moment they looked up and noticed something is amiss and sometimes that's all it takes.

  33. CJ says:

    I read the Interview that Pizza Guy did with the Newspaper. Good for Steve. At least he is outspoken on the issue. Unlike most of the people who do know but choose to do nothing or say anything. Just like the other post here where it mentions "What the Hell is Wrong with People".

    They know it's not a Conspiracy anymore, but they don't care. When the trees are dead and family and friends drop off like flies, maybe they will choose to speak out.

  34. leo says:

    I saw a jet without any exhaust trails in nh Sunday and 5 minutes later  saw another jet in same area spewing white crp behind it. This irritates me but there is not much I can do unless I can get a SAM obama gives to terrorists in syria. I saw another jet flying straight up spewing some God forsaken toxin on the 4th and I imagine I am one of few who would notice or care…the clueless people in us may not deserve this but they are getting it in part due to their silence- indifference-self centeredness

    • Donna-AZ says:

      leo, people are just used to seeing the trails. I didn't see them until my mom asked if I had seen the checkerboard in the sky.

      And that's all it took. 

  35. Grant Jones says:

    This fourth is nearly over, thanks for that, A celebration of consumerism without reverence to principle. And Why?   Fear.  So instilled by Bush an Cheney after 9/11 and used as an effective weapon against truth. Yes fear was always used, (The Red Scare) but it is a weapon honed against society now.  Folks look to any outlet to escape the Fear.  We here look for truth, not to escape, but to resolve this immense problem of Climate manipulation and extinction.  I'm a Vet from a family of Veterans.  All served for principle and that duty for our fellows.  The oath never changes no matter the challenge. Our quest, for myself, is to fight the fear with facts and with compassion for those caught up in this disaster of fear. It helps to participate here with you as we seek the truth.  Thank you all, my fellows, our voice will be heard. For Principle, for Truth, for this Earth.  Thank you all. G.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, Thank you for your Work.


      Never with fear, my Friend. This is an Historical moment. Maybe the most critical for our species in these last 100.000 years. This is the moment to Rise and be instinctive. Humanity will flourish Again!

      Thank you All.

  36. Marios A. Kosmas says:

    Indeed. Why isn't the presenter of the interview willing to go and see the film? How would he be in a position to form an opinion if he does not hear both sides of the story? That puzzles me.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:


  37. adam says:

    It's not what we don't know that gets us into trouble, says Mark Twain, It's what we know for sure that just ain't so. Said Al Gore quoting Mark Twain.

    Condemnation before investigation is the HEIGHT of ignorance. Einstein said that and man o man is it ever true these daze?

    People sofa king embedded into their television or whatever other agenda keeps them going and they are deliberately distracted from knowing a thing about what is really important.

    Yes Broom Rider needs to be in prison and  yes so does her husband and almost every other politicriminal traitor in Washington, DECEIT  but if We The People of this planet don't start getting involved in waking and speaking up and then SPEAKING OUT…as DW says again and again…"Wait and see" I can not imagine how bad it will be if the wait and see isn't a mass awakening before it is way too late

    • Dennie says:

      It's easy to blame other people for the mess.  It's much, much harder to look in the mirror and see your own denied part in creating this colossal mess.  We get what we got when most of us decided it was a good thing to stay glued to the Tee Vee so we could laugh with all of our friends and show how up we all are on our knowledge of Pop "Culture."  We get what we got when we decided we all had to win at Keeping Up With The Joneses, and everyone's kids are somehow talented enough or otherwise endowed with the kind of gifts needed to succeed at playing sports on a professional level, so we're going to practices and games and skipping the City Council meetings.. Democracy is like marriage– you have to work at it if you want it to work.  Divorce rates have steadily gone up and many have simply "opted out."  What does that say about our collective commitment to the greater good?  Why be responsible when growing up is optional, too?

  38. Dawnski says:

    Hard to celebrate Independence Day in a society that has created codependence. . .I did not fly my enormous American flag this weekend 

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      I haven't flown the American flag in front of Charlie's Pizza in Nikiski, Alaska for over a year now and I won't until the spraying stops. The people of Nikiski have been scarfing down the best pizza this town has ever seen for the past ten years. Every pizza box has had https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org on it for over two years now. The sign out by the highway has been a constant reminder of the all out assault in our sky. I have made regular appearances on local and national talk radio shows providing credible information and links. The time has come to take their "Good Thing" away from them. The apathy and ridicule from my community calls for stern punishment. The changeable letter sign out by the highway now says,

                "Charlie's Pizza will re-open when the spraying stops!

                                        Now it's up to you!"

      When the local newspaper got wind of my plans they asked me for an interview. Here it is.


      I am extremely proud of my decision. I am in this fight until my last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity!   I will Never Give Up!!!

    • Kathy B says:

      Nothing Matters until Geoengineering stops. Even my own family that understands it all put out the flag…I could not wait to take it down and today I did just that. Steven Chamberlain…I admire your intense dedication. Not many of the people that are aware do even  1/4 the effort you do! If If I lived close, I would buy from your greenhouse, awesome awesome!

      The burden we all carry is hard enough each and everyday and patriotism/celebration of Independence day (with all due respect to those who sincerely fought-heros of selflessness-bankers wars or not)  but the celebration in and of itself is a selfish act of nothing more than partying and blowin up the loudest devices for hours. It has no place in this current day until the real patriots like you and Dane and ALL here who fight for all of our very lives and breathe against the enemy forces of this most catastrophic human experiment ever unleashed on a population across the globe. 

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Brave decision, Steven.  Hope the nursery works out.

    • Jenny says:

      That's nothing compared to what we see here in my part of New England.  I mean it's basically par for the course but all too many days we end up with the full white-out.  Do you get complete white-outs there, much?  Just wondering since you said a lot of military live there, and wondering how much they are willing to expose themselves to.

      But thank you for posting and linking them, for anyone who is not really familiar with distinguishing real from fake clouds.

    • Jenny — Yes, these are the preliminary to the "full white outs" as you say. Although I would describe it as a milky glass look that soon covers the sky. I don't know what the military here think. There are reported to be 30,000 jobs related to the military here.

  39. the radio show host was doing exactly what his handlers puppet masters wanted him too. i hope he gets a lot of very negative mail or worse. but you two men have all our utmost resoect and graditude. thankyou both keith

  40. Jonathan Leitch says:

    Is there a legal obstacle from geoengineeringwatch from showing VAXXED on the website? Suppose they would be the same ones as preventing utube or any other media source? Has there been a chill issued to you? Can you talk about it? YES…NO?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, the VAXXED documentary is not yet available online or for posting purposes. If and when it is, I will absolutely post it.

  41. Christina Parousis says:

    Celebs who are anti vaccine or vaccine skeptics that this interview can be shared with (facebook/twitter) in order to link to Dane and therefore climate engineering:



  42. ron hall says:

    Of course these unbelievable huge swirl of North Atlantic sea ice had nothing to do with Climate Engineering–probably caused by underwater currents  or something or other.


  43. Dennie says:

    I don't think it's at all much possible that "We The People" are going to take "them" down by running in the streets, staging riots, "protesting," or anything else cooked up in 1789 (ughh– you really believe that'll change anything?? cuz it didn't then, look at us now).  "They" have triggered mechanisms for which there are no known "off" switches that will cause massive environmental destruction that worsens exponentially.  The only people that can really move to save us will be the ones who are involved coming out of their own denials and speaking out against their own idiotic programs– that's what the scripture passage means when it says that "without the mercy of the angels there will be no life."  These Luciferian-Angel Money-Masters cracking the whips pulling the strings of their egg-headed dog-packs, a.k.a. the "scientists," will be the only ones with enough power to STOP the insanity.. if only they weren't insane.  Give these "people" enough rope and they'll hang themselves– after they've' hanged the rest of creation– they're well on the way.  OF COURSE they won't survive their own destruction.  They'll just be the last ones to go.

  44. Free Energy Technologies says:

    I know this is not a reliable source of information but the fact that they are poisoning us and our children is so insane whether is farm chemicals or weather control chemicals https://youtu.be/-9MH6edGd0E

  45. Linda says:

    Yes to above info from Chris and Susan…If you read any of the youtube articles on going to 5D world, which is happening quickly in some instances, they all say Don't Vote…..it is all too corrupt behind the scenes….with the same people pulling all the strings.  I have always voted, but do not feel moved to do so this year, esp after reading all the conflicting info and statements connected to each candidate.  Sad but true.

  46. Steven says:

    Happy Red, White and 'Milky Blue' Fourth Of July, all!!! What would our founding fathers think of us now? Lets Celebrate!!! Hip Hip Hurray!!! Truth in Trinity.

  47. EnaMaas says:

    It’s all horrible, I'm glad I found you, Dane, because (not complaining) but: I was the only 'fool' completely idiot person in my fb group, and  in my Google+ group (7000) followers. Sometimes a really felt the hate towards me, just posting info, and tell people that i'm only the messenger. I think it takes courage to acknowledge all this mess, but I will stay at it, thanks! Ena – The Netherlands

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Good on you, EnaMaas.  Keep at it. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      EnaMass, Yes!  Don't shoot the messenger!  Hopefully not for real, but people do "shoot" us all down.  We've all been through this, still going through this.  It is lonely for most if not all of us.  And it is so very hard to be, or seem to be, the only one.  Which is one of many reasons we love this site.  First and foremost is Dane's relentless work and accumulation of info in a remarkably easy to use format.  Arm yourself with some of that.  Ammo.  Bullet points.  And tell us, here, what is going on where you live.  Of all places, it would seem that the Netherlands needs to get a clue!  You become our reporter from the Netherlands.  You are not alone.  Welcome!  And good work, brave work on your part.  Thank you!

  48. Rick Paley says:

    Hello Dane,

    Again thanking you for all that you do. Your concern and passion for all of us and what is happening to us on this earth is beyond amazing. In hopes of trying to help in some little way, I continually share your concise information to the entirety of my friends on all my social networks. I'm concerned at how many people whom I consider "awake" just do not wish to look at this very serious and dangerous situation. Most of them know it is not speculation, theory or conspiratorial because of the evidence in front of their face, yet they say and do nothing?  What the hell is the matter with people? Is the mind manipulation and programming. It makes no sense that we have all this very solid scientific data that is killing us and killing the planet and everyone is so complacent?  Is this some sort of normalcy bias where they think perhaps that everything is going to be fine?  It is frustrating to say the least. What more can someone like me do to get people to see the inevitability of this environmental attack.  

    I am originally from Canada having moved to Belize several years ago.I live off the coast on one of the larger cayes in Belize, next to the second largest barrier reef in the world and I am seeing the bleaching taking place before my eyes in these short few years.  The oceans are acidifying before our eyes with fish and mammals washing up on shores in unusual numbers and still nothing.  

    It is refreshing to see that you have moved to litigate in Canada and hopefully this will happen in the U.S.  

    My question is; may God (or whoever runs the Universe) forbid, should the inevitability of the earth’s biosphere collapse, what will be the signs besides the obvious of elevated UVB and UVC, thinning ozone and diminished plankton levels in the ocean?  How much time will we have to protect ourselves. What do we do and where can we go?  There are enormous bunkers being created around the world and do you think this is preparation for the coming collapse?  How much time do we really have?

    Thank you again Dane for all that you do and continue to do.



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rick, there is no way to know exactly how events will unfold, we are truly on uncharted territory. Our mission, our focus, should be to continue effectively sounding the alarm. If we can reach a critical mass of awareness with the population before those in power are fully prepared, we can yet alter the outcome. This would be a quantum leap in the right direction. Never give up.

    • Lawrence Goodwin says:

      I share your concerns and frustrations, Rick. It's a lonely battle of reason fought one on one–or often several deniers ganged up against one of us in the know. Our cause is not helped much when studies get released by  the Massachusetts Institute of Technology flatly contradicting the argument that aerosol geoengineering in the stratosphere is "thinning" Earth's protective ozone layer. Here's a sentence from a July 1, 2016 article in The New York Times titled, "Ozone Hole Shows Signs of Shrinking, Study Shows": "The [MIT] study found that the ozone hole had shrunk by about 1.5 million square miles, or about one-third the area of the United States, from 2000 to 2015." With not a single reference to the ongoing geoengineering crimes, the study predicts a "full recovery" of Earth's ozone layer by roughly 2050.    

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lawrence, yes, the power structure controlled institutions will try to pacify the public with such “recovery” lies, but the whole truth cannot be hidden for much longer. FYI  https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-and-the-ozone-layer-recovery-lie/

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Lawrence, I've not read that MIT report but for what you say of it.  But, 2050?!!  Way too far away to help.  What makes them think it will heal?  Especially since so many seem intent on getting to Mars or some such.  I mean they are using gigantic rocket boosters.  Those make big holes in ozone and leave crap as they go!  Plane travel does not yet seem to be slowing down.  Much less military efforts to mess with the ionosphere.  And then there are so many other issues like methane.  The Paris Accord aimed for 2050.  Coincidence?  As in reducing emissions by 2050.  This is not reassuring at all and is too similar to this far-off date set in Paris.  Sounds like wishful thinking.  Meanwhile, the world burns. Coral reefs die, etc., etc.  And oh yeah, the freaking jet stream just took a trip to the South pole!!!!! 

  49. Free Energy Technologies says:

    More power to you I want to remind everyone that there is this mass propaganda of autism acceptance, they want to avoid the cure and normalize it instead ,this happens in almost every front autism it's not super powers but they want to make us think that it is because they want us dumbed-down and unhealthy because the wealthy want to get away with everything they want to own our weather the want to manipulate our reality and own our intelligence and perception. We have videos of autistic kids stating on the record how great it is to have autism ( denying their own recovery ) and how it's part of Who You Are they say we also have schizophrenic people stating how much they love their hallucinations do you see the deception yet we are being misled into thinking that mental illness is somehow normal and that we should accept it and when we see statistics saying that it's rising we are told that it was never rising instead we are told that they screen for a better.They  just hide it under the rug cover up the  problem yea don't fix it continue living a life of entertainment go watch TV they are teaching us to be useless to depend  its conditioning us to stay in the box dont leave the box and we have proof that's autism is environmental but the thing that I find most disturbing is that they want to make us think that it's her personality that we should learn to love it (love a disability really) even when aitism is officially known to be a disability (not an ability) so why are we being told to accept a disability but yet they want to twist our perception into thinking that it's an ability that autism is compliment and that it gives you superpowers and higher imtelagence when we know that that is not true. We know that it's not a neurodevelopmental disorder because once people are treated to cure autism goes away and they no longer qualify at disabled they begin to talk and function normally I save people from lies I try to save lives  I'm exposing wrongdoing that's my intention with this comment so that people are aware of what's really going on instead of buying into the lies and propaganda that's been fed to us so we can be deceived who in the world can call themselves smart and not know reality nobody I want every child to be able to go to the doctor to cure there autism and other fraud disorders once and for all peace. What is autism really its sensory issues and poor cognitive thinking those symptoms match what you would expect from a brain injury or intoxication  is it a coincidence no it's environmental while some genetics are more vulnerable  like fragile X it is not genetic and can be curred more on this in the future save the children.

    • Jeanette S says:

      Stigma is the latest buzzword (so that nobody can talk about it). Kind of how "racism" is used.

    • Drew says:

      The autism spectrum is extremely diverse, and what you've said is an oversimplification.  There are many cases where there are obvious and profound disabilities.  Some have learning disabilities and some do not.  

      However, on the high-functioning part of the spectrum (i.e. Aspergers — I am one of these) many people cannot tell the difference, and most cases are considered undiagnosed.

      I'm not going to lie, I've intentionally isolated myself my entire life due to extreme sensitivity; this is obviously not natural and involves quite a bit of suffering.  In this sense, normalizing autism can be helpful.  Making certain people outcasts because of their sensitivity is more hurtful than you can imagine.

      To say all those on the spectrum have "poor cognitive thinking" is not true.

      My IQ Is EXTREMELY high, and I'm not the only one on the spectrum that stands out in this way.  Please be respectful and always assume intelligence.

    • sandra says:

      Alright.  Now that we all know about this… What are we supposed to do about it?  What can we all do to stop this?  That should be our focus of discussion now, by everyone.  Everyone writing in now should brain

      storm and offer ideas and suggestions of WHAT TO DO TO STOP THIS

      FROM CONTINUING…  Thank You for providing this venue for shared 

      communication…  God Bless

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sandra, an “activist suggestions” link is at the end of every article we post, I have included it below. Thanks for helping us to sound the alarm, https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/introducing-geoengineering-climate-engineering-to-the-uninformed/

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      This is looking harder than I thought now I want this conversation going until the end I am grateful for having this conversation going there is still a lot to learn lets keep reasoning together with one another thank you all for your input on this conversation peace.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      To Drew I hope you are not segregated  I am a pro cure I am sounding the alarm the medical industry doesn't want us healthy I have a question for you would you want your sensory issues to go away? I had concussions before and I know what sensory issues feel like.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      FET, you nailed it!  And then some.  Exactly.  I remember when the DSM, the diagnostic manual was small, I mean really small.  Now HUGE.  It is as if they Had to make spectrums to make more money on every kind of psychiatric, or brain damage situation.  The bigger the spectrum, the more diagnosis, the more docs, and insurance to pay for, the more drugs or various compensations, then ooops, the bank is empty, so learn to love your condition.  And by the way, screw the environment.  Who cares?  What we do?  And the diagnosis is tin foil hat!  Big Pharma has no interest in nature but to spoil it.  Drugs showing up everywhere.  What if Big Pharma understood about Earth's diseases now from us?  Wonder what cure they'd come up with?  Hey, could be some money for them in it if they did.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      Rachel Robson , Thank you so much for understanding, Many people have a misleading possession not to face they are in trouble and instead convince themselves that all they need to preach is acceptance and there life would magically be better than if they where cured that's my guess to what they believe I just saw today a video of a person in a wheelchair who stated on the record that when she is offered a possible cure for example a phone number that can help her get cured, she says thanks and all that stuff and when they leave she throws it away she stated that on the record how shocking does it get.

  50. Wrecked Jet Stream Now Runs From Pole-to-Pole
    July 4, 2016 /Seemorerocks
    Jet Stream crossing the Equator [images here]:

    • SD says:

      Not much seismic activity across North America past 24 hrs.  HAARP engineers must be taking a holiday.  HOWEVER, EQ activity reported in NJ last night (M1.4) directly in line with massive rainstorm front moving across the country.  And just like the NJ quakes reported earlier in the year, all events happen in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT? With stronger than would be expected SHINDO.

      Coastal areas here in SoCal remain VERY COOL AND CLOUDY. Strong onshore flow of air with whitecaps noted in SM Bay.  Huge fogbank offshore. Most unusual and highly ENGINEERED cool down. If the Jetstream is off track you can be sure THEY DID IT.

  51. Chris Hedges interviews a young black man in prison / July 3, 2016
    Abu-Jamal: “Black people will probably vote for Clinton,” he said with resignation, “but this symbolizes the emptiness of hope. They fear Trump. They should look closely at the pictures from Trump’s third wedding. Hillary Clinton is in the front pew of the church. Hillary, Bill, Trump and Melania are shown embracing at Trump’s estate afterwards during the reception. These people are part of the same elite circle. They represent the same financial interests. They work for the same empire. They have grown rich from the system. The words they shout back and forth during political campaigns are meaningless. Trump or Clinton will deliver the same political result. They will serve, like Obama, corporate and military power. And if they were not willing to serve these centers of power they would not be allowed to run. Their job is to manufacture hope during election campaigns that ultimately end in betrayal. This is why they spend billions on elections. They need to feed the illusion that our voices matter, that we are participants in their closed systems of power.
    Hedges:  Prisons, like the rest of the society, have been privatized. Prisoners are billed for an array of services and items that once were the responsibility of the state. Corporations, which make billions off the prison system, run phone services, food services, medical services and commissaries. They have established for-profit prisons and detention centers.
    Abu-Jamal: “They are doing to us on the inside what they are doing to us on the outside,” he said. “They are letting poor people die or killing them for profit. Things will get worse and worse until people can’t take it anymore. These corporations won’t stop. No one in the political class will make them stop. It is up to us.

    • Dennie says:

      On this day devoted to American "independence," I can only say that Uhmerukunz are happier simply believing they are being kept "safe" by all the surveillance, illegal seizure and search at every "security" checkpoint, being bullied by all the little testosterone-poisoned G.I. Joe-wannabe lapdogs a.k.a. "security guards," when they aren't being surveilled as actually sans wardrobe passing through roentgen rays every time they get on a jet plane to go see mom & dad three time zones from home– naaaaah, Umerukunz are much happier pretending their lives are "good," as long as they keep on receiving that paycheck, working to make some filthy rich guy even filthier rich. 

      My Rx for this Most American of American Holidays?  Be sure to eat lots of burnt meat, sugar and fat, and be sure to drink plenty of alcohol (four out of The Five Major Food Groups, American-style) and get out tonight to applaud all of those bombs bursting in air– just as long as they burst in someone else's air space, far away from here..

      Have a great holiday!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, all too true.  And you can place Barbara Boxer there in with the Clintons.  They are related now!  Nest of snakes but that I like snakes, hate these, uh, vermin.  A neighbor flipped on me saying I Must vote for Hillary, else Trump!  I said that was like pulling another fear card, and I refuse to fear Trump of all people, the buffoon, yet vote for one person with really, really good reason to fear: Hillary.  Voting for Hillary would be like willingly drinking a glass of agent orange!!  I do not think I exaggerate here saying that.  I will Not vote for her come hell, high water or Trump!  Nor do I think "they" will allow Trump to win.  I believe this whole thing this time was one ridiculous circus meant to get Hillary past her past.  As if!  So, even if you hate her, ya gotta vote for her, else the buffoon will be President and OMG.  Like it could get any worse, like they'd allow that anyway.  My studies have proven beyond a doubt what the freakin' Democratic government has devolved into, they could not be more far to the right.  Which is not to say I like the other side.  At all.  Do any good search on Hillary or the Clintons and so much will out.  Truly scary, anti Americans.  May as well sell your soul to the Devil.  I told my neighbor and friend that I will not be manipulated by fear, including fear of Trump.  That I will do what I promised and that is to write in Bernie's name, even if I believe he is not up to the challenge, he does have the ability to learn, and I promised.  I have to be able to look myself in the mirror.  I am a person of integrity, regardless of this country, I do keep my word.  But, after this, I am so done with this sham of a democracy!


  52. Marla Stair-Wood says:

    Thank you, Dane, for bringing Vaxxed to your area and your ongoing support of the truth. I found myself yelling at Carl near the end of the interview when he continued interjecting "opinion" in his commentary about the film. Thankfully, you came back to correct him. This is NOT opinion, this is factual evidence of deliberate fraud by the CDC. We will continue breaking the media shell around this issue, on geoengineering and the general hoodwinking of the public. Thanks again for all you do. 

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      We must expose wrong doing SHAME ON THE MEDIA FOR NOT COVERING THIS we see shooting we see Donald Trump’s baby hands but we don't see real issues on the weather channel we see things like man found dog after months of searching stupid things like that that we don't need to know or care but when something happens that everyone needs to know like parents children are being starved of nutrition poisoned by chemicals that come from countless sources live vaccines and spraying the skies and is causing an epidemic of autism kids with autism lifes are really miserable such as stomach problems digestive problems thinking may hurt overstimulated by sounds and light a these symptoms match one of a concussion or intoxication slured speech hurts to think loss of social communication it goes on and on.

    • renate summers says:

      Del Bigtree: “Our Children Are Being Sold To The Pharmaceutical Industry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY1SkwuwOFw

    • Edward Palys says:

      Not only VAXXED, but look what's happened with ZIKA. What a wonderful way to blame ZIKA for the next major epidemic. 

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      For those who didn't want to know the truth its going to come at them like thief in the night.(Hunger,Disability epidemic, extreme weather that is based on what the people do (weather control for punishment),and if you refuse to obey "them"even death.

  53. matt sarlo says:

    If it was just the human race going extinct I would applaud that, but we are probably taking down a life supporting planet forever. Why does humanity put itself on a pedestal when we are the most destructive cruel species to ever exist?  

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      The bible recognizes that most people are corrupt it’s a sad reality that it made the right prediction.

    • Christina Parousis says:

      Your short and to the point comment is oddly comforting, it's 'good' to know others see our abomination of a species for what it is.  I find it interesting you used the word applaud, personally I don't blame them if depopulation really is their goal however all I see suffering and going extinct is every other species but 'humans', and those real humans who are not zombies like the rest, not many left.  The cancer is thriving, the host is dying.  Here is an article you will probably appreciate https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/mourning-the-death-of-our-mother-earth/

    • Edward Palys says:

      I'm just wondering whether history is repeating itself on this very subject. We all know that intelligent cultures have existed throughout the centuries and they disappeared into thin air. I would suggest that the cycle is repeating itself and the "magicians" doing it now are the same ones who caused it before. The title of "chosen people" seems to describe them very well.

    • Dennie says:

      I've thought that too– sure looks like another very long cycle is repeating itself.  But I'd say there are very many more than just the ones whom we've come to understand, from their own description of themselves, as the "chosen" ones (some are, some aren't; some vehemently disagree with what their Higher-Up brethren have been and continue to do) pulling all the tricks.  What's different this time is that the Earth itself is being destroyed, so this may well be The Last Time for a very long, long time for any kind of "intelligent" life to be able to live on Earth again, if, among other things, "they" (we) see fit to let the nuclear power plants degrade and just fall apart, continue sucking down the resources and belching out carbon, and, of course, spraying the planet with mountains of toxic metal nanoparticulates.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Amen! You said it matt. Though there are many good and decent human beings (such as those who are drawn to this site) by and large the human species has become an embarassment to itself and to the many other magnificent species inhabiting our once lovely planet earth. We have been duped beyond belief into committing the numerous foolish actions which are bringing about the almost certain demise of the entire web of life as God perfectly created it to be. I can only apologize with sorrow and send out whatever healing love I have to the plants and animals being destroyed by these atrocious actions of humanity. A few bad apples spoil the whole barrel- as the saying goes. Clearly evident here. How do we deal with this surreal situation? A real mind bender for us all. 😮

    • Rachel Robson says:

      matt sarlo,  I think this is due  to linear and binary thinking.  So, the drawings of evolution with a hunched over ape, followed by one bigger and straighter and less hairy, on and on until at the end of the line! is a standing, more recognizable humanoid.  Things like this instill wrongful assumptions.  Like a trick.  Life just is not that simple and the conclusion is extremely premature, obviously!  Even the word cruel is suspect.  I mean what about dinosaurs?  Incredibly destructive, one could say cruel, but for they were just being what they were.  Some cling to the Bible and so are lead to think that humans are made in God's image!!! The hubris!  To assume to know God's image?!  When, indeed, how different are we from dinosaurs?  Who were just doing what dinosaurs do, while we seem to be just doing what humans do.  We are obviously Not the top of anything, except perhaps pure evil.  Schools, history studies, churches, all tell us we are the most evolved.  Really?  Facts would seem to imply otherwise.  What other critter aimed to destroy the world, with awareness yet?!!

    • horsegirl says:

      I've lived in Kenya as well as Mexico.  Not everyone wants a car or to emulate Americans or the industrialized frenzy.  If people think "depopulation" – which is nothing but a euphemism for genocide – is OK, it's one thing to wish it upon the scions of the industrialized toxic slurry, but how about the privileged moving over and giving the rest a chance.  In fact as Dane so frequently reminds us, the industrialized slurry of death masquerading as life is soon to end forever.  To become the eternal object lesson to all humanity it was designed to be, to demonstrate the karma of that kind of folly so that future generations will forever choose otherwise.  I am convinced of it.  It just piques me, that anyone from the industrialized juggernaut should paint all peoples worldwide with the same genocidal brush.

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