NATO General Expresses Alarm Over Atmospheric Aircraft Spraying


We are living at a point in human history when the willful blindness of global populations is truly beyond comprehension. The open blatant  tyranny of governments around the globe has been (for the most part) ignored by the masses. Many have convinced themselves that if they continue to ignore reality long enough, dire threats will somehow magically go away on their own. The folly of such thinking is manifesting by the day. A cancerous cabal of unimaginable scale is pushing the planet (and all life on it) past the point of no return, completely complacent populations are facilitating this omnicide. We must all utilize every credible informational tool at our disposal to help wake the sleeping masses to our common plight, the 4 minute video below is of help in this regard.  
Dane Wigington

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  1. C Taha says:

    Today our completely clear blue sky is being sprayed by a squadron of planes adn low altitude, now 60% is 'grey/white' and the light from the sun dimmed significantly.  The weather service calls this 'partly sunny'.  It will be completely blocked out by massive amounts of spray by tonight, where the same weather service calls for 'cloudy' skies tomorrow.  Here in Twin Cities MN USA

  2. Bonnie Hanson says:

    Many days I find it difficult to breathe. I'm only 63 and in pretty good health, otherwise. I can see here in south-central Colorado extreme chemtrailing almost non-stop. When they do stop I wait for the HAARP winds because they usually follow and then a day or two later Aspen and Vail get their "snow." These dumb farmers don't even know if in the old days wind came up so frequently from the south. If winds are coming from the Gulf…IT SHOULD BE WARM!!! They don't care. As long as they get "rain."

  3. Grinling Gibbons says:

    We are now looking at less than 18 Months Left before the end of this Planet Its People & Animals Trees In Fact Everything Will Be Dead Or On It,s Last Legs Before Death This is the Horrible Truth being told by leading Scientist who are & have been taking samples of everything & paint a picture of this planet to look just like( Mars Does Today) & i for one believe them wholeheartly the world governments have either been blackmailed threarened or simply sold us out, there isent going to be any help coming from them anytime soon & there aint gonna be any Cavalry either rushing down the Street To Help Us, we are on our own & unless the people wake up it,s going to be Curtain Time, & people why doesnt God Help Us, well to quote one of my late fathers Favourite Sayings & i now believe them to be so very true Today God Helps Them That Helps Themselves,so once you start helping yourselves he will be there to Assist You In All You Do & In Spades, He is simply saying are you all to Weak To Get Up & Fight then you are not what i made you to be, i made man so he can look after himself & possibly others i did not make & never would make Weaklings As They Cannot Or Would Not Keep The Species Going, he also made the Animals Birds Fish Trees In Fact Everything to be able to lok after itself from Birth To Death so thats where we are today at that Crossroads & there,s Only One Road That Leads To Freedom & Thats Fight We Now Have Our Backs To The Wall & So To Live We Must Fight & If You Have & Love Your Children Then Think That You Are Fighting For There Chance To Live You All Have Sat On The Fence Far To Long It Is Now Time To Jump Down & Fight Because It,s Us Or Them Have You Got That Clear In Your Head Now There Is Not Any President Or Prime Minister Going To Come To Our Aid Or Any Army Navy Airforce It,s Just Us Against Them, & They Only Number 6 Million Elite We Are Over 7-5 Billion People We Have The Power Not Them We Have Just Been To Stupid To Realize It, But Now You Know The Truth & Now Should Realize That It,s You & Me & 7-5 Billion People The Elite Know This & Thats Why They Are Trying There Best To KillUs Off As Once We Rise & Rise Up We Must Or Die They Are Shaking In There Boots As They Have Started Every War To Get Rid Of Us But We Are Still Here & Growing Bigger By The Day, But That Will Stop If We Do Not Stand Up & Fight It Is Now Us Against Them WE Either Figt Or Die You Decide.

  4. Tina says:

    Letter to General Dunford from Anonymous/current. On nesara news- right now with pictures and contact info/phone numbers-pentagon. Send viral. To stop chemtrails and HAARP

  5. Marc says:

    Once upon a time here in Missouri, when I was a kid, we actually used to have real winters with alot of real snow and bitter cold freezes. On a regular basis. Today it is December 9th and it will be pushing past 70 degrees. AGAIN. Of course "" displays a high of 60 today but my thermometer already shows 68 in the shade and it's still before noon. But this has been a gradual upward curve going back to the 90's. I remember a January in the late 90's when it never got below freezing and every single day was in the sixties for the whole month. Around the same time, it was 80 degrees for the Mardi Gras parade in February in St. Louis, and everyone was freaking and wearing shorts. And yet, all most people seem able to say is how beautiful the weather is for this time of year. Aren't we lucky!! Really? Lucky?? You dumb sonofabitches, if you only knew!! With methane thawing and venting by the countless gigatons, are we headed for routine 90+ degree winters here in Missouri? If that ever comes to pass, do you think that will shut the mouths of those who think the warm weather is so very nice? When people start turning on their air conditioners so the house is comfortable for Christmas guests, I would say we are well on our way to being royally screwed. That might not seem so weird for Florida or southern Arizona, but at 38 degrees latitude north, that will be game-over time. 

       And so yeah, gee, it's no wonder these maniacal monsters are chem-nucleating the hell out of everything. Like putting a band-aid on a broken leg and telling the patient "Everything's gonna be fine, it may hurt a little at first but after you die, you won't feel a thing."

  6. Marc says:

    I've been following reportage on the Cop21 Paris thing. I feel like the Arte Johnson Nazi character on "Laugh-In" back in the 60's, "VERRY INTERESTING…… BUT SHTUPIT."  The "stupid" part has to do with the fundamental and impossible-to-comprehend prohibition on openly calling for a COMPLETE CESSATION of all GEOENGINEERING IMMEDIATELY!!!! Without this open demand on the part of ALL nations present, any so-called "deals" hacked out to allegedly cut emissions and keep warming to 2C or under, is patently ridiculous in the extreme. What the fuck are all these diplomats, corporate reps, and "lawmakers" thinking when they look up into the skies and see an apocalypse of jet trails criss-crossing every which way over their home town? Do you mean to tell me that no thought whatsoever goes through their brain that screams "What the hell is going on up there?" Many, many of these same attendees at the Paris conference are plenty old enough to remember a time not so very long ago when no such blatant presence of 'lingering contrails" existed. And does it not seem suspicious that in the years corresponding to a succession of Climate Conferences around the world, we see a relentless uptick in the frequency and in the wide dispersion of this activity? This feels to me exactly like the sonofabitches behind all this are gleefully flipping the bird to the whole world. And when you consider that many of these spray operations are subcontracted out to a very long list of companies (not strictly military by definition), we have an absolute free-for-all, a corporate feeding frenzy, voraciously gobbling up untraceable billions of dollars in government contracts which they are way more than happy to fulfill, disregarding anything so stupid and irrelevant as a consideration of the "environmental impact" of what they are doing. "If the government gives us the contract, we're gonna run with it." To hell with my little Johnny's asthma problem, we'll just deal with it because we're making too much money….yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa!!!!

       But, in point of fact, we are forced to come to the conclusion that these dumb-asses in Paris KNOW GODDAMN WELL WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE SKIES!! Perhaps they have been secretly coerced into keeping their mouths shut about it or……? I mean, c'mon, folks!!! These folks in Paris are supposed to be the ones who have the expertise and the political standing and the connections to accurate science, to have at least a fighting chance of gaining a glimpse of the bigger picture here. And the bigger picture is, yep, GEOENGINEERING ON FULL DISPLAY WORLDWIDE. 

      Unbelievable, the madness of it all.

    • norman bone says:

      If you want to see them spraying right now, go to, zoom in to Alabama to the Northwest of Birmingham near the town of Fayette.  There are 2 to 4 planes operating there and in East Mississippi with a no call sign designation.  Click on the planes and look at their "unusual flight paths"  They started about 40 minutes ago.  All are operating in close proximity in the 15000 to 16000 foot elevation range in violation of FAA proximity rules so they have to military.  Their speed varies from 275 to 330 knots.  Enjoy!.  Hope someone can get a screen shot of these flight patterns.

    • kenny says:

      In my opinion, if you have to deny, coverup or gag, You are deliberately hiding the TRUTH.  There is never any truly legitimate reason for hiding the truth.  All this top secret, for your eyes only BS!!  And all the TV "programs" going back to the 60's, that sold it to the masses ie: "The Saint", 007, I Spy, etc dominated the limited 3 channel TV's, when I young.  Did not like nor want to associate with, while adults watched during family gatherings.  I also vaguely remember my father watching "Get Smart" and finding it humorous, well at my tender age, saw it as just watching some bumbling idiotic nonsense.  I guess I could see even back then, the "conditioning".  It is being played out everywhere, when HGTV went from a serious horticulture, hands on instruction segments, to reality TV, I totally stopped watching TV.  But I do see much predictive programming, etc as I review and research…The latest promo, "London has fallen" "Spectre" and "the man in the high castle"

      I truly acknowledge geoengineering and personally have been dealing with the side effects..not only with my physical body, but the extensive damage to all forms of life.  But, what always comes through to my heart, is this is a manmade electromagnetic field, to scramble and block, the Truth/True intentions from going above and those same from outside, reaching us.  We have all been witnessing how the chemtrails/chemclouds/ELF/RF's has only gotten worse, as more and more people awaken.  This is no coincidence, for we are many and "they" are few.  An absolute and deliberate block of the mass consciousness, that has abandoned the "controlling mass media"  We are fighting back about GMO's, vaccines, tyranny, abuse, paedophilia, food labeling, Planned Parenthood astrocities(they make us part of the crime, by taking our "tax" money to fund).  The Federal Income Tax, was the final nail in the coffin, to fraudulently link all Mankind in "their" fraud.  To fraudulently and forcibly, make all of humankind accomplices, in"their" crimes, thru the IRS, etc, must be recognized.  And as more and more people wake up and comment/document/testify, just even thru this site, we see "them" fighting back with artificial geoengingeering BS tactics.  Too many (k)now the truth and the bigger picture, realize, "their" controlling the weather to subdue Humankind, is not enough.  "they" must now arrest/block the human consciousness from over taking "their" domination.  

      I (k)now Dane likes t stick to the Geoengineering/Solar management/global climate change issues….but I know in my soul, it is bigger than that.  And I fully understand where Dane is coming from.  Once we get more of the populace to see and accept the geoengineering aspect, the more of a force of Humankind there is to for the next conscious battle.  

      I wanted to make this comment for all, like myself, that think we are not heard/acknowledged, we are.  So much so, "they" needed to quadruple down and change the chemical compositions again and again.  You can believe me or not, use your own discernment, as everyone here is at there own stages of knowledgement/acceptance.  "they" (k)now the biggest hurdle of mankind is acceptance of truth, without violent retaliation(chaos).  So, in that respect, we keep the truth going.  Just remember, "they" need chaos/violence/fear, to recreate control.    Our collective consciousness is reaching out, more than "they" ever expected.  In short, we are not following the game plans, "they" had laid out…BOOO HOOO…

      I suggest, for all those here, and this is just want has come to my conscious being, is not only to keep extra non-perishable food on hand and water, but if you have the extra money, think about your neighbours who are not awake.  It is not their fault, we do not keep this duality going, but end the duality structure/hologram, by being prepared to help those in your community.  If you have extra "money" , buy some extra non-perishable goods to help your unaware neighbours.  My neighbours mother went into depression and stopped eating healthy foods, etc…I went online to the organic vitamin site and ordered them for her mom.  I received such a positive response and thank you!!.  She cuts hair and volunteered to cut our hair in exchange.  We need to get back to our true humankind consciousness, that we help each other in our local communities, and are left to help each other, and not be blackmailed and threatened by government, especially the so called "FEDERAL GOV'T"  

      ANOTHER THING TO THINK ABOUT, WHY DOES THESE SO CALLED LEADERS NEED TO HAVE A UN 2 week "conference" on climate change, while the middle east is in being bombed back into the stone age…open you eyes, not just your ears…

      Stand Up…do not go along with the commercialized christmas present BS.  I ask, how many of you, are going to continue with this consumer BS holiday?  Are you going to post here, yet participate in the game??  Knowing full well, that all the crap you buy, will not feed your family???    

      Gone are the days, when family passed down and taught children how to cook and make real breads, cookies etc, real ingredients passed a means of being self sufficient, instead of running off the the "super grocery store" for a jar.  I am guilty myself, never ever thought the enormous and immense criminality worldwide.  I say this, so instead of trying to to get the up to date I PHONE, you open your eyes and learn and teach your children and grandchildren, how to sustain yourselves…If we get through this, there are going to be so many that were not taught how to really cook organically,and not out of the box.  Dane, while you say what you do, I (k)now in my heart, we must teach our children/grandchildren/youth the truth.  they can easily buy ingredients, to make their own meals more healthy and cheaper.  That is the tide we need to change at this moment., for us all

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      In point of fact, Dane has been connecting the dots pretty well here, pointing to the fact that it's all about the new "holy trinity," of Money, Power and Control.  NONE of the various single Evils resides in a vacuum.  And it's ALL connected.  Only a kid wouldn't believe that.

      I read Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, a New York Times best-selling nonfiction book from 2004, a copy of which has earned a spot in the Harvard School of Business library, authored by the late Michael C. Ruppert, one of the original four founders of the original Truth Movement which has by now been hijacked and co-opted by the usual dis-information bullsh*tters.  I read it three times, it's that packed with information and every bit of it is backed up with over 1,000 footnotes, many of them government documents; Ruppert was able to skewer The System and was pretty much responsible for the demise of CIA director John Deutch for pointing up CIA drug dealing and money laundering in L.A. while Ruppert was an LAPD detective in the narcotics division, and the firing of Donald Rumsfeld on account of the publication Stan Goff's Tillman Files, the tale of Pat Tillman and the cover-up of his murder by "friendly" fire, a cover-up that went all the way to the top.

    • Scott says:

      IT is almost Daily in Colorado, We might have 1-3 days of No Chemical Spraying.  BUT Most of the time the skies are filled with this corruption.  THE Powers that be will be standing before THE LORD one day, and they will answer for the destruction of the gift of life that this EARTH is to all of us.  PEOPLE STAND UP… Open your eyes and ears and get prepared.

  7. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Here's an article that's a few years old, July 2013, from M.I.T. about How Smart Dust Could Spy on Your Brain:  I like the fact that the commentary is mostly NEGATIVE towards the actions proposed by the Mad Scientists. 

    • This is a very interesting video!  Morgellons & Smart Dust Infect Individuals to be Tracked via Satellite / Aug 27, 2015
      Excerpt of Bases Lecture given by Harald Kautz Vella regarding the latest findings of what the Chemtrail program is delivering to the people of this Earth. Morgellons fungus infecting most (if not all) on the planet to serve as an antennae array to transmit individual's DNA to be tracked by satellite. Implemented through dissemination of Smart Dust, testing done in the Iraq War.

      Nano weather machines – chemtrails and smart dust! micro machines
      MEMS – Micro-electro Mechanical Sensors
      GEMS – Global Environmental Sensors

      Breathing Smart Dust from Chemtrails Sprayed Daily in our Sky

      google ‘smart dust companies’ over 1 million results!

      WIKI: Smartdust is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect, for example, light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, or chemicals. They are usually operated on a computer network wirelessly and are distributed over some area to perform tasks, usually sensing through radio-frequency identification. Without an antenna of much greater size the range of tiny smart dust communication devices is measured in a few millimeters and they may be vulnerable to electromagnetic disablement and destruction by microwave exposure.
      The concepts for Smart Dust emerged from a workshop at RAND in 1992 and a series of DARPA ISAT studies in the mid-1990s due to the potential military applications of the technology. The work was strongly influenced by work at UCLA and the University of Michigan during that period, as well as science fiction authors Stanislaw Lem, Neal Stephenson and Vernor Vinge. The first public presentation of the concept by that name was at the American Vacuum Society meeting in Anaheim in 1996.
      A Smart Dust research proposal was presented to DARPA written by Kristofer S. J. Pister, Joe Kahn, and Bernhard Boser, all from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1997. The proposal, to build wireless sensor nodes with a volume of one cubic millimeter, was selected for funding in 1998. The project led to a working mote smaller than a grain of rice, and larger "COTS Dust" devices kicked off the TinyOS effort at Berkeley.
      The concept was later expanded upon by Kris Pister in 2001. A recent review discusses various techniques to take smartdust in sensor networks beyond millimeter dimensions to the micrometre level.
      The Ultra-Fast Systems component of the Nanoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Glasgow is a founding member of a large international consortium which is developing a related concept: smart specks.

    • Marc says:

      Dennie, just clicked on your link three times and each time got a "PERMISSION DENIED" notification on upper left corner of screen. Really? What could that possibly entail?

    • I had to google the MIT article – July 16, 2013
      How Smart Dust Could Spy On Your Brain
      Intelligent dust particles embedded in the brain could form an entirely new form of brain-machine interface, say engineers:

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      As you know, we n—–s I have no control over who gets to see what on the internet.  The link I posted here WAS working last night, and yes, today when I tried it just now (you'll see the day/time stamp once I post), I as well got the "permission denied" bullshit– who KNOWS what that means? 

      So let's try, try again.. now, when I copied and pasted this slightly different link into my browser and clicked "search," it did work:


    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Susan:  I'm making my way through the various Smart Dust vids you've posted.  Very frightening.  100 per cent of the European population is infected with the Morgellons fungus. 
      WHAT IS THE POINT of all the Nano-this and the Nano-that?  WHAT DO "THEY" EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO USE IT ALL FOR– just sprinkle the planet with a blanket of this crap and– voila!– TOTAL CONTROL OF EVERY LAST HUMAN ON THE PLANET, 24/7/365?  I'd have to say at least a major portion of this project is to make money on yet another toxic, heinous weapon of mass destruction while purportedly "helping" us.  My gut feeling says it ain't gonna happen.  Something "they" didn't count on is going to make "their" little plans fall apart.  Let's just hope I'm right.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      At the end of his YouTube clip on the origins of Morgellons, Harald Krauz Vella seems to have a few interesting things to say about what he claims are various factions of "satanic bloodline" groups such as the Pentagon, NSA and CIA.  I don't know where he's getting his information when he speculates that NSA does not want the wars to escalate and that the worst-case scenario here in the U.S. would be a "civil war" between the three aforementioned groups– it wouldn't look that way to you and me, ain't gonna happen quite like that.  For some time we've all been hearing that there will be no more U.S. in x-number of years, I see here we have it down to six– so what happens to all the other nations on this planet?  The same?  Who gets to decide?  Do we even get to ask these questions?  WHY do the posters of these types of videos have all the answers (it's just a question–). 

      People need to be careful when it comes to listening to this kind of prognostication.  It's NO SECRET that other nations have long used propaganda and psychological operations to influence circumstances to their benefit.  England has been very masterful in this realm.  Why wouldn't Germany?

  8. Jeff Griffin says:


    I live in Atlanta, Georgia and I have noticed a difference in the skies that I normally witness. The spraying is still going on, but I am noticing that the  trails are "start stop" in nature. The trails are still leaving trace sections, but not the blanket of lines that I've witnessed before. I am, however, noticing the same "haze" afterwards that I have always seen.  This haze turns into "assumed cloud cover" but it's just a haze of crap nontheless. Are they changing the aerosol particles to a blend that is more dilutive in the sky so we are fooled into thinking that this might be ligitimate contrails? I've noticed a change and I am reporting it, but I would like an experts opinion because the fight is getting harder with this new "blend".

    • David says:

      Jeff, I have noticed that as well, about three times, over the past several months in Atlantic Beach, Florida. I sit on my back patio facing East towards the Atlantic Ocean, away from the sunset, on days when there are no natural Low or Mid Clouds, the sky appears to be clear than. when the sunsets I notice a ribbing pattern, alternating from a milky blue to silvery metallic orange color. Looks like the particulates are reflecting the sunset, although the particulates are far less detailed or defined to be able to see.

  9. Dan says:

    Hello from south central Idaho. A week ago we had a foot of snow on the ground and subzero temps. Yesterday it rained all day and today it was almost 60 degrees. A week further into winter and its 60 degrees warmer. This is absurd. This morning my coworkers where talking about the extreme change, at least they are aware of it. But they still cannot put 2 and 2 together. They think Al Gore and his carbon footprint plan is the only way to solve this. All on this site know that is just another means of control by the powers that be. I am well aware that climate engineering is not the only cause for the mess we are in but as Dane is fond of saying it is the BIG ELEPHANT in the room. Where I live is proof enough. 25 years ago we had pristine water and air. We had little farms and a few small dairy's. Well not anymore. The dairy's are huge and the farming is industrialize farms. Very few family farms remain, and they grow Monsanto roundup ready crops for the dairy's. Monsanto is a huge reason why the honeybee's are dying. We live in a valley with mountains to the north and south and sagebrush to the west. You don't have to travel far in either direction to get above the valley and when you look back and see the air we are breathing it sickens you. Then throw in the crap from the chemtrails and it's no wonder we are sick all the time. Anyways I have been focusing on young people trying to raise awareness. They have seen the trails but had no idea what they are. They have visited this site and are aware now and they are mad as hell. They want to help stop this insanity. So if you are feeling sad because nobody will listen to you try the younger people. After all it is their future that's at stake. God bless

  10. Teri says:

    Recently, i had the misfortune…or perhaps fortunate opportunity to fly from Atlanta GA to Chicago. Before the flight the sky was filled with the crisscross lines of poison raining down. What one see's from the ground is different then what is seen from 32,000 feet.  Have you seen the red sky when the sun starts to go down at night?  the layer of red filth? looks like smog. only reddish brown? Image that poison coming down from 32,000 down to where the average person stands on the earth. It is completely reddish brown for hundreds of miles. 

    The entire horizon as far as they eye can see is reddish brown haze. poisoned air. sprayer planes criss cross above and and below our passenger plane. The don't divert the passenger plane does. we moved from side to side to avoid them. I founded dozens flying over head and flying under us. Plus, the groups of planes flying 2 by 2. Seems to be a lot more of them at the higher level. 

    Imagine as well, that reddish haze of poison raining down to the earth in sheets. it can be seen easily. i am shocked that more pilots do not see it and do it protest it. At the cruising height we were at the haze was all around us. we flew through it. i don't believe it would be possible to rise above it. it must go to 50 thousand or 60? 70?. impossible to tell. I did see dark blue sky way up there. I have not seen that color for years. 

    the horrors to be seen on the ground from that height is mind-numbing. I literally shed tears looking at it. i tried to point it out to the people sitting around me but they don't look up from their ipads enough to look out the window. the few who did made excuses for it. 

    The ground glitters. like a mirror shining back at you. the sun on the water looks like it is glittering on mercury. the water is fluorescent green!! Algae i think but it is everywhere. every lake, stream and body of water looks polluted. Where there is no water the ground still shines like a flashlight being beamed up. Shining off the metals on the ground perhaps? Of the tree's all i could tell for sure was the pine tree's dead. huge sections of them. not all area's have pines or cedars but where they could be seen they were brown. 

    lastly, the sun mercifully set so i didn't have to see anymore. my heart was broken. I was sick to my stomach. silently I cursed the planes flying over our heads leaving trails of poison that drift down past my window. The red glow on the horizon did not diminish. The ground is completely black and yet there still remained a red strip of blood red, orange, yellow, brown layer of poison that glows in the dark. 

    as we flew i realized that i didn't see one natural cloud…not one. not from georgia, and the normally humid states in between. not one cloud. yet the last time i flew a couple of decades ago there were always clouds and it looks like a city of white cotton. They killed them all. 

    After dark, the only clouds that could still be seem were the thickening chemical clouds. the strange thing was they glow in the dark. no city under them to cause it. no massive lights. just dark ground and glowing red/orange clouds. 

    It made me believe i have indeed entered a foreign planet. The waters poisoned. the air poisoned. the dirt , the earth, the trees dead and dying and i am supposed to believe that those who are doing it and those pilots who still fly, commercial and otherwise cannot see it? I am sorry but that is impossible to belief! pilots of all people could not miss the destruction they are causing. They are just willing to do it for fear or profit. 

    i wonder why others have not reported how horrible it looks from up above where the clouds used to be. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      You can see the reddish-brown haze here across the hills above the San Francisco Bay Area when you look across the bay.  Yes, it's disgusting.  We're also having lithium-red sunsets.  Whatever the Hell exactly these bastards are "tracing" with their lithium is beyond me but I'd love to know where they're getting the lithium– Afghanistan, perhaps?  It's a vicious circle:  MORE wars to get MORE resources to build MORE war machines to make MORE wars to get MORE resources– It Will ONLY END when the resources are GONE!!

      Personally I am PRAYING that either the Cosmic Motherfkrz come to their goddamned SENSES and realize, like a few of the British scientists who were caught speaking out on tape at the Paris climate talks last July questioning the large-scale "uncontrolled experiment," and another who replied that no one wants it to continue– huh, well, then, OKAY… MAKE IT STOP, A$$holes!  Either that, or zap the fkrz with one of the solar flares.


    • BaneB says:

      Good question.  And your eyewitness observations sends a very clear message:  flying is unhealthy.  In fact it threatens to shorten the lifespan of every person who utilizes commercial aviation.  Mix in the Fukushima radiation with the aerosol soup.  A skull and cross bone logo would be fair warning at the entrance to the terminal (pun intended) entrance.

    • Alan says:

      The pilots know better than all of us.  After a recent flight on which I witnessed the same spectacles you describe so well, I asked our pilot, "How does it feel to have to look at and fly through all of these chemicals every single day?"  He responded, "Which ones?"  I said, "Well, I was specifically referring to the ones at 30,000 feet that we flew through."  His eyes got as big as saucers and he physically girded.  I said, "Look, I know you're not supposed to talk about this but you pilots could sure help your fellow citizens by telling people what you see and how the skies have changed, and coming out against this aerial spraying program as a unified group."  He gave me an apparent nod, but he was scared to death.  I saw it in his eyes.  Coincidentally, I didn't get TSA pre-check status on my next flight. 



    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you for the very descriptive detailed report from the air Teri. It's interesting to me because I flew out of Hartsfield airport in Atlanta almost every week for 5 years back in the early 80's. I remember flying thru the massive cotton candy clouds then breaking thru to view vast clear vistas on the horizon above. How horrifying to hear what it is like now. How CAN the pilots not speak up about these changes and having to divert course so as not to collide with other unidentified aircraft spewing miles of toxic crap up there?! Where is the outrage? Surely there must still be pilots who can remember how skies looked 30 yrs ago? Or have they all retired? Maybe. Could it be the new generations of pilots are like children in the schools being taught by NASA that all of this crap in the skies is 'normal'?! Sadly, maybe so.

    • Maureen says:

      Teri, I reported the worst day my husband and I have ever recorded, just this past Saturday Dec 5… The planes, often 4 and 5 at a time criss crossing the skies from before dawn to after 5:30pm… ALL DAY!! So I called KVUE news Austin Texas…. Everyone should try it, call your news station, only be smarter than me and record the conversation…  They responded like it was just normal contrails, with condescending questions like: "well, what do you think it is" and when I stated that I'm sure I'm not the only one reporting it so why is there never an explanation in the news? Answer… "Because it's not news." My questions got no where. If it's nothing than why spray? Why are the skies filled with dozens of extraneous planes blanketing thick particulates that leave a thick sun masking haze all day? 

  11. Dana MacCuish says:

    This is just an update to what I have started doing, and by the way, it is another windless day in northern Saskatchewan, Canada with a forecast for bad highways tonight due a freezing rain. Can't recall freezing rain up here on this date or thereabouts in my lifetime. Usually it would be eight to ten inches of snow.
    I phoned eleven more Tribal Councils and First Nation Band offices this morning. A lot I could only leave a message and this website to go for more information. Those few I spoke to personally seemed sincere when they said they would take a look at the site.
    I am now going to plead to Dane's followers in other provinces or states accordingly. Please pick up your phone or if you can obtain an email send a Flaming  Arrow  Package to our First Nations brothers and sisters. They have proved they have stamina with boots on the street during Idle No More. Let us All create " Geoengineering No More. "
    In Naomi Klein's book " This Changes Everything ", she give us a quote from Desmond Tutu in the closing pages that we should all respond to with our hearts and hands.
    ” To serve as custodians of creation is not an empty title; it requires that we act, and with all the urgency this dire situation demands."

    • David says:

      Another great piece of evidence and truth to the puzzle. Weather whiplash (extreme drastic changes in the weather) seem to be the norm, nowadays. The Koppen Climate Classification System is the most widely used system, for classifying the worlds wide range of climate zones. The categories are based on the annual and monthly temperatures averages and measurable precipitation with topography and native vegetation (plants) distribution (coverage) factored in as well. With the Climate Modification, SRM Solar Radiation Management and SAG Solar Aerosol GeoEngineering constantly going on, I feel the Koppen Climate Classification currently is no longer accurate or valid. As well as the USDA Temperature/Plant Hardiness Zone Map. I plan on sending e-mails. with attached photos to all News Stations here, in Jacksonville, Florida, to see what, if any of their responses are, to the photos I have taken of the Jets and Tankers spraying aerosols. I will also continue to distribute the GeoEngineeringwatch flyers as well.

  12. 57 Les Paul Custom says:

    As indicated in one of Dane's maps posted a week or so ago, the scheduled weather for the east — particularly the northeast — is well above average.  The long-term forecast from the link below at the "Accuweather" site has only two days with the word "snow" through January 21, and both of those are minor.  Most every daytime high is around 10 degrees F above the historical average (Dec 14th is forecast to be 20 degrees above average).  The overnight lows are even higher above average than the daytime highs.  This is quite the contrast to last winter here in the Boston area.

    • Wyatt Berry says:

      It is certainly much warmer than average in Maine, the entire next week is forecast to be in the fifties after we have already experienced several weeks of these high temps.  Yet it had dropped to the low twenties during the day for one week around late September.  I am young and even I can recognize that the months no longer follow their regular patterns.  What I observe is constant fluctuation in the weather patterns, with not general trend, the extremes are accelerating, not to mention the seemingly unprecedented amount of aerosol spraying by the day (and sometimes night).

      I wonder how the jet stream was affected last year with all the engineered "polar vortex" events that diverted its path.

      Like, come on, how can people not see it?

  13. Jane says:

    Has anyone heard of Tritium? Well they use it in exit signs. It is not dangerous unless it is inhaled. By doing my research and watching this Geoengineering that is going on clouding up the sky each and everyday.
    I decided to look up radiation an came across this. They use it in Exit Signs. 
    then I looked up in Central Ontario where you could purchase these signs. I came up with a location that was very interesting. If you look up Shield Source exit signs then you will find that they are located north of Toronto in PTBO Ontario. 
    Guess Where?
    Right at their Airport.
    Now how convienant is that?
    Very convienant I would say.
    22,000 square foot facility right at the Airport and the Guy that runs the operation is also the CEO of the Airport.
    Why do they have this Company right at the Airport.
    How about this?
    Put 2 and 2 together and figure it out.
    Remember that it only is Dangerous for you when you inhale it.
    Then look up at the Sky and ask yourself if it looks Normal to you. 
    Lots of these places around.
    Look it up for yourself and figure it out.

  14. Michel B says:

    Several weeks ago I went to a small party on a Saturday night. Brisbane, Australia is in the sub tropics. Our warm weather season should be lush. We should be getting rain every afternoon. You used to be able to set your watch according to the big thunderhead storms rolling in every afternoon and just drenching the place with those buckets of big drops which would just pour down.
    Anyway, there was a storm, predicted possibly violent coming in from the west. It was full of lightning and certainly looked threatening. But it missed us and went on to wreak havoc a bit further south with violent winds and I think some deluge.
    Sitting on the verandah, I got to talking to one fellow there and he pointed out how there were no bugs, especially moths, flying around the bare light bulb. It was true and I hadn't noticed it. Normally there would be all sorts of insect life clamouring for the light and heat of that bulb. But there was nothing. I asked why he thought it was so. He said maybe the drought and possibly pollution.
    I asked him if he knew why we were in drought and why there was so much pollution now over South East Queensland, including the country side. Cars? he replied. I then introduced him to Geoengineering. He looked puzzled for a bit until it clicked and he said, You mean chemtrails? I said yes. He said he knew it was happening over North America. I told him it seems to be everywhere and it is definitely happening here, hence our record breaking drought in Queensland.
    Not light conversation for a party, but with the signs all around us, it's bound to come up, at least with me it is.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Michel B.  What about the ice epidemic?  Was nice to hear the word verandah-haven't heard it in years and years.  I have a big porch, but I'd much rather have a verandah.  Uh, while we definitely have less bugs here in Berkeley, CA, we do have some.  I've got a big, paper balloon like light shade in my bedroom and little moth bodies accumulate on the bottom.  I am forever saying: Don't go toward the light!  Spiders abound though not many insects.  Anybody else noticing spider survival?

      I do so regret that my Raytheon studies ended up in one long missive including other stuff, thought I'd done it separately, and no paragraphs to boot though I did do that.  So, you probably did not read it.  Point is, Raytheon, US defense special operations, is doing the chemtrail thing in Australia too, the US, Canada Limited (whatever that means), and the UK, along with what was described as special ops in Japan, France, and Spain.  This can be found in what I wrote on the 14th? of Nov. I think, and under Raytheon itself if you read all their stuff.

      Forgive my confusion here, just cannot shake this flu or "whatever".

  15. Bernie says:

    We are living in a point of History of Ignorant Bliss that is the answer when you ask that question Why?

    Google: No Sugar Tonight by the Guess Who. 

    Listen to the Lyrics

    It says The New Mother Nature is taking over. She's getting us all.

    They knew about it way back then. Unfortunately the public has been so dumbed own that most can not and will not figure this out.

    Might as well be a freaking Zombie.

  16. Andrew from scotland says:

    The quote below comes from a financial perspective rather than a geoengineering one, but equally applicable:

    “Truth” is beginning to slip out from behind several different curtains.  I hate to say it but a giant false flag will have to come out very soon in order to keep cover and divert attention from the truth.  I do not see any other options left, the reality MUST remain hidden or attention diverted, …or the unravelling comes.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Andrew, Hello.  I think there is a change afoot.  Forinstance, just today in my own new feed, 4 whistle blowers on drone ops.  Military guys who have PTSD from that.  All over, more and more stuff coming out of the woodwork.  I'm not at all sure that people would fall for a false flag now. No one trusts the government to tell the truth any more.  Kinda like pulling a rubber band too many times.

      On On! You Hash House Harrier!  Have faith!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Robert Reich, former U.S. Sec'y of Labor in three administrations, was also saying that another "recession" is coming soon, heard in the KQED radio broadcast earlier this evening from his Nov. 3rd appearance on City Arts and Lectures at the Nourse Theater in San Francisco, CA.  Reich is professor of economics and public policy at U.C. Berkeley and author of 14 books, including titles such as Aftershock, Inequality For All and his latest, Saving Capitalism for the Many, Not the Few, reviewed here at

  17. Fiona Hansen says:

    Unfortunately because this is a classified program under the guise of    "research", all governmental authorities lips have been sealed and they obviously have a response script for all their workers to parrot off to all inquiries from the public.  By not admitting to this program and keeping everything so secretive, it makes it hard for the public to "Not consent". 

  18. Robo Sapien says:

    Reading these posts I realize what we are all waiting for, a sign. A clear irrepressible sign that calls us to action, action we cannot resist as it will be natural. I believe when the shelves go empty of food this will be our call to rise. Lets face it people have always been the mob and the rulers of any society will tell you the most dangerous thing is a hungry mob. No force known has ever stopped a hungry mob. They wash against the shores of state like a resistless tide. That is when people will naturally gel that is when the people themselves will be the battering ram for they will be an uncontrolled force of nature. I see everything the state is doing now is to control the time when they pull the rug from under the American populace. That is what they are going to do. They have said it time and time again, Americans have too much prosperity, we live too well that WE have to live like the 3rd world. THEY ARE GOING TO PULL THE RUG OUT SUDDENLY WHEN ALL THE PEICES ARE IN PLACE AND WE ARE ENGAGED IN ANOTHER WAR. Putin is NWO ALL THE WAY, anyone who thinks differently ought to listen to his constant  calls for a centralized world government. The Bank of International settlements wants American natural resources, we are the richest nation in the world. They want to do destroy the dollare because we can end they tyranny of money with the stroke of a pen. They through the fed gave us worthless paper and they in turn will demand our country's our nations fabulous wealth. We are being set up to lose a war so the same people who established the fed can march through our streets with a foreign army and seize a debt we would never repay but cancel. Why do you think they let our debt get to 20 trillion, they know we will cancel it… Unless we lose a war, then they will treat us like they did Germany in WW2. They will steal what belongs to the great republic. That is what brings me to the  Obama, scripted he plays the part of the bumbling villain. He makes America play the part of the bumbling villain and allow Putin to play the solution maker. The bankers have been MAKING our reputation as infamous as the NAZI ON PURPOSE. ..if we lose the world will remember us as they did the NAZIs…with contempt. THIS IS OUR ASSET…THEY UNDERESTIMATE WE THE PEOPLE. THEY DO NOT SEE US AS CAPABLE OF MOUNTING ANY RESISTANCE. THEY DO NOT SEE US AS A VIABLE FORCE. When the store shelves are empty this will be our time to rise, I know it. Until then you should focus only on raising awareness, getting armed and getting food. The resistance will need all these things. WE HAVE A FUTURE, EVEN IF WE DONT, WE HAVE A FUTURE. What is the point of thinking we are doomed that eliminates the possibility we might be victorious. WE ARE NOT DOOMED.  THE RIGHTEOUS WILL PREVAIL. They have underestimated who we are and our traditions. On that fine day we will know peace.

    • Larwence says:

      I agree 100% !!! It is happening now. Look at oil prices, and then at the stock market.
      We here in Bakersfield California are being sprayed heavily today again, the same for the past several days now, as reported by people around the world.
      Thanks to Dane Wigington and your family for everything you do!
      Thank you everyone in this fight!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Kinda like the French Revolution huh, Robo?  Got something of interest in my in box mail yesterday from Ralph Nadar.  He broke the numbers down sort of like you say, saying there is a lot more of us than them.  I agree with you, we are not doomed and that mentality does not help!  I for one will not just roll over.  I also refuse to be armed.  Well, maybe with a red cross sign as I will be the medic, always have been.  Since we are getting rain, I am growing some foods too like miner's lettuce, and I have edible weeds and other food plants and medicine plants.  Am stashing nuts.  I have much need for protein, though.  Do have chickens.  And a somewhat organized neighborhood.  Some kind people.  Who will not have a clue-though I have tried.

      Yes, Robo, we are a viable force and I am grateful for you!

    • MISSY says:

      especially when you hear Max Igan saying all we have to do worldwide is to NOT DO ANYTHING for one day (not be their slaves for ONE DAY), he says that would bring the 1mil of us to one of them to their knees. How do we manage that when all the newpapers are owned by the Rothchildes?


    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, and 'They' will once again know death- for those that are the perpetrators of these heinous acts of evil are of satan's spawn, destined for destruction since their fall from Grace eons ago. Even now, their pitiful existence is void of 'LIFE' though they attempt to wield a show of power. I believe you are correct Robo Sapien; They WILL NOT PREVAIL. Peace and Happiness shall emerge triumphant!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I think "they" see us as very capable of mounting resistance, that's why "they" are pulling so many false flag shootings, in a lame attempt to rally public opinion and disarm everyone, because anyone who can defend themself in the event of a draconian military coup complete with martial law is perceived as a threat.  Well, The Biggest Threat that will cause a scenario like that is if "they" also keep consolidating all of the wealth with no plans to redistribute it to the middle class, who keep most of the economy rolling with their spending.  When the middle class increasingly ceases to be able to engage in the economic activities that contribute to the growth of an economy, you've got a problem.  Mostly, Reich continued in his lecture on Nov. 3rd in San Francisco, economic and other adjustment and policy tweaking have been successful at turning imbalances around and keeping things from getting too far out of hand so that the U.S. has been able to spare itself the rioting and revolutions seen in Europe and other areas where policy adjusting is slower to take place, then as the economic disparity widens, people riot.  Or create revolutions.  

    • Robo Sapien says:

      Dennie, I dont think their is going to be any redistribution of wealth, they will keep the ball rolling until they have figured out a way to liquidate middle and lower classes. Nature produces almost all wealth you cant keep the economy going if Nature is no longer producing wealth for free. The only solution is to liquidate the "useless eaters" as we have been referred to by the truly useless political class.

  19. Marc says:

    I sit here at my laptop and draw a blank. What more is there to say that hasn't already been said a thousand times? We are all reporting virtually identical sky phenomena, no matter where we live on this dying earth. We all feel the same sense of hopelessness and suffer from deep wounds that cut right into the abdominal egg of  light-consciousness which is who we are. It has become difficult to enjoy much of anything anymore the way I once did. Waves of realization are passing through all human beings and all species, speaking to us without words and telling us that a great contraction and a great death is moving through the land and the sea. Though not all will admit it to themselves, all are feeling it. How can one NOT see the qualitative change in the light that washes over the landscape? The raped skies, full of heavy metal airplanes defecating heavy metal aerosols? How can so many be so DESENSITIZED to the changes, to what for so many of us is self-evident? But here I remind myself that once upon a time I was blind, too. And so, though I have gnashed my teeth endlessly in these posts over how stupid and unseeing my fellow human beings appear to be, there ARE regular awakenings occurring all over the planet. How could it be otherwise? The assaults, the INSULTS, are so daring and arrogant by their placement directly over countless metropolitan centers and beyond. This "program", or whatever it is these murderers and rapists are doing to our skies and our living breathing planet, makes no apology for itself. And it gets infinitely worse than even that. Both the CHOSEN and unchosen are actively spreading lies in exactly the right places for these lies to have the maximum effect of confusing and/or placating a public that is rapidly discovering that somethin' just don't look right. Fear! And it is fear that is keeping the mouths of so many shut tight. Our democracy, in case you haven't noticed, has morphed into a totalitarian regime of unimaginable power to intimidate, assassinate, covertly investigate, or otherwise subjugate anything and everything in it's path. It's no wonder we're all a little tense and nervous. Add to this the undeniable fact that every single one of us, even those who vociferously deny geoengineering, are themselves filling up with nanoparticles, EVEN AS THEY SHOUT OUT THEIR DENIALS!!! What a grand paradox! None are exempt from this poisonous campaign of ill-conceived profiteering and empowerment. Don't really know if prayer does any damn good. I've prayed all my life for different things. But lately I've been drawn to pray MORE simply because the heartwrenching cries of EARTH'S pain and suffering are calling it forth……I'm not Christian. My prayers aren't offered to a Christian God. I pray because it influences the quantum field, just as meditation does, and may prove to be another tool in the toolbox with which we might help to fix what terrible things are going wrong here on our Earth.

    • Bel says:

      That is an EXCELLENT comment Marc…thank you. It seems that without a doubt the mass majority have been so brainwashed into thinking this is a conspiracy theory and not a conspiracy FACT!  I can't understand the ignorance or more than likely, the nescience of people in this never before climate of information

      We don't wear foil hats! We're not paranoid! This is the (perhaps to many) the unbelievable truth of what is happening – right NOW. I'm so happy the totally credible whistleblowers are coming out now with the truth…thank you Dane, and thank you Marc and all those of you who are getting this stuff out there. 

      Like the 100th monkey theory, it will all come out hopefully very very soon…who would have believed a year ago that Turkey would shoot down a Russian plane?  Now everyone believes it.  Then believe that Geoengineering exists and has existed for many decades and now is the time for it to stop!

      Peace to you all 

    • Sarah says:

      What an excellent and passionate post that sums up my own opinion perfectly! 🙂

    • sedna says:

      Beautiful eulogy. I completely agree.

    • Marc – I also felt this post as exceptionally powerful. Thank you! Especially: "Our democracy, in case you haven't noticed, has morphed into a totalitarian regime of unimaginable power to intimidate, assassinate, covertly investigate, or otherwise subjugate anything and everything in it's path. It's no wonder we're all a little tense and nervous." The word 'conspire' simply means to breathe together. And I honor the Wisdom-Knowledge of influencing the quantum field. Well said! Each of us adds to the balance in the natural harmony. Yes! Thank you.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, I pray to, but not to ask for anything but insight.  And to express sorrow at what humankind has done to this perfect world.  Indian style, I give thanks to the Great Spirit, to Grandfather and Grandmother, To Mother and Father, to the powers in the 4 directions who are in fact entities, and to work with; I try and try to understand them and how they work, which is not easy but they give clues as to which direction to look.  I also give thanks to That Which Stirs, and call on all my relations, all those gone on, asking for help and direction.  If I am feeling particularly weak, I ask Mother and Father if I can sleep in their tipi tonight, falling asleep like a child, by the fire, hearing the old ones talk, taking shelter.  I love that.  Gives me strength.  There is power in the oneness, all this division is a trick of the mind.

      John Trudell is dying.  One great Indian teacher/poet/spoken word, life long activist.  Even as he dies, his poems which all can read on his FB site are better than ever, as he wears his"ghost suit".  He inspires me.  He is a relative- by extension.  Back in the day, evil ones burned down his home when he wasn't there, killing his wife and children.  He never gave up.  He has meant so much to so many.  Love surrounds him, and indeed, all of us.

    • Teri says:

      Absolutely Brilliant post Marc. you said everything i think but don't have the writing ability to say. Thank you for that. When i flew to Chicago I worried most that the SS agents at the Airport would stop me or the airline wouldn't let me fly because i cough all the time. It isn't a smoker cough. it is a chewy air cough. I had heard that they drag people off planes that are thought to be sick sometimes….one of the many horror stories I hear. 

      I didn't need to worry about that….EVERYONE COUGHS. literally. the stewardess even coughed. I knew what was causing it. The poison in the air. no one else seems to see it. That is another bit of my flying experience to report. coughing. it is perfectly normal as the people around me would say. It is the cold, flu season after all…so they say..try talking to people and that is what they say. tell them otherwise and they walk away or turn away.

      somehow those on the plane do not see the red haze that fills the air. They never question it. It is what they breathe. It saturates the sky from 10's of thousands of feet up always to the ground. every inch. every layer or level is filled with it. There are thousands of planes up high. higher then the passengers fly to add more and more and more chemicals to it. from the top side it looks like blood. 

       At the airport you could hear people coughing all around you. It has become part of the background noise. In the air as well. on the plane. on the ground. everywhere. 

      The totalitarians would probably say we lack vaccines…more poison to put into us. 

      Your post marc gives me hope and inspiration. I too pray for the earth to the source i believe. What more can you say? you already said it and BEAUTIFULLY as well! Thank you for your post!

    • Michael Arden Yows says:

      ….So completely well put I posted to my page….hope you don't mind….really well articulated and definable by another term I cannot even remember….but once did……nuff said…..

  20. David Almanza says:

    ,,,My question is did satan`s morons really factor in the length of time for Earth to heal from Fukushima? I don`t get it at all cuz they are certainly not stopping the spraying ! A book titled 'Gold Warriors' by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave is an exellent book that fills in much important History that would never have been revealed if not for the amazing discovery and very competent research that went into this publication and all with 3 CD-ROMS showing maps and supporting documents. AMAZING !!! to state the least.

  21. Paul Craig Roberts / Dec.7, 2015:
    "There is no doubt that Washington is driving the world toward Armageddon, and Europe is the enabler. Washington’s bought-and-paid-for-puppets in Germany, France, and UK are either stupid, unconcerned, or powerless to escape from Washington’s grip. Unless Russia can wake up Europe, war is inevitable. Have the totally evil, dumbshit neocon warmongers who control the US government taught Putin that war is inevitable?"
    PCR links to Putin saying: Vladimir Putin: "Be the first to hit!” [Eng Subs]

    The Growlers came over my house on the Olympic Peninsula today around ten times! Unusual. Are they preparing? Craig B. Hulet has reported that there are Electromagnetic Warfare training bases in 17 states in the USA, not just my Washington: “Not just happening in WA, they are actually doing this in 17 states all up & down the borders, the east coast, west coast, and the southern coast, and every military base (names); and they are enlarging and expanding this area of electromagnetic emissions and weapons systems training. Hulet found this out from just one of the contractors, BAE, implying more. Thus this is a nation-wide technology – and China & Russia have these emitters.”    If there is a WWIII and these totally insane suicidal freaks engage in Electronic Warfare world wide, that might just be the breaking point for the Ionosphere, meaning the breakdown of the Earth’s exquisite made-by-God magnetosphere that protects us from deadly Cosmic Rays.
    Back in the 1980s I heard a prophecy that stuck in my heart-mind, which said ….There will be a catastrophic terrible world war and during the war, the skies around the entire planet will fill with blinding blazing lights, perhaps auroras everywhere, in both day & night as never seen before. The cosmic phenomena will be so overwhelming, such a total devastating shock to all humans on the planet — that all the armies will drop their weapons, leave their useless assault vehicles, and just walk away from the battle, from the dead, walking, dazed, and head home towards whatever may remain.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Susan, The "growlers" have been flying 4 to 5 days a week over here for the last 5 weeks. Ever since the "wild fires" I have seen what I believe to be the ground vehicles involved. Also I've seen large flat bed truck size boxes(that look military) being carried on semi trailers headed towards to higher elevations around here. The weather here this last 2 weeks has been low clouds, low visibility, and rainy snow at odd temps. On Saturday it snowed 2" at 38 degrees and then it cooled to 34 and started raining for the next 20 hours. I have noticed(heard) the big tankers flying above the 'covered' sky. Soon after it starts snowing. I think the tankers had to go elsewhere this last few days. It has done nothing but rain for the last 3 days. I had 8 packed inches fo snow in the pasture and now have lots of bare spots and about an inch in the 'shaded' spots. This area I live in must be some kind of free for all zone. I've had fighter jets fly over my cabin no higher than 2 or 300 feet above my head. Scared the crap out of me because I didn't hear it coming until it was on top of me and then it did a full bank turn and came back around and flew below my cabin and down over the valley floor. The growler jets fly at all times of day and night. They are easy to differentiate from others because they are so loud. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I feel a strong sense that there is a connection between the wild fires(and the odd weather we had then) we had here in my area, the weather we are experiencing now and magnetic warfare "testing". In my environmental observations I have seen weather like I have never seen here or anywhere else ever. We should be frozen in soft dry snow this time of year. Instead, we have slush for snow.

    • Hello ‘a simple horseman’ —Thank you for this report from western Washington State. I assume the ‘ground vehicles’ are the emitters that Craig Hulet talks about here [my notes]: Colonel Joe Dupont called the emitter “FIRE” which in Army language means weapons, like bullets. – disrupting a signal is the lowest level of the technology capacity. The towers have the ability to do unbelievable damage to human beings and most specifically children! They have mobile units that drive around the backroads in the rain forest – and it directs the electromagnetic beam out into the air for the Growlers to pick up – 260 days out of the year, from 4 to a dozen of them are emitting the EMRs. No military persons are involved in moving around the mobile emitters; the drivers come from private security contractors – ie. unaccountable civilian contractors. These systems can be turned around and used in any capacity they wish as a weapon system, crowd control, use of microwave technology for crowd dispersal – deployed in Iraq, but withdrawn because it killed people. It was microwave burning frying people to death. Not big, can be put on the back of a pick-up truck, like a camper, about 14 feet high. The Navy promises to shut the system down if they see life around. These electromagnetic weapons are “considered’ non-lethal. This is not radar – it’s a weapon system …FIRE. It can fry the water under your skin until you are screaming in pain. They had to be withdrawn in Iraq & Afghanistan because they were killing people. Military Field Manuals describe that they can make people behave differently. Change your thinking, confusion, short term memory loss, feel ill all the time. Disrupt your life, change & alter your behaviors to what the military desires in the Field Manuals. This technology is completely out of control, DARPA out of control. This machine also has an active audio weapons system. Called acoustic denial system. Drive you nuts, low frequency. Capability of exterminating entire sections of humanity [infertility]. This technology is killing birds and the honeybees – lowering male fertility. This technology is already affecting us.

      I believe that the fires have indeed been connected to the ‘electrification’ of the air due to the geoengineered droughts producing more lightning:
      “In addition to the large blazes, thousands of lightning strikes on bone-dry landscape have sparked hundreds of smaller fires, Cal Fire officials say.”

      How horrible that they are abusing the sanctity of your land. Your horses must be reacting too. Those of us who have sought to escape the maddening crowd are now more vulnerable – as the warmongers use these areas as target practice. They have no clue of the consequences of their actions – and indeed may inexorably be pushing the Ionosphere to collapse.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh Susan, and so much more.  The US has a major base and electronic weapons: Diego Garcia, near the Maldives-5 will get you 10 this was the cause of the missing Tripple 7.  Also, over all of Africa, just huge.   "Llily pads" ready to morph into full size bases, and they've been there quite some time, the better to drone people to death. But now, whistleblowers from the device, saying how shameful and wrong.  The tide is turning.  I've said again and again, but I guess no one listens to me, just how outrageously extensive our military is here at home and abroad.  Out of control.  Which many are now beginning to realize.  You, on the Olympic Peninsula were never the only ones.  First, war games were gonna be in 5 states, but that quickly morphed.  And, don't forget Hawaii.  ALL our coasts, ALL, and hugging them and in Puget Sound for a long time, and the Great Lakes. There is Utah, because in part, their association with the University there and Raytheon.  And Geometwatch.  They are sucking us dry–of monies, resources, lands, oil, and now tar sands.  Out of control.  This is treason.  Our military is attacking our own country.  Their days of this are numbered.  Your growler jets, if you read the proposal, will just get worse and for years to come.  But, our warriors are beginning to defect! Tides are turning.  Cup half full.  Let's not lose one drop!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:



      My thoughts are "Someone should tell their mothers what their psychopathic progeny are up to back in the woods, terrorizing Creation as they stomp and crap all over it."

      And:  "Their mothers gave birth to devils."  Maybe THEY are psychopaths, too.  BAD GENETIC SEEDS, take them out and destroy them before they continue to throw their lot into the gene pool– UGHHHH!


    • BaneB says:

      Mystery Babylon will not relinquish her entitlement.  She will be burned up in one hour.  Daughter of the Chaldeans, she believes she is forever. Though she fortifies herself in the heights of the north, and sets herself above the clouds, her days are numbered.  From the north the arrows shall not miss.  The vast majority of people are believing the LIE.  That delusion is a aggregate of many parts that compete to keep our heads bowed to the image.  Look around.  Are not heads bowed on every street corner and in the cafés?  Does not the image speak?  We worship at the silicon alter.  Few look up and see the chemtrail con.  Those who do are of no great age or life experience.  They have no historical memory.  Tic tac toe clouds seem everyday-normal to them.  And thusly, all the lies seem to be acceptively natural and normal.  Looking down was once upon a time an act of contrition, of shame and regret.  No more.  The great escape is a virtual diversion, a downward spiral without a factual foundation upon which to reconnect to reality and truth.  Believing the LIE is the majority preference.

  22. MISSY says:

    Here is a link to what the illuminatis wrote back in the late 1800 regarding WW1-111

  23. Dennis says:

    You guys have got to see what they are saying about jet contrails messing with the clouds.
    I posted, and I think we all should start "truth bombing" all the weather outlets when they explain away the obvious geoengineering their readers and listeners and viewers are talking about. There is enough wacky weather phenomenon going on that people are taking notice. We should take advantage of the opportunity to let people know the truth.
    14 days and counting

  24. Mike Saras says:

    Spraying increasing dramatically in Lake Havasu City, AZ. The past four days, morning to night with as many as 10 planes non-stop. It seems the more the word gets out, the more they spray. 
    Here is a link to a website for all U.S. Airforce base contact information:
    Time for a massive email campaign to each base commander, sending a "geoengineering" flyer and trying to present common sense to them. Hell, they are following orders and poisoning themselves as well as all of us. Let's go right to the source of the spraying instead of trying to get the passive news media or our "sell-out" politicians to do anything!

  25. Greg Overton says:

    I live in southwestern Colorado and the chemtrails have increased alot in the last six months.  The frequency is up to four or five days a week; two to three hours, up to four to six hours at a time.  Sometimes the planes create a grid and sometimes they just fly west/east and then back.  In a few hours the whole sky is a milky gray.  It is time for blood analysis and soil samples in our region.  There are still many people who are in denial.  We need to unite in a powerful way.  I've contacted my Senators and one has acknowledged geo-engineering and HAARP, but not much info is giving in regards to what they can do.  It is up to us!

    • Eric says:

      It is up to us.  This psycho "government" is bent on comitting crimes, war crimes and state-sponsored terror around the world.  They will not be held to any legal or moral standard.


      How about we determine where these chemtrail planes are being launched and have a mass sit-it to prevent these aircraft from taking off?  I(f that fails, perhaps it's tim,e for more direct action.  It's clear they are poisoning our entire ecosystem and our bodies with this tech, could anyone fault us if we took to ramming these chemtrail aircraft with cars and trucks on the flightline?

    • Leslie Council says:

      Response to Greg Overton's post….Greg…I also live in Four Corners Area in Colorado. I just emailed Dane to find out if there were any groups here in this area addressing these issues. Prior to this, I contacted San Juan Alliance in Durango. They address fracking and many other environmental issues. One of the people I spoke with had never heard of chemtrails. She happened to be the Marketing Person. Very nice yet she spoke with others and "they are not addressing this issue at this time". I have been horrified at the amount of weather warfare in this area (relatively new to area). Great that you contacted senators, etc. If you discover any openings for activism, etc. in this area, please email me. We do need to form a community for support and to initiate action.
      Peace, Leslie

  26. bluenorther says:

    If geoengineering is the 'elephant in the bedroom' that mainstream enviro-mentals refuse to see, it shares that space with a sacred cow, which is human overpopulation.  It's possible that geoengineering may be the answer to overpopulation, since nobody else will go near it!  Still, it's NOT the *right* answer.

    • a simple horseman says:

      You make a valid point Bluenorther, However, I'm positive that our wildlife populations did not and are not suffering the same out of control population explosion. Geoengineering is killing everything, not just humans. If every human checked out our planet would still die a slow death or maybe a fast one. We have a huge mess to clean up here on our planet-home. It can be done if we all wake up. Those that can, will. Those that can't need to support those that 'can'. The rest of the equation will take care of itself. Knowledge has a way of empowering people that were once asleep and powerless.

  27. Jane says:

    Obomb-*ss wants your Guns so You can't protect yourself.
    Wake up real Quick.

  28. MISSY says:

    we could look at what Australia is doing
    Source: Powering Australia’s Future by Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy.

  29. MISSY says:

    Here are weather web cams around the world

  30. Asta Lyberth says:

    I think it is because of fear and the feeling of powerlessness that people don't want to wake up to this reality. It's in the back of their minds, but to really face it is too disturbing and overwhelming.

    • James says:

      Asta, very succinct and well put. We find ourselves floating in a sea of separate realities, one where people see  at different levels of comprehension. It appears that most are blind to the phenomena overhead, which we find shocking to say the least. The disparity in awareness can be alarming to those of us awake. although looking back through history it appears to be a very human condition.I think it was Bertrand Russell who said,  'Most people would rather die than think'   


    • Larry Charles says:

      Right on, Asta!   Part of this conversation should include suggestions for finding peace of mind…amidst the chaos.  All is not lost; and we are not in this alone.  As Dane suggests, it will be beneficial to reach critical mass.  Just plant seeds.  A time for harvest will come if we just do that.

    • Wayne Pacific says:

      The vast majority of people have never heard of chemtrails and they seldom look up at the sky. It is not in their minds at all. On two occassions in my life I tried to get strangers to look up into the sky to see very unusual phenomena. They just looked at me and would not look up. My office window is on the second floor and I look down at people often, but only one person every few days looks up. People have things on their minds at all times and don;t look up.

  31. Felix says:

    We you read any internet site that has to do with weather or the like,

    page down to the Reader Comments and copy this website,  or when you email friends send them this website for their info:

    Can't be easier that this for the PLANET's life and yours !



    • SD says:

      You're right Felix.  This is THE ONLY source for up to date and VALID information on the Climate Crisis and the Geoengineering Response.

      Southern California has been experiencing a chemtrail onslaught the past few days.  Jet after jet all day long.  The sunset this evening was a vivid red color indicating aerosol chemical saturation. High temps forecast for Tue may hit 85F and the Geoengineers are scrambling to bring yet another Upper Level Low Pressure System down from Canada.  Can expect the low pressure to settle over western NV and bring some rain/snow in from the Pacific by Fri.

  32. kenny says:

    Here in southeast NJ, awakened to chemtrailed skies at 5 AM, the lethagery grew, by dawn, even tho' there was a heavy frost, there was also a very heavy "fog" at about 33 degrees..really, really?  cold enough for frost, yet fog.  I had to go an hour and a half north at 7 AM, the #1 rated radio for NJ weatherman and show host were discussing this phenomenon as" freezing fog".  Dane will just love that one!!!.  So we now have the newly invented "polar vortex", "snow thunder or snow lightning, and now "freezing fog"  It must be true, the meteorologists say so BS.  On my trip north I saw massive smears of flat "clouds" , As I look ahead into the mountain range all the way to the road surface, there was  mist.  during the day, the temperatures climbed to about 65 degrees, even tho' the skies were heavily chemtrailed, the sun was shining thru breaks and was very strong, yet this so called "fog" NEVER dissipated…..driving back to the lowlands, it was evident it was a deliberate chemical layer, under the deliberate total white out skies.  I am sick to my stomach, my lungs/sinuses/ears under seige, as well as my fatigue.  We must document every day as testimony.  Every day I say, we shall overcome, we will not blindly walk into the darkness…WE ARE COMING WITH FULL HIGH BEAM HEADLITES AS WELL AS TORCHES…WE STAND TOGETHER

    • Tesla Hertz says:

      Saw the same thing here in SJ/PHL metro area at sunrise. 

    • Rebecca P. says:

      Hello Kenny and the fellow mates, I hear the anguish in your writing I feel the same. The last few days I have been feeling like I have been given a sleeping pill all I can do to stay awake without drifting off to sleep is work. This is not normal for me as I am a very active soul. Trust me I feel the outrage of this horror we find our self in. Peace be with us, R.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Yes, Kenny.  Just yesterday in Anchorage we also had "freezing fog" for the first time ever at about 24 F.  Not ice fog, mind you, which is real.  The weather shill said it was like a cloud on the ground.  Just never ending absurd fictions.

      They've been trying to make some snow, but they've actually made the temperatures too cold.  Our snow used to fall around 30 F.  When they've actually produced some snow, my body aches so much I can hardly turn over in bed, also very sick to my stomach.

      Do you best to keep well, Kenny.

    • Stax says:

      Hi,that sounds like Lithium.

    • a simple horseman says:

      We are experiencing the same weather here on the Okanogan(N WA). I am at 3800 ft ele. I see it go on below me as it flows up and down the valleys and sometimes I am in the fog. I also have the same physical symptoms.

    • Sally says:

      I live in the Bay Area in California and I have a really bad feeling about the "storm" they've been brewing that's expected to make its appearance tomorrow. I have a feeling that "they" are going to flood the entire bay area with a couple of feet water. On tv the other day I recall one of the news reporters referring to the approaching storm as a "Godzilla El Niño"…( I kid u not). The city where I'm from began doing tons and tons of road/sewer work everywhere. It seems to have started after gov. Jerry brown declared a state of emergency w/ the "drought". Since then, they have filled up many (if not all) of the creeks around my area. There also has been major sewer/pipe work too. I don't think anyone would be prepared for something like a flood in my neighborhood. 

      Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Stax, What do you mean about "that sounds like lithium"?  Decades ago, some idiot doc thought it a good idea to try lithium on me.  It is so problematic that they have to check your blood all the time.  So, I'm guessing that if it is lithium, it should show in a blood test.  For me, lithium was more of a trip than LSD.  But, doc would not quit it until my blood showed a toxic reaction to it.  Yay!  Long ago, but I will never forget lithium.  I'm guessing though that it is not the same for everyone, that is, would not seem like a "drug trip" to everyone, would show in blood for every one though.  I had no sleepiness, nor stomach issues at all.  But, trippin!!!  You?  Familiar with lithium?

  33. Hazel Lucks says:

    I see these trails in S. W Scotlan uk.. I live near a military airbase and on the gulf stream . This is not normal , it makes me feel very unsettled and very angry . It shocks me how few people notice .

    • lora says:

      I live in the united states whose people have been exposed to horrific experiment after experiment upon the American people men women children & unborn fetuses for many years even in our grandparents time via our government. Some of these evil vile governmental/ military experiments have since been published for the public to read. Nothing surprises me any more. :(. I too live fairly close to Edwards Air Force Base in Cal. & am currently being slammed in this area with heavy Chem Trails. I have been experiencing swollen throat extreme dry mouth & a lot of vertigo off & on not normal.  Also I have noticed our water is affected even filtered I get dry mouth & throat & some stomach burning if I don't filter twice. There are multiple powers that be combined together in this evil. Vague lying covering & dismissing the subject when confronted by the masses Across The World!  We cannot afford to be ignorant nor accommodating towards our own demise. This is not a one nation against another issue. That is simply what is being done on the left side so to speak to cause anger hate & confusion Nation upon Nation quite clearly in many different ways, (if you just pay attention you will see a clear long term pattern) Evil purposes, & pied piper lulling work together to generate pacified uncaring & or ignorant & or fearful people who drank or are drinking the Koolaid (so to speak) & have & are becoming sheeple. I am Christian & this does not mean turning a blind eye, or siding with a popular  political party just because. But it does mean rightly dividing good & evil. It also means batten down the hatches  & remember the battle is The Lords who works through all of us. The war has already been won. As our God is & will remain in control, is not watching from afar, but  from within us. Now Heads up people. We are meant for much better! 😉

    • Wendy says:

      It shocks me also how many people don't look up.

  34. Maria Heibel says:

    General Fabio Mini ( part of a conference in Florence

    This material shouldn't be there; there's no justification for those trails in the atmosphere….
    We can imagine or discover the real reasons and the people behind it all only if we find out the real composition of the doses.If we are against such things:
    download english transcript:
    produced by

  35. Deb says:

    Yesterday I watched the planes once again poison the sky above me. Three planes at the same time fly over my farm, 2 making the chilling X that I have seen so many times and the other crossing through it. It seems that this has become more frequent since this president took office. Am I wrong?

    • kenny says:

      You hav my vote..since 2009 it got in your face bad, Nice to hear someone else noticed the timing

    • Larry Charles says:

      You're correct on the:  increase-over-a-given-time-period.  But to attribute the increase to "this President" is wrong.  He is neither the perpetrator, nor is he  in charge of this program.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      It is true that various military things have gotten much worse since Obama took office.  It is hard to tell if it is down to him, or, others have a gun to his head and his family.  His hair did go grey in a flash.  Like a sudden shock.  Either he is very very pro military, or, there has been a military coup, which I believe happened when Bush 43 "won" second election.  "Bloodless" military coup.  All this geoengineering was going on beforehand.  So, obviously it is not all down to him, but! one does wonder, given that other very harsh military stuff and growth occurred under his watch.

    • Susan says:

      I live in Monterey, CA, I see same thing. Big X over the bay and to the south over Hwy 68. People dont notice. Very sad.

  36. Over the past two weeks I have been slowly carefully reading the Bernard J. Eastlund patents related to HAARP. I feel that if we have a somewhat decent speaking knowledge of these initial concepts, our words can be very convincingly scientific. I'm not a scientist – but as Dane says, hit them with facts. Uncontrolled emotions often make people defensive and this is simply not efficient in breaking through the Matrix of Delusion that people tragically are submerged, drowning in.  A few of my condensed excerpts:  The patents of Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund [now owned by Raytheon]: “describe a system capable of packing unheard of power densities into the ionosphere, levels which could pierce the natural shield which protects us from being bombarded by death delivering cosmic radiations.”
    Patent # 4,686,605 Filed January 10, 1985 now sealed under a “Secrecy Order”. The Eastlund patent was an ionospheric heater technology that concentrated RF radio frequency to a point in the Ionosphere, with a wide base of the energy at the transmitter site. This was sufficient to cause movement of a plasma region along [our Earth’s] magnetic field lines that would lift the atmosphere and create [the desired] effects.
    Patent # 4,686,603 for Dr. Bernard Eastlund  1987 “This invention provides the ability to put unprecedented amounts of power in the Earth’s atmosphere at strategic locations and to maintain the power injection level, particularly if random pulsing is employed…by knowing the frequencies of various electromagnetic beams employed in the practice of this invention…has a phenomenal variety of possible ramifications and potential future developments. …missile or aircraft destruction, deflection, or confusion could result, particularly when relativistic particles are employed. … Weather modification…by altering upper atmosphere wind patterns [the Jet Stream] by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device. … Besides actually changing the molecular composition of an atmospheric region, a particular molecule or molecules can be chosen for increased presence. For example ozone…environmental enhancement could be achieved by causing the break up of various chemical entities such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide…”
    THE TWELVE PATENTS OF APTI TECHNICALLY TESLA /Online: APTI held twelve patents, all of which were linked to Star Wars defense systems. APTI was the main contractor on the first phase of the HAARP project. These patents represented technologies which were inconsistent with the normal activities of ARCO, the parent organization of APTI. In ARCO's 1994 annual report, no mention of APTI OT the HAARP contract was found. Apparently ARCO was not in the kind of technology and military construction contracting business suggested by this technology. APTI was an anomalous subsidiary of ARCO, with ARCO having no real expertise, outside of APTI, for developing these kinds of patents. ….The patents originally held by APTI are described below.  [from ‘Angels Don’t Play This HAARP’ by Jeane Manning & Dr. Nick Begich]

  37. Since June I have given over well in excess of a 1000 hours of my time in the production of high quality time lapse videos, highlighting the abomination that is 'climate engineering'; an archive now of almost 200 clips (increasing by the day)…..The 'crime scene' is laid wide open for all to see. Available to share, copy, broadcast, download…do with as you will. GET THIS INFORMATION OUT THERE FOR ALL TO SEE.  Link below:

  38. MISSY says:

      'you can choose to believe in miracles or you can be heroes or cowards. ." Tony Rooke
    all truth passes through three stages First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

    • Wayne Pacific says:

      Only known truth goes through three stages. If people don't know, it can't be processed. For example, few  people know that the Bolshevik Communists tortured, mutilated and killed about 75 million Russians and held them in large concentration camps. It dwarfs any other genocide in history. Now that you know, you  can go enter the first stage of denial.

  39. Jim W says:

    I'd love to see a map where we can mark where spraying is occurring at any given time. We were clear here in north Texas along the Red River yesterday. The weather last night predicted clouds moving in today. First thing this morning they were spraying to the north in Oklahoma and to the west of I-35. The resulting cloud has now covered much of the sky and trails are still being laid down. I'm sure the weather tonight will report a layer of thin clouds has moved in as predicted.

    • Mike says:


      The spraying is everywhere and has increased massively the past week to ten days. My fifth day in a row in Mohave County Arizona, up to 10 planes witnessed in the sky at one time going is all directions no-stop from sunrise to sunset. Spreading the word on the internet just is getting anything done. We all need to step up our activisim at least 10 fold immediately!


  40. Dana MacCuish says:

    Another windless day in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Odd year it is. The sky is overcast yet again providing yet more cover for the activity that occurs in our once blue sky. It is a distant memory now. I made a phone call today to the Meadow Lake Tribal Council and spoke to the chief. I alerted him to what is happening worldwide. I gave him this website address. He assured me that he will look at the site and learn more.

    Naomi Klein's award winning book " This Changes Every Thing Capitalism vrs The Climate" made me realize the power The Treaties that were signed with our Native American brothers and sisters are still binding and do have clout.

    If I may take this moment to urge everyone to make a cold call in desperation as I did, send a Flaming Arrow Package from this site, anything is better than nothing.

    With effort we can create awareness and hopefully a " Geoengineering No More " movement can take place – with All People of any Nationality or Background United for the benefit of All.

  41. sioux says:

    A remember beautiful blue skies. We do not have them anymore and when we have a nice day or two they are immediately followed by the stripping of the skies, followed by days of gray.  The microwave can be seen by their effect on the clouds.  Plants are dying and water is being polluted.  These scientists and all of their brilliance have somehow forgotten about gravity.  What goes up, must come down.  The only way I see for this to end is for the pilots to refuse to fly the missions.

    • Wayne Pacific says:

      Pilots ? Who said anything about Pilots ? I don't know of anyone  that has seen or heard one of these pilots. They must be drones – that is old technology If you don't know  that.

           Scientists and especially engineers are very unwise people. They really don't see the impact of their schemes or actually don't care. I have knew one of the foremost experts on cleaning up nuclear contamination. It doesn't bother him at all, he is getting rich from it and he "has faith that someday they will learn how to neutralize nuclear contamination; meanwhile we can just bury it." Engineers an scientist should never be policy makers.

  42. I greatly appreciate and support everything Dane is doing and the life's sacrifices obviously made to enlighten the world to this sinful, disastrous activity. This madness reminds a bit of a story about the inhabitants of an island, Christmas Island, possible, who used to exist mainly from the food from the abundant coconut trees. Trouble was, they also liked to carve totem poles from them to spread around the island, maybe to appease their gods. Then the day came when someone cut the last tree down for that purpose and they died out. If true, I feel mankind is in a similar position today, almost in a death wish, wrecking the only life support system available to us.

  43. Rebecca P. says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Chuck Norris? I thought he could bring attention to this horror we are living in. He is a public figure and has the connections to bring his colleagues to the table. We need to continue calling, writing and sounding the alarm everyday. Time is not on our side, after meeting with my state representative (Dan Newhouse) and furnishing him with information along with the flyer on I thought sure I would hear something back, as of now I haven't heard a thing. I will be giving him a visit some time this week.

    Peace to all, R.

  44. marj darling says:

    At sundown look toward the sun and you will see chemtrails.  Look toward the east and you will see stars clearly.  The chemicals become visible with light.  Harald Kaust-Vella and other scientists have analyzed the air, soil and water where crops die unexpectedly, and they find nano-sized barium strontium piezoelectric circuit elements created when the tiny drops of liquid go through the compression and heat of a jet engine.  These nano-sized crystals, of course, go into our bodies.  Mercury in our teeth and from the environment strips our central nervous system of copper.  These piezoelectric circuit elements are utilized by our body to replace the copper so that our brains can function.  We then are controllable by frequencies that turn on the piezoelectric elements.  Our central nervous system can be mapped, as each of our brains has unique locations of these elements.  They can send frequencies that make them create voltages that can cause us to behave in any old way they want.

  45. Julie D. says:

    It was 52 degrees at my summer home in New Hampshire yesterday.

    I spend winters in South Florida which is still HOT and uncomfortable. In Florida, my home is in a non-flood zone.  I am not at all a nervous person, but I just bought flood ins. because I don't trust the manipulation.  Look what happened in South Carolinal- what a terrible shame.

    I can't understand why people are so blind, or maybe the spraying is destroying their eyesight as well as their physical health. California is finally awake–what is it going to take in the East?

    Thanks for all of your help & info. Julie

  46. Toby Dent says:

    Whenever I see these chemtrails…my health suffers. I have trouble breathing, my eyes sting and I get very tired. I also have strange skin growths that are unexplainable. headaches, and my head is itchy all over. The sky turns white and there is way more rain than usual. Chemtrails are never mentioned by weather stations or news media. The summer here was bordering on drought. Strange weather for Vancouver Canada…Rain forest on the West Coast.

    • marj darling says:

      I'm half wondering if at least two things were accomplished with the drought.  1) Elite parasites buy up farmland at bargain basement prices.  2) Fukishima radiation in water droplets is carried over California and deposited elsewhere.

    • Toby Dent – You might want to search around Clif Carnicom's website:  for his research on Morgellons. There are helpful herbs such as Artemisinin. Carnicom says, "The Morgellons condition may have a much broader basis and distribution than we might like to admit or know." We might conclude the possibility that all populations subject to chemtrails may experience a slow degradation of health as the immune system is undermined. Carnicom suggests that the 'organism' may be in everyone's blood. According to Elana Freeland, Carnicom found that "the blood of his samples is undergoing a transformation: the cellular structure is changing to a more fibrous form, and spherical structures like those inside the fibers are appearing in disturbed blood cells. … All evidence has pointed to four major forms and one minor form of the genetically altered Morgellons pathogen being delivered by aerosols, genetically modified foods, water systems…vaccinations and other inoculations. Clifforn E. Carnicom admits that humanity is facing an imminent health holocaust."

    • Carrie says:

      Interesting Toby. I have the exact same symptoms with the exception of skin growths.  If you Google Clifford Carnicom, or his website, Carnicom Institute, his published research results tell a haunting story of what's being sprayed in the air. 

  47. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Forecast high today 58 in Chattanooga TN…. Actual high 68 but the mercury read 70 car temp's in lower 70's.  SUN was out early and all day with limited SRM. Temps skyrocketed.  Sunday was blanket spraying and temps where right around where it was forecasted.  Weather is totally manipulated now over our sky's.  When it rains, temps, cloud cover, etc… 

    Temps are going to get worse and worse now it looks like our paradigm is about to burst.

  48. Rebecca P. says:

    Hello again, Dane W. and all fellow mates, another day of the same old sh-t right? Would like to thank the one who brought attention to the FUN-VAX video from DARP at the pentigon wow is that ever something to make your blood boil, then when inquiring we get does not exist, when we have documented evidence it clearly does. The corruption is so out of control it is no wonder the population are losing their minds and have blind eye disease, if people actually realized what our own government has been doing to us, we would have an all out civil war! How can this evil regime spray the entire population with a (gene changing virus, this is sprayed and then spreads from person to person) they call this the God gene, really? This is the most underhanded, frightening experiment ever to be forced on the entire planet. Dane please bring this to the attention to the attorney's, I for one would like to sue these evil monsters for these acts of poisoning all of us. Has anyone seen this (FUN-VAX) video? Please comment if you have, I am so angry about this whole big picture. If I were able to round the ones responsible for these experiments into a court or back ally and make them talk, oh I would and then some. I am really beside myself we cannot seem to make this INSANITY STOP!

    Peace to all


  49. Tony Woodcroft says:

    Dear Dane;

    What I am about to say is going to sound negative,perhaps even morbid.Our generation are not going to stop the geoengineering,as we are the only ones who remember what our skies once looked like.Governments know this and will continue the facade until our generation has died off(at least 40 plus years of age generation).The next generation have grown up seeing this all their lives and think it is normal/natural.To give you an example Dane,I have a 20 year old daughter(18 year old son too)in her third year of university.One day two jets flying one atop the other were flying directly across the path of the sun leaving there miles long trials.I pointed to them and said "see,this is what I've been telling you about,right before your own eyes".Her reply to me was "father would you stop being stupid.What do you think,the government sits around everyday discussing how to change the weather".I live in Niagara Falls sir and there has not been one single day of sunshine and clear skies for so long I can't even remember anymore.Everyday is cloudy,dark and you feel no heat from the sun whatsoever.I have lived here most of my life Dane,a town of 80 thousand people.In the over a decade I have been trying to show people I have only met one other person who concured with my words.Everyone else just laughs and calls me a crazy old man(I'm 53 now).I see people posting photos on my facebook saying "what a beautiful sunrise,or sunset,and the photo is full of long trails and white haze.Now to the point of my rambling here.We must educate the youth Dane,without them seeing the truth we cannot hope to win this fight.When they believe this is normal,as they no know different,nothing is going to change.Yes I will continue to be a 'crazy old man'because I do remember and know different.I apologize for rambling on here sir,but with each passing day the anger keeps building up as the sky gets darker and the trees and plants and animals keep dying and disappearing.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tony, don’t give up, people are waking up, including the youth. I would suggest that you actually pass on credible data to people instead of just telling them about the issue. You will have exponentially better results with this approach. You can download flyers for free from the link I have attached, and can then print them locally. Print shops can make the flyers for much less than copy stores. Again Tony, don’t give up, just change your approach. The rapid unraveling of the climate will force people to wake up, lets keep sowing the seeds of awareness.

    • Dan G. says:

      Your not alone same here in so cal . You took the words right out of my mouth . why doesn't anybody remember  

    • Tony Woodcroft — My sympathy regarding your daughter. Heart breaking. You're not old! …53 is not old! 

    • tim says:

      i remember,  thats why i wont shut up about it..

    • Geoffrey B. says:

      Tony, I can relate to your plight in talking to your daughter about this. Next time show her the Air Force paper: "Owning the weather in 2025, Weather as a Force Multiplier" which you can find a link to on Dane's site here, which shows methods now in place to control the weather. Having concrete info to help back up your statements goes a long way to cracking open the closed door of disbelief.

    • Nancy says:

      Tony, my 18 year old daughter thought I was nuts too. I'd just calmly point it out and give short explanations over the last couple of years. Now she is off at college…guess what she sends me – texts with pics of spraying…So, don't give up! 

    • Tony Woodcroft says:

      No worries on that score Dane,I never give up.I am in this fight for mine and everyone elses kids.I do post many of your articles to facebook,as well as mention your website on social media comments as the opportunity presents itself.My comment was only to point out how mainstream is blinding our young people to the truth and they are the ones who need to see the truth.Please come to Canada in the near future.There is no one up here fighting this crime on the scale that you are.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth Tony, 

      Two weeks ago I heard a conversation between an 'old' lady expressing her concerns about geo-engineering. She also talked about blue skies that use to be. She was talking (on Twitter) to an NASA employe hwo smid that the spraying was only to find out more about windpatterns! Nothing secret about it. Imagine, the whole sky ruined just to folow the wind-streams! And without involving the public.

      It seems unreal that we let it come this far but try to demand an honest weather-forcast, they also turn a blind eye. We still have a long way to go.


    • Las Vegan says:

      Tony, your post touched me.  We have been having starkly colored sunsets in Las Vegas, and they are the aerosols highlit by the setting sun!  How grotesque!  These folks are right:  have facts at hand.  I know many younger people, and many, many of them are aware of the poisons being sprayed.  

  50. Gene Maynard says:


    There are many forces in the world that oppose each other. Newton’s law tells us that with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. However, there is one force, and only one force this doesn’t apply to. That force is love. Love never forces itself neither can it be forced. God made all men of “one blood”. If we assume there are approximately 500,000 “elites” and elite “wanna be’s” plotting to kill us, that means there are well over 7,000,000,000 other people who are simply trying to live their lives. The globalists are masters of division, they have convinced the entire world that we are all different and should hate one another. Even the “Christian” churches have fallen for this deception, many times for the sake of appeasing the government.

    My point is this; we, the 7,000,000,000, are the empowered ones. We have been convinced we are not, that we have to bow to governments that only have their own best intrest in mind. They possess no power except what we assign to them. Just as they produce no goods or wealth, they exist by our decree.

    We have allowed this division of the world’s citizens. We have believed the lie that we are all different. Language and culture have been used to divide us even further. God says “no; you are all brothers and sisters…one blood”.

    We are in an extremely dire [even that doesn’t seem to express it] situation in America…but so are billions around the world in the same situation. It is not simply America’s population they are seeking to reduce by 90%…it is the world’s population. All life, I repeat all life, is being destroyed…flora and fauna.

    All human beings are empowered with the gift to love. Many use this gift sparingly while most seem to not use it at all; but my point is we all have a choice. That’s what true love is, a choice we make regardless of who the recipient is. I believe the 7,000,000,000 or at least a significant portion will unite under this banner of love-the idea that we are not different. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It has always been the force of love, not the elite puppet masters, that has sent men to war. Maybe misguided at times but never-the-less the love these men exhibited as they were convinced they were protecting their families. These men died by the hundreds of thousands because of love. But guess what, the forces they fought against were dying out of that same love. Love is a universal force which has no equal. We are the empowered ones…not the haters.

    This love must be channeled, it is our only hope. The world must unite, not in fear, but in hope. We must stand together and cry in one voice; here and no further! I welcome any thoughts on this


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gene, I agree that we must all unite, and that we must not abandon our benevolent nature in the process. This being said, we have a responsibility to utilize our sense of reason, and our will. We have a responsibility to take action in the fight for the common good. Such action must include exposing the crimes of the elite, and then making every effort to put a stop to those crimes. “Faith without works” is dead as the proverb goes. Lets all march forward in this effort together.

    • Gene Maynard says:

      yes I agree, I wasn't advocating stopping what any of us are doing 🙂

    • Dan G. says:

      Yes this culture evolved into believing love kindness is weakness 

    • tim says:

      i have researched this for 15yrs, i first noticed in 98-99..  my conclusion and opinion is population control on many levels   ,, the ultimate has to be an early death,  the who and why is very difficult to obtain,  but its easy to see ,  the spray will come down and cause many negative effects,  in my opinion it already has.  

  51. Al C says:

    Today in Southeastern Massachusetts, the sky was so aerosolized it looked like lines of sheet music in front of the sun……..Then it kind of looked like the photo headlining this article……They are definitely attempting to block the sun…………Feels too warm…..The weather for Saturday is forecast to be in the 60's.

         It was at it's worst as I was walking into a grocery store and I was just looking at other folks to see if they noticed and of course nobody did!

               I'm feel like a stranger in a strange land and really sad that the consensus trance continues and the majority still have their heads up where the sun don't shine.

             Maybe the aerosols are reaching up there too?


    • Nigel says:

      Well, even if those people looked like Zombies, keep in mind that you ae not alone. There is a growing number of people that are waking up. I was given this today by someone whom I woke up a few months ago.

    • BaneB says:

      Occasionally, when I manage to get off this hill I live on, to go re supply my food and other needs, in the parking lots of various stores, when I see the spraying I look up, take out my phone and point it skyward and snap away.  That gets the attention of others.  They too look up.  They have to wonder at my interest.  Sometimes I shake my head in disgust while photographing.  Occasionally someone will comment or ask me a question.  That is my opening to open their minds to that which they have ignored for whatever reasons.  

    • moderncalamity says:

      Wear a respirator (N100 filter) and a chemtrail t-shirt.  It might get their attention and also protect your body.

    • StephenM says:

      I live on Cape Cod and work outside on the 4:00pm to midnight shift. Not much going on during the daylight but have noticed an increase of activity around 10:30pm until I leave for home.  A lot of activity in September. 

    • Las Vegan says:

      BaneB, I had to laugh about the street theatrics in pointedly taking pixs, but well done, my friend!  Since most people I encounter in the cab are here for pure R&R, I've found the best method so far is simply to insert casual references about "if they'll stop that doggone spraying, maybe you'll have a (insert word of choice) wet, cold, dry, warm, etc. winter."  And people seem to go, "Huh?  Oh…yeah.  Oh…yeah."

  52. Rosie says:

    I learned about Chemtrails/geoengineering about a year ago through Facebook. And, the good news is, when I started coming to this website, there were only 13 million visitors. Now, there are 19+ million visitors, so …more and more people ARE becoming informed. 

    If you are on Facebook, "like" this page and when Dane's post's come through to your wall, share his posts.  This will broadcast his information to all your "friends" and spread the word about what is going on in our skies. 

    • Rosie, Spreading the word about this nightmare problem is essential and FB would/could be a good way to do it. I try to get reference to in any comments section I can on relative MSM online articles regarding weather/climate – with mixed success.

      I may be wrong here, but I just wonder if many of the people like me who follow/support this site are also the sort who would shun FB in the belief that it is just another information-gathering/spying scam by government agencies like FSA/GCHQ to built up a dossier on potential `trouble-makers' for the future.

      Perhaps I am too much of a conspiracy theorist ( a derogatory term conjured up, I believe, by the FBI originally to discredit disbelievers of the official Kennedy assassination story) and being something of a political activist, I no longer use FB. Perhaps I should as I do feel guilty for not using this medium for spreading the truth about many issues.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Malcolm, yes, FB is certainly a tool for the power structure, but it can also be used to our advantage and that is exactly what we are doing with our FB pages. Let them monitor and conduct their surveillance, we are raising awareness and that is what matters. We must use every tool at our disposal to help sound the alarm, thank you for all your ongoing efforts in this regard Malcolm.

    • TNGEOWATCH says:

      The most frustrating thing of all is in one year 6 million new visitors.  A funny youtube, facebook post, tweet can get 1-2 million like, retweets, and or views in a day. 

      If we could get several thousand people on twitter to tweet #geoengineering , #DaneWigington, or it would become a what is happening now phenomenon / trend.   

      I follow twitter and during big games, political events, people sit on twitter on their devices and see what is trending by the millions.

      If we picked an event as a group we could # the agenda in front of millions by getting into the top 10 trending events. 

      We should try to pick a big event like the super bowl and grass root it!

      Better yet we tweet as a group on the evening of December 17th when Star Wars is released!  We get a million tweets a billion people could see the #geoengineering trend??  Might bring up a question or two?





    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Malcolm, don't you imagine the government is all over this site?  It's like a catch all of anti-government everything!  Very nearly serves to meet all "their" needs!  Many I know who are and have been aware of geo-tinkering for decades, are not on this site.  And don't refer to it on FB.  Yet are active in their own way.

      However, and as hopelessly inept at FB as I am-who has the time?-I think this is a good idea.  Especially the tweet one.  I do have twitter though I've not used it much.  Have tried tweeting Bill Maher about Dane and geoengineering.  Not that that has worked!  Lately, CNN is referring to HBO as a sister site.  Oh dear.

  53. Mala Na Colove says:

    Genereal Fabio Mini is very well respected and has been very outspoken on this issue, since it come to his attention. Many often asked why he didn't pursue investigating within the Air Force. Apparrenty he did. Here he states he indeed questioned his Air Force connections but was to no surprise, shut down. Below is a transcript of the linked video where he further expands his views and opinions of conspiracy. At one point he referrences 'The Ustica incident' ~ also known as the Utisica Massacre. This is in reference to the 1980 Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870, which crashed into the Tyrrhenian Sea. Claims of conspiracy swirled, as it was said to have been taken out by missile fired from a French Navy aircraft. More here:

    General Fabio Mini – Chemtrails in the sky? You're convinced, and so am I.

    "CHEMTRAILS ……I’ll keep it short.

    It’s a fundamental question. We won’t solve the problem with Ca’ Foscari. What I mean is, we won’t solve the problem with an investigation conducted privately or, in any case, funded privately. What we must aim for… Ca’ Foscari is a university. What we must aim for is verification and getting the highest-placed authorities to tell us what it is. Do you want to know when I first got suspicious? Do you reckon I’m such a fool? No, but it’s just not true, it isn’t, it’s all very very simple. The people who rule over us react to two things: money and politics, positions of power. People who are really well organized, politically speaking, can end even such conspiracies of silence as these, which may occur internally.

    Chemtrails, Colonel….Giuliacci. He was the first to get me thinking. I used to believe what my air force colleagues told me, “Look, they’re just condensation trails. No more than that” OK. So they say. But how on Earth can a trail stop and the start up again? So I guess there’s something more to it than that. So, with all this stuff going on, I started to think, that’s strange, when top meteorologists, and, more importantly, top ecologists started screaming and yelling against the associations that look into chemtrails, into these dangers, and they say they’re crazy, idiots, and that the trails occur naturally. So if these people say so, and they have the proof but they haven’t produced it, or if they have vested interests in the claims they themselves make ~ so when I hear the word interests, or when I suspect there are interests at stake, I start to get suspicious about the true nature, the real reason for chemtrails and start to think these chemtrails are for real. Listening to Giuliacci, or reading his article, I don’t know if it’s another one …….this Mercalli.

    The marvellous people who are committed to squelching it all, not scientifically and rationally but emotionally; something’s up. We need to check them out. How do you identify chemtrails? Yes, chemtrails are condensation. And YES, IT’S TRUE that there are trails that contain certain substances which have certain functions! But the substances are sodium, barium, aluminum. If they’re all there, it must be for some reason! One is what was once called deviation of electromagnetic waves or shifting them in a certain direction, and this is true because we constantly have systems which use chaff or those systems that fool radar systems, and which set out to fool guidance systems, and, militarily, we have them.

    Careful now! I’m talking about methodology. There’s a problem. You see this problem. You see it, you’re sure AND I, LIKE YOU, AM CONVINCED that this stuff shouldn’t be there. What I don’t know is what it’s for. What I wonder is ‘how come these people are all over the place and say nothing and do these things as often as they do?’ And they do, very very frequently. Every day there it is, where my mother lives, close to San Marino, above the arms firing ground at Carpegna, around that part of the Appennino hills, it’s very frequent indeed and I told my colleagues. “No,” they replied, “it’s the Rimini flight paths”. I realize that’s ridiculous. But what’s the ridiculousness covering up? Whatever it is, not even they know what they’re covering up!

    Militarily, we are perhaps the most vulnerable of all when it comes to lies and falsehoods, because we have a procedure which is both disciplinary and penal, and the procedures stack up.That doesn’t happen on Civvy street, so if there’s someone out there who can make people face up to their responsibilities….

    One incident among the many, it’s the element that could bring the whole card castle down! Ustica came out all for an amazing 25 euros. Then things came to a halt because, obviously, when certain interests are moved to action, you’ll need a crowbar. Picking the lock won’t be enough any more.

    In regard to chemtrails, we must first do some investigations, but not individual investigations, which we ask others to do for us My idea, too, is to ask the people at Viterbo, involve the University… if nothing else, it would get the ball rolling. For the sake of appearance, but it can’t be. What we must aim for is an authority which has responsibilities in that sector, the Air Force, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Scientific Research which says something:

    Even denial becomes an instrument for understanding and discovering what happens, if everyone denies everything and denies the evidence like those two ~ the meteorologist and the other one ~ then that means there’s something going on behind the scenes, and that’s where we can start."

    • Mala Na Colove —THANK YOU!!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Smart man.  Love following his train of thought.  So glad he came out with this.  Follow Ralph Nadar.  He came out today with a game plan, not for geoengineering pre se, but for how to get your cause noticed and to win.  It does involve voting.  I hope some here do investigate what Ralph had to say.  It's from his playbook regarding auto safety and what that took.  According to him, it only takes one percent of the people, if that.  Says politicians need votes more than money.  This is true.  So for those of you who do not believe in voting, realize you are throwing your voice away, your liberty away, your odds away.  Look it up.  Thanks.

  54. Jane says:

    It is X-Mass time and the Mass is fully engolfed with buying useless material things for everybody to serve the Big Companies that endorse what is happening here. You just have to look at History. I mean real close History. With what is happening in Middle East. The oppression is severe and it is headed this way Full Speed. 
    Look at Ukraine and the lives that were lost there.
    Now Syria. 
    Adgenda 21 Big Time.
    Move everyone this way to complete their Project.
    Keep everyone in one place to easily spray them down to Fulfill the Georgia Guidstones first message.
    It is happening but most think it's a hoax.
    That is too bad especially when you see the False Flag events to take away your weapons.
    The only thing that will possibly save you from such an atrocity that is on it's way.
    The USA first and Canada next.
    Why do you think they are moving the Islamic's in this Direction?
    Full Speed Ahead Captain.
    Steeple Sheeple
    That's what it will be.
    People in those Camps
    Then The Death Box
    Keep spraying everyone to take down their immune system.
    Put the fluoride in the water and Dumb Em Down!
    It’s coming fast.
    Unfortunately the Dumb are Dumber.
    How Fcking Sad is that?

  55. Alexandra says:

    The spraying is getting worse & worse  here in just the last 9 months  since i have lived in N.C , i was forced out of upstate NY , the spraying  was 75%  worse there  then it  was here  9 months ago ,   i have seen the amount of  spraying  double now  since i have been here ,  the TERRORISTS   ARE WITHIN – , i can't believe the people  can walk around underneath 7-8-9  jets  SPRAYING   these DEADLY TOXIC CHEMICALS  ALL OVER THEIR CHILDREN  & PETS & FAMILIES  & THEY SEE NON OF IT  happening  right in front of their faces,   as the sky goes from BLUE TO A COMPLETE WHITE OUT OF CHEMICALS  IN  2 – 3 HOURS   . trying to wake them up is a HUGE PROJECT, I keep trying.

  56. Bless our beautiful Planet and for what ever reason Life becomes for what it is in this era we shall live through it as before..
    Dane I totally respect all that you have done for the awakening of minds to take charge of their interest on Planet Earth.
    When something waivers as huge as this then we must agree that all Things Shall Prevail in the Good of All ..

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Glenda …. i suggest u go to utube and watch the video on the Rothchilds and u will see that when u say all ….it wont work. The power of the 1% of the 1% own everything on this earth and they set the rules for all below and this includes the Vatican. Research is a wonderful thing today keep searching and you will see the true sun light.

  57. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Too bad Uhmerukinz can't seem to tilt their heads backwards, use their eyes, register what they see, assert their actual will and then open their actual MOUTHS to speak UP about this large-scale UNCONTROLLED "experiment," as one actual scientist who seemed to have an actual pair called this insanity when confronting his WILL-LESS colleague at the Paris climate talks last July.
    If showing a NATO general speaking out against atmospheric geoengineering programs doesn't get idiots to wake up and smell the coffee, you know you're dealing with a Will-less, heartless, brain-dead public. 

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