“Mysterious” Extreme Warming Of Oceans Baffles Scientists


It is increasingly hard to find words which accurately describe the willful blindness of the so called "science" community. How high a price has the planet and global populations already paid for the behavior of the science community? No matter how enormous the global geoengineering "elephant in the room" becomes, no matter how much destruction and devastation the ongoing climate engineering assault causes, the effects are all a big "mystery" to the "experts". Ocean temperatures are skyrocketing along both coasts of the North American continent causing marine ecosystem collapse (see article posted further down this page). The experts correctly acknowledge that part of the warming is linked to carbon emissions, but then go on to admit "there may also be another explanation, so far undiscovered". The seas are warming so rapidly that researchers must constantly upgrade charts. The extreme ocean warming off the coasts of North America is clearly visible in the current departure from average sea temperature map below.

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Climate engineering is the most dire and immediate threat to the oceans, to us, and to the planet's life support systems as a whole. Short of nuclear cataclysm, climate engineering is the greatest threat we face. Many blame Fukushima for all the die-off of the Eastern Pacific, but there is much more to what is unfolding. The toxic heavy metal geoengineering aerosols being sprayed from jet aircraft (and the radio frequency transmissions used to manipulate them) are completely altering atmospheric convection, wind currents, ocean currents, ocean "mixing", and the hydrological cycle as a whole. The climate engineers have actively tried to suppress the El Niño event since at least 2007. The climate engineering is forcing ocean stratification which is contributing to an increasing "canfield ocean" condition. Our oceans are dying, if the oceans die, we die. Though there are countless forms of anthropogenic damage to our biosphere, academia has so far not shown a shred of courage in regard to openly acknowledging the geoengineering assault on the planet. The recently published article below is yet more proof of this fact. It is up to each and every one of us to expose this criminal denial and thus bring climate engineering to light once and for all. 
Dane Wigington


Scientists Detect Mysterious Warming In US Coastal Waters

Source: Climate News Network, article by Tim Radford


Surface data from sources such as the Nantucket lightship confirmed evidence of sea warming from deep-water sensors

Unprecedented ocean temperature rises off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the US may be linked to sea level rise or the recent pattern of “weird” weather.

LONDON, 28 June, 2015 − Oceanographers are puzzled by an accelerated burst of warming sea that threatens the fisheries of the American Atlantic coast.

Meanwhile, off the US West coast, scientists report that they have been baffled by a mysterious “blob” of water up to 4°C warmer than the surrounding Pacific, linked to weird weather across the entire country.

Jacob Forsyth and research colleagues from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Massachusetts report in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans that the ocean off the US north-east continental shelf has been warming at unprecedented levels for 13 years.

Their findings came after analysis of data from sensors − called bathythermographs − dropped 14 times a year from the container ship Oleander, which for 37 years has traveled between New Jersey and Bermuda. Each detector takes the temperature of the water column as it sinks up to 700 meters.

Startling discovery

What they were startled to discover was an unexplained, and unprecedented, rise in the water temperatures that may be linked with an equally mysterious sea level anomaly: sea levels are going up, but they are going up faster off the north-east coast of the US than almost anywhere else.

“The warming rate since 2002 is 15 times faster than from the previous 100 years,” says Glen Gawarkiewicz, a WHOI senior scientist and one of the authors of the report.

“There’s just been this incredible acceleration to the warming, and we don’t know if it’s decadal variability or if this trend will continue.”

To make sure of their perspective, the authors compared their analysis with surface data from the Nantucket lightship and other such installations along the coast, from 1880 to 2004. The new study shows that the warming is not just confined to surface waters.

Although there must be some link with the steady rise in atmospheric temperatures because of global warming as a result of human-made carbon dioxide emissions, the oceanographers suspect there may also be another explanation, so far undiscovered.

Off the Pacific coast, meteorologists have been scratching their heads over the appearance in 2014 of a “remarkably” warm patch −  1,500 kilometers across in every direction and 100 meters deep − that could be linked to “weird” weather across the continental US that has seen heat and drought in the west and blizzards and chills in the East.

High pressure ridge

Nicholas Bond,  a research meteorologist at the University of Washington in Seattle, and colleagues report in Geophysical Research Letters that what they have called “the blob” was linked to a persistent high pressure ridge, linked in turn to a calmer ocean during the last two northern hemisphere winters.

The blob plays a sure role in the West Coast weather. Air sweeping across it picks up heat, and this results in warmer temperatures and lower snowpack in coastal mountains − which certainly stoke up the conditions for drought.

A second study in Geophysical Research Letters links the warm Pacific puzzle to the big freezein the eastern states in 2013 and 2014.

Once again, there doesn’t seem to be a direct connection with climate change, but it raises the spectre of changes to come.

“This is a taste of what the ocean will be like in future decades,” Dr Bond says.

“It wasn’t caused by global warming, but it’s producing conditions that we think are going to be more common with global warming.” − Climate News Network

Source: Climate News Network, article by Tim Radford

95 Responses to “Mysterious” Extreme Warming Of Oceans Baffles Scientists

  1. Gibber says:

    Look at the picture at the very top of this page. Most think it is a beautiful sun with real pretty sky. When people research all of this they will find out the real Truth and be of great Con-CERN. We are well on our way to a Monsterous Disaster that will be very hard to comprehend for the minds of some. There are real Bad Actors out there that are only in this for 2 things.
    Money and Power.
    The people that are totally oblivious to what is going on are in Deep Trouble.
    Possibly the people that do know what is happening may stand a chance.
    However the End Game is getting closer each and every day.
    No Sun because of the Dark Forces of EVIL that Spew disaster down upon this Planet.
    Then Mull it around in your Head and figure it out.

  2. Ton says:

    Something I have been researching lately causes me a great deal of concern. It appears CERN, that big particle collider, has greatly increased it's power and now want's to see if they can actually open a dimension. If you look at the CERN logo, it is surrounded by a circle of 6's, which happens to be the number of the beast. They have a huge statue of the Hindu God Shiva the destroyer of worlds. Steven Hawking has warned them not to proceed. Several people have typed 9/23/15 into Google Maps and Cern pops up, why? It doesn't work for everyone, they have algorithms they use for different people's personalities. The Pope is visiting Washington on that day too. The Illuminati, famous for their symbols, have been seen wearning t-shirts with the CERN accelerator on it. J-Zee, a self proclaimed and well known member of the Illuminati, was wearing a coat that had 666 next to the date 9/23/15.  A french Ambassador said "we have 500 days until total climate chaos", 500 days later will be, you guessed it, 9/23. Whether you are a Christian or not, the similarities to what is going on these days to Revelations are disturbing.  In 2012 the sound of trumpets and horns could be heard around the world in the sky. Then the fish and birds and insects die. Then rivers and lakes and even oceans start turning blood red.

  3. “If is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”
    – Upton Sinclair –
    Our economic system has been perverted by our own complacency and avarice. The corporate system must be rejected, and all corporate assets and properties seized. This planet is OURS. Like TRUTH, our private lands should never have been for sale in the first place.
    Get rid of ALL corporate operatives (get their addresses). Citizens arrest is perfectly legal. It's up to us to take action, or face the extinction of our planet…

  4. Bija says:

    One of today's programs on APR (Arizona Public Radio) looked into the topic of drought, and specifically why the Eastern US is getting California's water. To paraphrase, the commentator said that scientists are left scratching their heads as to why this has been happening and continues to happen. One "scientist" speculated that it is caused by the persistent high pressure ridge pushing moisture East, but could elaborate no further.

    The only thing I am left scratching my head about is how the heck are these people can call themselves "scientists" and what brand of science is this when they neither see nor question what is right in front of them???

    I'm pretty sick of these frauds getting to decide our fate!

  5.  These "scientists" need to be arrested and put in rubber rooms for the rest of eternity. There's no excuse for these jerks…
    Excerpted from: Environmental Warfare and Climate Change
    The World's climate can be modified by a new generation of sophisticated electromagnetic weapons
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
    Global Research, November 27, 2005
    “Weather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary… In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications. Our government will pursue such a policy, depending on its interests, at various levels.”
    (US Air Force, emphasis added. Air University of the US Air Force, AF 2025 Final Report, http://www.au.af.mil/au/2025/ )
    Complete text:

  6. Tim says:

    I wish I were optimistic that geoengineering can be stopped but I think you have as good of a chance of it as stopping nuclear weapons. Reason I believe this is because they put it under the National Security umbrella. I applaud Dane and think he is a warrior, but I just don't see it getting stopped. In fact, it has been WORSE the past 2 years. The news out of the Arctic is so alarming that I cannot believe the media doesn't have it as top story. Warm waters are now pouring into the Arctic. I will keep fighting.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tim, I certainly understand the pessimism you feel, but remember we are not trying to stop it through the front door, but by dissolving the foundation on which these programs stand. More and more in the military are waking up to what these programs are all about. When we truly reach critical mass of awareness of the climate engineering issue, and our military brothers and sisters finally understand what they are doing to their own, change can indeed come. Don’t give up, it is not over, we are not beaten. Lets march on, every day counts.

    • Tony says:

      The best quote I have ever heard came from Edmund Burke, an English Statesman, he said "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".  Why do you think they are holding military exercises in 15 states? The exercises are designed to teach soldiers how to round up and disarm Americans. China is getting ready to go to war, and being the largest buyer of our bonds and holder of American currency, they are soon going to dump the dollar and buy gold. This will deflate the dollar like a balloon. Then, if they stop buying bonds, no more money will be borrowed from them. All that debt that's piled up,18 trillion and rising. I told my Mom they are spending as if it doesn't really matter. The sad fact is the U.S. is dead broke. The gold is gone and has been for years. The gold that is held at the Federal Reserve (gold owned by foreign governments) is apparently gone too, as several countries, including Germany and Mexico, have demanded to see their gold and were told no. We stole it and used it to guarantee borrowed money. This is why they won't audit Fort Knox. It's empty. Never in the history of the world has a currency back by nothing worked. It always ends in huge failure. Nixon took us off the gold and silver standard in 1971, so the money was only backed by the faith people had in our government. After World War 2, the dollar became the standard unit by which other monies were valued. So, a lot of people are going to be affected when the dollar crashes. See, knowledge is power, and spreading that knowledge increases the power. No violence is needed, just a public awakening. I have run across so many people who don't want to listen to the truth. They will be the one's who wake up some day and wonder what the hell happened to our country. The men and women of the military are the key. They each need to remember what this country once stood for, and what they are trying to do to take away our freedoms. Something is seriously wrong when Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, turned out to be a C.I.A. operative and Facebook really is a tool paid for a developed for the C.I.A. to track what people say and who their friends are. Zuckerberg, in fact, received a medal for his efforts from then C.I.A. Director Leon Panetta. Yeah, he even gloated that Facebook was the greatest tool for social control ever invented. Many are cancelling their accounts with them. The C.I.A. isn't even supposed to work inside the United States. I am sure they are using some provision in the Patriot Act, looking for "terrorists". What a load of crap.


  7. Rachel Robson says:

    Thank you Paul Vonhamish for your vast and exhaustive research and links to.  And I agree about the rank and file of the military.  If they only knew….

  8. Bob says:

    I find it very strange that 'cloud seeding', is considered innocuous, gentle, and good for humanity.  Read the all credible Wikipedia.  The entry states that it is a technology we have be fully capable of doing for decades.  It tacitly admits that it is going on all around the world.  I find it very telling the picture shows an A-10 Warhog delivering the happy 'seeds' .  A tank busting war jet.  Lol.  So, 'cloud seeding' equals good, happy, gentle farming clouds to produce rain.  Heck, the country of China openly admitted they cloud seeded to produce snow for the Olympics.  Happy snow to make for happy Olympics.  So innocuous, and gentle sounding.

    Why is it that cloud seeding is harmless, yet if 'cloud seeding' the entire east coast, with hundreds of jets, spraying toxic nanoparticulate 'seeds', all of a sudden we have entered into the realm of 'conspiracy theory'?

    Another prime example of word magic and how they are duping the masses.

    Oh and another thing.  If 'cloud seeding' is so accepted by the global science community, why haven't they been all over the news 'cloud seeding' and bringing happy rain to California?  They admit they can, and do it all over the world.  But they just can't do it for California?


  9. Maybe the EPA forgot to read this:

    Radiological Impact of Airborne Effluents of Coal-Fired and Nuclear Power Plants

    J. P. McBride, R. E. Moore, J. P. Witherspoon, and B. E. Blanco

    Manuscript completed: June 1977

    Date Published: August 1977




    ["Radiological impact of naturally occurring radionuclides in airborne effluents of a model coal-fired steam plant [1000 MW (e)] is evaluated assuming a release to the atmosphere of 1 percent of the ash in the coal burned, and compared with the impact of radioactive materials in the airborne effluents of model light-water reactors [1000 MW (e)]. The principle exposure pathway for radioactive materials released from both types of plants is ingestion of contaminated foodstuffs.


    For nuclear plants immersion in the airborne effluents is also a significant factor in the dose commitment. Assuming that the coal burned contains 1 ppm uranium and 2 ppm thorium together with their decay products, and using the same impact analysis methods used in evaluating nuclear facilities, the

    maximum individual dose commitments from the coal plant for the whole body and most organs (except the thyroid) are shown to be greater than those from a pressurized-water reactor (PWR) and, with the exception of the bone and kidney doses, less than those from a boiling-water reactor (BWR).

    With the exception of the bone dose, the maximum individual dose commitments from the coal plant are less than the numerical design guideline limits listed in 10 CFR 50, Appendix I, for light-water reactors (LWRs)."]



    As far as I know, radioactive wastes (from coal burning power plants) should not be transported on American roads, much less sprayed into the sky like confetti…

    • Sean says:

      Well I'm totally baffled by the sea ice behaviour this year. The extent numbers went from tracking at record territory to now only 8th lowest for this point in the year! The record melt in 2012 was half a million square kms less by this point!

      I don't get it, the temperatures seem to have been really hot and the oceans are hotter than ever, yet somehow the ice isn't melting?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, the power structure is doing everything possible to hide the gravity of what is unfolding in the Arctic. They consider “ice extent” to be any area of ocean with 15% of ice or more. That is still 85% open ocean. All is smoke and mirrors in regard to information from the power structure at this point. We know the situation on the ground in the Arctic is beyond critical and getting worse by the day.

  10. SD says:

    Geoengineers working overtime this week to maintain below normal temps in upper Midwest, Eastern Seaboard, down to Alabama and Tennessee. When "Killer Heatwaves" hit this country, places like Boston, NYC and Philly will be first to get hit.

    Geoengineered monsoon flow of high clouds and rain has moderated extreme temps here in SoCal this week.  NorCal, Oregon, Washington not so lucky.

    Noted much unusual seismic activity again this week, from Eastern Canada, down to Alabama and Tennessee.  I consider such quakes "HAARP signature".

    Going out on a limb a little and speculating shark attacks in North Carolina beach areas also related to HAARP.  Vibrations and Electromagnetic impulses in certain ocean areas driving fish and marine mammals crazy. Reports and comments from everyone much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  11. Lakotah says:


    • Lakotah says:



    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I'd like to know that, too.  I saw one vid that shows jets from a company calling itself, of all things, "EVERGREEN." 

      I have a feeling we've got the military, including Navy and Air Force, plus private contractors, some of whom are working with the utility companies to do weather modification in part of an ongoing effort to meet federal mandates about the mixture of what kind of fuel is going into the power grid– obviously there needs to be less hydrocarbon energy because the green house gasses are adding to the heat, and as we know, the nanoparticulate metals and other god-only-knows stuff going into the aerosols is trapping the heat.  So the weather modification happens as part of an effort to make rain and snow, and probably now to justify the stopping of evaporation, which, we know, includes creating, then exacerbating, drought conditions.  Might as well call it "How To Get Somewhere While Shooting Yourself In The Foot"  Sheeesh!

    • Lakotah says:

      Get this. Later today I'm talking to one the neighbors Mexican gardeners. He say's one of the Mexican radio stations he listens to that come's out of L.A., one of the dis-jockeys starts talking about all the white trails in the sky coming from jets and how it's effecting the people. He say's they fired him the next day. WTF?

      This is B.S. man.


    • Lakotah says:


  12. Perhaps readers would do well to target their inquiries to Federal agencies based on items such as this: >
    Excerpted from: Hazardous Materials Transportation Act – Wikipedia
    Since its passage, the HMTA has had two major amendments:
    the Hazardous Materials Transportation Uniform Safety Act (1990) and
    the Hazardous Materials Transportation Authorization Act (1994). "]
    >Responsible Parties
    >["The HMTA specifically states that regulations apply to any person who —
    transports hazardous materials in commerce;
    causes hazardous material to be transported in commerce;
    designs, manufactures, fabricates, inspects, marks, maintains, reconditions, repairs, or tests a package, container, or packaging component that is represented, marked, certified, or sold as qualified for use in transporting hazardous material in commerce;
    prepares or accepts hazardous material for transportation in commerce;
    is responsible for the safety of transporting hazardous material in commerce;
    certifies compliance with any requirement under the Act; or
    misrepresents whether such person is engaged in any activity under the above requirements.[7]
    Essentially, all persons involved in the preparation of the transportation of hazardous materials, though the primary burden of liability falls on the shipper of the hazardous materials (the person who offers shipment). Carriers are only required to ensure that required information accompanying hazardous materials packages is immediately available to personnel who would respond to an incident or conduct a hazardous materials investigation, per the amendments enforced in the Hazardous Materials Transportation Uniform Safety Act of 1990.[5] "]
    Hazardous Materials Transportation Authorization Act (1994)
    ["Signed by President Bill Clinton on August 26, 1994, the purpose of the amendment was to broaden the "regulatory and enforcement authority of the Secretary of Transportation." [31] The Secretary is given discretionary power to require anyone who transports hazardous materials through aircraft, rail, ship, or vehicle to register with the Department of Transportation who are not already under mandatory obligation to do so. Additionally, the amendment restructured the Act, reauthorizing funding for the HMTA and requiring additional safety initiatives to be taken by the Department of Transportation.[32] Under this amendment, its underlying goal remained the same as the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act: to protect against the risks to life, property, and the environment during the transportation of hazardous materials."]
    Complete text:
    The only way to stop the insanity, is to officially question the premise of LAW, and why these "laws" are not prosecuted. Please read the entire content of pages I excerpt from, as I am only introducing the essential concepts in my posts.

    • Frank says:

      We all don't have time on our side to fight the laws already on the books. All the bureaucratic agencies are so filled with loopholes made by big corporate lawyers. Our time is better used by informing others of climate engineering. 
      New lawsuits should be filed to certain agencies to give exposure to Geoengineering. 

    • Marc says:

      Great post, Paul! But are not all such laws virtually trumped by the military and covert agencies if it is deemed to be in the interest of "national security"? Countless environmental laws and protections are and have been broken and wantonly disregarded in the name of "national security" going back decades. We can only imagine what atrocities the military and their defense contractors have perpetrated utterly without disclosure or oversight.

    • Hello Mark: I hear what you're saying, but who is the "military"? The media would have us believe the military is some "other" entity we have no control of. Bullshit!!!

      OUR military consists of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, sons, and daughters. Are we supposed to cower before their power and majesty? It is EVERYONE'S responsibility to get these mercenary slobs off our backs. When they come home from leave, we should confront them with the truth. As long as civilians refuse to confront the slaughter-children we employ (with OUR money) the intimidation and stupidity will continue.

    • Frank says:

      I understand your concern with the military Paul. I am a veteran and feel used and abused on how the one's in power treat all current and ex military. Once were discharged most vets find out that we must fight for the little benefits that are provided. The power structure doesn't care about us and most vets find that out sooner than latter. The current US military morale is reportedly at 'rock bottom' again as the article below describes. 


  13. JR says:

    Hello To All; I've been off this web for a few days as my family laid my mom of 94 yrs. old to rest, long life. Here in Southwest, N.M. we as our rain clouds are being bombarded with SAG-Aerosol Crimes. This morn. 7/1/15 coming from west to east was what had to be a white tanker laying out his super big plume going eastbound. One of the other suckers flying east to west sure looked like a Southwest Airlines jet. There was heavy spraying going on last night. These lowlifes don't even concern themselves if what they do is night or day spraying anymore, of course the winds came-HAARP. I have no doubt all hell will break loose soon enough as more people start waking up from stupor. In all this never lose HOPE of a better outcome in the end for all humanity. Keep on exposing them for all the evil they do who will be rewarded for their evil works-the measley lowlifes that they are. They represent Darkness and Lust in it who have nothing to do with Light. Thanks…

  14. David Thomas says:

    Today, I heard OPB, oregon public broadcasting, cover "the blob" over the eastern pacific.  Dave Miller, host of Think Out Loud interviewed Dr. Phillip Mote, director of the Oregon Climate Research Institute regarding the ocean warming.  The questions and interview were pathetic and shallow and no digging was done by the shows host.  I then emailed Dr. Mote personally and asked him to reply to questions about geoengineering being the primary cause of increases in oceanic surface temperatures. I also emailed the OPB host of the show asking him if he is aware of geoengineering and championing him to do his research, stand up to the editorial board and have the courage to stand up the their funders. This is the first time i've taken any action like this…feels good…I am sooooooo fed up with the lies and cover ups.  As always, thanks Dane for your inspiration.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello David, thank you for helping to sound the alarm. Though climate engineering has harmed the climate system horrifically, and has a great deal to do with the stagnant heating zones, there are many factors contributing to the overall global ocean temperature rise. It is important to be careful to acknowledge that there are various factors, especially when communicating to those from the climate science community. In doing so, we are not as easily brushed off by them. Thanks again for all your work in this fight David.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Wow, Dave, WAAAY to GO!!! I've been e-mailing PG&E accounts reps every time we have a "Peak Pricing Day Event," meaning they will charge more for electricity between 2 and 6 p.m.  So far we've had "event days" every day this week here in the Bay Area.  I always include a link to one of the geoengineeringwatch.org articles.  The energy companies, I believe, are on the right side of history now and no longer wish to use, use use use USE until there's nothing left.  THEY HAVE A DOG IN THIS FIGHT, they have a vested interest in stopping LARGE-SCALE WEATHER and CLIMATE MANIPULATION.  We need to get them on OUR side.  That is one of my specialties.

      DANE:  I cannot possibly thank YOU enough!  You are the inspiration.

      ALL:  We need MORE of us to step up and really stand up.  When "They" see how many we really are it's going to be all but impossible to use their not-so-nefarious tactics to do away with us and silence our voices forever.  Remember "weird Uncle" Matt (that's what too many in the oil biz called him in attempt to ridicule his understanding of the Peak Oil reality) Simmons. 

  15. To Dane Wiggington: Thanks again. I am still following  you awesome website. Thanks also for the continue voice of encouragement. And thanks to the other wise people who post here, all of you are so beautiful, because you see. Thanks Paul VonHarmish for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. And to Vic, I say… Brother, what you said IS THE TRUTH.

  16. Rachel Robson says:

    The time lines for the blob anomaly fit exactly with the Navy's wishes snuck through right round the sequester.  War games and practice using everything known to man, from chemicals to bombs to lasers, electromagnetic pulses, sonar, live fire, rockets and more.  NOAA gave them permission to take wildlife-as in shoot at, maim, kill.  Years of this now, totally consistent with the ridiculously resilient fog bank which I think exists, in part, to hide their shenanigans, among other reasons.  All this hugging our coasts all around USA.  So much for NOAA.  Yet no one speaks of this.  And we know the Navy used to own HAARP.  I don't know what to say about the scientists' confusion but for one hand doesn't know what the other is doing.  This seems true in politics, in science, in technology, in almost everything.  Wish we could take some of these people from various disciplines and throw them all together and lock the door.  It's kinda like a major lack of cross pollination!  Just occurs to me that would make for a great movie.  Locking a big variety of these guys up, forcing them to deal with it, no way out until they do, and that would include government people, some military both regular guys and their commanders, and police as well.  Anti geonengineering activists would have the only key out, and would provide their GMO meals along with contaminated Pacific fish, as well as all the info gathered against geoengineering in case they care, which they would eventually if only way out, or from sheer boredom, escapism.  Our contaminated waters would be theirs to drink and shower in.  No doubt they'd group off at first, but eventually get to know each other and begin exchanging info.  Sounds like fun!

    Mark, your own insight into normalcy bias is a big one.  It is kinda as if one woke up one day to find the sun rising in the west.  Very disorienting.  No doubt one would doubt oneself first.  Check and double check, turn on the TV, but it would say nothing about this.  Nothing.  Then what?  You'd ask a neighbor maybe, or a family member.  Rationalizing would begin.  Is there a big fire somewhere?  Did something blow up and they aren't telling us? Normalcy bias is huge.  It is sort of like Braille.  Feeling our way by rote. Many get through the day nearly sleepwalking.  Geoengineering is not the only thing people don't notice.

    Mark, my 20 year old grandson said something similar to your daughter's remark to you, but with a twist.  He said he knows about it, but isn't "into" it.  The twist is that he suggested I was afraid.  Mind you he calls me his OG grandma, as in old school gansta!  Just because he knows what all I've been through and done and he's seen his fair share here with me, and on his own and thinks of me as hard core.  Yet he also thinks old people!!!! are the ones afraid of this.  For him, it's like: Bring it!  He knows the world is wrecked and he missed out, he knows there is not a future but for some really scary stuff in which, no doubt, he imagines himself heroic.  My daughter who was hip to this before I was, spreads the word a bit here and there.  Recently they had a dear friend from Hawaii visit and pointed out chemtrails to him, saying, do you know what those are?  He said sure, contrails, I see them all the time in Hawaii.  Everyone explained to him that no, these are chemical contrails, stuff being sprayed on us against our will, with no knowledge or consent, illegal to boot.  They watched as the poor guy struggled to take this in-why? he kept asking.  Then someone brought up checking for ticks as they were all camping.  So my daughter tells him, you know, our government created Lyme's disease as a bio terror thing to use against Russia but it escaped.  All said the guy's brain broke before their very eyes.  Was too much.  Shut down.  Could not process.  But he also knows these close friends would not lie to him.  Basically ruined his vacation.  But a seed planted!  If not a tick.  A ticking bomb.

    Myself, now knowing about Dr. Herndon, and the more I know, the more I like this genius.  True genius.  If coal fly ash, in the main or in part, to me a "bean counter" move which to me means these people are stupid, impulsive and stupid.  Which I find a relief.  Of course stupid people can be very dangerous, but stupid is a limitation and beats the heck outta some sophisticated uber cabal pulling the puppet strings.  I find a measure of relief in that.

    For those who think politics doesn't matter, voting and participating doesn't matter, there-in lies some of the apathy spoken of.  The way all this slid by.  Like the former head of the Federal EPA.  What a piece of work that guy was, basically abandoning his job for many decades, rarely even showing up, telling co-workers he was a spy of sorts for the government.  Maybe a grain of truth to that-paid to do nothing.  There are things that supersede what Paul was talking about, the treaty against stuff like this.  Very convenient timing for geoengineering.  Sen. Boxer for one is fighting like hell to get us our rights to know what is in the air and water and not to have to wait forever to find out.  Fighting against the pre-emption that would keep us in the dark.  These are tedious, migraine inducing proceedings, just try reading some of it.  Big Government along with Big everything else.  Is our government too big to fail?  No.  It is not.  Just ask the whole world.  I am not afraid, but our government is and it is cornered.  The noose tightens. 

  17. kirk mannor says:

    Going out tonight to check on insect life,should be a lot of earwigs and night slugs,but can almost bet their in decline here in Ohio.from the looks of the bees gone in my larage flower garden, and earth worms vanishing.will send message for fallow up.

  18. Mike says:

    I liken the effects of what they are doing to spraying uphill in your gutters with a garden hose. you can only dam up the water for so long before it becomes impossible to keep it from rushing down to the spout. How might our planet react when this point is reached. I shudder to think. God help us all.

  19. David says:

    Don't give up hope everyone.  The Reich was supposed to last 1000 years and enough people resisted in occupied lands it really wore down the Nazis beyond the actual Allied military efforts.  Yes many humans are fools or in denial but don't allow yourself to become anti-human.  That's what they want.  Like Logan's Run or some Star Trek episode to willfully walk into a suicide chamber.  Humans can also do wonderful things and CAN be good stewards of the planet working with nature.  For friends who deny ask them to get a blood test for heavy metals.  People "know" but if they see they are poisoned I think many will take the next step to become more active.  Note too that much of the coastal West Coast is not that hot which helps the larger populations around SF/San Jose etc.. to keep on their blinders just like the East Coast which has been kept cool.  Yup Redding, Eugene, Walla Walla, Portland bakes while San Jose is 75-85 and they think all is well.

    • joy says:

      I hope you are correct.  Mother Nature will prevail and if she thinks humans are worth saving, maybe she will do us the favour of keeping us in the loop.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      David, too true!  I live in Berkeley and for many many summers now it has been downright chilly.  Just recently some hot days and it felt good!  Could it be because so many geoengineers live in Bay Area, work in Bay Area?  BP is here in Berkeley, along with Cal-Berkeley, Livermore near by and Stanford too.  But, so little water.  Given that, the coolness-even after a hot day-which is not normal to cool down so quickly after a hot day-helps offset lack of water.  Even so, gardens look great-more than less, making it harder to convince people.

      And I agree about being human.  Humans can do wonderful things, one of which is acting humanely.  We humans are fighting for humans, for humanity, as well as for Earth.  We must not loose our humanity in the effort.

      Asking for a heavy metals test is not that easy.  Nor is getting others to do so.  I am trying.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      It's hotter than 75-85 in San Jose.  It was pretty close to 100 degrees fahrenheit in Santa Rosa, CA today and up in Ukiah it gets even hotter.  People down here closer to the Bay ARE getting weird weather, and "getting" that it's weird.  They'll bring it up but it's more like a rhetorical question (".. we have no way of knowing you know…"), mention it in passing but you have to have courage to tell them about IONOSPHERIC HEATERS and "atmospheric heat testing," ocean "fertilization" causing the toxic algae blooms, etc.  People DO know something's really not right with the weather but they're too distracted thinking of ways to make more money (i.e., just have more of the status quo) than actually to speak up to change anything.  I have a horrible time just getting friends to call me back and all they say when we talk about this is "What can we do about it?"  Yeah, well, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO about it, and WHEN–??

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, many of us are working 80 hours a week in this fight, but it will take all of us. Check the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrow” link on the home page of geoengineering watch.org for more direction on how you can help.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I was hospitalized with cardiac arrhythmia due to acute barium poisoning in 2010– YES THE CRAP CAN KILL YOU. It knocks your heart out of rhythm by displacing the potassium in your system.  So folks, don't think for a second you aren't getting poisoned, just because you think you feel okay.  After THREE blood tests came back with high barium levels over several years, my Em-Deity will no longer requisition that test, probably because she doesn't want anyone higher up thinking SHE is "nuts–"  HOLY CHRIST!  WE ARE GETTING NO HELP FROM ANY DIRECTION.  Makes me wanna hunt down EVERY LAST ONE of these monsters and personally strangle each one of them to death.  So they HAVE to feel what it's like to have to struggle for air to live.  GET RID OF THEM NOW!!!! 

      NO, PEOPLE WON'T just go out and get a blood test for metals, even when they know they SHOULD.  I have "friends" who know I was sickened with barium AND THEY WON'T GET TESTED for serum metals.  Also, "they" did not find any aluminum in my blood on testing. 

  20. Terri Perry says:

    Thanks to Dane for tireless work in informing everyone about these crimes against humanity.  We moved from the UK to Abruzzo, Italy 6 years ago. We wanted a quiet life in the country with less pollution.  But, what we didn't bargain for was the spraying from the planes on a daily basis – often right above our house. 

    6 years ago, every morning, we were awoken by the "dawn chorus" of so many birds it was like living in an aviary. There were larks that sang at night and several types of owls screeching. Now at night, it is deathly silence.  No owls or other creatures making any noise.  Hardly any birds and they say that we are heading for 70% extinction of birds in Italy.  There used to be lots of frogs in the drainage canals and now there are none.  

    I am so sad I could cry when I go out and all along the roads are the dead and dying trees.  Yesterday, we went to the beach and along a short stretch of road (15 miles, I counted 237 dead or dying trees).  They are all affected: Pines, acacia, oleander, oak and others. Our houseplants die if they are left outside.  The other day I decided to test the rainwater that fell after a couple of days of the planes spraying.  It was a PH of 4.5 – so, not much better than vinegar and it's no wonder the trees and plants are dying.  

    We shone a powerful LED torch into the night – it was like a dust storm but the worrying thing is that the same "dust storm" particles are inside our house and bedrooms.  We have been breathing this stuff in for years.  HAS ANYONE ELSE NOTICED GREY, FIBROUS DUST IN THE HOUSE? we now believe this must be what is coming from the sky as we do not have anything grey in the bedrooms and also removed all rugs and blankets for one week to see if it made a difference – it didn't!  We are taking supplements to help detox any heavy metals that we may be taking in.  I have tried to tell the local Italians what is happening but they don't believe me.  But, the Olive trees are now very sick and it is a major problem for Italy who produces about 70% of the world olive oil.  Perhaps this is another agenda – wipe out the olive trees and people will be forced to buy sunflower seed oil (which of course, is GM).

    I pray to God every day that this insane spraying can be stopped before there is nothing left.  

    • joy says:

      Yep. Yep. Yep, Yep.  Same here in south central Colorado.  Save Our Souls.  SOS. 

    • Greg M says:

      I've also seen this grey ashy house dust that appears to have metallic looking fibers in it.  It gets on everything and returns within hours after being cleaned.  Likely it is aerosol fallout.

    • Karen W says:

      Terri, same in northern california.  In fact I noticed when I clean my filter from my hand vacuum I need to scrape it off instead of knocking it off like I did about a year ago.

      Today we have been sprayed all day.  It used to be when the summer hit I didn't see the spraying like now.  It's almost like the attitude of "we told the people about it, it's out in the open, we're trying to "save" the planet, so get over it".  Wrong is the new right!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Terry, I feel the same way you do– nothing but sadness at the massive environmental destruction that, in spite of what some think they see in the Bay Area as "okay"-looking gardens, the problems are actually there.  EBMUD has called a Stage Four Drought.  I got the mailer at my business address yesterday.  That means that everyone is called to use not more than 35 gallons of water per day.  They are being told not to water their gardens more than two days per week– how can gardens in Berkeley continue to look good on such little water when the dessicants continue to be sprayed everywhere?  The Modesto ash trees in front of my Martin Luther King Jr. Way studio and the sycamores along Marin Avenue in Albany/north Berkeley are not looking so hot and haven't for some time.  People in Berkeley just are not really paying attention.  

      AND I also feel a really hot, angry RAGE at the heartless, soul-less, mindless entities who we've allowed to be in charge of Planet Earth, now overrun with "scientists" and The Money People standing right behind them who somehow think it's just fine to poison the planet on which they should understand that they depend on for life itself, but they don't, because they're just a bunch of Cosmic Addicts, addicted to Power and Control, and MONEY, most of all;  Money, Power and Control– the NEW "holy" trinity!

      Instead of this heartless, Will-less, Mean-and Evil-Spirited SCUM, we should let the poets, artists and musicians take over this planet.  We need to STOP feeling guilty here about NO LONGER wishing that we "should" feel like sharing this planet with THEM– because these monsters should be quaratined and put in a LESS-FEELING reality that the one that everyone here wants to create once and for all.

      The rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in San Rafael wants his parishioners to get in the habit of praying daily– well, I have learned that we need to pray in between the cracks of our thoughts…  Speaking of cracks, we ALL NEED TO VISUALIZE those cracks that Dane mentioned in last week's radio broadcast about getting the dam to open up and GOOD people start moving.  And may their numbers be LEGION, to the point where it will be impossible to "car crash," "plane crash," "heart attack," "cancer-virus," "stroke machine" or otherwise "suicide" all of us as we begin standing up, speaking out and taking real action. 

    • penny says:

      I would suggest ditching vacuum cleaners altogether, and using a damp mop instead (even on carpets, though it is a lot more work).  Not only do vacuums waste energy, they spray all those nanoparticulates out into the air around you!  There is no filter that can separate those out from air; they are as small as the air molecules themselves. So you are trying to clean them away, but instead getting a lung-full directly with each breath you take.  For carpets, there are manual sweepers available, that brush the dust up into a bag or compartment inside them.  But I think that using something damp would be most effective in keeping the metals from getting into the air.


  21. Frank says:

    I have never seen radar look red and yellow without storms. I have seen this from Vandenberg Air Force Base radar NWS enhanced radar loop. Any idea what is up with this Dane.

  22. Deb says:

    My husband went to the veterans clinic today, When the Dr talked about the unusual cold June here in the east, my husband mentioned  the ongoing weather modification in our area. My husband said the Dr. looked very concerned about my husbands mental health as he tried to explain how that is all nonsense . My husband said he decided not to say anymore on the subject as he felt he would be labeled with a mental disorder!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Deb, as I have tried to stress so many times, it is imperative to have at least some credible information to pass on to those you are trying to intruduce the climate engineering issue to. This is especially true with doctors who often believe they already know it all. Strickly verbal introductions of this issue are difficulte at best and often don’t accomplish the desired goal. Try keeping credible flyers with you.

  23. James says:

    09:00 hrs on the left coast , Alex Jones just opened his live  show from  Texas .

    The   spraying of toxic Aerosols in Jackson, Ca , goes on as  I write .

    To  see with my own eyes the poison floating on top of the water in our local watershed makes me want to get in moonbeams face and tell him exactly where to stick it .

    Why  does the  California Air Quality Resource Board not say one  Dam thing concerning the poison we are all forced to take in ?

    We are now collecting as much evidence as we need to put these criminals in jail .


    • James Burke Boyd says:

      Thank you james, it is heartening to read a comment like yours.  I hope you can follow thru.  Oh..  Dane Wigington for pres. Seriously

    • Truman says:

      @ James….

       I too live in Amador County and have been seeing this crap happening to our beautiful county. The last 2 days AND nights of constant spraying has been ridiculous.

      Question: Does any one think it would do any good to approach our local Board of Supervisors and try to get them to start questioning the State and Federal officials about this? I saw that Dane and some supporters did this up in Shasta County and I believe their Supes sent letters out to Washington. Don't know if it did any good but at least maybe it would start putting some pressure on those that are doing this. If every county in our state did this it might make them listen. I sure wish some experts would come and speak out here. 

      I am certainly no scientist but I am an every day supporter of Dane and a loving person of our once great planet. With a new grandchild on the way it makes it all the more important to stop this madness.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Good James! ..We are too.

  24. Laura D. says:


    The only thing worse than Geo Engineering is the abject, tenacious, obstinate, conspiracy of DENIAL, that it IS, in fact, OCCURRING!

    When i attempt to point out the UN~natural, diabolical, striations in our skies, i am suddenly regarded as if i have three heads!

  25. Gary Brooke says:

    The willful blindness of the scientific community, in this area particularly, is staggering. Their lack of objectivity utterly makes a sham of any supposed “science” (knowledge) they espouse. It is tragically unfortunate that scientists, no less than anyone else, are blinded by their prejudices and preconceptions. They cannot see outside their narrow paradigm, while claiming impartiality and a dedication to truth.

  26. Julane Jazzique says:

    I asked one of Oregons Representatives, Peter DiFazio about Chem trails.

    pointed one out to him.

    he said" those are Con Trails" 

    " there is no such thing as Chemical Spraying of our sky's."

    well tic tac toe boards across the sky's are not normal.

    EU is suffering too.

    no snow in the Alps.

    s Germany, Fussen was warmish, when we went in Dec.

    no snow, been going on 3 years now, of little snow.

    Venice Italy , had horrible spraying too.

    control the Water, own the world.

    more valuable then oil, and the filthy elites at the top need to tumble.

    dear G-D we need your intervention.

    only takes a mustard seed of faith, for things to change.

    Whatever Higher Power you believe in, we all need to pray for help!

    redding Calif. Triple Digits

    eugene Oregon 90's

    this is not normal 

    trees are dying

    birds are dying

    wild life is so much lower

    G-D Help your creation. 

    Stop this insanity. Amen 

    • BaneB says:

      The article posted on this board prior to this current article showing the radio frequency bombardment of the metallic aerosol chemtrails ought to wake up any of thev'willfully blind.'  Those satellite images are proof enough!  Take those pics, use that article, and send them to your representative.  The pic of the incredible frequency zapped roiled chem clouds over Prince William Sound (Gulf of Alaska) ought to put his office and him on notice.  The area is where the manipulation of the northern jet stream would be most effective in creating artificial high pressure systems off of our Pacific coast.  Further this is an area that would be utilized by ionospheric heaters on ships and in Alaska to block, bend and shunt the jet stream artificially elsewhere from its natural fluctuations.  Surely, your representative would be interested in seeing this manner of weather control that is creating drought and other weather anomalies in your state.  Send these pics, follow up with a phone call, hold them accountable.  Make them realize they received this information and can't plead ignorance at a later time when this Frankinstein operation becomes known to the general public, as it will eventually.  Keep on them.  I bombard my Congressional reps with articles and images often.  I state my opinion, and send the information so they know.  Please, do not become discouraged.  The dam of obfuscation will crumbles.  The cracks are showing more every day.  And, we have no option, given the dire situation, but to be disciplined in raising holy hell about the weather warfare being conducted if we want a future for human life, all life.

  27. “Human extinction” might be the best thing that could happen… for this planet, and for whatever other forms of life may survive/evolve in spite of or because of the results of our presence.

    What makes us think we are so important to the larger scheme of things?

    To the extent that we are responsible, we should bear the burden. I feel sorry for the furry four-leggers though. 🙁

    • joy says:


    • Amy says:

      Absolutely Larry. Us “humans” have it coming for All the Hell we have broke loose on Earth, it seems as though
      the animals will forever be collateral damage as long as we’re around.

  28. Richard says:

    It is amazing how many people just don’t want to know. The weather forecast is for Ashland OREGON to reach 107 *f on Wednesday and 109*f on Thursday. For one, I don’t remember such a stretch of 100+ temps in Ashland as is predicted. There is nothing “Possible” about any of this, we will soon cook ourselves out of a planet. Solar radiation management is bad news and obviously not working, but when you look around, it’s hard to find people who know or even care to discuss it. Near term extinction is very near, hug the ones you love.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Lets press on in the battle Richard, the insanity in our skies can be stopped. There are only deranged individuals behind it, they are not invincible. The sleeping masses will soon be forced to wake, we must sow the seeds of awarness in the meantime.

    • BaneB says:

      The temps in Northern California have been averaging 20 degrees above normal for this time of year.  The past three weeks have seen consistent 100 F plus temperatures.  We are literally drying up.  The town of Covelo came close to burning up on Sunday.  A dry grass field somehow caught fire on the western edge.  The wind was blowing from west to east.  It was afternoon.  The embers landed on roof tops and in yards.  Two houses and a barn burned up completely.  CalFire came in like gangbusters with planes, helicopters, and tens of firetrucks.  Water was an issue but by a miracle the town was barely saved.  A close call.  Who has created the conditions for exascerbating the dangers?  The answer is simple.  Those involved in creating metalized artificial clouds and ionospheric heaters in concert together to keep rain out of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska are the criminal culprits.  These high temps have been artificially created by the geoengineers who work in concert with the military, NOAA, NASA, universities such as Cornell and others, and other federal agencies, in a gargantuan covert project designed to control the weather of this earth.  We are their guinea pigs and their victims.  We, and all living creatures on spaceship earth, are their collateral damage.

    • Pat says:

      I agree about the temperatures being out of wack.  In Roseville, we are in the 100s.  Today and tomorrow we are expected to hit 108 degrees.  The funny thing is they are under reporting the actual temperatures.  108 degrees is actually 112 degrees.  I've noticed that during the last year they seem to consistently under report the temperature when we are in the 95 or higher range.  

      They have to know their "solar radiation management" is a joke.  I also find it interesting that they have been spraying heavily when it was in the 80s to low 90s.  When it is in the mid 90s to over 100 degrees–they barely spray at all.  There are visible trails but the sky is not wiped completely out like when they spray when it's in the 80s to low 90s.  If this was truly only about solar radiation management, then they would really spray heavily when it was mid 90s to high 100s—which is not the case.  

      The powers to be are up to more than what we know.  No matter what, we have to keep fighting them by spreading the truth non stop.

  29. Laura says:

    The only thing worse than Geo engineering is the abject, tenacious, obstinate, conspiracy of DENIAL that it is, in fact, OCCURING!
    When I attempt to point out the UNnatural, diabolic striations in our skies, I am suddenly regarded as if I had three heads!

    • joy says:

      If justice can not be found with the perpetrator then justice will be placed on the messenger – Beware.  When people do finally wake up, which is slowly happening, they are going to be very angry, scared, and looking for someone to blame.  That blame will fall on you and me.  And when people are desperate they will do desperate things.  People are already trying to blame me!!??  And all I have done is try to get them to pay attention to what is blatantly obvious.  Beware.

    • Jane Eagle says:

      Alaska had very little snow or rain this past winter. Temps there have been in the high 90s, regularly. At last count, there were 149 wildfires burning in ALASKA. But when I tell people that it is HAARP at work, they go deaf…as I was until early this year when I began to notice the cross-hatching in the skies. Here in Coastal northern CA, we get sprayed more often than not; and the days when we are not sprayed, I sometimes see the spray way to the north or west. Sometimes I suspect they are doing a lot of spraying at night, so we think we are looking at fog in the morning.

      I read somewhere that after a nuclear exchange, life would start to return in about 10 years; if true, that makes geoengineering much worse than a nuclear threat.

      Thanks, Dane, for your tireless warnings and excellent onfo.

  30. Diana Moss says:

    As long as the greed for power and money exist it will be difficult to  overcome with intelligence and common sense.  One can only  hope.

  31. Marc says:

    Can anyone tell me why in the hell some people get angry when you bring up the fact that we're all being geoengineered to death? Are they threatened by the data, because they themselves do not know any of the data? It seems people are quick to annoyance and even anger on this issue when all around us are the obvious signs that something is  profoundly wrong. Must we point a finger at the vast PROGRAMMING of the populace to take sides, either with the "global warming" crowd, or the "cooling" crowd, or the "natural cycle crowd" or whatever? This massive psy-op has done it's job, hasn't it? 

      And while all of these "camps" of opinion go about their daily business, the hell-jets continue on with their blatant, in your face spraying of skies right over the heads of guys like Tim Radford, who allegedly wrote the above article. Really? At this late stage of the game, who is out there who cannot detect that something is seriously wrong with the "official explanations"? But I delude myself, I suppose. For when I go about MY daily business, I see and feel the devastation wrought upon every one of us as a people, I see the toll this is taking everywhere I look. I just get the palpable sense that most of the populace is damn near half asleep, as if drugged or poisoned by something. And you know what? Hello? Geoengineering with toxic heavy metals 24/7/365???

       I listened to a You Tube audio/video that was a woman reading a statement from an insider, a pilot/whistleblower who personally flew jets for geoengineering. Found the link tagged onto one of the videos posted here. Seemed credible AND terrifying. This pilot contends that another phase of geoengineering is now in progress, or about to be, that deploys a new recipe of "radioactive materials" in an apparently intentional program to ramp up the devastation. We know that such materials have already been deployed, but this statement alludes to a whole new phase of the program. Anyone heard of this? If true, all or in part, then the "biological warfare" aspect of this nightmare will only get infinitely worse. Can this really be happening? I actually sometimes feel MY OWN normalcy bias trying to assert itself in the face of such almost impossible to comprehend revelations.

      And maybe therein lies the crux of it. Normalcy bias. But even more than that, are we not programmed by nature herself to be geared toward survival and to extending our genes into an infinite future? Perhaps this is partly why the "end game" of omnicide and extinction just doesn't compute for most of us. In any case, it soon won't matter.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, I certainly understand how you feel, so many feel the same. This being said, we should never underestimate the power of life, of nature, and of our own will. It is our choice and ours alone to turn our justifiable angst into an unyeilding determination to fight on for the greater good. No matter how dark the horizon, we are still standing, it is not over till it’s over as the saying goes. NEVER GIVE UP. There is but one choice, to march forwarad in this battle. If we stand together we may yet accomplish astounding good even at this late hour. Wake ups are occuring at very high levels even within the military, I say this with first hand knowledge. We must not yeild. 

    • joy says:

      " I just get the palpable sense that most of the populace is damn near half asleep, as if drugged or poisoned by something. And you know what? Hello? Geoengineering with toxic heavy metals 24/7/365???"

      You have said it all.  And people do get very angry, and the more they awaken the angrier they will get, and they will take it out on you and me.  Get ready for the awakening!  Beware.  Let's hope we can get them to listen to us more than they are now.   Think about that.



    • Pat says:


      I know the new chemical cloud cocktails are being sprayed in Sacramento and Placer Counties beginning approximately 2 months ago.  We had a couple of weeks of an orange/red/brown spray in Placer County during the late afternoons and evenings.  Within a couple of days of this, both my husband and had developed nosebleeds for almost 2 weeks.  They the spray colors changed again and 1/2 the spray trails are while/silver with the other 1/2 coming out a dirty gray/brown.  Now the dirty gray is being spray everyday.   We've noticed this year the birds are gone, we have no insects whatsoever is our backyard, and it's eerily quiet at night.  We so desperately want this to stop.  I have written long letters to all board members of Placer County as well as my state and federal representatives.  Not one response was ever written.  We won't give up no matter how frustrating this is.  I've told all our friends, business associates, and family members.  At least 50% of those told began to learn and are also sharing this information.  To say the least, our being alarmed will never stop.

    • Jane Eagle says:

      Dane, I agree with Marc, and with your response. There really is no alternative than to stand and fight for the future, to speak truth to power. I have been following the fires in Alaska for the last 2 weeks; many people I know have lost everything in the fires; and those who did not are running to help those who did. People are offering their skills, their machinery, their time, whatever they have. It has been inspiring in the midst of tragedy. And one person who lost everything wrote how 10 days after the fire, a sprout of fireweed rose above the ashes to begin new life. The life on this world is amazing on every level, and sacred. this is worth standing for, if we want to live here. There really is nothing else to do.


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Marc.   Please try not to despair.  Apocalypse means "the unveiling".  We're working toward that happening.  It will happen.

      That's not to say we might not need the tiny distraction of a cat video now and then.  Softness, Love and Humor need to be nurtured still.

      Have you ever been in a genuine life or death situation where, if you didn't act and prevail, you knew you would absolutely die?  I have, and I know for sure the Instinct for Survival hits like hurricane force!  I had been ill at home under a doctor's care waiting to get better, as is normal.  (In fact, I was getting seriously worse by the day.) Suddenly, an alarm went off in my head to get help immediately.  No one was more surprised than me.  Any normalcy bias gets blown away when that alarm sounds.

      We need and appreciate your voice so much, Marc!

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Okay, just for fun. . . . The mysterious Blob that so baffles scientists is two things.  First, it's the elephant-in-the-room pretense of geoengineering that, of course, couldn't possibly be happening because no one told us.  And, second, it is the the actual thing, blob, lump stuck in the throats of baffled scientists.  It's their "Gag" order and the actual Gag to never say a word about the elephant in the room.

      Blob, by the way, is quite a scientific term these days.  Don't forget it (while they're laughing their heads off at journalists and the public for using it!)

      Okay, I'm done (for now).

  32. Simon says:

    Hi Dane,


    Thanks for your interesting article. May the damaged ozone layer have to do with this? Look at the following video (especially from 3 minutes on):



    Really shocking! Incredible people still deny this.

    An increase of drought in what should be a 'waterland' and an increase of skin cancer. It doesn't matter where we live; we're all poisoned!


  33. “Human extinction” might be the best thing that could happen… for this planet, and for whatever other forms of life may survive/evolve in spite of or because of the results of our presence.

    What makes us think we are so important to the larger scheme of things?

    To the extent that we are responsible, we should bear the burden.

  34. So none of the "scientists" in the report above know anything about ENMOD, or why ENMOD was published? Are these persons living under a huge rock, or just living in denial?

    A friend of mine suggested we cut off all their arms and legs, and use them as sandbags around Fukashima. At least there'd be positive some use for these pompous overpaid jerks…

    Excerpted from: Environmental Modification Convention – Wikipedia

    ["The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD), formally the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques is an international treaty prohibiting the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects. It opened for signature on 18 May 1977 in Geneva and entered into force on 5 October 1978.

    The Convention bans weather warfare, which is the use of weather modification techniques for the purposes of inducing damage or destruction. The Convention on Biological Diversity of 2010 would also ban some forms of weather modification or geoengineering.[2]

    Many states do not regard this as a complete ban on the use of herbicides in warfare, such as Agent Orange, but it does require case-by-case consideration.[3]"]

    Environmental Modification Technique

    ["Environmental Modification Technique includes any technique for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space."]

    Complete text:


  35. vic says:

    I think we are in the hands of apprendices sorcerers who are killing us slowly but surely,Maybe they will survive in their bunkers but i doubt if they will be happy!

  36. Debra Haworth says:

    They are spraying under the cover of darkness now. I observed them at midnight laying their grids in a silent formation. I live in Michigan. We are having unusually colder and wetter weather than I’ve ever seen for this time of year. I’ve also observed the patterns of microwave frequencies in the chemtrail “clouds” followed by Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Watches Alerts which then deliver heavy storms. We are above normal for rain for the month of June.

    • Carol says:

       I also live in Michigan, but I don't see them trying to hide the spraying in the daytime. I see plenty of it!   I also observed the HAARP signature  in the skies  yesterday.

      Another thing I find so strange is you can look at the weather forecast one minute and then an hour later it has completely changed. Like today it has gone from 10% chance of rain to 100% chance. This is almost a daily occurrence. Sick of the cold and rain but out of my hands to do anything about it.  Very bad circumstance for most of the crops!  

       And the people who are doing these things are nothing short of Satanic! (1John 5:19…" the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one."

    • zack says:

      In the heart of Illinois it rains every single day darn near. Never have i saw so much rain, and we haven't even had a single day in the 90s yet, hell it barely gets over 80.The weather is now insane lol, what makes me mad is the people that say the "contrails" mantra, not at all addressing the fact even if they were somehow "contrails" contrails blocking out the sun would be a MAJOR issue alone yet they don't even talk about the fact the sun is fully being blocked out daily by "contrails" zombies to say the least. As we know they're not "contrails" every single sign points at Geoengineering anyone saying any different well is clearly the definition of ignorant. Peace much love to you all. Keep on boosting your inner strength we need all we can get never stop moving forward angels. 

  37. I think I left it off of yesterdays comments? They are just going to have to stop spraying over the earth and give it enough time to heal. The other week I (thought?) I could see chemtrails over the ocean between North America and Greenland? I try to pass along information that I have learned in the last 7 months but people are just too……..  The people of the earth need more people like Dane to (force) people to wake up to what is happening. I hate to see them planes overhead here in BC.

  38. Mary Bucholtz says:

    At seventy three years old, I find that I have a lot to learn.  Please fill me in on what is happening.  I am very interested and have a vested interest by having produced three wonderful children, eight grand-children (plus mates), and fourteen great-grand-children, ranging in age from two years old to thirteen.  If only I could find a way to help leave them all a "healed" planet, my life would be full of joy.  Where can I find facts to help me to understand just what is going on and what can I do to help?

    • joy says:

      With 8 billion people on our over-burdened home, maybe telling your 3 children, 8 grand-children, and 14 great-grand-children to not have more children would be a start?  There is plenty of YouTube info on how the wildlife are >50% less than in 1970, 70% drop in "needed" insects, and enough water for (hopefully) 5 more years of life on this globe, and the human population has more than doubled.  Just a thot.  And, carry some of Dane's fliers explaining what geoengineering is doing to give to them, and your friends.  Peace and compassion to you and yours.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Mary, Welcome!  And get ready to go down the rabbit hole!  I am 68, and though I began studying this 5 years ago in earnest, I am still learning so much!  Older people have a few advantages-like experience, and being able to remember what the sky once looked like, and most of us when older become fearless, especially when it come to protecting our children and grandchildren, great grandchildren too of course.  Don't let the somewhat mean spirited remark from Joy-below-discourage you. I read the Population Bomb when it came out, and I too felt we should limit our children and I did, but kids do like siblings and my daughter is very very grateful for her half brothers. As am I.

      You can make a great start here.  All the boxes on the sides lead to all sorts of info.  You can find out about various patents, documentation, for geoengineering, for one thing, but there are a million things and as Dane always says: don't just believe him, do your own research-which I did.  Many of the people on these blogs are brilliant and insightful and from all around the world.  Often they provide links themselves to information.  And there are other sites as well.  You can start documenting what you see with your own eyes.  The more you know, the more confident you will feel discussing this subject, and getting some flyers and DVDs, such as Look Up-a sort of simple starter-is a good way to get others interested, to break the ice-works better than just telling people-who by and large will thing Grandma has gone off her rocker!  On the other hand, Grandmas have some real influence.  And you will be stunned by how much you learn-not only about geoengineering and related subjects/theories, but about how our world works.  It is a fantastic gift to learn so much, understanding how Earth functions leads to greater understanding of how bad, how wrong headed geoengineering is.  So, you have this big family, potential warriors in this fight for the truth and for Earth.  So you have the opportunity to teach them how the world works, how Earth works, things they probably did not learn in school.  Dane is an excellent and compassionate teacher.

      This is random, but while typing, I looked up for a minute and saw I'd left the TV on from when I was trying to find out what weather has been scheduled for today, when I saw a Liberty insurance commercial-focus on statue of liberty with big chemical contrails in the background!  Amazing!  Is there some lawyer out there begging to take this on?!

      Well, just an example of how what you learn leads to this that and the other.  Arm yourself with knowledge and flyers and such, because there will be blowback.  On the other hand, you've raised a large family and so you must be familiar with blowback!  Good luck on this journey into so much knowledge, and in joining a community of people who really care!  R 

  39. william w Haywood says:

    With so many possibilities, and so much alteration of the environment, a firm starting point would be 'confusion'! It really appears that this situation humanity has created will continue to worsen. It seems to be very much like what the Dinosaurs faced. Change is all that there really is.

    • judith lauer says:

      Honestly–I do not know how to reply to what you said–as Dinosaur News would say "There is no Change! "  

      I guess it is selfish to say–but I am glad I had 69 years of a fairly decent environment. 

      Younger people ,I think, realize how little time is left for a livable environment.

  40. Ralph Ely says:

    This articles headline reads: “Mysterious” Extreme Warming Of Oceans Baffles Scientists.  At what point are Scientists going to stop "being Baffled" about everything and do some Science (as in work for a change) that will provide some answers.  The mantra of "we need more money so we can find the answer" is getting pretty old. At what point is the Global Population going to see through this subversion of Science for the "cover up" that it is.  There are a few Scientists that have come forward (at the peril of their life) to expose how their fellow Scientists are the "lap dogs" to the Power Elite's control of information to the masses.  How can the Scientific Community claim to have any credibility as long as they stay on this course of heading away from the truth?

    • Hello Ralph Ely: I enjoy your posts. Thanks.

      Maybe all these "baffled" scientists work for NOAA? Maybe these lying bastards don't know how to click the little blue links I include in my mails to them…

      In the US, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration regulates weather control projects, under authority of Public Law 205 of the 92nd Congress. This agency does not perform research into weather modification.

      So I guess they don't do any "research", cause there are laws against weather warfare, and all that… Heh, heh…

    • BaneB says:

      Ha ha.  One has to maintain a sense of humor even as the ship goes down.  It is the one human attribute that can prevent us all from going mad.  Of course they are baffled.  These same scientists certainly make their scientific findings to other agencies such as NOAA and others who are involved in the very covert Geoengineering so well exposed on this board.  Being "baffled" is their excuse for hiding what they know is creating the rising temps.  Who pays their salary?  Where does the funding come from to operate that ship?  35 years this operation and ship have been taking ocean temps!  Science has a very vaunted opinion of itself.  The high priests would have us believe and accept their    mantra that they bring us a better world.  The propaganda has been going in for 50 years at least.  Actually, when overviewed and their track record studied, what science is doing is destroying the living earth in a perverted operation to back engineer the planet. They seek a god status.  The ultimate goal is to create life itself.  However, one can see that their unnatural creations are artificial, not suited for a living planet, and best relegated to a dead world.  The majority of these bizarre egos are in the service to various warfare operations and products.  That includes using the earth systems and weather and frequencies as a warfare force enhancer.  Yeah, right!  Baffled?  I doubt it.  They know.  They are the cause.

  41. Marc says:

    The total lack of recognizing geoengineering as a possible explanation  for the "anomalies" referred to here is either academic nearsightedness, stupidity or fear. Fear not of the power structure, but of ostracization and/or ridicule at the hands of peers, for having the lack of judgement and intellectual rigor to know that geoengineering is only a last resort and still "on the drawing board". Everyone knows that!!!!

    Of course, this is absolute nonsense. Dane is undoubtedly right on in his assessment that geoengineering is affecting convection of wind currents, ocean currents and ocean mixing and so forth. Why this author shies away from this issue is unfortunate but not at all surprising.

  42. Thank you, Dane. Sometimes I just don't know whether to cry or get angry at these people. Their eyes have truly been blinded,… it is all plainly shown by you and a few others. Yet yours is always so detailed and the very best on explanations.  God Bless You and your family, Dane. This can't been easy on you. Talk about stressful. I am sharing this with OrbisVitae.com / Russ Tanner's http://www.  Take care, and know you are more appreciated that words can convey.  PRESS ON! Never give up. Sincerely…..

  43. Tim says:

    Human extinction is coming soon. I don't see how it gets stopped unless we stop geoengineering, which looks doubtful.

    • jilly sowdon says:

      try not to be down or negative by what is shown here,or anywhere…the will to good is far more potent than perhaps you realize,and we can all do a small part to waken folk up,to enlighten the lives of all of us.this situation is total shite,but,thanks to the likes of dane who do all the really hard work for us,we have this information,he has worked and researched to find and deliver…this at some poit will find the ear s and eyes of so many more folk,that we will have the critical mass ! we will be able to get on to clearing it up…not all scientists are dumb or in thrawl to the machine,and i genuinely see ,even highly knowledgable people who really do not know about this,as their focus is on another thing,not in itself bad but just different….take heart,say out what part you know,live well with compassion.xx


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