Manufacturing Winter With Geoengineering


Dane Wigington

In the combination satellite/radar image below, two flows of moisture (one in the west, one in the east) are being orchestrated and utilized by the climate engineers in the attempt to cool large regions of the US with chemical ice nucleation processes. The "Pineapple Express" of warm air and moisture is flowing in from the Pacific in the west. This flow of warm moisture was the beginning of "Winter Storm Iras". In the East, an anomalous flow of warm air and moisture from the warm waters southeast of Florida is pushed up the eastern seaboard, this warm flow was the fuel for the final chapter of "Winter Storm Helena".


How can such warm sources of moisture "change over" to snow and cold? Welcome to climate engineering and chemical ice nucleation.

The radar map below was captured at the same approximate time as the combination satellite/radar image above. When comparing these two images, the following question should be considered: how does a warm flow of air and moisture originating from warm oceans south of Cuba suddenly "change over to snow"? The "change over to snow" term is now commonly used by power structure owned "The Weather Channel" paid actors (and other power structure owned sources of weather "forecasting").


Looking closely at the above radar map, some rain cells (unfrozen precipitation) are still visible near the eastern fringes of the chemically nucleated snow zones. 

The next combination satellite/radar map below was taken approximately 20 hours after the similar image shown earlier in this article. The flow of warm moisture from south of Cuba to Maine and beyond was still fueling "Winter Storm Helena". In the west, the "Pineapple Express" was ramping up to fuel "Winter Storm Iras".


As the ongoing global climate engineering assault continues to be ramped up, satellite and radar images are becoming increasingly bizarre. Note that in the image above the entire North American continent is completely covered with a canopy of clouds and atmospheric aerosols. The same is true of mainland Mexico and almost all of the Gulf of Mexico. This is "solar radiation management" in action.

The satellite map below must be compared with the satellite/radar map directly above. As already stated, the warm flow of moisture being utilized for "Winter Storm Iras" is flowing in from the warm Pacific. Consider that there is virtually no snow of frozen precipitation visible in California, even in extremely high mountain locations with elevations well over 10,000 feet. Why not? Because of the very warm sources of this moisture. The day before the image below was captured, it snowed at the valley floor in Redding, California. Redding is at an elevation that is just above sea level at 500 feet. Then, the next day, as shown in the image below, no snow anywhere in the state including at elevations of far over 10,000 feet. 


A final note on the map above to consider, snow is shown falling in southern Mississippi, and only rain at the top of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. What is wrong with this picture?

The short satellite animation below was taken approximately 8 hours after the radar image directly above. The beginning of chemical ice nucleation processes were beginning to appear in California at the top of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Further inland, the warm flow of rain can be seen "changing over" to snow. As the chemical nucleation assault unfolds, the temperatures on the ground level can and do cool dramatically as a cold dense layer of air is created.

Also of note in the animation above, the impact of powerful radio frequency/microwave transmissions (used for climate modification) can clearly be seen in parts of Idaho and Washington.

The close up screen shot below is of a radio frequency transmission source in Washington, taken at the same time as the animation above was recorded.


The RF transmissions are a primary component of the ongoing climate modification processes.

The next close up screen shot below, taken over an Idaho RF transmission source, was also captured at the same time as the animation shown earlier.


The RF/microwave transmissions are just one more catastrophically harmful aspect of geoengineering programs.

The next two NOAA extended "forecast" (scheduled weather) maps below reveal what is coming for the US, yet more extreme weather whiplash. The chemical cool-downs cannot be kept up indefinitely, the record warmth will again re-appear in the south and East.


Every engineered cool-down that is carried out by the climate engineers comes at the cost of an even worse overall planetary warming.

The next extended forecast map below clearly shows a continued expansion of the extremely rapid rebound of warmth for the US. This extended "forecast" map also clearly shows where the climate engineers plan on focusing their efforts next, Alaska (along with continueing massive operations in Europe). The 48 of the US are headed back toward record heat as the geoengineers will do all they can to chemically cool the Arctic in their ever more desperate attempt to hide the implosion of the ice at the poles. The climate engineering chemical cool-downs are used to temporarily (and toxically) mask the ongoing planetary meltdown. 2016 was yet another record shattering warm year on planet Earth.


Radical weather whiplash scenarios will continue to rapidly worsen.

The final NOAA extended "forecast" map indecates that record breaking high temperatures will rapidly replace the preceeding  climate engineering chemical cool-downs.


We must expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering insanity, this is not an option, but an absolute imperative. Make your voice heard in this epic battle to salvage what is yet left of Earth's life support systems.

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198 Responses to Manufacturing Winter With Geoengineering

  1. Dennie says:

    Thanks to the massive ROGUE geoengineering programs (and ALL such programs ARE ROGUE) we are all quite literally biting "their" dust, 24/7/365.  After Fukushima's reactors blew and Unit 4 boiled dry (total loss of inventory caused a zirc fire), there's no doubt that some of that dust had radionuclide particles hitching rides on it. 

    • Linda D Roberson says:

      Everyone…prepare yourself- mentally, emotionally & most important, spiritually. Droughts, floods & scorching heat from the sun is predicted in the bible in the last days. May our Father has mercy on us all.

  2. Timothy says:

    DANE- do you think there is any chance of the chemtrails stopping since Trump does not believe in climate change? Please reply.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Timothy, about your question, we should consider this, when JFK drew a line in the sand with the shadow government he was dead within a week. If those in power truly feel threatend by Mr. Trump, we will likely know soon enough.

    • Timothy says:

      Doesn't make me feel very optimistic. The chemtrails affect my wife and my health so much. I wonder how many are affected? My wife can no longer walk 5 minutes without coughing up a storm. She never smoked etc…on heavy spray days, she is completely disabled. I get the severe eye burning. Anyone else?

    • Dennie says:

      @Timothy:  I live in San Rafael, CA and have been hospitalized with acute barium poisoning.  You should have seen the look of utter surprise on my physician's face.  It is debilitating when the barium levels are high.  I get bright red fingers and hands and toes and my face looks red, my heart rate goes up and I can barely move.  Lately, with the chemical ice nucleation (we had "black" ice here in San Rafael, a city in an area with a Mediterranean climate, this morning) there is a lot of burning and the particulates are being ground so finely that it burns people's eyes and ears.  When there's a lot, I lose my appetite, am dizzy and nauseated.  I spend whole days having a hard time keeping food down.  It's really worrisome when you cannot digest your food.

      I wish MORE people would write in with their symptoms.  IT IS NOT "JUST" COMPLAINING to do this and I snarl and snap at idiots who wanna say, "OH, QUIT YOUR WHINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  THOSE types need to move onto the Hanford nuclear site, then we can tell THEM to quit their "whining" when they're sick with radiation poisoning.  Our military "brothers and sisters" (not mine) are MINDLESS, BRAINLESS, HEARTLESS and SOUL-LESS ILLEGITIMATE PROGENY of their UGLY PARENTS, the Corporate-Masters-of-the-Universe LUCIFERIAN ANGELS– UGH!!!! They all belong in Hell, and NOT the one "they" are creating HERE, while everyone watches teevee.&nbsp

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Timothy:  Sorry to hear about your and your wife's discomfort.  It is something that affects many of us:  the eye itching, coughing and shortness of breath upon exercising.  You don't give your location, so it is difficult to determine what other factors may be causing your particular ailments.  But, here in Northern California, on heavy aerosol spraying days, I try to stay indoors as much as I possibly can stand, and do my necessary outdoor chores very quickly.   The eye burning and itching sensation, coughing  seem to be a common complaint. I no longer take long walks in my beloved forest and it is a sad commentary on what these psycho air devils are doing to us and the planet. A hint to your good wife….staying  indoors more than one is accustomed to can be stifling – I found that knitting or crocheting is relaxing and at the same time creative.  I knit hats for friends and family and when they are in the ''don't need anymore, Nana." mode, I donate to those who need them.  It helps take one's mind off the rat race in which we are trapped.  One more thing, Timothy, if you browse this webpage we are on, you will find a treasury of information that Dane has compiled for our education, not only on geo engineering, but on disasters accumulating rapidly in this world caused by geo warfare, etc..  Also, if you are in a mood to help us all spread the word, please order some of his flyers (you will get videos as well) and use them to educate others.  (Sending a pittance to cover the cost of mailing, etc. helps, but he doesn't ask for it).  Staying active in this fight is essential to your health and to the general welfare of the people on  this planet.  Hope your family's health improves.  Stay well, positive and active. Thank you.

      PS.  Men knit, too, you know.

    • MAP says:

      Timothy: I have many health issues already and all of the add-on symptoms from aerosol spraying just makes my situation worse. Back in 1996, my opthamologist recommended Naphcon-A eye drops for eye irritation.  Back then, I had to be outside for periods of time and it always seemed that a strong wind was whipping up and causing irritation. Looking back, I must wonder if most of the irritation for the past 20 years has been mostly from chemicals being used in SRM and SAI.

      Notes for Fellow Watchers: I try to keep healthy with the following:

      Vitamin C, Vit D (4000 IU), Vit E (800IU), Potassium, Selenium, Chelated Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium Malate, NAC and Flora Vegetal Silica. Along with as many organic foods as possible. Be well and God Bless Everyone. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Hello Timothy, your wife must do some kind of detox because of the aluminum. Water with high silica concentration helps ( be very careful with the fluoride ). Women lungs are very sensible to the particles, due to the hormones. Fruit with potassium helps a lot to eliminate the barium from the body. There are very good advices here in the site, see the last of Mrs Susan Ferguson about the subject.

      Good Luck.


  3. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Hello and Good Evening Fellow Watchers, I noticed that trees don't know whether to shed their leaves or hold on to them, It's January 13th and the leaves are still on most of the trees here in the Suburbs of Philadelphia North. We just complete a pretest on the water treatment or should I say the lack of water treatment, our water in the suburbs called Willow Grove, PA – The water is un-fit to drink they're water there is not safe to drink, So we protested on the main routes, Rt 611 and Rt 63 to no avail, they Blamed it on the Willow Grove Air Base that was shut down over 25 years ago… That's our community governance for you.-  No Answers Just Excuses. Now I notice that our leaves are still on the trees, does any other locations been experiencing similar tree problems? In the winter they should be gone??? I don't know what to make of it????

  4. Dawnski says:

    Heavy spraying a week ago when snowmageddon hit. Heavy spraying today with temps up to a balmy 70* and people wearing shorts as if it's a normal spring day. Most disturbing here in LKN NC. 

  5. Larry Charles says:

    In response to the person who asked…(I cannot find the post)

    Detox, air filters for her children..

    Google the terms or phrases below for more information. 

    For Detox:

    This is a complicated issue, a complex process, and different things work for different people.  If you presently take prescription medications or dietary supplements you should check with your local,  pharmacist, or your Dr., or a local Naturopathic Physician for potentially harmful drug interactions, and to see that essential medications are not being removed from your system through detoxification process, and that other complications will not occur.

    For Air Quality: Google:  

    *N100 or P100 (rated) face mask.  (Do not settle for a lesser rating.)

    *Personal air purifier 0.3 micron or smaller particulate filter.   

    *HEPA Filter for room air purifier.

    There are several online sources available for all sizes & types of breathing apparatus.  I have had reliable and courteous on-line results with (or something close to that :-), but there are many;  i.e. Amazon, eBay, Google etc.    If you don’t shop on line, check for an industrial safety supply company locally; or perhaps an  automotive body shop/paint supply.


    For water Quality: 


    *Reverse osmosis

    *Activated Carbon water filter.  

    *0.2 micron particulate wster filter.

    Home/Office air filtration:  Home Depot, Lowes, Sears and the like.

    Many brands, styles and cu. ft. capacities available.  You’ll have to do some homework.  Read the ‘reviews’.  You’ll “get what you pay for”

    Good luck.  Have fun.

  6. Dennie says:

    "They" don't care.  "They" and their ilk say bullsh!t things like "Glad I won't be here to see it," and "Well, I'll be gone by then."  Same sh!t as "I have mine, p!ss on YOU!!"  HEARTLESSNESS, actually, rooted in a lack of empathy, which is rooted in a failure of the imagination (they are one and the same thing– did you notice that–???) to consider reality from another's point of view, i.e., walking in my shoes, is The Number One Problem on this planet.  It's fashionable, actually, not to care. Here's to all you IDIOTS who have any of your energy still invested in that sick programming:  "Good luck with all that.  When YOUR house floods or better, catches on fire, I'll be certain to be a good neighbor and mind my own business."

  7. Wes says:

    I'm convinced this whole Trump thing is more theater. It's all preset. "The Really Big Show". This whole scenario building up reminds me of when they put "Shrub" in office. They put shrub in so they could do their big event. I think we're in trouble with another big event. It's all planned.

    If you owned the world would you leave anything to chance? No you wouldn't and they don't. Nothing happens by accident. Folks they're a couple of steps ahead of us with their psy op disinformation game.

    If you do some research you can see what is happening now is very similar to the run up to WWII. They started demonizing Japan about eight years before the "sneak" attack on the Harbor. Just like they're doing with Russia and China. Back then it was Japan getting to big for their britches in the Pacific, sound familiar? All of these wars are about markets.

    How can you people in the military be involved with your own demise? And the demise of your families. Can't you see your job has nothing to do with the security of this country. The military is there to make sure the trans global corporations have open markets. How can you people monitoring this web site and all the others do what you do? Can't you see you're on the side of evil? 

    I try to point things out to people but there brains won't go there. For example. Some time ago I'm seeing a picture and story in the MSM about how one of this countries Coast Guard ships in guarding a BP oil exploration ship up in the arctic. Why should we as tax payers be paying for the security of this trans global corporation? Okay all you people in the military, get it? Your job in not about "our" security.

    Along with the perps actively involved with the hands on operations of the sky crimes.  I'll tell you who else needs to be on trial for crimes against humanity. It's the likes of Scott Pelley and all the readers(actors) of world news. Without them lying to the public night after night, things just might be a little different. When I hear them spew out their filthy lies, it's infuriating. They are just as responsible for the murder of millions of innocent people as much or more than the soldiers pulling the trigger or dropping bombs. 

    • BaneB says:

      Wes:  I agree with you 100%. Around the period of the Jade Helm exercise, there were many utube videos of trains, hundred cars or more in length, loaded with all manner of military equipment, tanks, personnel carriers, some covered in concealment.  My thought was where is this going.  What is the destination, what is the purpose.  The question is answered…..Eastern Europe, to be placed at Russia's doorstep.  Those who brought us 9-11 have planned this looming confrontation.  We are their captives.  And the victims of their psychopathy.  The Great Babylon, she thought she would be forever.

    • Blue Sue says:

      I think your ideas are right on target Wes!  The manipulation, deception, distraction (by design) and theater, as you say, have been happening for a long time, and here we go again. 

    • Lucretia says:

      Yes Wes I agree.  When you have Paul Revere who we are suppose to revere, Bernie Madoff that made off with the money, Rob Neighbors that was ahead of the Savings and Loan fiasco that basically "robbed his neighbors" then why not have Trump trumping all those who believed he was anything but the globalists' minon?

  8. virginia says:

    Hi, Anon:  Sorry about the cancer deaths, and understand your feelings about "giving up."  Of course that is the one thing we should not do, no matter how discouraged we become.  You speak of everyone getting their day in the 'obituaries.'  Here's an epitaph I read on a very old, old, tombstone in Almaden in Santa Clara County, California. At the time I read it, I found it rather comical – that was over 60 years ago.  Now, not so much.

    Pity me not as you pass me by,

    As you are now, so once was I,

    As I am now, one day you'll be,

    So, be prepared to follow me.

    You are right…..we'll all get our day, so let's make the most of what we have.  Best to you, Anon.

  9. Melody says:

    Dear Dane….thank you for all you do. It amazes me that burn-out didn't set in for you long ago. Press on dear man!

    Although I don't comment anymore, I'm still in "the fight". I've taken so many "weather warfare" opportunities in my new venture/location, that I've lost count.

    One by one… food for thought, because (fact) ain't no one on this planet that doesn't observe and/or comment daily on the weather. I just keep sending them to your website : ))

    (Fact) The "fake news" has such a stranglehold on the masses ability to logically deduce anything anymore, that the masses could not recognize truth if it jumped up bit them on the nose. My feeling, it will take a catastrophe that even "the fake news" can't lie, spin or turn away from the masses.

    Everything in "fake news" news cycles are completely unnatural…everything!! 

    As you know, "The News" has been owned by a select few corporations for quite some time. From the earliest days of  Movies & T.V. "programming" through today, the cabal's agenda is complete. They have successfully programmed the masses who are now thoroughly hog-tied and spoon-fed every ounce of news bites, no matter the format of news.

    The obscene and hideous were innocuously presented in tiny, digestible bites. So much so, that now the masses swallow everything.

    "In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

    "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

    "Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act."

    Dane, you have my complete, utmost respect & empathy. What you have experienced with your mom & brother, I now experience with my own mom. Horribly, horribly hurtful!

    Be well!

    • BARBARA HUCK says:


    • BaneB says:

      Barbara Huck:  it's a confidence game.  Weather "normalcy" returns.   The new mantra…"the drought has eased."  My guess is the weather terrorists realize they are coming under increased scrutiny by the populace, and perhaps some 'representatives' are asking questions of the departments and agencies that are involved.  This would necessitate throttling back their criminal endeavors and allowing (manipulating) rain, and blue skies.  "See, the extremes are caused by climate change, not us."  Of course, once eyes and inquiry dissipates, the criminals return to "business" as usual.

  10. Audrey says:

    FYI to everyone here,   My dental office is keeping track of who uses fluoride and who doesn't.  I think they said for Delta Dental insurance company, but they're including all patients. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks Audrey, this is interesting.  Hope you will let us know what the upshot is all the way around.

  11. Watch CIA Director nominee Mike Pompeo discuss analytical targeting cell @ 1:24 minutes.  Does he look comfortable?  What does an "analytical targeting cell" do?

    [power outage interrupted this Senate hearing & led to room transfer]

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Following up CIA Director nominee Mike Pompeo's uncomfortable testimony on an "analytical targeting cell," I wrote a letter to intelligence committee member Senator James Lankford (R-OK). Here it is:

      Dear Senator Lankford,

      Thank you for your strong questioning during the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Russian hacking.  The American public would like to know the names of the “couple of dozen” countries (as DNI Clapper said) that have been subjected to influencing campaigns.  Please find the answers and share the information.

      Also, please see the enclosed carbon copy of a letter I sent to Senator Burr, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Also enclosed is an informational flyer about aerosol geoengineering that the intelligence community covers up.  I was a Fulbright Teaching Scholar in China in 2013, and China is engaged in this activity, as well.  My own exposure efforts include participation in parades, speeches to various groups, billboard sponsorship, and the distribution of many flyers.  Thank you for your time and attention.


      Mary Hollowell, Ph.D.

      Author of The Forgotten Room: Inside a

      Public Alternative School for At-Risk Youth

      Dr. Hollowell responds to Senator Lankford's ?s on Russian hacking

  12. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    The Tenth Winter Storm 'Jupiter' has been named. The Climate Engineers are scheduling an ICE Storm for the Plains & Midwest. A new Winter Storm developes every week. Jupiter is number 10, as we are in the second week of January, that equals one Winter Storm per week, since the beginning of November 2016. When Winter has ended we will probably have 20 to 25 named Winter Storms! Climate/Geoengineers fly laying waste to the skies. 

  13. Eva says:

    Want a Weather Forecast?  Ask Wall Street

    MSI Guaranteed Weather

    More reasons why we and our planet are being annihilated…..

  14. sea says:

    IMPORTANT – TO ALL …We must keep at it, we cannot diminish our flame, Dane has worked and is working tirelessly for the survival of humankind and the planet and he does not let down.Dane brought us this avenue of support. We must contact anyone and everyone we can and move at a pace that is much faster than we have before.

    I am suffering too- sadness, tears, anger, frustration and a loss of life and all at the hands of the greedy.Since my childhood I have always been captured by history, particularly why such beautiful and successful cultures fail… always based on greed and power.This is not new- we just allowed it to go to the next level, killing the earth which will kill all of us if we don't make change happen now.

    Thank you Dane over and over, and your family too.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      SEA – Agreed !! We got to keep the message alive and breathing, keep it fresh in the minds of the young, and in our young developing Military Minds. Keep an open mind and don't quite, it takes an village, and a average of 20 no's to get 1 maybe, and an average of 100 no's to get one yes I'll go to this site and investigate for myself. Don't give up on us Geo Engineering Watch people, We must keep it going, and thank you again Dane for the site of knowledge into this destruction of our only planet. Which brings me to a break in the day and I was listening to the radio, and a Beatles song came on and it was "BECAUSE" and the words made me cry. If you get a moment, you should listen. Keep it going people, I know those who have been awaken, they are always here posting comments, for those who know, I salute you.. Please Let the young know the truth, because they're being lied to… About what's the purposes are for, and it's not to protect us, and that's what they're being told. We must straighten that out !!  right away !!!

    • virginia says:

      Sea: A timely and meaningful post.  This may be the time for us to reflect what we would all do if this site went down for one reason or the other.  I, personally, have learned so much from all the knowledgeable posters who Dane freely allows to post the records of their personal observations.  This site is a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge and Dane has, indeed, been forefront at the helm without surcease.  I hope all of us realize how expensive the operation and maintenance of this site is. Mr. Wigington would never personally solicit for donations, that isn't who he is; but, I will, and am now reminding all to send whatever is comfortable for you, no matter how small, a donation to keep this important website operational.  Thanks to all of you and good luck to all, and continued success to GeoengineeringWatch.

      PS: I am not affiliated in any way with GeoengineeringWatch other than to posting (and driving those who moderate them nuts).  I do not personally know Mr. Wigington, other than to respect the man for the high purpose he has undertaken.

  15. horsegirl says:

    Dane, please correct me on any of this if I'm in error.  But some days ago I began searching the internet as though I wanted a degree as a geoengineer.  It led to applied physics.  I put in numerous searches incorporating the phrase 'geoengineering' in academic papers, etc.  A few days later on one of my infrequent visits to mug book, an ad popped up soliciting study at one Tandon School of Engineering at NYU for a degree in applied physics emphasizing nanotechnology and quantum mechanics.  I brushed up on quantum mechanics, and revisited those feelings in grade school when quantum issues were broached – that intuitive resistance to a lot of "just memorize the formula, dumb-ass" indoctrination substituted for genuine instruction.  Unlike classical mechanics, at the invisible level equations have lots of conjecture and plain slop built in.  The field is riddled with contention.  But before Einstein, of all people, I found his predecessor with those inquiries:  Max Planck.  Who was brethren dear to Ernst Rudin (the one who founded the pseudoscience of "genetic psychology" and wrote Hitler's racial purity laws).  Planck was an arch-eugenicist.  How curious to find this contentious, tentative species of science behind geoengineering initiated by one of the very souls who drooled over genocide.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Horsegirl: The more you peel back that onion the more scarier it becomes, America and American Scientists had an operation called "Paperclip" after the second world war WWII –  Where we took the very worse of the worse of the Hitler regime, Hitler's Scientist Nanotechnology, Germany was light years ahead of everyone else, Nano Germ-Warfare, America gave them a safe haven for work , to work – against our Fellow Human Beings, and justified that action, these should have been imprisoned war criminals at best ! ! These scientist did things to humans that were unheard of, even to this day, these type of scientist were way ahead of any human species in ways to kill human beings, Nothing seen since, not on this planet, they should have been lined up and shot for what they did to others, millions of Jews, Men, Women, and worse yet Children, ALL forgiven all in the name of Nanotechnology and germ warfare, it's unbelievable why we Americans would want such despicable people, even if they did have brilliant minds, but all was forgiven…because they were scientists. Were do you, me, us, America draw the line in the sand and say enough is enough, I understand the Rocket Scientists, but these others, I can't rap my mind around these types of people, pure sociopath's. Killing people by the millions…I don't understand to this day ????? But Now I do Understand why, Look what's happening now !! I believe it may get worse yet.

  16. LS says:

    Hi everyone, sorry to double post but here's what is not being said on any news that we've heard in the last week. The Sierra is a disaster area. Word has it that the plows and rotary blowers are all breaking down continuously because of all the broken trees and branches in the snow banks.Geoengineering is being unmasked in all it's ugliness. There are MANY, MANY side streets and roads that have not been cleared in a week. The snow can't be moved with a push plow or blower it is such a dense mess. People should not come to the mountains. PERIOD. Vacation rentals (AKA hotels in the neighborhoods) are buried and need a front loader to clear even a short driveway. The ruts in the roads will leave most vehicles high centered. We are pros in the snow removal department and I wouldn't say to stay away if it wasn't necessary. You'll never hear it from the money hungry ski areas or towns up here. Good luck, all.

  17. Donna Steinacher says:

    I want to comment too, on what we see every day and night.  We live in North Idaho, Not too far from the Canadian Border.  Your maps are showing exactly the weather we have been having. Where we live, we have experienced many nights of below zero.  The coldest has been minus 25 at night, and a lot of nights around minus 16  –14 or around that. Our area has been the coldest.  This has not been normal as most winters usually go, hardly ever minus's for at least 3 weeks, like it has been this winter.   A lot of  times i look out at night (with the full moon) and it is clear, until you see the long straight lines start to move in, by the middle of the night,, or  morning, the sky is completely covered over. Yes too the weatherman last night says we have a warm up with rain coming. We do get January thaws, most years tho.

    During the day, winter and summer, we witness many planes going over spraying, and all of our clouds look like straight lines in the sky, I know that is not normal, I grew up with nicely shaped ones up there,  I also see the rainbows small ones up there too.

    And as everyone says, people are going around not talking about it, and not wanting to hear about it either,  I see it every day, and can't help saying something about it.

    Thank you Dane for all you do , so thankful to know i'm not crazy, but others think the same way too.


  18. Michel B says:

    If depopulation is one of the aims of these programs, it is not to save the earth from there being too many humans. They are willing to destroy the biosphere to reduce numbers. Depopulation has another aim and it has nothing to do with helping us or the environment.

  19. Ron Marr says:

    Remember the game we used to play where the winner could yell, "TRUMP". That was all the election was about. Has anyone read, 'THE MURDER OF REALITY", by Pierre Sabak. Interesting.

  20. Tyran says:

    Southern Manitoba, Canada, has been getting a ton of of snow dumped on us since December. The old farmer's almanac predicted very little precipitation this winter… but by now we have mountains of it. After the wicked storm this morning, a toxic lilac-gray haze settled over my city, and I felt it before I even looked out the window. Every time the haze appears my lymph nodes swell up until they're very sore and my sinuses prickle.

  21. JR says:

    Update and correction from Southwest, New Mexico. Our sky is getting bombarded by these jackasses braying in the wind with SAG/SRM-Chemtrails. The rain clouds coming in from West are broken down as usual to white outs left in wake of spraying on purpose. The scum doing this evil are truly blinded in their arrogance and pride, how can they not know what they do, right? A correction on post a couple of days back on Balmorhea State Park, Texas swimming pool is fed daily by spring water of 24 million gallons daily, truly a work by the (one) and only Lord…Thanks…

  22. David Smith says:

    Here is another distraction and misinformation stating algae blooms are causing alzheimers and autism not the spraying of aluminum and other chemicals in the air. More proof you can't trust the media.

  23. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Here we go again…Weather whiplash, today in Philadelphia 64, tomorrow 34, day after they're saying 55 and so on… The Local Weather Forecasters are lost for predictions, It's funny watching these folks, because they know the truth and watching them lie about the weather is fun to watch, they just say it's going to be a warmer cool day with a chance of rain and a chance of snow maybe tomorrow… It's absolutely funny, What's not funny is watching these unmarked jet flying and spraying these chemical trails. I received these new binoculars for Christmas and they are good, I never noticed this before the binoculars, but they're spraying out of a lot of nozzles, and yesterday the jets were flying in all different directions. One going east, one west bound, then a couple south and a couple north, it was amazing how quickly they made a blue sky gray and then rainy. I'll tell you the truth, my heart sunk, I was down right depressed. It took a whole day to think of a way to stop these crooks stealing our futures and the future of our children and grandchildren. I was reading how the vets got involved in the Dakota pipeline, and successfully put a holt to that operation, Dane – I was wondering if you could call him, I will have to look up the story again to get his name, but he was a real good organizer, and asked for 1500 vet and over 4500 showed up. This is what is needed here. Dane what's your thoughts on this proposal?? Dane, Please let me know??   

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joe, yes, such communications and reaching out is important, I can use all the help I can get on that front. I simply cannot begin to keep up with all the tasks before me in this battle no matter how many hours I put in.

  24. TOMBOLA says:

    Hello Dane & fellow readers,

    Great to see the efforts by all on here have been stepped up to new levels.

    Somebody sent this article to me and said it wasn't the planes causing this, rather it is natural because the expert said so.

    As usual i didn't know weather to laugh or cry.

    Strange weather patterns in Perth, Western Australia recently – in line with the rest of the world it seems.

    Good luck to all.

    • Earth Angel says:

      These guys must really believe the public are a bunch of dolts. Ha! I guess in many cases they are correct. I have never seen anything so absurd as these 'cloud formations '' and I flew nationwide 50 weeks a year in the early and mid 1980's for my job. Large & small planes, across the country east to west and north to south- even out to Hawaii a few times and NEVER saw anything even CLOSE to the neat geometric parallel lines of sprayed material seen in that footage you shared with us TOMBOLA. What a laugh for anyone to try and explain them as 'natural' cloud formations- these guys are really desperate! Thanks for sharing these pic's from our friends 'down under'. You made my day!  : )

    • Mark says:

      Ignorance is bliss

    • Blue Sue says:


      Absolutely unbeleivable — the idiot comment/explanations of those brainwashed weather reportrers:

      "It's like skipping a stone across water," he said.


      "The wave clouds are caused by air being forced up over a range of hills and performing a wave like motion until it settles down, which causes the gaps."

      I could come up with an equally ridiculous  fabrication: Those perfectly parallel streaks of white are simply a formation caused by winds "combing" the clouds.  


  25. Wes says:

    Did you guys see this yet? I like the one comment. It's better to be above the toxic clouds than below them. Because someone in "authority" tells the masses that this is some natural phenomenon and they believe it? How dumbed down can people be? I wonder what the talk inside the plane was.


  26. Michiel Kok says:

    Hi Dane.

    As far as this post goes, Its being put to good use .

    As we spreak Europe is experiencing radical weather whiplash exactly in the way one would expect from such an onslaught of climate engineering,

    There has been 4 days of "Snow and ice" forcasted here around the netherlands/Belgium. Every mainstream media source is pumping out story's of"Coming Harsh Winter Days", and more theather alike, 

    But it is now so obviously out of control with fluctuations in weatherpatterns that thank mother earth, A lot of people are starting to ask questions, I have been able to provide this post,(Along with Many more ) To a lot of People who now have started investigating for themselves . 


    I salute you Mr wigington.   I am addicted to common sense and you are my only dealer .

    Greetings from the netherlands . 

    • virginia says:

      Greetings, Michiel:  Dank je!  Your participation in helping to fight this climate modification is so encouraging.  Good luck to you.  Thank you, again.

    • Michiel Kok says:

      Thank you virginia for your words of kindness.

      And the same goes out for you and all the couragious people here(and offcourse the team) . 

      This is such a incredible critical point of time for saving any kind of habitable energy balance on this planet. As dane Said accurately several times , Every day is like waking up to an combination of groundhog day and the truman show,   When i read the comments of all you honorable human beings it gives me the confidence that not 100% of the human race is clinically Psychopathic or Cowardly Conformists .


      You are all loved.  Keep on banging the drums of truth .

  27. gotta go says:

    Paws Radar Beale Air Force Base

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Dear Gotta Go: What's with the local weather channels not showing their new fancy radar equipment like they did before, Before these aircraft became an everyday thing. That double sweep Doppler radar, why don't they show that any longer??

    • Mario says:

      Yes, PAWS radar is at Beale.  Google it and you will find pictures. It is a different configuration from the other towers with a Radome (big, white, ball).  PAWS, I believe, is a ground level, odd geometric looking unit.  There is a consistent energy source emanating from something in that area, which fed this "flood event" in California.  Watch radar, and trace the radial energy patterns emanating from the Oroville area.  Can't say for certain which transmitter(s) is producing this energy, but it is readily apparent.  It overlaps with whatever is coming from the north coast of California, south of Fortuna, possibly in the Ferndale (or close to it) area.  It also overlaps with transmitters on the central coast and Nevada.  Its also probable that there are sea based facilities off the West coast utilized as well.  I hate to be speculative . . . I am still trying to connect the dots while watching radar closely.  The more I observe, the more I learn.   

  28. LS says:

    While the lead actor from the weather theater channel was on the mountain at Heavenly, apparently Mount Shasta was breaking a storm record with over 18 feet of snow. Not a peep about it on MSM. Brutal is the word for this precip. And the effects on us.

    And yes, I miss Marc the fiddler too.  If you see this, no one puts it in words like you do, Marc. 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello LS, I can’t say what the snow totals were on Mt. Shasta, but I see the Mt. Shasta from my back yard (next to Lake Shasta), and through this whole “mega storm” we have only received a bit over 4 inches of rain, and that was at a very slow pace (over 5 days). We had much more precipitation to date in the 2005-2006 season. Overall, the media is heavily hyping this recent weather in our state, especially when compared to the overall historical weather data. It is about convincing (and pacifying) the population that the years of drought (also engineered) are over, as if the dead and dying forests will somehow magically recover.

    • Dennie says:

      When I tell people that we have an estimated one million dead trees with an estimated one million more dying trees, they can't believe it.  And this was a main stream media news story, too.  It ran on the front pages of The San Francisco Chronicle, a major Northern California daily publication.  Duh.  People not only have no idea where to look for information, they just aren't looking– too preoccupied with their own little lives to pay attention to anything that truly matters.  Like an environment that works. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, perhaps you the tree mortality figures you are giving are local, state figures are much higher as I am sure you know. FYI

    • BaneB says:

      Dane and LS:  woke up this morning to another five inches of snow.  The higher elevations here in my area of Mendocino County have seen copious amounts of rain, and snow.  Certainly not 18 feet!  Yikes!  The winter of 2012 deposited a total of eight feet, one storm dumping 4.5 feet in two days.  It's interesting Dane that your area has received so much less precipitation than my area, from what I gather.  And your region is being zapped by three NEXRAD facilities that overlap.  I might add that the whine in my brain ("ears") is barely perceptible this morning.  Last evening it was full bore.  Just some thoughts.


    • Marc says:

      Hi LS. Marc, the fiddler here. I haven't gone away for good (as in: toes up, six feet under) but if the skies around the world are a portent of worse things to come, I'll be dead soon enough and this planetary infection will be seen through quite a different pair of eyes than the ones now so often blinded by my tears.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dane, I am surprised at your lack of rain and ability to see such snow on Shasta.  I do know that here we've had SO much rain, and COLD, and it is supposed to turn to ice tonight.  Usually my redwood here does a happy dance in rain, but not this time, and this time it killed it quicker, not totally dead yet, but moreso all the time.  I also know for a fact how very much snow in the Sierras.  Very much.  And things here are flooding and trees are falling.  A palm across the street from me came down, I've been watching it for some time as it died dead and down.  One woman was killed while walking through a golf course by a thin tree that fell just so.  My daughter calls these homicidal trees!  Trees fighting back!  I had trouble getting on this site today and I know why I think.  Since you've been listed as fake news, the reason behind it seems to be from promoting RT.  Out of 17 pages of crucial bits of the hacking incident, 8 of those pages were dedicated to RT.  But, the fact that I could get through maybe means your voice is wanted, someone wants you to keep speaking out.

      Marc,  Dry your eyes.  We need you.  I too am very depressed and shocked and fearful.  But life has a way of winning, one way or another.  Onwards, as Andrew would say: On, on!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, about the rain near Shasta Lake, not a “lack” must not exceptional as the hype would have many believe.

    • Dennie says:

      Dane:  Thanks for the correction.  Here's the sfgate/S.F. Chronicle story on more than ONE HUNDRED MILLION DEAD TREES in the Golden state:

  29. Mario says:

    1-11-17: The "clouds" finally broke.  First let up in the rain in several days.  Aerosol disbursements on-going over lower cloud cover.  The weather makers are hell bent on creating an even bigger disaster in California. They have another cell lined up in the Pacific.  What are they trying to prove? 6 years of drought and then this…please…

    • BaneB says:

      Mario: A confidence game underway?  Turn off the drought machine, turn on the flood gates.  This should fool enough sheeple to believe the weather, while not exactly normal, well…at least it's raining.  Things are "looking up."  Nothing to see here folks.  Move along.  We get a bite, but not the whole.  Hope springs eternal.

    • Dennie says:

      Harvey Wasserman (coined the No Nukes slogan in the 70s) is on record saying that "Hopelessness is a corporate asset."  We need to let that soak in.  Because it is TRUE.  Unconsciously, the proverbial "They" want to destroy even your hope– what do you have left then, hmm?  Would you really let "Them" take that away from you?? Why give "Them" all of your power–???

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Marlo, Well it's not let up here just yet.  And they say more to come.  It's kinda fun to watch the weather people being confused.  I believe that they have lost control of their monster.  I've been in northern CA for nearly 50 years.  Always blew my mind that there was no rain at all for so long, grass yellow in summer, green in winter, end of summer everything burns and in winter it all washes away.  However, it was NEVER THIS COLD.  This extreme in everyway.

      @Dennie–too true!  Well said.  Hopeless as a corporate asset.  They are too close to achieving that!  I'll be damned if I ever give up hope.  I don't seem able to!!

  30. Dennie says:

    At least Trump is tapping Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as an advisor.  They are anti-toxin and will hopefully be able to fight Big Pharma for clearer scrutiny and truth regarding vaccines.

    • Mario says:

      Or he might be fishing for a big name.  People like DT love to be associated with names like "Kennedy".  It's part off their meglomania.  Like Arnold and Maria Shriver.  Arnold would've married any Kennedy who showed interest.  I'm not disagreeing with you, Dennie . . . anything is possible . . . and maybe I should be more positive.  I'm just not holding my breath.  Trump is a schoomoozer and a world class bulls**t artist.  People like that do not have deep conviction about a lot of things.  They say things to get attention, because that's their personality.  Maybe RFK Jr. is different.  Maybe it'll be a good thing.  It's all insane.  May the force be with us.

    • Blue Sue says:


      RFK Jr is different (than Trump's ilk) and I saw him speak in Anchorage Alaska about 8 years or so ago at a Cook Inlet Water Keepers Event and he is definately against vaccines and big Pharma. I believe his son has autism. 

      On the evening news tonight, our local weather gal Jackie Purcell described what was shown on a viewer submitted photo (of dispersed aerosol trail "clouds" obscuring the setting sun as "Phantom Organa" — yup — that's what their calling chemtrails on the evening news now. And we have dense fog warnings here when the temp is near zero farenheit and expected to drop to maybe 20 below in the next few days — with a chance of snow!  Get that!

    • Dennie says:

      Trump's on record relating a story about the very young child of a worker in his business who was injured by vaccines.  He perfectly described the situation with the child, who came down with a fever, then was diagnosed as autistic shortly thereafter:  The sycophantic main stream media tone has been apoplectic.  I don't know if he's going make good on and go through with his anti-toxic too-many-too-much-too-toxic vaccine stance– who could?

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      I agree with Mario. Whatever Trump does now is merely circus, entertainment, dazzling carrots in the faces of donkeys, liberals or any others, seduction, distraction, while business as usual goes on unabated. Hopeless. The corporatocracy that runs the Empire is in full control, from the banks to the Pentagon.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, Yes!  Here and there seems like something is possible in the fallout of the dustup.

    • Gretchen says:

      The Kennedys with a conscience have been assassinated.

  31. This is a heads-ups for any who are preparing to deal with the snow that just passed over the intermountain west, Idaho and eastward, in particular.  As always, the tankers were flying in force above the storm, while I was out shoveling yesterday and trying to stay ahead of the non-stop accumulation.  Normally, in spite of my nearly 62 years, I am able to shovel for two to three hours without a break… and did so yesterday and the day before.  Today, however, something is different.  I managed a whopping 3 or 4 shovels full of the snow that fell overnight and suddenly found myself winded and sweating, with my heart pounding.  Thinking I was over dressed, I went inside and put on a lighter garment, returning to my work within about 5 minutes.  Within 3 or 4 more shovels full, same exact situation.  So I went back inside and, in telling my companion what was happening to me, discovered he was having the same reaction when he attempted physical activity in this particular snowfall.  In his case, pulling the wheeled garbage can through the snow to the curb… a distance of only 50 feet in a snow depth of about 8 inches left him winded, sweating profusely and shaking.  Granted, we are both older, and this is a very wet and heavy snow, but I have a very strong heart and find it strange we would both suffer the same physical symptoms within such a short duration of exposure.  I don't know what is in the mix on this round of nucleated precipitation but, if ever there was something that can be called heart attack snow, this is it.  Please be very, very careful in dealing with it, and monitor your vitals closely.  Stop immediately if something doesn't feel right.
    Best to all, please stay safe
    Laura Marinangeli

    • Ed Bee says:

      We had snow here Monday. I had a headache and felt lousy all day, almost like I was having a heart problem. I talked to a friend whose system is much like mine (same food sensitivities) and she said she could barely get off the couch. Her symptoms were exactly like the ones I had. As someone else commented, the local obituaries list a lot of people in their 50's and 60's now.

    • gotta go says:

      Laura…time to buy a snow blower? Anyhow, I hike daily, only now I use a 3M mask I do find when the pinheads are spraying I find it challenging to breathe.

    • horsegirl says:

      Laura, hello, I'm 60 and getting such symptoms too.  My observation is the new mix sneaks up on us because our lungs are coated in a superfine veneer of nanofilth – much finer than the previous concoctions.  Before I would get that gooey feeling in my lungs and know something was buiding up.  Now we don't feel it very soon, if at all.  On such a hunch I began inhaling my GSE mix any time I felt weak, although my lungs felt fine.  To my surprise, it would give me back my oxygen.  And strength.  I just didn't sense the build-up like before and attributed the weakness to something besides a coating on my lungs.  I hope this helps.  It sure has liberated me.  I don't wait for slime lung sensations.  The minute I experience any tiredness, weakness or mental fog, I grab for the GSE.  It has broken the spell every time.  Bless you.  I think of your art work every time I see your name.

  32. CJ says:

    I haven't come to this site for a long time. It is quite apparent to me though, that the majority of the sleeper's will not, and most likely won't wake up. I look at people wandering around in quite a daze. It is like they are in a Trance. Almost like a Zombie State of Mind. Wires in their ears and putting an excessive amount of weight on. This is what I see when observing around each and every day. I really thank you Dane for exposing the Critical Matter that is at hand. I hope that people that go to your site "pay close attention" what you are introducing to all. My regrets are that there have not been enough people that have taken heed and fully woken up to: what "you" have presented in all the your work that you do. That is a real shame that "Sheeple People" have not yet grasped this from looking up. Most do not know that each and every day that the sky is full of toxins and that they are being poisoned slowly each and every day. I really find this hard to believe, but it is an ongoing Trauma that everyone needs to acknowledge and address. Thank you Dane for your persistent work. 

  33. Susan Ferguson says:

    Obscene. Thanks, Anon.  :o)

  34. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: From a "rocket science" friend who knows…
    1. The reason the new nanoparticles are preferred is: a) metals, etc. that are ground superfine (like confectioners sugar compared to granular sugar) cover a larger surface area, implying more coverage using less material; b) also the nanoparticles stay aloft much longer, maybe 3 days or more depending on wind drift, material buoyancy, etc.; and c) the dispersion rates are much faster and more effective, meaning the sprays spread across, covering the sky further and more quickly, which is good for EW electronic warfare (communications & Chaff) – and also to confuse the public.
    2. The jet fighter pilots, like those who are in the cockpit of the Growlers here on the Olympic Peninsula are truly, in the most real clinical sense, addicted to flying these planes. Today’s fighter jets are stuffed with the latest most advanced electronic technology – the 'Pods' attached to them are like small HAARPS. (The pilots often become sterile). The pilots endure countless hours in grueling training to learn to use these high tech very expensive electronic devices. Many do not make the grade, so the ones that do are bloated with their own sense of superiority, which the military considers useful to keep them constantly competing with each other, and at their best performance level. They live in fear of losing their wings. A desk job inevitably means a deep depression. They are literally biochemically hormonally addicted to flying these jets. The saying goes that “flying a fighter jet is 90% boredom and 10% terror.” It is the terror that gives them the hormone adrenalin juice high that they are addicted to. This high is said to be better than sex, it pushes them to their limits and beyond. Because of their enormous pride in the satisfaction of being the few who excel enough to earn the right to fly these superb machines, they have no thought for the human beings below them, no thought, no feeling for the innocent women & children below who they might bomb in combat.  They just don’t care. They are doing their job, that's all. They are too consumed by their own self-importance, their status with their peers and commanding officers, their brilliant technical skills, and their addiction to the adrenaline high that comes from the 10% — and power. The innocent below, the enemy or taxpayer, are not even considered.

    • Mario says:

      SF:  You are absolutely right.  My observations are that they can build a an aerosol canopy to cover a vast area in mere hours . . . or less.  Since I have been alert and watching, I have noticed them getting quicker and quicker with this.  Especially the Friday before the flood "event" in California.  

    • Steve Brownsberger says:

      Hi Susan, I want to first say thank you for all the great research you perform and post. Always very informative. My thought on our military is very sour. I know Dane has mentioned many times our need to have people from the military join this cause and that I agree with. But the blind faith we have for our military brothers and sisters is sick. Stop thanking them for their service. In my opinion they have been a bunch of ignorant bastards following orders from other ignorant bastards. When and how does that stop……..only when we realize how false is our reality. I have uncles that spent an entire career in the air force that never once mentioned anything about anything. Are they really that stupid or just sworn to secrecy? We need real soldiers today and the threat is not in the middle east but DC.

      How can anyone respect what has been orchestrated by our military since 9/11? Check out Oliver Stones 'Untold History of the United States of America' it is on Netflix…..enjoy. As for 9/11; that event does not occur without the full consent of the military. If you question that, then read Michael Ruppert's book 'Crossing the Rubicon'. It will leave you with no more questions as to what took place on 9/11.

      The threat we humans face both in the US and worldwide emanates from DC. It is about time our military grows a pair and resets this picture. I will add that to my evening prayer, but thanking the military for their service…….not this sheep.

      God bless everyone.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, for the record, I do fully understand the justifiable angst you feel toward the US military (for countless reasons), but consider that we have no chance of prevailing in this most critical battle unless or until we are able to wake up a significant percentage of US military members. Also consider that the vast majority of those in the military are completely compartmentalized and lied to about almost everything, this fact must always be remembered. I am already working with some high ranking former military personnel (USAF Major General, and others) that are doing everything they can to help us bring the weather warfare insanity to light and to a halt. I do not deny that the crimes that have historically been committed by our own military could never be quantified, but I have personally worked with rehabbing horribly crippled Vietnam veterans that were among the most exceptional men I have ever met. They, like so many others in the service, simply did not have the information they needed to fully understand the bigger picture of what they were involved in, and why. How many of our own families and friends are still every bit as blind as so many in the military? Programing is difficult to break down, but if a critical mass of the awakened is reached, the tide will turn. There is no other way forward. Even our legal efforts are ultimately directed toward waking the populations and members of the military. Coming headlines of continued climate disintegration will help to force the awakening, and this awakening must include members of the US military that are still completely blind to the truth on countless fronts.

    • Dennie says:

      Susan:  I've noticed this about the particulates– they have gotten much finer, a fine powdery film covering the skies, 24/7/365.

      "Flyboy" narcissists– serves 'em RIGHT to lose their fertility, via The One Thing They Like Doing Best: Screwing the planet!!!!  Psychopaths should not be allowed to pass on their genes. 

      The way "we" raise our male children on Planet Earth is TOTALLY WRONG and has led us right into SELF-DESTRUCTION.  ENOUGH, IDIOTS!!!!  IT'S PAST TIME TO START RAISING YOUR SONS WITH SOME F*CKIN' HUMILITY, actually– UGH!!!

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      SF: The “rocket scientist” who shared this with me was one of the few who, many years ago, woke-up – and in an intensely revelatory experience understood that his bombs were killing and maiming innocents. Through years of opposition and struggle, he managed to extricate himself from his military service. For the rest of his life, his commanding officers found him, tracked him down, and had him fired from every job he secured, virtually ruining his life and any opportunity of using his enormous talents and intelligence. These are the potential consequences, which must be well known at least on subliminal levels.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, thank you, this was so very well relayed and said.  I have been noticing the same, much like Mario said.  Whenever some Senator or person representing climate action asks me for my thoughts and gives me room to say, I mention the vast amount of pollution from weather modification not to mention the sheer amount from the war games of Growler Jets flying all day, on the Olympic Peninsula, nearly everyday, and for years.  I always mention our out of control military, even the pollution from the subs and their weapons.

      There is a reason the military goes after young men, and especially disaffected young men.  Your description fits many scenarios, such as gaming which young guys get really into, or gambling, or heck, even me with Sudoku-which I tell myself is good for my brain and part of my process but in reality is for the rush when I get Something right!  There are all sorts of elites and these fighters are one kind.  Sometimes with age and experience comes context and someone sees the light.  Only to be punished forever because to a lot of these guys, it is kind of a gang, club/brotherhood  like mentality.  If you break rank, quit, speak out, you are a traitor to their brotherhood.  It is as if they don't punish, they too will have to think for themselves, perhaps even see the light, and feel the shame, and they can't have that, they Must be right!  So very brain-washed to think so.  Otherwise, their world falls apart.  Sad. 

  35. horsegirl says:

    Chem Nocturne

    Skin rash, check.  Chemscum flu, check.  Coughing lungers by the cup, nose crust, and a sky that matches in color.  Intermittent brain fog, strange idiosyncratic joint aches, a sense of having been cut off from my own core, at times, like watching my own mind on a monitor, check, check, check. Downing aspirin like peanuts.  One significant difference.  That ultrasonic tremble, that deep throbbing hum we investigated and were informed the college nearby – was party to constructing an "aquifer wall" (???) – after tormenting us since over a year ago when we couldn't even be sure we heard/felt it or its location – has strangely ceased.  Evidence of some colossal water works here at the international wall include periodic sighting of enormous concrete cylinders.  Some so huge traffic is stopped by highway patrol to create a one-lane venue for passage.  That monster of an aqueduct valve stuck in the rotary one morning, cops and their lights flanking it, in which numerous horses could have been corralled.  The hum was stationary, subterranean ELF shuddering with highly variable tone and volume usually when class was not in session at the neighboring college.  The subsonic screams of the earth being raped.  If I misheard and they said "well" not "wall" they surely long since tapped China.  Hundreds of fluttering worries like flies about my head; where's Marc the fiddler, where's Marc the fiddler…  Screaming in the truck outside the Walmart yesterday over the theme titled "targeted individual" which I won't get into now.   A sense of forming our minute part in a great collective psychic pitchpull.  Prelude to apocalypse, however people explain it to themselves.  Were it not for my "rabid superstition" in believing sayings like " Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as in Heaven," "blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth" (not kosmos in Aramaic, which signifies a world system, but "ge" meaning terra firma) and "come… to destroy those who destroy the earth," I would check out right now, forget it.  A fusty old superstition our materialist indoctrination insists.  If you can't see it or stretch a math equation across its noodle, it doesn't exist.  Right, a lake of fire, how utterly absurd, delusional, superstitious.  Hell as nothing more than a "literary device" according to the current Holy See.  Bwahahaha as they chirp on lesser blogs.  Methane, schmethane, Papa?  Move along, move along, nothing to see up there in Heaven, Papa?  All that Luciferian scribbling, that nano-artillery nothing but "harmless" contrails and conspiracy theory, Papa?  To the Vatican:  an ocean of blood, literally an ocean of it, is on your collective head.  So much for listening to anyone who would construct a Vatican on grounds that were formerly Nero's circus.                    


    • ron hall says:

      Horsegirl: A fine Kerouac stream of consciousness rant by you allowing the inner torments of our ever more nano-particularized brains to reach for some relief as we wail our clenched fists at an unforgiving sky made that way by human-like things that are on automatic pilot as they fly their automatic horror spraying machines while old wise mystics in unknown mountains sit near a cliff pondering the idiocy of grey straight lines high above where eagles soar with dazzling sight at the circus of right angles below which have now become towns of sheeple living their "ground hog" days in an ever more sleepy manner as an octopus arm of a television that morphed into an animal while staring at it's dysfunctioal navel made that way by slaves beyond a distant horizon where "Armies clash by night on a darkling plain."  

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      horsegirl — Your afflictions are almost unbearable to read. What are you doing to detox, to keep yourself healthy? Have you tried using colloidal silver. How about Vegetal Silica and Chlorella. And my favorite the serum colostrum by Synertek.

    • horsegirl says:

      @ Ron Hall – love the gonzo Amen chorus

      @ Susan – I'm going to look into those cleansers, thanks so much.  I have wanted to get your opinion for some time about sweeteners.  Observing that "sugar is poison," wondering about organic dates as sweeteners.  Agave?  Organic maple syrup?  Molasses?

  36. Adam Coleman says:

    Weather talking heads were more accurate a decade ago and the mad scientists must really get off making many of the ignorant as to why forecasters look stupid and at the local level many are left scratching their heads 

    The elephant is in the ELEVATOR

  37. JR says:

    This past week I was in West Texas east of El Paso, Texas. The area visited was Fort Davis, Texas as SAG/SRM spraying was heavy east of El Paso all the way into this small town where McDonald Observatory exists. This observation point has been there for a very long time and the winds came with the spraying. The trees are dying off, with no rain having been from surrounding area years ago. These punk sprayers were really going out of their way with their spraying I'm sure as far off as Marfa, and Alpine area into the Big Bend National Park into Mexico having no boundaries. This website was down earlier today I noticed, 1-10-16. Other areas visited were Balmorhea, Texas where heavy spraying was over this small town where the locals are trying to fight off oil companies coming in and fracking for oil and natural gas. The state park exists where San Solomon Springs brings in over 1000,000 gallons of fresh underground water into big swimming pool. This water also feeds Balmorhea Lake with fresh water to fish there and recreation. This Oasis of West Texas is in jeopardy with many wells proposed for fracking, so much for the poor people living there. Thirty some miles east  from this small town exists Pecos, Texas where much fracking already exists with many flares burning gas residues in air new to this small town as with their water in jeopardy no doubt. Well, hell there was much SAG/SRM/Chemtrails in this small city filthy bastards doing their spraying. This scum will stop at nothing with their spraying. The rain/snow clouds were broken up to nothing left of them. One day I pray this scum will live no more or exist in our lives with all their corruption. Hell awaits them and all their evil cronies in this crooked and depraved generation we live in…..Lord Be with You, With this site down earlier was it shutdown intentional by evil forces interfering with peoples concerns fighting off this evil surrounding us? 

    • JR says:

      I also heard the humming in brothers house as humming here in Southwest, New Mexico. Here today 1-11-17 our rain/snow clouds decimated to 0 precipitation with SAG/SRM. Be strong to all and let us stand on the Rock and Cornerstone. Who is man that the Lord is mindful of him doing evil and not remember and hold accountable in end days? The word says it rains on the just and unjust, it's unfortunate for the world and all in it for man destroying it. Let us be Good Stewards and Many Thanks to All in this fight and be Blessed in the good and bad trials and battles we are in….

  38. ron hall says:

    Here you go.  Photos of "dual use" one world order/globalist microwave towers…"Know thy enemy."

    • BaneB says:

      Ron Hall:  Thanks.  Quite the "litany."  One hell of a smorgasbord!  Small wonder my ears never stop ringing that feverish whine.  And it's no joy to realize these images represent a infinitesimal small number of the facilities, the greater number here in Babylon.  One might suppose the mother of the microwave oven apparati is the SBX1, queen of the "golf balls."

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Yes, thank you, ron hall. "Queen of golf balls" …very funny, BanaB. Spherical coordinate systems.

    • Teri says:

      Bane.on the ringing in the ears. i get that and have had it for about 10 years now. at first i thought it was work related because i used to work in a very noisy environment. but it never changed even after leaving that work. 

      one thing about the ringing is it doesn't seem to come from the ears. thought it sounds like it is. it is deeper then that. i have tried various things to shut off the ''noise'' but nothing works. i came to the conclusion it is inside the head not inside the ears. or so deep that it vibrates the ear channel and isn't a true ''noise''. it cannot be removed by masking the sound of it. so i believe it is completely RF frequency or microwave but it is vibrating the inside of the skull and it just sounds like it is coming from ears when it really isn't. 

      i am not a doctor so don't know for sure but that is our experience. my spouse and myself both have it …sometimes loud enough to drop a person to their knees it is so painful but again it is a sound resonating inside the skull somehow. that is our thought for what its worth.

    • BaneB says:

      Teri:  I can't prove the notion that microwave energy is the cause.  But it sure is getting louder.  My thought is the continuing increase in wireless everything is only going to physically and mentally weaken us.  Where is the line to be drawn that says to these science high priests that adding on one more microwave facility will cause massive internal organ damage, or whatever freakish results might occur in the birthing processes.  It's too far gone now to stop the "machine."  Everyone is invested.

    • Earth Angel says:

      We've got a real hellish looking tower in a small town just northeast of where I am on the way to Cleveland, Ga. This is the scariest, ugliest giant monstrosity I've seen around and I'd like to contact the town commissioner(s?) and ask them why in the HELL that hideous thing is there??!!! I feel sad for the people in the sweet country homes and farms near it. God only knows what damage it is doing to them and the unfortunate animals living under it. The only way I see to get rid of them is the people installing these horrific electromagnetic instruments of terror must wake up to what they have been duped into being a party to and disassemble them PRONTO!!!!.. How else can we get them down??!

    • Dennie says:

      @ron hall:  Great catch, thanks for this!  I felt vindicated to see included in the photos of the microwave towers the most famous one, visible for miles and miles and miles in California: Sutro Tower, perched on top of Sutro Mountain, in San Francisco:  It went up in the 70s and at the time, "they" told us it was for "television" reception… that MASSIVE thing, seen for seventy miles?? BULLSHIT!!!  Hardly ANYone believed the BEE ESS then and now that we see these other monstrosities popping up like the proverbial mushrooms after the rain, we KNOW. 

      Shortly after Sutro Tower went up, another huge microwave relay tower, again, told to us it was going to be used for "telecommunications," went up on the top of San Pedro Mountain, about two miles northeast of my house in San Rafael, CA.  No one really knows what it's really meant for, they just give you some vague bullsh!t mumbo-jumbo that barely makes any sense.  These Mega-Monster Towers are waaay more powerful than anything needed "just" for cellular telephones, I keep hearing. 

    • Dennie says:

      I found a great trove of photos of Sutro Tower in San Francisco, along with a diagram of what frequencies are being transmitted there:  This is from the Sutro Tower website.  I don't know how old it is but listed under "active" we have "analog," so it's been a few years.. We've got all our local Bay Area television and radio stations, analog and digital, on the diagram: KBHK (San Jose) KPIX, KRON, KTVU; KGO,  KQED (S.F. tv/radio), KFOG, KKSF (radio) and more; who knows what else they've got on that thing!

    • BaneB says:

      Regarding Sutro Tower:  I had an apartment down hill from that devil-tower.  1972.  I also had a scanner.  One afternoon, bored, I set it for just that…scan.  I head a human voice talking with a robot voice.  The "conversation" was bizarre, much of it mathematical figures and code.  This was so Alien-sounding that it spooked me.  Never have heard anything like that since.  A friend had a home a few blocks down hill from the tower base.  He resided there until a few years ago.  He passed away a week ago. His big complaint was the intense whine in his head.  Drove him crazy.  I bet health problems abound in that neighborhood.

  39. Paul says:

    Just to add another weather report to the list; here in Oklahoma City Sunday morning it was minus 3 which tied a record from 1912 and then tomorrow (Wed.) the forecast is for 74 which could equal another record from the early 1900s. We left normal a long time ago.



  40. frank says:

    I haven't heard the term "January Thaw" in a while. That used to mean a time in mid-January when the temperature went from very cold to just cold. Near Philly here, we are going from the 20's to the 60's and back. Let's hope some people remember that this is freakish on a mass scale. Time to embrace the fear and let curiosity motivate.

  41. My God, does anyone see the sun anymore? Where I live it has been storm after storm you name it we get it. Last week we received allmost two feet of snow with high winds that shut down every road in 5 counties then it turned very cold. -15 with wind chills at -35. Then the very next day it warmed up to 40 and rained an inch. You can imangine the mess here. Now the forecast is for freezing fog and still no sunshine. I have had enough of this crap. When we expose these bastards let there be no mercy.

    • BaneB says:

      Dan from Idaho:  As you know, Dane has placed that wonderfully exposing animation above showing the snow (in pale blue) with a huge amount of manipulation from very powerful microwave facilities.  Idaho was heavily zapped as you can see via the radiating signature striations.  Regarding the sunshine, since mid-October my region in Northern California can count about ten days where there was full sun.  And those were often half days.  It's cloudy all the time.  Not rain, just gray, though we have had a lot of that, too.  But the southern half of the state continues to be under a terrorist-imposed rain embargo.  The past several days have been "biblical."  Never in my 26 years here have I seen so much rain and runoff.  And wind!  Quiet this morning but yes…..cloudy.

    • Diane Friday says:

      Dan from Idaho:  Not since the 1st here in southeastern Pennsylvania, and not the week between Christmas and New Years. The last time there were multiple days of heavily aerosoled filtered sun was maybe the first week or two weeks of September. I'm still wondering why "they" allowed a nice Christmas and New Years. Personally, I think it's part of the ongoing psyop. Let the lab rats think that 2017 is the start of a better, brighter year, then watch what happens when we pull the rug out from under them. I believe they get off on the control and the power they have over every living thing on the planet. Psychopathic sadists who enjoy inflicting pain. That kind of thing. 

      Since the 2nd of this month, we've had maybe 8 hours of sun total, mostly an hour or two in the morning or just before sunset. On the coldest nights during the recent wholly engineered and much-hyped "Arctic air mass", there were only a couple nights when they allowed the cloud cover to dissipate. I expected that would happen every night during this extreme cold, so as to enhance it with radiational cooling, but no. Not even then. Most nights we were in the usual toxic aerosol dome. 

      There's been no let up with precipitation either, but SO FAR nothing like you've had, and I really feel for you. There have been multiple days of rain, two days when there was accumulating snow (2-3 inches the first time, an inch or so the second time, and an inch of "flurries" last Saturday). Since the scheduled warm-up has been in place here, we've had three miserably overcast days (starting out with the littlest bit of sun), and rain the last three nights, always starting around the same time. The scheduled weather for the next 7-10 days is about the same, maybe worse. 

      I had a feeling, when it rained all day on the 2nd and 3rd, that we wouldn't be getting any "breaks" or reprieves anymore. New Years Day may well have been the last time they plan to allow even heavily sprayed, filtered sun for a very long time. We're all getting beaten up on a daily basis now, in different ways,  because these clinically insane, megalomaniacal, psychopathic sadists have upped the ante. There seems to be an ever increasing urgency to it, now more than ever. 
      How sad is it, how sick, that they have no end of loyal order followers to carry it out for them. Without the order followers, the minions, the kapos, all of this would still be nothing but "blueprints" on Wile E. Coyote's Acme drafting table. 

  42. Joseph L. says:

    Thank you for all the great work and the weather maps that are shown here.  The  crazy weather seems like it is everywhere.  Here on the East  Coast N.Y. C. and long island we have had very  cold weather and snow and now go up to the 60s in a few days.  I remember the 60s and 70s and the snow and ice would stay on the ground for most of the winter.

          Anyway, I keep on handing out your flyers — I shop at a store where they sell organic food and conventional   which is a good place to give people your geoengineering flyers.

  43. Mario says:

    Heavy transmitter activities in the following locations (at least these are the big ones on radar) and these are approximations on locations: Northwest of Portland near Scappoose WA, Boise ID, slightly northwest of Pocatello ID (Pingree / Fort Hall?), north of Missoula MT, Great Falls MT, north-north east of Thunder Bay ON, Marquette MI, and somewhere north-north west of Searchmont ON near the I-75.  And that's just what I see at first glance.  These places have been going off consistently and repeatedly during this entire "weather event" to begin the year.  Same places repeat the same radial RF energy patterns.  NOT NATRUAL.

  44. Steve Brownsberger says:

    Thank you Dane and everyone who contributes to this great site. I feel lost most of the time being surrounded by people that just do not get it, and I am thankful for the ability to read that I am not alone. I know we need more people like Chuck Norris to come out and take a stand, and hopefully that will occur before it is too late. 

    I recently watched 'Into the Wild' directed by Sean Penn, which is a fantastic film. One of the things that really caught my eye was the blatant use of shots showing Jets spewing their toxic aerosols into the sky. It wasn't a simple streak left in the sky as a back drop such as what Disney likes to use for conditioning. This was purposely put into the film for all to see and not in a good way, and I thank you for that Mr. Penn. The filming of coarse takes place in some very beautiful area/wilderness and all of a sudden the film scans to the sky to view the blatant and obvious programs which you all are too well aware of.

    I will support anyone who tries to expose the criminal cabal that runs this country. We are running out of time.

    • S. Dangler says:

      Great article as always! By the way, it's Jan. 10th 8:42 est. in east central Indiana and we are experiencing thunder and lighting storms with high winds as the front moves in and 50' F temperatures!! In the middle of January, although the record high is 70'F in 1952 according to Intellicast. They are predicting possible ice storms this Saturday and a return to higher temps 48' F the next day. WTF??

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      The actual story of "Into the Wild" took place in Denali Park near Fairbanks, Alaska.  Here are all the locations of the filming.

  45. Abigail says:

    This is total insanity! It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see that our weather is being manipulated and destroying planet Earth! In VA, we have been in the single digit temperatures 8*F +, and some snow. Now the meteorologist Weather Channel, tells us to expect 55-58* F / from Wednesday thru Saturday. Of course we don't trust the weather channel, as a few days ago it was to be approx 40 degrees F, and we had about 9-12 inches of snow. It was pretty. But enough is enough, especially with the drastic changes back up to the high 50's.F. Thank you, Dane, for all your work and labor of love. Sharing with Russ Tanner's Global Skywatch. Sending blessings to you and your family, Dane. Press On! 'It ain't over til it's over.' Keep sounding the alarm. Sometimes if you keep pressuring people, THEN 'they' will get off their rumps and do something!

  46. Dana MacCuish says: Hello Everyone.  Dane has brought forth fluoridation and vaccinations in the past.  Some kind soul posted a site I was unaware of,  I have registered and intend on watching all nine episodes that are freely being offered for viewing.  I urge everyone to do the same.  Who knows what information may be forthcoming.  It starts tonight.  In case you missed it, here is the link again to register.  Thanks Dane.  



  47. Mark says:

    Revelation 11:18New King James Version (NKJV)

    18 The nations were angry, and Your wrath has come,
    And the time of the dead, that they should be judged,
    And that You should reward Your servants the prophets and the saints,
    And those who fear Your name, small and great,
    And should destroy those who destroy the earth.”

  48. – important to keep an eye on Senate Intelligence Committee hearings – Here is 1:00 PM on January 10, 2017

  49. Cherie says:

    I forgot to mention one thing about my dad, he had to fight after 21 years of service for his disability to be discharged from his service on account of his medical condition.  He had developed hardening of the arteries, they said scleraderma, RA due to some substance he was exposed to.  I was just a small child and over heard conversations.  I remember the ends of his fingers rottening off to near numbs and growing up watching him dr. 3" ulcerated sores on his ankles daily.  A vibrant, muscular, handsome strong man in uniform grew shriveled in a tightened skin of pain as VA threatened to dismember him from limb to limb which he would never heal from, he walked on till his organs shut down at the age of 54.

  50. kit says:



  51. horsegirl says:

    In 2006 when we connected the dots and figured out the story on the towers, it put us into shock.  For months we were slack-jawed, horrified at the ghastly implications of the perfidy.  In the succeeding eleven years, at the core of the perverse astonishment over it all, is just how much the planners of the towers event have to hate this country and this people.  It is not easy to size that up.  Analogous to dogs who – once having killed livestock and tasted blood and never can break their habit – they will keep wanting to destroy.  Their own people in particular.  The rampage all over the world is evident.  But they're surely rolling up their sleeves for the big thrill:  the knock-down of their own country.  The public has allowed this rogue menace to spill like oil on a highway, going everywhere inciting wars in the name of national security, even expressing gratitude for putative protection.  It finally occurred to me what a lot of this fracking must be.  We're talking about team demo.  They surely are setting up the entire country for demolition from beneath.  They will never be satisfied with what they've already done.  Like a bloodthirsty canine, they crave more.  More than anyone they hate their own people.  Sure they're building underground bases for themselves.  But they have to be doing a whole lot more.  Team demo runs the military.  It's what they do.  People like Kaye Griggs have witnessed how the uppermost echelons of the military cartels are resolved to destroy this country.  All I can think of is those workers in the Trade Towers who observed floors being closed in sequence all during early 2001, who heard strange noises in the walls as the building was prepared for a new "security system."  We, listening to all this fracking, are like them.  This is the sound of a destroyer digging in. 

    • BaneB says:

      Horsegirl:  Would you like another "shock?"  Search the Gelatin Art Group, and The B-Thing. Locate the images, too.  Include 911 in the search, of course. Foreign nationals with full access to the towers prior to the demolitions. Guess which.  The very same 9-11 planners and executioners of the dirty deed are seeking to checkmate Russia.  Russia is the king pin in the blocking of their global New World Order.  how far will these sociopathic Zealots go in taking us all to the brink, or beyond? Buckle up!

    • virginia says:

      Hello Horsegirl: By "team demo" I assume you refer to Democrats, although I am not clear on whom you are blaming for 9/11?  I am neither Democrat or Republican; but, may I remind you that on 9/11 Georgie Bush, the moron warmongering killer of innocents, was a Republican leading a Republican administration?  It was under the Cheney/Bush (in that order) regime in concert with Israeli Mossad and CO. that our country was attacked, our people died and the coup that was implemented  by Bush Sr (in 1963) when  he carried out the murder of JFK was finalized.  There are no longer Demos or Reps – it matters not.  Zionist Israel won the election, has total control of Congress, media, etc.  Netanyahu will be the first "foreign dignitary" to entertain a visit with Trump.  Netanyahu's  direct line to the White House, Jared Kushner (and Ivanka Trump) will have their own private offices in the West Wing of the White House.  What more does it take to awaken the citizens of this country?  We have paid a very, very steep price —  our entire country and all of its treasures, both human and otherwise. It is time to name names of those who now control us.  

    • virginia says:

      As an exclamatory ending to my post, I might add:  Does anyone reading this realize that EVERY member of Congress must sign a Loyalty Oath to Israel (above all other considerations) while being sworn in?  Israel=a foreign country using America as their proxy defendants in their wars of expansion.   This is an ugly, terrifying truth.  Do some research and see for yourself.  I welcome any corrections of my statements.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Virginia, yes, what you have stated about the required oath is true. Below is a short video from former congresswoman Cynthia McKinnney that further outlines this oath. I had the honor of meeting with Congresswoman McKinney over lunch some years back, she is truly commited to the fight for the greater good as her actions over the years have shown. FYI–rY

    • Wes says:


      I like a lot of what you write. You and I are on the same page on a lot of issues. Here's another thing to look at when seeing how deep that little country in the mid east controls this country.

      Look at the religious demographics of of this countries Supreme Court. Jewish people make up only 1.4% of the US population. So why is it that 30% of the judges are Jewish? And the rest are Roman Catholics.  And Obomber nominated another one! That would make it four!

    • virginia says:

      Dane: Much appreciative of your statement regarding Dr. McKinney.  I have followed this brave soul for many years in her fight to make this a better world, in all aspects, for everyone.  She has labored under enormous odds and ill will from the usual suspects in and out of Congress.  Sadly, like Kucinich, mcCloskey, Findley, Lee, Paul  and others, her high calling has been stifled, to the detriment of our country and the world.  I highly recommend readers to research her efforts and compare them with ANYONE in the halls of our government of today.  If we  only had 50 more of her ilk. Thank you, Dane and also for the link to youtube, which I will watch tonight.

    • BaneB says:

      Virginia:  My take is the use of "team/dem" refers to the demolition teams that set up the three buildings for destruction, after the jet aircraft struck the buildings.  The Twins were designed to take the impact and fuel from TWO 707s….each building.  I watched a video where the architect and the builder stated because they had experience with the Empire State Building and that air accident, added strength was a absolutely required.  The "squibs" preceeding the free fall collapse are absolute proof the buildings were wired for demolition.  We have been suckered.

    • horsegirl says:

      Hi Virginia – team demo is short for demolition.  I apologize for not clarifying that.  In construction the word demolition is urually abbreviated to 'demo."  i mean that these demolition experts are the ones who are entrenched at the bottommost levels of deep state.  Your observations greatly appreciated.

      @ BaneB – going for a look now

  52. horsegirl says:

    An update.  Yesterday we drove on the next section of I 10 from where we saw thousands of trucks driving eastward on Saturday as well as hundreds of containers by railway all eastbound.  Westbound was sparse traffic by comparison.  Yesterday that area of I 10 was back to the usual unremarkable volume of transport in both directions.  The area in question is far from any city.  We wonder if it relates to transcontinental movement of sprayed materials.  Because the fantastic amount of materials are getting to mustering areas at airports somehow.  What are the possibilities aside from underground transport?  Only rail and truck for such tonnage.  Saturday when we saw thousands of trucks during an 80 mile drive, they were planning for an east coast winter storm.  Of the thousands of trucks seen, far more than half were painted white – those repaints of former name brand carriers.  Is anyone else observing this kind of irregular transportation pulse?

    • Bija says:

      horsegirl, I have been noticing these whited out trucks along the I 10 also and wondering what's up with that?? Can't be good!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Wow, that is stunning information horsegirl. I have never seen anything like that where I live in the north part of Georgia, not to say that it couldn't happen other places around the state. Shocking stuff- especially the volume in only one direction and on one day only. Something's up, and not in a good way, I'm sure. : 0

  53. Donna-AZ says:

    Great News:  Robert Kennedy Jr. says Trump asked him to lead commission on ‘vaccine safety' 

  54. Dennie says:

    We're having very heavy persistent rainfall here in Marin County CA, near San Francisco.  I'm riding herd on the storm drain cleanout downhill from my driveway, part of which looks like a little creeklet.  The water coming down off the hills is moving fast, we've had Emergency Network alerts about flash floods in Santa Cruz County and road closures on the coastal sides of the west counties.  Wind is sometimes gusty, loads of rain– watching it all go down the drains into the storm sewers and wishing I'd had the money this year to install the two 3,000 gal. water storage tanks out on the Back 40, and three +500 gal. tanks that could take the runoff from the roof gutter system– I'd have 1,500 from the roof and 6,000 gal. outta my seasonal creek by now, with more to share with the next-door neighbor to boot.  Plenty to help get through the dry summer/fall months.  Gotta plan for this, hoping like Hell my enrollments continue to increase…!

  55. Sue Ratliff says:

    the weather here in Redding Calif. has been so strange I don't know how the people around me can still believe this is at all natural !  I believe I have opened a few eyes but for the most part , people just sleep on.!!!!!!!  Thank You Dane for all your information , I don't understand most people because when a friend of mine told me about climate being manipulated , all of the sudden it all made sense. Why is it so hard for most people to just open their minds. All we can do is keep on in hopes something will be done before it is too late.

  56. Al C says:

    Mostly everyone I know has some sort of cough or cold including myself…………I also have an unexplained rash(had shingles 30 years ago)………It would not surprise me if Big Pharma is in on this agenda since they're pushing a zillion vaccines. "Don't forget to get your flu shot!"

           What better way to get the sheeple to take their shot than to first give them the problem?……..A physical Hegelian Dialectic?

           The closest mention I've ever heard the local meteorologist (actor) is to call SRM, filtered sun……….but then we're all just a bunch of conspiracy nuts………….Go Patriots!


  57. Wes says:

    We've been microwaved for a long time. This guy has a collection of radar screen shots from 1998 to 2003 that were highly visible until they started hiding them. For all of you Californians you can jump to 9:20 and see that wall they produce to block weather systems. (Resilient high pressure ridge) my arse!

    Then if you go to his website he has a few more with better clarity. If you scroll about halfway down you can see what looks like a linear beam, almost like a lighting bolt.

    Like he says, "Do you want to be frequency enhanced?" Yes we are being frequency enhanced!

    Fricking psychopaths.



    • BaneB says:

      Wes:  If these vids don't alert people to the incredible manipulation of weather by these ubiquitous microwave facilities, nothing will.  The NEXRAD facilities are responsible for most of what is observed.  They have a radius of 250 miles, a diameter of 500 miles, at full throttle 748,000 watts, according the specs.  There seem to be other non-NEXRAD facilities firing off in patterns that are curious.  I notice the Eureka NEXRAD firing off not too far from me.  I have suspected for some time it is a major player in the manipulation of Pacific weather entering Northern California.  After seeing these vids, I feel like we are all being slow-cooked.  One can wonder just what this radiation is doing to the trees and wildlife.  Odd how the advent of NEXRAD, cell towers, and the huge increase in the aerosol spraying, came together at a point in time around 1990.  If I were to choose a starting point for the accelerated environmental meltdown, it's that time frame from then to now.  Thanks for your links!!  Amazing.

    • Dennie says:

      These facilities ALL have to be under some giant computer-controlled system, somewhere, somehow.  I wonder if any computer-expert weather geeks wanna get into the biz of finding out who, what, where, how and when– if StuxNet works on nuclear power plant cooling systemts… get it???

  58. Tina says:

    As I sit in my warm house, I truly feel for all the wildlife that have to endure this extreme cold misery.  Here in Montana,  we've had snow on the ground since the beginning of December.  I normally see deer all winter long, but not this winter since the ground is covered so thick there is no way for them to forage.  I am afraid there will be a reduced population due to starvation.  The cruelty the gov't is inflicting is unforgivable.  Let their be no mercy on those who have knowingly participated in this evil.  They are not worthy to walk on this planet.

    • virginia says:

      Tina…..your post is so sorrowful that my heart aches in sympathy with your feelings…..please, put out as much food as you can for the wildlife in your area.  One of the little creatures will eat it, if not the deer.  I'm in eastern Shasta Co. Calif., and try to put out as much as I can.  Sometimes you can find bread for a big discount.  If one can afford to spend the extra few bucks, it would help to keep them from starvation.  Good luck and thanks for your post. 

  59. Gretchen says:

    Regurgitated vomit spewed by my local ABC "news/weather" station describing today's weather whiplash; "wacky weather," enthusiastic smiles below their lying eyes.

  60. Donna-AZ says:

    Yesterday, after noon, according to NOAA GOES WEST, about 95% of Arizona state was yellow/orange/red. I thought we would get a downpour, but no, with all those heavy dark clouds, all we got was a lot of jet noise and a 5 minute trickle. Our rain was stolen. Grand…..Theft…..Rain.

  61. L says:

    Here in the UK, we can apparently look forward to Arctic conditions arising from Arctic cold air over Canada..Theis will be accompanied by high winds and now a new phenomenon- thundersnow! Thundersnow is apparently the phenomenon of a thunderstorm's rain falling as snow.

    Meteorologist Emma Sharples tells us that "thundersnow" it is entirely possible "All that really needs to happen is for thunder to happen at the same time as the snow.

    New Year, new word from the world stage managers!

  62. Dennie says:

    Here's the link to a website that models dispersion of Cesium-137 in the Pacific Basin, from 2013:  Above the model there's a video of Mark Dice, a guy who's YouTube video motto says "I like to cause trouble for the New World Order, Big Brother and the elite Illuminati scumbags," standing on a walkway handing out free samples of "Fukushima Spring Water," complete with the three-triangle radioactive symbol on the side of the bottle, saying it has "free isotopes" for your health.  One guy laughs and hands it back, another protests but drinks it anyway when told that "we wouldn't sell anything" that would hurt your health.  One more at the end starts laughing and Dice spills the beans.  But it is beyond amazing how many more stoopid people there are who 1.) do not look at the bottle; 2.) do not notice the radiation symbol, 3.) do not ask what the symbol means, 4.) do not even seem to know what "Fukushima" is, and 5.) drink it right down when told it is going to be sold at 10 cents a bottle.  These are our commonly-held Uhmerukun "values."  Apparently, observation and questioning are NOT American values.  Just cheap cost right now, no thought, never mind the long-range costs to health ;-).

    • r says:

      Culling the retards Too dumb to live.  They are pulling us down with them.   Here's the direct link to the vid you mentioned:

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      WOW…So Sad !! But True I suppose, I hope this post will awaken a few more people. 

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Thank you Dennie, that was very interesting, how many do not know about Fukushima. 

      I had to click on the Fukushima tab inside the link to get to the video.

    • Dennie says:

      @ r:  Guess what?  "They" are "culling" the Good, the Bad and the Ugly all the same since we know without any doubt whatsoever that Their toxic crap They send up in their remotely-controlled tanker jets/planes spews forth on you and me and everyone else here, too– including Themselves, so let's not be so completely SURE that "culling" is The Main Agenda, as done with conscious intent- A lot of innocent people who were NOT retarded to begin with got turned into what they are owing to the toxic shit being spewed onto this planet. 

      Click on the website, then click onto the Fukushima video from YouTube posted there to learn more about the ionizing radiation unleashed in the Pacific Ocean.  The real A$$HOLES (and that is an insult to my survival chakra– if you didn't have a lower digestive tract, imagine the result… just imagine it…) are the ones that insist the planet's "big enough" to absorb all their nasty, toxic sh!t They insist on continuing to spew forth.

  63. David Thomas says:

    I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling, I'm happy again. That's how dumb I am. Anyway, not to berate the unaware further, after all the protesting, how is our result any different if nothing changes? I love and admire your work, Dane, but am increasingly pessimistic when I keep looking up and see that constant spraying. There is a solution, however, you know it and are like a ferocious dog that won't give up the fight.  Much love.

  64. Earth Angel says:

     After the engineered snow event this weekend over central north Georgia there is suspiciously little runoff from the melting of the approximately 3 in. coverage we received. Temps have been very slow to rise- we have not gotten above the high 30's for 3 or 4 days while experiencing the bitter bone chilling cold of artificial ice nucleiation yet by next weekend it is predicted to see temps bounce up to 70 degrees. The snow has 'evaporated' more so than melted, leaving almost no moisture on wooden steps and decking around the house and barn. They have continued to spray, keeping it cold, I surmise. I did the same experiment done during 2 snowfalls 3 weeks apart in Jan. and Feb. of 2013 by making a small snowball, holding a lighter to it in the house over the sink (the temp in the house was about 72 degrees F) and observing it shrink slowly without dripping any water for at least 2 or more minutes. Next I took an ice cube from the freezer formed from water from our well that was about the same size as the snowball I had made, held the lighter under it and PRESTO- within seconds it began to drip! ( FYI- In 2013 the first snowball sample shrunk up really quickly, turned black and smelled like burning plastic without giving up hardly any water. As I recall, the second snowfall 3 weeks later that year was completely different, leaving great amounts of water when melting off of rooftops and decking. ) This year's snow was quite realistic and pretty when it fell, small flakes and quite light, powdery and dry- more like what would fall out west and be good to ski on- but not really characteristic of the snows we traditionally have gotten here in the southeast- which tended to be more of a wet snow due to the higher humidity we commonly experience here in the south.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Correction- it was Jan. & Feb. of 2014 when we had those 2 snows. Just like to be precise with the dates.

  65. Mario says:

    Confirmed . . . there is a transmitter right on top of Virginia Peak in Nevada.  Easy to find on GoogleEarth.  Big, round, white radome.  Heavy activity during the last storm.  Llikely active in this storm?  As for the transmitter in the Oroville area — I am wondering / speculating if maybe it is somewhere up in the Sutter Buttes.  Knowing how flat everything else around that area is, it is the only thing that makes sense.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Its in that area though.  And it has been a heavy hitter during these "weather events" (which was repeated over and over and over again on the local news).  They are now rain "events" that turn into "snow" events.

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Most likely the NEXRAD facility located in the Reno area.  I DO appreciate your updates.

    • Mario says:

      Bane: The road leading to the transmitter on Virginia Peam is, I kid you not . . . MICROWAVE RD..

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Haha :-))). Someone should add another sign:  Medium or well done.  All the roads leading to these facilities should be named as such.

  66. GM says:

    Thank you greatly for all you efforts Dane.

  67. Kathy says:

    I just want to say to all those here at this site, we still have people out there that have something left to think with and a few who haven't forgotten how to look up at the sky and can actually see that something is not normal.

    Today, on my way to work the majority of the area I live in south of Federal Way, Wa, was Chemically Ice nucleated into a flash freeze at above freezing temps. I turned on Komo news and they said " Its 43 degrees this a.m but dont let that fool you there is Black ice everywhere, You all know the engineered winter story…

    So because of the "Bizarre flash freeze" I decide to grab some of Danes flyers I carry in my car and bring them in with me.At the end of my day I took one more customer and DO YOU KNOW….just from me saying from  health standpoint of our conversation that we are all being saturated in toxins from the sky down she said " ya what are those jet trails doing anyway" I didnt even hesitate one minute, thankful I grabbed the flyers today, I handed her one,gave her a brief rundown. Told her to investigate,click on documents for credible data etc…..although I could see a big sigh as I gave her grim news that confirmed her "UNinformed" but observant sightings, she fully understood and it was her missing link. She told me she would be back to see me and thanked me.

    Today,I feel I put one more "pebble" size dent in the mammoth unfolding disaster upon us but its a victory to me everytime I can shove another pair of open eyes to the players behind this horrific experiment over us, to join the fight in this blazing furnace!

    Thank-you Dane for leading this fight and helping to EQUIP us for the battle! It isnt over until its over.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kathy, thank you for sharing your experience regarding your efforts to sound the alarm. If we can yet win this battle, it will be due to people like you (and all other dedicated activists) taking exactly the kind of actions that you have described. Again, Kathy, thank you for standing with us in this most critical fight.

    • Florida blue says:

      Another great post .   Dane; I've been following you for several years now .   Fast forward, with all due respect, what happens when the vast majority of those who are willing to be informed know what's going on .  


       What do you forecast as the end result of informing the population ?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Florida blue, reaching a critical mass of awareness must include the members and families of US military personell. If we can reach such a milestone, the rest of the wheels needed to end the weather warfare assault will begin to turn on their own. Reaching a critical mass is the only way forward, FYI

  68. Christine says:

    I'd also think, that the ionospheric heaters with unimaginable powers are capable of steering the gravitational waves depending on the 'needs'… Was watching the sky today here in Pacifica, where land slide along HWY1 caused a traffic jam of <2km/1HOUR… While moving like snail in the toxic exhaust fumes of all cars/trucks/etc running their engines, and not switching them off, the sky would evolve like diffraction pattern, with this time unimaginable high frequency patterns of regular grid of white/gray 'clouds' spreading from the source coming somewhere north-west.. Once the relieve point of the land slide was passed the skies 'cleared' of high freuqency grid…. Accident or on purpose??? The amount of energy needed to 'produce' the regular grid pattern on the sky must be enormous (that's what HAARP is for)…   

    • Earth Angel says:

      Speaking of HAARP, I haven't heard anything from Dr. Nick Begich lately. Anybody know what he's been up to? His website was; haven't checked it in awhile. Guess I'll look it up. Dane have you been in touch with him recently?.. It would be good to hear from him again too.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Earth Angel, I have had only limited communication with Dr. Begich, and that was some time ago. Lets hope Nick continues to make his voice heard in this most critical battle.

  69. Kimberley says:

    I only recently started reading your articles, and I now have a knot in my stomach.

    I live in Missouri …central/Ozarks. We are supposed to have 64 degrees on Wednesday …unheard of in January! …to be followed by ice storms on Friday and Saturday.

    Your maps show East and West coast "weather" patterns.  But could this upcoming ice storm that's in the forecast here in the Midwest possibly be engineered, too, or could it just be natural?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kimberly, about the now frequent “ice storms” that are wreaking havoc, they are absolutely a result of climate engineering and specifically chemical ice nucleation processes. FYI

  70. Debbie says:

    Dane, is there any indication that this weather modification is yet another facet of depopulation?  I know that we had high enough temps in India to melt paved roads, heat which also killed many.  There have been horrific floods around the world, snowstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and everything else, all with related deaths.  I can't help but wonder if weather modification is being used as another method of culling the population.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Debbie, the short answer is yes, there are many many layers to this insanity. This being said, all the other layers must also be remembered and considered. 

  71. Barb E says:

    We recently watched a documentary on what would happen to earth if the ocean currents stopped moving.  It was a horror of snow/ice/cold, like a new ice age.  Imagine my shock at reading an article on comcast today about how most of Europe is freezing with snow/ice/cold almost exactly as depicted in the documentary!!  I always say those so called documentaries are just a preview of what "they" are going to do to us. Every time we watch one a few weeks later the same thing happens somewhere in the world.  They even said at the end of that one documentary that indeed the ocean currents are "slowing down".  Is this part of "their" agenda for us?   We are seeing the weather whiplash here in NH.  It was below zero this morning and the rest of the week is supposed to be in the high 40's. How can people even think this is natural?  Every time we get freezing temps for a week or two, what follows is temps in the high 40's. Then they start all over again with their toxic assault and everything turns to ice!  This is the worst driving season I can ever remember, and the cold is bitter cold, not normal at all, feels like standing in a freezer. If the sun even shines there is no warmth from it at all.  The deer came to drink from my heated bird bath last night…tracks in the snow all around it. First time I've ever seen that. Looks like they are chewing on my lilac and viburnum shrubs.  The wildlife is cold, hungry and thirsty. I'm in the center of a busy little town, never had deer in my yard in 23 years. What else can they do when everything is covered in ice and fake snow?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Barb, yes, the thermohaline circulation is slowing down, but this is not the primary causal factor for the current deadly cold in Europe. Climate engineering and chemical ice nucleation is the most key component, satellite loops prove this beyond doubt. Yes again, I also feel your pain at the suffering of wildlife, I am leaving food out for the deer and birds on our mountain. We must all make every single day count in the battle to reach a critical mass of awareness, thank you for your efforts Barb.

  72. Mario says:

    1-9-17 4:25pm  Looks like Ferndale is going off again with some flashes of precipitation into snow in your neck of the woods.  Exactly as you explained in the article.  Makes me wonder if they ever turn these things off.  Wonder what happens when a country hacks another countries weather modification devices?  Something on the same order of Stuxnet-Fukishima?  Or worse?  We've made it possible for this to happen.  I hope the dumb asses running these programs think about that one. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mario, unfortunately, in regard to the climate engineering insanity, our own government is already inflicting unimaginable decimation to their own coutry and population. There is no outside intervention needed.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Mario, I think you make a good point, even given Dane's good point.  The reason I say this is because it does seem as if 'they've' lost control of their efforts running wild.  There may be very good reasons otherwise for this off the hook surprise weather that confuses the weather authority causing such blatant, destruction and extremes–and just now weather guy saying all this snow will give us great runoff IF it doesn't happen too soon….occurs to me, the nucleated stuff tends to stay put, does it?  In any case, thanks to cyber all, it seems quite possible to mess with codes for this.  Had not thought about That, but it is worth considering.  I mean this is so large, so many moving parts, it half begs to be messed with.  Now saying for today and immediate future here, no rain for a bit, but fog and ice!  And, midwest to get major ice storms, not snow.  Gee, think of the weather disaster derivatives being traded along with mega sales of stuff to combat effects.  And saying more rain to come and for southern CA too.  Lucrative, for many.  Sounds like USA to me!    

  73. Ed Bee says:

    These weather maps are unbelievable. Nothing remotely similar was ever seen in the past. And the "rain changing over to snow" phrase is a new one that just sounds so natural. Today we are having yet another chemically nucleated snow event. I know because beforehand, the orangey-gray clouds were very thick and heavy, while it felt much colder than the high 20's should have. It is really depressing seeing the entire North American continent completely covered with artificial cloud cover.

  74. TNGeoWatch says:

    The arctic is in meltdown.  What signs would we need to look at Dane if this is a Methane Explosion or expulsion of a large magnitude.

    Also, the establishment lies pretty much about everything.  Are there accurate Methane readings being done non establishment?  I'm curious as there seems to be lots of methane temperature anomolies in East Tn that is bothersome.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello TNGeoWatch, about a methane hydrate release being behind the recent EQ, this is not likely. The reverse scenario would be much more likely, that seismic activity would trigger a methane release from sea beds (for example). About the methane buildup in the atmosphere, there are other harbingers to confirm this fact besides “official sources” of in formation. For example, night time “low” temperatures are rising twice as fast as daytime high temperatures. This is exactly what would be expected with a massive greenhouse gas buildup (and an SRM canopy of toxic particulates). 

  75. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane — Thank you for these stunning graphic proofs! The evidence is irrefutable for anyone who takes the time to investigate. We truly live in an Orwellian nightmare these days. Thank you for holding the truth. More from the Arctic as the ice continues to melt. Quakes do effect methane hydrates.

    Seemorerocks: Superstation95, 9 January, 2017
    A SECOND earthquake has taken place within 24 hours, in the Barrow Strait waterway, north of the Arctic Circle.  Today's quake measured Magnitude 5.2 and was at a shallow depth of about 15 km. This comes only eighteen hours after an earlier, larger, deeper quake, measuring Magnitude 5.8 in almost the identical location!  The two quakes have taken place in an area where there are no known active seismic faults. In addition, the area in which these quakes has taken place is made up of such old, hard rock, the vibrations from both quakes traveled extraordinary distances, being detected on Seismographs at the Yellowstone National Park super-volcano, 2144 miles to the southwest, and also being recorded on the US Geological Survey ANSS Backbone, as far away as New Mexico! Here is one of the seismograms from Yellowstone showing both quakes, the larger at the top, and today's at the bottom – both in red: [link below]…   It is very unusual for earthquakes of this size to strike in this location, and extraordinary that two such quakes have struck in the same area within 18 hours. Scientists cannot offer an explanation for these developments.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      The effects of earthquakes in the Arctic on methane hydrates
      Following today’s 5.8 earthquake in the Arctic here is some background from Sam Carana on the effect of quakes on methane hydrates.
      Methane Release caused by Earthquakes
      Arctic News, 15 September, 2013
      Methane hydrates can become destabilized due to changes in temperature or pressure, as a result of earthquakes and shockwaves accompanying them, severe storms, volcanic activity, coastal collapse and landslides. As an example, an earthquake followed by methane release was discussed in the post Sea of Okhotsk a few months back. Such events can be both primed and triggered by global warming, particularly in the Arctic, as follows:
      As more ice melts away on Greenland and more water runs off into the sea, there is less weight on the Earth’s crust under Greenland. The crust and mantle can bounce back during a large melt, an effect that is called 'isostatic rebound'. This rebound can not only trigger earthquakes and landslides, it can also suck up the magma in the Earth’s crust to the surface and trigger volcanic eruptions. The added weight of water from melting glaciers stresses the Earth’s crust underneath the sea, which can cause earthquakes. This is especially the case for coastal waters, where the impact of the water that flows into the sea is huge, not only in terms of weight, but also in terms of the currents they cause.  As the permafrost melts, mountain ranges, soil and submarine sediments all become less robust. Where the permafrost previously held things together, we can now expect more coastal collapse, avalanches and landslides, which can send shockwaves through the sea that in turn trigger earthquakes and hydrate destabilization.  Methane hydrates that are on the edge of stabilization can be disturbed by global warming in two additional ways, temperature and pressure: Warming of the Earth's crust as heat penetrates sediments on the seafloor. Thermal expansion of the Earth's crust means that the crust will expand slightly in volume, resulting in expansion of the cavity that holds the hydrates.  Finally, there's the additional impact of methane itself. Permafrost previously kept methane stable in sediments. Methane converting from hydrates into free gas will expand some 160 times in volume; this explosive process can trigger further destabilization. Once released into the atmosphere, the methane has a huge local warming potential, adding to the threat that further methane releases will occur locally.

  76. Nigel says:

    Wew had pretty intense weather here in Northern NM. The day prior it was heavy chem, the entire sky was aerosol saturated, probably all the way to AZ and beyond, horrific actually. When it started to snow, the snow was very strange looking. It was like frozen rain, but lighter and harder. It hurt when it hit your bare arms. You could tell the temp was artificially cooled down. It initially came in warm, was aerosolized, got cold and snowed, then went back to warm and everything meleted into a big mess.   

  77. Karen says:

    Dane, thank you for all the work you and time you put into this atrocity that is being forced on us. I am hoping that our new President may be able to help with this. I post your daily posts on our local news stations weather pages and of course I am told Home Depot or Lowes is having a sale on "tin foil" hats, and I just respond with "prove me wrong" that I have more info that this is going than they could even begin to find that I am wrong. I have made believers out of my family and some friends but they don't mention it for fear of getting the rebuttal that I get, but I stand strong and firm on this, it is TRUE and I won't allow anybody tell me differently. The seasons aren't the same anymore especially the "planting" season and I totally detest it!

  78. Yar Swerc says:

    We are going on the fourth day of being snowbound, unable to get out of our 500' driveway in central NORTH CAROLINA! Deniers, please tell me how this is possible. I am 65 years old and have never seen anything like this before. Something is VERY wrong.

  79. Joseph L. says:

     Talking about real deal– and you know what  I mean– You are the real deal too . 

  80. Nemo says:

    Quakes in the Arctic?  Dane, your thoughts please.  As always…THANKS and FruiDiem!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nemo, there are many potential factors that could contributing factors to the Arctic quake. These factors include ionosphere heater influence, thermal expansion, glacial rebound, etc.

  81. Rodster says:

    Dane, too bad Dahr Jamail did not read your article before he posted his because if he did he would have had an explanation for Global Weirding".

  82. Michel B says:

    When people are ignorant of the basic facts and also naturally trust authorities such as the Weather Presenter, then they accept phrases such as "turn over to snow". They know no differently. The "turning over to snow" is offered so nonchalantly that it sounds as reasonable as saying the sun rises in the east. But a little knowledge of atmospheric physics will dispel all.

  83. virginia says:

    Dane, the array of weather and climate maps you present today are so instructive of  how the idiots in control are manipulating our weather.  I am not clever enough to understand many of the illustrations you present, but am getting better at it, with some study.  Today's are easy and well-chosen, so thank you.  The microwave transmission maps are so scary – and it shows what amazing power is available to those spewing evil upon us.  I shudder to think what is in store for us in the future.  We, as individuals and collectively, must work as hard as we can to alert those sleeping who not only do not know, but don't care to know.  We must teach them. Can you give us some guidance as to what more we can do?  It seems to me that we are preaching to the choir here…..any suggestions would be helpful, Dane.  Many thanks.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Virginia, our “activist suggestions” links are posted on every single geoengineeringwatch article and at the top left of the geoengineeringwatch home page. What these instructional links make clear is this, we must all refine our knowledge and skills in regard to sharing credible data with those who are not yet aware of the climate engineering assault. Hope you can review the attached link, and all the hyperlinks contained in it. Thanks for helping us to sound the alarm Virginia. FYI

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