Major Awareness Event To Cover Climate Engineering And Other Critical Issues


California Jam will be a major gathering of 25 experts covering multiple critical environmental and human health issues that will be assembled in Southern California on March 18th through the 20th. The quote below is from the organizer of Cal Jam. 

"Geoengineering is the most diabolical form of genocide currently being utilized by those at the top. We have a choice on what foods and water we ingest, we can decide whether or not to vaccinate, we can predetermine what goes into our brain, but we don't have any control on the toxic spray in the air we breath. The geoengineering programs must be stopped if we are to provide a place for our children to live in the future." ~Dr. Billy DeMoss, D. C.

California Jam is the “largest event for increased human potential and life sustainability”. The level of caring and engaged people in attendance is also exceptional as Cal Jam is the “fastest growing chiropractic event on the planet”.  This major event will be held in Costa Mesa, California, from March 18th thru the 20th. Event details can be viewed on this link for those who want more information. There are many well known speakers who can be viewed directly on this linkTickets for the general public are discounted and can be found here . My most sincere gratitude for Dr. Billy DeMoss, D.C. for his tireless efforts in organizing this ground breaking gathering. The video below will give a glimpse into California Jam, it is last year's presentation on global climate engineering.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Regarding Rachael Robson’s experience with sonic boom and light seen with eyelids closed — Moving from the mystical into plasma physics, there is some very real interaction, relationship, connection between sound and light. Perhaps the sonic noise created waveform frequencies of light that are normally beyond the eyes ability to perceive. There is plenty ‘out there’  that is beyond our five senses. I am working on this because it is what I have found in the Rig Veda. The ancient Rishis [Seers] were generating forms in the ethers through sound. The mantras have very exact rigorus precise rhythms as unique metres, like the Gayatri and more. The later ‘priests’ knew this, even when the meaning of the ancient Vedic Sanskrit words was lost. Because the mantras produced results, they kept repeating the Rig Veda's verses in ritual. 
    The closest understanding of this I have found in modern technology is Photoacoustic Spectroscopy, which is used to study concentrations of gases at the part per billion or even part per trillion levels. By using intense lasers, instead of the sun, the intensity of the sound is increased in proportion to the light intensity. This technique is termed "laser photoacoustic spectroscopy" or "LPAS". The sound signal is also amplified by enclosing the gaseous sample in a cyindrical chamber.
    Sound propagates as a pressure wave and can be induced into virtually any material, including biologic tissue. This induction into matter occurs whenever time-varying electromagnetic energy is absorbed.The stimulating radiation which induces thermally generated acoustic waves into matter may lie anywhere in the electromagnetic spectrum, from high-energy ionizing particles to low-energy radio waves [paraphrased from WIKI].
    On a small scale and a very pragmatic use is in thermoacoustic imaging which produces three-dimensional thermoacoustic images of biologic tissue and helps us see into our bodies to diagnose disease, etc. The source of the energy is said to typically consist of visible light, near inrared, radiowaves or microwaves.
    There is a similarity between plasma and sound. Plasma and sound can be interchangeable. Plasma is the most abundant material in the universe. A large variety of waves exist in plasma [Space Physics/MB Kallenrode].
    Magnetohydrodynamic Waves: Magnetohydrodynamic waves are low-frequency waves related to the motion of the plasma's ion component. They can be understood intuitively from the concepts of magnetic pressure and magnetic tension. In a magneto-sonic wave, compression of field lines creates a magnetic pressure pulse, which propagates perpendicular to the field in the same way an ordinary pressure pulse propagates through a gas in a sound wave.
    …the maximum speed of a disturbance propagating along the magnetic field can be compared with the speed of sound in a gas.
    Magneto-Sonic Waves: A magneto-sonic wave is similar to a sound wave: it is a longitudinal wave parallel to the magnetic field with alternating regions of compression and rarefaction (rarefied/lessening of density) in both the plasma and in the magnetic field.
    Ion-Acoustic Waves: Sound waves are pressure waves. They transport momentum from one layer to the next due to collisions between molecules and atoms. Despite its often low-density, in a plasma a similar phenomenon exists.  [The Sanskrit term Indrâgnî / Indra + Agni is electromagnetic energy, radiation, electric fire.]
    I would appreciate any input here…

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      Great video with two great men! Eventually, maybe we could  have Major Awareness Events like this in every state soon. I am looking forward to the test results from the Tar-like substance that fell from the sky, in the Detroit suburb of Harrison Township, Michigan. What could that mysterious substance be, where & who is it from?

    • Dennie says:

      Susan:  Are you hearing anything like the sounds up your way that we hear on this video compilation?  Some of the sounds remind me of poorly-played brass instruments, some sound like trumpets, some sound like electronically-produced weirdly lowing cattle, some sound like out-of-tune electric guitars, some like a distant choir of Latin monks, some like a group of distant Sasquatches!  My feeling is that this could be frequency weapons taken to a whole new level.  There is no way that ANY of this is "Gabriel's trumpet–" another "Adult Fairy Tale!"  More likely a new kind of atmospheric or atmospheric weapons testing.   Anything to frighten large numbers people into submission– how convenient (spelled c-h-e-a-p) would that be?


    • Hi Dennie — Very interesting these weird sounds. Thank you. And no I haven't heard anything like this, but there are sonic weapons for sure. I'm investigating ION ACOUSTIC WAVES.

  2. Alan says:

    San Diego "AccuWeather" forecast in the SD Union Tribune for today:

    "High clouds will block and dim the sun at times this morning before thinning out for more sunshine this afternoon."

    Somehow, I feel like this represents progress toward truthful reporting.  Obviously far short of what needs to be said, though.  

    On a related topic – If anyone would like to get a certificate in "Broadcast Meteorology" to go on TV and tell the truth, it looks like Mississippi State is your school.  No fewer than 5 of our local TV weather readers on three different channels claim to have received their certificates from that institution.  Might be of passing interest to see if your own local TV weather personalities are also "graduates" of Mississippi State or if this is just a San Diego TV phenomenon.   

  3. wayne says:

    I’ve been reading your brilliant posts for more than a year, you are well informed and extremely educated, don’t sweat the small stuff.
    All of us have been stressed speaking publically, especially speaking about such an issue like “Geoengineering”, an issue for all of us that is so emotionally charged.
    Keep up the fight Susan and congrats on your presentation.

  4. Marc says:

    Around three fourths of the way into the Cal-Jam video I lost it. This is my last visit to before I hit the road to the farm. To see Billy's heroism in bringing this issue out into the open light of day once again at Cal-Jam, and to bear witness to Dane's incomparable commitment and unmatched personal integrity literally clouded my eyes with tears and filled my heart with love and gratitude which no words can convey. We all stand to learn something very profound from their willingness to lay their lives on the line in pursuit of the GREATER GOOD of all living beings. I honor them and ALL who work on behalf of this fight, no matter how large or small the effort. Namaste, Namaste, Namaste.

  5. dawnski says:

    Lake Norman, NC…..two nights ago I awoke to a white noise sound that I thought was the traffic on the street I normally hear in the mornings. Only no traffic was on the street at 3am. . . I usually see the cars headlights on my one wall as they round the curve. Nothing. . . I eventually went back to sleep. No so last night. . .the same white noise hummmmmmm /break/ hummmmm was constant and woke me up at around 2 am. I could not get back to sleep. I went outside and heard the hummmmm very clearly. Went from one side of the house to the other.  Same thing. I feel like there was and has continued on through to this time at my work computer 2.5 miles from my home, the same droning noise. Is this electromagnetic something or another? Is it HAARP? Is it electronic warfare practice or what? Any thoughts anyone? Dane?

  6. Michel B says:

    Several articles ago I wrote about how the Bureau of Meterology here in Brisbane, Australia always gets their predictions of rain and/or storms wrong. Today they predicted rain to the west of Brisbane and indeed it is happening. The edge of it has been hovering several suburbs to the west of the suburb I live in. It is being held there. I am not saying there is anything personal going on, but the rain came towards us, then receded, now it is advancing a bit again. For sure it is raining over the catchment area to the north west and south west to fill up the now privatised municipal water supply system. Funny that. Regional (Western) Queensland is still bone dry and farms going broke and farmers committing suicide. Today, morning and afternoon, I could see many signs of SRM, the dessicating water clouds being one of them. There we go, another term NASA could use for a cloud category: 'water' cloud.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Michel B,  I have heard much of what Australia is suffering.  And no, not funny at all that the rain trying to advance towards you drops into a private water reservoir, not funny or coincidental at all.  "They" do seem to be perfecting their skills though.  Some months ago, the San Francisco Sunday Chronicle had a huge article on The Big Dry-a long lasting drought for you guys, eight years!!!! and what all was done about it.  A great deal done, elaborate catchment systems and storage systems and at great cost.  And then it rained.  Some many regretted the investment while other said the drought was bound to happen again and so just as well.  Can you tell me more about that?  This article was long and was followed up some weeks later with suggestions that California learn from Australia.  Yikes! 

  7. Tonight I went to a local meeting here in Sequim WA where we were given the opportunity to speak to our Congressional Representative. But I’m afraid that I sort of “Lost it” at the meeting. My nervous system got the better of me. By the time they got to me, I was so bored and disgusted by his endless obfuscating double-speak that the anger just welled up in me and I know I was visibly shaking.
    I have never sat through such a long boring condescending stupid double-speak rubbish lecture in my life. An hour and ½. For example he actually said, “After Sputnik, the USA did a lot of research.” Really? What an idiot. How stupid does he think we are? You couldn’t pay me to listen to this meaningless drivel. This guy is a professional at deflecting anything true or useful. My god…where do they learn this?
    His Global Corporate Regime training came from: American Studies from Princeton University; BA in public affairs from Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs; a Marshall Scholarship to obtain his PhD in Comparative Social Policy from the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford.  He is also a former business consultant for McKinsey and Company which is a private American worldwide management consulting firm headquartered in New York City. It conducts qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to evaluate management decisions. Eighty percent of the world's largest corporations are counseled by the firm, which is considered the most prestigious management consultancy. Do you think just maybe he represents the military corporations like Boeing, etc.?  He completely fogged all info. on the TPP.
    I did get the Navy EW Electronic Warfare Manual info. about the toxic particles they use  [ ] – out to the group, but I was shaking with anger and emotional. Not as effective as I was hoping to be for sure. Showed them all the Navy Handbook on EW, told them they could read it to see what the Navy was doing to them. Maybe the best that can be said about my ‘performance’ is that it was emotionally charged, heart-felt, and may make some remember that we are being sprayed with these toxic metals. But this shaking thing was not my intention. I noticed when I walked out, the policeman and others looked down at the floor as if they didn’t want to acknowledge me and my pain. I was dressed very nice for our small town, a proper lady stuff.

    I was feeling rather sad tonight about my lack of self-control, when I got an email from one of the friendly people there who said: “I want you to rest assured that you came across as straight to the point, credible, confident, prepared, and gave everyone in the room something more to think about. My husband's assessment is basically the same. You raised the bar on the sounding the alarm about what we all worry and wonder about. While you were speaking, the gentleman behind me leaned forward and copied the title of the [Navy Handbook of EW] book you mentioned was available from Amazon. You don't need to be concerned about letting us down, in fact, let me thank you for your diligent research as well as helping us determine the truth in this very distorted and deceitful story.”  So I guess it all came out OK after all. I need practice, more from The Commander Wigington Training Program in Courageous Acts for the Common Good!  Thank you, Dane. You are awesome. God Bless.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, I am sure you have caused a shock wave through this group, you have every right to express your angst and anger. You have planted seeds with many that will soon be forced to sprout as the walls close in. We are all one in this battle, and we are gaining ground in this battle. Thank you so much for what you did today, and my gratitude to all the truly commited individuals that are making every day count in the fight for the greater good.

    • Thank you, Dane!
      That link above did not work, so…again…

      Clear evidence of the use of Aerosol Components
      February 15, 2016 by Susan Ferguson
      Evidence from: ‘Electronic Warfare & Radar Systems Engineering Handbook’ issued by the Department of the Navy USA, the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division; ‘The Earth’s Ionosphere, Plasma Physics & Electrodynamics’ by Michael C. Kelley; ‘EW 104: EW Against A New Generation of Threats’, by David L. Adamy / Artech House 2015

    • Leo Derosia says:

      I like your comments, keep up the good work! Leo, NH

    • dawnski says:

      Applause, Applause, Applause. . . .Whoooo Freakin' Whooooo!!!!

      That would have been me if I had been there Susan. Keep practicing. We have a great and fearless leader. I know that shaking feeling and it does come over me from time to time in emotionally heated moments. Even all these years after overcoming a sociopath/abuser. It's adrenaline and it is what keeps us alive. I wish I could give you a big HUG!!!!! Cyber HUGS. .xoxo . I hope you can find a way to take a day for yourself and enjoy the beauty in the PNW that God created. Like how Dane goes for his walk in the woods. . . You deserve it!

      Prayers to all our comrades in the fight for the common good!

    • Kat L. says:

      I felt the same way listening to Donald Norcross at a recent town hall meeting. I just sat there stunned but then I remembered who this Senator really represents and it made sense. What a puppet! what a liar!   These guys are toast and are on their way out. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear-  know what they're made of.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank-you Susan for your exhausting work in the state I live in as well. I want to encourage you, myself and others here on this site that the battle we are all in may seem pointless in the empty faces of an uneducated society, however, our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. So we need to take up the full armor of God, and having done everything, to stand firm.…

      Every seed counts, every effort made does not go unrecognized.

      Jesus overturned tables in the temple with a righteous anger for the same reasons.

      Its our duty to continue to stay informed, present the facts, march on in this fight together and without people like you Susan and Dane and ALL who post here we would not be gaining ground of awareness.


      I am ever so thank-ful to have this site to lean on when it all seems to heavy to bare. The poem "Footprints in the sand" is a good one to keep on hand as we all march forward.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Dear Susan,

      Your 'performance' was outstanding!  The passion that you showed and your incredible wealth of meticulously researched knowledge shamed their material minds and that is why heads were hung low on your exit!  You chewed them all out!  Much the same as when an alpha dog scolds the little puppies!!  I know deep inside my heart you were completely and totally AWESOME!!  Wish I could have watched!

      We need more foot soldiers with your courage, bravery and stamina Susan.  You are one in a million!

    • stephan says:

      Hello Susan – I've always been the "weird one" the ''one way out there" the "black sheep'' – thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful insights and teachings – I found this because of you.

    • maciej kocialkowski says:

      Hello Susan

      Kudos for you, for having  a courage and will to address this most important issue in public. I know what you are talking about, because I have the same fear of public speaking, even when it comes to something that is common knowledge, let alone climate engineering. But, this is how it needs to be done. The only way to get better at it, is keep practicing. Satisfaction, and moral and emotional rewards, in my opinion, are guaranteed. So, again thank you so much for all what you are doing, and keep pushing. There is only one way forward.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Susan, With your incredibly brilliant mind and the exceptional research you do and present to us both here and on your own webpages I have no doubt that even on a 'bad day' you can knock it out of the park. Great work. God Bless you for your great courage and tenacity. You accomplish more good than you realize.Congrats!!  : )

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dear Susan, You came to this meeting so highly informed as to be light years ahead of everyone else much less a congressional representative.  About Sputnik, I doubt he was talking down to his audience thinking all of you so stupid.  Seems much more likely he was that stupid.  These guys are professional double speakers.  That Is what they do and are trained to do.  His background and education does not impress me for the better.  Both Princeton and Oxford are into this up to their eyeballs.  Add in 80% of world's corporations counseled by his former employment and you have one ratified shill for the bad guys. And face it, you did not go in order to learn from him.  By the time you got to speak, your energy and purpose so assaulted by such profound stupidity and talking down to, that your physical body could not contain the outrage, the physical urge to run-hence the shaking.  As opposed to crying or screaming.  I seriously doubt that the people who looked down and not at you thought negatively of you, rather feeling your embarrassment and so in politeness, looked down.  As if protecting you.  When people point at you, or shake their heads, or stare with pity-you know it is negative.  When a real lady in distress is given room and grace to leave, that is respect.  I'll bet you reached more people than you might think.  At the least, they knew one well informed true genius was in their midst!  Hold your head high, the lady was a lady.  That gentleman was no gentleman.

  8. Wayne says:

    Every single outdoor advertisement on Television contents Geo Engineered Skies… sickening…one can only believe it’s by design…..

    • Julie says:

      It's also happening in the UK. Adverts with Chemtrails in them, they must think if we see them enough we will think they are normal. We have an advert by the government with a sky full of Chemtrails, I think that says it all. They certainly know what they are doing. Luckily so do we and every day more people are waking up to the truth. 

    • bob says:

      The skies are never normal now so even if they knew they'd have to show it anyway.   Also chemtrails in animation might not even be intentional indoctrination, artists are told to practice drawing what they see from life.

  9. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Monday was a warm day here.  "They" said  that the temps would cool a bit, but Tuesday was extremely hot.  Tuesday evening the temps dropped a chunk all at once.  Wednesday morning it was chilly but warmed up with winds, mega winds, winds like I''ve not seen since I grew up in Tornado Alley.  Wind from every direction.  A sudden in-house wind that seemed to lift everything up, dropping right back down. By mid afternoon the wind was roaring.  Just roaring.  Later it rained.  I went to bed late-ish around 11:30.  I sleep about a foot and a half from the front outside wall, but that this 1909 house was balloon built-as in double walls, a space between them.  I sleep on side facing west.  Pillows and blankets blocked most of the wall from view.  When in apparently deep sleep a few minutes perhaps after midnight, I was suddenly awakened by two bright white circles in my eyes.  My eyelids stayed  closed.  But a bright white thick circle on a field of black was in each eye and woke my brain yet I open them.  Until, THE LOUDEST BOOM EVER!  The white circles were gone, I opened eyes and then the shock waves came.  One after the other, not slowly.  They shook the whole house, the wall by me moved.  The windows all rattled.  I rolled onto my back and the air in my room looked sparkly.  Then the hail hit as if thousands of pebbles were being thrown against the house and windows.  I thought for sure something would break.  But I fell back to sleep.

    So far I can't find any MSM reports of this, but on Berkeleyside tweets saw one that said: "That sounded like a big bomb."  Berkeleyside said no other reports of this and asked where.  I have been through so very many storms of all sorts and degrees.  I love storms. I've been in tornadoes.  I've been right next to lightning many times.  This was not that.

    Dane, is there something that explains this?  Anyone ever experience this?  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oops, meant to say "yet I couldn't open them" as I could not seem to move until after the shock waves.  Can't believe I just fell back to sleep.  Surely someone else heard this?  Saw this?  Felt this?

    • Rachel Robson — People here on the Olympic Peninsula are complaining like crazy about multiple sonic booms made by the Navy Growlers. Yesterday the noise over my house changed, got very sci-fi weird and I kept feeling like I was in a Galactic Battle zone! Who knows what they are doing with their EW tronics. I'm certain what we know about their technologies is minimal. Most of the published research is very old. As for the white circles, could be another part of the light spectrum. I see 'lights' all the time with my eyes closed and/or open. Moving, different colors, etc. But I'm a visionary and have trained myself to the other spectrums. And aren't we all getting more sensitive. Also there was a big geomagnetic storm. When this happens I can actually "see" the energy particles vibrate all over the sky and earth. I call this PIEZO, but that's just my term for what I am able to see – the vibrating pulsating energies that fill everything, everywhere. Called Spanda in Sanskrit.

    • BaneB says:

      Funny you should mention the thunder and lightning.  I, too, had the identical happen.  The happening was in the early morning of Wednesday.  I was in bed.  And mostly awake.  Suddenly I saw an instant bright light through the lids of my eyes.  The impression I had was of maybe four round orbs all at once.  It took me a few seconds to surmise it might be lightening though the flash seemed odd…that was my thought.  Then the thunder boomed out loud and clear.  There was no more thunder nor lightning before or after, only one instance here in central Mendocino and it has been raining off and on since Tuesday evenin, with snow at 3,000 ft and higher.  Thought you might want to know my experience.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you BaneB!  Really helps to hear someone else describe something so close to my experience.  Thank you for taking the time to say this to me.  I very much appreciate it.  It does go to show that those of us who are aware of geoengineering are more aware in general perhaps than the average person.  I always seem to notice way more of everything than most people.  At times, this makes me feel isolated, and I am talking about more than geoengineering.  Rather, EVERYTHING!  To be fair, everything would be an exaggeration, but you get my drift.

      And Susan, I thanked you above and now again!  I am very curious about what all is going on where you live.  For what it is worth, I tried to stop this insofar as able with letters, phone calls, raising awareness-all fell on deaf ears and the navy never even replied as they have in the past.  I did suspect the navy first in this scenario I experienced, but then extrapolated to our environment now.  

      The noise over your house, sci-fi weird-like a Galactic Battle zone?  What sort of sound, I can't imagine.

      I too see lights all the time but not like what I just experienced.  I was kept tied in a crib in a darkened room until I was almost 4 years old.  Such that at an age when babies are exploring and touching, I could only stare at the air.  Which is why long ago now it seems on this site, I commented about all the stuff in the air that I've always seen.  I've just turned 69.  Sometimes, often in fact, I feel like I have some special vision.  I swear I can see atoms!  Things that are solid do not appear solid to me.  I can see currents of air.  And how they move.  I am endlessly fascinated by the light.  And yes, vibrating, pulsating energies everywhere.  And I have a tendency to see "negative" spaces first before the "positive" space.  Colors play games with me.  Sometimes I see patterns, then they reverse.  So glad to hear of someone else seeing things others seem not to see.  So good to speak of it.  For me, not a discipline, not via a belief system.  I've always been viewed by those who know me as a mystic, maybe visionary but I don't think in those terms.  I've always felt like two eyeballs attached to a brain!  I enjoy what I see.  For a couple of years or more now I have been working with a Lakota/visionary/medicine man technique involving the directions and the colors associated with them, as well as That Which Stirs.

      I did suspect a geomagnetic storm.  Thank you so much for your replies.  I very much appreciate the input!  Which, from you is always enormous!  And, informative.  Much of what you say you see sounds so similar to me, my life long.  Once, when I was 6 years old, I spent a great deal of time staring at a bush.  When my mother asked me what I was doing, I said I was watching the bush breathe.  She beat the heck out of me for saying this, all the while saying: Bushes don't breathe!  I knew better.  I could see it.  Just knew it as well.

      Thank you for this link.  By the way, what is the name you use for what you see, this PIEZO?  What does it mean or stand for? 

  10. Dave says:

    Just a thought, it seems the only presidential campaign that would be at least halfway responsive to our cause would of course be the Sanders run for the White House. How effective would it be to have at every rally a dedicated group of activists to promote awareness along with pamphlets/information to pass out to reach a critical mass where the campaign would have to address SRM/SAG. I do not know if Sanders is aware or has spoken about the issue, but he seems like the type of person who would be receptive to at least investigate it. Also, it sure would help if Dennis Kucinich would pitch in with his knowledge of these programs to Sanders campaign. Any thoughts fellow posters?

  11. Gregg says:

    Dane, It is great to see that Cal-Jam is happening again. We all thank You and so many others for you're tremendous efforts to create and build this growing mountain of credible fact based information which bares the self evident truths about what is really happening to the world all around us. It was very good to here you speak about chelation. I have been dealing with health issues like so many others and have been working to find ways of combating this toxic air we live in. I currently do the foot baths with a particular bentonite clay and frequently drink my own filtred water. But I feel there are a number of other things we can be doing as well. I see Billy frequently hydrates himself- and drinks from glass as well. We have a good propure water filtering system, but as you have said from way back. The nano-size of this particulate matter is of such proportions that no publicly available filtering systems(air/water) are in existence from my research. Hopefully Cal-Jam May expose some new ways to fight this slow death that is being sprayed over us daily.  Dane as always-   May God Watch Over You and help us to Defeat This Evil. 

    • Larry Charles says:

      Gregg,   Reverse Osmosis may clear the water.  Not certain about  the nano particles.  Larry

  12. Roger Gibbons says:

    Great job Dane ……very nice.

  13. steve says:

    Focus your goal of achieving a New Renaissance into the Power Field / Universe's Meta Consciousness and Will it to happen.

  14. Christine says:

    Regarding the filtration of one of the most lethal compounds in these sprayings, aluminum. You posted here the AF Thesis work, showing how aluminum can damage lung epithelial surfaces, leading to killings of Macrophages, the no 1 defense protector of our immune system. A while time ago, I had this idea of introducing small filters directly into nostrils, which could be composed of graphene foils one of the best filtering materials available so far. It still wouldn't protect us though on the entire skin surface, since nanomaterials are super permeable. But there is one first patent by Dr. Panting (wife from Dr. T.Valone), who designed wearables capable of generating electromagnetic shield, if one interprets the conductivity of this new clothings… It really needs all the studies of these researchers participating in the design of these lethal weapons. I can imagine they themself do not know for what purpose that stuff is being produced and used! Quite similar, what is going on in agriculture with GMO's or 'modern medicine' with pharmaceuticals, or what was done with atomic bomb. only managers know what is done below, but not what is done above, so that the 'pyramind' grows, with the knowledgeble right at the very top only, unfortunately…

  15. jack says:

    The Oligarchs/Central Bankers are using Geo Engineering to “break” the “Free” countries (NATO and Australia) by using Geo Engineering to cause the people that live there: psychological distress, lower IQ, health problems, economic distress, and fear.  Also, the Oligarchs/Central Bankers use open borders to cause community distress by flooding these places with waves of Islamic immigrants who cannot be integrated. Causing such distress in the People is a required factor in getting them to want war in the Middle East and with Russia, however, the actual enemy is Oligarchs/Central Bankers.  

    The Oligarchs/Central Bankers are doing these things so that they create so much chaos that the “Free” people will beg the Oligarchs/Central Bankers for a World Government. This is what the Oligarchs/Central Bankers want, and Geo Engineering a one of there most precious tools.

    *Clearly, Geo Engineering is one of the methods of destruction with “Free” people as its main target. Countries other than the “Free” countries (NATO and Australia), are getting sprayed to a much, much lower extent, and any info saying this is not true is total disinformation. Just google “chemtrail maps” images and research this for yourself.

    Of course, Oligarchs/Central Bankers want to protect their private ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank and their private ownership of the creation/printing of money. This money is then borrowed by the US government, and the big banks, and then must all be paid back to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. The Oligarchs/Central Bankers then use it to buy everything in the World that has any real value such as land, gold, real estate, water rights, and they buy the politicians. This is where they get the money to Geo Engineer.

    It’s time to stop letting the Oligarchs/Central Bankers privately own the Federal Reserve Bank, and it’s time that the Government create/print the money, instead of borrowing it from the Oligarchs/Central Bankers, who are using it to do things like Geo Engineering.

    *The Politicians’ allegiance is to the highest paying special interest group, and that is the Oligarchs/Central Bankers who are also the Geo Engineers, who have unlimited money and can pay these Politicians the most. In these countries, legislation is constantly being introduced by the Oligarchs/Central Bankers, which is meant to destroy Freedom and National Sovereignty.

    • Earth Angel says:

      The Oligarch's/ Central Banksters are SOOOOOOOO WRONG. We will NEVER beg them for a one world government! Look at what a mess they've made of running it so far. The joke is actually on them. Too bad they wield such power for destruction of our planet, but only temporarily. Keep marching everybody!

  16. Keep it up people! Hope it will raise awareness Dane. Hopefully it will be filmed so we could spread the word to more and more people and share the night for the likes of us that can't be there. Keep the fight going, one day we might just win.

  17. God Bless you, Dane and keep you safe.

  18. sonja says:

    Wish I could make it! What we need is a list of ALL commercial airlines who participate in geoengineering aerial spraying………..this would be great!

    • Julie says:

      Ryan Air and Etihad Airlines have been spraying over my house. I have downloaded a radar app and when I see planes spraying I look it up on the radar app and you can see what planes are actually spraying and where, if there is only one in the air above you at that moment it's easy to see which airline it is. Unfortunately some of the main sprayers aren't recognised. I have written to both airlines saying I do not consent to being sprayed by them. I haven't heard back yet. At least now they know some of us are awake to what they are doing. 

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