Major Geoengineering Billboard Goes Up In The City Of Rohnert Park On US Hwy 101


Dane Wigington

The ongoing effort to sound the alarm continues to gain momentum. The most prominent billboard in the city of Rohnert Park on the major US 101 freeway now features the most recent awareness message. As the climate system continues to disintegrate, the ongoing illegal global geoengineering programs of omnicide are becoming ever more difficult to hide in plain view. Truly blue skies are now almost nonexistent, formerly sleeping populations are beginning to realize something is radically wrong. A massive billboard message in an urban location on a major California Freeway may be the last connecting dot needed for some to see the bigger picture. I wish to extend my most sincere gratitude to Brian Schuler for his efforts in arranging this very important major highway billboard message. And to Sean Slavin for his part in working with Brian. Sean's efforts to raise awareness of the climate engineering issue with complete strangers is what yielded the connection that has now lead to the accomplishment of the Rohnert sign. 

It’s really that simple. A chance encounter and a random series of events led to something profound.

We hope that this story helps inspire others. We also hope that this helps you to realize that we all make a difference. We are all the same. The choices we make and the action we take are the only thing that separates us.

So to our fellow brothers and sisters fighting the good fight, remember this: We are not alone and we can all make a positive difference. One seemingly insignificant act can change the course of things forever.

As the Hopi elders say: “We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for". ~ Sean Slavin 1 7 3 2 4

If we all pull together, if we all look for every possible  opportunity to awaken others and to move the ball forward toward reaching a critical mass of awareness, we will yet positively effect the final outcome. Never give up, make your voice heard in this all important battle.
Other articles featuring billboards from around the country are below. 

102 Responses to Major Geoengineering Billboard Goes Up In The City Of Rohnert Park On US Hwy 101

  1. Patricia G. Franco says:

    This poisonous cocktail has been happening worldwide since 1990's. There have been hearings but nothing seems to matter..the first time I heard about this was from my girlfriend in Wisconsin. We were at our county fair and she told me to look up into the sky and I could see large X's. She said that within the next week or so people would come down with the flu. I had never paid attention to the sky. Well, I had a severe flu after a couple of weeks. I moved to Arizona and they were constantly spraying the skies. After living here for a couple of years I aquired autoimmune problems and have been sick ever since. They have been spraying worldwide for years. The spraying started slowing down when Covid hit the scene. Now since before Xmas they have been at it again. So crazy..I fear them spraying COVID-19 or other Viral overloads over our heads…All I can say is the world has become such a toxic place to live in. There was Rachel Carson warnings and now there is you. Thank you for all of the years you have tried to open the eyes of people everywhere.


  2. Juan Villegas says:

    Hello, I'm not sure who this reaches but I just GOT-IT! I dont remember seeing or caring to see the RP billboard but all my life i've seen what my Mother and Grandmother knew and talked about the trails and one world government but this is my worse night mare! I'd like to help Dane and I wanted to organize a fund-raising End of Days party/dance here in Santa Rosa, CA. led the party people realize and wake up to just how dire things actually are. I used to DJ and promote Rock of the 80's Dances at the Fairgrounds and Vets Hall back in mid 80's. It's just a brainstorm and proceeds could go to geoengineeringwatch maybe Dane could be there too? I know this sounds kinda morbid but want will it take to wake humanity up!

  3. Dagaan says:

    Hi Concerned Citizens;

    When I belonged to a Skywatch group in Chico, Ca. we were looking for a way to go through legal channels to demand of the EPA that chems be stopped. But they don't recognize chems. Dead end.

    I want to suggest a way that the unitiated can relate to the dangers of chemtrails. The Rocky Rire in California last year burned 10 sq miles in 24 hours. the Alberta, Canada fire is past 35 sq miles in two weeks. This is because the aluminum in chemtrails acts as a fire accelerant burning at 3000 degrees F so that when water is sprayed on it the oxygen and hydrogen separate and burn. Also, aluminum particles in the air act as a grounding conduit for lightnight – so more lightning is going to hit more trees covered with fire accelerant.

    The health hazards of chems are serious but somehow ambiguous to prove. But spraying forests with fire accelerant is not ambiguous. All forestry related businesses are going to be impacted by these hotter, bigger fires. We cana inform them and have them demand of our representatives that the chems stop over our specific state. Also, with the deaths of citizens and the destruction of houses, the forest SErvice and BLM can be sued for negligence. Government representative can be criminally sued for neglicence in ignoring this problem. Can a Citizens's Group fire the commanders of military bases in our states for allowing an "internal enemy" to bomb us with poisons? Can a state rouse it's own National Guard to confront the Army and Air Force for allowing poisons and fire accelerants to be dropped on American Citizens? Let's get tough.


  4. Diane Gregory says:

    I feel honoured to know such beautiful passionate people, we are changing and awakening people, collectively we can move mountains, all those dark ones are being exposed, we have one the battle but are just cleaning house now. Know in your heart that as one we control. Great Great work, I love it, can we please get some in Australia. Much love respect to all of those awakened souls.

    • Melanie says:

      Hi Diane, the inertia is there, let's all keep it going!  We CAN change things. The more we all desire change, the more we can make it happen, let's all rise up to this occasion! Eliminate fear and be strong.  We all have the power to make change, let's do it. 

      "The truth is like a lion, set it free and it can defend itself"

  5. Diane Gregory says:

    Each day I see that more and more are waking up, what we can achieve as a collective it endless. We are only limited by our imagination. As we awake we walk forward 

  6. Rose Taylor says:

    Noble efforts by awesome citizens! I carry my whistleblower flyer and Dane’s main flyer with me in my car and post them on community boards and tape them in places people can’t help but see.
    Also have an awesome geoengineering magnet on my car door. Like the fact that I can put it on and take it off. It draws lots of attention, especially when my car is strategically parked. Its got great pic of jet spraying massive jet trail. It says something like: Stop the spray. Geoengineering = Drought.

  7. Rachel Robson says:

    This Rohnert highway sign is priceless!  Just tons of people pass by each day, some again and again.  Well done!

    Thanks to Robert and Susan F. for the health info.

    And Tag, I've not had the time to read your links yet, but my 42 year old daughter has been complaining a lot about hair loss and she is out and about every day.  Her hair Was so very thick.  Mine is losing too, but I'm old and have Lupus, so more iffy-also I'm not out so much.  However, I've had the weirdest rash for at least 9 months now and it is driving me crazier!  Need help with this.

    Was in Lodi for a few days.  Was outside a lot, freezing and now real flu, but it was interesting.  Saw a plane one day leaving a long thin line that stayed that way.  Never saw one like that before and don't know what to make of it.  Don't much know one seal from another, but my daughter says that for a couple or more years, she's seen seals and sea lions? 80 miles inland on the Delta.  Today's paper mentions a fur seal off the Bay here, saying how unusual.  More than that, a first.  Along with a spiny shrimp from Mexico.

    Finally! got one neighbor to believe and begin to grasp geoengineering and it so was not easy.  Another who believes but doesn't want to commit, has a brother involved who told him it was nothing!!  So, he relaxed.  Dang.

    And finally, Monarchs over wintering in Berkeley?!?!

    Thanks in part to so very much weirdness in weather, I find people responding to geoengineering.  Dane, if we had some ridiculous snow mailed here, would it be possible to find the nucleating stuff in the remains?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, about the nucleated precipitation, yes, we have found some of the suspected elements in testing (some tests are shown on under the “tests” catagory). This being said, there are certainly many other elements that we cannot identify because we do not know with certainty what to look for.

  8. Tye A Hampto says:

    I finally gave up, living in central Missouri in between Jefferson City and Columbia Missouri, the stuff filled the skies day after day, on days that were clear they often sprayed, followed by days of gray skies.  It was sprayed so thick, the stuff settling out at night was caught by the AC unit and blown inside so that daily there was a fine coat of that white dust on everything.  I could take it no more and started being vocal about what was going on, after this I was targeted and had new neighbors move in slowly all around me, they targeted me without cause for thousands of dollars in auto vandalism and three years of ongoing harassments that included knocking on my walls 24-7 and people accessing the attic (which my unit had no access to) over my aparrtment pounding through insulation down inside the walls where they fed tubes to pump drug smoke and other gaseous substance thru some 18 hours per day and pollute my air to force me to move.  After long notifications of the police over one years time, whom did nothing to stop any of it, I was finally threatened by the police with charges if I did not stop makng reports…  I gave up, it did finally make me move, moving seven hundred miles north to where the skies are more clear (thus far – also coincidentally a "red" state).

    People this is about our survival as a species.  The police do not care, the givernment is the ones doing it.  The medical establishment likely applauds the customers this creates.  There is no one else that is going to intervene, even the Marines, sworn to defend us, don't seem to care.  Only wethe people, working together, or independently, are going to stop this genocide!!  Its about you, and your families, are you going to let them kill you??…  

    This story of the billboards is terrific, I have been screaming on Twitter @tyea99 about this and other unidentified ariel phenomenon – how we are lied to about everything, and more a long time, its good to see others taking action.  Stand up, make noise, tell everyone you know, this has to stop, they cannot do to all of you, what they did to me.

    • Kat says:

      Gangstalking is what the term is in what you are describing.
      So sorry it’s a terrible invasion of privacy. 
      An intrusion on every level!!!

  9. David Almanza says:

    My Daughter did a paper on climate change for a University class so I wanted to help do the research work and with all the information and the way I feel about geo engineering the words came easy !

  10. Bryan Stubbs says:

    What exit on the 101 is this close to? My family is tired of the spraying us. We live in Camarillo CA and it's right under a flight pattern…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bryan, Golf Course Drive is the North Exit and is closest to the sign which is also the side the ad is on.
      Rohnert Park Expressway is the S. Exit off 101

    • MS P says:

      I agree, It's pretty bad in Ventura county. Bad for your eyes too. The nano particles, are highly reflective. Yet too small, for the brain to register. Just like staring into the sun. Good example is we can see the international space station 260 miles away. As if floats by. Like a bright moving star. People seem to be loosing their eyesight. More & more. Really bad for our eyes to see this!


  11. There is another blockage occurring above the east pacific keeping the west dry how the moisture field heads into Alaska.Nov/28/1510:41am 

  12. Nigel says:

    Thank you so much Dane! I saw this posted and re-posted on several face book pages as well. People are waking up. As momentum picks up more people are starting to say what they actually have been feeling. 

  13. Harold Smith says:

    This is fantastic, but I have been taking notice, Im in the North Bay, just down from where the board is up, & Im sure that the spraying has become less in the days that it has gone up.

    Has anyone else noticed?

    Is it possible that they are spraying with stuff we cant see anymore?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Hey Harold:  I'm in Marin County.  YES, "they" are at it again with the little jets today, spraying crap all over us that turns "invisible" in just minutes.  I've been watching the November 28th edition of the ongoing Horror Show from Santa Clara to Mendo County, and today I'm in Rafael Meadows, near the Marin County civic center, and they ain't stoppin' yet. 

    • Melanie says:

      Hi Dennie and Harold, please get in touch with us if you would like to help keep the billboard signs up. We are hoping to get a local group of people in the bay area together to stand up in this fight.

  14. Robo Sapien says:

    It is looking more and more like our parastitic political-industrial-military-entertainment class is planning a nuclear war to cool it down. To the madmen rulers of today a nuclear war is an easily survivable event. A greenhouse earth not so much. a nuclear war would drop global temperatures by as much as 10 degrees, eliminating 90-98%% of the CO2 producing humans. It would refreeze the caps and reduce the amount of time to stay underground mere decades to centuries. The nuclear plants I know I hear they will meltdown, I dont know enough about the state of all reactors to know if they can shut them down or not, I know they all have thermal pumps that have no moving parts and are run by the incredible heat of the reaction but more than that I cannot say. I dont believe Russia is good, I think they are playing bad cop good cop and want the nuclear war just as badly. They would rather torch the Earth than give up control, that is what we are dealing with. Who knows how many times they have done this, how many advanced civilizations we have had, who knows. I just know nuclear winter is a viable option in their minds, it solves many of what they call problems, overpopulation, ravages of industrial activity, and chiefly it destroys all competition to their power. Fled to bunkers we built and stocked. The picture is grim. It is who they are and to appeal to such evil people to change or do good is incredibly naive.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Meanwhile, back in Reality, we have learned that the +2000 open-air nuclear bomb "tests" increased man-made carbon-14, and that broke down into carbon dioxide and methane– someone please correct me if my understanding is not correct– so, um, how does anyone figure that blasting the crap out of our planet with nukes until all the bombs are used up is going to COOL the planet, actually, when it looks like it'll just cook it even faster?  Much of what we're hearing about and seeing is NOT created by beings of  loving essence, and the ones showing the horror pictures really just want to force everyone around them to watch their horrific picturing of all "their" Death Wish fantasies.  Not that it couldn't come true, if we don't actually take action.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Nuclear winter would be caused by the massive amount of debris shot into the atmosphere blocking out the sun entirely for the first couple of years resulting in a precipitous drop in overall temperatures. Some estimates are as much as 10 degrees for the first five then a gradual increase with the temperature drop dissapating in 10-20. I believe this is probably a solution in their eyes.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Whoa Robo, this is both horrific and brilliant.  But!  Are you envisioning one event or more?  From where to where?  Does 90-98%% mean of 1%?  Or?  Man, my brain, even on flu, does not think this way.  "They" must have been thinking this for awhile if it would achieve the things you say.  Wow.  Like running into a brick wall at 100 mph.  Yet another reason to start shutting down all nuclear power plants NOW.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie Mehocich,  I'm gonna have to look into this again, but my understanding is 2,000 plus nukes blown, but no where near all in open air.  After awhile, much too long if there is such a thing, the Nevada test site went underground.  Many, including the French, tested theirs in the Pacific ocean.  Russia tested some UNDER the polar cap-Arctic.  Near Siberia.  Others have tested in the Pacific ocean too.  Not that this helps!  Nuclear was my lifelong issue, among others, but a main one.

  15. Dan says:

    Kudos to Sean and Brian and the city of Rohnert Park. In a lot of instances as CA goes so does the rest of the nation. If the masses in CA wake up and demand answers who knows. Maybe there is hope for us after all. This has really lifted my spirits. And thank you Robert, I will give diatomaceous earth a try. Dane as always you are right on. Their efforts to cool the west has hit south central Idaho. Starting early a.m. Thanks Giving we got over a foot of fake snow, the kind you can't make snowballs or snowmen with and now the temp. is well below normal, very cold. Thank you Dane, you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. That in the White House should give it back

  16. Neil says:

    Hello Dane,
    FYI I wanted to let you know that I contacted James Gilliland of ECETI ranch fame and let him know about the good works you are doing and he was kind enough to mention your name on his weekly BBS radio show "As You Wish Talk Radio".  He is up in the Trout Lake, WA, area, and is very familiar with the ongoing weather mod. programs there, to be sure.  So, I hope this has served to broaden your audience, if only a little bit.  I think he messed up your name though, as I notice some do, by calling you "Dan" instead of "Dane" (like Alex Jones did) , but I am sure people will find your site regardless.  That's probably been happening your whole life…
    Quick anecdote for all here:  (True story, I swear!) Turns out my furnace guy's brother is a high-level climate scientist at the NOAA.  So I sent my installer the recent article regarding the recent gag order placed on NOAA, USDoC, NWS employees.  I even sent him the Chuck Norris article regarding the same.  Haven't heard back from him since…oh well, at least I tried…

  17. Because the US Navy plans to use the Olympic Peninsula WA to test electronic warfare, the spraying of chemtrails is most often in connection with HAARP ionospheric heating – what I call the 'electrification' of the sky. I feel these EMRs. It is criminal, utterly heartless to expose children to this intense radiation, especially when they are already overexposed:
    Child Myopia Epidemic Worldwide due to Electronic Devices
    Amerika, Big Brother November 27, 2015
    Myopia epidemic: Get Your Children Off Electronic Devices or Else
    In China, where around 81 per cent of teenagers have myopia, students are being barred from getting too close to their work. Another school has glass walls and as well as glass ceilings to expose children’s eyes to the light. …“It’s very worrying,” said Dr Wilson, adding that the rise in myopia has been linked to increased pressure to study, more time indoors and greater use of iPads and other devices. Even more concerning was the high numbers of people – particularly young children and teenagers – with high myopia, around minus 5 or more, which can lead to diseases that cause blindness such as glaucoma, retinal detachment, glaucoma and cataracts.
    [Also check out the origin of ISIS as Israeli Secret Intelligence Service in the vid. on tabublog]

    Shades of a Canfield Ocean — Hydrogen Sulfide in Oregon’s Purple Waves?
    Are we already starting to awaken some of the horrors of the ancient hothouse ocean? Are dangerous, sea and land life killing, strains of primordial hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria starting to show up in the increasingly warm and oxygen-starved waters of the US West Coast? This week’s disturbing new reports of odd-smelling, purple-colored waves appearing along the Oregon coastline are a sign that it may be starting to happen. [photo at link]

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, It must have been 20? years ago now that I first read of an odd no- oxygen zone, smallish, showed up along Oregon's seashore, sort of in the middle line of the state.  Odd, because this newspaper article was mentioning a few others, world wide, all with good reasons for creating such a zone, but no links to why this would happen where this was located in Oregon.  No runoff stuff, none of the main culprits.  Seems quaint by now.  And now I wonder again about the "rain" we had that didn't amount to much, but left some weird dark purple/black splotches on the big leaves of my Hawaiian ginger plants.  Wouldn't wash off either, had to scrap at it with my nails.

      This guy mentions Canfield Ocean in 5 of 6 extinctions.  Are we not now in the 6th?  

  18. Sean s says:

    We are gaining momentum and nearing critical mass awareness. Now is when we have to push even harder. 

    • David says:

      Excellent, the Billboard Awareness, is exactly what we need. It would be great if we all could get them up, in masses in the towns and cities we live in. I was at the doctor's office with a family member on Wednesday, I had a few of the printable flyers from this website on GeoEngineering, coincidentally one of our Local News Station (Channel 12 First Coast News) Anchors walked in, I briefly explained the information on the flyers, she said she will give them to the Head Meteorologist in the Weather Center. I will watch to see if the subject is broadcasted!

  19. Sotir says:

    Dane, thank you for all you do regarding this colossal crime of geo-engineering.  Taking a page from the politicians and this sign for creating awareness on this subject, why don't we all do the following.  All of us aware of this nefarious project should start putting up signs with geo-engineering posters on our lawns saying, "I see them, do you see them?

  20. jsun says:

    Can you make the graphics for this billboard / sign available for everyone to use?  I have family with a print shop but don't want to reinvent the wheel or pay a graphic designer… I would however print some good propaganda and spread it around.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jsun, thank you for your willingness to help sound the alarm, I will send you the graphics requested.

    • Susan Liebermann says:

      Can you post something on your site that tells folks how to get a billboard ad in place? How much does it typically cost? How do we get the graphics?
      Thanks for your leadership.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, about the billboards, there are too many variables to go into here, but the bottom line is that each effort is unique and independent. Costs vary, but it is always best to have a sit down with sign company owners to convey the gravity of this issue and that it affects them equaly with the rest of us. Sign companies can usually handle the graphics, but we can always send ours if needed. 

  21. Sallie Robinson says:

    I'm going to our local print shop to order a small outdoor sign (12×18) that will say "Stop spraying us!" And this web address and this sign will be placed in my front yard that is on a busy highway in rural Louisiana. Everyone should do the same without delay. It doesn't have to be a billboard. 

  22. moderncalamity says:

    Thank you for all of your efforts.  I have tried to start up a meetup group on Geoengineering in NYS, but the approach is very fragmented.  Your website is the best resource available since the news and governments are all under "gag orders".  Is it possible to set up a gofundme option on this website with the intent to raise money for bill boards in every state?  The message needs to get out to everyone.  The other option is for everyone to wear geoengineering clothes (shirts, hats, jackets) with N100 particulate respirators and googles wherever they go out in public.  I like to exercise outside, but now I do so with caution because I do not want to breathe nanoparticles of toxic heavy metals.    This daily acute and chronic exposure to biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction from geoengineering is significantly more damaging than the ISIS/ISIL attacks, yet the press only covers the latter.  We must do what we can to stop those responsible for destroying life as we know it.  Thanks again for your never ending support.

  23. John says:

    Hello to all who are critical thinkers.  I was vacationing from New Mexico to Wyoming this past summer.  I can tell you the chem trails are more than weather experiments.   What I have witnessed is atmospheric spraying that is designed to settle over populated areas.   This Nov. the boys were sraying on the southern border of Wy. the fallout area was the greater Denver metro area.  Throw in a temperature inversion … this stuff was locked over Denver for days.  The mettalic taste of the air was very noticable.  This campain was not to keep the spray in the atmosphere but to fallout and stay locked in the air of Denver metro.

    In my mind this is to expose the masses to unknown chemicals, bacteria, virus… To wit this is terrorism. 

  24. g77enn says:

    Sensational! Blessings to all those involved in this project.

  25. Rita Brown says:

    VERMONT does not allow Billboards but I will start NOW to raise money for banners in Brattleboro, Burlington, Killington, Stowe, Mad River Valley, Manchester, Middlebury and White River Junction for starters. I will look into the cost and start to raise some $$ for awareness. I have been doing events for 3 years for awareness to BAN Geoengineeringing I am going to do a March on our 5 mile Bike / hike trail on Blueberry Lake where they were spraying Thanksgiving Day Vermont outlawed arial pesticides years ago and should not allow this toxic spraying in our once clean skies, I moved here for clean air!!!!

  26. Jeff Walker (Ottawa ex Brentwood Bay) says:

    That's an awesome billboard. Well done Brian & Sean !
    Here's a suggestion that some folks may wish to use to spread the word too:
    People that work in organic/health food stores & restaurants are typically more awake than most. I've aproached them with pictures & posters, and explained what's going on; and that this crap also affects organic food grown outside. This gets noticed, believe me.
    Usually they have a community cork pinboard for notices & business cards etc.. I ask if it's OK to put up a small poster with on it. From there more health-minded customers may be willing to investigate further.
    One lady who worked in a health food store said she was aware of the trails since 1998 when she lived in Vancouver.
    Again, nice job Brian and Sean.

  27. T says:

    I've thought about this type of sign before and would love to get some people together in our area.  Anyone have a ball park number on what it might cost for  1, 3, 6, 12 months. It would be cool to have this picture with an update or interactive display of your local sky.  Just think what influence it would have with a nasty sky over your cities land marks.  Then impose (and I hate this strategy) pictures of KIDS playing under this sky with droplets raining down on them. Nasty!!

  28. Patrick Wilson says:

    Praise the Lord a whole town is woke up to the devils that are running this country and the world. Come Yahsuha come.

  29. Michael Arden Yows says:

    ….and it's lighted SuperNice…..

  30. Lynn Ann Fitzgerald says:

    I live in Palm Springs, Ca and every morning there is a plane all the white lines comes out by about 10am there is no blue sky.  Then I went to ax friends house and saw the plane spreading this'd white line in s other part of the desert.  Everyone know about the Chemtrails but nobody doing anything.  Our weather in the desert has changed so drastic it's scary.  But there two many people in northern Califygar are in complete denial.  And they read about it.  Two weeks ago the sky was so bad my beautician said what the F is going on.  We went outside and I said it's the Chemtrail that killing us it's part of depopulation because we're one million people over.  It's all comes in to the Agenda 21 which is very bad.  And of course it's the EPA.  But why is our military trying to kill us? I heard taking Fish Oil with Omega been taking it for years.  But after the skies that day was so scary I got sick and so did my beautician. I'm still not feeling good funny nose burning and running eyes.  Took my allergy pills and saline nose drop and eyes drops, it's not really helping.   By best friend from the Bay Area were talking about it but she didn't believe it and she read it.  Need to know what other vitamins I can take if any.  Palm Springs always had such beautiful blue skies not anymore.   I was in Catalina in July for two week not one Chemtrail explain that.  Please tell me what I can do.   

    • Robert says:

      Try food grade diatomaceous earth.  Worked wonders for me.  Clears out the lungs, kidneys, and intestinal tract.  Respiratory issues were gone in just a couple of weeks, and energy level returned.  Look on the internet for human use testimonials for diatomaceous earth — you'll be amazed at what it does.  They say it even removes radiation!  And real cheap — you can get a 50 pound bag for under 50 bucks, and it's enough to share with everyone you know and then some!!!

    • Wayne says:

      I work in the low desert live in High Desert, it has been nuts in Coachella Valley for more then four years, but seems to be getting worse by the day. The valley’s sky is cloaked in a white haze 24/7, most days they continue to fly dropping their payloads; however, lately they’ve changed their strategy by short bursts of spraying, attempting to make it look like normal clouds.
      No one seems to realize or be paying any attention to what are going on, furthermore, in the desert our skies should be clear and blue, ninety nine percent of the time….it’s the desert….
      Thanksgiving has brought absolute craziness, we had fake snow in the high desert this morning wish I could post a picture.  My throat and eyes burn daily, my nose runs 24/7…….
      Please continue to enlighten all you touch thanks for your post.

    • Lynn Ann Fitzgerald — For nine years I have been ill with various chronic illness from exposure to chemtrails in Charlottesville VA. Because of Dane's brilliantly sane intelligent website, I found some helpful solutions. What's working for me (at age 70) is Silica (horsetail in caps), Chorella, apple pectin, magnesium, and colostrum. Here is an excellent video with suggestions: Aluminum Detox

  31. 510mlc says:

    As a resident of the SF Bay Area, I am heartened by the billboard and all of the comments here. We were fortunate to have a chem-free day today with some real clouds floating passed. But what will

    happen tomorrow is always unknown. Dane and Co., keep up the good fight!

    • beretta says:

      Thanks Robert and Susan Ferguson on the info for the things that work for detox. Im going to try what you’re using myself.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Lots of air crap falling on us late this afternoon and into the late night hours here in the S.F. Bay Area.  "They" refrained from spraying yesterday, probably all busy with their turkey dinners and celebrating "freedom" in America, but the crap's falling fast and furious here now.  It's sooo bad tonight, very fine, like a fine rasp, and cold.  I have double-paned casement windows and the stuff's so fine it's getting in anyway.

  32. If an organic landscape contractor like me can pay for this sign in Rohnert Park CA, think what the millionares & billionares can do when they wake up also. All it took was a friend (Sean) talking to me in a bar one day. We must make friends with the very wealthy and we will soon change the world. Just like the head chemist of Monsanto who quit, I feel, was from talking to a friend over wine or beer or anything, who must have said, 'Do you know what you are really doing?' You can look up the chemists 1.5 page public statement about why he quit that slimy company by googling : 'Monsanto head chemist quit.' Then you will read his deep understanding of what he was really doing. He woke up ! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Brian, you have indeed risen to the challenge at hand and already done a great deal of good in this critical fight. I have been contacted by bankers from Manhattan and Texas that were furious about the spraying, so far, they have done absolutely nothing for the cause. It seems the vast majority of the well-off feel they are immune to what is unfolding around us all and occuring over our heads. Perhaps they feel they will take their resources with them to wherever it is we are all headed. It’s up to us, Brian, thank you again for your help in this all important battle.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I can't help but wonder if at least some of the well-off also don't feel as if there's anything they can do to help stop the insanity.  Sounds crazy but I'm wondering if there's a way to get info teams to contact them in person, or at least get an interview with their personal assistants?  Maybe an action list for those of great means would be in order?

  33. Garland Campbell says:

    Folks, I drove a truck over much of the US and some in Canada.  I've seen thousands of these, some days so many I could not count them.  The Forest Service is noticing their effect on our Forests and it is not good.  Sometimes I don't feel really good and wonder how they may have affected my Health.  I'm so excited to see this simple, yet plain and easy to read sign say what I have so long wished:  STOP SPRAYING US!!!!

  34. Rhonda says:

    PLEASE tell us how we can we contribute and get involved in producing more billboards?  No time to waste. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rhonda, anyone anywhere can get a billboard campaign going in their area. A sign needs to be located, and the owners communicated with. Some sign companies have been very sympathetic to our cause once they are educated on this issue. Organizing and starting “spot fires” of awareness everywhere, that is how we can best move the ball forward in this fight.

    • Rhonda says:

      Men should take the lead in this most important issue and produce more billboards across the country and world.  Where are all the REAL men.  If they would put the energy and time that they put into sports, etc., and get their priorities right, something could be done about the chemtrails.

    • maciej kocialkowski says:

      HI Rhonda, I agree with you about the madness obsession with sports in this country. One cannot move anywhere without being bombarded with hundreds of large screens projecting all sorts of "sports" (mainly violent ones) intertwined with ever more obscene advertising. Even more concerning is the fact for me, that it does not seem to bother anybody. I have been young too, and went to a soccer game here and there, would watch olympics or alpine combination or whatever one likes, that is ok. But what we currently witness here, has absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing to do with sports. True sports and money never mix, and true fans never get violent and rude. And isn't also ironic that more hyped the "sports" get, less healthy the people?

  35. ChainYaMongrel says:

    Dane…watched your conference video, Outstanding Job!!! Just want to say; even Environmental Engineers within the Gov't deny that this exists. EPA turns their eye on this as well; echoing the "climate change mantra and indoctrination!" We see it here in Japan; wondering where the aircraft launch from? Understand there is a HAARP station in northern Japan too. The technique to weaponize the weather is well established and maybe is the root of it…example; where other countries say would not cooperate with…???. They are discreetly informed if you don't well more violent storms, a drought, floods etc., and may ensue.

    Did you ever watch Highlander (1994); The Final Dimension? Not sounding too corny but the elitist need to advertise to the public what their intentions are. If you take a look at what Connor MacLeod invents then needs to destroy the apparatus that controls the weather; you’ll find similarities. Hence today you get the "Dulling of the Skies." It's very tragic that this has been unleashed while we were and are a sleep. However, the Illuminists, Luciferians and ZPG folks (brokers of social engineering or human conditioning) believe it's their time. They believe the U.S. and the rest of the world that have been fed the "Eye Candy" of entertainment or perhaps, whatever it is to deify oneself;  are "Too Stupid," to really care what goes on beyond their dumb smart phones.

    Hopefully the people will awaken one day (it’s really too late) to realize that those in-charge, who send an RAID-Aerosol-can with wings into the atmosphere; are nothing but pseudo-intellectual barbarians who would rather see 6-billion die and 1-billion live in basically, what one would call… a globalist's view of a Fascist Utopia! 

    • Wily says:

      Those geo/ha^rp etc deniers just need to check out the patent's on 'weather modification' !!! The lemming phoos!

      I'm well into my 60's, since back in 1997 we here in the heart of the nation had an unbelievably chilly 4th of July, it never got out of the 50' when normal 4th's are in the 90's – 100's – this is what made me suspicious of the jacking around w/the weather!

      *Another thing, back in the day's of Richards Gebaur afb some hi brass used to visit this machine shop my father had, they spoke of this back in the mid 60's – My brother & I thought they were smoking burlap (or something) for, only God controls the weather!

      As for God controlling the weather – you bet He does, He's about to show theses goon's a lot of 'what they don't know'!!!

      Glad we found this sight, very professional ! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Chain, "Our" main defense people doing this: Raytheon.  They list operations in Japan.

  36. russ says:

    Drew——–good to know people are seeing the same thing me and my wife do. It’s getting out of control. I see them at night doing their dirty deed. Take care buddy.

  37. david K says:

    Fantastic,what a great bill board. I signed the petition. I have signed a couple over the last 4 years, and helped collect signatures on one of them. People were actually standing out in front of supermarkets with one of them,it raised a lot of awareness in our town. Is that petition on you tube? 

    • Rebecca P. says:

      Thank you David K for signing the petition, it is not on you tube only on the http://www, website. We are making a difference. I started a new petition on the We The People government website and they removed it without even a notification to me. I was in compliance for the terms they require, but guess it must have been getting so many signatures and attention they found it to be an effective threat to their agenda. We had about 200 signatures within approximately 5 hours. Does anyone know how to file a complaint for unfair removal of a petition being removed for no reason? This goes against freedom of speech,and this is our 1st amendment. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am rather upset about this and want an explanation! Thank you from my heartbroken self to all who are trying to make a difference.


  38. While some courageous souls are dedicated to saving our planet, other insane bonehead morons are hell bent on blowing us up, further destroying our fragile protector Earth’s magnetosphere. The conflict with Putin & Turkey escalates:
    Russia Releases Video Of S-400 SAM Deployment In Syria, As Putin Issues Warning To Obama
    …a very angry Russia took in the aftermath of the shooting down of its Su-24 by a Turkish F-16 was to dispatch a Moskva guided-missile cruiser off the coast of Syria to provide air cover for its jets operating near Latakia, as well as send an unknown number of ultramodern S-400 (or SA-21 Growler in NATO designation) SAM batteries to Latakia to make sure that the tragic incident from Tuesday never repeats itself by sending Turkey a very clear message that the next time a Turkish warplane engages a Russian jet, Russia will immediate retaliate using ground forces.  …
    Bottom line: another direct engagement by a Turkish fighter will be its last, and in fact now that Russia is prepared we would not be at all surprised to see Russia cross into Turkish airspace on purpose just to provoke Erdogan to repeat the events from last week, only this time with the Russian ready and prepared to retaliate to any engagement. In fact, the odds of Russia doing just that in the next few days are especially high.  …Putin effectively accused the US of leaking the coordinates of the Russian plane to Turkey, which was merely a hitman acting with the blessing of the Pentagon.

    FYI: Zero Hedge has some 40 writers – one being 'Tyler Durden' a Bulgarian Daniel Ivandjiiski who is said to hate Goldman Sachs. I have learned more about the brave new world of algorithm flash trading finance from ZH than on any other site. The brutal comments are often offensive.

    • Listening to Craig B. Hulet talk about his fear of WWIII, he made the hard-truth observation that the American people do NOT benefit from our so-called empire. In fact we are losing from our empire, because it isn’t an American empire. The foreign policy does not represent America’s interests; it doesn’t represent we the people – it represents a corporate entity that doesn’t want state sovereignty in their way any longer. That’s what the new trade agreements do, the WTO, TPP, etc.; they make the corporations the citizens of 130 nations where they operate. They get to rule, they get to benefit, and they don’t care if 200 million Americans are permanently unemployed. They don’t care!     [@33:00]
      Just extend this to geoengineering the planet and it makes perfect sense. They don’t care if they poison us. They only care about corporate profits and power. Goldman Sachs runs the money racket for them to bankrupt farmers & governments with loans that can never be repaid, then the corporations confiscate their land & natural resources. No one believes it because in the “land of the free” we can’t believe that our government could betray us like this. We've been had! Time for the brainwashing propaganda lies to be exposed. As Paul Craig Roberts says again & again, these neo-con monsters are pushing us into a nuclear WWIII, while they head for their underground mansions. We have to wake up before it’s too late.

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you Susan. RT on YouTube is covering this with Putins comments and video clips as well.

  39. TnGeoWatch says:

    65 degrees at 9pm in Nashville TN. 
    Was 70-75 in South East tn today. 
    12-15 degrees above normal. Every day this week
    the forecast on tv is consistently wrong by 3-7 degrees. Today the high reported on Monday was supposed to in the upper 50's, normal high. But reality hit today. Low 70's. 
    I believe Dane is right. Desperate establishment on all levels! 
    On NBC they just said 40 and rain is so abnormal in Green Bay this time of year! No joke! 
    Dane have you seen any social networking interaction from the road sign. How many people drive past this sign?

  40. K.D. Daniels says:

    awesome need one on every highway. maybe the sheeple mite look up. keep up the great work dane!

  41. Rookie says:

    How great is that billboard! Can we see about putting them up all over the US? I would like info on how to get it started here in SoCal?

  42. Howard Taylor says:

    Thanksgiving to all you brothers snd sisters. To your native Americans we screwed your beautiful land. The Great Grandfather cries tears for our sins.

  43. Beverly says:

    The spray was heavy over Middletown, DE, this afternoon.  I pointed it out to the group and was totally blown off.  That will never stop me.  Thank you for all you do, Dane.

  44. Laura says:

    Hi Dane, this isn't necessarily to be posted, but wanted to ask you about a sign I'd like to have made to put in my yard. I live on a pretty busy highway, and the traffic past my house is maybe about 30 mph because it's in town. I'd like to put up a sign with on it, but wondered what message you would recommend on a not very big yard sign that people would probably be able to read as they drive past.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Laura, sign statements are best kept very simple and to the point, that’s the most productive overall guidline. The word “Investigate” should be a part any simple and straight forward message. I would suggest consulting with a few of your neighbors to see what statement might most impact them.

  45. russ says:

    Drew——I live an hour west of Albany, there have been days when I will see 5 or 6 planes at a time dump and run and start all over. I saw them make the letter Z and also # designs. It is getting crazy. And the weather men (a special  place in Hell for them) act like all is normal.

    • Drew says:

      Russ–  yep. I'm sure we're watching the same destruction. The favorite lately (over my house) is "X" and 4-5 parallel stripes.  I have hundreds of pics now. Totally obsessed. Sucks.  
      And the corporate-owned, gagged weather employees have lost my attention and respect.
      Good night folks.

  46. Roger Gibbons says:

    All I have to say ….is thanks to all for spreading the word.
    Keep spreading the news to anyone you meet.
    Let’s get this done.

  47. trudyb1929 says:

    I had the opportunity yesterday to speak calmly yet earnestly with other  shoppers about the nighttime spraying here in Prescott AZ ,  and gave them the information to this website.  I expect they will acknowledge the urgency of spreading the word.  We can and should encourage each other  that our Creator will open this and other sincere avenues for our nation to survive its devastating downward spiral to extinction.  

  48. Dennis J. Lee says:

    I took photos today of the Classic Chemtrails from one jet to 3 jets to a series of the Cotton Candy clouds. I live in Holyoke, Mass. and have witnessed the Very Fast Jets do the same formation 3 times a day, Every day! That's a lot of Manpower and Power from Somewhere.
    We are all united because of our concern. Thanks for reading this.

    • Dawnski says:

      NC Piedmont got hammered Thanksgiving Day mid-afternoon, after a quiet blue morning sky. Tic-tac-toe grids and what I call the crown formation. I stopped counting after 20 planes. 

      Thanksgiving Blessings to my cyber family. Brother Dane, your tireless investigative efforts are an inspiration to us all. Hope at a time when cowardly football worshipers and selfie sluggards in the community ignoramously ignore local reality and responsibility as our planet and people suffer. 

      Thank you for your year-round heroic efforts. . .we love you!

    • tag says:

      I woke up this Thanksgiving day to  trails all over.  I'm in NW Ohio.  What could have been a blue sky day, by noon was the usually milky sky mess.  It actually went on most of the day.  I have started taking photos and documenting the dates.  I know these evil people will get what they deserve someday, but not understanding why they think they should take the rest of us out. 

      Also, has anyone else noticed an increase in hair loss?  Mine is getting so thin as is my daughter, who is only 32 years old.  We both eat organic and use NO pharmaceuticals. I work with animals (groomer and kennel owner)  and also own many. I am seeing an increase in the animals also.   Hair loss, unexplained skin issues and skin allergies not related to fleas.  Anyone seeing this with yourselves or your pets?   …Anyone?

    • penny says:

      Hi Tag, this won’t be uplifting but in answer to your question, yes, hair loss and skin problems are showing up around the globe. Here are some links (warning: the 3rd link is extremely disturbing, as in heartbreaking).

  49. Jose says:

    I live north of  there like an hour away ill be looking for it the next time i go to rohnert park keep up the good work hope santa rosa gets a billboard up its a major city north of rohnert park and they don't seem to awake unfortunately but good work.

  50. Ken Converse says:

    Dane, I am overjoyed that someone in my neighborhood has taken this giant step in promoting public awareness of this worldwide assault on our precious biosphere. Indeed a great Thanksgiving gift. I have been researching this grim fact of modern life and monitoring this defilement with my own eyes for over 13 years. In my opinion, all one needs to know is the lie of 911, and this SAG program to realize that we are no longer in Kansas folks! The frustration of getting no response except rolled eyes when communicating these FACTS has been almost intolerable for me. You Dane, should receive the Medal of Honor for your heroic efforts in this regard. Let’s all keep up the good work of reporting this heinous crime.

  51. Greg Price says:

    Unfortunately,  yesterday here in S/W Florida there was unprecedented spraying all day.

    • David S. says:

      I saw it too, Greg. It makes me sick. You are not alone. There are some others here in Florida that are paying attention and trying to wake others up. David S.

    • Bill Lutz says:

      Hi Greg,  i'm sick to see all the stuff going on as well.   I try to discuss this with neighbors and friends, and usually just get ridiculed …like, what are you looking at?   The other night, I was walking dogs with the full moon and saw a tremendous chemtrail in the sky That made me so sad.
      Maybe we could get a group in Southwest Florida together to work on this?

  52. Drew says:

    Encouraging and uplifting story. I needed this- Especially after a depressing day of heavy dumping in Albany NY. Cheers to Brian and Sean!

    Thank you for this gift, Dane. When nobody else understands, believes, or looks up, Geoengineering gives us a place to "go". It's therapy, one could say.  Be well everyone. 

  53. Bob says:

    Thanks Dane, great explanation.  We have been "climbing the ladder" for almost a year and a half since the article.  Hopefully critical mass awareness is achieved soon before the "jump off" is lethal.

  54. Rebecca P. says:

    This is incredible, what a great THANKSGIVING GIFT. I'm speechless! Dane we are waking people up, all yours and many others efforts are making an impact. Saying thank you cannot even begin to tell you the amount of appreciation my heart feels at this moment. WOW                                            

  55. Bob says:

    Thank you Dane for your work.  I do not deny climate change or the incredible damage being done by geo engineering.  The damage here in western Pa is sickening.  It is unfathomable that this is not common knowledge and billboards are needed.  None are so blind then those who refuse to see.

    Is it possible stopping geo engineering may hasten biosphere collapse or cause a sudden catastrophic methane release?  Or put another way; Is it conceivable the spraying is extending our time on a dying planet?  Thank you again for your time and efforts.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, all available data makes clear that if the spraying continues, we have no chance (mathematical fact). Geoengineering is weapon of war, nothing less. Though there will be an initial increase in warming when the atmosphere is allowed to clear, once the planet is allowed to respond on its own, and the hydrological cycle is allowed to resume, we will have taken a leap in the right direction. The attached link will shed more light on your question.

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