Legal And Governmental Representatives Speak Out About Geoengineering


Dane Wigington

The critical effort to expose an halt climate engineering continues on countless fronts. In the state of Rhode Island, Representative Justin Price has courageously kept up his push to pass anti-geoengineering legislation. The latest draft of the Rhode Island legislation proposal was brought before the committee on "Environment and Natural Resources". Our lead attorney from the Legal Alliance To Stop Climate Engineering, Julio Gomez, traveled to Rhode Island in order to speak in support of the proposed Rhode Island legislation. It is important to remember and consider that the primary purpose of any such attempt to pass legislation is to bring desperately needed attention to the critical climate engineering issue. The only chance such legislation has of progressing is if the legislation does not force the conclusion that geoengineering is already a reality. From a legal and legislative perspective, this point must be kept in mind. Though catastrophic climate engineering programs have been deployed for over 70 years, the process of effectively bringing this fact to light must be in a manner that does not kill the proposed anti-geoengineering legislation before it can even get started. An 18 minute audio below contains the testimony of RI representative Justin Price and LASG attorney Julio Gomez.

A full copy of the proposed legislation is in the PDF file below.

Click the window to access full PDF file

It is imperative for each and every one of us to continue with the critical effort of exposing the catastrophic climate engineering programs while there is still something left to salvage of our planet's life support systems.

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51 Responses to Legal And Governmental Representatives Speak Out About Geoengineering

  1. Ty Morton says:

    What can so do to help? Do we need a massive march on Washington, DC?

  2. Robert Buonopane says:

    I highly doubt any legal action will get done on this matter never mind the fact that our government itself is illegal that it's all Hustle a corporation took us over a hundred years ago and now they're trying to get rid of the people who actually should inherit the land but there is hope people now that you see through that lie the rest are the same everything is a lie in one form of another this is called consciousness something they've been trying very hard to stop you from figuring out meditate quiet your mind Things become very clear

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Robert, the primary purpose behind credible legal action is to help us reach a critical mass of awareness. FYI

    • Hanora Brennan says:

      See what Kevin Shipp has to say about the USA and its many secret agencies. Dane Wigington is doing vital work in this area. Thank you for all you do. 

  3. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Hello My Fellow Watchers,  This Bill 2017 — H 6011 ======== LC002266 = S T A T E O F R H O D E I S L A N D IN GENERAL ASSEMBLY JANUARY SESSION, A.D. 201

    Introduced By: Representative Justin Price Date Introduced: March 24, 2017 Referred To: House Environment and Natural Resources

    This bill covers all the problems with Geoengineering and SRM and all the ill effects, Now let's see if it goes anywhere? My bet is it goes nowhere.. Money controls all interests, including this one. Unless we have everyone on this site CALL ALL THEIR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES, because only then, and then only the peoples voice may have a chance to be heard!! By the way, the weather in Philadelphia has been up and down for weeks, and it's been overcast for the pass few days, with the rain coming only when a High Attitude Aircraft flies over head, They usually fly by every half hour to an hour. And they fly over the northern part of the city from what I can tell. I know there is a military air base in north New Jersey, and if you follow the white trails, that's where the flights seems come from. I am sick to death that we can't get more politicians on board. I know from this site that many – many officials have been notified from their constituents that they are upset and troubled with these government geoengineering programs and the HAARP that is changing the Jet Stream & Destroying the  Ecosystem. I know I've called everyone, and written emails to all my state of Pennsylvania's Government; that fell on death ears..The whole money and corruption's that destroyed other great civilizations with the same type of programs, I mean war all over the world, you can't maintain standing armies and war programs, without it destroying the  very people they say their (Our Government) is trying to protect? Now we have even more to destroy ourselves.

    When will one honest man in high rank step up and commit to the people, the people of the country, The United States of America, They took an oath. Either being told this is to help the environment or their just to stupid to speak to opposing scientists for a come to Jesus meeting as we once called them, which means tell me the absolute truth !  If you haven't written, emailed or called I suggest that you do, the more people that do the better chance we have, oh by the way you can email call and write more then once.

    Have a Great Day, God Bless All.

    It's a shame that we (MAN) is destroying all of nature pure & beautiful web of life…. Everything has a purpose, & is needed for us to survive.  

  4. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Excellent testimony from Julio Gomez (LASG). It would be great, if all other states follow with House Bills like 6011! This should be a good foundation for our fight to put an END to Climate Engineering.

    • Stoyan says:


    • GUY says:

      This legislation is not new to Oregon.  We have licensing, but I had to research specifically for it.  The public is unaware of such licensing.  Many states all ready have this kind of bill, but it does not stop them from spraying.  This is not the answer.  There must be a stay on all Geoengineering until the public is totally informed of the health risks and possible determent of the biosphere.  What happened to the lawsuits in Canada and California.  My understanding is the burden of proof is on the perpetrators due to the fact there is a potential risk to the public. What is talking so long for something that is so important as our planet?  There should be enough evidence by now to get  a least a stay on geoengineering.

  5. Abigail says:

    Thank you Dane, Julio Gomez and Rhode Island State Representative Justin Price! The beginning of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Thanks to everyone working together in this fight against geoengineering, we are making headway. DO NOT GIVE UP! Let's try to look at this as one step in the right direction. Dane, you have been such an encouragement for all of us. May Godspeed be upon you and your family. ONWARD WE MARCH!  Don't look back. Bravo for this wonderful article with the Legal and Government announcement right in the MIDDLE. LISTEN IN, FOLKS!   Two thumbs up!  ^  ^ 

  6. Ron Marr says:

    Thank you, Julio Gomez and Dane, for the since of ergentcy. If the 'Bill 6011" in RI passes and becomes law…AND If someone breaks that law…. Who do we point the finger at? If we know this… we must point the finger and name names…NOW. They just turned our country over to a 36 year old Rothschild, Zionist, Lizard. There is not much time left for America.

  7. Alan says:

    Today, April 22, on Earth Day in northern San Diego County, the temperature is expected to exceed 90 degrees for the second day in a row.  The spray jockeys are celebrating Earth Day by systematically obliterating the sun.  The UV index is forecast to be 10.8 on a 10 scale, with 11 of course being labeled "extreme".   Never quite "extreme", is it? 

    • Dale K says:

      Meanwhile, 400+ miles north of San Diego County, it's cloudy and in the low 60s and I've bundled myself in a few layers getting ready to serve as one of the ham radio operators who are providing emergency communications at a hike and bike event that runs from Samuel Taylor Park in Marin County to the Presidio in San Francisco.

    • SD says:

      You're right Allan. Temps here in North OC and San Gabriel valley over 95F Saturday. I noticed two spray trails reflected on the surface of a lake today.  Two perfectly formed, parallel lines across the water's surface.

      Have to wonder if the Marchers for Science noticed the Solar Radiation Management going on in the sky over their heads.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Someone explain to me who pays for the nonstop spraying? The world is running out of money,countries are revolting against leaders yet we still spray-every damn day.If this isn't meant to shorten people's life then the only other theory could be that the spraying cuts down on our appetites and they can store up the fake food.Just think,pretty soon we will evolve into Soylant Green.

  8. Rick L. says:

    Just got a letter from a government agency about selling my classic 77 year old  truck to them if I want to cut back on air pollution. Said they would pay 1K for it. Phhhhhhff. What boldness they posses.

    I replied back to them with pictures of the chemtrails I see from my back yard and told them in a letter if they want do something about pollution, chemtrails is a good place to start. I also mentioned they are breathing the same air as the rest of us. Oh, I also said if they are really truly interested, to look at your site Dane and see what's actually going on and what the chemical make-up is of the stuff we're being sprayed with and try to actually do something about it. I addressed this letter "To the attention of the Compliance and Enforcement Office" at their office.

    • Renata says:

      thank you.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Good job Rick!

    • Chelation Queen says:

      They also want to remove your truck from your possession so that you don't have any transportation if they hit us with an EMP. The electronic components in the modern cars will render them useless. That is what the "cash for klunkers" was all about. They are always 100 steps ahead of the sheeple. Keep your truck buddy.

  9. Donna Yach` says:

    How do we the people make the other 49 states wise up with mandatory regulations….about time…thank GOD and wisdom…and DANE

  10. Dennie says:

    I heard the speaker mention Rosalind Peterson, the USDA crop loss adjustor from Redwood Valley, Mendocino County, CA, and founder of Agriculture Defense Coalition.  She was the keynote speaker at the United Nations Summit on Climate change in 2007: (notice how few views this vide has…hmmmm…).  They mention protecting drinking water from contamination in Martinez, CA. Rosalind talks about the fact that the global dimming is going to change food production due to the dimming.  I stood up and attested to my hospitalization with acute barium poisoning when Rosalind came and spoke to the town council of Fairfax, CA, who promptly and unanimously declared Fairfax to be a geoengineering-free zone. 

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Nice.  I know Rosalind.  She graciously accepted a. Invitation to do a presentation in my small town a few years so ago.  She was utterly prepared with the most fantastic large color displays.  And each attendee received a information packet for further research.  It's good to know Marin County is seeing the light, albeit dimmed.  Now, how does the Marin constituency wake up their 'environmental lawyer' Congressional Rep Jared Huffman?

      As an aside, one of our Citizens twice sponsored Michael Rupert coming to town and doing a town hall presentation. This was maybe three years ago, prior to "suicide."  Where does time go? These were well attended as was the Peterson event.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Has it helped stop the spraying over your area?!.. I sure hope more towns and cities would stand up and do the same. Rosalind is an excellent person. So smart and credible. She's brilliant.

  11. Rosalie says:

    When you listen to the audio, so many of the state reps are hacking and coughing in the background throughout the whole presentation. Amazing how people can't make that connection with the toll on their health from the daily spraying, even when it's talked about right in front of their face.  Way to go Dane and Attorney Gomez and state rep Justin Price.  I sure hope this bill becomes reality.  Other states and provinces will follow your lead.

  12. WILLIAM says:


  13. C.J. says:

    This program is not NOT on it's Final Hour. It is just starting to GET RAMPED'd up. People won't see that. It is quite Clear for the One's that KNOW!

    • Lewis Ward says:

      After mr Trump took office, I was hopeful that after he took us out of the Paris agreement, on "climate change," we'd see, some kind of reprieve. That, unfortunately has not been the case in Arizona. The only time anymore, that we see unobstructed sun, is when, its either extremely windy,or cold. Seldom a good weather day. 

      We nned to band together to get it stopped now@

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lewis, unfortunately, Trump's gutting of environmental regulations is only worsening the planet's descent toward an abrupt climate shift (being further fueled by the climate engineering insanity). 

    • BaneB says:

      C.J.:  You are right on.  The sky over my area is never free of "clouds."  And especially so the kind inducted recently into the 'hall of lies' about how we all missed these over the past couple hundred years. Yesterday began as a decent clear blue and morphed into a grunge that shut out 40% of the sunshine.    Later in the afternoon that crud moved east to the Central Valley, to be replaced with more sunshine laced with gigantic glowing things that moved east leaving the most incredible long Lacey smears trailing behind.  I snapped a few pics.  But how many pics do I need?  It's everyday!  And as Rosalind Peterson stated at Fairfax, this is bound to have a profound effect on food production.  Not to mention our individual and collective mental equilibrium.

  14. Seeing Clearly says:

    Legislation is powerful and that power can be used for righteousness or wicked things. I hope we can pass this bill because people have the right to at least know what's being done to them, not that I personally support this being done, for one did they ask everyone who will be impacted for their consent, how about future generations, did they ask them if it was ok to risk their environment, the answer is NO.

  15. Gaianna says:

    The representative can barely articulate a sentence. He should work on this. He is not a good communicator.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      I agree, society now if not always tells us that we can't overcome our weaknesses and that we are not doing anything wrong because that's how we are ⇨ closed mind set I seem to relate this to.

    • Michel B says:

      This is an extremely important point. The ability to talk knowledgeably, clearly, succinctly and confidently conveys power. This is why lies always fail: they have to be covered up by some twist of words or poorly chosen words and their poor conveyance is usually betrayed by the liar's lack of confidence in his own lies.

      Here we have the opportunity to talk about truthful facts and they can really be announced with ringing power. This is the art of the Rhetorician, the Speechmaker. It is not just what we say, it is how we say it.

      You must have your speech prepared, word for word and also allow for spontaneous changes to what you wish to say. You also have to be prepared for the counter arguments that your opponents will throw at you. Thus, you have to prepare, in a way, their arguments too.

      You have to be able to look your audience in the eye, if you are in front of one, or if in front of a microphone for radio or recording, develop the cadence that makes your speech sound natural and appealing, not just read off a sheet.

      The enemy greatly fears great oratory and for good reason. Great oratory appeals widely, makes sense at first hearing and even more sense in subsequent hearings. It moves people and gives them a new experience. Lies always fail in these effects because they have to cover up too much and thus end up listless.

      You have to put emotion into your delivery and this can only be done when you have mastered your speech well before you deliver it. It has to sound as if it is ringing over the rooftops and the mountains. It has to sound like it is falling upon the ears of a great gathering in a mighty hall.

      For us, this should be easy as we already have the truth on our side. We have nothing to hide and everything to gain by powerfully delivering the truth. When the truth is delivered well, it enlightens and convinces and this is what we wish to do.

    • BaneB says:

      Michel B:  VERY well stated!  A primer for us all to be as natural as is the truth.

  16. Randall says:

    I believe forced change is what it is going to take. 
    Politicians will be told at last moment it's national security and it would be stopped in closed door meetings. 
    I believe they will not stop unless forced. 
     The weather channel had charts and graphs explaining natural geoengineering and what is proposed from airplane spraying. 
    It was just yesterday. They will admit to it soon, they are preparing to educate the masses so their will be no longer questions about the spray program. I see through that like glass. 
    They will never stop, I think we know that. To them it's the only way. 
    SCARRY FACT is I think they know exactly how much time we have left. It's been going on so long and the spraying has increased and still we climb in temps, they are just delaying the timeline. I would say it's run-away abrupt change now. This summer will be the deciding year as I already see from world news . Told brother to sell his 2- house in Arizona because he won't be retiring there and it will be worthless if he waits for when cat is out of the bag. 

    • joe S says:

      For Randall… I am in TOTAL  agreement with you.  The Geoengineering is ramped up… not decreased since 15 years ago. We have the power(Our Spirit) to ask for the guidance … success in elimination of all those responsible. Mean while, boost your immune systems. that is Imperative as, MD's and others will not believe you when they become baffled(  Geoengineering chemicals are in College/medical text books ) Somehow,the negative ones( Government employees, Prez. and Congress are Money only… (ie other citizens do not count.) Best to all who take care of themselves first, then assist where/ when available for others.

    • Michel B says:

      You are absolutely correct, Randall, "forced change" is required. Asking will not work. Telling them will not work. "Forced change" through action will work. The action of taking charge is what we have to do. Taking over the power centers is what we have to do. Grounding the planes is what we have to do. Turning off the RF transmitters is what we have to do. We have to physically do this. They won't. They are invested in keeping the planes and transmitters going.

    • Michael says:

      The Weather Channel will never allow the full truth to be disclosed as it is an Illuminati controlled entity. The best you will ever get from them is the cover story that chemtrails are being sprayed to protect us from a decaying ozone layer, when in reality the chemtrails are destroying the ozone layer. The Weather Channel radars are also weapons being used against us.

  17. MS P says:

    S CA.The damage continues today. Will any in S CA be able to see the meteor shower tonight? For they are masking the skies today!
    BIG TIME….. with BIG   long lines of airplane clouds,  Moving fast: to going  on &  onwards, to who knows where?????
    Pardon me. I feel sick now! 

  18. MS P says:

    ON the CA bird stories….
    From a public bird watching group…
    On April 19th
    I checked out the nests on the transmission line structures on Potrero Rd east of Cal State Channel Islands starting on the lower or west end of the road. We found nests on five structures with two nests present on one structure.
    The first structure was located across the road from a ranch with no parking signs on it's wooden fence. We viewed two fluffy white chicks, sort of large, in the nest attended by Red-tailed Hawk parents who appeared to feed the chicks but did not stay in the nest but did appear to observe the nest from either adjacent transmission line structures or by perching on another portion of the structure for a portion of our observation time.
    The second structure had two substantial nests on it. During the two times we checked we did not see any chicks or adult activity at either nest.
    The third structure with a nest had one and perhaps two chicks and was attended intermittently by Red-tailed parents. This nest was very flimsy in comparison to the previous nests and appeared to be built on a wooden structure that was zip-tied to the metal of the structure.
    The fourth and fifth (top-most on the hill) structures with nests were occupied by one Common Raven each. These Ravens appeared to be incubating eggs. Of course, we can't say for sure but during our watching the Ravens did not appear to be attending to chicks. Linda's ebird report details our observation of the "switch-out" behavior of the Raven parents with the incoming bird appearing to feed the nest-sitting bird, then both birds leaving the nest area. While watching the top-most nest we observed a parent returning to the nest in less than five minutes. 
    Would be interesting to take another look in a week or two.
    Camarillo, CA

    • BaneB says:

      MS P:  Enjoyed your report.  I have lots of birds around my place here in Mendicino.  Though the general decline in the flora is obvious, the wildlife is still abundant (compared to what?).  There has been a nesting pair of Ravens here for at least 26 years, every year producing off spring.  They are a joy.  Currently there is a large flock of more than three hundred band tail pigeons hanging around.  Lots of doves, and many Jay's, stellar and scrub.  Lots of Douglas, gray, and ground squirrels, And a Fisher Cat which polished off my flock of Guineas…. won't get anymore.  The bees are returning, both honey and bumble.  It was a winter from hell, and the resiliency of nature is heartening.  Both Spring and hope spring eternal.

  19. Tom Keith says:

    I'd Like to know when is the legal team coming to Illinois? I'll be an eyewitness to this chemical warfare on the people. 

  20. Ed DeCoucy says:

    How many times must this committee be told the same things over and over again?
    The testimony from last year should have been enough with the proper follow-up to validate the information they received.
    Rep. Arthur Handy is the gatekeeper on this and he is blocking it with or without orders from Matiello to do so.
    This is doing real harm to us and the ecology in our state.  Handy should either release it for a vote or resign from the committee.
    When it is revealed that all that has been presented about the Geoengineering activities of the last decade or so is very real and very harmful as described then heads should roll!  People like Handy should be held accountable and criminally liable when that happens. 

  21. Arlyne Ball says:

    Gives us all hope that if one state has done this many other State Reps have a model to follow.

    Thanx for your continued hard support in bringing the evil out in the open so we can shame them and they won't win. For the sake of our planet and next generations we thank you for keeping up this fight against humanity.

  22. charles says:

    Good start. I think the Bill 6011 was 'held for further study'

    Its going to have to get some more support even in RI to get enacted.  But can a bill like this appear at the Federal Level ???

  23. Joe Sullivan says:

    Thank you Dane,
    I agree and I am with you 100%.
    Joe Sullivan

  24. James Emery says:

    I read this and think it's great. This makes it necessary for anyone who wants to spray chemicals over the heads of the people of Rhode Island, to get a license but go through all these hoops to be able to show exactly what impact it's going to have on people and the environment before they can do it. We all know that they're already doing it. But from this point forward they will have to go through these regulations. I hope that our lawyers and people who are behind us are strong and don't let up. They must persevere. Never give up.

  25. beatriz says:

    Bravo !!!! Dane, Rep. Price and Atty Julio Gomez, great presentation.

    thanks for all the intense efforts and work that this represent. We are all behind you. This is a bright light in the dark tunnel that we are faced with.

  26. James Emery says:

    It is imperative that we get through to these congressman and Senators. What about Bernie Sanders who is a representative who actually represents the people? He is on the environmental committee. Can't we approach him and give him the evidence that we have?

    • MS P says:

      I must fully ask here? Why did Bernie tank? He visited with MR PrZ. Obama. Then tanked his PREZ Career. Giving it up to Candidate  MRS  Hilary C.
      I just wonder. Just what kind of WT does MR B. S, Have to throw about? As a former B S PREZ Candidate of 2016?.
      Help in reply please? On a side note? I like some issues he is trying for/ but not as a result of giving it up; to HRC?

    • ted says:

      What approaching politicians will do is inform the "establishment" as to who is becoming activist and standing up to this system of destruction…  It puts politicians in the middle of making a deal with the devil…  are they going to move forward honestly and start the process to end the killing of this planet?  or, are they going to begin another failed agenda where they kick the can down the road like they are with the tax plan and other promises they are unlikely to keep?  

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