Meteorologists Begin To Admit To Climate Engineering


When do the so called “experts” of weather (such as meteorologists) begin to show any sign of honor by speaking of what is truly going on in our skies? Global climate engineering is unbelievably blatant and obvious, to deny these atmospheric spraying programs is beyond ridiculous at this point. In the very short 4 minute video below, at least one weatherman is moving toward disclosure of the truth.

Dane Wigington

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  1. fiona says:

    I contacted my local FOX affiliate in San Francisco, and he said chemtrails were urban legends and what we are seeing is contrails. I have sent this video to him, and explained to him the effect this congnitive dissonance has on us, not to mention whatever they’re spraying. We see it, we know it’s not normal, that is our truth. They tell us, we don’t see it, we see something else entirely, and we are crazy to believe otherwise. These are Nazi tactics, folks, designed to muddle and confuse the masses and cause inner conflict and mental stress. Over time, with the poisons they spray us with, we’re pretty much doomed. We’re getting the double whammy, folks. Physical as well as mental abuse. It’s one thing to guinea pig us, but it’s another thing altogether to do it behind our backs and lie about it FOOG (for our own good). Tell us what you’re doing, and we’ll tell you if we’d like to be willing participants! Where is this free will you guys always shove down our collective throat?

  2. That’s my local weatherman in Tampa, Florida. I’m in the Tampa Bay area, seven miles from the Gulf of Mexico. All day I hear the jets over the Gulf and by noon the aerosols are moving onto land. The sun is hazed out most days. I’ve lived with that for many years and never knew until 2014. What a coupe they have pulled. After my enlightenment I was watching Fox 13 in the Tampa area and Paul Dellagotto, the weather person for Fox 13 showed a picture a viewer had sent in. The pix was full of toxic trails. He made a point of saying, “And these are contrails not chemtrails”. I jumped on his facebook and corrected him and what a blow-up he experienced. I wasn’t expecting that out of a college educated weatherman. Just an example of the ignorance in this country.

  3. nancy bayly says:

    Has anyone noticed they are using animated models now to show the weather forecasts? It is no longer the actual satellite pics! Wake up people!!!!

  4. Bella_Fantasia says:

    My appreciation to this forecaster who is skirting the truth. May this be a trend. Some skeptical or curious viewers might just get their interest piqued, and that’s what we are trying to do after all. That is a wonky picture of forward spurting flames though. Not like anything I’ve ever seen, a real fiction. Certainly a military tanker with fat, fluffy trails in back might have been more useful. Thank you, Dane, for your dedication and fortitude. Peace and Perseverance to All in this epic battle.

  5. Nancy says:

    The Weather Channel noted last month a new meteorology program offered @ a Southern University will be offering a ‘new’ “environment and ‘climate engineering'” courses. If you listen to their lingo, they talk as if they are delivering the weather when discussing the weather patterns, temp, storms, jet streams. Weird as the weather. It is no secret, however, most the US citizens do not want to know or even look UP to observe for themselves. Maybe too much lithium in the air making them passive ?

  6. Katherine Compton says:

    I’ve been aware of this problem for some time and would like to know when the documentary will be available. My other question is this . . . why would our and other governments be doing this to not just humans but ALL living creatures? Could this with the pollutants we keep putting into our air, water and earth be causing our oceans to acidify? Hmm?

  7. julia salisbury says:

    that clip has been around on youtube for several years, so not a new development here. would love to see some change happen on this front asap, but we need more inside whistle blowers.

  8. joe campbell says:

    A weatherman admitting that chemtrails exist.!!!!Wow. Every evening when I watch our own weather forcaster showing the graphics for rain etc., it is obvious to me that we are indeed looking at chemtrails. Since when did clouds form straight lines.????!!! Joe

  9. Karen Strong says:

    I can’t load it either .. Really odd .. This is the second one I haven’t been able to play .. Does anyone have any suggestions .. I haven’t had any problems until now ..

  10. Chaff? Nice try, but clearly a new red herring to throw off the masses. The meteorologist, and other like him, may retain his job, but I wonder how he sleeps at night knowing the extent of the pollution his family is subjected to.

  11. Jeff says:

    How do you know they stopped spraying lithium?

  12. Dave Rice says:

    I would like (if you will offer) a link to just the video.
    Not to avoid your site in any way or steal credit from you, but because I can’t very well share a full page to cell phone users because most of them don’t understand how to manage it.

    Either way, thanks for the great preview,,,
    Dave Rice

  13. Lynn h Bechtold says:

    I can’t load the video.. Thank you for your work. I am with you!

  14. Karen Strong says:

    I can’t load this for some reason it won’t allow me … Just wanted to say Dane .. Your efforts aren’t in vain ….. You are an answer to a lot of questions .. It is refreshing, to say the least, to have someone make sence of this assault on our home . Earth .. I am so grateful to honesty .. And you are honest .. You have no hidden agenda … Exposing truth is entirely it … I can understand your frustration ..blatant dishonesty ,especially . Does that to me too .. How can people lie about something we can all see … Well we know they do .. Amazing isn’t .. Keep up the energy you have .. With Gratitude Karen Strong New Zealand

  15. Rick says:

    wow, clearly lying and terribly nervous about it.

  16. Shary Merman says:

    Lore ~ I hope you are angry enough to spread the word.
    So many people do not know what is going on. They will think your crazy and wear a tinfoil hat.
    They only show the daytime videos. They are also spraying at night. They stopped spraying the Lithium in the day. Now that you know this you will find out so much more. Good luck on your new venture and as Jesse Ventura says stay Vigilant.The best place to educate your self beside this site and the links here is YouTube. Check out TRUTV.

  17. Jack Elwood says:

    I am starting to hit the local weather forecasters in my area, Greensboro, NC, with questions as to why they never mention the geoengineering. We are bombed almost daily, as I`m sure is happening worldwide from what I see on the internet. I am careful to include only legitimate videos and articles to avoid the ” Conspiracy Theorist ” label, but no responses as of today. Look forward to the film.

  18. Dane your greatnest will live on in the multiveres as will your loved ones. Your soul in an angel/angle of light.

  19. Lore says:

    I am angry !!!
    STOP the chemtrails NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Azaima says:

    looks great. can’t wait to see the whole film

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