Most Viewed Climate Change Web Site "Bans" All Discussion Of Geoengineering


“stoic says:
November 7, 2012 at 4:06 pm
[snip – chemtrails is a banned topic on this blog]”

What you see above is all that is left of a one paragraph comment I tried to post on the WUWT site (the most visited site on global warming and climate change, they claim).

What I summarized in the now deleted comment was simply that available data indicated SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) and SRM (solar radiation management) are large parts of the climate equation that are not being discussed. I further suggested that these climate modification programs should be investigated by all that are concerned with the climate. What I got was the total censorship above.

I hope that all can take a moment to submit a geoengineering article of their choice to the WUWT link below. Again, this site claims to be “the worlds most viewed site on global warming and climate change” and they completely sensor any discussion of the single largest factor causing climate “change”?

Lets educate them. Please use the link below to send WUWT a solid article of your choice on the dire subject of geoengineering.

Lets let them know that “BANNING” any discussion of the most dire issue we face short of nuclear catastrophe is something we will not accept lying down.

Dane Wigington

3 Responses to Most Viewed Climate Change Web Site "Bans" All Discussion Of Geoengineering

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  2. Eastern ontario chemtrail Watch says:

    Eastern Ontario chemtrail Watch is my face book page. To post photo of the chemtrails over my head.

  3. Dr Roger Davidson says:

    I first really seriously notices heavy persistent aircaft trailing over Oxford UK on 8 Sept 2012. It would have been a beutifu day but I observed that all the heavy and extensive clouds by the afternoon were due entirely to the aircraft trails. I collected rain samples on 11 Sept and have had these samples analysed using ICPMS. I also had rain analysed from 4 Nov 12 after a period of no obvious persistent trailing
    The main elements of concern were, Ba, As, Cd. and Se. Levels were 129′, 16 , 3, 13.7 ppb respectively from 11/9 sample and 7, 0, 0,,0 on 4/11 sample. The Al level was 4ppb on the Nov sample. Water measurements taken over the years in this area historically have Ba levels of 1 to 1.5 ppb. There have also been unusual halos round the som, sun dog clouds and double rainbows around the moon indicating high particulates in the upper atmosphere. The planes dispensing the trails are both commercial and military. In some cases 4 engine planes have only 3 trails. In some cases the trails seem to be switched on and off in there flight paths. The trails are not always the same appearance and probably are Mede up of different chemical composition. I do not believe they are in the fuel and are dispensed in some other way. Hope this helps with the general information base.

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