Monsanto’s Chemical Assault Against The Web Of Life


Of all the companies and corporations that represent twisted greed, corruption, and irreparable destruction to our planet and it's life forms, Monsanto stands out. Not only is Monsanto involved with the total chemical contamination and genetic modification of our food supply at the ground level, but available evidence indicates that Monsanto is intricately connected to the toxic aerosol climate engineering operations in our skies. Why did Monsanto purchase "Climate Corp" for almost a billion dollars? Those that are part of the ongoing weather wars against global populations must control the message in regard to the weather "forecasting". All the major weather forecasting agencies are owned by the power structure complex. There are clear and growing connections between Monsanto and other power structure owned agencies like "The Weather Channel". As the ongoing geoengineering programs continue to contaminate soils with aluminum and the atmospheric spraying shreds the ozone layer, Monsanto is engineering seeds to address these issues. Coincidence? Monsanto has expanded like a cancer in spite of the EPA knowing the dangers of Monsanto's chemicals for decades. The trend of cover-up is breaking down as a growing segment of the population realizes the gravity of what is being done to them. The short article below highlights the steps now being implemented to hold companies like Monsanto accountable. As the curtain is pulled back, there will be ever more exposure on the greatest assault against life ever launched by the human race, global climate engineering.
Dane Wigington


EPA Forced To Study Atrazine And Glyphosate's Effects On Endangered Species

Source: Natural Society, article by Christina Sarich

More than 1500 endangered plants and animals in the US are under attack by two of the most widely used pesticides known – Atrazine and Glyphosate. Now, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be forced to research why this is happening as part of a settlement reached with the Center for Biological Diversity.

In addition to these two pesticides, the EPA will also analyze the impacts of propazine and simazine, two Big Ag pesticides that are very similar to Syngenta’s widely used Atrazine. The EPA is required to finish the assessments of all these chemicals by June 2020.

This is a considerable settlement, though it seems like a drop in the bucket considering that over 80 million pounds of Atrazine are used in the US annually, alone. The pesticide is second only to the use of Monsanto’s glyphosate, which was sprayed to the tune of 280 million pounds on crops in 2012, according to U.S. Geological Survey data.

Endangered species policy director at the Center for Biological Diversity, Brett Hartl states:

"This settlement is the first step to reining in the widespread use of dangerous pesticides that are harming both wildlife and people. . .Atrazine, for instance, chemically castrates frogs even in tiny doses, is an endocrine disruptor, and likely causes birth defects in people. The EPA should have banned this years ago.

This settlement will finally force the EPA to consider the impacts of glyphosate — widely known as Roundup — which is the most commonly used pesticide in the United States, on endangered species nationwide. With more than 300 million pounds of this stuff being dumped on our landscape each year, it’s hard to even fathom the damage it’s doing."

The harmful effects of glyphosate are becoming common knowledge, especially since the WHO’s declaration of the chemical as probably carcinogenic. Ever since that declaration, communities and even entire nations have at least put restrictions on glyphosate use, putting Monsanto in a financial hole. What’s more, Monsanto is being hit with lawsuit after lawsuit for the general act of polluting the world – and knowing about this toxic pollution for years.

As for Syngenta, well, that biotech company has gone to great lengths to cover up just how dangerous Atrazine can be. But nothing can stay secret forever.

Source: Natural Society, article by Christina Sarich

44 Responses to Monsanto’s Chemical Assault Against The Web Of Life

  1. We need to wrap ourselves in the toxic truth head on.   Every angle, every human, every cause and mostly every effect.   I know we can do it team…..

  2. Here's another interesting ghoul. Notice his address. John Murabito | Cigna VP Human Resources | Executive Team Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Services ["Appointed Executive Vice President of Cigna Corporation in 2003, John Murabito helps drive growth through clear linkage between the enterprise business strategy and effective human resources and people strategies, talent management and succession processes, as well as compensation and benefits, employee relations, leadership development and training. He is also responsible for a variety of corporate-wide administrative areas, including travel, security, real estate, and other support services Prior to joining Cigna, Murabito served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Services at Monsanto. His background includes more than 30 years of extensive related experience with the Frito-Lay division of PepsiCo, Symbion, Inc., and The Trane Company. Murabito serves on the boards of Cornell University's Center for Advanced Human Resources Studies, the Human Resources Policy Association, the American Health Policy Institute and the Personnel Roundtable. He is active in various civic and community organizations in the Philadelphia area."] You need more humor folks… It's really fun reading the company profile page…

  3. Stark says:

    Why is it that no body cares about this. People who sit in front their tv, phone device, internet watching videos are blind. How do you pass this word out? I have been telling people i have come across. Unless is doesnt both them, they do not care. I am frustrated by this.

  4. Gwen says:

    If Monsanto is spraying aluminum AND developing aluminum resistant seed, surely this must be an inditable offense? Similar to price fixing but more Reckless Endangerment via MARKET-FIXING.

  5. Kate Willens says:

    We are witnessing the will to destroy the world God made.  Who or what could be behind such an initiative? "Ye shall know them by their fruits."  And what fruits there are! :  Geoengineering, bioengineering, GMOs, vaccines, incessant social destabilization, political terrorism, lies and murder.  This is their agenda.  There is nothing human about it. We are literally in the great battle between good and evil.  It's important to realize that however great their facade of power, ultimately the forces of good are much much stronger, and will eventually win the day.  

    • BillW says:

      You are absolutely correct, Kate.   

      Oh,don't forget about abortion, as well as sex change operations for TEENS! ~ another depopulation scheme by these satists.  Look how far they've come since Aleister Crowley.  

  6. Terrilee says:

    GMOs are vaccines

    FRAUNHOFER, plant-based vaccine production | .

  7. Rachel Robson says:

    @Karl Schreiber,  Danka Karl!  And by the way your English is excellent, I went to the Monsanto site you listed finally today and cried and cried.  I seldom cry, but this, all this, infinitely worse than I ever knew.  How the heck did all this happen?!  I got so depressed I could not function.  Then, I realized how much I've been neglecting my actual, as opposed to virtual friends and wrote some letters of gratitude and such.  Really helped.  Gotta say, it is hard to wake people up, and I mean to actually do it, when you know how very bad the news is.  Like Zack, I'm afraid of bumming people to death.  Not much throws me, but this did.

    Glad you stopped Aspartame, but my neighbor behind me did not.  Maybe by now.  And now I know what happened to the Brazilian ants, or is it Argentina-I get them confused, but when she moved in, I no longer got swarmed by these little monsters in rainy season, they all went to her apartment!  Then I saw why-a huge, and I do mean huge, stash of empty cans of diet soda under her porch/deck/stairs-just huge.  Some years later these biting ants who hate water and are not California ants just disappeared.  I figured they moved, after all they walked here in the first place.  Now I think they all died of Aspartame!!!!

    Thank you Karl so much for the Swiss references.  It has been maybe 25 years since I've used my German.  I know a few, several languages, one of which is Lakota which I've been working on and it is the hardest bar none!  How quickly a language disappears.  41 years ago I gave my daughter a Lakota name which fully translated means her woman of the apocalypse.  I saw it coming but even so, could not have imagined so much evil.  Just stunning.  My sweet Swiss friends.  Gee.  

    • @ Rachel Robson
      Many thanks for your comments!
      The document just reveals their history but not what's still in store for us in the future, besides all this nano-aluminum spraying and patents on alu resistant crops….
      I'm quite sure those belong to the top of the pyramid, i.e. they are the pure evil.

      What's behind all these secret "free trade agreements"? If you want to understand those structures always take the opposite of their statements for granted: In this case these treaties mean "full enslavement, poisoning the whole world, making us bio robots, killing 90% of the mob."
      I'm not kidding! Who belongs to the mob, that's their free definition. "Free trade" means they are free to export their GMOs to Europe (secret TTIP treaty for the EU (=NWO), you got yours for the pacific, etc.). Until now we are about 50% free of GMOs, but not really: They supply animal feed made in the US and parts of South America which is pure poison and nothing our cows would normally eat. No labelling for these products! The animals are forced to digest this crap and are already suffering from diseases and malformations of offsprings in big style. (Even the farmers get sick, just by contact with their animals.)  It can be traced back to the fodder from overseas, killing good bacteria in their guts. Even in our propaganda mainstream TV, late at night(!), French broadcaster "Arte" published a video, German scientists from Leipzig proved this in their laboratory.
      Chronisch vergiftet – Monsanto und Glyphosat (ARTE Doku)  (Chronically poisoned – M + G)

       By means of the secret trade "agreement" (nb.: they agree to their own agenda, the masses are not involved) they can flood Europe with GMOs and they want to abolish our labelling/pricing system on food. And they will get their will as governments, registered as private corporations, are running our countries (with Germany being an US colony reigned by Brussels). Thus the people will not even know what's in the shelves of the supermarkets.

      They also took over Ukraine by coup d'etat. Not only to provoke a war with Russia that will be fought in Germany and will finally destroy it after 2 trials earlier in history – if the people here do not wake up. And the masses DO NOT! THEY bought already land, which until now is the purest and most fertile in the world, especially for wheat production. It will just take some more years and the Ukraine will be completely contaminated as other countries are already.

      I could write novels about that. I understand their plans, that is my only satisfaction – but it won't change history. Prove me wrong! I would be more than happy!

  8. Rachel Robson says:

    @Karl Schreiber–Karl, you are so good!  But saccharin?  I thought that one came along much later!  It appears my error was in researching their infamous plant and the story that goes with, in Anniston.  I am a creek and river fanatic and I grew up knowing about this and hating them for it since I was a teenager.  So, that is what I looked up and all that occurred in the 30s, I didn't even try to find out the beginning.  To me, myopic, I know, it began there as my hatred of them began with that.  Thank you for this update!  And, of course, saccharin!  Why not list that to their horrors.  Starting when with that?  Gee.

    Also wanted to thank you very very much for your explanations of your photographing, the sheer elegance of it, and you added photos of original? sky with haze, particles and fog.  That was very kind of you.  As a poor person, I've not gotten to know much about photography, but I love it anyway.  Recently was given my first digital camera. What you showed was so stunning and I wish the same could be done here with this ridiculously resilient fog bank!  How I'd love to know what is behind that wall.  Can't really call it a curtain.

    Thank you for all you do.  I'd go on, but have to go.  Great work Karl, and I feel for you getting hit so badly.  If I missed printed time frames, I blame my eyes.  Was nearly legally blind, just got cataract surgery, I can see, but things do go a bit weird in transition.  Love hearing from you.  My friends in Switzerland seem oblivious to geo-engineering, I am trying to get through to them, but they are so innocent, can't conceive of such a thing.  They are kind though and don't shun me over it.  Way back when, I learned German, tempted to say something to you in your language-I love languages, but, no doubt, would get it wrong!  I seem to be on a roll.  Take care and keep "shooting"!  R

    • @ Rachel Robson
      Thanks a lot for your comments.
      Concerning Monsanto: I can just rely on online sources. The one given below states their history. As far as I know also Rumsfeld is part of that group. There is also a link to Aspartame which would have killed me but I just woke up in time, years ago. Detoxification is a very important topic!
      Concerning Switzerland: we got very nice people over there, e.g. . Norbert Brackenwagen is a great guy with daily broadcasts on Youtube. He also reported about the crimes in our skies:
      (There are some more reports online.) Send your friends to his site.
      He is the right man to educate such people gently! (;-)
      Also I have to mention Detlev with his radio channel.
      (And video channel + United We Strike Radio member.)
      He is also a fighter against SRM. Broadcasts twice a week, also Youtube: "Wecknachricht".
      btw.: both guys are Germans living in Switzerland.
      – Concerning speaking German: You will never make any progress without using a language. Dare to use it. I try the same in English here, hoping I can make myself understood.
      Connecting people is very important in this fight against insanity.

  9. JR says:

    Look up dvd "The Future of Food". Dan Quayle when in office was an advocate for GMO's. On another note you folks should know by now about Aspartame, another chemical in your diet sodas, gum, puddings, jello's, etc. See dvd "Sweet Misery A Poisioned World". Nice leaders this country has had for many years huh? You should also know USDA approved GMO Alfalfa seed right? Right into our food chain. Look into Center for Food Safety-CFS website for further insight on how our rights for good food have been trampled. Meanwhile as I always post our rain clouds are being demolished in Southern New Mexico. God Bless those who care….

  10. Rachel Robson says:

    Everyone seems to think Monsanto is GMOs.  And they are, but their history goes back to the 1930's and farther south than you Marc.  What they did to Annie's Town-Annieston, is like some horror flic.  Until GMOs, their whole history was in poisons.  Masters? of death.  Be it DDT, Angent Orange, Roundup, or PBCs-all death and destruction.  They snuck their way into GMOS via university help and trial programs.  Without so much as a "by your leave", Pandora was outta the box.  They never did clean up their old messes or make any effort to compensate.  They operate like the mob of yore, pure thuggery.  If you are a farmer, you can't say no.  I mean, you can try.  But you will be beaten and family threatened and lands taken to boot.  They've turned farming into pay to play.  One particularly stupid thing really stands out, and that is that they are using but one strain of everything.  So much for biological diversity.  Like the Irish potato famine, if something comes along their poisons won't kill-and that is happening-then there goes the food supply for a whole lot of people and critters with nothing whatsoever to take its place.  Global starvation.  These guys are not evil geniuses.  Just plain stupid, down and dirty thugs.  They will destroy you if you try to keep and use your own seed.  None of us gave them permission to do this and pollen goes where it blows.  Organic farms are not safe from them.

    They must have some deal with the devil though in terms of their connections with the government.  Ushered in by the Clintons, Bush took it to a higher level.  And, someone asked, and yes, they tried to sneak through the sequester a couple of years ago, infinite protection from peer review and legal ramifications of any sort-and damn near made it.  I thought they did make it and I was seething.  But no!  Sen. John Tester pressed like hell in the very nic of time to off that and succeeded.  So, yes, we can sue, but more than that I think.  These are crimes against humanity–not unlike geoengineering except everyone does know about Monsanto.  Most other countries won't touch this stuff.  Where are the lawyers?  Are they really, Monsanto, the new mob?  Are they untouchable?  Theoretically not!  But our government has backed them and they've been on quite a roll, one that is gonna be very hard to stop but it must be stopped and soon.  Class action lawsuit?  I am thinking our government wanted to sneak them through with no blowback, no peer review to prevent competition.  Which is perhaps the downside of Tester's heroic efforts on our behalf as now there are other players in this game. It must be stopped and fast.  Think of it-if this goes to court, and I mean the highest court in the land, then look what all shakes out, including Climate Corp.  And?  Folks, I think this is our route towards full disclosure.

    But yes Paul, I agree, shoot them into the sun!  First court, all monies taken for what recompense is possible, then solar incineration!

    By the way Marc, glad you brought up the roundup at the cemetery.  I'll tell my daughter who brought to me her young son's school's list of poisons it uses on school grounds and in buildings-three pages long!!!!  The guy who does that does not wear a hazemat suit.  Wouldn't want to scare the kiddies would we?  One of the heads of the school, my daughter informed her about roundup.  The woman could barely wait to tell my daughter that she stopped them just in time from spraying the new school garden they are doing!!!!  Stopped ONE thing.  It is a victory, but so small, but still, but so small….Too small, and we best move fast.  How, who?

  11. Geoengineering, Monsanto is the  WAR  against people a flora and fauna on this planet.


    " Nothing will end war unless the people themselves REFUSE to go to war. "

    Albert Einstein

  12. Karen W says:

    The EPA finishing the assessment by 2020???  Won't that be far to late Dane?

    I applaud you on this article.

    It is so nice coming to your site to find more great information to pass on.  Thank you!

  13. JR says:

    Hello from Southwest, New Mexico; Las Cruces N.M., El Paso Texas area. We have been surrounded by rain clouds which means we should be getting much rain. The evil punks are spraying much SAG over us and diminishing any good chance of much needed rain destroying clouds. It's really very obvious for open eyes and minds. All of the perpetrators involved are of the lowest form of life, subhuman one may say. Sold out to the Evil One.

    • BaneB says:

      Satellite imagery shows you have been getting lots of cloud moisture from southern Mexico and farther south being directed northward.  Indeed, it has been sent so far as Northern California and Oregon.  Part of the upper part over us was injected days ago into the backside of the Pacific high pressure bubble.  That turned into a counter clockwise spin that is still off California.  It has cooled down our triplet digit temps and will do so for the next four days at least.  It can be observed by satellite And it is sending "cloud" cover over my area and San Franciso region.  These kids are about as phony as it gets.  What has been jet sprayed on you has made these clouds very bizarre here.  Plus the geoengineers have sprayed these fake "clouds" here too.  The entire system you are experiencing, and we here, IMO is a major contrivance, manmade, and so obvious as to do great damage to the term covert.  This has been in the works for more than one week.  I check my sat images many times a day.  These clouds can't produce rain because the tops are not high enough and are not the standard cumulus variety we had once upon a time.  Thanks for your regional info.

  14. Melody Meachum says:

    @Karl…sehr, sehr gut & many thanks for sharing!


  15. This is Kate Magdalena Willens latest protest song in English only with English lyrics and new photos. Enjoy!
    "Up Up In The Sky"
    The German version I published earlier.

    • Kate Willens says:

      Karl, so thankful to have met you, and that you took an interest in my song.  I appreciate your mind, your artistry and photography, and sincere passion for the truth, and the overcoming of the unbelievable plot against this world and its people.  I feel honored to work with you, and with Dane, and all the sincere activists dedicating their lives to the good future of this world.  

  16. Dear Dane,
    This is my latest slide show, pictures taken and produced yesterday.
    (English translation included, hope I didn't make too many mistakes as the production took 12 hours nonstop to finish the video. Had a short night…)
    Since June 30, we use to have hot (30-37C) and dry days, There should be pure blue sky everywhere, everyday. I used a new technology to show the insanity in our skies: With special software I removed particles, haze and fog in order to look "behind the curtain" in our skies. I was astonished about the result myself. THEY did this within 2 hours in early morning!
    Description in video:
    These photos reveal the "condensation trail lie" for good. In order to show what's hidden behind the "clouds" a new filter technology had been applied, which is able to eliminate fog and haze. The result might be surprising. Apart from using this filter the photos have not been manipulated in any way. Those who still claim "It's just ice" should consult their psychiatrist. Astonishing that the toxic "clouds" seem to be  treated with HAARP technology systematically. The corrugations indicate that. Whether it's done for manipulating the weather or for military purposes is not known to us. That's for sure: It's directed against mankind and nature, i.e.: US

    • BaneB says:

      Another approach to observing the artificially created structure and patterns in the haze and glare is to utilize the 'noir' filter on a iPhone camera.  I have had great success with this approach.  Here in Northern California where not a day goes by that there is not something bizarre taking place overhead, my collection of atmospheric high strangeness is at around 1200 images using the aforementioned filter.  Everyone who sees these pics are put into a shock and awe, and they start to grasp the  reality of Geoengineering.  Further, manmade clouds, and the chemtrail zapped morphs are free associated as in days of old with puppy dogs, soft pillows, and friendly faces, but are full of monsters and demons, and hideous apparitions that bespeak of the evil mechanizations that produce the false weather we are experiencing in this part of the planet. These squares and rectangles, and triangles and circles observed here are computer created by the weather warriors using their very very powerful radio frequency beams slammed into the metallic aerosols that have turned blue into a flourescent white glare.  They create artificial configuration upon the faux clouds, and move whole weather systems.  The past few days have them pumping massive amounts of tropical moisture up from southern Mexico into Arizona and along a straight trajectory into Utah and Nevada.  They then, IMO forced the top of that northward driven moisture into a hard left over my region.  The moisture was directed out into the Pacific high pressure system they also control. That leftward move out into the ocean has created a low pressure system inside their high pressure bubble.  This is an experiment of great importance and has been worth watching it from satellite annimations over the past few days.  The fake low is now moving toward the San Francisco area in the next couple days.  I see my region further north has our weather schedulers stating a chance of rain on Thursday.  That in itself at this time of year is bizarre to have a low be born inside a high pressure bubble from moisture from Mexico to go straight up the Sierra spine and be inserted inside as if it is some kind of artificial insemmination, a hybrid low.  Let's see what it does and how it dies.

    • @ BaneB
      Thanks for the hint. I'll have to find out whether such a filter is available for Canon reflex cameras as well. We have to find unusual ways and open our mind in order to manifest, how THEY are playing around with us.
      After 5 days of unusual heat, 2 of them with extensive spraying, 1 day extremely minimal spraying (i.e. blue sky) and 2 days preparing a thin, ugly, milky haze layer for daytime during the night, we got a sudden rainfall lasting for about 2 minutes. Some hours later we got 5 minutes of sudden hail storm, the balls in the size of about 1 to 2 cm's.
      Don't play this HAARP! (;-)

    • Rachel Robson says:

      WOW Karl!!!!  That is minus particles, haze and fog?!!!!  Are the colors the way they actually were?  What two hours?  When I glanced at your intro, silly me, I thought you were going to show the real sky behind the chemical contrails!  My God but that is a lot in two hours!  Well done.

      I had my daughter drive me down to the Marina Friday after an appointment, the view was not yet blocked and I really needed to see the hills/mountains again because when I look out here, not far from near the water where we went, it looks like suddenly a mountain range sprang up.  A big, mountain like solid, grey/black-ish looking range across the Bay where the Golden Gate should be.  Which I can no longer see from my house, but I can see the hill/mountains of Marin and Angel Island.  I've lived here more than 3 decades-I know where things are.  Like freakin mountains!  Daughter kept saying: You're right mom, you've been seeing a weird fog that looks like mountains, Ive been seeing it too.  OK.  Well have you noticed that the sun appears to be setting farther north west?!  Seriously, it's become disorienting.  I'm almost afraid to ask, but what did this sky look like with particles and haze and fog? 

    • @ Rachel Robson

      I didn't change the colors in any way. The basis of the photos is a so called RAW-container. Most modern reflex cameras support to store photos in this format by default. The advantage: The container contains ALL picture information data. Only this way you can make such duplicate JPGs out of it. All professional photographers make use of the RAW format. If you just set your camera to store JPGs a lot of data is lost by compression and there is no way to filter out anything in the way I've done it. This means, I can just extract "ordinary" JPGs out of each picture container shown in the video. The RAW stays as is and is not altered, i.e. manipulated in any way. I use to remove some lens stains from the pics but even these stains remain in the untouched original RAW container. I don't have the pics with me at the moment, sorry. Will upload one or two later on, if you like.

    • @ Rachel Robson

      Just noticed that I didn't answer all the questions:

      I always state the exact time and date the pictures were taken in the videos at the beginning of the slide show. The camera stores these data. When I notice the first attacks I use to drive to an elevated place to get the full picture. Most of the time, these attacks are like an explosion: a lot of planes flying in successively, often simultaneously – out of nowhere. It's a computer based pattern. They disappear as quickly as they emerged. We can talk about raids.

      Taking away the haze you will find the different consistent layers of poison combined. To show the clear sky above the heavy metals crap does not make sense – and a plane would be needed.


    • @ Rachel Robson

      Enclosed please find some sample pics of the slide show
      with and without filter applied:

  17. Nicole and Fam says:

    We're glad to see this brought to light. THANK YOU DANE.

  18. Report on animals exposed to GM ingredients in animal feed
    Prepared for the Commerce Commission of New Zealand
    by Professor Jack E. Heinemann PhD
    July 24, 2009
    Heh… You are what you eat. Unless you work for the government…

  19. The end result of laboratory fraud and incompetence:
    "Herbicides have been recognized as the main environmental factor associated with human neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's disease(PD). Previous studies indicated that the exposure to glyphosate, a widely used herbicide, is possibly linked to Parkinsonism, however the underlying mechanism remains unclear. We investigated the neurotoxic effects of glyphosate in differentiated PC12 cells and discovered that it inhibited viability of differentiated PC12 cells in dose-and time-dependent manners. Furthermore, the results showed that glyphosate induced cell death via autophagy pathways in addition to activating apoptotic pathways. Interestingly, deactivation of Beclin-1 gene attenuated both apoptosis and autophagy in glyphosate treated differentiated PC12 cells, suggesting that Beclin-1 gene is involved in the crosstalk between the two mechanisms."
    Monitor Insecticide
    But there are other players as well: 
    First registered in 1965 and marketed by Dow Chemical under the tradenames Dursban, Lorsban and Renoban, chlorpyrifos was a well known home and garden insecticide, and at one time it was one of the most widely used household pesticides in the US.
    In 1995, Dow was fined US$732,000 for not sending the EPA reports it had received on 249 chlorpyrifos poisoning incidents.
    Before it was banned from residential use in the US, chlorpyrifos was detected in 100% of personal indoor air samples and 70% of umbilical-cord blood collected from pregnant women 18–35 years old who self-identified as African American or Dominican and living in New York City public housing.[41]
    You really have to read the entire articles to get the humor of all this. Hey EPA: When ya drown crops in poisons, then eat the crops, you end up poisoned…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul, do you think your last statement here-"Hey EPA: When ya drown crops in Poisons, then eat the crops, you end up poisoned" was the probable intent?!  Decades a go now, reports said that home owners, taking care of their lawn and whatever, use far more poison than what was recommended, seldom even looking at the instructions-which, from what I have seen is too true.  As if some trusted household item like baking soda.

      One day, maybe two decades ago or more, I was very sick and in want of distraction and so watched a movie on TV: Bitter Harvest, a Ron Howard film about some dairy cattle feed getting contaminated by pesticides in markets' storage.  Unwittingly fed to cattle, made a bunch of kids sick.  As I'm watching this, I begin to smell poison floating in my window.  For a minute I thought wow, I have a powerful imagination.  Finally I had to get up to look, feeling unable to breathe and wanting to shut the window. There was my nearly 90 year old, blind-ish neighbor with a cannister-big-hanging from one hand, nozzle in the other, lead by his "girlfriend"-not young, but younger than he was-she pointed to anything green, he sprayed where she pointed.  He could no longer see well enough to mow, so this was his new technique.

      Decades later, neighbor to the south, Japanese and 90 herself, was, one day, spraying roundup over every crack in the sidewalk in front of her home and had every intention of doing the same in front of here.  I took a literal stand and stopped her-I think she thought it a favor.  20 minutes later, she brought out the 2 year old baby to practice walking-up and down the sidewalk!

      Why did people get so comfortable with round up and such? Kinda like when I was a kid and every time one  got a cold, off to the doc for a penicillin shot.  Then, at age 22 or so, I had an anaphylactic reaction to penicillin.  Such confidence in the new miracle world of cures for whatever!  To a certain age group, I think this is a built in normalcy bias.  We were living in the age of miracles.  All hail science!  What a crock, but no one saw the Emperor had no clothes.


  20. Why GMOs Can Never be Safe
    ISIS Report 22/07/13
    Authored by: Dr. Mae-Wan Ho
    This report is based on invited lectures delivered in GMOs and Food Safety International Forum 2013, 9-10 July 2013, Yunnan University of Finance Economics, Kunming, Yunnan; and 13 July 2013, Gloria Plaza Hotel Beijing, China.
    Excerpt from "Death by Multiple Poisoning, Glyphosate and Roundup"
    "Three human cell lines were tested: primary cell line HUVEC from umbilical cord vein epithelium, embryonic cell line 293 derived from kidney, and placenta cell line JEG3. All cells died within 24 hours of exposure to the Roundup formulations."
    "The Roundup formulations (Rs) contain different amounts of the active ingredient glyphosate: Roundup Express, 7.2 g/L (R7.2) ; Roundup Bioforce, 360 g/L (R360) ; Roundup Grand Travaux, 400 g/L (R400); and Roundup Grand Travaux Plus, 450 g/L (R450). They were compared with glyphosate (G), AMPA, and POEA .  All Roundup formulations in the study, along with individual chemical ingredients, were tested at concentrations from10 ppm (parts per million) to 2 percent (the recommended agricultural usage level), which means that the Roundup formulations were diluted up to 100 000 times or more."
    "The researchers found that the presence of the other chemical ingredients in Roundup formulations, such as POEA, actually amplified glyphosate's toxic effects. The toxicities of the Roundup formulations were not proportional to the amount of glyphosate they contained, and are most likely due to POEA and other as yet undisclosed ingredient(s) present in all the formulations. POEA by itself is much more toxic than the Roundup formulations, while AMPA is more toxic than glyphosate."
    Complete text:
    And on and on it goes. >

  21. Bija says:

    I realize now that it is not labeling of GMO's that is necessary, but the complete halt to this evil and destructive tampering of our food supply. Likewise, we must continue to demand the end of climate geoengineering and the poisoning of ourselves and our planet!

    "Resistance is not about what we achieve, but about what it allows us to become."  – Chris  Hedges


  22. Michel B says:

    I am not religious in an orthodox fashion, but I suspect there is a group so divorced from conscience that it may find any reason to ignore all fundamentals of human decency in order to achieve earthly goals of power.

    This group are fully aware of the dangers of what they do. In fact, it is part of their plan. The diminishment of all the higher faculties of all individuals is their goal. They wish for everyone to be their slave. It can be called a 'Satanic' cult, or at least that is an applicable label. They wish for each and everyone of us to willingly and subserviently go to them.

    No matter the complexity of achieving this subservience, they want the power of adulation and praise, despite deserving none of that.

    Monsanto is an arm of the New World Order. It's aim is not to help us, only to hinder us from our possible freedom and self determination. They will oppose any good ethic if it stands in their way and good ethics do oppose their aims.

    We can see that sickness and control are inextricably linked. They need to make us dependent in order to have their power over us. Monsanto needs to be destroyed by abandoning their services and products. Or better still, Monsanto needs to be transformed into a benevolent institution that restores balance to human and earthly needs.

    • You stated: "Or better still, Monsanto needs to be transformed into a benevolent institution that restores balance to human and earthly needs."

      I think Rounding all up the executive staff of Monsanto, then loading 'em on a rocket aimed toward the Sun, would be a good way to restore some balance… Maybe hand all members of the Counsel on Foreign Relations a shovel, and have them dig a mass grave for themselves…

    • Randy says:

      Very Well written! In FACT the best straight to the point Message. Thanks so much! People Please wake up and spread the word to all you know!!!

  23. Jana Murray says:

    The geoengineered contamination blocking the sun, is more obvious than ever… The North Carolina coast is experiencing a dramatic level of Shark Attacks this summer. Local fishing companies are reporting that two thirds of their catches are eaten by sharks before they can pull them into the boat.  Any thoughts on how ionospheric heaters/HAARP might also play a role in this phenomenon.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jana, though the RF signals may have some effect on the shark behavior, the most major factor is likely the collapse of the food chain in our oceans. The sharks are desperate for food.

  24. marco says:

    300,000,000 lbs of roundup sprayed per year?  Not good.  

    I work for a school district in Calif and a principal told a custodian (after handing him a gal. of roundup) to spray it on the weeds in front of the school. The custodian protested he did not have gloves or a pump sprayer, so the principal told him to use a (hand held) spray bottle.  He called Cal-OSHA and complained.  

    The next day Cal-OSHA  showed up and told the principal never do that, not only did the custodian not have gloves, but he needed a mask, and a (chemical protective) suit as well as the proper training to use this chemical.  Next offense would result in a $10,000 fine.  The principal was not pleased with the custodian.

    The government is well aware of the dangers of roundup.

  25. Marc says:

    I am ashamed that I am from the same city where Monsanto and it's spin-offs thrive. Monsanto to me represents the absolute zenith of corporate evil. Their agricultural practices, especially GMO's and the prosecutions of farmers for seed saving, are the most unconscionable and horrifically evil and twisted pile of corporate sleeze to ever come down the pike. The whole damn company can go straight to hell as far as I am concerned.

    Many of us are now aware of the dangers of glyphosate. (Roundup). I live right next to a 40 acre cemetery which is surrounded by old chain link fencing. Wild vines of several kinds will vine along this fence across the alley from my back yard. One day last summer I returned from work to a horrendous chemical smell engulfing my entire property. I went out back to investigate and discovered that the cemetery boys had cut out all the vines and sprayed something really rank smelling all along the fence near my yard. I called the superintendent of the St. Louis Arch Diocese in charge of cemeteries and asked him what the hell his employees are spraying around cemetery fences. You guessed it: ROUNDUP! I chewed his ass out for such flagrant irresponsibility, complaining about the smell which persisted for almost two weeks, and that I have cats that wander the area. He said, and I quote, " Monsanto's reps came to my office several years ago and sold us the Roundup program. They absolutely insisted it was safe and non-toxic to humans and animals." Well, I told him Monsanto's reps are lying sacks of shit from hell. 

    And it is now becoming clearer and clearer that the winner of the "most evil corporation on earth" award, Monsanto, is neck deep in another one of the most evil corporate schemes on earth, geoengineering and weather forecasting (as in deceiving the public). Un-f**king believable, the near inexhaustible river of corporate evil that flows from this putrid institution. But, as it is said, this, too, shall pass.

  26. Hazel Lucks says:

    Keep digging . Name and shame .  


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