Manipulating The Masses As Societal Collapse Accelerates


Dane Wigington

Conveniently timed mass murder terrorist attacks, completely engineered climate catastrophes, and media fueled materialistic mass distraction mayhem, all play into the hand of the power elite. The San Bernardino shootings are latest in a very long string of attacks in which authorities just happened to be engaged in a "drill" for just such an attack, on the day the attack was happening. Isn't it interesting that the same was true of the recent Paris attacks, the Boston bomb attack, the "7/7" London attacks, the 911 attacks, and many many more (at least 63). Is all this just coincidence? Really? False flag terrorist attacks have long since been a primary weapon for the power structure.


Anyone that has truly examined the evidence relating to the 911 attacks can only conclude this event was a massive false flag event. 

And how about the weather? There is no shortage of convenient coincidence in that arena either. Record drought disasters have occurred in every single country in the Middle East prior to the destabilization and toppling of these countries. In other countries, record flooding was the gateway to US/NATO occupation. The same pattern holds in many dozens of countries around the globe where there are now US or NATO bases and boots on the ground. The US "homeland" is also a target of the ongoing weather warfare by its own military, the epic California drought is one example. Though the climate is indeed disintegrating as the planet warms from countless sources of anthropogenic damage, global geoengineering is the largest wrench in the works of all. Weather warfare has been used for decades to manipulate and control populations all over the globe.


The aftermath of record shattering cyclone Haiyan that cut a swath of total destruction through the Philippines. The US military moved in under a "humanitarian" pretext and is now setting up new bases. Weather warfare has long since been the weapon of choice for the power structure.

So what do our leaders tell us to do after massive terrorist attacks or even during economic disintegration? "Just go shopping". The vast majority are unfortunately all too willing to take this prompting to remain totally distracted and completely disconnected from reality. A completely stunning video of black Friday 2015 shopping mayhem is below, consider that this materialistic mayhem is occurring while Earth's life support systems are virtually collapsing. This shocking 4 minute video must be seen to be believed, it is a true reflection of the society we have now become.

Those in power are rapidly tightening the noose around our collective necks, and even now the vast majority of populations are completely asleep at the wheel. There are countless individuals willingly participating in the tyranny and deception in exchange for a paycheck and a pension. If the human race is to have any chance at all of averting mathematically certain short term extinction, the masses must be awakened. Those in the military that are carrying out completely immoral orders must refuse to obey. Those in law enforcement must uphold their oaths to protect their citizens. Those of us that are already awake must properly prioritize our time, energy, and focus, on effectively waking others that are still in the dark. Time is not on our side.

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  1. Lee Eyerman says:

    God Bless all who contributed to this site.Our country was founded on checks and balances, not executive orders and lies.I honestly feel that more and more people are becoming aware of everything from chemtrails to taking away our freedoms.Our police and military will never turn on its people.You can sense the question of duty in all law enforcement and military opinions. We are not Nazi Germany and our elected officials who obviously have an agenda with  a new world order had better realize that millions of people have been awakened.Things will get better.Stay informed.

  2. Tony says:

    Ok, what I am going to share is disturbing, to say the least. I have been researching many resources and can state, unequivocally, that we are in the New World Order endgame. After watching a new initiate video of Illumicorp, the central force for everything wrong in the world, it is clear that the goal is to get rid of 6.5 billion people. This means the list of people who won't be exterminated has been established.  Watch videos from Anonymous on YouTube. The speaker warns of the international agreement to exterminate 220 million Americans.  Covert ops have been underway, rounding up people at night, execution of selected individuals at one of 800 plus camps set up. Retraining for some, and bribery of others. It's the Apocalypse.  There is little doubt that everything being done is to begin the population decrease. The only way to save the planet is to get rid of the virus,  humans. The top of the missing pyramid is the few families that own everything.  They have control of every facet of life. From religion on television to the little kids. I was watching a McDonald's commercial and saw this little girl use the devil horns hand gesture. If you know what to look for you see how bad it is. Before a game LeBron James tosses up the devil horns with one hand and the 666 with the other hand gesture with the other. They now have the internet. Www, by the way, is the number 6 in Latin Numerology.  Obama, in his first address, had the audience say YES WE CAN twice, ran backwards it says THANK YOU SATAN!!! His whole set when elected told it all. He had a white horse with red eyes and other symbols.  When I heard about and saw video of plastic coffins at various camps, I knew and tried to warn people. Few believed me. I warned about CERN, which is much more insidious than even the spraying,  nobody listened. Except here. People now know who the enemy is. CERN is very evil. There is YouTube video of an internal short movie. It clearly shows their intention. They are given the keys to the bottomless pit. They are trying to open up another dimension. There are many smaller collides around the world. They seem to be affecting the memories of people. With all the metal we are ingesting I imagine that these things, which can pull down the magnetic field, are screwing up people. What everyone needs to understand is this is it. They have control over all media, so word of mouth will be the way. Stock up on everything.  I have heard external help is here, but am not sure if it's true. I have repented,  accept Jesus as my one and only savior. Christianity increases all over the world is rising fast, as people realize what has happened in the past several years matches Revelations to the letter. He will be here, maybe not in the form we imagine. Also I have heard that our space force, which is very real, has broken off from the other agencies and is destroying enemy bases. The solar system is secured.  They are focusing on underground bases. All those huge expl psions people have heard underground is this battle. This is much bigger than we know. A galactic effort to rescue Earth, or Gaia, which is our real name, is supposedly ongoing. As with anything it's a matter of belief.  There is always hope, those of us awake are basically the new prophets that need to spread the word. No sugar coating it. This is my last online post Sites are being monitored. ISIS is b.s. It's all a covert black op. They are going to use it here so they can issue martial law. It will start in Chicago. They had martial law signs delivered in bulk last year, then let the murders blossom, all to increase police and military presence. This is part of a plan started MANY years ago, by the very top of the pyramid. They have written the past, but us 99% can write the future. Get good with God. Now you know why they took God out of everything.  They want faithless people, easy to corrupt. When the debt got out of control it was only a matter of time. Star Wars coming out soon is not a coincidence.  The commercial even says it, choose the side, the Dark side or the side of Light. Peace and love my brothers and sisters. No longer is it about color, religion, etc. We are all connected in the universe.  Help will be here, have FAITH.. Signing out for the last time. My health is gone. I have done what I could to warn as many as I could.  Thank you Dane for your courage.  You have been an inspiration to all of us. Love all, even the enemy.

  3. Bernie says:

    Climate Change Summit in Paris:

    They talk about Carbon removal. Meanwhile if you research enough you will find that these convicts are spewing out Heavy Laden Toxic Chemicals that are mixed with Coal Ash to Totally Dim the sun. The coal ash is Burnt Coal and becomes Carbon when burnt. All the coal burning facilities that were shut down have huge piles of this stuff left over. So they mix it in with their Toxic soup mix and spray it over everyone.

    The more research that you do the more you will find out.

    You see lots of people limping around and these people say that they have arthritis or some other ailment of some sort. 

    Well it's all from this Sht. That is being sprayed into the lower atmosphere which causes all the Ailments which are way too numerous to list.

    I say once the majority of the population wake up to the fact of having devastating storms and poisoned water and air that they all do more posting to try to inform people.

    It seems to almost be a waste of time trying to point it out to the Dumb Fck's that live in a Fairy Tale world today.

    They won't even investigate themselves when you tell them.

    I'm not saying all, just most of the People out there.

    That's why they have Disney Land.

    For Dizzy People that are in a Daze.

    • chris chinalsky says:

      Those who rule have ben at it for thousands of years. Their manipulation os the masses is perfected. We need a complete mass mind shift, but this is almost impossible when even educated, informed people doubt your mission. The fight is against those who control what we, hear, see and think.

  4. Guy says:

    So, we all know dam well they are spraying these things In the air and God only knows what else. We know that this is coming from the jets. We know our government is lying. The biggest question is how do we catch them RED HANDED now before they try to change things Up in their favor in attempts to try and make the disbelievers stay disbelievers??  There has got to be some way this can be done and done sooner then Later. If you robbed a bank and the police were looking at you would you keep the money or burry it. How do we find the evidence that will prove to the disbelievers and to a jury that all this is coming out of the jets we see spraying and not just speculating  that because the jets are spraying something it's gotta be all these nano    sIzed particles of metal?? That's the question, and  the smoking gun question that must be answered In my opinion and doing it before they try to get anyone (citizens) involved in making the decision to agree with them on anything to do with spraying anything. I just feel like they are out to get a large portion of the sleeping citizens that don't believe they are doing this to jump on board with them so they can say well, you citizens said you agreed to this and we just started doing it so and you said do it so it's your fault too!!! That could only happen with the sleepers but there are millions of sleepers that hAvent awakend because they haven't seen it on the TV news so to them there is no way this can be true which I just am In Disbelief at how people see thinks as fact and fiction. That's how I see this playing out if they aren't caught and prosecuted.  The biggest question as of today IMO is how do we catch them so no one can ever say anything about it not being true AGIAN!! So the time is NOW to somehow some way catch them With the smoking gun in their hands.  Until this happens will this ever end and if they are not caught red handed, will they ever get the punishment they so rightly deserve? When are we going to gather together In the masses to fight the fight all at the same time? I am not talking about 500-1000. I am talking about a million or more and not literally fight but we have to do this with the power of the masses and then we can go from there…  Why does this seem so hard to do in the land of the free (at one time) and home of the brave (another time)? If we can gather for a dam fooktball game, then we can gather for our health, our kids and future generations health and the entire world and our worlds Ecosystems health. That's way more important then Any dam football game or shopping wouldn't you say?  we gotta grow some B……and for the girls backbones, and do the right thing for ourselves for once. We must also  come together as ONE!!! Black, white, Hispanic, Latino. Fench, Jewish, and every other race and  religion that makes up this great place We all love to call UNITED states of America.  For as long as they (OBAMA and friends) keep us divided…. Then divided we will ALL fall and I know WE THE PEOPLE that make up the majority of this place we call United States of America can on our own, without the divided corrupt governments help, WE THE PEOPLE CAN AND WILL MAKE THE CHANGES WE MUST MAKE FOR THE GENERATIONS OF KIDS THAT WILL BE HERE WHEN WE ARE ALL LONG GONE, Because if we wait for our government , we are all doomed!!! We must act like Dane says "we must act Right now to make this happen".Thank GOD for everyone and Dane for ALL they have done so far but it's not enough just on  Their own because with all Dan and supporters have done so far  these scum are still saying that this metal is not being pumped out of their jets, the Pathological liars that they are but  its all up to us to cripple them and bring them to justice once and for all before it is to dam late !!  So , What are we going to do next? Time is against "WE THE PEOPLE"!!  " WE THE PEOPLE"!!! "WE THE PEOPLE"!! To hell with shopping lets get our health and world back dammit!!! Then shop away!!!!  but if we do nothing, there will be nothing…. 

  5. San Miquel Co., CO says:

    Got absolutely hammered overhead today.  At the peak of the assault between 4-5 pm MST today my daughter and I counted 34 planes leaving horizon to horizon trails.  It's interesting that just after the sun goes down it becomes hard to see them.  And later tonight we will see lots of stars even though the sky is saturated with particulates.  It's starting to look like last winter already…

    • Ben says:

      I believe that we not only have the right to stop this destruction of the environment, we have an obligation. 

      We need to be shutting down the airports these aircraft fly from.  We need to identify and disrupt/destroy the suppliers of this airborn poison at the source.  We need to document and expose the PERSONAL data of the monsters exposed in crime against humanity.

  6. Ray says:

    Hello Dane,

    Pretty sad huh?

    Lets take these events into the near future, and instead of toys and TVs it is the remaining food left on shelves.  Truly frightening.  

    This has been orchestrated, choreographed, and tested many times – and now we wait for the one final event to set it all off.

    Many have noticed their mental disposition has been a little off through this – keep taking a mental inventory and fight off those urges to go nuts.  Find something that diverts your attention in a good way, think a happy thought if you can – our body can release chemicals that will reduce stress and allow healing – but this doesn't always work.  Even with the right food and sleep I get terrible headaches here in the San Joaquin valley – and I don't own a cell phone, and limit TV and wifi.  Recently, the last day or so, I think new viruses have been released – my headaches are worse and persist, just like those deployed aerosols.  The tinitus is at an all time high – as loud as someone talking.

    The military industrial complex will continue on, even after that final event, unless we can reach those who believe they are serving the 'greater good', and I'm talking about our sons and daughters in the military.  

    When we do reach our children in the military, there are still those who will operate the "automated defense system", the satellites, the haarp sites, the drones.  These people may even have guns pointed at them, being demanded they follow orders.  Chaos will prevail, and 90% of the population – or more – will be gone. 

    I was surprised to learn that the google search engine originated within the CIA.  I was surprised to learn that Regina Dugan was head of DARPA for 8 years – now with google.  Today I'm not surprised by google, or microsoft, or apple, or oracle, or the CIA, or NASA, well, you get the point – they are all part of this gigantic mess.  I think though, that when it does happen, the models these people have created through their masterful computer systems – will not work.  The engineers and scientists will be saying: Oops, missed something in the calculation, something like having breathable air?

    The really, really hard part is not giving up.  I have never been so depressed in my life.  I find myself saying "why should I try to save planet earth for all these idiots?" – then one of my cats sit next to me and gently bumps my leg.  I am being reminded that I am to respect ALL LIFE.  The point is to find a reason to keep plugging away and fight the depression, and to watch those idiots who missed something about being a 'human being' – like Chief Dan George said to Dustin Hoffman – those of us who do know MUST teach those who do not know – to realize just how miraculous this planet and all life on it IS.

    Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.  Forgive me father for being so blind for so long.  Prayers for us all.

    • vince mackay says:

      I too feel depressed and like giving up. It is comments like yours Ray which give me the strength to keep going because I am reafirimed that  I am not alone. Everyone is not brain dead. We have to keep the faith and keep going with informing the unaware what is actually happening. We are our only hope!

    • Earth Angel says:

      What a load of crap from David Keith. It infuriates me to read such deceptive lies. The question is are they knowingly printed? If not, this guy Borenstein has surely not done his research thoroughly. Considering the source being the AP I would surmise the blatent lies and half truths are intentional. Scary stuff. This absolutely enrages me as I'm sure it does a multitude of us.

  7. Marc says:

    As I have alluded to in previous posts, there ARE forces assembling around the world to counter the seemingly impenetrable and monolithic dominance of the so-called CABAL. Some of these forces are of a "spiritual origin", that is, they emerge from the "Divine Field". Other forces are monitoring very closely what is going on here on earth; it's just that they happen to originate "off-planet". Please Google: Monsanto/The Hague, and you will discover that international pressure is increasing relentlessly against this #1 most repulsive corporation on earth. Monsanto IS GOING DOWN. Maybe not this year, or next year, or the year after. But they will, we can only hope, ultimately succumb to the current and future tsunami of lawsuits against them. For me, Monsanto ranks right up there with geoengineering as far and away the most insidious and disgusting challenges humanity has EVER had to face. Perpetrator of crimes against Earth and humanity, no less. And what makes it all even weirder is that both of these scenarios are manned, staffed, conceived and executed BY OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS!!! If this doesn't make us ask "What the fuck is wrong with us?" then I don't know what would. In point of fact, when we all look around us and take the time to keenly pierce through the veil of surface bullshit, the current paradigm into which we are all herded is seen for what it is, a fabrication, a "holo-deck" created and perpetually maintained by………..our fellow man. Really? Why for the love of God are we doing this to ourselves?? Duality, duality, and more duality. Us vs. them. Them vs. us. Green Bay vs. Detroit. Kansas City vs. New York. US military (land of the free, home of the brave) versus ISIS (muslim radicalism, Islamic caliphate, sharia law). Seems humankind has been hopelessly entrenched in what divides and separates us for millenia. A paradigm. A habit of the mind. An inescapable constant in what it means to incarnate here on earth into human bodies. Survival of the fittest. Eat or get eaten. Conquer or be conquered. And so on. Show me the exit door, please. I want the fuck out of this bullshit low-level way of thinking. Is ONENESS really a "four-letter" word? I'm tired of having to rant against a Mt. Everest of bullshit and exploitation. Thank God I at least can sit down and still meditate crosslegged in front of my puja table. It's one of the few things I know how to do to keep a compass heading in a sea of complete black-friday style pandemonium and intellectual and biological rape occurring on a daily basis. 

      And just so I don't forget that the motherf**kers are the ones in charge, this morning and yesterday morning I witnessed (am witnessing) a phenomenon outside I have never seen before in the 12 years I have lived here. I woke up both mornings and, as usual, looked outside to check out the "weather". Both mornings I could see clearly all the way across a thousand feet of rolling cemetery hills out back of my yard. NO FOG. Then, WHAM!! Suddenly, AFTER THE SUN COMES UP, INSTANT DENSE FOG APPEARS OUT OF F**KING NOWHERE. Usually the opposite occurs if there is ever any fog. Normally when the sun rises it begins to "burn off" any overnight fog. And this fog is dense!! Very weird. Doesn't make sense. Again, I have never seen this kind of phenomenon here before. Naturally it makes me wonder what weird-ass kind of manipulation of the atmosphere is going on that would cause it. Also, usually the fog only nestles down into low lying areas, but this fog encompasses my entire neighborhood in a manner I have never seen before. should I be alarmed? Should I wonder WTF is going on? Or should I just go back to "sleep"?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, Hello! and yes, you should wonder.  We've had some weird fog scenarios too.  And I wonder.  Like that permanent for bank, just HUGE last year that looked for all the world like mountains in the distance.  It is finally gone.
      I loved what you had to say about Monsanto.  When that first started being known, no one would listen to me either, just like geoengineering. Thought I was making a mountain out of a mole hole.  But, bit by bit people learned.  But it took a lot.  Which gives me hope about geoengineering.  A tougher row to hoe, but similar in the denial, the who cares and no cares, the dawning realization, and now, soon, the end of GMOs though, given pollen, may never truly go away.  But also their nasty poisons are being offed!  That is huge too, and took a very very long time to get people to care, and to stop spraying round-up.  Gives hope huh?
      I too believe in the powers of meditation-depending to some degree on what kind.  And of the oneness.  I think part of the this or that, the dualities are a product of the binary thinking Greeks came up with and has dominated ever since.  I also suspect it is part of how people try to define themselves, am this, not that kind of thing.
      Hope your weird fog goes away and stays away.  If it Is bad.  We never know anymore.  Thanks for your comments.

  8. Sally says:

    Just came across an article on front page of yahoo about geoengineering. 

    • Marc says:

      Thanks, Sally, for the link. Yet another completely disgusting piece of psuedo-journalistic tripe thrown out to the swineherd of ill-informed, misinformed AND disinformed idiots who imagine themselves to be savvy and hip and well informed about what appears to be going on in their world. YET AGAIN!!!! another article not only talking about the potential dangers of "starting geoengineering", but rubbing our noses in this stinking lie by quoting the likes of Ken Caldeira and David Keith, two of the foremost ASSHOLES on earth, by virtue of their nonstop projectile regurgitations of lies regarding geoengineering being only a "proposal", to be deployed  "just in case". Who the fuck makes a whole career and a paycheck out of repeating the same lies over and over again to a confused and concerned public? What a violent intellectual rape of those whose only fault is that they are just trying to acquire accurate information about what climate issues we are facing. The damage being done to this world by morons such as David Keith and Ken Caldeira is damn near on a par with the damage being done by geoengineering itself. If they would abandon the DARK SIDE and join the ranks of people like Dane Wigington, we can scarcely imagine what progress we would be making in the effort to stop this crime against HUMANITY AND EARTH.

    • Marc says:

      Sally, again, thanks for this link. As I reread the article it is clear now that it is crafted as a disinformation piece of propaganda. And the fact that it appeared as a header on Yahoo News is further confirmation of this fact. This is our 3-letter agencies hard at work to confuse the holy fuck out of us all. The intellectual rape occurring everywhere we turn is staggering. One of the final quotes in the article, says, and I quote: "Technology makes us happy and sets us free." WTF???!!! This…….in reference to geoengineering???!!!! 

        Disgusting. Whoever the real author of this article is, go f**k yourself.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yaddayaddayaddayadda…"sinister f*cks.." "cracked," "diabolical.." etc… YES, OF COURSE we all know by now that David Keith and those of his ilk are every single one of those things– and then we come to the commentary section of the "unspoken option" article.  Read it and you'll plainly see that comment after comment is mainly NEGATIVE, as in NOT in favor of geoengineering.  People actually do NOT want to be sprayed like bugs or any of the other stupid-shit plans "for our own good" that we're all supposed to go cheerily along with just because "scientists" say it's "good" for us. 

      When you read the comments to this article you find out just how popular even the very concept of geo-engineering actually is.  Between these comments and the video of the scientists who've actually come out against geoengineering at the Paris talks last July, the tide, I believe, is turning.  But we still have to keep at it.  Do the Paris climate talks count for public discussion? I say it does, but then again, what part of the public is actually aware of this, how public can it be when so many have no idea that this "large-scale uncontrolled experiment" of spraying the entire planet with toxic heavy metal nanoparticulates is actually going on?  That YouTube video needs to be made VIRAL, as they say.

    • Corey says:

      What gets me is that I see them spraying at night at times…  especially when there is a full moon you can see trails clear as day.  How can that be solar radiation management????  It doesn't make sense at all!  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Corey, SRM is only one of the stated agendas for the ongoing spraying nightmare. There are a great many layers to this issue, non of them benevolent.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Corey, SRM is only one of the stated agendas for the ongoing spraying nightmare. There are a great many layers to this issue, non of them benevolent.

  9. Dennie Mehocich says:

    admission of spraying heard starting at 1:23:50: 

    • Marc says:

      Thank you Dennie. Did you follow through on to 1:30:00 to 1:31:57? An unambiguous and completely open acknowledgement that a "large uncontrolled experiment" (geoengineering) is indeed underway.

    • bija says:

      …"the flipside good news is, there's potential to more quickly control the aerosol pollution." 

      Doesn't this pretty much say it all!!!

  10. James says:

    Just one quick comment on the latest shooting episode, the San Bernardino shootings and it's occupying of the news cycle (of course)  
    Oddly, it reminds me of an Ed Sullivan show. A really big show. An intuitive reaction that somebody ran the show.

    • BaneB says:

      All roads lead to the 9-11 con.  What has me wondering about this is that     supposedly, according to what we are told, there was an argument at a party between the accused male and a fellow employee.  The accused couple left the party.  They returned we are told.  They are dressed from head to toe in terrorist drag.  Their faces are covered.  They open fire.  Everyone runs, scatters, dives for cover.  Immediate pandemonium.  How can the identity of the shooters be confirmed as the couple who left the party?  Did the female dress in female form fitting gear?  Am I missing something here?  Did they speak, ie voices recognized.  When they left the party were they supplanted by others who did the massacre?  Were they set up.  Given the deceit of the time in which we find ourselves, to not to question these events is tantamount to having no brain.  Regarding the weather here in Mendocino, we have had some   decent rainfall.  Maybe three inches in this locale.  The forecast is for another five days starting tomorrow.  I will see it when I believe it.  Fingers crossed.  The cirrus clouds occasionally observed above the cumulus clouds are still looking freaky and faux.  

    • MISSY says:

      another false flag, closer to global lockdown says Max Igan. here is his latest radio cast . he says All we have to do FOR ONE DAY NOT DO ANYTHING WORLDWIDE (NO BUYING, SPENDING, WORKING, JUST STAY HOME WOULD BRING THE SYSTEM DOWN

    • penny says:

      "All roads lead to the 9/11 con" – both before and after 9/11.  As readers here all know, long before that dramatic false flag in '01 there were all the Operation Gladio bombings, deaths, destruction and horror in Europe (same perpetrators), the staged or managed attacks in Oklahoma City, on the periphery of Russia, in the Uighur region of Asia, etc.  Nothing is new under the sun, as the saying goes. 

      I understand the urgency of getting people to wake up to the reality of what happened on 9/11, but that day alone did not change the world.  It just advertised ongoing US and NATO policy.  In my mind, it's just as important (because so many Americans forget there is a world outside US borders, and have no sense of history) that we make it clear, when talking about false flags, that this has been going on everywhere, for a very long time.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Run-off seen in Gibson Creek today in Ukiah.  The rain was mostly piddly little spittle-y rain that tasted more like a chemical stew.  It was little more than drizzle much of the time.  It's hardly raining.  And we're supposed to have FIVE DAYS of this "rain…??"

  11. Marc says:

    As stunningly absurd and low-brow as these video clips are, most of the people actually appear to be enjoying the insanity of the whole scene. Yes, there are some tugs-of-war over a dumb-ass TV or whatever, but tempers seem mostly under control and one can often hear laughter bubbling up out of these scenes. Granted, I myself wouldn't get within 3 miles of any of these so-called Black Friday events. There ain't a goddamn material thing on this f**king earth that I'm gonna fight somebody for that resembles a toaster or a TV. If there actually ARE people, like, real actual people, who want to engage in such orgiastic materialistic brawls over something as inane as a TV or some latest kid's toy, they can f**king have a ball. Who gives a shit? If they truly "get off" on the excitement, or adrenalin, or whatever it is that cranks up these morons when they see an LED TV on sale, I say "GO CRAZY, FOLKS!" These knuckle-draggers are so far gone into the matrix of maya, I wouldn't waste another minute on contemplating what it all might mean. In actuality, isn't "Black Friday" really just a street riot with rules? I mean, in this instance you actually agree to PAY FOR the item you run off with. We all have seen what happens when real riots erupt such as in the several famous L.A. riots or like in Ferguson, Mo. It's smash-and-grab, man!!! Grab whatever the fuck you can before the riot police move in. And indeed, I think what really causes all the rest of us to marvel at (and fear at the same time) these mob-mentality kinds of events is that we sense inwardly that they are a preview of what lurks just over the horizon FOR ALL OF US. I, for one, dread the darkness and abject hopelessness of being reduced to starving to death quietly in my home because I am not inclined nor strong enough to fight my way through to some morsel of food out there somewhere when there are hundreds of thousands of others all desperately doing the same and murder and violence become routine and necessary. By then it will be Black Friday every day, only infinitely worse.

  12. 803Mastiff says:

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)
    When you drill down to the essence of this existence you find only energy. Ironically, there is more energy in a cubic centimeter of a "Vacuum" than there is in the entire Universe. This tells me that this exisistence is a paradox. We receive abundance by letting go of things but mostly of fear. When you let go of something you make room for something better.
    God Speed

  13. Beano McReano says:

    Why do you people keep putting in the same criminals in office.
    Why do you trust the voting method.  It should be returned to paper ballots.
    And last, why do you KEEP them in office even when they violate their oaths and break the law??
    So you are to blame ……

  14. In the category of manipulating the masses, the blog TABU [ ] has posted a disturbing report showing that we are being assaulted on all levels, from the sky and in the mind & heart as basic decency is corrupted & destroyed.

    To weaken the moral fiber of the nation and to demoralize workers in the labor class by creating mass unemployment. As jobs dwindle due to the post industrial zero growth policies introduced by the Club of Rome, the report envisages demoralized and discouraged workers resorting to alcohol and drugs.
    The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. In this regard, the Committee commissioned Tavistock Institute to prepare a blueprint as to how this could be achieved. Tavistock directed Stanford Research to undertake the work under the direction of Professor Willis Harmon. This work later became known as the “Aquarian Conspiracy”.  [ ]
    —Targets of the Illuminati and the Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman.

    “Do No Evil” used to be Google’s overall mission statement.  No more. They have done away with that. It’s pure evil from Google Glasses that attach to the temple of your brain to alter, and monitor, your brain wave frequencies, to the partnering with the likes of Ray Kurzweil to create the “beehive mind” where all think and act, and ultimately controlled, buy central source. Yet, the most disturbing, for now, is the below statistics of how Google search, et. all allow free and ready access to all, including our children, to porn sites where search sites allow access to child pornography. This not only helps degradation of women, and society as a whole, but also promotes sexual child abuse of our children. It destroys relationships by replacing natural love making with virtual, fantasy sex with an image on a screen.
    Article plus staggering statistics on pornography:

    • Earth Angel says:

      It is undeniable proof of how low our society as a whole has sunk when complete nut job scociopaths like Kurzweil (and so many others) are promoted to such high paying and influential jobs. This guy has to be one of the biggest kooks I have ever heard of, yet look at the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ he is paid, has access to, and the influence over other peoples lives he exerts. When I first heard of him and his beliefs- I couldn't believe it! WTF!!!  Google is such an evil corporation- I try NOT to support them in every way I can.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Google Glass was a failure:  Will they be back at it?  Probably.  I'm not sure that posting photos of folks such as Prince Charles wearing the Goo-Goggs is enough to convince the rest of the Idiots.  WHY would anybody want to walk around inside someone else's "story," anyway?  I think the stories I write for my own life are at the least the ones I want.

    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      Wow, Susan, you really nailed it with that link. It’s been extremely distressing to observe the breakneck speed at which our society is degenerating. All of this has happened in a little more than one generation.
      I grew up in the ’60s and ’70s and every kid went home after school to an intact family with great parents. Maybe we were just lucky, but I and every one of my friends had this. All of the families were happy, and we all went over each other’s houses and got along with everybody, parents included. It was great.
      Pornography, though around, was difficult to obtain back then. Thanks to the scumbag of all scumbags, Mr. Hefner, you can’t get away from it now. (Thanks, Hugh! NOT!!) I’m trying to raise a 12-year-old in this morass of filth. It really ticks me off that Hefner is pushing 90 years old while many people I’ve known who brought a lot of good to this world — my father in particular — were taken out early. Sadly, it only takes a small minority of people with power and money to screw everything up for the rest of us. How many people wanted wars like Viet Nam? Not many — just the few with the power. How much damage did just that one war cause?
      Illicit drugs were just coming into popularity back then. Now there’s a drug epidemic up here in New England, with states like Maine near the top. If you had told me 20 or 30 years ago that Maine would have a drug epidemic in the future I would have thought you were crazy.
      My parents grew up with Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey, and many others that composed great music. I was fortunate enough to play many of those old tunes in school bands. We had a thriving music department in our schools then, but now, in the same so-called affluent school system it’s diminished to practically nothing. Today we can’t get away from music that is either total crap or outright disgusting. I’ve been involved in music most of my life — may have had a career in it if I’d listened to Mom — and can’t believe the negative influence music has had over the past half century or so. I knew a girl back in the ’90s who had a beautiful, sweet little daughter, but as soon as she started listening to popular music she did a 180, got into drugs, etc… There is NO question in my mind that this was totally planned and engineered by the evil powers that be. Music has an extremely powerful influence on us, myself very much included. We have so much available today that could be used to make great music, but unfortunately this is not the case for the most part.
      Finally, my parents grew up during the Great Depression. My maternal grandfather emigrated from Scandinavia, and brought some new physical therapy skills to America. He opened a school and a practice. He was fortunate during that time to stay gainfully employed, but he didn’t stop at that. My grandparents used to take people in that were less fortunate. People were kind to each other then. If, no, when, we have another — probably much worse — economic collapse, it won’t be like it was in my grandfather’s day. It’ll be Ferguson on steroids.

  15. Rachel Robson says:

    I did look at the video linked in your opening here.  You said military exercises were taking place the same day.  That link said through the 30th of Nov.  Later on it said an "unsubstantiated rumor" says one was going on on the 2nd, Dec., the day of the San Bernardino attack.  Stuff like this matters, at least to me.  So does critical thinking.  Such as, if someone had an act like this in mind, and they did, and if they were prepared and they were, then wouldn't this be a perfect sort of cover to just walk in there?  As if military doing their thing.  Might not have alarmed anyone.  Might give the military some pause to reconsider the harm of their own actions.  But not if they are not called out for this.

    I looked up again all the various names morphed with ISIS.  Or ISIL.  However, these nut jobs prefer to just be called The Islamic State.  ISIL refers specifically to the Levant, as in all the land they want under their Caliphate.  I do strongly object to ISIS.  ISIS was a female, if ancient Egyptian, rule of the area usurped by patriarchy in the form of Judaism, Christianity and Mohamed.  That is a fact and I'd rather stick to facts lest all of us become our own black Friday of sorts.

  16. michel pelletier says:

    Hi Dane,
    The cold hard fact is that most of are under mind control .Most people will not even look into 911.It is time to insult people with that fact.They like to do anthing but investigate 911 why is that .Find ways to slap them in the face with fact.We must have some word smiths that can do this.It is time to wake the the peoples of the world. 911 is so obvious.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michel, yes, human apathy is difficult to comprehind. The writings of the stoics 2000 year past recorded much the same conditioin. Now all is of course only worse for many reasons. Never give up, the sleeping will be awakend. It is up to us to keep sowing the seeds to help them along.

  17. Ron Marr says:

    LOOK WHAT THEY HAVE DONE….we all come here with Genius. A genius with intention and given a wonderful gift on top of that, imagination….WALMART SHOWS US WHAT THEY HAVE DONE. Conscientiousness from all is our awakening. Fear is their weapon. We fear nothing…. passion is only an exercise for death.

  18. The article I wrote for Waking Times is getting a good response. Please do watch the informative video from Barry Trower: “Microwave Weaponry’s Use on People…” that explains the truth regarding microwave weaponry and other exotic weapons (psychotronic, electromagnetic, Radio Frequency, HAARP, GWEN towers, ELF waves) used by The United States & other nations worldwide. Furthermore, it explains why the Police State mentality is seemingly worldwide now. Dr Barrie Trower in a sit down interview tells all to ICAACT. and share it with anyone who will listen.
    Have the elite already become mutated versions of human beings?
    Physicist and former military expert on microwave radiation, Barrie Trower has stated, “There are no safe levels of radiation.” Upon watching Barry Trower’s startling video interview (seen below,) it appears evident that the elite and their techno-nerd minions may already be mutants.
    Among other things, Trower’s report includes consideration of the effects of cell phone and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on the brainwaves and development of children. Can we conclude that people who are constantly being bombarded by these pernicious EMRs no longer think as ‘normal’ human beings?

    • Rosalie says:

      We should be exercising our rights through the Nuremberg Treaty.  They have no right to treat us like lab experiments and commit mass genocide.

  19. ARCTIC NEWS:  On November 24, 2015, equatorial waters at ≈100 m (328 ft) depth at 110-135°W were over 6°C (10.8°F) warmer than average in 1981-2000, as illustrated by above image. The animation below shows equatorial ocean heat over the past few months, illustrating that temperature anomalies greater than 6°C (10.8°F) occurred throughout this period at depths greater than 100 m (328 ft).
    This study  [ ] finds that drastic sea ice shrinkage causes increase in storm activities and deepening of the wind-wave-mixing layer down to depth ~50 m (164 ft) that enhance methane release from the water column to the atmosphere. Indeed, the danger is that heat will warm up sediments under the sea, containing methane in hydrates and as free gas, causing large amounts of this methane to escape rather abruptly into the atmosphere.
    … peculiarities of the Arctic Ocean more closely, specifically some special conditions in the Arctic that could lead to greater warming than elsewhere and feedbacks that could accelerate warming even more.
    Amount of methane ready for release
    Sediments underneath the Arctic Ocean hold vast amounts of methane. Just one part of the Arctic Ocean alone, the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS, rectangle on map below, from the methane page), holds up to 1700 Gt of methane. A sudden release of just 3% of this amount could add over 50 Gt of methane to the atmosphere, and experts consider such an amount to be ready for release at any time (see above image).
    Total methane burden in the atmosphere now is 5 Gt. … The ESAS alone holds up to 1700 Gt of methane in the form of methane hydrates and free gas contained in sediments, of which 50 Gt is ready for abrupt release at any time.

  20. Sandaura says:

    I welcome all commentors, to stay informed regarding the Sart Metering Technology which we are blanketed from.  This is the most blatant act against humanity. 

    We must continue to wake up the masses.  Everything is happening right in front of us.  the arrogance of this corrupt few is evident they don't care because there is no resistance powerful enough to stop them.

  21. MISSY says:

    Just found on You Tube a video by Max Igan "Reclaiming the Earth – steps towards a collective awakening" He says we need to get the 8% who are awake to get a common unity (create a goundswell) and that 3% of people are psycho and can't change them because they were born without empathy.  I know this doesn't have anything to do with the 'Black Firday' clip but just thought I'd get this out there.

  22. LPS says:

    After watching the video and reading the comments…it occurred to me that wallymart actually wants this behavior and encourages this to happen.  Are they "training" their low information shoppers?  Think about it…all they would have to do to stop this is NOT put the product out, form a line, first come first served gets a chit.  Upon check out, product is placed in cart.  Problem solved.  

    So the only conclusion is that this is on purpose and part of an agenda. "Training" people to be savages…  

    Well, you all prolly already figured that out…lol


    • Rachel Robson says:

      LPS, hi and no I did not figure that out, never gave it much thought at all, don't shop there or much of anywhere, for more or less obvious reasons.  Maybe they think this shark feeding frenzy is good advertising?  Makes people think they have something to gain for such a display of greed and bad manners  Your solution is easy and a no brainer, but, then why indeed?

    • Earth Angel says:

      Ha! – what a simple and brilliant idea LPS! But that would make WAY too much sense. The fighting might then break out outside in the parking lots prior to entering the stores!  ; )

    • LPS says:

      Hi guys, thanks for the kind words…this is too easy to solve.  So, then there must be a reason for encouraging this bad behavior.  As for not giving up…yes.  But it is hard some days.  If we get out of this alive and healthy, Dane will be remembered in the history books as a visionary, saint, warrior, humanitarian…he will be remembered as the man who saved the planet.  God help him…God help us all.

  23. larwence says:

    I can see everyday that we are being sprayed like bugs. Here in California I have come to the conclusion that the spraying is to drought us out. I think that THEY want the farmland at pennies on the dollar and to reduce the population. This is the only thing that explains the heavy spraying prior to every storm front that is coming into California, and the night spraying. If you watch the skies as much as I have for several years now you will notice many things about what THEY are doing and when THEY are doing them. WE ALL here in California need to take some actual ACTION to stop this. I do not think we will have any water at all by the middle of next summer, no water for drinking and bathing, NONE. What do you all think will happen then?

  24. Beverley Evans says:

    Please people do NOT give up.  More and more people  are becoming awake to the massive horrible things going on in the world today.  I totally believe that.  I am so sad about all of these autrocities but I will never give up on this world.  Keep spreading the word – do not buy into hate  – keep positive thoughts and send out love.

  25. moderncalamity says:

    Perhaps it might be worthwhile to ask Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) to support Geoengineering Watch?  If he is truly concerned about a better future (or a future at all) for his newborn daughter maybe his new multibillion dollar LLC could be used to support those who publicize the damage done by geoengineering toxic spraying.

    • MISSY says:

      Isn't he that top one percent????

    • Earth Angel says:

      I thought Zuckerberg was one of the nwo shills and puppets??  How else could he have been catapulted to such wealth so easily and at such a young age? I view him as another Bill Gates. One would hope his having a child of his own might change him, but who knows? Many of these other maniacs have children and still they tow the nwo lines of destruction- thinking THEY will be immune somehow to the results of all the insanity.

  26. Ava Anderson-Kemper says:

    I started noticing a change in the light perspective a little over a year ago now.  At 9 a.m., it "feels" like 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  The "color" of the day is off.  Yesterday, I was driving home from Albuquerque.  I live in a small community about 25 miles south of Kirkland AFB.  The highway south is in kind of a valley and there are mountains to the east…about 10 miles east of where I live.  Against the backdrop of the mountains, while looking across a plain, there was a layer of black "goo" (spidery-smoky-hazy-evil looking) sitting above the ground.  It seemed to be especially concentrated in the poor, rural area communities that I am a part of.  I know people burn firewood for heat out here, but that wasn't it.  It was a minimal wind day and I think it is all the crap that is in the skies settling in for a spell since there was no wind to dispel it.  Kind of makes me think of a passage in Revelation, but I am pondering if that might be related to nuclear fallout.  I admire you greatly, Mr. Wigington, for your dedication and pray for your safety in this system of "Whack-a-truthspeaker" that we live in.  Love in Him.  

  27. Jeff Griffin says:

    Dane, this video has awakened me to another level. I can always count on you to show me a perspective that I haven't fully grasped, but this video Is truly a wake up call for us. I will share my words here today to this community, that I am fairly new to, to stress to them the reality that they and their families could face very soon.

    i do not comment much on any site, but I wanted to share with you guys at this time. If anyone just watched the Black Friday insanity and didn't have the realization that WHEN the "event" happens, that posting our opinions and trying to convince random people that we meet of the insanity of geoengineering is enough to protect you and your loved ones is enough, we all need to broaden this commentary further. Some of the people we are trying to reach out to, are these people!

    our fight is of life or death importance to ALL that live on this planet and each and every one of us should find ways to step that up exponentially!! This video has awakened another aspect in me that should be addressed as well. I hope everyone realizes that any one of these shootings and "false flag" events that are happening in America and abroad could create serious civil unrest. These "deal shoppers" that we are witnessing will be at your local supermarkets, not shopping a deal, but ravaging for food and supplies for survival as well. I hope that everyone on this site isn''t thinking it won't happen where you live because you are being foolish. It only takes one big reveal or event to trigger mass unrest and panic.

    not fearmongering here, but as Dane has stated, we are in the eleventh hour here and I hope you all are seeing the big picture. I am not a prepper, but I am considering a lot of things for the benifit of my family. I hope you guys are too. I am very much in the fight, but we as a community need to understand the repurcussions from ALL of the events that are unfolding and we should all be conscientious and realistic for the welfare of us and our loved ones in the event that any of these issues hit critical mass. 

    I hope that there is a continuation of life on this planet and I hope that your families are prepared to deal with the aftermath of all that we face in the battle ahead of us.

    thank you Dane for waking us up and I am with you until end of this insanity and with you in the aftermath.

    thanks to all of you who contribute to this site as well and I hope my comment has provided value and insight to this incredible community.

    • Teresa McColley says:

      All it will take is the click of a computer button by the bank that processes over fifty million EBT cards to create mass rioting.

  28. Terri says:

    The Sedona Arizona area had been unbelievably clear of spraying planes.  It has been unbearably cold. A cold not normal in this area at this time of year.  Weatherman says one temp but my thermometer read 11 last night, much colder than projected.  The chickens water is freezing much sooner this year than last year.  This cold cuts through clothing I'm wearing and is hard on this 57 year old desert rat.  I woke up belching, immediate digestive calls to the bathroom and my body felt as if filled with cement, moving off the couch was an effort.   Everyone I met today, amounts to about 10 people, all had panties in a bunch over something and were upset, irritated and pissed off.  Guess what?  Horizon to horizon and stop and start chemtrails beginning around 6A, white X's all across the sky by 10 AM, the sun covered over by 2PM.  The sky look tan or beige.  (How in hell do people miss this, not see this?  The sky wasn't BLUE!)  I watched 5 planes laying down their chemicals and I was hoping they would crash into each other. ( Sad to report they didn't crash into each other).  I figure this is to keep all moisture or precipitation away from Arizona.  The weather robots on TV are utterly worthless & make me want to throw the coffee pot at All Roker's smiling face.  I feel everyone here, been following this site for 5 years.  I think they are spraying us with chemical combinations that affect our emotions and attitudes currently.  It is difficult to wake up when drugged.  Prayers to all and thank you everyone for your comments each day.  Thank you Dane.  Thank you is hardly enough Dane to express my gratitude for all you do.   Are the green laser reports on TV in AZ reporting on planes of chemtrail pilots?  Is it still a felony to flash chemtrail planes and pilots with laser's?  Love to hear & follow a case, in a courtroom, over laser lights irritating Chemtrail pilots!  LOL!  It's late, forgive my warped thoughts, I am still in an irritated pissy state of mind from sucking in the chemical concoction sprayed over my home all today.  Time for bed. (:

    • Pegs says:

      I noticed so many lines and criss crosses in the village of oak creek sky this morning. Noticed trails the last two days as well. It is unusually cold. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi Terri, Your comment about you and everyone you met on Dec.3rd being upset piques my interest. I too felt that way, VERY distressed, hopeless and even like crying for much of the day though I live clear across the country from you in the southeast- perhaps about the same latitude tho, haven't really checked it for sure. Our weather had been very gloomy and rainy with the same unnatural refridgerator- like cooling ( the cold seems very lingering and bone chilling as I do not remember it being in years past). I just attributed it to that plus some overwhelming personal circumstances of late I have had on my plate (in addition to the distress of the ongoing spraying and destruction of our earth and its natural resources.. which in itself is enough to cause a nervous breakdown if we let it!) Only the next day we have some sunshine and somewhat warmer temps and what a difference a day makes. Feel totally different- with much more energy and the happiness and joy and hope much more characteristic of my usual demeanor. It is strange how seemingly for no noticeable reason ones emotions would change that drastically. I too wonder if it is something in the mix sprayed or the frequencies blasted at us that is doing this. Just saying. May God Bless and keep us all safe, so many excellent souls posting on this site. Namaste folks.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, the ice nucleation stuff on top of god-knows-what-else they're spraying us with makes people have lots of digestive and other complaints.  The barium makes my muscles twitch and cramp up because it causes serious electrolyte imbalances.  I've felt better taking magnesium-calcium-zinc and potassium supplements.  Less cramping, less or no twitching, heart tends not to race.  The mthrfckrz are HELL BENT FOR LEATHER on KILLING US, whether intentional or just due to their near-total lack of consciousness. 

      If "karma" means you reap what you sow, then these heartless f*cks have got it coming, only but with massive, MASSIVE interest to pay.

  29. MacGeo says:

    So which one is it going to be? Disorganized mayhem and chaos?
    Or rational organized anarchy against the corporate, industrial and military who are creating this chaos of the masses in the first place?
    All you have to do is: "Just Say NO". To everything. 
    Don't feed the Beast.
    But it takes ALL of you to make it happen. Not just a few of you. 

    • tag says:

      You are right.  Just say NO!  Stop buying the GMO/pesticide poison they call food.  Stop looking at your phone and LOOK UP!  Not the skies your grandparents enjoyed!   Stop slurping up the drugs that are there to keep you asleep, stupid and in line.  Stop listening to the news that is so scripted, anyone with even a few brains cells left should be able to figure out they are getting snowed.  Stop with the race war thing.  If Obama would SHUT UP there would be no race war.  He is the racist feeding the flames.  Stop with the religious bashing and accept we ALL have the right to believe what we want, short of killing others.  There is nothing GOD LIKE in that mentality.  Stop the POLITICALLY CORRECT thing and return to the values MY COUNTRY was founded upon.  You know…the Constitution?  Stop believing there is a politician out there that really gives a SH** about your life.  All they ALL do is behave like a bunch of 5 yr. olds.  I would prefer someone that told me just what they intended on doing to fix this mess we are in and a little less of the witch hunt trashing of others.  I don't want an INFANT running MY COUNTRY, but sadly that is what we all got.  The smart and the stupid ones.  

    • Charles says:

      I quit feeding the beast ten years ago…and I'm feeling a little better about it all the time. At least I have a clean conscience, and that's better than clean lungs any day.

  30. Marsha Fulkerson says:

    Watch the Alex Jones interview with weather channel founder, John Coleman. Very disturbing in most of what he said. If he can't tell that something is being sprayed in our skies, especially living in Ca, then he's really off in the head. I hate Alex even allowed him on the show!!

  31. TOMBOLA says:

    Becoming alarming in Perth W. Two cases of fish die off this week and also in the same water swimmers suffering from skin legions, the officials say there is no explanation.
    Also heavy manipulation of perth skies the last few days visible clearly.
    Can see the planes spraying during working hours in clear skies.
    Very disturbing if you know what it is.
    Still find it difficult taking about it to most civilians.

  32. CHARLIE says:

    If this is black friday what will the last days of food on the shelves look like

    • No Mystery says:

      Government never wanted to disarm the populace they knew you would get scared and arm yourselves through the teeth. Mankind against mankind—New World Order forces will come in afterward and do the light clean up work.

  33. Philip Stone says:

    NPR carried a piece this morning about "ice nucleating bacteria".  It appears that Nature figured out how to create ice at above freezing long before Mankind did.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Phillip, yes, nature has many secrets, but man has fully exploied and corrupted the entire equation. The decimation being caused by the climate engineering is immense and unquantifiable.

    • BaneB says:

      I listened to that, too.  Found it to be very interesting.  As weird as this might seem, I have observed natural clouds for years and have thought they exhibit autonomous intelligence.  Bacteria….  clever.  I hope they don't choke to death on the chemtrail toxins.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Interesting Phillip!  And BaneB-too funny!  Some much needed humor, thank you!  Nature has more tricks than we do, that is certain.  And why we should count on her, not humans!

  34. Teri says:

    got a picture of a fedex plane today spraying. it looked like contrails but as Dane has proved that cannot be so even though the trails disappear quickly they are still spraying something. good shot though. there is another military plane that appeared directly below it that doesn't appear to be spraying anything so if they are contrails why is one plane showing a trail and the other isn't? i would doubt they are 1000 feet apart. guess the military can do anything it wants to, even close passing a commercial jet with FEDEX clearing print on the nose of it. 

    i never saw the 2nd plane until i was looking at the pictures. it could not bee seen with the eye or the lens. but it sure came out in the digital. wonder how many of those sprayers are flying with escorts? just a thought.

    • Alida says:

      I documented Fed Ex spraying over central Idaho while on vacation May 20,2015.  There were also military planes leaving stripes that day.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Interesting, I want to know more!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Oh, neat!  A "sideline" now for the Airline Death Spiral, and any other idiot with a pilot's license, no doubt, who wishes to make a few extra $$$$$ to pay off the Visa bill after shopping like the good folks above did.

  35. DrDignity says:

    Dane, Nice Commentary today post the San Bernardino tragedies.  Today in Southern California, the skies over Palm Springs were azure blue.  By 10 am, the familiar chemtrails began coalescing, effectively blotting the skies.  It was an usual chemtrail day: irritable substances causing eye & respiratory irritation & persistent nasal drainage. The omnipresent X shapes were particularly ominous, especially to the east.  A physician friend called from Blythe, California, to report an especially severe respiratory day for her patients there. Probably a new chemical was added to the witches' brew they spray. Thanks for everything, Dane. DrDignity

    • Cori Gunnells says:

      It was a very rough day (aerosol skies) over the SW today. Many also reported significant disturbances in mood (anger, frustration, etc…). I hope your physician friend is familiar with the toxins via geoengineering.

    • Wayne says:

      Dr Dignity,
      Coachella Valley was crazy today, yet nobody seemed to pay any attention just continued to shop, it all started around 530 am, by the end of the day it appeared like it was going to rain. I cannot figure why more pilots are not speaking up. What good is a pension and a paycheck if we're all dead?

    • Abby says:

      Up in the western end of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan our day was a beautiful blue sky day until 'contrails' started showing up, one after the other, side by side and criss crossed over the sun.  
      Emotions were all over the place with my peeps and myself, as we all lurched from odd sadness to anger.  It was quite a day.  
      Are the two related?  Who knows, but since you brought it up I am rethinking the day.  
      Today it is blue cloudless skies but there is a brown edge on the horizon, like pollution (which we don't usually have, being in a rural area).  When will the spraying begin again?  I am trying not to wonder.  Maybe it will remain a beautiful day, but I'm not holding my breath.  :-/

  36. J Rizk says:

    Just finished watching the documentary "Why We Fight" by Eugene Jarecki. Just when I think I know quite a bit about what is happening I'll watch something like this that makes me realize how little I know. It's all about the military industrial machine that is now America….how it got started and who's keeping it going. How in the hell can we stop all this? All of it it total insanity.  

  37. “Let’s be very clear: ISIS is not just a terrorist organization; it is a Sunni terrorist organization. That means it blocks and targets Shi’a. And that means it’s serving the interests of Turkey and Saudi Arabia — even as it poses a threat to them.”  — Retired Gen. Wesley Clark
    by Claire Bernish /December 2, 2015
    (ANTIMEDIA) United States — Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander General and retired U.S. General Wesley Clark revealed in an interview with CNN that the Islamic State (Daesh, ISIS) remains geostrategically imperative to Sunni nations, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, as they clamor for strategic power over Shi’a nations, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. He explained that “neither Turkey nor Saudi Arabia want an Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon ‘bridge’ that isolates Turkey, and cuts Saudi Arabia off.”


    Bombshell: Russian Military Reveals Details of ISIS-Daesh Funding, Turkey’s Role in Supporting the Terrorists, Complete Transcript, Videos, Documents
    Illegal oil revenues are one of the main sources of income for the terrorists in Syria. According to some reports, they make about $2 billion a year on illegal oil trade.
    Turkey is the main destination for the oil stolen from its legitimate owners, which are Syria and Iraq. Turkey resells this oil. The appalling part about it is that the country’s top political leadership is involved in the illegal business — President Erdogan and his family.
    Russian Defense Ministry held a major briefing:
    “A whole team of bandits and Turkish leadership [Erdogan’s family as well] stealing oil from their neighbors and are involved in illegal oil trade with ISIS” ~
    [Full Video and Transcript of the Briefing by the Russian Ministry of Defence, 2 Dec. 2015]

    • DAVID DARBY says:

      And so who is buying this oil from Turkey? America and China of course, so you now know. You have the trail and why this is all happening. Same players in WW2 and WW1. Nothing has changed in 500 years. This is such an easy game to play if your in the power seat. The rest get to be played as two roosters in a cock fight in the Florida Everglades.

  38. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dec 3, 2015
    In the most shocking case of mass animal deaths to date, 337 endangered Sei whales have been found dead in Southern Chile.
    According to Chilean news agencies. the whales were discovered by scientists on November 17, but only now has the mass death been reported to the authorities (and leaked to the press). In May, in the same part of the Aysen region, biologist Vreni Haussermann discovered 30 dead Sei whales. Baffled scientists suggested at the time that the deaths might have been caused by a virus, and promised to launch an investigation.
    At first, researchers counted 20 carcasses but warned that the number could increase following their investigations. The final count is shocking. After the first deaths in May, Haussermann teamed up with Dr Carolina Simon Gutstein and they pooled their resources together. Using aerial and satellite photography, the scientists have counted 305 carcasses and 32 skeletons in the area between the Gulf of Penas and Puerto Natales.
    This is the single biggest mass whale death known to science. Haussermann said it was “an apocalyptic sight.”  No answers being shared…

  39. Sally says:

    As I am typing this, there supposedly is an armed person at my local hospital in San Jose, CA…

  40. Ron lech says:

    What does any one exspect you thru the creator under the bus and now

    we get lucifer and his minions world wide thanks to Washington all those 

    sold out men and woman who's own family's will suffer very soon I see and hear traitors every wear so where are the brave hearts in DC they sold out the country each for thirty PCS of silver and became objects for sale at rock bottom prices I see Pawns In The Game as William Carr wrote in his books 

  41. Ronald says:

    Dane, take heart…the word of geoengineering has made it to some business website I visit. One website is:
    With your info reaching the business class, hopefully, that information will reach the ears of family members.

  42. Christine says:

    Wow….who ARE these people in Walmart? It reminds me of things like punk rock concerts or riots after sporting events. There are people who feel alive in this kind of chaos….just like people who only feel alive when they go to war.  I have to confess that when some friends told me that 9/11 was an inside job, I didn't believe them. How could something like that happen here? I was so depressed when I woke up to the reality. Meanwhile, I have been watching the skies for years & seeing the spraying increase all the time. I live in a rural area & there are many people here who love nature, but who don't "see" what is happening. I have to say that they have done a great job of increasing it a bit at a time….I hear people talking about the "clouds" which are not clouds at all but toxic sky spray. Meanwhile, the radiation from Fukushima keeps increasing and making its way here to the west coast. I don't eat any Pacific coast fish anymore. There is just so much falling apart–where do you start? I have to laugh at the person that said to have 2 weeks worth of food & water (that's what they tell you here in case of an earthquake) So what do you do when the 2 weeks is up? Or what do you do when an earthquake happens and you are miles from home? I think I will just continue to know that I have faith in the Divine, who guides me from within..and I know that my spirit lives on for whatever adventures await after this one. (I was blessed to have a near death experience in my 20's…so I "know" that death is not the end) Love on & wake whoever you can. Thanks to Dane for your dedication and good work…I share your posts on FB all the time. <3

    • Wake Up World! says:

      Those fools in the Walmart are the creation of the new world order and its banking cartel. This is what they have made: mindless, spineless, useless consumers. It was quite intentional. It keeps them from paying attention to anything that matters, like the total take over of all education, media, financial, legislative and military systems. 

  43. San miquel co., co says:

    Truly sad and pathetic.  After a couple of days off from spraying they are back in full force.  We are averaging at least 15-20 jets an hour all day.  It's a mix of what I call "chem-light" which is the short bright trails and the long horizon to horizon trails.  Also quite a few alternate from short to long with obvious aerosol dispersments.  I'm still sure I'm the only one around here that looks up at all.  

  44. James Clayton says:

    There are many making political hay ridiculing apparently false allegations by BOTH sides. Wait for transparent both local and national investigations of the San Bernardino shootings and pay no attention to spin by the mass media of so called news. One Muslim-American writer asked if the small percentage apparently perpetrating jihad against the Judeo-Western coalition were Christian, would Christians be named and blamed? There is constantly so much condemnation of ethnic prejudice by those who will be  name-calling the loudest in the days to come. Not having to touch every hot stove to see if will really burn one was an important step in cognitive evolution that should not be ridiculed; carry it to its logical conclusion and do not be manipulated. Mark Twain wrote that it is far easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. Ask yourself, "Who benefits?"

  45. trudyb1929 says:

    Join hands and find loving, caring progressive minds THAT  maintain OUR PATRIOTIC LIBERTY  AND FREEDOM CAN PREVAIL- seek out your nearest  'OATHKEEPERS' GROUP –  All are welcome. You do not have to be a veteran to join.  "We believe that strong neighborhood  watches [with teeth]  are the most critical first steps toward a strong America, working from the bottom up to provide local security while we also strenghthen what is already there (search and rescue, volunteer fire, volunteer emergency medical, help establish proper food/water storage supplies. Include CERT teams, reserve deputy and police auxilliary, etc). We encourage the formation of Sheriff Posses behind constitutional sheriffs.    Read more at    

    We in Arizona have two of the best, largest  and most active groups in the state.  Chino Valley and Prescott Valley.   Our Community Preparedness Teams educate and  train members and families to provide for Emergency care, Medical supplies, Security  survival training, Engineering tasks and training , Communications training, ham radios and training to use them successfully locally and nationwide. Oathkeeper's teams can provide direct assistance to a community [as in guarding against arsonists during the riots in Ferguson, Mo.], but they are first and foremost training cadre to train other groups  and individuals in the critical skills they will need in ANY disaster.

  46. Greg Price says:

    I gotta say, our unresponsive elected officials need to be unseated.
    We need to do Recall Petitions for all officials that do not uphold the Constitution.  Do It!

  47. vivien says:

    Just wait until that becomes about food and water!

  48. russ says:

    Dane——-if this is what we have become than perhaps we deserve what is coming. If not for the children(who are innocent)we have become like animals. Its a sad state of affairs. God help us.

  49. Michel B says:

    A mass awakening? Not from Walmart. 4 minutes of that sorrowful rubbish was more than enough. Obviously there are those who will never wake up.

    But the rest of us have to save them eventually. That is our mission. Not just save our own hides but everyone's and everything. Yes, the Big Boys are throwing every red herring across the trail, every distraction, confusion and dumbed-down frame of mind at us and the majority are falling for it.

    So, that sets the parameters of our mission. That's all it does. Does it make it harder? Maybe so, but our fight goes on to keep the lights burning.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      This Black Friday thing has been going on a long long time.  What I want to know is why it is called "Black" Friday?!  How about Insane Friday, or something else.  Why black?

  50. Edward Palys says:

    Could it be that we are indeed nearing another collapse of humanity? Just like cultures before us, society reaches a termination of its own doing. Throughout history, there have been elite forces that destroyed themselves. Is it in our nature? The Egyptian culture of centuries ago collapsed into nothing. Others disappeared mysteriously. I think we're at the last breaths of another collapse, only this time it could be global. 

    I would say that the majority, by a huge percentage, are zombies today. When trying to discuss events like 9/11, they say it doesn't matter how or why the twin towers came down, they came down and THAT is fact. When I ask them if they believe that magicians pull rabbits out of a hat, they look dumbfounded, as if they woke up for a few seconds. People have asked me what is truth. When I pointed out facts or data to prove the lies of the media and show the truth, their reaction is they would rather not know the truth!Yes, today's accelerated destruction of the world has progressed beyond repair.

    • tag says:

      I find nobody wants to hear facts over fiction.  It would cause them to think and realize what they think is a perfect life, isn't.  If the NWO's plan is to eliminate most of the population?  They will die clueless. 

  51. David says:

    Thanks for another great report, Dane.  What you say about the various distractions and media circus is spot on, and I have been witnessing it unfold.  It's like dangling a toy in front of an infant's face to distract him.  I have found that credibility is indeed key to getting people on board with this – I have begun posting data and verifiable information on geoengineering from University of Stanford and Harvard University on Facebook so that my 'scientist' friends who want to say that my sources aren't credible, far-fetched, misinformed, or flat out wrong and only have their degrees to prove it – no data or info otherwise – have nothing to argue.  I believe that if we all pull together on this and each do our part, no matter how small, we can make the shift.  This is an insane time we are in, and humanity is showing its worst side, but there are a lot of people who are waking up to what is going on, too.  A lot of my other FB friends are hip to what I'm posting, so I know I'm not crazy!

    • MISSY says:

      Today while in traffic I posted  the elephant in the sky on my windows, I went to Portland area library and left a lot of literature, I handed out perhaps 100 of the 'business cards' and left alot on cars that were parked and actually talked to a few people especially since I found a group (I have signed up to all of them nationwide so I can improve my group here in Scappoose, OR) AND I actively was taking pictures of huge cell towers on local highschool field bringing attention to them!

  52. Jared saarni says:

    Yes what a shame that people are all like zombies and all the masses care about is material gain for these people there is little hope they will ever wake up. This is what the powerful elite want us to do just stay asleep and become a zombie while the evil weather makers unleash global destruction. Everyday I try to wake people up and every once in a while I do if only it was easier to get people to open their eyes so they could see the truth 

  53. scott says:

    I truly agree. I believe the Neo-Con's plan to exterminate 90% of the population is fully underway. Recent satalite images this past week reveal a major decline of growth in the worlds food producing areas.
    Father save us all!

  54. Debra Evans says:

    Now, what would happen if that was for food and water? I'm sure there had to be a few people carrying a gun..For food there could be a shooting..maybe a mass shooting…

  55. Julie Williams says:

    The sad people in the Black Friday video are more like animals with clothes on than human beings. What an embarrassment to our country. These are not the type of intellects that will wake up to much of anything. The NWO globalists see us ALL as being on that level, just crude sheeple to be culled. Yet they are drunk on power, technological control, and quite obviously – totally mentally ill. 

    • Philip Stone says:

      What a slap against the mentally ill!   LOL  
      At least the mentally ill are mostly a danger to themselves—not to others (lots of suicides and attempts at suicide)
      From someone who knows.

  56. Roger Gibbons says:

    Were are going to need the New Earth and Heavens that Christ referred to in Revelations. because this one isnt going to last another generation.

  57. Rodster says:

    Yesterday morning in Venice FL not far from the beach, I noticed several trails and it was pretty easy to tell they were fairly low and began to spread out and the sky had a noticeable sprayed look to it. I tried to take a picture so I could post it for confirmation of it but my smartphone camera wasn't good enough to take a good quality photo.

    • Stephanie says:

      I live in Osprey, FL. I see the spraying almost every day. They didn't spray at all over the long Thanksgiving week, clear blue skies and white clouds, and then this past Monday the spraying was intense. It started clouding up on Monday afternoon, and then Tuesday's spraying was intense as well. By Wednesday it was pretty much solid cloud cover, and although I couldn't see the trails, I am sure they were there. Today is Thursday and it is pouring rain. And just about everyone I talk to about it gets a completely blank look on their face; they have no idea what I am talking about. No matter that our skies here are filled with trails almost every day, no one seems to notice.

  58. Marsha Fulkerson says:

    Truly likened unto wild animals, but animals do better!!! I'd say the majority of this nation love our country, but the supposed leader has caused  turmoil that I've never seen in my 65 yrs!!
    Truly we are in the last days!! Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in front of our eyes! That's why I'm glad I have a Saviour, he will come and take his children home to a place the elite thugs can never see, or for that matter, anyone who does not accept him as Saviour. Not me saying, the best selling book ever, the Holy Bible, says. Yes us Bible thumpers, but at least we know who is really in control, right now and forever. So glad my mother taught me about him,
    We must still work and not give up!!  Satan is at the helm right now, but his time is growing speedily shorter.
    Dane, if we do not accomplish our goal, you fought the good fight!!! Among others, do not be downhearted! 

  59. Kat Lopez says:

    There's going to be a major event to snap people out their mass hypnosis. Humanity will get a big whack in the bum. There are too many asleep people and they just don't get it and it's already the 11th hour on Earth. Please store enough food and water and other basic supplies for a least 2 weeks and just keep it in storage.  Also, please MEDITATE for world peace and a positive world restructuring. There are many groups doing this all over the globe. Please join in.  And yes, there is a science behind meditation and it works! Research it for yourself. You can't do much else now but prepare for changes and meditate! There will be a mass event to wake people up at some point. This won't go on for much longer. It's always darkest before the dawn. Do not loose faith. Good always triumphs but we must pull together.

  60. Steve says:

    Perhaps an EMP from the sun wouldn't be a bad thing OR would all the nuke plants start melting down ?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Depends on where it hits, but yes, yet another really good reason to start taking down all reactors.

  61. dan g. says:

    worse thickest spraying ive ever seen here in sanberdoo as i haul large rip rap boulders from quarry to flood control projects i just want to quit drivers talking about how much work for them this year


  62. bija says:

    Humanity has lost it's way. Most of us will not survive the assault that is unfolding and accelerating daily. For myself, I truly don't  despair. For all the innocents and future generations we have failed, I have no words to describe the immensity of my sorrow! The depravity is off the charts. Everything is upside down. 

    Today here they are spraying us with the invisible poison.Theur actions are more rabid and desperate each day. The endless stream of lies vomits forth from all media as the masses consume more and more crap in a vain attempt to  insulate themselves from reason. 

    Our honest deeds are all we have left. We each must stand for something as all around us sink into unimaginable depths. Our actions matter more than ever and I admire each and every one of you on this path

    • a simple horseman says:

      bija, your words do not go un-noticed. It is "our" honest deeds that must prevail. Our sorrows and sadness have a place but it is not now, not in this time. Maybe you are down and discouraged by what you see persistently everyday in your sky. That stuff is in all of our skies. Listen to Dane, walk the talk, and live by three rules, be good to yourself, be good to the planet and be good to others. Teach it, spread it and most of all, "Live it".

    • penny says:

      bija, that was beautifully put. I, too, accepted long ago that one day I would cease to exist, but cannot accept seeing so very many innocent creatures suffer and die before their time. If you, like me and many others here, seek your solace in nature, we are doubly cursed by having our source of comfort destroyed just when we need it most! But you’re right, we must each stand, and keep standing. It’s good to have others like you to stand with. Peace 🙂

  63. You are very sadly quite right, Dane. As I wrote ins my latest post (, if feels like we are on The Titanic, and the orchestra (mainstream media) just keeps on playing its old tunes…

  64. moderncalamity says:

    Perhaps the toxins in the chemtrails are making populations more violent and irrational.  It is so clear to see the geoengineering damage, but perhaps those responsible for the spraying are already mentally compromised by their own actions.  It is a slow suicide for everyone and everything. These mass killings started around the same time as geoenginnering was accelerated.

    • Lee Harrison says:

      I am a self proclaimed chemiphobe and proud of it! I think ANYBODY should have a phobia hence (CHEMIPHOBES) about governmental agencies spraying atrocities! All in the name of SCIENCE whilst basically saying: fuck your HEALTH "I want to spray SULFURIC ACID to MIMIC VOLCANOES over your ass!" Or any other chemical, or ALUMINUM NANOPARTICLES hence ZOMBIE NATION/ALUMINUM ON THE BRAIN!!! I have noticed people getting angrier because of the GEOENGINEERING programs A "CHEMTARD" is truly those people who are outside getting exposed to the FALLOUT; chemicals that's in them GEOENGINEERING GENOCIDAL SOUPS! What go's up must come down!!! We NOW have POLICE "Out on the beat" inhaling GEOENGINEERING/CLIMATE ENGINEERING INSANITY, I'M calling it 'MECHANICAL CLIMATE' and they are literally going crazy! They're  shooting kids to DEATH and the KIDS had their hands in the air the whole time!
      Google: John P. Wheeler, C.I.A. Operative who tried to come forward about GEOENGINEERING because he was sick and tired of the government killing birds where birds were falling out of the sky like raindrops ALL DEAD from CLIMATE ENGINEERING INSANITY! (NOT JUST BIRDS DYING!)
      He was also the founder of the Vietnam Memorial Wall. He was seen in front of the PENTAGON threatening to come forward complaining about the spraying atrocities, his dead body was found sliding out of a dump truck in a landfill two days later to keep QUIET. People WOULD have listened to John P. Wheeler about GEOENGINEERING and the psychopaths down in the PENTAGON knew it!
      Just like Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Boorda didn't shoot himself in his chest twice with a shotgun CONVENIENTLY after OPPOSING the spraying programs either!

  65. Annelise says:

    Indeed. It is just unbelievable. Like a bad dream. I just wonder what percentage of people are awake to this? Remember that it was only 3% that carried off the American Revolution and won independence from Britain.

  66. Rachael Webb says:

    I truly feel we are approaching the end of days. The power structure has created a world of zombies that are all whacked out on some form of pharmaceutical drug, which in my opinion is the CIA program MK Ultra in the wild, so in doing this they are able to completely destroy our habitat around us. We are polluting the planet and trying our best to kill everything. Its very depressing. I honestly believe that our only hope of salvation is an all out technological breakdown.  

  67. Sebastiaan says:

    This is truly a dire time and situation we are living in today.
    Humanity has lost all touch and affection for the natural world and the beauty of it.
    Only through love and understanding can we heal ourselves, or by thermo-nuclear war.

    • Larry says:

      Dane that was a great monolog summing up the whole mess.I will not watch the video because I already know what extent the de- evolution of humanity has become. The power structure is insane and I now know that the f**kers are attempting to cull the population thru chemical spraying , coming Food shortages ,earthquakes ,droughts,weather manipulation and on and on while the public is completely clueless .it is nearly impossible to discuss  Geoengineering or any of the above mentioned engineered disasters. After listening to the coast to coast radio interview from the last post you had about the man that was asked to investigate the navy or army's EMF EXPERIMENTAL operations in northern California.they are using microwave technology not only there but in 17 I think this is what the jade helm was really about. These microwave antennas can be also be used to transmit "SILENT SOUND" low frequency subliminal messages dire tally into the brains of whoever is in the zone.the patent was acquired by the military in the 90's I believe this is why people are either waking asleep or agitated and will not listen or believe the facts when shown as in our battle to wake up those that do not see.  Has anyone lately seen the great scifi movie from the 1980's THEY LIVE? Holy crap if you haven't seen it  this is a must see. Ya it's a covert alien takeover of the earth but The similarity to what is going on now is uncanny.

    • Nnikki says:

      Hi Larry Thanks for the reminder to watch THEY LIVE. Been meaning to do that. Right now watching reruns of the X-FILES, most of which is also making very eerie sense in regards to what cabal-governments are capable of, as we are witnessing today…..

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