Manufacturing Winter


Dane Wigington

How much influence do the geoengineers have over our precipitation? They have much more influence than most people would believe. This sort of scenario is happening around the globe, one example follows. From about the early afternoon on December 11th, the rain northeast of Redding, California, slowed to a near stop inspite of much moisture still being visible on the radar map (the blue pin on the map is Redding). By 4pm it basically stopped even though there was still lots of moisture visible on the radar moving over Redding. The map below was taken at 7pm on December 11th. Still lots of moisture and rain visible on radar, it should have been raining significantly Northeast of Redding (especially due to the direction of the rain and the mountains that rise up in front of the approaching rain), yet, still nothing but an occasional drip in spite of what the image below shows. Why?


Because the climate engineers are ice nucleating north east of Redding in order to create a few wintery headlines. The chemical ice nucleation process causes an endothermic reaction and “dries up” much of the moisture (and keeps it migrating) though it does chemically cool things down a bit below the clouds and can begin to artificially nucleate snow even at higher than freezing temperatures which eventually drops the mercury further. Look at the patches of rain in the radar map above that stretch all the way to Montana. Now take a look at the “departure from normal temperature map” below and note the fact the temperatures north east of California were some 25 degrees above normal in places today (December 11th) and are expected to be even warmer tomorrow (December 12th). The moisture flowing in from the south of Redding was very warm subtropical moisture, snow levels in the Sierra were at 9000 feet on the 11th. So why did the rain suddenly diminish and the “heavy wet snow” appear in some regions? For the reasons outlined above. With enough moisture and enough chemical ice nucleation, the snow levels in the Sierras will also eventually drop near the tail end of this stream of moisture. The world is rapidly heating and the attempt to hide this fact from public view and comprehension with totally out of control climate engineering is only making the climate situation far worse while poisoning the entire planet in the process.

departure from normal highs



10 Responses to Manufacturing Winter

  1. DJ Heft says:

    They’re drying the CA central valley with “webs and tufts”.The moisture comes toward us, but the Aqueous Polymer Fibers soak it up before it can rain. Sad.

  2. james says:

    As the skies were clearing yest. on the 12th here in the bay aerosol spraying was clearly evident over rain cloud structures

  3. Karen says:

    Wednesday in the foothills of the Sierras very dark clouds with puffy “lines” (spraying) through them. No rain just “fizzle”. I can hear the planes very early in the morning. Yesterday (11th) if rained on….and….off. Not at ALL what was predicted.
    Today 12th more of the Wednesday type sky with a little more fizzle. A friend of mine higher up got snow this morning. Where can we get our rain water/snow tested?

  4. Tim says:

    I struggle big time psychologically with this. I hate having to see it everyday. I miss my blue skies. I miss the good vibe feeling outside. I think it creates bad ions in the air because I feel like garbage when outside now. By the way, I sat in the Sun today because it was 65 in CO and the sun felt HOT even in December. WTF? I think they have ruined the ozone layer.

  5. bija says:

    We have had heavily sprayed skies since the end of Nov., increasing in intensity up to Wednesday when we actually were allowed a bright blue sky! I know it is stillpermeated with residua aerosols, but it was a psychological boon.Thursday they blanketed us and Friday (today) they started with fake-out, pseudo cloud looking formations that have now blanketed us again. They are “predicting” some rain for the weekend. We’ve had so little rain and I know that our heavy spray days lead to Frankenstorms in other parts of the country.
    Around 5 pm I was sitting on the front step with my 4 mo. old grandchild. The sky was a weird pulsating gray and HONESTLY…I saw particulates moving with the breeze right in front of me!!! It was as if the air was undulating! Then I thought of the horror we are living in – to slowly witness the genocide of our own children, grandchildren and ourselves while most of humanity remains ignorant or in denial.
    I truly think you are a hero, Dane. I also agree that time is not on our side and believe that what lies ahead is beyond imagining. We must not forget that doing nothing is a choice! Thanks to all who are making an honest effort.

  6. Earth Angel says:

    Hi Mark, I live in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in Georgia and we definately had MANY more stars visible, even several years ago than there are now. We used to have a navy blue/black sky nearly every night with thousands of stars overhead fifteen or twenty years ago- now only once in a while on rare occasion are we able to enjoy the sky as God intended it to be. The criminals responsible for the destruction of our atmosphere must be apprehended and punished in accordance with their crimes. I miss our beautiful skies, both day and night.

  7. Linda Milam says:

    akeI grew up in the 50_60 at home in Wv we could see the stars on any night, Over the years i have saw what chemtrails are doing to our beautiful earth. I have live fron coast to coast these past 55years .The population is out of controll what better way to controll it then to do it with the air we breath and no one to blame. Wake up if you want to live a health life.

  8. Mark Davis says:

    I was a child in the 1950s and teenager in the 1960s, there were storms bigger and more windy and more rain every year, sometimes lasting several days, and there would be several of these per winter. This last “monster storm” was smaller and less windy. These type of storms were routine back then. And there would be snow about once every 10 years. This is in the San Francisco bay area.
    It also seems there were more stars visible at night.

  9. nathan anderson says:

    This seems to be a replay of the same events THEY caused in Idaho in the mid 90s.

  10. carol freiberg says:

    After they flash froze everything here a month ago you would think people would start to question what is going on with their natural cycles of weather. This is ABNORMAL folks.

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