Major Northern California VAXXED/Climate Engineering Public Awareness Event


Dane Wigington

The global power structure has long since been waging a war against global populations on countless fronts. Vaccinations (now forced by law in some regions), and  the ongoing highly toxic covert climate engineering operations, are the two most direct assaults against human health. Whether injected through a hypodermic needle, or inhaled through the lungs, the sources of contamination to the human body are mounting rapidly and taking an immense toll on the population as a whole. is sponsoring and organizing a major public awareness event (and call to action) on Friday, August 5th, 2016, in Redding, California. There is no admission fee for this event, it is FREE, and there are no parking fees. My most sincere gratitude to all the dedicated activists, without whom the organizing of this event would not have been possible. The event will be staged in the heart of downtown Redding, at the historic Cascade Theater which seats over 1000. 


The Cascade Theater seats over 1000, and has full balcony seating.

A full day of film screenings, power point presentations, and Q & A sessions will begin at 9:45 am, when Dr. Sherri Tenpenny kicks off the event with her presentation "Vaccine Mandates: Adults Are Next". The medical industrial complex will not relent in their campaign to force now proven unsafe vaccinations on the population.


Dr. Sherri Tennpenny, vaccination safety expert.

At 11 am Dane Wigington from will present "Climate Engineering, The Covert Weather Warfare Assault". Skies all over the globe are being saturated with highly toxic heavy metals and chemicals that are part of the ongoing climate engineering/geoengineering/solar radiation management assault on the environment and climate system. The human race (and the entire web of life) has been subjected to an unimaginably massive and lethal experiment without our knowledge or consent.


Dane Wigington, lead researcher and administrator for

At 12:30 pm, former decorated CIA officer, Kevin Shipp, will present "Gagged: Government Secrecy and Silencing Whistleblowers". Kevin is the author of the groundbreaking book "From The Company Of Shadows", the shocking exposé of what is really going on behind close doors within the halls of our government's institutions. He will highlight exactly what our government does to any that dare to tell the whole truth.


Decorated former CIA officer, Kevin Shipp.

At 1pm, the first of two screenings of VAXXED, From Cover Up To Catastrophe, will commence

At 2pm, the first VAXXED Q & A session will begin featuring a panel of experts including the director of VAXXED, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the producers of VAXXED, Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey, and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, internationally known vaccination safety expert.


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Event Schedule:

  • 9:20 am Cascade Theater doors open for public 
  • 9:45 am PowerPoint presentation from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, "Vaccination Mandates: Adults Are Next"
  • 10:30 am to 10:50 am Q and A for Dr. Tenpenny presentation 
  • 11:00 am to 11:30 am PowerPoint presentation from Dane Wigington,, "Climate Engineering, The Covert Weather Warfare Assault"
  • 11:30 am to 11:50 am Q and A for geoengineering presentation 
  • 11:50 am to 12:30 pm First intermission 
  • 12:30 am to 12:55 pm Presentation from former decorated CIA officer Kevin Ship, "Gagged: Government Secrecy And Silencing Whistleblowers"
  • 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm First screening of VAXXED documentary
  • 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm VAXXED Q and A with panel of experts and film producers (Dr. Wakefield, Dr. Tenpenny, VAXXED producers Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey)
  • 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm Second intermission
  • 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm Encore climate engineering PowerPoint presentation of "Climate Engineering, The Covert Weather Warfare Assault"
  • 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm Q and A for climate engineering presentation
  • 5:30 pm to 6:15 pm Third intermission
  • 6:15 pm to 6:40 pm Encore presentation from former CIA officer Kevin Shipp
  • 6:45 pm to 8:15 pm Second screening of VAXXED
  • 8:15 pm to 9:15 pm Second VAXXED Q and A session with VAXXED panel of experts and producers.
  • 9:15 pm to 10:00 pm After event meet and greet with event speakers

Extensive free public parking is just across from the Cascade Theater on the North side of Placer Street. There are numerous dining establishments located a short walking distance from the theater.

The guest speakers at this event will be available on and off throughout the day in the lobby to answer questions individually. There will be an informational materials table which will supply FREE critical educational materials (on vaccination dangers and the climate engineering threat) to any that will try to put those materials to use. Educating others on the dire truths that our corporate owned criminal media institutions are not disclosing (and thus actually helping to hide) is absolutely essential. These materials will included commercial DVDs that thoroughly cover the climate engineering assault and have multiple menu presentations including the testimony of former government scientists. Attorneys from the legal team will also be present at the event to answer questions about the evolving legal action to expose and halt climate engineering.


Solar Radiation Management Programs are filling our skies with toxic heavy metal aerosols. Photo taken at Redding School Of The Arts, Redding, California.

The human race and the biosphere itself are at a most critical crossroad, where do we go from here? We invite all concerned and caring citizens to attend the Redding event, to increase their knowledge of what is unfolding around us all, and to learn what we can do to help turn the tide of insanity. We must not remain silent in the belief that someone else will cover the front line in the fight, this will not get the job done. All are needed to prioritize taking action in the essential effort to reach a critical mass of awareness, this is the only way forward in the fight. Make your voice heard in the battle to fully expose the truth, every day counts.

136 Responses to Major Northern California VAXXED/Climate Engineering Public Awareness Event

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  2. a simple horseman says:

    We must all smile!, Regardless!!!! Did you wake up breathing this morning?

    Here I sit wanting to be at the event tomorrow. I am more sorry than one could know that I couldn't figure out how to get there and survive the week. Are there any hitching rails at the cascade theater? I would not think of arriving any other way than on horse(Mustang) back. I would arrive looking for the local media that is covering the event in their trustworthy manner. What? Their not their, in droves? How much trouble would I get in if I rode my Mustangs right into their offices? The Mustangs are up for it! They think they are going to get a cookie when we are finished or have arrived at where I wanted to go, (lol), true. "They love "honest" action"!! We've actually chased down offenders and cornered them, true! The Mustangs were magnificent and totally in tune, and if I may add, quite satisfied. That is not just anthropomorphism there. It was real. The same Mustangs drove Mr Bear through my fence and he hasn't been back since. There are many lessons to be learned there. Never be afraid to be different my friends I haven't met yet. Never be afraid to step up and pursue the offender. In all ways, always. Stand firm and look'em in the eye.

    'a' simple horseman

  3. a simple horseman says:

    Happy day before the event everyone! I hope what I wrote comes true. I want to see the Redding Cascade Theater overwhelmed with PEOPLE!!

    So… yesterday in the news I saw a Leopard that jumped into a well. He was very thirsty. "Today", I see blacks bears in the news. Taking a dip in Lake Tahoe along with humans. I about fell over!! For those that do not know it, that's right up there with the Leopard jumping in the well. Black bears are EXTREMELY shy and want NOTHING to do with humans. I know this from several personal experiences starting as a young child. I apologize that I did not capture the link before yahoo updated their daily propaganda. But in this case, truth is stranger than fiction. For those that bother to look it up, momma bear and two cubs were indeed taking a dip in the "water" along with humans in the near distance. This again is an example of how little water there is in our non artificial environments. Usually that momma bear and her cubs would be up in elevation in a thicket in a cool stream and joyfully not seen by anyone or any other creature. BUT!, those streams are GONE!!………

  4. CJ says:

    As much as it is nice that more are getting out of bed from their sleep. It isn't nice enough. More need to wake up out of their deep sleep. I have my doubt's that that that will happen any time soon.

    Only because of the drugging down from the SRM. Most everybody seems to like it because they don't have to think too much.

    That would be way to hard to comprehend.

    Thinking I mean.


  5. Alan says:

    Went to BevMo today (bought a 12-pack of Squirt).  Cashier said, "Nice day but I just hope it doesn't get too hot.  I said, "Well, it's starting off OK."  To which she replied, "You know what?  They always say it's x degrees but i KNOW it's hotter than that."  I said, "You're talking about something that I have an interest in, and it's been my experience that they're under-reporting the temperatures consistently by 3 to 5 degrees."  She said, "Not only that, but sometimes the termperature variations are huge in areas that are not that far apart."  So, we could have talked for a long, long time, but her supervisor started hovering and I had to move along.  Point being ….. This was a cashier at BevMo saying these things.  Yes, we are waking up now!  

    • a simple horseman says:

      Alan and ALL, this is how we wake up folks and guide them to greater awareness. One simple cashier at a time. Alan, sorry you were intimidated by the supervisor. Our planet weighs more than "he/she" does. These "cashiers" are the folks that simply need an internet address that will bring them the truth they seek. I have a little note book with me at all times that I tear pages out of and write down this sites address and my own email if they have any further questions regarding what they will potentially discover here on this site. I always look folks in the eye and assure them that I am not "covert" or "conspiratual". My demeanor most always portrays that I do not put up with BS and will only accept truth and performance. Is there a better combination to follow? Mankind is wired to follow this paradigm. Sad that we are lacking real truth to follow in the mainstream of most peoples lives. No wonder most are "off coarse".

  6. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Heads up, We have a delusion where it a thought that every new generation lives a better life with less problems and such and such I think it's the opposites I think they have it backwards and I think most of you know why by now.

  7. Free Energy Technologies says:

    I don't justify spraying for Zika virus just like we don't justify spraying for global warming or climate change they are spraying chemtrails in Florida    for Zika virus and the CDC says there is no health risk ,because that's what they always do there is so much poison sources New Orleans may also have led water and so on the chemical spraying in my opinion is worse than Zika because you can chose to protect yourself against mosquitoes however you can't protect yourself from spraying that is being done from air and ground this is insane I would wave an American flag backwards in front of millions that should get people thinking please watch this video by the way more brain damage as a result of this spraying it's not like a responsible mother would not handle being inside a room or a net because it's better to spray chemicals than to sacrifice being outside for about 9 months.(

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      Everyone breaths the chemicals they are available in free form they get into young children and cause brain damage that would later be labeled as autism ,ADD,ADHD ,dyslexia and or delayed speech and I know some of these causes are not always acknowledged but brain damage from or intoxication, genetics and concussions and lack of nutrition can cause schizophrenia Which goes up as poverty goes up about 3% of the population now has schizophrenia and all these so called God inspired disorders are going up on a planet that is more radioactive ,more radiation from space now comes to earth which means more genetic damage we have poison everywhere lots of products are made of aluminum I don't like to be scary when I type this but if we don't face it how are we going to keep moving forward by the way all that I say is pure no one encourages me to do this instead they want to suppress me because that's how the world spins anything that makes you feel uncomfortable is shamed it's called success shaming and it is like a chain holding you back that we must overcome.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      This is a follow up video on the dark agendas ( How can we be worried about Zika when we have autism ADD ,ADHD asthma and so many other things just question this we have GMOs we have the dumbing down of the population reality we have so many other things and we are going to spray you chemtrails for  Zika and also spraying from ground and this makes global headlines this is an insult for lack of a better word to me and maybe everyone this is so insane we don't hear our media news cover autism or ADHD or asthma and that's just to name a few issues but they fear-monger about Zika it's like the headlines along the lines of man found his dog after three months of searching but it's worse because the Zika type of headlines are placed to declare medical martial law we need to learn how to get mad. For those who have children how do you feel about having them grow up in a world like today's how would you feel for those planning to have children and if your a children how do you feel about today's world I don't love this world for what it is and you should not also not that it's ever been a dream land we always had corruption but the difference is that now our planet is dying and so are we which puts more pressure on us.

  8. Dawn says:

    Wow, so many #AWAK3 people!  The #TRUTH is out there.  "They" will call it crank magnetism, but we KNOW better than any experts.  Google-fu!

  9. UN Backs Secret Obama Takeover of Police
    International org calls for federalization of U.S. law enforcement to be 'beefed up,' cover all of America / Robert Romano | 04 Aug 2016
    The Obama administration has been pursuing the federal takeover of local police right under Congress' nose — and Republicans in Congress were apparently unaware it was happening.  “The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice has provided oversight and recommendations for improvement of police services in a number of cities with consent decrees. This is one of the most effective ways to reduce discrimination in law enforcement and it needs to be beefed up and increased to cover as many of the 18,000-plus local law enforcement jurisdictions.”   …how it works: the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice files a lawsuit in federal court against a city, county, or state, alleging constitutional and civil rights violations by the police or at a corrections facility. It is done under 42 U.S.C. § 14141, a section of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, granting the attorney general the power to prosecute law enforcement misconduct. The municipality then simply agrees to the judicial finding — without contest — and the result is a wide-reaching federal court order that imposes onerous regulations on local police.

    • a simple horseman says:

      This article irritates the bajeebers out of me. One more step in the boogie man coming to your door soon. "Marshal Law", coming to all townships soon. If I were given the task, I couldn't think of a quicker easier way. Thanks Obummer. I haven't looked it up yet, but I'll bet this is one of the steps the Puppet Hitler took in his days. Hey Mr Police "person", sign up and soon we'll provide you with a spiffy new Gestapo uniform. Connecting the dots, I figure all the messed up police shootings and such play into the steam power of this action by Obummer. "Hey local police people, you screwed up even though you were never given a play book. To bad, you didn't march in unison and now we are going to take your own personal good judgment away". Back in my day of mischief there were basically two kinds of police "people". 1, "the nerd", the one we used to pick on in school. 2, the person that actually wanted to support their community and keep them safe from the evil doers. Which wasn't me. Now days, "most" police people are "ex" military. This fact scares the the you know what out of me. God help them all for what they have been exposed to. I just wish they weren't put in a position that would potentially expose 'me' to it in a governing way. I know most military folks would not have done what they did if they were privy to the real truths of our society. If the public as a whole under stood how much revenue is generated by infractions of "codes and regulations", NOT LAWS, they would all make a point to be "more involved" and make changes, "for the good of the many". Of coarse, for that to happen, folks would have to eat a lot of crow and actually see the gluttony of their ways.

      I found this article on Yahoo. It's just another example of how "our" wild life is suffering. With the extreme heat and lack of rain that India is experiencing all life there is suffering. Can you imagine being so thirsty that you would contemplate that plunge into the water not knowing if you could get back out. Just so you folks know, that cat wasn't a dummy. That cat was just plain thirsty. My hat is off to the compassion that was carried out in the rescue. Most people on this planet are really awesomely good people. There are soooo many parallels that all humanity share. Only the ones that matter have nothing to do with money and everything to do with "a good life". Which in my opinion is "most". The rest are just entanglements of our current enslavement.

    • Dennie says:

      It doesn't matter who's in the White House.  Anyone over the age of 30 or so should understand by now that the Federal Power Grab has not much to do with political parties though it appears to me and many many others that the Bush-NAZI crime family cabal was taking the U.S. down faster than any other politically aligned cabal.  It's about the Haves vs. the Have-Nots and no small portion of the schmearing of Obama (not that I like him, there were so many people who never even thought to ask who is this guy and where did he come from and how come even HE doesn't know?) is often times a cover for right wing propaganda and a plea to get you to lean to the Right.  It's about Corporate takeover of everything with CIA leading the charge.  Most here probably do not understand yet that CIA has infiltrated every P.D. in the country– there's always someone in your local police force who's CIA.  Get a copy of Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil by Michael C. Ruppert, former L.A.P.D. detective.  It's chronicled there.

  10. Michael "DOC" E. Davis says:

    The assault on humanity and our biosphere has several other components that must be considered.  These other components are: water fluoridation, nuclear blast fallout, Fukashama type events, hydro fracking, GMOs and Glyphosate (Roundup), including in general, unknown amounts of other chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  When all of these components are combined with anthropogenic deposition from atmospheric geoengineering and vaccines it becomes a witch's brew of poison. 
    Does anyone wonder how this is allowed to continue to occur.  Well, I have some insight to that question.  First of all is this, "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.  Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitutes an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.  We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largerly by men who we have never heard of." (Ch. 1 "Organizing Chaos", pg. 37, Propaganda (1928) by Edward Bernayse)  Mr. Bernays was known as the Father of Public Relations. Secondly, "We'll know our disinformation program is a success when everything the American public believes is false." (CIA's Operation Mockingbird, Wm. J. Casey, Director of the CIA 1981-1987) Next, like water fluoridation one must go all the way back to the Manhattan Project to where fluoride was used than and continues today for the refinement of uranium for nuclear application (weapons and power plants) and hydrofluorosalicic acid (HFSA) [H2SiF6] which is a  hazardous waste by – product primarily from the phosphate fertilized and aluminum industries (weapons and equipment) the U.S. Government continues to implement its decades old policy of National Security. Finally, it is not only the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned the nation about in his Farewell Speech in February 1961 but today it would include the multinational corporations that have completely infiltrated and hijack governments all over the world.
    Please note: that both Ted Turner and Bill Gates in separate interviews have stated that the optimum global population should be one billion people but never state how to achieve that goal of population reduction.
    What is the reader's thoughts on my comments?
    Aurora, Illinois   

  11. BC says:

    Offgrid & very remote in the interior of British Columbia. Homeschooled children & unvaccinated. The attack on Canada's weather environment has been unrelenting this summer. Constant spraying before humid frontal systems that are spun into low pressure systems that are then positioned & stalled & strengthened to create mega downpours wind hail flooding & destruction of crops & infrastructure right across western Canada. The smugness of their whore press weather network as they forecast what they are very capable of doing weeks in advance. The biosphere here is sick & dying. Millions of trees dead, millions more dying. Every living thing. Just study it for awhile. The moose & Caribou populations have collapsed. The size of the fish in lakes that are never fished are shrinking. A garden planted outside barely grows. Still these bastards spray & spray & spray. Huge dead zones in the ocean off the coast. Poor BC. Right on the flight path between Alaska & I'm guessing military bases in the Dakotas. Remote & unpopulated. Great place to try new tricks & play games. Sometimes I think it's too late to turn it back. Most frustrating thing is people think you're a nut when you try to tell them what's going on. You have to ask yourself how people can be so blind.
    Keep up the good work Dane.

    • BC — Thank you for your detailed appalling shocking report. This is absolutely sickening. As I have so often seen from my hillside perch on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, the ongoing malevolent acts of the US Navy here appear to migrate northward over the Strait of Juan de Fuca into your beautiful BC. Tofino is one of my favorite places on this planet. Beautiful BC, so many of my childhood memories…tragic heartbreaking…demonic.

    • ron hall says:

      BC:     Once upon a time I was born in Winnipeg in 1940.I remember those awesome infinite deep blue skies and endless crystal blue lakes of Manitoba. I can't dwell on it too much…too sad.  And now you are living in a once pristine wilderness which has been turned to hell by manunkind. Such sorrow…please, a day at a time, carry on. Good vibrations at you.

    • expat in Belgium says:

      Same, exact scenario in Belgium, but this place is already a dump, polluted beyond belief, so people don't know what's happening and can't really see the difference unless they try to grow a garden, like me.  We hardly hear the beautiful blackbirds singing anymore, and nothing at 5 am in the morning or in the evening.  After a rain, all the tips of my plants are dying off.   I'm from Oregon, and love the Pacific Northwest.   Breaks my heart to see what the Navy and Air Force are doing to these natural treasures of North America.   I can't even imagine how the native americans must feel about this rape.

  12. Diane says:

    Excellent !!
    I'm in Eastern Canada – wish I could snap my fingers and be in the room with these magnificent folks.
    Will the presentation portion be video-tapped and uploaded to YouTube?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Diane, yes, the event will be professionally filmed, youtube posting will come after.

  13. [It seems we can’t wait to decimate and desecrate the rest of the solar system]:  A start-up's race to harvest the moon's treasures
    The moon is a treasure chest that has vast amounts of iron ore, water, rare Earth minerals and precious metals, as well as carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium-3, a gas that can be used in future fusion reactors to provide nuclear power without radioactive waste. Experts concur that the value of these resources are in the trillions of dollars. The moon can also serve as a fuel depot station for interplanetary space exploration. It has massive amounts of ice (H2O) trapped on the lunar poles that can be used for rocket fuel. In a race against global superpowers, Moon Express — a private venture founded by billionaire entrepreneur Naveen Jain, space technology guru Dr. Barney Pell and space futurist Dr. Bob Richards — has cleared a path for private U.S . companies looking to explore and commercialize space. Today the company is the first private enterprise in history to receive U.S. government approval to travel beyond Earth's orbit and undertake a deep space mission. The goal: to land a robotic spacecraft on the moon's surface in 2017 and analyze and explore its valuable resources that can be used on Earth.

    • BaneB says:

      Have not these mad men and women realized the damage to the earth from their kind of fallacious activities?  Is not the celestial balance at risk?  We have yet to experience the consequences for the removal of vast tonnage of oil from a planet that HAD found its equilibrium.  Is there nothing sacred?  Now they want the moon.  Really, I believe these outlaws desire the universe.  The gobblers don't respect natural systems.  The sky is defiled.  Soon enough the moon will be their harvest, and our lament.

    • Brenda says:

      Hope you have plenty of security in place Dane.

  14. sea says:

    Hello all, I am so looking forward to meeting those that can attend this event! It is so uplifting to be able to gather and support Dane, his team and the VAXXED people. Thank you, Dane, for organizing such a powerful event!

  15. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Many disabled people don't desire a cure ( Sadly,What makes me upset about that reality that most disabled people this is especially true with autism is that there anti cure movements are having a negative impact on those who want to get cured and support the cure like me. (So I guess we who want to get cured are screwed thanks to the anti cure)

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      My conclusion is this, If the disability doesn't kill you, most people think that it's ok to abandon the effort ,hope and desire for a cure and instead seek acceptance mainly true for mental disorders kind of true for physical ones mainly if they where present since birth not so true for cancer and the flue those sickness do need a cure and not acceptance according to my observations on what the majority believe.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      Adding to my previous reply: The flu and cancer don't need acceptance and do need a cure because those can actually end up killing you if you don't get rid of them but if they didn't cause death would there also be acceptance for those too?

    • Nancy says:

      Dear free… Peace begins with me. All we can do is take care of ourselves and spread the word with a kind and loving heart  the word is getting out. Mercury is the cause for Alzheimer's, autism, ADD! ADHD… And so many other brain dysfunctions. It's not just in vaccines tho… Which is compounding the mercury we already have in iur bodies. It's from generations and generations before us. Mercury was thought to be a miracle tonic… And people used to drink it when the went to the drs

    • Dennie says:

      It's pretty freakin' hard to feel peaceful when your eyes are burning, your mouth is dry, there's so much CRAP in the air your nose is dry as hell, you can't breathe and you know you'll be getting a nosebleed, your head aches from the dehydration caused by the desiccant nanoparticulate METAL poisoning and you feel like there's sandpaper on your tongue.  That is MY experience of life here on Earth, Every Single Day, since the goddamnable GEO-F*CKING-"Engineering" started going on steroids 24/7/365 since June of 2010. 

  16. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Examine this (my) explanation of the insanity/ the insane mentality that is going on:

    We have these movements on normalization and acceptances of disabilities like autism and other medical condition a, they don't have an interest in the cure, they have an interest in the normalization and acceptance of these sicknesses and the people go along with it and agree. I don't know why any person would be anti-cure on any medical condition but yet we have the acceptance  groups telling us there is no cure , there would never be a cure ,we should not want a cure, our disabilities make us special and they are all lies we have people curing the autism they caught on the record by the way for those who do not know you are not born with autism you catch autism. The alarm was rung now you are aware if you read this.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      Nearly if not every parent with admit there child was normal and suddenly became very sick and developed autism sometimes by a vaccine by the way vaccines sometimes have autism listed as a side effect but of course many people don't read the paper and submit to the pressure the doctors give the parents to just let there children be vaccinated sometimes when you visit the doctor that's the first thing they do it's like they're desperate.

  17. Marcela says:

    Hello, is there a way to find out about RIDE SHARING to this event?  I live SE of Sacramento in the Foothills of the Sierra and I need a ride, I do not drive, but  I can chip in extra for the lift there and back.  Please email me if you are near Placerville area.  Thank you, namaste, Marcela

  18. Sara says:

    I encourage everyone to tell your friends how much social engineering is baked into cracked humor (one of the most popular comedy sites online) …. I wonder how much money has been injected into their organization for just this purpose….

    I have stopped reading cracked for this exact reason, it's disgusting how they ridicule truth seekers and truth tellers. 

    Thanks Dane for all your heart going into helping people connect the dots between all these seemingly disparate issues!!!!!! ~~~im greatly looking forward to the event you are hosting!!!!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Social Engineering 101– Social Engineering is everywhere you have eyes to see and ears to listen.  To avoid this you'll need a really good sh!t detector, to paraphrase Ernest Hemingway.  Too bad most parents no longer teach their kids to have a very healthy dose of skepticism and actually know the difference between those telling true-blue truth and those that want to blur the lines in order to brainwash according to their own narcissistic nefarious agendas.  Does the name "Zbigniew Brzezinski" ring a bell?  It was HIS "bright idea" to blur the lines between entertainment and politics.  Bread and Circus.  The only thing worse than all of his Machiavellian bullshit is all the idiots who actually believe it.

    • Marc says:

      Thank you Rich Overholt!! I haven't even thought of that song in sooo many years. Great song!!! Made my day….Great!!!

  19. Steven says:

    DW Thanks. For the heads up. Great Job! Charity does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the Truth. Still spreading the Truth up here in Trinity County. It's never too late. I look forward to attending the event August 5th. I need to learn as much as possible for the upcoming, inevitable battle we all face.

  20. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    August 5, 2016 will be a very informative day. I certainly hope the Cascade Theater in Redding, CA., is filled to capacity. More government employees, scientists, environmental agency employee's need to follow in Kevin Shipp's footsteps! Thank all of you for making this presentation happen, look forward to many more!

  21. nobodiesfool says:

    Mounting encouragement regarding the persons who are interested to know these days: a geoengineer whom I met travelling, and a fellow camper walking past when I replied to the host's statement  "It's so cold" with "Someone needs to call Raytheon and tell them its summer" – the person walking past gave full verbal agreement to that.  What people don't know at this point, and all along, is what to do about it. I am sure these geoengineers think themselves so clever, eh?  Huge square blocks filled with little puffy identical "clouds" in the mornings, freezing cold rest of the day, watery area providing moisture for the engineered cooldowns.  Feels like this area has become the ice factory….

  22. Linda says:

    Many thanks to Dane and BaneB and others for all the info on the gathering in Redding for VAXXED…esp glad to know about AMTRAK from San Diego to Redding and hotels near the station (or perhaps the Cascade Theater)….the sharing of information is just wonderful.  Looking forward to the energy of this wonderful gathering…and info to share w/ others.  Beams!

  23. paul fowler says:

         Dick Greggory . Another modern day hero. This man inspired "Prince " the musician to speak out about aerosal spraying by jets, on the "Travis Smiley" show . He is well over the age of 66. 

          Before I get accussed of playing the racist card , I'm a white guy of British decent.


  24. Eva says:

    Dear Mr. Wigington,

    I sent a comment on 7/7 asking about using our local farmers market (Durango, CO) as an avenue to distribute your flyers and ;Why In The World…."  Is this not a good way to wake the flock up?

    I noticed a few other commenters are in this area and hope some would contribute their time and resources to this project.  Durango is near the Four Corners area and is rural without the resources of large metropolitan areas so I thought it would be a good way to start.

    Please advise and thank you for all your amazing work to keep us informed.

  25. CJ says:

    I read DENNIE's post on another page about the CIPRO DRUG. He mentioned about his hand and how it affected it, so I researched this.

    Cipro Drug Deaths. It is a very powerful Antibiotic Drug. Side effects are Numerous including "PERMANENT DISIBILITY"

    I wonder if the Doctor warned him about that. Hopefully his Violin playing days are not over. 

    I am very sad to hear about the Mussels infected with Cancer. I like eating them. After looking at this report, it makes me hesitant to eat them again. 

    Seems to me everything is being slowly poisoned.

    Where else could all of this be coming from?

    Just look up into the sky, would be my first guess.

    No Denial here.

  26. paul fowler says:

            I 'm getting very close to being a senoir myself , I do not base my opinion on one or two examples . A couple of present day hero's that I have talked about in other comments are well into their senoir years . I could list plenty more. What I was reffering to was the vast majority. I live in retirement area , where the majority of people are in their senoir years . One guy across the street, who plays the organ at one of the many local churches , is on what Bill Gates would call a "death panel " fighting for the right to die . He refuses to look anywhere for facts . He just goes along with what his new doctor friends tell him. He knows music , sports and religon , none of witch qualify him to make a decision on such matters . They most likely choose him because he would go along without question.

  27. Steven Chamberlain says:

    We hit 79 degrees in Nikiski, Alaska today. We are scheduled to have a heat wave here for the next ten days or so. Lots of spraying over any convection in the area today. At about 3:30 pm THEY laid a trail over head, directly between me and the sun. The intensity of the sun was incredible. The temp. went from 74 to 79 in just a few minutes time. The composition of that trail magnified the sun without a doubt. We should call it what it is, Solar Radiation Intensification (SRI)

    • Marc says:

      Steve, hope your new venture pans out well. Seems to me that the majority of SRM trails must be laid around 20-30,000 ft. This is the same strata where "cirrus" clouds occur. Hello? Most sites I've investigated indicate that cirrus clouds let in alot of solar radiation but inhibit the release of said radiation back to space. So….I am actually in agreement with you and have been so for quite some time: SRM spraying at these altitudes, causing the telltale "whiteouts", may actually be warming the damn planet due to this cirrus-effect. Solar Radiation Intensification, indeed. These guys are geniuses, aren't they?

  28. paul fowler says:

            I would bet that Denver Internation airport (" new world order commision airport") has a few areosol pop. dusters flying out of there .The  murals on the walls that show geoengineering and some of its side effects deffinitely influenced my opinion.

           Now don't get me started about the monstrous demonic blue horse with bulging veins and  feindish red eyes .

             Wow , these commision guys have serious issues !

             If I ever have to go to Denver , I think I'll take a bus.




    • BaneB says:

      Take the train.  I know from experience that the train is far more of an adventure.  Denver has a a brand new Amtrak station.

  29. Marc says:

    What I see going on over the city of St. Louis cannot possibly be interpreted as "weather modification". Well, maybe some of it, but c'mon folks, I'm seeing trails laid over the "inner city" that are shockingly low. I have observed this phenomenon in a variety of locations, including San Jose, Ca., Nashville, Tn., and elsewhere. This ain't no motherf**king so-called "weather modification". There is clearly something else going on. There has been for quite some time now a lot of internet bruhaha about so-called "smart dust"….we all know what we are talking about: nano-bots as a component of SAG agendas. Yep, nano-sized robotic computer techno-critters entering our bodies and passing our blood-brain barriers to attach themselves to our neurons, not to mention potentially every other organ and/or cell of the entire body, making us at some point in the not-too-distant future functionally not different than cyborgs. Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Where are the diabolical motherf**kers who came up with this shit? Really? Are there actually people walking this earth who wake up on a Monday morning, have their coffee, and then go to work to design and perfect technologies such as these? And do we presume correctly that these same people are fully and completely aware that their exquisite labors in the laboratory are now in full, global deployment, right over the heads of Mom and Dad and little Bobby?

       My shock and incredulity is, of course, to make my point. Which is that I am of the opinion that yes, weather modification is a functional aspect of all this aerial display we are seeing, but that agendas of much greater priority are the meat and potatoes of what they're doing. And how 'bout these weather psy-ops they're pulling all over the damn planet? Reverse psychology psy-op: continue to lead the public to believe that the government obviously doesn't have very advanced weather modification technology… in…..well, there's only so much they can do and ending the drought in California is not one of them. As long as the drought stays in place, it reinforces in the public mind the notion that our government obviously doesn't have the capability to play God with the weather. Same with all the other major weather anomalies, be they tornadoes,1000 year deluges or record breaking snow events. It paints a very convincing picture of a helpless, hapless world at the mercy of "natural" events that are quite well beyond the ability of science to address. But I submit otherwise. How the worthless guttersnipes routinely blow apart storms in their formative stages with their Dr. Evil microwave transmitters. If they can do THIS, they can INITIATE AND AUGMENT STORMS AS WELL. And move 'em around like pieces on a chess board. So…back to the psy-op. If there exists a small cadre of human beings who actually sit at the helm of such astounding technological capability, does it not follow that the human potential for malevolence, deceit and heartless cruelty may follow them there? And especially so, for if mere humans discover that they control vast technologies well beyond the comprehension of all but the few, such quaint considerations as morals or ethics or compassion or wisdom become laughable nuisances. 

      If indeed the dissemination of nano-bot technology (Morgellons comes to mind) is a very real and major aspect of SRM and SAG agendas, ALL, and I mean, ALL bets are off. It's frightening enough just contemplating the fact that these assholes could eliminate us all with the mere flip of a switch, by opening the valves on tankfuls of substances SO LETHAL, that entire nations could be murdered quite affordably. Or perhaps directed energy technologies are now such that the same result could be quite easily achieved at virtually no cost to infrastructure. If it really comes to that, it isn't the dying I'm worried about. It's the unthinkable prospect of somehow becoming a programmable cyborg in service of the Cabal. Sounds absurd and impossible, doesn't it? Like a good sci-fi movie on a Saturday night.

    • Mr Tim McCue says:

      Several months ago I woke up on a bright sunny summer day opened my front door that faces east.  I then counted 7 chem trails somewhere near above Sacramento   To get a more accurate count.  I decided to get onto the roof of my house.   The total was much higher 26 chem trails so I  took a few good pictures and as I was climbing down the ladder I noticed 2 large aircraft traversing North and South.   I decided to video the entire sky with a new grand total of 31 chem trails over the greater Sacramento area.  In total for that entire day 117 chem trails   

    • Captain Kirk says:

      After reading that brilliant post by Marc, the solution is clear.  We need  Marc at the helm, what a brain and what a good guy he is!.   Get these psychopaths kicked back  into the pit of hell from whence they came and get some human beings with a good heart and compassion in charge!  We need to keep focusing on the evil agenda of these demons and I'm sure I'm not the only one seeing everything being ramped up to a shocking degree.  We are in the end game for sure and we need to get cracking soon or it's lights out!

    • BaneB says:

      Tim McCue:  I have a pretty good view of the sky looking in your Sacramento area direction.  Many times I have wondered why the people in Sacramento are not in revolt over the undeniable aerosol assault .  The worst of the worst hangs over Sacramento.  I tried to commiserate to KOVR channel 5 there in your area.  After a few back and for the and images from here, they blocked me.  You might try contacting them to further push them to be what they claim is honest news.

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  I observed a Cessna type aircraft spray a thick trail of something up wind over Round Valley, California.  There were jets at 30,000 feet doing the usual spraying.  The. I saw something but could not make it out, until grabbing my binoculars. There was no mistaking it.  You can imagine my shock.  I had thought this was probably another jet.  Yes, what the hell was that plane spraying!

    • ron hall says:

      I respect your comments Marc.  What do say about that other horror story:?   the underground semi-nuke driven fire heading at that nuclear site?  It just won't end, will it? A diabolical sh#t storm that started near the River Styx.

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, WHY so much spraying in central/northern Mendo County, out over Round Valley, of all places?  What the F*CK is over there that "THEY" gotta spray the crap outta Mendo County–????

  30. Bella_Fantasia says:

    ENE news is reporting how all species of muscles and clams on the Pacific coast are being found with the same cancer, as if it were contagious.  I'll paraphrase National Geographic which observes it was as if the cancer was floating on the oceans.  So, it's definitely bad news, although not entirely unexpected for those of us here.

    Love to All here and around the World in this epic battle to tell the Truth.

  31. Carol says:

    You r my hero  !! for waking people up to this spraying crap I hav informed people everywhere flyers on my door and my car . UK !! the spraying is everyday  here  !! the skies are horrendous here . I've been insulted when tried to educate people ?? But  doesn't bother  me just carry on we have to , to get this madness stop BIG THANKS DANE ..

  32. MS PT says:

    Old technology 100+ years old. ( N Tesla) . Remember the old TV commercials for Columbia Broadcasting School. 1960's era. 

    Fast forward life to  summer 1987. where Bernard Eastlund (wizzard of Oz) & Micheal Ingram-Engineer,  (man behind the curtain) share patents. 

    It was all done in pieces. The techs had no idea, what they were doing. Other than working on Nano technology.(Prototypes)  

    Something to the oscillation chapter. In those Columbia broadcasting books. Held the key to the amplifiers. Which are about 4 inches X 3 inches in size. 

    Scary stuff, from years ago. I left my RF  Tech job behind & forgot about it all!  I am sorry I took that job. Happy not to be dead like Eastlund is. He was the customer, on the invoices.

  33. Marc says:

    Trying to figure out a way to get to Redding for this event, which I'm sure will be incredible. Gee, Dane, I wonder if the Searchlight will cover THIS one? If they blackout THIS event like they did last year's August event, they will have proven beyond a shred of doubt that they have either been threatened, paid off, or are the most profoundly immature and unprofessional group of yay-hoos the world of journalism has ever seen. Their particular brand of hillbilly censorship borders on CRIMINAL by virtue of their conscious intent to withhold desperately critical information from the public under the phony guise of alleging these events to be nothing more than the shenanigans of conspiracy theorists. Every last one of us face this kind of bullshit from the big babies who can't be bothered with the truth. It doesn't jive with their lifestyle, or it's too big to be of any concern, or perhaps anything that causes them to have to grow a f**king discriminating mind is more than they can bear. Meanwhile, while we all get molested by the media and by the big corporations every which way but loose, we miraculously discover people like Dane Wigington and Andrew Wakefield and Kevin Shipp, who are willing, at potentially great personal risk, to put their research and their message out in front of the public eye. My admiration for everyone involved with VAXXED, and this upcoming Redding event, is deeply felt in my heart….. a heart I am struggling with on a daily basis as I find it breaking into little pieces under the weight of just more of the same: "man's inhumanity to man."

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  don't know where you reside, but Amtrak runs from San Diego to Seattle.  And there is a Amtrak station in Redding near hotel accommodations.  They have a business class category which is a little more in ticket cost, not much, and is an upgrade from coach.  Plus a few perks, included, the main one being you can use the first class station lounge if there is any wait for connections from the east.  The station in LA is a architectural joy.  Train travel is far more fuel efficient per passenger than jet travel.  Slower yes, but that is the charm….it's not the destination but the journey.

  34. Ellen Beebe says:

    EVERYONE!!! stopthecrime dot net  

    Has anyone read those documents?

    NO Vaxxed or Amerigeddon for RENO NV — Gee I wonder why?


  35. paul fowler says:

    You Tube search

    "1976 , 60 minutes, polio vaccine and the cdc cover up."

    I'm seeing a pattern here.

          If I have posted this already I do apologize my memory is failing .  Breathing in too much  aluminum lately !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. JillR says:

    Just made reservations to attend this event. It will be inspiring to be around individuals also awake to what's unfolding around us on all fronts. I talk constantly about the dangers of vaccination and haven't vaccinated myself or my dogs in over 30 years with anything. Shockingly (sarcasm intended) we're all very healthy. After reading Andrew Wakefield's book I came away with a deep respect for this man. I haven't seen Vaxxed yet, but was thrilled when I heard about it and that he was involved. I'm also thrilled to finally be able to hear you speak Dane as you're another one who has my deep respect. Geoengineering is another tough subject to broach with people though I work on it constantly. The toughest aspect of these 2 subjects is the societal taboo. If a person wants to retain any friends or family it becomes a real balancing act. But then you feel you're the only one awake in a sea of programmed robots. It's been easier to contact EPA, state officials, state environment groups, sending pictures and information as then I don't loose the few valued friends I have. But there are times like the other day kayaking with 2 friends when one asked the other what kind of clouds the spray was. I just sat there and wanted to say something, but then I knew I'd never kayak with them again. Neither could identify the spray cloud so let it go. Inside I was just screaming. I don't seem to loose my dog friends when I talk about vaccination, but they never, ever bring up the topic of health to me again. When mentioning geoengineering (in the many ways I've tried) I've had most acquaintances avoid me completely afterwards. Now I look for cracks I can wedge thoughts into that aren't so controversial, but that at least might start a conversation about what's really going on. Hope there might be good conversations at this event that will give me more ideas and inspiration. Just letting people know that I'm going will say a lot. Thanks Dane for putting this together.

  37. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, Thank you for you Work.


    Dane, in Europe we are having very warm days with nebulosity, but very dry air ( the soil is dry too ) with lightning storms ( with strange thunders – noise of cannon fire like thunders – no lightning or, and sometimes electric storms – with yellow lightning – that last over 2h without rain ), ( or ) with intense and brief rain in very small areas, and believe it or not ( in the middle of these days with temperatures over 35 Celsius ), the heavy and short rain comes with – hail!! And not small.. In July Afternoon!!

    I've listen in the radio that in seven South Eastern countries of the African Continent ( from South Africa to Mozambique ). People are having severe difficulties of feeding themselves, because of the drought! The onslaught have Began in advanced mode, first India, now the African Continent ( the Land of our ForeFathers  – of everybody's ), of course this is not new. But the scale now is Giant. …It will be the el niño again.

    Someone have to try to warn the governments of these countries, some probably don't have information about the PROBLEM, we have the Moral obligation of doing it! From South of Tanzania, Angola, and DR of the Congo, everyone is in deep trouble.

    And about vaccines, In Brazil Women are vaccinated while pregnant??, if yes, someone can tell me, since when??

    It is impossible to have a burst of zika virus now and then, in the way these are happening ( before Olympic Games, etc.. ), because the mosquito is around here for more than 100.000.000 years. And no one proved yet, that there's a direct connection with the mosquito and the disease. They just throw it into the air, hoping it to stay glued on the wall… And they done it again!!

    In some European countries the MFs have started recommending another vaccine, and now to pregnant Women ( for the first time ).

    I wonder if the F "mosquito" have migrated already from South America to South Europe?? With "mosquitoes" we never F know… 


    Good Luck to Us All.

    • Grace says:

      Wow we had some strange lightning bolt storms in Dallas few weeks back.  Thunder so loud I got a headache and felt my head buzzing seriously!! Actually still had the headache the next morning and had to take aleve.  Thunder went on for over an hour and it never had any more than s few seconds break…1200 strike in hour in Dallas county 

  38. paul fowler says:

          To do nothing is not what I suggest . It is hard to over come a belief system with knowlege , this is why they have been able to get away with the blatantly obvious assult on humanity thus far. When George H W bush said " they will be successful" with their plan , he was aware of the mental and psychological short comings of society , in all walks of life. The senoir population seems the hardest to sway  but they vote more than any other age group . If they don't hear it on the 6pm news on T.V. , it ain't happening . I sure hope you can make it on the 6pm news some day soon.

             I have a very long veiw over lake Eire and I can see  the spraying of aerosolized poisons has ramped up dramaticlly over the last 3 years or so . Still the average person educated or not have some strange ideas as to why the skies look the way they do . They seem to have forgotten some simple things like , "pink sky at night , sailors delite" or that a sky without clouds should be blue . If the genral public doesn't grasp these simple things good luck with the technical data.

        How long can we breath this air(?) before it will be too late ?

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Please don't give up on the seniors, especially those of us who have recognized deceptions for decades.  There's me, age 66. It's my impression Susan Fowler and Rachel Robson are in the latter portion of their lives. Susan and Rachel, please correct me if I'm wrong!!!  And I do find it is often the seniors who are less skeptical, even though they find it deeply disturbing.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Paul, Bella, Susan, Rachel… Geesh, someone pulled the "senior card"(smile). Well, here's what 'I' know. As of late, I've had several old folks speak to me, without solicitation, about what is going on above our heads. Please know that all these folks know that I know. They to now seek an ear to fall upon with there findings and observations. 2 of those folks are very religious and outwardly fear for their children and grand kids and great grand kids. Many older folks knowingly or unknowingly are looking for reasons as to why the sky is different now. Many, like myself, are not easily swayed by what is presented to us as 'reality', or said on the news per say. Frankly, in my opinion, folks that have just signed a new mortgage or car payment agreement are the ones that are the hardest to "wake up".

      We 'all' live in an unsustainable paradigm. Those that will speak of of where "we" need to be so we can live in harmony with our mother earth are hopefully going to be the ones, that in the end, will survive and actually prosper, together. And somewhere in there we will need folks that can disable a nuclear plant without harming the life around it. I never could understand how folks could be alright with an energy source that has by product that we have no idea how to dispose of. It just never added up in my mind.

    • Jenny says:

      paul, I think you are wrong about the seniors being hardest to sway.  I am not a senior, but I'm getting there in a decade.  Have you not seen the Arizona hearing re geoengineering which was held by Kelli Ward?  I once watched the whole thing and the attendees (who were basically trying to convince her and the other authorities in attendance that it is going on and must be stopped) appeared to be mostly seniors.  People middle-aged and older are the ones who remember when the sky was blue and there weren't white streaks in the sky every day.  Unfortunately not all of them remember, but many of the most frequent commenters on this site are in that age group.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello everybody.

      The MFs fear the Senior People.

      And believe it or not, 150.000 years ago, in all Human societies, from the African Continent to The Eurasian Region, Humans have lived ( with health ) until their ages of 80 years old! ( without Pharma… ) ..there's paleontological evidence that proves this reality, in all the immense regions I've mentioned..

    • Dennie says:

      In spite of my wrist disability, I press on and continue getting my Suzuki teacher training.  The S.F. Conservatory girls I ride up with to the Northern California Institute can't seem to look up from their damnable cell phones long enough even to notice that there is a sky above them.  Never mind what's in it.  One teaches an autistic kid.  When I said that an M.I.T. scientist is on record saying that one out of two kids in the future will be autistic, something finally registered.  Too many kids out there who have NO clue anything's wrong.  Mom and Dad pay all the bills.  What happens when they have to get work, actually?

  39. CJ says:

    There is no Need to wear a Tin Foil Hat. Everyone has one now. With all the Aluminum raining down on their Heads.

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  don't know where you reside, but Amtrak runs from San Diego to Seattle.  And there is a Amtrak station in Redding near hotel accommodations.  They have a business class category which is a little more in ticket cost, not much, and is an upgrade from coach.  Plus a few perks, included, the main one being you can use the first class station lounge if there is any wait for connections from the east.  The station in LA is a architectural joy.  Train travel is far more fuel efficient per passenger than jet travel.  Slower yes, but that is the charm….it's not the destination but the journey.

    • BaneB says:

      CJ:  not to be picky, but "their" heads should probably be "our" heads.  In my situation, I don't have a tin foil hat, but given the looks and put offs I receive when broaching the topic, I have two heads.  

  40. sea says:

    Thank you Dane -you are above and beyond what is the best in leadership and strength- I have seen VAXXED- it is powerful and that is a minor comment.I wish I could be at your event to support you and all the work you have done to expose the poisons we are exposed to; geoengineering, vaccines and all else- accepting these in our daily lives .

    I wanted to share this Youtube that those that cannot make the film viewing or maybe need a nudge…it is pretty darn powerful-

    Please watch

    I was always called the "natural" mom (28 yrs ago) and all I wanted was a healthy happy life for my two sons.

  41. Free Energy Technologies says:


    Thank you for your tireless efforts to exposing how the CDC committed fraud more power to you I am still hanging out until the end sorry for not posting much today Is I broke  my device become I got mad at the fact that it gliched and froze alot I want to point out from surfing the Internet that once a autistic kids got cured they were really thankful it was the most heart touching(for lack of a better explanation) feelings I probably ever had some autistic kids are continuing on us to get cured keep stay active peace. Had to use a runaway sentence because I had alot say no tacking brakes at this critical time peace be with the geoengineeringwatch community.

  42. LS says:

    All the hotels in the area are selling out fast.  We got ours! Redding will be well rewarded for having this event in their downtown.  I can hardly wait to hear the speakers and meet a bunch of wide awake, awesome human beings! 

  43. Jesse James says:

    Hi Dane. This is such great news! I had plans to finally go see Vaxxed tonight in Anderson, but they cancelled the last showing. I was disappointed thinking that I had missed it while it was here and had no idea when another opportunity to view it would arise again. Then I go to your site and learn about the event on Aug 5. Thank you all for organizing this. I will be there….Where can I get many flyers to hand out? I live in Redding. Thank you

  44. michael says:

    any chance of a live stream that those of us in other countries can watch? probably not eh :c ?…..

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michael, there are too many potential risks and problem with live streaming, but the event will be recorded and posted some time after.

    • michael says:

      yes! i heard about vaxxed months ago but was surprised to find that it was actually censored so hard that i couldn't find a copy of it anywhere online….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michael, though there are limited VAXXED engagements around the country, the documentary DVD is not yet available for purchase, hopefully soon.

  45. russ says:

    Dane—I live upstate NY or I would be there. No matter what its a blessing to us to have you. Some days I feel like Im floundering and than see what you are doing and it gives me strength to keep fighting the good fight. Thanks my brother for all you do

  46. JR says:

    Hello from where else but Southwest, New Mexico, land of the big time experimenters of our sky with SAG/SRM. AS posted before folks our rain clouds being obliterated and trash of above left in sky, white looking trash of so called contrails or fake clouds (funky colors). The residue is doing a number on our trees, and unfortunately we are breathing this crap. Where is the representation of our leaders in politics for the people and the better of our environment and government? Lord Help This Generation wake up…. 

    • Edward Palys says:

      Where is the representation from our leaders? They are too busy lining their pockets as rewards for gagging all that's going on. Just like Comey, the FBI director, refusing to indict Hillary and the DOJ doing the same, you can get the idea you need about our "leaders". Imagine how many millions, if not billions, these operations are costing the military that keeps doing this to us. 

  47. Dawnski says:

    Dane, can you explain how the real feel temperature is forecast to be 15° hotter than the actual temp for 28115 tomorrow? I'd like to know how those two are determined. Nothing is really "actual" nowadays. Kudos on the upcoming event. I'd love for college nurses to watch this documentary!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dawnski, yes, the weather “forecasts” are ever more skewed with departures from historical terms and data. The “real feel” refers to the heat index which is the combination of temperature and humidity. 

  48. California Drought Causing Trees to Die by the 'Millions,' Scientist Says  / July 3, 2016
    The devastation the California drought has caused to conifer trees in the Sierra Nevadas over the last couple of years "is far greater than previously observed," NASA scientists said in announcement of the publication of new map of the region. David Schimel, a senior research scientist who worked on the study, told ABC News that the map represented NASA's "first close look" at the extent of the damage caused by drought on Sierra trees. Schimel referred to the findings as "millions of trees dying at once."       [unbearable…]

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  Several years ago the US Firest Service informed me upon my inquiry that trees and assorted bushes and shrubs are dying because of the Sudden Oak Death (SOD) virus.  I was handed a printout listing of many types of plants and trees infected.  The caveat at the bottom page was the list would be updated when other flora were found to be infected.  My cedar trees were not on the list.  But since then I have watched a couple of them die off.  And they seem to go through color changes such as turning a sickly yellow from which they seem to mostly recover.  Not sure where I am going with this missive except to say my region had average rainfall for most past years here in Northern California.  Last year my mountain top had over 60 inches.  Drought is not the cause of the die off of millions of fir, oak, and pine trees here.  Is it SOD?  Some if it, maybe….  My own suspicion having observed this phenomenon for at least 20 years is more than one cause.  The heavy exponential utilization of microwave energy saturating everything alive, and dead, is one layer.  Toxic metalic nano particulate jet aerosol spray has exponentially increased since I became barely aware (slow witted) of the assault back in the early nineties.  There are counties in California that report no SOD but have tree die offs not caused by drought.  The reality seems to be the horrendous manufactured drought in the southern area is weakening the entire eco-system from opportunistic diseases and insects to outright dying of thirst.  That debasement is combined with effects of microwave and aerosols, not to mention huge UV damage.  The cover story is DROUGHT with no mention of the reason why the south is perpetually held under weather warfare operations 24/7 creating manufactured high pressure so very well stated as verbal and observation over at UTube 1pacificredwood.  Anthropogenic causes plus deliberate weather warfare operations, the latter being the root cause via microwave and aerosol spraying is the culprit.  The manufactured drought could be made to disappear tomorrow and the aerosol "New Manhattan Project (Peter Kirby) poisoning us and the soil could be ceased overnight were enough voices raising hell unto a crescendo of righteous demands that this be STOPPED.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, Hi!  I can't remember if I posted it here, it's been one of those weeks, but my neighbor behind me was last week in the Sierras, maybe even with the Sierra Club, not sure.  I was also not sure if she was here, and thought it was her birthday weekend and so emailed her.  She wrote back to say she was high up in the Sierras, snug in her tent, listening to the sounds of the stream rushing nearby–and! oh!  WiFi!!  Clearly she was pleased, I was reeling, reading the word WiFi.  Just what our forests need!, or, can deliver now.  I used to get around, I mean a lot, mostly in the West half of this country so I know most of the places she goes, she knows my nature interests as does anyone who knows me.  So I always take the opportunity with such friends-who can barely be polite if I bring up weather modification or the military-I ask them to be my eyes for me, my ears, nose, hands, EYES.  All know how sick I am.  I figure this will get them to notice things, as well as informing me.  So, when she returned, I asked about the trees as she'd not said anything.  She said they were fine, she could see no problem.  But for burned up areas that she said are full of grass and grasshoppers.  Saw a yellow headed blackbird with 4 grasshoppers in its mouth.  I said, what about all the sick and dying or dead already trees, I mean tons and tons of.  "I didn't see any!"  Wow.  Next morning, on front page of SF Chron, big article about millions and millions of dead trees in California and nowhere to put them.  It said: Crisis.   I shared it of course.  Zip Nada….. yet.

      I am beginning to think people see what they want to see.  That almost no one is ever truly in the moment.  People here excluded.  That most people see exactly what they want or expect to see, regardless of what is actually there.  Good or bad.  Very very few people know or care how to be In the moment.  Transcending the body.  Perhaps even to soar like an eagle over this state, hundreds and hundreds of miles, looking down and scanning all this death, wondering where to now?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB, Look at you feigning slow wittedness for beginning to become aware Only in the early 90s!  Beats most by light years!  But for my daughters 3 brothers' mother, who began yelling about this in the 80s. But to your point, for a very long time it seems, we've heard of SOD.  It was here, then there, then more and more.  Since I don't get around much anymore, I've not been able to investigate, and since few to none around here, I've not stayed on top of it.  I am interested in what other trees and plants are infected.  I vaguely recall hearing of that, so vaguely and I don't know what. Couple or three points here.  One that leaps to mind is the soil.  If these plants are all found in the same general area normally as oaks, it seems likely that this virus is in the soil. Perhaps spread by the fungi way under and spreading, that serve to suck up water and nutrients.  Just maybe, a long shot, but maybe someone could figure that out and adjust the soil in some organic fashion to kill the virus.  Wherever it pops up, sooner than later.  Perhaps by planting things that would do that instead of what is normal for there?  Also with winter ground covercrops. To me, most plants are healthier than most people.  Their main source of food though is in the soil.  I assume that not unlike people, not every oak will get this disease and maybe, kinda like building immunity, will pass on that resistance.  Our soils have been hugely degraded.  Most people don't know what kind of soil their trees need, maybe never had to think about it.  The way most plants and trees -not in huge forests- are now, is not as they would be in nature.  Both the virus and the beetles are opportunistic.  But the virus, a bit less so, a bit more suspect.  Some, or a lot of this is to do with how many have been removed, how in nature plants, most, like to grow in families and that's not just a "feel good" take, but relates to breeding, habitat-both above and below land, shared waters, etc.  My own place is a mishmash from all over the world.  Fun, but maybe not such a good idea?  Maybe a bit of a breeding ground or lab for errant stuff?  Times millions of places.  It kind of amazes me the trees made it as far as they did.  So many assaults.  It seems very clear that sky crap, all that soup from weather modification and military efforts was the worst, like all out war, a real battle whose aim seemed to be to kill the trees dead ASAP!  And I'm beginning to see the why of it, I fear.

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  yes, you are probably right about people seeing only what they want to see or have been conditioned to see.  The same can be said for this region of Northern Califiornia.  I have yet to find anyone who actually realizes there are tens of thousands of dead trees standing upright in their line of sight at 360 degrees.  I say the trees are dying but the information seems to be not heard nor accepted.  Sigh….  Sudden Oak Death is said to be caused by a newly discovered virus that first appeared in Santa Cruz and Mill Valley, probably IMO an escapee from a bio lab given that the a Potato Rust Virus is a favored vector et al of bio lab experiments.  Perhaps some inquisitive god pretending experimentor goofed and allowed their new virus to escape.  There is no such creature as a completely sealed bio lab, the highest being P-4 I believe.  If you want an interesting read, find The Asilomar Conference held back in the 1970's in Pebble Beach area.  All about the need for tighter lab security involving the new field of genetic engineering of new diseases, hybrids , and assorted insanity by the high priests of science.  Dr. Frankenstein would be proud.  And so lab venting etc. to secure contaminants from sickening a nearby town or city or nation  was given a rating of from P-1 to P-4.  Maybe designations have changed since then.  It was not long after Asilomar that the AIDS Virus was "discovered" in 1979 with the advent of the first case.  I suspect SOD is another bio lab screw up or deliberately released.  There are more and more emerging novel diseases, Legionnaires being one of the very first, prior to AIDS, tests at the Statler Hilton in Philadelphia.  We are in a world where anything goes for warfare purposes, and you, me, and everyone, is their Guinea Pig.

  49. Fahrenheit 85.9 Near Arctic Ocean Shores — Extreme Heatwave Settles in Over North-Central Siberia, Canada’s Northern Tier
    70.8 North, 69.2 East. It’s the Lat, Long coordinate location of a section of the Yamal Peninsula in Siberian Russia. A typically chilly region of frozen but now thawing ground more than 4 degrees of Latitude north of the Arctic Circle. A place that saw the appearance of odd, disturbing (and now controversial) methane blowholes pockmarking the melting permafrost during 2014. …
    The heatwave in Northern Siberia comes on the back of new record high temperatures of 93 F (33.8 C) being reached in Buryatia on July 1 amidst record thunderstorm-induced downpours. The heat has since built northward along an extended ridge stretching over Central Asia and has now compromised a large section of the Arctic Circle zone. … Weather monitors like the Global Forecast System model show that both of these regions are in for some very severe Arctic heat over the next five days. High temperatures in the range of 80 to 86 F (26 to 30 C) are about 27 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit above average (15 to 20 C).  Temperatures that will basically match those in Central America (8.3 N, 77.9 W) during the same time period. In other words, for these days and these regions, Arctic temperatures will roughly match tropical Equatorial temperatures.


    • steve says:

      yep this is being done completely by design for no other reason than to kill billions and enslave the remaining few – any other concepts about it being simple errors is absolute hogwash. agenda 21 is out in the open – mass depopulation. there are many underground bases/cities which have been exposed – im sure the elite will retreat to these when the tipping point arises – to quote hg wells (a well known eugenicist and part of the fabian society) 'with just a handful of men – we'll start all over again – building bases underground' its all in plain sight folks – America is the last bastion that can change the course of history as the rest of us in the 1st world have been successfully de-armed through various psy ops – this is why many many staged and intelligence agency drills are being run in the US to take your guns off you so you cannot over throw the power structure.  we are at defcon 1 people our world is being destroyed.

  50. Renee says:

    Dane, I live in SoCal near Mt. Baldy. We usually are sprayed to death, continually from dawn to dust, getting only one no spray day a week being usually a Friday. However, since the Azusa / Glendora Fire, there was not been one spray day in nearly three weeks. It is a sad world when you are suspicious of what's melting down elsewhere, where they would redirect are the former tanker traffic too. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed an abrupt stop in usual continually, highly aerosol, spray zones, where suddenly, no air traffic at all in weeks? High unexplainable question, to begin with. Keep up the fight and thanks for all your doing. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Renee, I grew up at the base of Mt. Baldy, I often wonder what it is like there now. So much time I once spent roaming the mountains and catching native trout in San Antonio creek and Cucamonga creek. Seems like another world now, so long ago, and so far away . About the lack of visible trails, it is imperative to remember that this type of obvious spraying is only one type of application. When the engineered high pressure domes are parked over a region, the trails are bright but seem to disapate. The skies will generally become ever more silvery white as the day goes on, and a lower level haze can develope near the end of the day. Still spraying going on in most cases. We must bring the climate engineering insanity to light and to a halt, that is our only way forward. Lets all keep pounding the drums.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Yes, as a matter of fact. Here, in the Toronto area the daily spraying seems to have stopped also for almost a week now. However, when I look up in the sky at sunrise, very early morning, I notice that familiar hazy wisps already dispersed high above. Leads me to think that the spraying is done overnight.

    • LS says:

      It is different but it is still happening. I was sitting in traffic by the airport the other day and was amazed to see a plane take off and disappear into a low white haze layer –  I could hear it for a long time but it was only visible for less than a minute. The usual, long, horizon to horizon spraying has returned this morning and the sky looks like a R/F  microwaved nightmare.

      Get this. They called it the first death by a self driving car, recently, but the mfg company said the white side of the truck that was struck, couldn't  be seen by the computer against the bright white sky in the background. Death by geoengineerinig, I'd say.

    • Linda says:

      Yes ,I see it in Oregon all the time… stop/ start spraying.  Most appears launched out of the Evergreen airport area around McMinnville…Its appalling how ignorant people are about acknowledging the odd spraying and new patterns.  Look up, its right there!

    • sea says:

      Dane what we have noticed is a fairly blue sky (not the blue from my childhood, the "new" blue), seeing lots of jets, same flight patterns as always but they spray for a very short period and then the plane and aerosol disappear! Higher altitude , new method? and why would that be- does it help their mission? We do have the thick white-out  mornings every single day.(I am in the Santa Cruz area).



  51. Paul fowler says:

       The biggest problem that we face is not war , vaccines or even geoengineering . The biggest problem that we all have to face is the psychotic people behind all these things . The very few at the top direct all of these things . If we stop anyone of these things they will just switch to something else to achieve their agenda. We must get to know our enemy, who they are , how they think , where they go and what other crazzy things they do .  They are like weeds in the garden , if you don't take them out by the roots , they just come back stronger

              United we stand devided we fall.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, yes, those behind the curtain are incurable it is true, but we must always consider how such individuals are able to aquire and remain in power. Edmund Burke answered this quite clearly “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. The population must awaken its sense of responsibility toward the whole, toward the greater good.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Paul, we'll never find out how "they" think. Seems that people like Bill Gates are in that "elite" group of thinkers. Imagine these elites who have billions to their name and inflate their egos to drum up ideas how much bigger they can be. It's a trait of any and all so called "leaders" who achieve their power through MONEY, lots of it.

    • paul fowler says:

      I have a pretty good idea how they think . There is alot of data out there , just keep digging and you will see what I mean.

  52. Europe's Bank Crisis Arrives In Germany: €29 Billion Bremen Landesbank On The Verge Of Failure /Zero Hedge July 7, 2016
    … the latest European banking crisis, yesterday we observed a surprising development involving Deutsche Bank's…decision to quietly liquidate some of its shipping loans. Reuters: "Deutsche Bank is looking to sell at least $1 billion of shipping loans to lighten its exposure to the sector whose lenders face closer scrutiny from the European Central Bank. They are looking to lighten their portfolio and this includes toxic debt." … Deutsche Bank, which has around $5 billion to $6 billion worth of total exposure to the shipping sector … This confirms what had long been speculated … namely that German banks have been some of the biggest lenders to the shipping sector, a sector which has since found itself in significant trouble as a result of the ongoing slowdown in global trade. And now, it appears that some shipping loans gone very bad could be the catalyst for Europe's banking crisis to finally breach the most impenetrable border of all, that of Germany.


    • Edward Palys says:

      Hehe, seems to me the CIA have their nose in EVERY aspect of the world's problems. Until all of us wake up to this "intelligent" agency's true agenda, things will only get worse.

  53. I will continue to post the individual Patents from Dane's website:

    US Patent 4999637 – March 12, 1991 – Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth / Abstract
    A method for forming a cloud of artificial ionization above the earth by initially heating the resident plasma at a desired altitude with electromagnetic radiation having a frequency approximately the same as that of the ambient plasma. As the plasma frequency increases due to heating, the radiation frequency is also increased until the final maintenance frequency is attained.  … More specifically, the present invention provides a method wherein variable frequency heating is used to form a cloud of artificial ionization. This is accomplished by initially heating the resident plasma at the selected altitude by transmitting electromagnetic radiation from the earth at an initial frequency which is approximately the same frequency as the ambient plasma frequency. This radiation, being of the same frequency as the plasma, will be efficiently absorbed with relatively little being reflected from or passed through the ambient plasma. The radiation heats the plasma and accelerates the free electrons in the plasma thereby increasing the plasma frequency.  [full patent "disclosure" here]:

    • Grant Jones says:

      Susan, That's another good look into the perils we face.  For the us laymen out here it states that plasma clouds can be created to lens and amplify electromagnetic radiation or to act as a mirror to direct that power elsewhere. Considering that The HAARP in Alaska can produce over a billion watts of power and that power can be amplified and directed anywhere they choose is frightening at best.  Weather warfare, geologic disturbance, earthquakes, and lifeform eradication are all attainable.  Our atmosphere is ionized, conductive, and all life has inhaled the metals of SRM so we too are conductive.  All that remains is for those in power to throw the switch and kill all within the target zone.  My guess is that they will employ this electromagnetic killer at the start of war so they can blame someone else for the carnage. With HAARPs and G-Boss and other sources "they" are capable of horrendous casualties.  Makes it all the more urgent to get the word out. Thanks to all here.  Oh I will attend the Symposium in Redding on Aug 5th, hope many will attend.  G.

    • Grant Jones — Interesting what you say about “plasma clouds can be created to lens and amplify electromagnetic radiation or to act as a mirror to direct that power elsewhere.” Have a look at this from the ‘Electronic Warfare & Radar Systems Engineering Handbook’ issued by the Department of the Navy USA, the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division on ZINC SULFIDE: In its dense synthetic form, zinc sulfide can be transparent, and it is used as a window for visible optics and infrared optics.

    • Grant Jones says:

      Susan, Thanks for your reply.  The idea of creating a plasma cloud to amplify and redirect electromagnetic radiation is subtly mentioned in various articles.  That this has been successfully employed is demonstrated by the detection of HAARP frequency radiation in areas far  removed from any HAARP installation, and at levels that cannot be attributed to any other source.  Though I don't completely understand all of it, I am led to this conclusion by my background in civil engineering and earth sciences.  Keep up the great work relating the information that you post.  Thank you, G.

    • Grant Jones says:

      Susan, Just to add, when woodpecker and subsequently our own HAARP came out NASA was conducting tests with Barium released high in the stratosphere, by rocket and satelite, for the purpose of acting as a mirror for HAARP.  With induced plasma clouds they are able, as your article says, to create a dome with plasma.  That dome is essentially a parabolic mirror to bounce ER off of.  As for amplification if you induce harmonic resonance into a plasma cloud you amplify the input. Just , for example, how the wind destroyed the narrows suspension bridge, Galloping Gertie, in Washington state. That was a classic case of harmonic resonance. As for lensing, whenever radiation passes through any medium it is lensed, either scattered or concentrated, focused,  depending upon the configuration of the medium that it passes through. Hence the train of thought I have tried to present.  Again, Thanks for  your continued presentation of facts.  You are front row center with those EM warfare games off the peninsula. Take care. G.

    • Grant Jones — Thank you! I sincerely appreciate your educated technical insights and clarifications on this subject, such as: "… create a dome with plasma.  That dome is essentially a parabolic mirror to bounce ER off of.  As for amplification if you induce harmonic resonance into a plasma cloud you amplify the input."  I am determined to find out exactly what these maniacs are doing – just  how they are changing the planet and her inhabitants. The more we can put this technology in a common language that is easy to understand, the better. If people know what is going on, they have a better chance of surviving. I loath being lied to.

  54. Killer Dana says:

    The  Dark Web has hit the fan this morning .  I  am still trying to get into  the  following  web sites ,

    Info Wars .com  ,,, Prison Planet .com  and  Donald Trump for President .com   ,                      are all Down on my ISP ,,,

    Hughes Sat  Systems .

    Our   Dear  Sweet  gooberment  is  at  their  dirty tricks  again . 

    When  will this  madness  end  ?

  55. Dawnski says:

    Can you Periscope to the rest of us? Go viral. . .with the truth!


  56. CJ says:

    Hey Susan or anyone else out there looking at this. I wonder if I could ask if someone could post a list of Geoengineering Patents on this page so newcomers that come to this site can clearly see that this is for real. I would do it myself, but I don't know how to do it. Thank you 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello CJ, patents list attached,

  57. CJ says:

    I would love to be there at this upcoming event. I live in Ontario. If one of these events comes to The GTA (Greater Toronto Area) you can count me in. I am so sick of this Covert Spraying and the Hypodermic Needle Vaccinations that are both very dangerous and damaging. I just happened to look quickly at one of the DeBunker sites. It amazes me how these Idiots try to convince people that this is all a Hoax. If one can't see all the planes and jets flying around then they are blind. I am slowly but surely exposing the Scum GeoEngineering contractor in my area and the Air Ambulance that is surely involved. It's all part of the plan to make people sick so they have to go to the Hospital so these Greedy people can make more money. I am so sick of the Lies. Yesterday they say on the Radio about how the Smog may make it hard to breath and make you have a dry throat. Meanwhile all I see and hear is those Bass Turds flying back and forth and boy am I pissed. Its the same ones also. My hopes are everyone of them get shut down and pay for their Deceit to Society. If I had my way they would all be sent down to their underground bunkers and sealed shut so they can enjoy the beast that they sold their soul to. Good work Dane. 

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Hi CJ …I too live in the GTA and would love to see the show also if it came here.

      So much spraying going on its crazy …I live in a condo and see all of it going on from Toronto to Hamilton ….I send out emails to all mpp in the area and to Enviroment Canada all the time.

      Keep fighting the fight

    • Rodster says:

      "On the geopolitical side, the technology’s potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions at the expense of others could trigger sharp opposition by some nations. Others might seize on SAI’s benefits and back away from their commitment to carbon dioxide reductions. And, as with other breakthrough technologies, global norms and standards are lacking to guide the deployment and implementation of SAI."

      And yet he fails to mention that these programs have been in effect for decades. As a director of the CIA he surely has that information, available.

    • W.C. says:

      "One example—again taking a page from the biotech and life-sciences sectors—is how a wide range of breakthroughs that potentially could extend life expectancy, such as new methods of fighting cancer and a greater understanding of the ageing process, could reinforce the trend toward older populations in advanced nations. Some of the world’s leading economies could face stronger headwinds from having significantly larger proportions of retired people relative to working-age citizens."

      Decoded- " The herd is quickly finding out how to deal with our created diseases, we need to up the toxic vaccines and environmental poisons so that these useless eaters die faster".

    • MillionMF — This is a very interesting admission, thank you! And Rodster, thank you for the key quote. First he admitting to SAI:  "…the array of technologies—often referred to collectively as geoengineering—that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change. One that has gained my personal attention is stratospheric aerosol injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun’s heat, in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do." And very important is that he is concerned that the CIA will not be able to control the various governments implementing these technologies:  "… the technology’s potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions at the expense of others could trigger sharp opposition by some nations."  Are there still conflicting agendas today among these egomaniacs? The HAARP technology was originally developed by Russia, with the "Woodpecker" which forced our military to play catch-up with an endless array of ionospheric heaters and transmitters now all across the planet.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Susan, hi.  All this time, oh so many decades, it was my understanding that HAARP, in Alaska, was Teller's baby under Reagan's Star Wars.  But no?  Russia?   Russia was doing this first?  I am surprised.

  58. maciej kocialkowski says:

    Dane, I have to give it to you. Your relentless efforts to expose most important issues that are out there, have to be praised and acknowledged. I realize that there are a lot of activists and people who contributed to bringing this event to fruition, there is no arguing about that, but there always needs to be a trigger, a spark to set the wheels in motion, to get things moving, and from what I see, you are it, my friend. All the events and presentations I have seen so far, are professional, very well organized, and well researched, and that is not easy thing to do. I am really happy to see that GeoengineeringWatch has teamed up with "Vaxxed" team. Those two issues, although for uninformed observer completely separate, have a lot in common, and addressed together dramatically increase leverage of entire event. It is really astounding to me that so many other entities claiming to fight for common good, be it GMO labeling rights, pesticide and herbicide ban activists, cancer truthers, just to name a few, will not come together and unite to take one decisive stand against all the tyranny we all face. It must be all easier said than done. As slogan as it is, expression: United we stand, divided we fall, carries very powerful message, and those in power do consistently great job at keeping us divided, and to top that, so many people are so easy to divide. I see it every day, the smallest, most meaningless issue thrown at them is enough to cast a big argument. We should all think about it, let's save our energy for what we truly need it, and when we need it. And it is "It" and it is "Now".

    I will not attend the event, given I live at the opposite end of the country, but want to encourage everybody who is close enough (or not) to make every effort to show up and inform yourself on those two most dire issues. If you already are aware and would like to help to leverage the message, here are the couple of ideas I put into good use:

    On a smaller scale I still have Geoengineeringwatch bumper stickers to give away. They carry the message for evreybody to see, so if you want one, hit me up, i will send them your way.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Maciej, all of our combined efforts are essential to the overall outcome. So many are now picking up the torch and running with it, effectively, and efficiently. We are gaining ground, keeping our stide in the battle is more important now than ever before. Thanks for all you have done to wake the population on your end of the country Maciej.

  59. Congratulations, Mr. Wigington! Well done. I will be there in my Heart. Thank you for your unending courage, fierce tenacity, and your pure Spirit. I am so very grateful that you are on planet Earth in these terrible times.

  60. Dee Stew says:

    I wish I could be there,,, but I'm in NY. Maybe you can video record it for all of us to watch?  This is awesome!!

  61. Al C says:

    Wow, that's great!……………….I would love to be there, unfortunately I'm on the East Coast…..I wish everyone attending an educational and enlightening time.
    Will VAXXED ever be made into a dvd for sale?

  62. Veritas says:

    Congratulations Mr. Wigington on the event. I hope people shed their fear and seek greater understanding of the conditions imposed on us and our loved ones by these " doctor's " and " leader's ". With the correct knowledge I believe we can put an end to this madness. I found some simplified information that may be of use to those new to some aspects of this con being pulled on us all.
    by William Thomas
    Headaches can stem from microwave-induced leakage of harmful molecules through the blood-brain barrier.
    [Electronics Australia Magazine Feb/00] At one-ten-thousanth of a watt, the blood-brain barrier opens, allowing blood proteins inside to disrupt brain signals and start killing brain cells. A cell phone typically transmits at 2 watts.
    Just two minutes on a cell phone, or sitting near a wireless computer router or portable phone cradle, shorts-circuits the electrical ion activity powering the blood-brain barrier.
    This allows proteins and other blood toxins to enter the brain and resume damaging neurons in thinking and memory centers.
    Dr. Leif Salford is finding “astonishing number of dead neuron cells, actually suffering holes in their brains from the damage” caused by a single cell phone call. No wonder wireless-altered brains lead to lack of concentration, memory loss, aggressive behavior, accelerated aging, impaired learning ability and dementia.
    Fibrils of proteins clumping in electromagnetically-altered brains are an identifying characteristic of Alzheimer’s, Early Onset Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and cancer patients.

    • Veritas says:

      Haha oops, I didn't know the article was already posted on your site 3 years ago. You are nothing if not comprehensive, keep up the good work! Good luck with the event and God bless for all the work you do to get the facts out.

  63. paul fowler says:

    If anyone is going  to put together an awareness event north of the border ( Ontario ), I would love to help in any way possible.

  64. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane. I just caught this on my F Bk page and am posting it on Russ Tanner's Orbis Vitae website.  Things are beginning to really happen in this area of geoengineering. The VAXXED Movie needs to be shown.  Sincere thanks and blessings!

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