Legal Action Update: Government Controlling Weather Forecasts To Cover Climate Engineering Crimes


Dane Wigington

How much longer can our government continue to hide the global climate engineering assault in plain sight? How much longer will populations continue to blindly accept the official government narrative of lies and denial in regard to the clearly visible and rationally undeniable ongoing geoengineering operations? How is it possible for the power structure to create and maintain the official denial of fully deployed climate intervention programs? By completely controlling the flow of information, including the weather forecasts themselves. 5564f

Geoengineered skies, Phoenix, Arizona (3/21/18). Photo credit: Joe Cornwall and Stop Geoengineering Minnesota are relentlessly continuing with our legal efforts to force disclosure of the ongoing illegal climate engineering operations. The statement below was made by the lead attorney for our Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering, Julio Gomez, Esq. The statement is a response to a handful of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) documents that have finally been released to us as a direct result of the lawsuit that we filed to force NOAA to release the information. Though thousands of documents have been promised to be reviewed for release, to date only a few have actually been disclosed and received. The documents we have been able to acquire make it clear that the US government is doing all they can to completely control weather forecasts all the way down to the local level. Why? So that forecasts are based on the scheduled weather produced by the climate engineering operations, not by nature. In order to help hide the ongoing climate engineering crimes, the government is desperate to enforce consistent and completely controlled weather “forecasts”.


Last week the NOAA – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a series of documents concerning the restructuring of the National Weather Service under a program entitled Operations and Workforce Analysis.  The documents were released pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act Request made by Stop Geoengineering Minnesota in collaboration with and was filed last year.  The documents are being released because Stop Geoengineering Minnesota filed a legal suit against the US Department of Commerce for failing to respond adequately to the FOIA request.
The documents are the first tranche in a series of releases that are planned every 30 days for the next few months.  This set we just received contains statements and communications between the National Weather Service and the employee union, the National Weather Service Employees Organization or NWSEO.  According to these documents National Weather Service employees were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to prevent them from discussing steps the National Weather Service is taking to restructure the agency, the steps included the following:
  • Reductions in personnel and/or not filling between 300-600 vacancies in NWS offices across the country which strain resources and personnel;
  • the possibility that local meteorologists will no longer “own the forecast” in their region;
  • that the role of local forecasters will be diminished; that they will be disincentivized or even prohibited from making changes to the forecast models they receive;
  • that local forecasters are being removed from the forecast process and being replaced with supercomputers and upgraded forecast models.
According to these documents, the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center in Maryland will have the final say or “last touch” over all local forecasts.  Thus, the restructuring can be viewed as an attempt to centralize and control weather forecasts for the whole country.
It can be inferred that the National Weather Service wanted to gag their employees and keep them from speaking about these issues because they do not want the public to know that the National Weather Service is restructuring to control and have final say in all local forecasts.  
According to statements attributed to the employees’ union in these documents:
“it is difficult to give management claim[s] much credibility when we already have reports from Central Region that local forecasters are being highly discouraged or possibly even prohibited at certain local Weather Forecast Offices from making changes to the raw “Central Region Superblend” [forecast] model output, which is being automatically loaded into the forecast databases of those offices (wiping out the existing forecast) twice daily.” is committed to defending the right of National Weather Service employees to speak freely about the restructuring and to voice their concerns; Geoengineering Watch will continue to monitor this restructuring and report back on future document releases.

On the most recent scheduled date for NOAA document releases to our attorneys, not a single additional document was produced by NOAA. Public pressure to disclose information must be brought to bear on our so called government and all the agencies that our government controls, like NOAA.  Awakening populations to what is occurring in our skies is the great imperative, this effort will require all of us. If we can reach a critical mass of awareness, we can alter the equation in the right direction. and Stop Geoengineering Minnesota will continue with our legal efforts to force disclosure of the ongoing geoengineering operations, more updates to come. Help us in the critical effort to sound the alarm, help us to share credible data, make your voice heard

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95 Responses to Legal Action Update: Government Controlling Weather Forecasts To Cover Climate Engineering Crimes

  1. Patty Rosado says:

    I live by the Hudson River in NJ, I daily see the transformation of the skies as they streak their poison over NY/NJ/CT.   Still, folks are in denial, it is frightening.  No matter what facts you present to many, they simply ignore it.  Pathetic

  2. martin says:

    I moved out of the city to limit my exposure to the Geo-engineering programme, over the skies of our U.K cities, the levels are horrific, few people seem to notice however & just recant the "that's just water vapour " line. choosing instead to wallow in the latest media garbage of which race, religion or nation to turn our collective hate towards. Lately there has been a marked rise in large, too high to see but very loud air traffic, 1 after another. Today for 2 hours constantly .there is a daily haze that fogs the hills here & it's terrifying. I guess the people behind this ( with a place on the ark ) know full well what they are doing, it's a shame that the U.S has followed in the footsteps of the 3rd Reich to dictate , albeit secretly, who will live & who will die. A horror though he was, At least Hitler spoke loudly about what his plans were & didn't just hide behind lies like a coward or a Businessman doing Business in the modern way. . Interestingly one of the finest Sci-Fi authors to emerge from the U.S (William Gibson) mentions something called "the jackpot " in his last novel "The Peripheral" where millions of people were wiped out , as I remember about a decade or two from the present day. perhaps all too many know about this but are too scared to speak out publicly. Robin Williams spoke out about the Illuminati in his stand up……dead. 

    Prince spoke out about the Geo-engineering on T,V interviews & during his concerts……Dead. 

    Iv'e been following this for a couple of years now & it just seems to be getting worse,  I've  boycotted ALL air travel  what else can I do? 

    I showed this website to my sister who quickly found the "new cloud patterns" de-bunking website & that satisfied her that this website was all just nonsense. I'm pretty sure the patented T.V high frequency light flashes brain washing tool ( the on line page describing this patent seems to has vanished ) is being broadcast alongside each & every high rating T.V programme sending out the "Oh, That's just water vapour" message to unwitting viewers of televisual Diarrhoea. As  I have heard that answer from so many strangers & with the same sentence flow & hesitation between the Oh ! & the That's…… Like someone has told them to say it exactly this way . Has anyone else noticed this when sharing information ? 

    I'm so tired of this, 

    • Carolyn Williams Palit says:

      I joined in 1998 and had a website: and tried to get something down about it for many years.  I became a victim of Morgellons, gang-stalking, attempts on my life, and directed energy torture.  Thank God, Dane picked up the baton.


      Thank you Dane.  I am trying to get well so I can start helping again.  Bless all of you.

    • Painter says:

      It is really great to hear from someone in the UK.  I was watching another one of the fake news channels, they were filming in the UK.  I noticed the streaks across the skies there.  I also noticed that they always quickly pan away from the skies since it is so obvious that it's geoengineering when being filmed.  

      When I first noticed the skies is just after I read the book "Behold A Pale Horse" by Milton William Cooper.    Cooper tried to warn us of the events that were already firmly in place in the 1990's Sadly he was killed trying to inform the people, he knew that they were after him since two attempts prior.    If you've read that book,  you know just how dire this message is.   EYES WIDE OPEN!

      They don't care who gets in their way and they will make every effort to make a false narrative regarding what "they" want you to believe.    Most people are done with the lies and cover stories BUT so many are sound asleep.     It's time to wake from the slumber but for many it could be too late.   Look at California?   

      Thank you Dane for all your hard work!

    • Painter says:

      I'm in southern Nevada I watch the geo planes go from military base to military bases and some other odd locations  

      It is really great to hear from someone in the UK.  I was watching another one of the fake news channels, they were filming in the UK.  I noticed the streaks across the skies there.  I also noticed that they always quickly pan away from the skies since it is so obvious that it's geoengineering when being filmed.  

      When I first noticed the skies is just after I read the book "Behold A Pale Horse" by Milton William Cooper.    Cooper tried to warn us of the events that were already firmly in place in the 1990's Sadly he was killed trying to inform the people, he knew that they were after him since two attempts prior.    If you've read that book,  you know just how dire this message is.   EYES WIDE OPEN!

      They don't care who gets in their way and they will make every effort to make a false narrative regarding what "they" want you to believe.    Most people are done with the lies and cover stories BUT so many are sound asleep.     It's time to wake from the slumber but for many it could be too late.   Look at California?   

      Thank you Dane for all your hard work!

    • Star Messenger says:

      Martin, you forgot to add Michael Jackson to the list of dead celebrities who either spoke out or who were going to speak out about the Illuminati.  I know the story about why Michael Jackson died.  Michael was going to "spill the beans" on the inner workings of the Illuminati after his "This Is It" tour.  But, alas, Michael died before he could even get his show "on the road".

      Michael's sister Janet Jackson said on Larry King Live that Michael was murdered.

    • Fred says:

      I get the same feed back from the sheeple. They are killing me with the poisons. I have Parkinson's 

  3. Leslie Ann says:

    God bless you for what you do. Some of us are awake here in Central Florida. Our skies are poisoned here on a daily basis and anywhere you go people are coughing and suffering from respiratory issues. I’ve contacted several agencies and they pretend like they have no idea what your talking about. I was mocked by one agency asking me if I was seeing an alien ship.The ignorance! Mind you, Florida legislation allows weather modification. Their statutes can be found on their website under Title XXIX Public Health Chapter 403 in case anyone wants to look it up.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Leslie, thank you for your support in this effort. For the record, “weather modification” programs are not climate engineering. The “weather modification” programs are simply used as a red herring to distract and confuse the population from the global climate engineering assault. FYI

  4. Jeff says:

    Thank you Dane, keep the pressure on. I am doing my part. Alabama is sprayed like bugs!!!!!!!!!!!! Be careful, I am sure they are watching you and the rest of us. I am not going to lie, waking up everyday seeing this shit in the sky has taken a toll on me.

  5. Phil says:

    Dane, thankyou for your work.. Respect and strength to you..

  6. Abigail says:

    Sincere appreciation for Dane Wigington and all you do to help expose the danger being done to our planet, EARTH. Once you had said, "I will remain at my post."  NOW, THAT speaks volumes. You are such a dedicated person. God speed and Thank you! 

  7. stephen langley says:

    Yes, the "government" is facilitating the obfuscation of weather modification… BUT, the "government" is bought and paid for by a very deep economic hierarchy.  A very large visible corporate tier behind the  so-called "government" and "its" weather modification is the "energy sector".  The daily production of electricity intentionally dumps trillions of gallons of water vapor and seventy percent of the heat used to generate electricity into the atmosphere.  The upshot:  the "government" is a front used by the globalists, which includes the electric power companies, NOAA, NWS, Dept. of Commerce et al.  If we really want to stop weather modification we need a serious direct multi-pronged approach we need to expose all the players involved.  The "government" is a straw man.

  8. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Thank You for this report of what they are up to, & how many more are involved in these daily spewed weather reports that we are all listening to. It's amazing how the weather reporter that mentions they are looking outside their window, so you know they can see outside, & a moment later saying mostly sunny today when the sky is a canopy with no sign of sun, yet alone a patch of blue! And to be so programmed that they read what's in front of them without taking into consideration what is right in front of their eyes!  The willingness of man/woman to follow along with "fooling" the masses, is staggering to the "awake" mind.  Have they ever sat & pondered their parts in the hell we find ourselves in today?  And the way they throw in, typical, common, usual, for the area or the season, to convince the listeners it's normal.  Although they know they are lying!      ~~~ Everything secret degenerates even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bare discussion & publicity. ~~~      Silence implies consent!    ~~~    Sometimes silence isn't golden.    It's just Yellow!   ~~~

    • stephen langley says:

      Spot on… the whole problem of getting others (not just the "blind" local weahter "forecast" reader-presenters) is to merely see what is plainly there !  The mind control is truly astounding.  While it is almost understandable (but not excusable) why the local weather boys & girls just do what they're told (paycheck & a pension) it is unfathomable to me how everyone just buys it…  if the presenter says it's clear when clearly it is not, how and why don't people call them on it ?  We are largely a mind washed CULT-ure.  One that is apparently under mass hypnosis accomplished by an array of black magic, technotronic weaponry and social engineering that disallows our own empirical observations and experience… truly mind blowing.

  9. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Hello all:  I believe it is important to amass as many rain water samples as possible.  Anti-geoengineering "actions" need to manifest as international efforts to address transnational crimes…

    Soil samples can (or could) be refuted by legal defense teams within the courts.  Rain water samples need to be collected in sterile containers and sent to certified forensic laboratories for analysis and documentation.

    The Environmental Protection Agency is (obviously) in collusion with transnational military interests.  Geoengineering is an act of primary treason against civilian populations – regardless of ANY stated goals.  Grand Juries need to be established in all 50 States of the Union.  Geoengineering operatives must be served with criminal warrants and prosecuted.  Here's something I posted last month. >

    Rain Tests Again Confirm 4 Geoengineering Related Metals: Skies are being Sprayed

  10. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, A few months ago a friend of mine wrote to me and stated, "big boots will be dropping soon" and further stated, "get as prepared as you can" (or something like that). I just finished watching almost 13 minutes of complete hypocrisy. (Iran deal). I shutter to think how many people actually bought into what the Chumpster read off of reader boards being flashed in front of him. Make no mistake, the Don knows exactly his part in the theater. I make it a habit to ignore his antics but when the title had Iran in it. I had to listen/watch. I find it interesting that he mentioned EU allies by name and generalized the middle east participants. Interesting again that a party of power is headed over to meet up with Kim Jung Un and his gang. Have any of you ever seen the photos of Kim Jung Un and the Trumpster's hair do's switched? I guess these days, power can be attained with a freak haircut, just gotta be the right one I suppose(grin).

    Seriously folks, try to find as many hidden meanings as I did. Some of you will find more, of that I'm sure. Point is, if "I" can pick off one BS statement after another, many here will also. "Global relativity", "ozone almost gone, methane covering the outer stratosphere". There's the bottom line my friends. "And 'they' know it. Damn "them".

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yah horseman! As soon as I heard israel $ saudi arabia were elated about the trumpster's latest iran move- I figured it has to be a bad business for all the rest of us.

  11. Rachel Robson says:

    All, "Earthweek" on April 29th had this: "Arboreal 'heartbeat':  "Dutch researchers say they have found evidence of a kind of 'heartbeat' in trees that causes them to change shape in a regular rhythm that is much shorter than a day-night cycle.  Researchers scanned 21 species of trees in windless and lightless conditions and found seesaw oscillations. Branches move up and down an average of 0.6 of an inch during cycles that are two to six hours long.  The researchers think the pulses are evidence that trees actively squeeze water upward from their roots."  !!!!

    Has anyone ever noticed or heard of this?  I well remember as a kid, at night especially, feeling the trees moving.  It seemed spooky and fun! But, gotta say, I've not really noticed this since K.C.  There are, or were, so very many trees there, so many, and so many kinds.  I remember being aware of something like this at night and in the Fall, especially in November, which some people referred to as the November Wild, and I thought that curious, that from old folks, and true, November was spooky extra, creak, creak in the dark.  Anyone else?

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      I notice the branches on the trees move when I water them and there is no wind in sight…that is when I know I have given them enough of water.

  12. Bella_Fantasia says:

    The well-written language of the Proposed Announcement seems excellent.  It ought to pique the interest of those involved in forecasting or disseminating weather information, at least capture their attention.  While I'd get out rather sign any gag order, they should ask themselves what they're getting for having signed.  They are being used and marginalized, and (unlike Stormy Daniels) don't get any perks, payments or publicity.  They only get to keep their lousy jobs for now, even though they have signed away their integrity.  They should begin to see no one wants them on their merit or for their expertise, which ought to feel insulting.  They are being made to look foolish as they attempt to explain away the failure of their forecasts, while they twist pretzels to invent new language for ridiculous situations and the absurd movement of incongruous animated colored blobs.

    Appealing to them with thoughtful concerns should be well received.  It might draw them in.  They may begin to see that 'controlling the weather forecasts' does have something to do with 'controlling the message' and logically 'controlling the weather.'   It seems a very good first step. 

    The Legal team has done very well.  It is deeply appreciated.


  13. Gary Cristani says:

    My outside temperature in the shade says 88 noaa says 75 on may 8 at 1200 pm

  14. Jintampa says:

    Thanks Dane and fellow "Geoengineering  watchers" for your pursuit of the truth.

    I'm writing concerning the local weather forecasts, a couple of the "meteorologists"  almost smirk when doing a broadcast like they ARE reporting what they are told to report, none of which makes any sense.

  15. TNGeoWatch says:

    Keep the faith everyone.  Let's keep talking to people one at a time.  There was a rather large earth quake in the Gulf of Mexico south of New Orleans.  Friend of mine in Gulf Port MS said the sky's where wavy right before and after the earth quake.  Stuff like this I'm sure is not random.

  16. marc says:

    This is really quite an astounding review of a MSM article detailing how YouTube AI algorithms feed "our" addiction to "conspiracy theory" content. The intricacy and diabolical craftiness of this CBS news article are off the charts. The bastards are fighting back with everything they've got in their arsenal to marginalize us, confuse us, demoralize us, make us feel like we're just dumb, gullible buffoons who have absolutely nothing more thrilling to do than to sit for weeks in front of our computers helplessly following one "conspiracy" video after another. Even if that's got a nanoparticle of truth to it, there is a f**king reason for it and it has nothing to do with the premise of the article. PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP TO THE LIES AND THE SKIES AT AN EXPONENTIAL RATE. PEOPLE ARE HUNGERING FOR INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT THE F**K IS REALLY GOING ON AND ALTERNATIVE INFORMATION SOURCES ARE ALL WE'VE GOT. To diminish and/or block the earnest efforts of countless millions to find TRUTH is as egregious a thing as has ever entered the human story. 

    • simone says:

      Mark, Thank You for Thinking Along!!! I see more and more people getting very upset and angry! Cheers:)

  17. barbzi says:

    After seeing the AZ climate engineered sky photo posted above I checked to see what i had documented for 3/21/18 on my AZ calendar in Buckeye. I had recorded heavy aerosol spraying that day Wednesday with coughing up thick sticky mucus and numerous heart arrythmia's. I personally take a mix of powdered magnesium and water to help regulate muscle and decrease B/P. It works for me. I also recorded the same sky for 3/20th with the same symptoms. The 70% rain prediction for 3/23rd never arrived. The uv was 5.4 on the 18th and by the 22nd the uv was 7.5….ozone connection to aerosol sky spraying??

  18. Johanna Ryffel says:

    Immense Gratitude to you Dane for your ongoing efforts  to Stop this Crime against all Life ! God bless you and protect you always ! <3 

  19. SD says:

    Last weekend saw high temps (90-100F) in inland areas of southern CA. Heavy SRM spraying noted Fri, Sat, Sun.

    Monday saw slight drop in temps with moisture on my windshield in morning/ return of Marine Layer.

    Then, several hours ago, Tue AM, a M4.5 quake was reported in the Banning Pass area.  It was shallow depth (12km) and felt over most of SoCal area.  Lead story on local TV and radio today. Increase in low clouds, lower temps overnight – AGAIN.

    This is a VERY similar scenario to last week's M4.9 EQ near Palm Springs which also correlated with a local ENGINEERED COOLDOWN.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      SD, Monday we had a slightly warm day, blue sky, but then the lines began and so many, toward the south.  TV news/weather said it would be colder today and they were not kidding nor were the masses of layered sky crap that built up to bring this it seems.  It is freaking May!  What is up with all this cold, here?!  'They' don't even comment on how very very rare, downright bizarre this is for here this time of year!  Dang!  I am freezing!  Plants are confused, everything is confused.  Have not heard news so missed it about the quake.  What would be the correlation of engineered cool down with a quake?  How? 

    • David says:

      Felt the 4.5 quake too in San Diego and then today they sprayed all day and was tired and fatigued. Took a nap 930ish to 1215 and ended up with raw sore throat. Yeah. When I see this shit going on I take pics and video and post to Twitter the daily #sandiego #geoengineering weather update for the day. It’s so  obvious if you simply pay attention. Poor souls are only interested in racing to work to grab a buck or two so they can grab a craft beer for 10 bucks and get there wank off. Geez.

  20. glendon says:


    look at that geo-eng cloud.

    looks like they are possibly trying to contain the dead zone?


    Massive 'Dead Zone' in the Arabian Sea Is the Biggest in the World

  21. Frank says:

    Sure, most people function at levels similar to brainless zombies, but a story like today's New York Attorney General going down in Sexual Assault flames still gets gasps. Given his "me-too-friendly" stance, this event IS A SHOCKER.

    So it will be when the last little crack in the wall gives out and the secret world-wide climate engineering is finally revealed. Sure, they will fight to the bitter end because of the ultimate change that they dread, but it will happen, and SOON. Keep talking, keep pushing. You never will know what little seemingly insignificant human interaction will be the one that finally breaks this open. The time is at hand.

    As David Bowie prophesized:

    News guy wept and told us, earth was really dying, cried so much his face was wet, then I knew he was not lying.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Frank and too true, one never knows.  But about that NY AG, even he does not 'get' what he did and I believe he is sincere about that as I have known men like that.  Which makes it difficult for me to believe that men can be changed, but of course not all men are like this.  But quite a lot are and often they are at the top of some heap.  I have good reason to applaud the Me Too movement, not the least of which is it is about time, rather far past time, but will it hold?  And how?  And the first weeks after it began, rapes went up in NY city.  Guess I fear blow back.  It is a bit odd how girls are attracted to 'bad' guys and the degree to which women play into this for them.  But, a new day IS dawning and proof abounds that many are speaking out in so many ways.  Ralph Nader suggests getting to personally know a local politician or someone running for some office and have a group focus on that person, making it clear the vote they will get if they front the issue of one's concern.  So, I am thinking of this with geoengineering and who all we can profile and protest to in order to further our cause.  Small groups targeting newbies for election, or even those seeking re-election, making it clear they will get our votes only IF!  We all need to get organized!

  22. Gary Cristani says:

    Climate engineering the crime of the century

  23. 'a' simple horseman says:

    It seems these days, we that carry the burden of awakening our fellow mankind, have become "tree top flyers". If your as old as I am, you know the tune. Thing is, these days, it bares a whole new meaning. I have a great appreciation for "art". Music live, solo and acoustical is one of my favorites. Especially when it's in your face truth. In my life I have watched many a "paradise" turned into a "parking lot". Damn those big yellow tractors!

    My friends, "I" have looked at both sides throughout my entire life. I once "almost" got sucked in to "the illusion". It cost me a bunch of money to get out of the rat race. Money well spent… "a million years ago". it's all in the past. All that matters is the quest to live an awakened existence. I've lived my whole life in harmony with nature and her ways. I'd be a sorry sack of you know what if I abandoned her. Ever since "911" I've been awake and learning. I didn't buy into any of what the media put out. Where would I be if what I know now was taught in schools? That's a huge question. Anyway, I love you all, I love the massive efforts put out by so many formidable people. Dane and company at the top.

    Old words with new meanings,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Bluesky says:

      Beautiful, just damn beautiful!

                       Thank you horseman.

  24. JR says:

    Good work Dane and everyone else on defense of our skies and the air we breath, our 4 seasons. I congratulate you all. From Southwest, New Mexico the rain clouds coming in are demolished as always over us. For those into the Word it's told us the Prince of this world is let loose to run it for now. With the New World Order in play the 666 # is perhaps close, the chip. If we have not this crap on our bodies we don't eat, it's all about control. The lowlifes have no shame. I've seen some post here saying hell awaits this scum doing such evil works. The followers of evil (the blind ones) cover it up and follow the evil one it's said in the end times. We don't know when that day will come, but it will come, it is written. I know many here to have love and compassion for human life, & this earth we live in. This is good and covers many sins, we all fall short. I hope my post stays and is not scrubbed, if it is I will understand. Some people will get offended at post being non-believers. I did not inspire the words in the Bible, God did through man, His creation. Yes there is evil in this world, in the end we will overcome. We will not live forever on this earth. Thanks to everyone with a heart for good works here, and a good and faithful servant, a good steward. In the end evil will not prevail, Hell awaits these characters…  Thanks!

  25. Rachel Davis says:

    Just as I had noted… the radio weather forecasters all seem to have suddenly disappeared.  No goodbyes that I heard.  No retirements or announcements, just a replacement:  a sing-songy happy DJ asking, “Hey Google, what’s the weather?”  Then, “Thanks, Google!”  Then, “And tomorrow’s forecast will be:…”. Each DJ from each channel says it exactly the same way, but no one has noticed. Well… at least almost nobody.  

    • Jeffrey E Fish says:

      Yes, It's true about the forecasters being replaced with an absurd DJ voice spewing out their small message about the fake weather. I have listened to it on different stations across my state and it's all the same BS. TV weather has become a joke that puts a busty young woman on camera to keep the male viewers eyes on her and not pay attention to the fake report. Stats. show that men pay closer attention to the weather by a huge majority.


    • Alan says:

      Mississippi State University offers a "Broadcast Meteorology" certificate.  You could fill a football stadium with TV weather "personalities" who "graduated" from this program.  Check your local weather "personality's" bio on your local TV station's website.  Chances are better than 50/50 they are "graduates" of the MSU program.  We have five (at last count) "graduates" just in the San Diego TV market.  Whether any of them ever actually set foot on the campus is another matter.  

      Here's my own weather report for San Diego County today – "Thanks guys!  Yes, it really is a gorgeous day in San Diego!  Unfortunately, we just can't see too much of it because there is just too much toxic chemical haze, I mean high cirrus clouds, blotting out the sun. Tee hee!  But, hey, isn't the sky a beautiful shade of dirty off-white?  Oh, and here's a photo just sent into us by Jim in Santee of one of those clouds I was talking about!  Wow!  Isn't this an unusual and beautiful cloud?  It looks just like an oil slick!  Tee hee.  Look at the blue, green and orange tints to that cloud.  Wow!  Isn't nature wonderful?  You know, scientists are discovering new types of clouds all the time.  Maybe Jim has discovered a totally new one here.  Maybe he'll even get the cloud named after him.  Tee hee!  Tee hee!   Anyway, get out there and enjoy the day, guys, and don't forget your sunscreen!  This is why we live in San Diego, everybody.  I'll be back later with the five-day forecast." 

    • simone says:

      ALAN, this is just so brilliant!!!!!  " Isn't nature wonderful?  You know, scientists are discovering new types of clouds all the time.  Maybe Jim has discovered a totally new one here.  Maybe he'll even get the cloud named after him."  

      Well, this overwhelming Human Stupidity can be so "curious",  "innovative" and even "scientific"!!!  What hellishly manufactured "reality".. it's everywhere, above and under! The question is: how long are we going to have to hold our breath?

  26. Joe Sullivan says:

    Thank you Dane!!

    I am with you all the way

    Joe Sullivan

    • Kathy says:

      Joe, I have to ask you…are you by chance from Washington State or grew up there? If so does St. B grade school in Burien ring a bell ? If so please get my email from Dane. Trying to grow the awareness efforts here in WA.

  27. Earth Angel says:

    Hello everyone, Just echoing the praise and gratitude to the legal team and Geoengineering Watch for their mighty ongoing efforts to uncover the truth for all to see. I'm just reporting my recent observations from the southeast on geoengineering activity here. We traveled from north Georgia last Tuesday May 1st on the motorcycle and rode to the Florida panhandle near Panama City. To my surprise I saw very few trails the entire trip. There were a few high wispy web strands of aerosol I observed while staying near Tyndall afb. Of course we have the constant air flow in from the water on the gulf there. I silently cursed 2 ear splitting jets that roared overhead momentarily spoiling the serenity and joy of us folks relaxing on the beaches. The sun was very strong. One had to be vigilant with sunblock, hats, light clothing, and shades- even under a beach tent/ gazebo set up. I missed a small spot or two with sunblock on my back the last day and paid for it with a painful lobster red burn. (thankfully not a large area).  Returning yesterday May 6th we saw mostly blue skies and windy conditions. Saw only 1 or 2 jets spray up very high the fast dispersal mixture the entire way back. Observing the trees and plants along the way, I thought they looked fairly good. Though not bountifully healthy, they seemed to be at least 'holding their own' in spite of it all. Today back in north Georgia lots of blue sky and 'regular' white puffy clouds the way things used to be. Maybe all our efforts are beginning to have an effect. I sure hope so. Everything has leafed out here and looks like summer. There's no place like home. Sadly, I am still losing magnificent oaks. Another giant one has finally died this year, one last year, several in years past, and some blown over during storm 'Irma' last fall, plus a few poplar and hickory thrown into the mix. Must be close to twenty trees of that stature lost in the past 16 yrs. or so and no doubt others on the way out despite sending them love and good wishes often. I apologize to them frequently for what is happening and beg them to PLEASE hang on. Again, THANK YOU Legal Team, Dane, and everyone for all your efforts. We are gaining momentum. Failure is not an option. There's too much at stake. But I'm preaching to the choir, aren't I?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Earth Angel,  I felt like I enjoyed your trip from your description!  I was only in Georgia once, for 4 days, in the mid 60s to see a boyfriend before he shipped off to Viet Nam.  I remember from the air, noticing how red the soil was there.  My friend lived way off base in the woods somewhere with others and horses and I was told some of the grass I saw from the air was poisonous for horses.  I never did find out more about that, but I did get to ride, so it felt like home, yet so different.  With your oaks, are they calling it sudden Oak death, like here, like that is the name of what is killing them?  Tons of oaks out here have died.  Do you ever suspect the lack of sky crap has anything to do with the Prez living in Florida?  "They" Never take a break here, Never!

    • simone says:

       Earth Angel 🙂  Blessings 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thanks for your comment Rachel. Glad you liked Georgia. Life was much slower and it was beautiful and clean here in the 60's when I was growing up in Atlanta. It's still pretty clean today but it is so congested with mass over construction and people from everywhere it is almost unrecognizable to me on the few occasions I venture back there in the city and surrounding 'burbs. (sigh) I guess this is true of so many places though. I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way. Yes, about the trees, I have heard it called sudden oak death- except there's nothing sudden about it. I've watched these once magnificent trees die a slow protracted death over years- but (as hilarious comedian chevy chase once said in a movie ) of course, "at the end, it was very sudden!" To quote our other horseman friend, stay well "my friend(s) I haven't met yet!"  : )

  28. Elise says:

    Thanks for this information & all of the work the legal team and many others who are "Awake" are doing to raise awareness.

  29. Lexia says:

    2 weeks ago, here in the Pacific Northwest, it was so hot I thought "it must be 80". I went to my thermometer (in the shade) and sure enough, 82 degrees. I checked my phone "weather channel ap" and it was reporting 69 for my area! when all else fails, just lie! And they can get away with it because of a screened in, clueless population! 

  30. Grant Jones says:

    While I heartily applaud the legal efforts an continue to persuade those who will listen it is apparent that we have passed the "Event Horizon". All that is happening now is exponential to the predictions of the best Earth Scientists.  This Epoch is ending,  Whatever we wish to save is becoming limited.  How remains the question.  We or our progeny will never see the benign Earth as we have grown with so what will it take to awaken enough competent souls to address this?  For the only time Life is capable of understanding its' environment, yet seems incapable of benefiting that environment.  We are in need of a catalistic moment  to change direction.  Aside from our individual efforts I would welcome any suggestion to awaken the "sheep"  I have NOT given up!  Dane? Anyone?

  31. Sherrie Hall says:

    be careful Dane, the will  assassinate you! They’ve killed many before and won’t stop easily.

    god bless you for opening this to the publicly.

    • virginia says:

      Sherrie:   God forbid!!!!!!    Each of us prays in our own way but there is one thing certain and that is that we collectively pray for Dane and his family's safety and good health, always.  A man of his caliber, courage and will to confront those who are evil stands head and shoulders above the rest of us.  Dane will be protected by the sheer will of all of us – our lives depend upon it.  Love and respect to Dane.

      Avanti.  Peace.

    • Johanna Ryffel says:

      Sherri Hall , please , please dont say words like the above 🙁 Words are Things and they have great Power . Please always keep Dane in your Prayers for Protection ! I do ! We all do ! God bless you ~ I know sometimes we say things out of fear ….Peace Sister <3 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Heavens forbid Sherrie, I think anyone should know such a thing would be a fruitless effort because although Dane is at the tip of the anti geoengineering movement and has contributed immeasurably to our successes, this movement has grown and taken on a life of its own worldwide now. There are countless credible people in many different walks of life each picking up the torch and carrying it in our own ways, as is evidenced from the legal team, to credible scientists; others in Europe, to retired military officials, others in the aerospace industry, top horticulturists such as Francis Mangels, etc., etc. and the list keeps on growing. We will not be silenced!  We pray the Great Spirit continues protection for all those working to protect the Earth!  May God watch over you and your family always Dane.

  32. Rachel Robson says:

    Yay Dane!  Hey, something is better than nothing at all and makes a start!  Kinda like that water drop torture?  Drip by drip by drip.  Still, perseverance furthers!  It does seem that every FOIA effort I've known of took a long, long time.  It may seem a small thing, but no, you and legal primed the well!  Much gratitude to all of you!  Here's to more!!

  33. Arthur Radtke says:

    Hi Dane and esteemed followers of this great site.  I read the entire lawsuit in the PDF and am so proud of what the legal team is doing to get that information from the NOAA.  It looks very promising that something will be done about this.  The stonewalling is just another effort to prolong the ongoing geoengineering nightmare that is plaguing planet Earth's. I recently had an employment settlement with an agency of the Federal Government and it took me 3 1/2 years for me to get that done. My hope and prayer is that this does not get dragged out as I believe every day is more precious than the last. As Dane always says TIME is not on our side. But the fight goes on and I can't see how we will not win in court.  The law is being broken and it must be enforced with those documents your legal team has asked for. God speed!!!   

  34. Clare Goldsberry says:

    Interesting that for 20 years of living in AZ the skies were always clear and blue every day, until we actually got a low-pressure system in that brought real clouds. Then since the early 2000s, the Stratospheric Aerosol Injections have gotten worse — from one or two days a week to daily spraying. Listen to the weather "authorities" on the local news stations and every day you hear about "high clouds" and "haze" — even with high pressure overhead. I've written to these local weather "authorities" about this and they brush me off — just water vapor contrails. A friend who is very conscious about chemicals in her toiletries and food, recently had her hair tested as she does every couple of year. Six month ago she had her hair tested and it came up positive for aluminum. When she asked her doctor how it could be, he merely pointed up at the ceiling. "Chemical spray," he told her. The weather "authorities" have been drinking the Kool-aid!

    • Marie says:

      I think that the way the aluminum gets into our hair and body is obviously from the tiny nano particles of aluminum that we are breathing IN every time we are outside. It goes to our lungs, then blood, then into the brain. It is probably in many parts of our body. I wear a surgical mask when outside in my yard. I try holding my breath when i go from the car to the stores, but i don't always do it. It's so easy to believe the "fresh" air is good for us as we cannnot SEE the particles in the air – unless of course we shine a flashlite in the darkest part of our yard and then we see them. I do it every nite. So i try wearing the mask. In winter i would breathe into my sweater sleeve. Sometimes i carry a hand mask i made from a bandana with a mask hidden inside. In warm weather it's hard to drive as the car will be hot. I open the windows an inch and am warm. I've discovered that at nite in the country i can drive with the windows open as long as i wear a mask while driving! Sound crazy? I don't think so. At nite people in other cars coming towards us can't see we are wearing a mask. Try it. You can't see their faces as they drive by. But of course in the city with all the lights they could prob. see. So i try best as i can. I did have a urine heavy metal test a yr ago and i had very low barium. The lead tho was off the charts and the doc said it was cuz when i was younger in the 1950's and 1960's i breathed in the lead from all the car exhaust. He said lead stays in the body for decades.

    • Cheryl says:

      Reflecting on Marie's description about using a mask out-of-doors … would be nice if we could at least create refuge in our home spaces.
      Does anyone know if there is an air filter that can address the contents of the trails ?   I keep air filters on all the time at home but wonder if it's having any impact. 

      Always – deepest respect and gratitude to Dane and all who are actively participating with him.

  35. sherry s. says:

    I'm woke and watching every video on everything from chemtrails, melting Arctic ice (methane), Fukushima, dead oceans, etc. Yet I cannot get any family members to listen!!!!!  They "don't want to be depressed", "sick of doom and gloom stories". I give up. Anyone else experiencing this? Sigh…………..

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Are you kidding sherry?  Everyone says that!  Everyone I know.  Even my own grown daughter who is aware.  Keenly aware but she still insists on living life!  People seem to think positive thoughts will bring about positive results.  That life will go better for them.  Also, many are bummed big time, hardships of all sorts.  Also many think there is nothing they can do about it.  They want, if they want, actionable things that can be achieved and this feels like hitting a wall hard and worse, it is just the beginning of a litany of evils.  Few want to deal with any of that.  Most are Very busy.  Life and death stuff going on everywhere and way more information than most people can handle.  I've always felt as if I have no filters.  I feel like two eyeballs attached to a brain and it ALL flows in.  But others automatically screen stuff, probably a survival tact.

    • Bethany says:

      Sherry, I'm a Master Gardener and a Master Naturalist…and even most of my colleagues think I'm delusional over this topic,  It is amazing to me that two jets can be making big X's over head day after day and people don't even notice!!!???  So, I feel your frustration!   

    • Dawn says:

      yes but remember your job is to plant seeds; those whose consciousness are open the seeds will germinate, the others no matter what you say their consciousness is too programmed. I know its frustrating, idk what stage if your awakening you're at but just keep planting seeds. i woke a LOT of people about about geoengineering. i bought the video what in the world are they spraying made tons of copies and mailed to everyone i knew.


    • miles says:

      We all are experiencing this Sherry. People have become fat, dumb, and lazy. It is nothing short of pathetic. These people are going to "think positive" until there is nothing left. "Thinking positive" and "doom and gloom" are just other ways of saying they are too cowardly and incompetent to address real threats in their lives

    • Rhonda says:

      Yes Sherry! Same here.  Now, I am feeling so guilty that I have raised the issue with my sons and others. I feel that we are defeated in this 'realm' and that raising the issue is only robbing others of any joy in life. Once 'awakened,' it is impossible to 'un-see.'                                                   Yet, I can't help myself from continuing to try to raise awareness. If you see a train coming way down the track, shouldn't you try to herd as many 'sheep' off the track as possible?                                                     Is there truly any way to stop this madness? It has been going on now for years. The damage done is irreparable for lifetimes.


    • virginia says:

      Hi, Sherry….fellow sufferer.    Had to laugh, in spite of the seriousness of your post, because I and probably many others here posting are facing the same battle.  But, good news: do not give up.  Just smile, move on, and believe it or not, one of these days, you will win.  Happened to me. A distant relative gave me the big 'yawn' not too many months ago when I spoke on our horrible pollution and breathing difficulties.  Well, there is justice, after all, because he got a persistent cough that just won't go away. Now he is calling me long distance for more info.  Naturally, this website got top billing.  He still has the cough and now is a believer. See?   Avanti….my Italian Nana's encouragement to the family – it means 'forward'.  Works.  Really.

      Avanti and Peace.

    • dave says:

      Hey Sherry,  try not to get too frustrated especially with family because they're usually the hardest.  You're just dealing with a defense mechanism in them.  Just move on to others who will listen and there are plenty who do. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello. You should care about the ones who want to listen. We are 7 billion. Many and many know that something is deeply wrong but these populations do not have access to the right information. The ones that do not want to get depressed, are just taking the time they need to digest the information, and that can take several months or a few years. But now they know, although some of us have different response timings. Humanity is just like that.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Hi Sherry, I too am very sad and frustrated that I can't get my family to see how dire the situation is.  They believe the spraying is going on, but don't think it is affecting their health and the health of their children, yet my 6 year old granddaughter is coughing again, but she does not have a cold.  She was sick with a virus and cough 5 times this winter.  I tell my daughter that what they are spraying is causing her to have this continual cough and she tells me she does not want to hear about it.  I don't know what it is going to take to get them to wake up.  They all think I am this nut case who brings nothing but gloom and doom.  They also don't want to hear that this drought we are having is not normal, yet the trees are dying all around us.  I hope and pray they will all come to their senses sooner than later.

    • Marie says:

      Oh yeah total denial. I went to a friends house last wk and took my very bright solar light with me. When it got dark out i shone the light and we saw the nano particles floating and swirling about in the air. Do ya know what he said? He said they were tiny bugs!!! I didn't even know what to say about that!

    • Johanna Ryffel says:

      Sherry s. ~ yes the very same and more ~   it is a tremendous testing ground for our spiritual growth ! as I see it ~ God bless you Sister <3 

    • Bill F. says:

      The globalists have discovered that, 'If you tell people the same lies, over & over & over again, eventually a majority will begin to accept and believe the lies ARE the truth.

      A "Simple" form of 'Torture' (mental) aka: "Brainwashing" 😉 {Apparently: BS baffles brains, (for some) and so the globalists continuously engage in their practice of "Baffling people's brains with BS}

      "UNITY" our best response – so simply 'Use' the their same proven principle, but in reverse?

      Simply "Keep Repeating the TRUTH" over & over & over again and eventually the 'Previous' Brainwashing of repetitive lies, WILL be replaced by a the "Desired" Message of TRUTH.

      Have Faith that this principle DOES work and just continue to "Deposit Seeds of Truth" everywhere you go and be confident that whenever the receiver of truth actually takes the time to 'Resurrect' their Common Sense – Truth & Faith will become the "Order of the Day" and the Army of Truth WILL 'Win the Day' 🙂

      Remain a diligent "Sower of the Seeds of Truth" and 'Keep the Faith' that you too – WILL Reap the Harvest of a "Critical Mass of Awareness"

      This IS the simple FAITH that keeps Dane & all of us "Engaged in this Battle" for 'Our GOD-given right' to live with Dignity & Quality of Life on this – the ONLY planet in the entire universe, on which we are ALL privileged to live.

      FAITH isn't faith, until it is all you have left to hang onto. "Hang In" there Sherry and just keep "Spreading the TRUTH" and that will break the seemingly 'Endless Cycle' of the blatant lies about GeoEngineering, spread by the globalists.

      Critical Mass of Awareness is the goal & speaking the TRUTH is the only way to achieve that goal.

      REMEMBER: "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" in this battle. 🙂

  36. Fredd says:

    "…the US government is doing all they can to completely control weather forecasts all the way down to the local level. Why? "

    I can only imagine that they are planning something to control the population in case of an uprising. 

  37. Daniel Dill says:

    Just think, if someone said that Trump caused all the arosol spraying both the left and some of the right side and for darned sure the main stream biased stinking media would be all over it! Betcha something would be done then! So, There!

  38. joe S says:



    I will describe the tactic changes of the geoengineers, from

    1995 observations over San Francisco, Ca

    Definite, decoy, mimicry  of natural local cloud patterns.

    Today , begin 11:30 Am until 2;00 PM ,  I watched as a keen

    observer.  Aircraft travel East-West and North South along California coast line.

    The decoy pattern is of a mares tail, horse tail whippy long

    pattern. We do have those over San Fran, natural.

    I state this:unless the individual watches the spray patterns,

    over  a 3 hour  time, when any person says"Hey they are

    geoenginnering up there…you(others) wil be know as the Kooky

    ones, . response, I have seen those before.."You are a bit weird.'

    (their silent thinking…)

    You have impecable knowledge for us during these times

    of much denial of what is true. Vaccines, HAARP, GMO's too.

    As to weather reporters, gov't or other websites, my observation

    is non of those posted sites agree on the 10 days out/local day forcasting.Total deception to created a confusion among people



    Thank you for your sincere efforts to show light upon much

    negativity now.

  39. David A. says:

    It's total control of the Weather from coast to coast, all these local meteorologists should stand together, they are just talking heads? But of course they want there big salary, so far they just do what there masters tell them! Shame, Shame!

  40. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Good work! Best regards, to the legal team, Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering, Julio Gomez, Esq., and Stop Geoengineering Minnesota — for exposing the tragedy of the Orwellian Empire nightmare our country has been turned into by the demonic Zionist NeoCon globalist cabal. Thank you, Dane!

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF: I forgot to say … the demonic Zionist NeoCon globalist cabal ratzoid pigs!  There are very unpleasant special 'locations' for those who destroy planets. The rotting diseased fruits of your heinous criminal acts are coming to all of you arrogant elite soon. The universe through resonance will always regain harmony and balance. God help you. You are going to need it!

    • virginia says:

      Susan….Way to go!!!!!!!! Thank you for your great posts.  I sincerely second the congratulatory remarks to the legal team, GeoMinnesota and of course Dane and  The tenacity and resolve of these people are beyond outstanding, and we who reap the rewards of their efforts are in your debt.  Thank you, all.

      Ratzoid pigs…..gotta love that,  Mind if I use that in my comments on other websites, Susan?  Also, thank you for your fine contributions to this site.  You not only teach, but you inspire, as well.   Peace.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Virginia, of course you may use anything I say in your comments. We are here to together expose the crimes of geoengineering. And thank you for your kind words. I am now 72 and seriously I would say I have been chasing this down since the early 1980s when I first read Eustace Mullins. Even earlier, there were so many experiences in my life that all contributed to my search for answers, but it was Dane's work that put everything into focus for me. I am so very grateful to him for his unrelenting integrity, will, and adamantine courage. People who malign Dane are indeed foolish with very small minds and understanding.

  41. simone says:


    This is the beginning of the collapse of the sloppy smelly walls of hellish lies and bloody deeds 🙂  I'd like to see new, INDEPENDENT broadcasts growing everywhere in our country, showing the real, Live reports! People would see the difference and be excited to watch them. SUPER MOVE, DANE!  

    Wondering, what would be the cost to organize and run a small independent broadcast?   In this case, innovative technology can be the blessing 🙂 Others will follow.. as non-profits or independent small businesses or … a public rescue-control?

  42. Cori Gunnells says:

    This is chilling information. There will clearly be no need for local/regional markets to hire their own meteorologists any longer (esp. Ph.D.s). They'd be overpaid script readers. 

    Is this same degree of centralized control happening in other countries?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Cori, Hi!  And I am confused as I just said above but even moreso in that they say in this the possibility that local meteorologists will no longer "own the forecast" in their region.  Did they Ever?  I am surprised if so.  They also mention reductions and or not filling 300-600 vacancies for NWS personnel straining agencies.  It is unclear to me if people just do not want this job, if they find the job suspect, or if just not filled like the way we still do not have oh so many government appointments not filled such as ambassadors in various countries, etc.  This 'problem' then seems unclear.  Given the profound iffiness of our electric grid in various scenarios it seems unsafe to put this all under computer control all the way, I mean totally besides geoengineering.  I grew up in Tornado Alley and weather reports were necessary, on the spot NOW necessary.  I imagine a hue and cry over this.  And, of course more computer bank everything to cool with precious water getting scarce.  There are so many obvious pitfalls in this, And, I thought this was going on already!  Maybe there will be pissed off real meteorologists who will want to speak out when this comes down–kinda seems prime for whistle blowers there and a book or twenty to write!  One can hope.

  43. Tamara McGrath says:

    How can we get a lawsuit like this in Maine.  Is it better to ban together and file class action or individual suits by states.  This is worldwide.

  44. Cecilia says:

    This is a start of stopping this Nightmare that we have found ourselves in, more people are becoming aware. We the people did not approve this.

  45. renate says:

    Found this, maybe helpful to the legal team. The Genocide Treaty.;

    Only a national government has the power to produce “genocide,” which is the killing of an entire race of people. And only a government, when its troops invade other nations, can attempt to destroy an entire race outside of its borders. Neither an individual nor a group of individuals can commit genocide. And, if they try, they would quickly be jailed under already well-established criminal statutes. Thus we see that only nations can commit genocide, never individuals. Only a nation can blot out a race; an individual can only kill individuals. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes renate, you are right!  I now say to others, "People don't want wars- governments do."

  46. Joseph L says:

    Great work by legal team.  This is a long tough battle especially when the govt. and agencies are lying  all the time about so many things these days.

    A little off topic here.  Governments lie people die.

    April 26, 2018

    Official Canadian Data Show That There Is More Autism in Regions Where Vaccine Coverage Is Highest

    Deadly Deception, Exposing the Dangers of Vaccines, a film by Gary Null

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