Native American Family Sounds The Alarm On Climate Engineering


The indigenous people of North America regarded and protected the natural world. How must they feel now at seeing the total decimation that has been inflicted on Earth by modern man? The list of assaults being waged against our planet is endless, geoengineering being the most dire threat of all. The article below is a heart felt testimony and contains a petition that has been drafted by a Native American family, I hope all will lend support to their effort toward stopping climate engineering.
Dane Wigington


An Appeal From A Koasek Family

By Nicole, Peter, and Seala​

We are a concerned family, living in the terror of geo engineered skies, in the state of Vermont. We also belong to the Koasek Abenaki Nation in our state. Our ancestors passed down a strong understanding of the inter-relatedness between people and nature. Our lives would not be worth living if we spent every day extracting the vital resources of our planet and not giving back. In the summer our family plants trees, restores natural watersheds, and picks up trash from parks and roadsides. These morals are woven into the fabric of who we are. So to look up at the sky and not speak out or take action against the crime that is being committed would mean that we are complicit in this ongoing omnicide of all life on our planet, our only home.
We’ve been watching the horror unfold in our state. First the big white jets fly in, then they turn their sprayers on and spray the sky until it is a thick toxic haze. Next, our faces are on fire and we are sick. And this spring, we are removing dead trees that should have lived another hundred years. There are no birds chirping. Nature is either dead or dying. And still, the jets continue to spray us.
We couldn’t help but notice that the White House main Petition Page (shown here: did not have one single voice about geo engineering on it anywhere. Not to have a statement there, a petition representation to the White House, is just wrong. So we made a petition, (link below).
We will consider this PETITION 1. If the 30 days times out and we do not have the 100,000 signatures required to get a response from the White House by the close date of April 24, we will restart the petition as PETITION 2.
Success is not a guarantee. We still need your participation. And we may need it again, and again. The purpose of this project is to finally achieve the 100,000 signatures and to get this insane President to finally make a public statement about what is happening in our skies. The very least we can do is to represent on the White House petition page. Plus, this provides exposure of this issue to those who view the public open petitions for the first time and see our petition there. Most importantly, it represents the brave souls who will stand up, in every state of our great nation, and demand that the spraying stops at once.
Thank you for taking a stand with us. Joining together is the only way to make a difference in this fight. 
The Hiltl-Mardin family, central Vermont.
Petition Title: Geo engineering of our skies by way of aerosol spray coming from jet aircraft is genocide.
Link – please sign and share:




56 Responses to Native American Family Sounds The Alarm On Climate Engineering

  1. Rachel Robson says:

    Nichole, Peter and Seala, Hau Kolas!  Lakota is a very difficult language also!  Wopila lela-many thanks, for recognizing me.  It is a lot to expect of what is left of Native peoples to look to them to lead when many are still suffering horrible conditions and consequences of.  Still, there are some who will stand up to this.  Time for petition #2?  Not that it will do any good, but may get more natives on board.  I know but one who has sounded the alarm from the very beginning.  Everything the old Holy ones told me and us back when, is coming true.  A couple of years before he was murdered, my daughter's father had a vision he would not shut up about.  It was the world on fire.  He's been gone three and a half years now, and I can't get his vision out of my mind.  It was when we traveled back to see him in the hospital when I saw hundreds of miles of dying/dead lodge pole pines and freaked out.  It was so horrifying.  Now I know his vision was a true one.

    Our baby chickadees fledged and most of the birds are gone but for the usual suspects.  I knew "climate change" brought us the most amazing day of the birds, so it was a mixed blessing.  We do have some healthy looking squirrels as usual, chasing each other up and down the redwood tree.  Even our organic rats look healthy.  It has been quite cold here.  We had some rain and it smelled so good-like a childhood memory.  My precious yellow plum tree-did you all know that all plums were developed from SD native yellow plum bushes?-normally this tree of ours, now in deep shade owing to big ugly house next door that tried to cash in on housing boom back when, normally, it leafs out and blossoms from the bottom up-as if taking the measure of the season ahead and adjusting to that.  So, I am alarmed that it has few new leaves and the ones it does have are at the ends.  This does not bode well.  Still, we are luckier than many.  And much is beautiful.  Many say the world is what we think.  If true, we must clean up our minds!  Hate does no good.  I great each blessing as if it is the last and it may be.  To borrow from the Dine, I walk in beauty.  Nichole, Peter and Seala, I hope there is some beauty somewhere where you live, something to warm and lighten your hearts.  So good to see you here!  Waste! And huh?-first I noticed that "wash tay", Lakota for good, spells waste?!!?  All these decades and I never noticed that but then, I seldom write it.  Coincidence, or upside down world?

  2. Let everyone try to forward this petition into  places and  dispensers in the internet where many can read and sign it.




  4. Nathan Martelle says:

    As a Cahuilla brother in California happy to see my native brotherhood nations lead this petition. Thank you for not overlooking the obvious. Great place to post our concerns. I believe this president is aware but how can he fight our congress its not an equal forum of 550 members to 1. When science catches up to reality like in the years of flurocarbons did decades ago we might have a chance to stop this insane program. Thank you to all here who share. We are the people who shine the light.

  5. David Almanza says:

    Several years back a purple goo-covered US Gov. balloon landed near a roadway with instructions of do not touch and to notify authorities . I had heard this over a police scanner. The person who found it put it in his truck anyway and took it to the Sterling ,KS. post office. I was 20 miles away but when i got there the post office was closed and the people i talked to knew nothing. Odd. I guessed it was a device for measuring the amount of chemical dispersed from spray-planes as the sky was filled with plastic-looking clouds. Ive got photos i took of the trails in the background in 1988 . Ignorance was bliss.

  6. JR says:

    Hello Folks; Glad to be in such circles as those who touch base here. I signed petition and it showed up today on 4/2/15. I had no problem with signing it and with e-mail received, no sweat! The lowlifes are spraying the dung all over here in New Mexico-Mesilla Valley area. Like I've posted and the winds come. It's nasty as you all know with dry nostrils and air very dry. We can never lose Faith in our Creator, this will all end one day. The bright side is we will be in the Light and judgement will be handed out by Him one day. We may be nearing that tipping point. I want nothing to do with Hell and those bound to go there, nope! I will not yoke myself with them. Light and darkness don't mix.  Be well all and His Blessings among you………..

  7. Rachel Robson says:

    Hey ya'll, I forgot to mention the birds.  We have been blessed with so many this year.  All VERY thirsty!  Very!  Birds are extremely important!  They fly the world and they seed the world as demonstrated by my big birdbath which now has a tomatilla plant from who knows where, obviously shat out by some bird drinking water.  They do not like the water that falls from the sky-if it does.  Creeks dried up, etc.  Birds are messengers too, very important in Native world.  A bird saved Crazy Horse's life again and again.  Please, give birds some water.  They will find it, they will come.  They will sing you praises!

    The two main causes of song bird decline are pet cats and feral, and golf courses owing to pesticides.  There's a third which is loss of habitat.  It is a mistake to feed birds.  Better to plant stuff they want for food, shelter.

    Don't underestimate plants, bushes.  And many are extremely drought hardy.  I just looked it up yesterday and yes, like trees, bushes and plants suck up CO2, and a lot more than once thought.  Thanks!

    • Kwai Rachel, thank you for your great comments and support. We are glad to hear you have birds. We are not seeing them here in VT or in the areas we have been lately in NH. We did see one small flock, maybe 50 and they seemed disoriented and were unable to get into formation. They just drifted up and down in the toxic chemsmog. And one squirrel. No animals are coming to our feeders as of yet. The trees here in VT are all dying or dead. Yes please everyone do everything you can to support what life still exists. At the end of the day we are all in this geo engineered fight together. 

  8. This whiteOUThouse is the most worthless, evil entity on the planet. 

    I asked our local U.S. Air Force base what they are doing in the skies over our homes and they blocked me.  They should be ashamed!  Instead the crap continues and most people don't have a clue about what is happening.

    Instead of helping, our state "government", with the exception of very few voices, wants to tax and spend us into oblivion, with massive fuel tax increases, while Dirty Uncle Scam pollutes the skies, the land, the waters day-in day-out, year around.

    The punishment for treason is death.  Those who are funding and spraying the toxic clouds are committing HIGH TREASON against all God's creation on Earth.

    Geo-Engineering over Spokane – LOOK UP!


  9. Liz Howard says:

    I  had a similar petition back in September. I believed the government tampered with my petition because it never went pass 20 signatures and I know that number was too low because I posted the petition on Twitter and also on Facebook. The petition was "AT RETAIL OUTLETS, LIBRARIES & NEIGHBORHOODS: STOP AIRCRAFT MILITARIZATION AND SURVEILLANCE In the state of Maryland, police and military aircraft are conducting surveillance activities against law abiding citizens engaging in First Amendment activities.

    • Nicole and Peter and Seala says:

      Kwai Kwai Nidoba!  (Hello Friends) and Wabanaki / Abenaki is a difficult language to interpret and learn but we are making progress amongst our families and friends. Learning about ancient cultures is one thing, learning to live the life is another. In a world of chaos and consumption, mankind has completely lost the ability to live without going into a supermarket or shopping mall. Civilization is a lie. It was put into place to manipulate and control the masses and to use human beings as resources themselves. The worst of all men sits at the top of this dark mountain of evil.  They are leaches. Now, we need to use every tool at our disposal to stand up, speak out, and push back. This petition is just one of many tools we can use. It is a single project. Each one of us can take up a project of our own. Success is not a guarantee. What matters is that every one of us lives our lives like it’s the last day.

      The White House Petition is indeed rigged to slow down signatures. We put in several complaints about it but who are we complaining to, they are not going to care or respond. The point of the petition isn’t to get the 100,000 signatures (a number that is as morally wrong for a 30 day window as this criminally insane President himself). They are working hard to make sure that ticker turns over slowly. What matters is that we are taking a stand, that we are doing what we can to put our name on that wall. That is the purpose of this revolving petition project, so never give up in that fight.  This is not just any petition. This isn’t about them. It’s about us. And we will not be silenced.

      And I see the heart in the many brave souls who have left messages here. You give my family a reason to keep going every day.

      Fight on!

      The Hiltl-Mardin Family, Central Vermont

  10. Larry says:

    The petition may be hacked as I just tried for the second time to sign and now the boxes for name, address,  etc. dissapers  when touched! The first time seemed to work then I was unable to confirm as asked and I do not see my signature listed.What am I doing wrong?


    • sue b says:

      i did it last nite and my confirmation email was in spam, so look in spam folder. BUT i did it 2 times and neither time did my signature show up…… im not surprised in any way………….

  11. Rachel Robson says:

    To a Koasek family, thank you, wopila!  This is the second petition as mentioned and the other did not fare well.  30 days is not much time to gain 100,000 signatures!  What I like best about this one, is how this family says if not fulfilled by due date, petition #2 will start.  I like the stuborness of that!  That is what it takes!  We are Native-me, adopted out of Oklahoma in the late 40s when there was an oil boom there and devious whites tried acquiring land by marrying into Native families, and killing or riding themselves of babies who might inherit lands.  There is a good book about this called Bloodlines.  Supposedly the FBI was first created to end the mass murders, the suspicious deaths there.  My daughter's father was a full blood Lakota.  For me, all this was easy to see coming, such that I named her-41 years ago-Her Woman of the Apocalypse!  The land is not separate from us.  It is a rare Native that will vote, or sign a petition.  Those things have never gone well for us.  But here is hoping.  As I've said before, our great orators often said, with regard to mining: Why would we rip and tear at our mother's breasts?  I guess to whites it sounded like exaggerated poetry, when in fact quite literal.  The Brits passed out smallpox infected blankets to Natives here early on.  So, biological warfare way back then.  They, the government-have done everything possible to destroy Natives.  Keystone XL was to go right through our rez, and the one above it.  Most tribes did not have words like to the left, or to the right-because one person was never the center of anything.  So instead you'd reference land.  By the big tree, by the creek, like that.  One of my daughter's relatives from an Oregon tribe has been talking about chemtrails for 20 years.  Took me a long time to see it and get on board.  If this is on Facebook, it might get some Native signatures.  But most would say it will do no good.  It is the government after all.

    Every year, people flock to our tribes wanting to watch a Sundance, wanting to Sundance.  They have nearly wiped out the sage.  There is a way to approach something like taking sage and it begins with prayers and expressing a need.  And making an offering.  There's a purpose to this in that it slows people down, and as you look at the plants, you notice which is young, which is old, which is the grandfather, the grandmother.  Because plants like to live in a community and it is necessary to reproduce.  Whites just skid to a stop, jump out of a car and grab it all!  Yes, a lot can be learned.  A lot.  More than you can imagine and the old ones saw this coming-that they would be needed.  But so much poverty and abuse has taken its toll.  Not all Natives are at one with the land anymore, and the land they were forced on, was not theirs or of their choosing.  And most tribal governments are themselves corrupt.  I could go on and on.

    Today in Berkeley it was chilly again, weather man saying a cold rain coming Sunday and Monday.  I had to run an errand for my brother in law, a full blood Lakota in a nursing home in SD.  We've had some clear blue skies recently.  But today, a HUGE chemtrail like a triangle, the point being an exact point!  How the hell do they do that?!!  Wish I'd had a camera as who could explain such a thing-no one could.  Astounding, in your face, and 5 will get 10 there will be no rain.  I so long for the old old days, like centuries ago.  I spent a lot of my life living on the land and from the land.  I can hunt, skin, put up a tipi, wildcraft-all that.  If worse comes to worse, there are caves-Natives utilized caves a lot.  But how to live if everything is dead?  Here we do have birds and their sweet chirping.  My grandson saw a bobcat last weekend.  We still have some trout.  But the drought.  OMG.  Used to be that if in Nevada, I could find water just about anywhere.  Not far underground.  But the greedy have sucked our aquifers dry.  And poisoned what little of them is left.  Golf courses everywhere should go.  Long ago, 35 years or more, the Chumash rez down south had water and grew food.  But, it was all diverted for a golf course!  The Invaders have been like kids in a candy store.  War, we Natives can understand.  It happens.  Destroying life for money is beyond all understanding.  

    Gotta go put chickens to bed and to pick asparagus.  Most plants looking healthy.  Guess we've had some luck here, huh?  I do not take it for granted!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, yes, the Native Americans have been under assault from the beginning. I have always been keenly aware of the injustices inflicted on the indiginous population of this country. My distant ancestry is Choctaw. How brutally has our planet been decimated in such a short time.

  12. paul russell says:

    It’s astonishing how many intelligent, well-meaning individuals refuse to SEE what is right in front of them (and on top of them).

    Sure, choose your battles purposefully. Fight the good fight. But when poisons rain down on the heads of the citizens and true inheritors of good Earth it is time to take a stand.

  13. horsegirl says:

    Ironically germane to this, last week we traveled to Chaco Canyon.  There were planes with short, dissipating trails thatching death in the sky over the ancient site the entire time.  My husband counted 40 plane passes and that's just when his attention was focused upwards.  Why Chaco?  

    They were not the big, showy chemtrails, but the ones we have come to call the daily dosers – common in Mexican American areas where perhaps the impetus is to avoid controversy.  We suspect they spray some combo of fluoride and birth control agents.  

    Sadly the sky was eventually covered with a sickening pall that stole life and color from everything.  Hideous sacrilege.  Glad to see that native Americans are speaking out.  

  14. mario labraga says:

    This is very sad. I've been taking pictures ,following activist World wide (there are 1000's of protests and web sites) it's as the denial that fluoride is not a neuro toxin (poisin).

  15. Ian Cook (UK) says:

    I wish we had people like these in the UK. Our ancient roots are long dead and trying to convince people there is a problem is very difficult. But nevertheless some are trying to sound a voice. As a Christian I believe we were given a creation in which there was harmony between God, man, the animal world and nature as a whole. If we muck it up there can only be one result, the end of it all. We were given so much to care for and all we did was throw the care plan back in God's face because we decided we knew better. Whenever has  the child known better than the Father?

  16. John Mustart South Africa. says:

    Proverbs Ch 29:16 "When the wicked are in authority,

                                  transgression increases;

                                  but the righteous will look upon

                                  their downfall.

  17.  "They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they kept only one; they promised not to take our land, and they did."


    – Mahpiua Luta –

    "Red Cloud"


    Oglala Lakota

    "A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth."

    – Albert Einstein –

    • Kat L. says:

      I see your point and agree but we cannot remain silent. Silence is consent. No action IS an action.  We will continue to create awareness and we have strength in our numbers because this includes everyone. Everyone. The trails are all over the globe. The more people that are made aware, the more that energy increases. We have the numbers. They do not. I know that this will end. It will. You will see. If anything is certain in life – it's change. And so it is.

    • Petitions to the war criminal and mass-murderer (Barry Soetoro) are about as effective as a small fart in a whirlwind. This political muppet is providing black funding for geoengineering projects and many other soft kill extermination programs by executive order. The cellular communications towers and "smart" meter grid systems were specifically funded through "economic stimulus" programs he funded. These programs are decimating human populations as I write this post. Barry has has no intention of helping ANY American citizens, period. Try looking at the real power behind American politics. >

      Be sure to look carefully at the list of: "Notable current council members" section of the page.

      Members of the Council on Foreign Relations – Wikipedia


  18. Melody Meachum says:

    Petition signed & forwarded. My daughter forwarded to me. She's becoming an activist in her own right. YOUTH/YOUNG ADULTS OF THE WORLD, RISE UP ON THIS ISSUE ! We need your voice and your energy. 

    We have nowhere else to go and tragically we are handing our youth a desperate and sad state of affairs. For this I AM TRULY SORRY.

  19. Michelle March says:

    Remember to check your emails for the verification link once you sign the petition. They require this confirm your signature and use it as a tool to NOT COUNT your signatures!

  20. Concerned in Cali says:

    Thank you A Koasek Family . I to believe that we are linked to the earth and nature . I just ordered many books on Native American teachings and poetry and think it is all so beautiful . I think many of us across the country can look up to you and our Native American tribes everywhere for inspiration. I don't want to sound corny but we need you to be our earth teachers now ! Thank you for your courage .

  21. Diana Moss says:

    This reminds me of a speech made by Chief Seattle when the government was attempting to buy land from his people in the Northwest.  He describes how he expected  the government to treat the land, with reverence and respect for all that it entailed.  I have great admiration for Native American spirituality and am happy to know that it is alive and well and am happy to support those members  of the Koasek Abenaki Nation and I send my heartfelt regards to each and every one of them.

    Google Chief  Seattle and read what he had to say.  One wonders what he would have to say about how we are treating the planet now.

  22. suss says:

    signed and am posting this all over. although, even after verification for petition…..i did not see my signature counted. i should’ve been 498. we will see hhu.  thank you for your knowledge and fortitude to take action. i certainly believe you will accomplish your goal, but id keep track……

  23. Rick L. says:

    In my opinion Native Americans are at the bottom of our governments to-do list. After what our government and military did to all Native Americans upon first ascending on this Continent by years of lying, murdering, trickery ,stealing, outright barbaric torture of starvation and forcing them to live on reservations barely fit for a wild animal, if I had an ounce of Indian blood running through my veins the last thing I would expect is for our lying government to help one bit. You sure have to give this Native family and all Native Americans  a standing ovation for their fortitude.

     Forgiveness is not in my vocabulary when it comes to our Forked Tongued Devil Government


  24. signed and shared # 452————-The jets spraying aerosols today over the Suncoast of FL and over the Gulf were visible 3 at the same time within line of sight.

    This tells me to look for severe storms north of FL over the next couple of days.

    • Julie D. says:

      I am in South Florida, in Pompano Beach.  We have some quiet days, but for about four days in a row (usually toward the weekend), the bombardment begins.

      Many of my friends think that I am making this up; I don't know how you can see the sky like this and be so unconcerned.

      The bird songs are minimal, most of my native foliage (xeriscape) is even suffering & barely holding on.

      I have a strange rash that no one seems to be able to figure out.

      Last summer, starting in May, it was continual. This summer, if it is as heavy, I will leave (to where I'm not sure).  It was so hot this past March, it was intolerable.

      There don't seem to be any concerned groups here, if there were, I certainly would become a part of them.  Why have the majority of people become so gluttonous and self concerned that they can not see?  Julie D. Pompano Beach, FL


  25. kathy benn says:

    Kaosek Family – Thank you for giving a petition another go. Yes, we, along with all of you, are astounded what we are experiencing and cannot stop the poison on us.Bless you all, Kathy

  26. Dorie says:

    Petition signed #437 and shared

  27. Kim says:

    Thank you from Michigan.  Like Gary said, most days it seems like ground zero here too.  I have almost a front row seat for seeing jets going up from an AFB near our home. It's terrible to wake up to see the lines going up at a sharp angle in the sky trailing the planes and knowing what it is doing to everything on this earth.  Our weather is downright awful – 3 inches of snow this morning, it looked like January with the constant chemtrailed cold and grey skies.  My son looked out and said, "that's just weird."  Little does he know that "weird" doesn't even begin to cover it. They are "rocket trails" to him.  For my childrens' sake, and for everyone on this planet, we need to get more people to wake up to this.  Recently, when we've seen injustice, we've also seen massive protests across the country. Now, I'm not advocating anything like violent protests. As Dane said, this is the most immediate threat to all of us and yet I don't understand why we don't see massive amounts of people protesting and demanding answers. But watch something go wrong with everyone's iphones and the whole country is in an uproar. This country is so messed up.

  28. Marc says:

    Petition signed and article shared on FB. Here in St. Louis, Mo. we've had a couple of days of zero chemtrails but spidery things scattered around the sky that don't look quite normal. Point being, NO OBVIOUS SPRAY TRAILS FOR SEVERAL DAYS. How can this be? How can anyone allege that the trails are just "CONTRAILS" when on some days, such as NOW, there are NONE!!! Oh, it's just variations in atmospheric conditions….Bullshit!!! 

    There are no trails today because the bastards behind all this have either employed some other more covert method OR…..they actually have not sprayed the St. Louis area because this dovetails into their bigger weather manipulation strategy for the midwest and/or eastern U.S.

    This is such a fantastic appeal, from descendants of tribes who have lived here for thousands of years. But, though my roots are in Ukraine, Spain and Ireland, and only planted here a few generations ago, I believe that at the end of the day we who are awake to this atrocity are of one blood and of one mind. I have deeply loved this country, from the southwest deserts to high rocky mountains and to Appalachian forests. I have made love to this land and consider it sacred, for it sustains us and would love all of us in return forever, if only we hadn't chosen the ego instead of the heart as a way to live.

  29. blair says:

    Thank you VERMONT! I live in NH and work for a watershed org.  Most folks I speak with are not yet seeing this terrible thing going on.  Thank you for pushing for this petition. Endless message endlessly repeated is the only way to get people to understand and then speak out for what is going on.  Thank you for your work on this!

  30. robert williams says:


  31. James Boyd says:

    Hi,  I have been wondering when the Native Voice would speak out.  I am very glad to see some involvement.  I watched a video of a concerned Native from Wind River Res.  He says and shows they are being sprayed badly.  I hope all Tribes Unite on this and that all Nations Unite.  Jim.  I know you Natives can be a tough bunch to reckon with.  Now is your time to show us your leadership.

  32. Claudia says:

    Thank you. Signed and shared. I have no native american contacts but if anyone does, I agree that it would be great to get more native nations publicly involved with this.

  33. Ralph Ely says:

    Nichole, Peter & Seala, Thank you for all you are doing in Vermont treating God's gift to us with such reverence. I have signed your petition and will be alerting my web contacts about same. I urge everyone to contact their local or regional Native American Tribal Leaders and alert them to this petition. I have the privilege of living in N.California. However we are experiencing the toxic skies and deadly fallout too.  I also live but a few miles from Dane Wigington which gives me another privilege of personal communication. Dane has one reason for what he does. He loves his family and the family of humanity as any Native American does.  I can hear and sense the concern and desperation in his voice when he says: "Time is running out." 

  34. John Griggs says:

    There was another petition before yours that didn't meet the required votes. Seeing your petition go up so fast after that is perhaps the most thrilling thing I've experienced in a long time in regards to this war that is being waged against us and our Mother Earth. I am with you to my last breath of this awful stuff.

    Signee #5

  35. Sara L says:

    Petition signed and shared.  

  36. Gary Pennington says:

    Thank you from California. Most days here, it seems we are ground 0 for this criminal program. Signed and passed along.

  37. carol freiberg says:

    Was wondering when the native voices would finally come out and realize the obvious spraying and death that follows.I believe the Natives are crucial to waken the masses.Been talking with some of the local natives about this and they are oblivious to the program. Maybe you should send a direct letter to the Nez Pearce nation here in northern Idaho as I'm sure they look at me like a paleface nut job. We don't have much more time to expose this insanity so let's step it up and educate our communities.

  38. Laurel says:

    I am also from Central Vermont. When I moved to Vermont 7 years ago from the very polluted city of Salt Lake, I marveled at how clear the air was and how I didn't have to constantly clear my throat. This was short lived however. I have witnessed spraying for about a year that gets worse and worse. Very few birds. Trees dying. This is tragic anywhere but seems a bit more so in a state that prides itself on it's natural beauty and whose population is so environmentally a state. However, many still refuse to see what is happening right before them. But others are waking up. 

  39. tom says:

    It is unbelievable the amount of denial from the media and therefore denial from the masses,.that anything is wrong,. we are going to die off if we do not let mother earth come back,. but we keep fracking,. drilling the oceans for gold,. overfishing the seas of methane,. we are business as usual,. but one day the mother will kick us off,. she will be the one still standing,. we will see no end day,. only OUR OWN. we must stop now. this is insanity. but who is listening? a few thousand ,. here and there,. the rest look at you like you are a conspiracy theorist freak,.  i hope they wake up soon.

    • Larry says:

      Well said brother. We need 100,000 or more to have a voice but all outlets seem to be blocked by design and I'm positive some crazy mass psy ops operation is keeping the masses hypnotized to "question Nothing " and to dis-believe any talk of chemtrails or weather modification. It is so frustrating to be met with apathy  and disinterest to the condition of our once beautiful dynamic sky!

  40. Cori Gunnells says:

    Thank you for helping this family reach a broader audience – their concern is shared by many, and their observations match what we all see. Petition signed and shared. 

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