Love Canal Tragedy Remembered Decades Later As History Repeats Itself In Riverview Florida


By Rebel Siren

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Love Canal became the subject of national and international attention after it was revealed in the press that the site had formerly been used to bury 22,000 tons of toxic waste by Hooker Chemical Company (now Occidental Petroleum Corporation).

The city of Niagara Falls began using the land as a landfill for chemical waste disposal and later the U.S. Army began burying waste from chemical warfare experiments. The Hooker Chemical and Plastics Corporation acquired the use of the site for private use in 1947 and buried 21,000 tons of toxic waste there over the next five years. After the site was filled, Hooker sold the Love Canal for one dollar to the Niagara Falls School Board in 1953, and the land was approved for residential use.

“Thirty-five years after Love Canal became a symbol of the dangers of toxic waste in residential neighborhoods, the legal and medical issues there are still playing out.”

Did the EPA learn NOTHING from The Love Canal tragedy? Did they “forget”? Or, are they just sellouts of humanity that don’t care as long as it doesn’t affect their families, while being paid off to turn a blind eye? These are questions that should be PUBLICLY ASKED of the EPA regarding their complicity in allowing land developers, (consisting of attorneys who know how to skirt the law), to build a residential community on a similar toxic waste site in Riverview, Florida.

Please help show support for the brave Gina LaBruno, and all of the residents suffering ill effects from the toxic water in Riverview, by liking her facebook page, sharing information, and speaking out. The EPA and other public officials must be held accountable for turning a blind eye to this atrocity.

What might it take for city officials to acknowledge this serious problem? How about a nice big drink of water from the faucet of one of the homes in Riverview?…

Screenshot (27)

How about it, EPA, care for a sip?

Screenshot (28)

Notice the chemical residue stains in the bottom of that jar:

Chemical Residue From Tap Water In Riverview

“I am over here in RIVERVIEW, FL Collecting DATA about the water at my former Residence. The community is 1.76 miles from MOSAIC formerly GARDINIER and they make PHOSPHATE Fertilizer. Well this company also CREATED NUCLEAR WEAPONS, and the land they built this development on is said to be a former TOXIC DUMP SITE. I have been poisoned with BARIUM, MERCURY, LEAD, ARSENIC, and I am more then certain RADIATION . Many are sick. Many have died. The County and The Health Dept. are denying what is going on. And I have documented every step I have taken to get the proper attention yet “NO ONE” “NOT ONE OFFICIAL HAS SPOKEN THE TRUTH” Right Now in RIVERVIEW, FL. Please “LIKE” This Page and HELP SPREAD THE WORD. ” — Gina LaBruno

Gina LaBruno

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7 Responses to Love Canal Tragedy Remembered Decades Later As History Repeats Itself In Riverview Florida

  1. Duane Hawkins says:

    i live in Niagara falls new York near the old love canal area and after so many years homes started to sell, i was looking into buying my own home and was cheap all work done all i had to do is move in. after 25 years being here i have now been sick and had open heart surgery, gallbladder removed, sick at times and dr cant figure out why. cant prove it was love canal, i have a water treatment unit installed and its not just the water its the air. i love my home but hate the area now. hope to sell my home in 3 years and move to my county land in war saw N.Y. its a same what the government will do to get money back into the city of a dying  area.

  2. Gina LaBruno says:

    Tell the FDEP to go and help the the people who are TRULY SUFFERING HARM!! "RIVERVIEW, PROGRESS VILLAGE, GIBSONTON, FL Where that New Wales leak has been flowing to!! Along with the Riverview Gypsum Stack that has been leaking on and off for how long now!! The FDEP and EPA have left the Florida Environment and the Florida Citizens to face harmful health challenges that they cannot overcome!! These agencies have been given SOLID PROOF that there is something terrible occurring and yet they just DENIED it turned the other cheek and left us to die. Get the FEDERAL part of our government that comes from outside of REGION 4 here to do testing I guarantee they will find out just how serious this Fall Out TRULY IS!!

  3. Steven Chamberlain says:

    I just noticed that the first article in the six part series entitled “Coming Clean” is missing from the series. I don’t know why. It’s still a sickening story all the same. The slideshow tells it ALL.

  4. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Here in Nikiski, Alaska I was involved in a similar fight three years ago. An out of state company, AIMM Technologies applied for a permit to build a drilling waste Monofill very near my public water well. While investigating the proposed dumpsite I uncovered the unknown, disturbing history of the surrounding property. I is clear to me that this site was chosen because future contamination could be blamed on past indiscretions. After spending several thousand dollars and hundreds of hours investigating and informing my community. I gave up due to lack of community support.
    The Monofill was ultimately approved by the Alaska DEC and the DOL in an act of willful blindness. Seeing the criminal activity within The Alaska Department of Conservation and the Department of Law was my snooze alarm before my wake up call to the insanity of Geoengineering.
    This Story was covered quite well by our local newspaper. I have included a link to the story below. If you do read the story, it’s a six part series so start at the bottom and watch the short DEC file video. Please understand that NONE of the toxic material seen in the video at The Arness Septage was ever removed. Only the underground tanks were removed, their contents remains. Also, my investigation turned up dozens of other dump sites in the area, all of them were swept under the rug by the criminal government. All of it still remains today and will continue to leach into the aquifer forever.
    Thank you, Gina and Rebel for all that you do.

  5. Gina says:

    I want to Thank you Rebel and the team of people you work with! I am so appreciative for your efforts to help me expose this horrible situation. The resident's of this community are and will be so grateful as well. This has taken a lot of work but it is something I just cannot walk away from, lives have been lost and more likely to come. I cannot stop until the proper powers are standing with me and changing "WHAT IS GOING ON" .

  6. Rebel Siren says:

    Thank you for posting my article, the residents of Riverview thank you!

    I hope the people that “like” this post on GW will take the extra step to “like” the VOB page to help support “the water lady”, her courageous efforts, and all residents in Riverview, Florida that are sick and dying.

    Thank you, everyone! <3

  7. Florida… phosphate capital of the world. Mosaic has effective commercials on TV showing how they are reclaiming the phosphate lands. They are making golf courses on reclaimed land. Newcomers to Florida have no idea what the dangers are when living on previous phosphate land.

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