Legal Wheels May Be Beginning To Turn In the FIght Against Geoengineering


The letter posted below just hit my desk. I have not yet had time to do any objective investigation but appears to be credible. Certainly it is a matter of time before more such fires begin to burn. As people from all professions realize they are going down with the ship and climate engineering is fueling the fire, they will join our critical cause. All of us need to make this fight our priority, every day matters.

Dane Wigington

 Demands for Chemtrail Conspiracy Arrests

Source: South Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

South Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Ralph Behr

The History Channel‘s broadcast of “Weather Warfare” focused international interest in The State of the Nation’s demand that the International Criminal Court begin a criminal investigation into what I have dubbed “The ChemtrailGate Conspiracy.” The allegations are that ChemtrailGate conspirators are spraying sulfuric acid and aluminum compounds into the upper atmosphere in criminal violation of international treaties prohibiting such acts. Chemtrails differ from Contrails (Condensation Trails). Those involved in Chemtrail argue that there is commercial value in weather modification and that they have a right to pursue this as a business venture. Some Chemtrail partners are joined with and sharing costs with the U.S. Department of Defense. The government’s interest is exploring the use of weather modification in war. Another stated purpose of Chemtrail is to reduce global warming. David Keith, author of “A Case for Climate Engineering” appeared on the Colbert Report to explain how this geo-engineering theory will “help” reduce global warming. GeoEngineering Watch in support of the conspiracy charges posted an article on January 15, 2014, see: Chemtrails: Covert Crimes Against Humanity.

If the International Criminal Court moves on these charges, it would be a historic moment in the use of criminal laws to protect individuals from exposure to toxic chemicals by government contractors and corporations. chemtrails_fan.jpg
United States prosecutors have declined to file charges against the (alleged) ChemtrailGate conspirators.

The legal theory behind the allegations would create, if framed as such, a new area of criminal law: Aggravated Battery by Toxic Chemical. Experts in criminal law believe such a legal theory is valid. It would require a court of international jurisdiction, such as the International Criminal Court, to prosecute the alleged conspirators and name individuals exposed to the chemical agents as victims.

Here is a backgrounder on the law of criminal battery that would form the basis of such a prosecution: A battery is defined as an unlawful touching. Aggravated Battery elements require proof of serious bodily harm. An aggravator is defined as a weapon or device used to inflict the harm. The element of specific intent, defined as the fully formed conscious intent to cause the battery on the purported victim, can be met by the criminal concept of criminal negligence. Examples of criminal negligence are manslaughter and reckless endangerment. In any prosecution for Aggravated Battery by Toxic Chemical, the aggravator would be the toxic chemical used against individual victims. There currently exist provisions in federal and state criminal laws for prosecutions of individuals using poison to inflict harm on their victim.

If the allegations are substantiated and the legal theories supported by the International Criminal Court, it would require a referral from the United Nations. A referral is required for the Court to begin the indictment process against the individual and corporate actors reportedly associated with the ChemtrailGate Conspiracy.

The International Criminal Court in The Hague was created by the Rome Statute of The International Criminal Court of 1998. The International Criminal Court is not part of the United Nations World Court, but is a forum created by treaty among 120 founding nations. It is a permanent treaty-based international court established to prosecute individuals outside of their nation of origin. Because the United States is not a signor to the Rome Statute creating the ICC it is deemed unlikely that any prosecutions of U.S. based corporations or U.S. citizens will be undertaken. The International Criminal Court is not a part of the United Nations World Court. The World Court deals with international controversies of a commercial nature and was not created to investigate and prosecute crimes against humanity and genocide. The International Criminal Court has prosecuted charges that arose from events in Bosnia and against individuals involved in genocide in Africa in recent years. Investigations into the Chemtrail Conspiracy have been undertaken by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and have not been supported by the United States Department of Justice.

Ralph Behr

South Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Source: South Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

51 Responses to Legal Wheels May Be Beginning To Turn In the FIght Against Geoengineering

  1. Donna Fuqua says:

    I am old enough to remember blue skies, clear bright sun, normal weather conditions. When a plane used to fly overhead, it left trails that disappeared after a few moments. Now the planes fly over, and they leave a steady, narrow, trail that doesn’t disappear. Instead these days, those trails from the planes last for hours into days. They start out narrow, they slowly spread, either completely shutting out the sun, or breaking apart to form small clouds. I have done much research on this. I know, and so do many others, what is being sprayed in the atmosphere above us. These poison chemicals are falling to the ground, contaminating, and killing most of the life here. The chemicals are landing in our soil, killing plant life. They are falling into our waterways, killing aquatic life. They are falling on humans, making us sick. Please do all you can to stop this! I am 56 years old, but I still love life, and have a lot left in me. I love all the life on this planet. Thanks for your time. Please help to save all life as we know it, if it’s not already too late. Donna

  2. MJ Johnson says:

    We need a criminal PROSECUTOR…not criminal defense lawyer..I don’t this Florida attorney going to help us with a class action aggravated criminal assault suit? If so..that is GREAT..and IMPERATIVE to be done IMMEDIATELY…

    I am paying taxes on my Florida property…but I cannot use grow my organic vegetables, to sit on my porch outside, to enjoy fresh air vs filtered inside a/c air. I cannot even to go outside and breathe anymore without a mask (and ear protection from the air traffic) I’m getting double whammied ..from air traffic AND from spraying…cannot walk outside in my own neighorhood anymore… I have abandoned my own new home and left the country, as I can no longer breathe in my Central Florida home. This is CRITICAL..already have medical bills close to $4k in less than 3 months..before moving there, I had no disease in over a decade. Who else is suffering like this?

  3. md444444444 says:

    Chemtrails–gassing over seven billion–is the m.o. of the same families that were behind Hitler, gassing nine million. Speaking of lawyers, isn’t killing in self defense different than murder, legally?

  4. Cassandra Anderson says:

    If you really can contribute millions, here is a group trying to get the spraying stopped where your money would be put to good use. If you are for real, please contact them through the above link.

  5. We have no time to wait . TPTB can turn up the heat anytime . Like you with a can of bug spray.

  6. Matt says:

    $50,000.000 too whoever stops this from happening over my head horribly low in Tacoma. All day every day.

  7. Matt says:

    Our axes and sharpened garden tools? And of course those other things.

  8. Matt says:

    Same junk was going on at the times of the great flood people. The ancient egyptians weren’t as stupid as you all think. Demons have been telling people to do things for a long time. Some of you just don’t know how to hear them or see them anymore. Repent, learn Yeshua.

  9. sherry taylor says:

    Is there anything at all that they..the power elite are afraid of?

  10. sherry taylor says:

    ah what a lot of enthusiastic responses. Thank you.
    a friend said last night..don’t focus on what you can not change.
    I woke up this morning thinking..we never would have won the second world war with that thinking..we being the allies.
    Fight fire with fire. Meetings and things..plans should be done in secret..just like the poisoning of the planet has been. That war would not have been won without the French resistance. lets not forget the US came in only in the last 2 years..but it did tip the balance. This is a war against the planet. It has to be fought with that kind of seriousness. Fight fire with fire..figure out their strategies..they use wall street PR expertise..and psychological warfare..we have to figure that out and counter it with the same level of success being the goal.
    this has been planned..and in secret..and financing
    black ops hidden by white ops the whole thing..has been very carefully orchestrated. If we truly want to save the planet..I don’t think we can use the internet..or Gandhi type means..but I could be wrong about that. Our killers appear to have no morals whatsoever..except giving us “hints” as part of the mental torture magnifying the helpless feeling. I wonder if protesting or trying to sue Hitler would have worked? There I probably shouldn’t have brought up that word..but seriously it’s time to start working where the sun don’t shine..if that isn’t happening already. Kudos to the survivalists and Dane people doing the right thing and sounding the alarm. We all have extended family..and many may not make it out of this alive. A huge understatement..lets mediate on what would really work I agree re the concept of finding the source and stopping it..but hey while Rome was burning..they have been planning this for over 50 years(eugenics) in earnest and lined up those with power and money to help.
    It just looks like there is an intent to destroy the planet.
    Are we going to stand by and let that happen?
    If everyone got up and walked to the Congress right now..would they get extra spray out or heavy duty electrical impulses so that we were all crippled?
    At least maybe some of the rest of the world could be saved.
    The UN has been sufficiently stigmatized with all the brainwashing re the “New World Order..”One world Government” not to mention the just about complete corruption in all levels of government. This concept would get no support.
    Have the majority gone mad that “money” an abstract form denoting “energy exchange” has become the only “thing” of any value.
    What is valuable is concrete blue sky, healthy soil, whole healthy food, and the love and support that we can give each other

  11. Hawkeye says:

    AWESOME post Steve!!!!!! Yes, that is what MUST happen and I am doing it and have been slowly getting off their grid of dependance and lies simply because I do NOT want to fund liars, criminals, polluters and tyranny. This also means cancel your cable. If we did not fund them it would stop and your examples are right on correct in how to go about it. Folks, face it. We can not depend on any official to do the right thing, we must do it ourselves. Now do it dam it! Show some spine and sacrifice for what is right. You might actually like it better without them and their poisons. Remember, try it you’ll like it?????? Not voting is part of it too and thank you thank you for posting that. I say it every day too and no one listens. To vote for liars is traitorous in nature. They are all liars, red & blue, because NONE of them including right news talk or TV, none expose geo. SO a vote for any of them is a vote for more poison breaths. NOT voting sends a much louder message then voting for more of their BS. You are saying NO, I do not want either evil I want TRUTH, clean air, clean water and bona fide leadership of which there is none on this list – SO – NO vote for you. AMEN. God speed to all who fight for humanity and Earth. She will fire back if we do not help her and if that happens we are in the way unfortunately. Earth can squash these psycho’s like a bug in an instant and bet ya she will very very soon. They will never make it to any kind of future on this path. This geo path is the path to ending earth period. NO future can exist with geo atmosphere. They know this but when you are a psychopath you like destruction and death and lead a life to suicide. They are so miserable they not only want to die they want everything that is good and beautiful and of God’s making to die as well. Use that thinking it is valid. God please deliver us from this evil. “Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou O Prince of Heavenly host, by the Divine power of God cast in to hell satan and all wicked spirits who wander throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen” Pray it daily.

  12. What a bunch of sad and cowardly responses to the entire issue. Point of fact: The United Nations is a criminal trade and banking organization, period.

    Point 2.) The United Nations has no “legal” jurisdictions over anything or anyone whatsoever. Zero. The term “legal” and the term “UN” shouldn’t even occur in the same paragraph.

    Point 3.) The UN is little more than a group of expensive – overdressed liars, wearing a poker face bluff. Same bullcrap poker game bluff as the never ratified 16th Amendment on income tax. The Internal Revenue “Service” in the former United Stated has !00% bullcrap enforcing their thin game of extortion. IRS = !00% bullcrap. We should just shoot every one of these extortionist gamers, and be done with the bluffing altogether.

    Pont 4.) The poorly clothed liars at the UN have financed and overseen more human slaughter and genocide in the last 65 years, than any other organization in mankind’s history. Our current collection of sickass ghouls, are the still quite focused on slaughtering 6.5 billion human beings (as per Agenda 21) and they couldn’t care less about anyone’s illusions of legal process. Get a grip… On their throats.

    Point 5.) If you really wish to do something effective against the chemical genocide of your planet, procure about 20,000 Soviet quality surface to air missiles, and shoot down every stinking chemplane you see. Get the radar address of the airfields and mortar bomb them into dust. Get the personal addresses of all employees and executive staff at chemical suppliers, and slaughter every single person in their sleep. Take out their kids too…

    Point 6.) This is a war against your planet, your freedoms, and your lives. This ain’t no bible school, and there’s nothing mystical about what’s going down. Grow a set of balls, and get these phony attorneys off your backs. Attorneys are just the usual pigface suckups, sucking at that big corporate tit.

  13. gingercake5 says:

    The UN is supposed to make the accusation, press charges? Right! Who do you think is behind all this geoengineering??? The global government that wants to reduce the population of the world by 90%

  14. […] Legal Wheels May Be Beginning To Turn In the FIght Against Geoengineering […]

  15. DanW says:

    Who the HELL is manufacturing this poison? Where is it being manufactured? What are the names of the people that own the companies that make this crap? In what communities or cities do these companies exist? The answers to these Q’s could help us expose and boycott the cities or towns that support these environmental terrorists! Talk about a sh*t storm for the local media.

  16. Steve says:

    Good point, Olivia! The ITCCS and its legal fight to expose the monolithic evil of a giant alleged church bears a distinct resemblance to this website’s fight to expose the planetary-scale evil of hidden-in-plane-sight geoengineering. Website for ITCCS is

  17. Steve says:

    Academics have a vested interest in not biting the system that feeds them. Therefore, they subconsciously and automatically block anything which challenges that system. Still, Ryan, I really admire you for trying!

  18. Steve says:

    Ryan, it is incredible how supposedly highly educated, allegedly scientific and rational people…can STILL look at a totally artificial sky, and yet refuse to admit what is being done, right over their heads. It’s Twilight-Zoneish, as if certain thought paths in their minds have been blocked off, with a little sign saying “That way lies madness” They can’t believe that the system which brought them such positions could betray them, so they simply switch the entire subject off…CLICK!

  19. Lisa Ellsmore says:

    I totally agree with you Dane, take it to the International Criminal Court. However a battery case should be upgraded to global genocide of the planet, it’s animal kingdom and it’s people. We must be heard on this disgusting be-trail of OUR world.

  20. Earth Angel says:


  21. Deborah Rush says:

    Air rights are being Compromised- from above.The proposal is based on uniform testing within that 83 feet(see below)as a standard;essential is the people’s participation(numbers)+ the Air/ground quality Results.
    Just an idea…I too am seeing the chemtrails,fiberclouds,chemsmog,etc.;smelling strange-unidentifiable chemicals outside!(some days)and feeling,near-daily:almost ALL the health-issues All of You have posted.But,the Greater answer requires Divine intervention,which is promised(2nd Peter 3:1-13).

  22. Ryan Caron says:

    Very interesting. This really is getting too obvious to hide. They start spraying here at about 7am, and it’s absolutely beyond blatant. Within 6 hours or so, you can see, like layers of sedimentation, the layers of chem trails that produce this white haze that really looks to be blocking the sun. I mean…this stuff is sometimes in the air for over 10 hours before it dissipates, how can people really not see this happening? You don’t have contrails staying in the air for this amount of time, nor did you used to have these layers of chem-trails, almost like layers of sediment rocks.. It’s really incredible how stupid they think we are, and the truth is, they are right. If enough people can’t even notice the extreme difference in the sky, nor the layers of sediment poison, then hope seems to be gone. I’ve given my professors patents, DVDs, and BLATANT videos (What could be better than a zoomed in video of a plan SPRAYING chem-trails, and there ARE TONS). They still REFUSE to believe that this is being done, but, still support the idea, that it SHOULD be done, if ‘climate change’ get’s out of control. These people have DOCTORATES, and still, blatant truth carries no weight. It’s morally reprehensible.

  23. jack nakaixa says:

    I have been thinking about this for many months and i think the best way would be to sue the environment minister of every country in europe for incompetence…sue the deputy, the secretary and the treasurer….they are all colluding in the IGNORING of the BLATANT POLLUTION….. they are paid to protect us from pollution…..that is their JOB their ONLY JOB!….Why are they not doing it?…BECAUSE THEY ARE INCOMPETENT. sue them, fire them, jail them and finally hang them!

  24. West Aussie says:

    I was thinking that the legal eagles may want to investigate the arguments used around passive smoking as a possible precedent for use in arguing against the application of these toxic chemical compounds and heavy metal cocktails being sprayed indirectly into our lungs!
    What’s good for the goose…..

  25. Steve says:

    The answer is in not using their rules to play by, but in establishing our own and little by little by-passing them all together thus making them useless. They are in our face, so at some point, we will just have to stand our ground and refuse their orders come what may. Start small. Download a chemtrail poster from the internet and print on it, “I see them”. This will start the “I see them campaign”. Place the poster in the back window of your vehicle/s and possibly on the sides of the vehicle. As we drive on the roads, highways, shopping malls etc., others will see these posters, and those in the know, will be encouraged to emulate us. Those who are unaware of this criminal activity right in front of their eyes will begin to wonder what this is all about, especially as they begin to see more and more of these posters, not only on vehicles, but in store windows, grocery store bulletin boards, and other places. Be inventive. As awareness begins to spread, the criminals will begin to feel uncomfortable as they begin to loose their cover and anonymity. We need to make an effort to begin to name names, family members, and children going to school and elsewhere of those who are in any way associated with this planetcide. At the bottom of your poster you may want to write, “I do not consent to this crime”. Or “Not in my name”. Or perhaps,”No information, no consent, no democracy, no vote, this is fascism. Or, “My world is not your science experiment, stop this crime of planetary poisoning”. Then again, you may want to write one of your own to express your sentiment on this matter. Beyond this, we should all begin to drop out of the system to the extent that we can. Stop honoring the troops, begin to treat them and their families as pariahs. Stop being a consumer, buy what you must and grind their commerce to a halt. Buy heirloom seeds and plant your own garden. Share natural seeds with family, neighbours and friends, and let us all begin to slowly kill Monsanto. Boycott banks, use credit unions and only to the extent that we must. Let us all become a little more independent of the “System” every day. And please, stop voting. Voting only legitimizes the corrupt system that is poisoning us with chemtrails and impoverishes us with ever escalating taxes. So, next time the criminals call for an election, say, none of the above, by abstaining to vote. By voting, you give them your consent for them to continue to brutalize us. By not voting, we will strip them naked of this legitimacy which they use to oppress us with endless lies and deceit. Resist them by opting out and saying, I may be in the world but I am not of it.

  26. icareaboutmyearth says:

    The UN is not above the Law! They can be arrested also. No one is above the Law! We the people can make sure that it is enforced! We all must think positive. It is proven by Scientific Experiments, That when you believe & think positive, That it will happen. Quantum Physics..

  27. Rebel Siren says:

    The UN blatantly ignored Rosalind Peterson’s plea to do something about unregulated and uncontrolled weather modification and climate engineering experiments back in 2007 when she addressed it at the conference, yet for SEVEN YEARS we have continued to be sprayed like BUGS and the weather and climate have worsened to a critical tipping point. Despite the seriousness of this global humanicide, there has been nothing but “denial” and ridicule in the mainstream, which only serves to avert public outcry about it.

    If that law firm is taking this on, it is only to capitalize and gain fame about this atrocity before someone else does because THAT is the kind of world we live in. A destructive “system” that humankind has allowed to happen and continues to perpetuate by over-consumption, exploiting resources (with no regard to future sustainability), love of monetary gain and “self”, not of humanity and earth as a whole.

    It we do not wake up to how severely we have ravaged this once beautiful planet, ruined the ecosystem, arrogantly destroyed nature, and realize that this is one globe (rather than countries with lines drawn in the dirt used to warmonger and bully others for their resources), to start taking responsibility for the desecration to our home, respect all life on earth (animal, vegetable, mineral), and begin living sustainably instead of SELFISHLY, then be prepared to kiss the future goodbye.

    Are people finally waking up to this madness? Let’s hope so.

  28. tim reeder says:

    After two days of pristine blue skies the spraying returned to our eastern horizon this morning. The sun rose over the sierra into a aerosol injected dawn.
    Now, 11:45 A.M. and almost the entire sky from horizon to horizon is a milky, powdery silvery white. Wunderground calls this “scattered clouds”….

  29. Paul Piche' says:

    The problem I have is, the poison/toxins are entering my 83 feet and causing injury.

  30. Deborah Rush says:

    Air rights for u.s citizens up to 83 feet.A Lawyer could proceed in a mass class action suit,providing:All 50 states(individuals)document the chemtrail poisons in a same-testing protocol.Get 50,000 to do,then proceed…

  31. Alanna says:

    I will say this. Every time you hear of some case against anything in a Legal Matter of any sort you have to always Question it. Let’s call it Raising another False Flag. When you dig deep what comes to mind is: Follow the Money Trail. Oh yes if there is some sort of Case that is brought to Court then ask yourself this: Who is going to benefit from such a thing.

    Well don’t look any further. It will be the courts and the lawyers. Then ask yourself: who pays for all of this.

    Of course the Taxpayer does. Undoubtably nothing will come out of this until all of society awakens. Like the other post says.

    Stop working and stop paying taxes. That is a hard one to do though.

    People complain about Allergies in this season. Like Hay Fever and things to that nature. I call it Spray Fever.

    The UN is Definately a problem all in it’s own. So corrupt along with all the Money Grabbing thieves out there.

    People Waking up. I don’t think so. Reason being is Dumb Down Spray. One thing I am happy is there are a certain few that know the truth. That would be the ones that post here. Even if it is a Shill Posting. They too know what is going down.

    Enjoy Life the best you can before this crap takes it away. Which obviously it has for many others.

    Very Sad indeed.

  32. Jean-Marc says:

    Yes, but the US is not the only country doing chemtrailing and geoengineering. If any of those who do it are condemned, it will create a precedent. Besides why shouldn’t the US Government be held accountable just like any other government? This lawsuit is great news, finally the chance for some justice in this area.

  33. Don De says:

    Sounds like a World Class action suite the entire world’s inhabitants are suffering from Chemtrail spraying.

  34. Becky says:

    Is anyone really listening and seeing what is going on in the sky? Apparently not. I have little to no hope for a change in my lifetime but I will continue to fight and scream for the future of my children and grandchildren and all children of the world.

  35. Holly Cook says:

    There is a lot of doubt here. I say we turn the doubt into possibility. I think this is a huge leap for all of us. I fully support this going to court. Even if there are laws deeming it will be useless, who cares. Laws change and people work in masses. When you have doubt or are enslaved by rules you give up your power. These chemicals are being breathed by my 5 year old and all of the other children. There is no room for doubt, create what you want into the collective consciousness.

  36. Todd Burgess says:

    The article clearly states that since the US is not a signor to the International Criminal Court, “ is deemed unlikely that any prosecutions of US corporations or US citizens will be undertaken.”
    Well then, why bother to bring charges that have zero effect? It doesn’t seem to matter if you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a wrong has occurred if that wrong doer is immune to prosecution. To shed light on an issue is one thing but to spend resources on “wording” that might as well be a dog barking from inside a cage is quite another.
    The chemtrailing has to stop, but I’m afraid it’s only going to end with the end of us.
    The clearest skies you’ll ever see was right after 9/11. Remember the air flight moratorium? Mighty clear skies to boot. I’m just reflecting, that is all.

  37. barbara santora says:

    If the UN is necessary for this to move forward, chances are it will not happen. they are part of the problem..i cannot believe that they would part of the solution.

  38. barbara santora says:


  39. Kathleen says:

    Glad to see a lawyer in our team

  40. Frieda Nelson says:

    Yes, don’t even think the UN will help. Suspect is the word. They won;t do a thing if it is not the will of the US government . Considering the position of those who actually run the world, the NWO types-Bildergergers, we are a vastly overgrown mass of pests on the planet and need to be culled anyway, I dont think you are too far off the mark to call it
    attempted mass murder.

  41. CLEAN AIR says:

    It is so blatantly obvious that these toxic chemical sprayings are creating such a negative impact on every single human, animal, plant and is destroying our eco systems. We are all breathing in these harmful and toxic nano particulate matter. You breathe, you are ingesting these chemicals. We have had tests done and the test results are coming back with these same exact toxic metals that are in the Gov. patents. What can we all do? We need to RAISE the BAR and join together in our fight against these crimes against humanity. We share ONE planet so it is our responsibility together, globally to stand up and raise critical massive public awareness. You have to take your life into your own hands and stop trusting the Gov. is there to help you!!! WAKE UP, LOOK UP, SPEAK UP and EDUCATE the Public!!!!

    • carol freiberg says:

      Let us be positive and do not give up hope.sure nice to see people aware of this spraying program.I am told I am a nut on a daily basis.But now the name callers will always have the question,about chemspraying, to either disprove or investigate for themselves.Get tested for heavy metals and they won’t have to wonder anymore why their aluminium and barium levels are so high.

  42. Bobby says:

    The U.N.? You mean the pedaphilia ring who films and blackmails the political establishment? If we hold our breath, it might lessen the inhalation of these poisons, but it won’t swing the criminal enterprize of the U.N. toward our side. They’re all in on it. We need to strike, not by force, but by picket line. We need to stop paying our bills, stop going to work. And stop treating this matter as anything other than a number one concern of our collective interests which is life where we all still have free-will. Eventually, we may not.

  43. DJ Prophet says:

    Getting a United Nations nod of approval is the key.

    The United Nations is a suspect organization in itself.

    Certainly a class action lawsuit is justifiable on behalf of the billions of people (including myself) being “Poisoned” by Chemtrails, sometimes on a daily basis.

    Aggravated battery ought to be upgraded to Attempted Murder!!!

  44. Frieda Nelson says:

    I might as well tell my story. Back in my youth we burned bras if you can believe it. The young people dont know what we women went through to make our vision of a better world. Many many seemingly futile gestures. It all mounts up. Women are now doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers and whatever their gifts and interests allow for them. It was not always so. Right now we have the times requiring something else but the methods will be the same. REFUSE DELIVERY of the CRAP we are being served. SIMPLY REFUSE to take any more. And be PROUD.

  45. olivia leyton says:

    I think this is a good way to go, take ‘them’ to court, the international common law court of justice is already making some headway in the case of the Vatican, to bring down this corrupt institution. We just have to keep hammering away at these issues, and believe me, if we the people, wake up and do what we can do, there is SUPPORT behind us. The energy WILL move. But in order to be helped, we have to help ourselves first!

  46. Derek Redgate says:

    Sadly the System that we are “supposed” to use us controlled by the same people that are doing all this damage, and killing us softly is the objective. You simply cannot win in “THIER” system…..We are closer every day to the critical mass of awareness on this issue and many others…that said once cornered they ( the powers that be) are going to be far more dangerous….I hope that we (Humanity) can fix this bullshit society, and soon!

    • Frieda Nelson says:

      The point is to try everything and not take no for an answer. We can pound them in every corner we find them. If this one doesn’t work another try might do the job. Im no lawyer but I do know the art of passive or even active resistance and it is all good. Im happy to think we are getting support from people who can fight in this arena. My head rings and nose runs every day.

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