Monitoring And Muzzling Scientists, New Legislation Casts A Chill

Dane Wigington
So many people understandably ask the question “if all this was really going on (like climate engineering), why wouldn’t scientists and agencies speak out about it? This question is easily answered if one simply examines the bigger picture facts. NSA can and very likely is monitoring anyone and everyone that speaks out or has the potential to disclose important truths which could or would be damning for the government. This fact should not be a surprise. Legislation which has just been passed now appears to completely legalize the actions of our police state’s surveillance practices. If you wish to know how your congressman voted on this latest draconian legislation, you can do so at this link. The US and Canada are both actively and passively pressuring scientists and agencies to suppress data they do not want released to the public. Such pressure goes right down the line to those in the field. I know a California Fish and Game biologist that is reprimanded if she even tries to bring up the issue of climate engineering or the fact that the streams and waterways in California are flowing with aluminum. I have been in the forest with USDA scientists testing soils and coming up with results that showed horrifically higher PH values than the historical norms. These scientists will not speak out as they know it is a bad career decision or worse. I spoke to a NOAA scientist that said “we know about the climate engineering and are alarmed as hell, but we have no first amendment protection so we don’t know what to do”. This is the world we live in, this is the kind of governments we have. The public believes the appropriate experts and agencies would tell them of any environmental dangers of concern, but this is not reality. The control our government (and others) currently have over the flow of information is nearly total. Our “elected officials” are generally doing the bidding of the power structure. It is up to us, the people, to expose the insanity and criminality of those who currently rule the world. If we all pull together, their days in power will be numbered.


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  1. Excellent post by Andrew.

    Our current “scientific” class of idiot-children, are the same black-magic/witch doctor cult types as the alchemists who mercilessly experimented before them. The Roman church financed these pukesacks with quite handsome accommodations, and these same church sanctioned Satanists tortured and slaughtered thousands of innocent human beings in gruesome experiments which led to nowhere in particular.

    Nothing has changed in mankind’s economic and social paradigm for thousands of years. We employ pathological liars we refer to as “politicians”, and allow ourselves to be enslaved to their every disgusting whim. We dress our idiot-children up in expensive costumes, then march them around in grotesque public displays called “parades”. These marching idiots are societies willful slaughter machines. Civilians provide these nut-cases with the most sophisticated weapons and materials they can muster out of the depths of Hell. The militarization process ends up bankrupting all other cultural endeavors, EVERY TIME.

    Nothing has changed. Human beings are biologically programmed – soulless automatons, chasing after cheap thrills and sexual favors until they drop dead from the effort. Moral IQ’s haven’t even reached room temperature. A little dance in Hell is just what the church’s witch doctors have ordered in their sick christian bible. Be sure to pray to their Satanic jewish god…

    “If is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”

    – Upton Sinclair –

  2. Viv says:

    I’ve been noticing the same things here in Salt Lake City. Many trees did not drop their leaves this year in a normal way, which would have been that they fall while they are still a beautiful yellow or red. Instead, the leaves dried up on the trees, and after much wind/storms they finally start falling. I’ve noticed many trees in the process of dying, even young ones. In mid summer, branches are bare, and tree services keep cutting off more and more branches, or cut down whole young or old trees. The “evergreens” are drying out and losing their needles. Whenever I point these things out to most people, or tell them about chemtrails, they act like I’m crazy. I just tell them to open their eyes, but they won’t do it.

  3. JR says:

    Hello To All; Here in Southwest, N.M. near Las Cruces. We are all posting likeminded concerns and posts here, same page. On another post a few days back on this website that person mentioned the leaves on some trees in her area were not shed. The same here on some Mulberry, and Arizona Ash trees and we have had some windy days out of the norm, and still they hold on. Maybe that polymer like post above, huh? There is a plane with 4 props always flying overhead more than likely coming out of Fort Bliss, (El Paso) Tx. I would bet they have instruments gauging on board checking out what is being sprayed to see if they are doing a good job, dumb bastards. Sorry for wording but it’s a tough pill to have to swallow. We had rain or snow clouds coming in from west today Wed. but they busted them as usual. These as we all know are and should be seen as criminal acts by the cowards as one put here on this post. I’ve seen jets above me that appear to be Southwest Airlines, but there are others in the mix. Who they are I don’t know, but Our Lord does. One day folks, one day. Meanwhile we just keep plowing ahead people with our best to offer mankind. It’s been a pleasure rubbing elbows with likeminded people with concerns for the human race and this world given us, yup! The lowlife sells himself out for the riches of this world but in the process loses his soul in the long run. A stiffed neck person is hard to work with. Good Night……..

  4. Pat says:

    I agree, check out (email) and (counterpart to facebook)

  5. CAJeffO says:

    Want to see how they finance all this GeoThermal-Chemtrail spraying?

    They have weaponized money …. this is how it was done.

    Slavery ends with this education … The biggest scam in the history of mankind

    WHO STARTED IT? …How? …Why?

    Modern Money Mechanics Explained: VIDEO
    …… A COPY OF THE REPORT: “Modern Money Mechanics”

    [[A]] … CONFESSIONS & DOCUMENTS: …. Courts have already ruled – bank loans are illegal. If you are not mad about this? … You are not paying attention!!!!!!!!!!!!! …. “Judge in Court Case Admits Banks Never Loan Money – Stop Foreclosure”
    …. …. …. …. ….
    [[A.1]] … CASE ….
    [[A.2]] … DOCUMENTS ….
    [[A.3]] … WHO PROFITS?….

    ………………..PLEASE ………………..
    Copy and repost this for others to see.

    Other urgent unconstitutional issues to consider.

  6. Howard Taylor says:

    Just because you call it’s my job don’t make it right. The same thing was said by the military in every war.Now by every public servant.

  7. Arizona says:

    ALL you government employees,the people who paid your wages counted on you to alert them to a problem,and instead you lied to them to keep your job,REMEMBER when your standing in front of our FATHER IN HEAVEN,you won’t lie to him,and the one thing you better not say is “I WAS JUST DOING MY JOB”,he’ll send you straight to hell for that answer,YOUR SOUL will be on the line here shortly,I suggest you think about that,you watched his animals being killed and you said nothing………..

  8. andrew says:

    My 27th emai to my contacts, titled “Endothermic Reactions’

    1. ‘Tis the season of endothermic reactions (ones that cause cold rather than heat). Massive spraying yesterday and today (sun 14th) to create ice clouds.

    There are patents and plenty of video evidence for artificial snow and ice nucleation, such as the metallic tasting “Heavy wet snow”, and ‘Plastic polymer snow’ that does not melt easily or release much water.

    Please please watch this 10 min video:

    It accurately explains what is going on in the skies above USA. Make no mistake, it is also going on in our UK skies. Slightly different scenario as we are much ‘thinner’ than the USA (unless one includes other compliant European nations), but no less real.

    Please also watch:

    It shows satellite photos of climate engineering over Ireland and UK (May 1 – 31 2014). I realise these are daily snap shots and that topography is important, but you will notice straight line aerosol spraying in action and see how accurate they are with creating cloud cover.

    The ridging or ‘cirrus’ type clouds are caused by low frequency emissions (ILFN) from HAARP sites to disperse clouds to create more cloud cover, plus for weather and low frequency warfare. Wind turbines also emit ILFN.

    The other video on that link helps explain why the aerosol spraying are not “contrails”. Worth watching.

    Only another few days before the stratospheric spraying is ramped up yet again – winter solstice soon.

    2. I mentioned the fuel air bomb “Big Blue” before. Here is a 1987 patent for “Nuclear sized explosions without radiation” using methane and oxygen. Old technology.

    Our oxygen levels are dropping and arctic methane releases are increasing dramatically.

    ‘The initial heat-trapping strength of methane(CH4) is up to several hundred times more powerful than CO2 during the first couple of decades of its release into the atmosphere before degrading into CO2.
    Collapse of Civilization is assured at a 4°C rise in global temperature.

    Scientists consider a global warming of 6°C to be a threat to the survival of humanity, and anything beyond an increase of 2°C to be intolerable (as recorded at the Asia-Europe Summit by Khor, September 2006).’


    Maybe 2 Peter 3:10-12 is correct after all (written about 100 AD).

    3. Here is a July 2013 report from the World Meteorological Organisation which has a (incomplete) list of 43 countries involved in weather modification:

    4. Why Are They Geoengineering If Its So Destructive?
    Because they can.
    Because there are too many people who are prepared to be complicit and accept their “It’s our last hope” story. Because, geoengineering is a weapon of unimaginable power and control (until our biosphere implodes).
    Because not enough people look up, think about what they see, and are prepared to speak out.

  9. Greg Nelson says:

    Central Alberta that I know of, has been dosed with aluminum, barium, stronteum and lesser mixes of other toxins.
    Last winter it was so bad that you could make a snowball then put flames under it (such as a lighter or match) and the snow would not drip. Don’t believe it? go try it!
    Or when the snow melts and on the ground is now a white thin,web like substance. I was told this is a polymer that is also released to keep the aluminum and other particles attached and floating in the atmosphere longer.
    This is either a huge crime and if not why is someone not explaining there intentions????

  10. Freedom Ranger says:

    Scientists never change, the scientists and doctors said the same thing at Aushwitz, I can hear them now ” I might lose my job and bonus if I were to tell the German people how we are torturing the Jews, Gypsies and other undesirables and recording the data, it is insane what the Nazis are doing but I don’t want to lose my house in Dresden” Its the exact same thing that is happening now only the entire world is Aushwitz.

  11. marc rennard says:

    The elites are cowards and their machismo, dictatorial, strong-arming intimidations will without doubt ultimately backfire on their sorry asses. Of this I am sure. History will judge them little better than the petty, tin napoleans that they truly are. The suffering they threaten all of us with will fall by the wayside in due time and the grim reaper will not fail to find them, every one of them, until their just reward is meted out according to the severity of their crimes against humanity.

  12. Lrrpman 67 says:

    Pretty sad as most people think “whistleblower” protection laws work.

  13. Peter says:

    The fact that the new terms and conditions of Facebook starting the next year may result in your facebook account, along with multiple facebook accounts dedicated to fighting Climate engineering could be terminated Dane. I recommend you go to It has no influence and should be safe to use.

  14. We must fight the machine, everywhere, with courage.

  15. Alida Herrera says:

    Canada Air is frequently one of the spraying culprits over WNC. I have found their flights matching the trails several times with We had 2 days of “old-fashioned” blue skies, and the spraying began in the late AM today. Couldn’t make it 3 days clear in a row…how sick and evil these arrogant elite are!

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