“Nearly Half Of The Great Barrier Reef To Die In The Next Month”, Abrupt Climate Shift Is Now


Dane Wigington

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is one of the "7 wonders of the world", nearly half of it is expected to die in the next month. Why? The 2 minute video below is a breaking news update from the front lines.

The oceans are superheating, along with the rest of the planet. If the oceans die, we die. Recent studies indicate that half of the barrier reef has already been lost in the previous 3 decades. Now, in the next 30 days, half of what is left will be lost. Some want to primarily blame Fukushima for the dying seas, but there is much more to the equation.  In the early 90s I participated in 2 private extended dive excursions on the Barrier reef, such a loss is unimaginable to me. Is anthropogenic (human) activity to blame for the explosion of environmental cataclysms on our planet? With absolute mathematical certainty the answer is YES. The human race and the military industrial complex has decimated the planet in countless ways, the ongoing climate engineering insanity is at the top of the list of destruction. The toxic heavy metal fall out from climate engineering is further fueling the global die off. The destruction of the ozone layer (most directly linked to the ongoing geoengineering assault) is also a massive contributing factor in regard to coral bleaching and the global die-off in general. 


Earth and its life support systems are in virtual collapse, and even now the vast majority of populations are completely oblivious to what is unfolding around them at absolutely blinding speed. Even now there are countless groups, organizations, and individuals that are still clinging to carefully crafted power structure propaganda and lies of "global cooling", "global warming is a hoax", or "we can't tell if the planet is warming or cooling". How can there be such an incomprehensible disconnect? Because the majority are still tragically choosing to form their conclusions from ideology and not front line facts. Because the majority choose not do do any objective research from credible and verifiable sources on an ongoing basis. The chasm of willful confusion is vast and there is plenty of blame to go around. The environmental/climate science/global warming communities and groups are immersed in inexcusable denial in regard to the geoengineering/solar radiation management atrocities in our skies. How can there be any legitimate discussion of the climate without even mentioning the single largest climate disrupting and damaging factor of all, geoengineering/weather warfare, and SRM programs? Answer? There can't be. On the other side of the fence there are many who recognize the reality of climate engineering, but unfortunately are in total denial in regard to the unfolding planetary meltdown (that is being made exponentially worse overall by climate intervention programs). The weather makers can create large scale short term chemical cool-downs at the cost of a worsened overall warmingArctic ice is yet again at record breaking low levels as the ongoing atmospheric spraying continues. Antarctica is also in trouble. The 2 minute video below makes inarguably clear that geoengineering/solar radiation management programs are reality.

Industrialized/militarized civilization is destroying the planet and any chance of a future for any of us. Global geoengineering programs are the absolute epitome of this destruction. If we are to have any chance whatsoever of altering the current course of certain near term total extinction on our planet we must start marching in the same direction. If we are to have any chance of turning the current tide in time to salvage any part of Earth's life support systems, the fight for life must be our top priority. Exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity is the greatest single leap forward we could collectively make. Reaching a critical mass of awareness with the public on the climate engineering issue is the only way forward. There is no silver bullet solution, no magic petition, no political remedy. Exposing and halting the tidal wave of insanity is up to us, each of us, all of us. Those who claim to truly love their children have an absolute obligation to help in the battle to sound the alarm each and every day. Those who claim to care about the fate of the world need to take action now, not later, the sand in the hourglass is nearly gone. Who will  join us in this imperative fight for the greater good? Who will help us to credibly and effective expose global geoengineering? The single greatest assault ever launched against the web of life by the human race. Make your voice heard while you can.

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  1. gingercake5 says:

    Hi Dane. Is the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef related to Fukushima? Australia IS due south of Japan, after all. I know there are a lot of dead species washing up on the shores of the Western United States. It only makes sense that it would be happening in Hawaii and Australia.

  2. Tim says:

    My fear is that once everyone knows we are doomed, some nutcase will nuclear bomb us.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Not to worry Tim!  The reactors will do that themselves.

    • Tim: After 64 years of observing the sick foibles of mankind, I'm convinced that some persons just don't burst into flames fast enough… About the great barrier reef and other once avoidable catastrophes: >

      Is Electro Magnetic Radiation from military radar destroying the coral reef near Kauai?

      Representatives from Kauai’s conservation community recently met with representatives from the Pacific Missile Range Facility to discuss concerns that electromagnetic radiation coming from the high-powered radar and antennas could be the cause of coral’s decline. PMRF has about 20 radar towers on North Kauai. They work by bouncing electromagnetic radiation off of things — that’s how they detect objects. Electromagnetic radiation is composed of waves — just like light is, except that electromagnetic radiation isn’t visible to the human eye. According to scientific models, the radiation covers much of the northwest part of the island. “If we could see the radiation like we can see light, the entire island would be lit up 24/7,” Lilley said. “That’s now much we’re exposed to every day.”


  3. abinico warez says:

    Today the reef – tomorrow humanity.

  4. Kathy Burns says:

    I dont know if anyone from Washington State was in the area today by JBLM in Tacoma area. But  mammoth Circle trail caught the attention of a lot of people today.Never seen this before and they layed lines right through it as well. It feels like 80 degrees.Hotter on the skin. Temp gage says 72


    Dane I sent a pic to your photo upload on this site.

    • Dillon says:

      I documented this as well and can be seen on instragram @sky.times

      That thing was massive and insane

  5. Beverley Evans says:

    Found a fascinating website

    axis change.wordpress

    Details another problem which is occuring re the weather

  6. BB says:

    I am sick and tired of hearing about all this Terror-ist garbage on the news. I watch the news because I can read through the lines of the Lies.  I look at the Weather Reporters and think to myself how they are paid to Spew so much unbelievable Dung from their Yaps. They might as well bend over, point their butts toward the camera and squeeze their cheeks open and closed with their hands, while talking. That would make more sense because what they say is a load of Crap.

    I am waiting for your next installment  of your  geoengineering watch Dane. It is most informative and greatly appreciated. Maybe you will do an April Fools Joke on it. I doubt that.

    The only April Fools Joke that will Happen will be more Aerosol Spray Dumping into the Sky overhead.

    They might as well write in the Sky…..

    April Fools we are trying to poison everyone.

    No Ha Ha we really are!

    This phase  right now is very obvious to everyone that knows.

    What will the next phase be?

    Any one have a guess?

    • Dennie says:

      Out of one side of their mouths the corporate-banking-industrial-military cabal of Superior Old (mostly) White Fossils says it's "heinous" to use poison gasses– unless, of course, it's a false-flag attack they had their "order followers" do in order to make it look like their "enemies," really the people whose country they want to get in line with their agenda really fast, did it– but somehow it's perfectly okay to spray everything and everyone with nanoparticulate toxic metal and fly ash, 24/7/365– REEEALLY?? 

  7. Robert West says:

    Every airline is spraying over Central Oregon today. Dozens of aerosol lines in the sky right now. It must be the day to meet their quotas for the quarter. I sure would like to get a picture of all of today's toxic flights…that would wake the people up. I can hardly wait for the lawsuit to be filed. I want to see if that will lessen the SRM/SAG activity. On some days it is hard to breath outside without getting nauseous and head aches. Anyway, I wish a good day to you all. 

    • Robert, if you have a camera, get out there and get the evidence! Then put your pictures on a printed hand-out sheet with a question, “Do you recognize your own sky?”…and of course this website address on it as well… I’ve done just that up here in Canada, and some people seem to be more shocked to see the pictures than they are by real life, right over their heads! Strange, but true…

  8. Abigail says:

    As Always, Most SIncerely thanks and appreciation for ALL the work and labor of love you put in your posts. I have been sharing with OrbisVitae, Russ Tanner, and a few others on f Bk. NEVER QUIT!  They know what they are doing. If not, it's plain STUPIDITY ON THEIR PART! Destroying and killing all life on planet earth is INSANE! Press on, dear Dane. Blessings upon you and your family. 'It ain't over till it's over.'  Your fantastic messages are being shared by hundreds of others, who in turn, KEEP THEM IN CIRCULATION.  PRESS ONWARD!  I will never forget your one sentence a few months ago, "I will remain at my post." BRAVO! 

    What a fantastic, caring and man of integrity! ONWARD!


  9. Wayne says:


    We clearly have evidence of weather being manipulated via radar, is this to be included, in addition to Geo Engineering in future litigation against US Government?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wayne, all relevant data will be a part of our legal efforts., more announcements soon on the efforts in the US.

  10. mike says:

    Good morning,                                   March 31, 2016

    We were sprayed heavy yesterday and today it's raining out here in southern Ontario. I don't drive so i get to walk my kids to school in the toxic rain. I tell my kids don't open your mouth and let the rain in, it's toxic. You should see the stares i get from the other parents. If they only knew. i tried telling them but again i'm the crazy nut job.  

    • Karen W says:

      You story rings so real in my own life, daughters, and her children.

      You're not the only crazy not job….and proud to be one because our eyes are wide opened, right Mike?!

      Dane, thank you for this news update.  You have been such an inspiration to us.  The more I see what is happening in this world, heating up, the more I clearing hear and see what the Lord is saying in His Word.  Stand fast in the Lord.  Rejoice in the Lord always.  And the peace of God,

  11. Michel B says:

    In quiet moments of clarity, I can see that this is in essence a spiritual war. It is about the subjugation of consciousness. There are those so far down in the pit, that all they wish to do is drag everyone else down with them. They think they are on top of the heap, but they are not. Though, their deception is across the board.

    This site of Dane's broaches some of the greatest controversies, but from what I have learned, there are still some controversies that official historical narrative deems taboo. These are most in need of breaking, as they are the direct precedents of our current squalors. If I mention them, I know I will gain the ire of some here, even at this awful hour. Indeed, this post would not be allowed.

    I am concerned about the differential between my need to discuss without restraint and a perceived need on the part of others to constrain. I don't think it is too much to say that of all the political ideologies, communism has killed the most people. Communism is a vehicle for tyranny and genocide, no less. Look at history, at who has fought communism and lost. Look at where communism has won and what it has done.

    We must identify the true enemy and know who it is we must defeat.

    • Dennie says:

      Communism vs. Uber-Capitalism: It's like the European Bankster Cabal sat around the table after dinner back sometime around 1860-something, sipping brandy and smoking cigars and decided it would be "fun" to lay a bet which system would be "best;" kinda like what's better, measles or mumps?  Stroke or heart attack?  WHO "WINS?"  The BANKSTERS.

  12. Wanda Drewery says:

    Here on the south east coast of NC, I have noticed lately that the 'trails' behind the jets are dissipating quicker, not quickly, but quicker, and the sky turns silvery white.  Is there some new formula being used to try to hide what is going on above us? I know the spraying is happening, because I can see the plumes being turned off and on, making shorter 'trails'.

    • BaneB says:

      That does seem to be the case.  In my area there was a lull for two days.  But yesterday many jets flew over at very high altitude, so unable to see the aircraft.  But, the trails were visible.  They are now shorter, though a few put down two parallel thin line tracks even with four engines.  I used my binocs.  Suspicion is different chemicals create different trails.  My favorite is the start and stop trails.  Those would suggest the pilot is turning on and off the jet engines……..coasting:-), but of course he or she is not, and perhaps these are satellite visible markers to locate and observe where to spray next.

  13. Zero-Sum Game: The Savage Vision Driving a Terror-Ridden World  / By Chris Floyd / Global Research, March 29, 2016
    …And so we come to the foreign policies of Western nations today. They are all, without exception, built on the goal of securing effective control (in whatever form) of economic and strategic resources for the benefit of their own power structures. Again, it is beyond dispute that these policies do not involve trying to make the world a better, safer place so that their own citizens might pursue their lives in peace. These policies manifestly do not involve trying to achieve “security” for their own people. Those who advance these policies knowingly and deliberately accept the fact that they will invariably cause destruction abroad and “blowback” at home. They know and accept that these policies will destabilize the world, that they will radicalize some of those who suffer from them, that they will lead to less security at home, that they will drain public treasuries and leave their own people to sink in broken communities with decaying infrastructure, mounting debt, shrinking opportunities, bleak futures and despairing lives.
    They know all of this is true — not only because they can see it happening with their own eyes, as we all can, but also because their own experts tell them, time and time again, that this is so. But they accept all this as the price that must be paid to advance and maintain their dominance. In the words of Madeline Albright, when she was confronted with the fact that the US/UK sanctions on Iraq had at that time killed at least 500,000 children, our leaders believe this price “is worth it.”

    • BaneB says:

      Hear hear! Well stated!  No fat on your sage understandings.  Yes, they will suicide us, themselves, and their own children.  They have, they do, and the foregone conclusion is they will. So, all ye people in captivity…among the nations.  Wave your rags, display your true colors, and wail for your patriotic symbols of death and destruction.  Beat your drums.  Pound your chest.  In the mirror lies your own undressing, naked for the slaughter.

    • Dennie says:

      Madeline Albright is s-u-u-u-c-h a bought-and-paid for little Lap Dog of the Powers That Should Never Have Been.  She learned later in life that her ancestry is Jewish.. and apparently, like her "Young Turk" cousins who had NO problem erasing 2 million Armenians who stood in the way of Rothschild (BAUER is their REAL name, lying motherf*kerz!) Power and Might (translated: Caspian oil), she didn't, either.  Uh-maaaze-ing how "victims" like this NEVER bother looking in the mirror at their very major PERPETRATOR essence– and how that never changes… WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE?  This kind of behavior is more than enough proof to me that these people have NO business calling themselves "God's" "chosen–"  and just WHICH "God" would that be–?? .  People who don't bother to investigate reality and actualy history just swallow it all down as Gospel Truth, hook, line and sinker, still.  Because, after all, "God" "never changes."  Well, why the f**k don't you LET him, actually– things might actually get BETTER

    • Karen W says:

      ..but what about the millions upon millions of voiceless children that this nation kills weekly at PP?  and we the people believe this price "is worth it".

    • BaneB says:

      You have a point.  The traditional family died with the advent of the Industrial Age.  The death of structure.  Science has replaced the natural wonder of it all with shock and awe.  Frankly, the insanity of this era tells me I have over stayed my welcome.

  14. For those who have any idealistic fantasies about Donald Trump being different… No one gets to run for President who is not part of the Global Corporatist Regime. No one. Trump's act is no different that Obama’s Hope psy-op. Both are self-serving ego-maniac liars who cannot spell, much less define ‘the common good’. The same people who thought Putin was a good guy are falling for Trump’s carefully scripted and orchestrated seduction. Trump is using populist anger to manipulate and control. I lived in NYC off & on for 25 years from the 1960's – and it was common on the-street-knowledge that Trump’s money came from the Mafia through his father. You don’t build anything in NYC without the mob. You know…concrete!  :o)
    President Trump? Who’s Who in Trump’s Foreign Policy Inner Circle? US War Machine Rolls On
    By Eric Draitser / Global Research, March 30, 2016
     … Trump recently revealed to the Washington Post some of his core advisers on foreign policy. And, to put it bluntly, a Trump presidency means little more than a continuation of US aggression, criminality, and imperialism.
    Who’s Who in Trump’s Foreign Policy Inner Circle?
    Valid Phares spent a decade as a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD), a well known neoconservative think tank long since understood as pro-Israel, and widely regarded as part of the influential Israel Lobby. In fact, FDD president and founder Clifford May described the group’s mission as being “to enhance Israel’s image in North America and the public’s understanding of issues affecting Israeli-Arab relations.”
    …Chairing Trump’s foreign policy team is Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, a far right conservative whose actual positions on the key issues of war and peace demonstrate unmitigated imperialistic views. He voted YES to enlarging NATO to include Eastern Europe (along with his colleague Hillary Clinton), which certainly calls into question the very notion that Trump has any real intention to move the US away from NATO. Additionally, in perhaps the most important political vote in the last few decades, Sessions was unabashedly in favor of the Iraq War. He proclaimed on the floor of the US Senate at the time: “Our motive is good, our goals positive and realistic, and our leaders honest, careful, principled and have the courage to act on those beliefs… I know the vision that President Bush has to protect his people and improve the world…”
    …Trump also named Keith Kellogg, a former Army lieutenant general, as one of his key advisers. Mr. Kellogg, after having left the Army, has served in executive positions in a number of military contracting firms, including CACI International at the time its employees took part in torture programs at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Having overseen a company directly involved in torturing prisoners of the US military, it should come as no surprise then that Kellogg is a principal foreign policy adviser to Trump who on numerous occasions has promised that under his watch, the US would bring back “a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.”
    Kellogg has deep ties to various sections of the military-industrial complex, both from his time as principal adviser to the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the disastrous Bush administration (along with other high ranking posts in the Pentagon), and from his myriad positions with private contractors and mercenary organizations; not exactly an anti-establishment outsider.
    Then there’s Joe Schmitz – or as Trump referred to him, “the honorable Joe Schmitz” – who was the inspector general at the Defense Department during the Bush administration. Under his watch the US committed countless war crimes for which no one was ever prosecuted. In fact, it was his refusal to prosecute military criminality, including lying to Congress and protecting criminals highly placed in the military bureaucracy, that led to his being investigated by the US Congress.

    • Al C says:


                     I always look forward to your imput into what"s really going on and your sense of humor………….All the politicians are already bought and it really does not make a difference.

                  Like you said, "Obama's Hope Psy-op"

             On a side note, yesterday on my daily walk under the aluminum dome, I pointed out the 4 planes playing tic tac toe to a fellow gentleman walking his dog and said, "Does that look normal to you?"

                  He said, "Sure, I see it all the time!"……………I felt sorry for the dog.


    • Frank says:

      Susan, I totally agree with you and the real issues with the corrupt political system. What concerns me the most is many people are buying into this Trump circus. Many believe that he is real and they have hope for real change. I still don't know how the parasitical elites will play out the election. They can allow him to be elected and buy time and further there regime with many fooled. They can dump Trump at the desired time and start trouble to end the election. This would mean Marshall Law and Obama remaining in office. If this were to happen it's over for us as we know it. All people need hope and many are once again fooled into the believing that Trump is there only way. However this plays out many will freak out if Trump is not allowed the nomination of the RNC. The climate is collapsing around us as we speak and the power structure now has there ace in the hole. What will they do is the big question. The full blown weather warfare is global and I pray we can put a stop to this climate engineering before the parasitical elites play there hand.

    • Dennie says:

      Thanks, Susan. Michel Chossudovsky's globalresearch.ca is a wonderful place to find out the truth of what's really going on out there.  It's a great service to contribute to readers who come here and are able to find such good information.  I've looked around for years and can say with total confidence that geoengineeringwatch.org is a leading-edge website for finding relevant content and even more amazing is the fact that so much is commentariat-contributed.

    • BaneB says:

      Al C – your comment about the "aluminum dome" caused me to call to mind the parabola.  The earth's atmosphere is so saturated with nano-aluminum that one suspects it is weaponized…..as in two halves anywhere from any earth based location, or many small parabolics that can operate from anywhere via mobile units.  Microwave transmitters, communications, and weather warfare.  

  15. Dawnski says:

    I would like to personally thank LI E Fellowship church Exec Pastor Dan Burrell for calling in the police after discovering my Acts 1:24 '01 Accord parked on the public street across from their Man Church location in Huntersville, NC. Not only did the arriving men witness the GeoEngineeringWatch.org sign in my front windshield, I also got to explain to the three police officers what the sign meant. Dan Burrell tagged along as the 3 officers approached me a block from my car and overheard me quote 1 Cor 6:1-6 as well as explain my calling as a Watch woman, praying over the very spraying I pointed out up in the sky along with Rev 11:18. I noticed Burrell's Twitter was down. I hope he is getting bombarded with the truth and being held accountable for being such a Big, Liberty Ass. judgmental hypocrite bully pastor/professor. Thanks to the Huntersville officers who listened politely as I peacefully sounded the alarm. Man Church Mission Accomplished.

    • Dawnski says:

      For the record the skies were an ugly soupy toxic white out mess from the all day spraying. . .I'd like to see just 1 man from Man church man up and start sounding the alarm! Why must I be the only one brave and bold enough? Its not rocket science. . .you don't need three degrees . . he who has eyes to see and ears to hear!

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Hello Dawnski.  Your courage and peacefulness is very admirable.  Reading Brent Winter's "Excellence of the Common Law" at the moment and discovered an interesting footnote on page 41:

      "(52) As had the reformers before them, America's Founders discerned the struggle for liberty to be against priestly power.  In 1813, Thomas Jefferson wrote to Alexander von Humbolt, "History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government.  This marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which their civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for heir own purposes."  The following year he wrote to Horatio G. Spafford, "In every country and every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty.  He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own." "

      This book came to my attention by being highly recommended by Judge Anna von Reitz.  I am only about a hundred pages deep into it, but am already giving it a big thumbs up as well.  Mr. Brent Winters is a very astute student that presents everything he covers ground on in a very easy, enjoyable understanding fashion.  

      Thanks for everything you do Dawnski.  Educating order followers is necessary.

  16. We've sent several hundred flyers with personal messages to scientists.  – keeping a record and will also try, internationally – The monumental Atlanta traffic is less bothersome when you're hoping that people inching along are reading the sign on your car.

  17. Mark from OZ -MN native says:

    Just a quick link to emphasize 'what we're up against'. Yes, the enemy is big and powerful and deep pocketed. And its bigger and badder than most can appreciate. All the more reason to sustain the pressure now and keep hammering the on the chisel. Even the biggest rocks can be reduced with patience and well placed hits.



    "Corruption in oil production – one of the world's richest industries and one that touches us all through our reliance on petrol – fuels inequality, robs people of their basic needs and causes social unrest in some of the world's poorest countries. It was among the factors that prompted the Arab Spring."


  18. Contemplating Andrew from Scotland's wonderful quote, “And, do you realize that whenever you felt love, for any reason whatsoever, you irrevocably lifted the entire planet higher into the light?" — and Rachel Robson’s sage reply that she had been doing some 'heavy lifting' made me recall the profound insights from Chris Hedges in his 2002 book ‘WAR Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning':

    “There are few sanctuaries in war. But one is provided by couples in love. They are not able to staunch the slaughter. They are often powerless and can themselves often become victims. But it was with them, seated around a wood stove, usually over a simple meal, that I found sanity and was reminded what it means to be human. It was to such couples that I retreated during the wars in Central America, the Middle East and the Balkans. Love, when it is deep and sustained by two individuals, includes self-giving – often self sacrifice – as well as desire. For the covenant of love is such that it recognizes both the fragility and the sanctity of the individual. It recognizes itself in the other. It alone can save us.”

    We all know what is coming and it won’t be anything less than the War of the Worlds. Perhaps Love is truly our Refuge of last resort. Rather than hating everything and raging against the demonic, isn’t it more powerful and effective to focus on what we love. Think of who and what you love, a person, your beloved, your family and children, an adored pet, nature’s garden of mercy, the music of the spheres, dawn's sunlight kissing snow covered mountain tops, dappled shadows in the golden twilight. Whatever you love. Focus on that intensely, cultivate that deeply, powerfully generating frequency waveforms of unconditional Love in your own heart, and let that spread out to the whole world. Lift the entire planet. The world will need our Love more and more as the dissolution of everything we have known and thought was real crumbles and descends into further chaos and madness.

    Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it … rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  / 1 Corinthians 13.4
    So now Faith, Hope, and Love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is Love.   / 1 Corinthians 13:13

    • Dawnski says:

      Amen Susan. Even the love of a single mother and son can flow like a river~~~~my peaceful protests hopefully are having a riple effect in the community. Watching a loveless log like Dan Burrell trying to impeed the flow to no avail, while claiming his status as an expert in the field, has been most empowering. Surrounding his fearful heart with three police officers was such a sad sight to witness, knowing his exec status in a growing church is revered. God eventually removes loveless logs and the river eternally flows unimpeeded. Thanks for the rapids you provide that keep this journey thrilling. Xo

    • stephan says:

      @ Susan – Beautifully written and so true – The heartless monsters doing this will pay dearly one fine day. This short clip is for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I8APNfmH00

    • Dillon McAfee says:

      Infinite blessings to you and your light.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Totally agree, Susan.  Great video, Stephan.

    • jim stewart says:

      "For the covenant of love is such that it recognizes both the fragility and the sanctity of the individual.' Very moving.

  19. David Almanza says:

        The film 'Chinatown' seems to have a similar theme to it only this drought out is on a global scale and the pollution factor is beyond mindless error. May We all endure the attempt of fools to possess what can never be owned .  That We give all We can in defending Our Mother Earth .

  20. a simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, This article has struck me funny in a bad way. I'll bring up Jacques Cousteau again. I watched on TV when I was young several episodes that took place in the barrier reef areas. I was mezmoralized by what I saw in the beautiful waters. Soooo much "life"!! Obviously the reefs are going the way of our oceans, dying fast. (Side note: I wonder where our oxygen will come from after the forest are cut down and the oceans are dead?) (Won't really matter will it?)

    I am currently on a 12 day job away from my beloved cabin in the mountains. I'm currently 1 mile SE of Lewis/McCord military bases. Wow, what a shock to be here in this area again. I have been insulated from much of societies vast waste and unsustainable practices for 6 years now. The people here are so very lost, (more than before), though they do not know it. Chinese goods(crap) abound and the settings of artificial environment are at every turn. I have a whole new understanding of what many of you folks are faced with in waking up our fellow mankind. Gee, people sure do have a wall of deception built around them here. No one even looks at each other in passing. Where I come from, we still wave at each other when passing on the roads, even if we don't know them. I'm working at a residence in a nice middle class neighborhood. It looks like a magazine picture here. As I look around at all the "covet means" acquired possessions, I can feel our mother earth screaming for relief, for our help. I went to a Safeway store yesterday, couldn't help but get bigeyed at the size of the store and all the useless junk in it that people actually eat, Yuck! There are so many new cars on the roads here. Did they actually need one or did they do it for "Ego"? We all know the answer.

    Interesting that there have been only a few visible aerosol trails here in the Military base area. I've been here 6 days  now. While driving by the McCord airfield, I saw "4" tanker jets line up parked. They were not transport jets, those were also there and they are different. There is still the continuous ringing in my ears, though it is not as loud as where I live in the east EMW zone of Washington. The trees here are in distress like everywhere else. All the same symptoms as elsewhere around the country, but not to the high degree we see in dryer "sunnier" regions. For two nights now I have listened to the 50cal machine guns "practicing their killing abilities" at the range on Fort Lewis. Folks here say that is the sound of freedom. Sad ain't it?

    There is so much gluttony and ego in this hugely populated area. Makes me wonder how they all manage to find enough room for their overly important selves. I am glad I will not be here when there is no more food at the stores. It won't be pretty.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Uh! I spoke to soon, I just counted 4 tankers in 5 minutes, spraying the Tacoma, Lewis/McCord area. Well it 'was' going to be a 'clear' sunny afternoon. And by the way, the radiation from the sun today is very hot, at 60 degrees F.

    • Kathy Burns says:

      A simple horseman….you are right on with the observances here near JBLM. I live about 35 minutes from there "part time" right now while we are in transition to a remote area. Every trip gets harder and harder to return to this compact self indulged careless collection of sheeple. Its getting worse DAY by DAY as I see people on ALL corners of ALL TYPES holding signs for hand outs. I see well dressed young couples, families with young kids and a baby, hanging at a costco corners. Its surreal to watch the decline of society with all else falling apart and yet as you can see these materialistic empty headed gmo pharmacy brained human beings are still managing to get their newest cell phone and cars and clothing. I reach out to any who may have even a small chance to break the destroyed brain barrier, however, you couldnt have said it better. they have a false world wrapped around themselves so tightly that its near impossible. I have managed to get ahold of a good number over the years but many who even can see it want to go back in thier world and close the door!  Keep moving along to the next one , is all we can do.

      Not a day goes by without spraying here or anywhere. I have noted that spring break and certain holidays the spraying has been minimal and ramps up at night. Its all a mind play. People just want to see the sun out so the weather makers can put a full sun icon on todays weather maker report and no one questions the SRM developing all day long! The air here in the populated cities is far worse than being in a remote area with trees and water…my sinuses are proof of that.I have clients who are all so sick with allergies, lung troubles, pneumonia etc….do the best we can to stay optimal on health and it makes a big difference even as toxic as everything is.



    • Bruce says:

      And the noise is horrendous…certainly a manifestation of the military mind set of might.  Noisy ospreys and growlers occasionally blast through civilian areas here in Kitsap county exhibiting their weapon like noises.  I live in the woods and welcome the sounds of silence. 

      Thank you for your inspiring input in this matter of all matters.

    • BaneB says:

      Thanks for that well written insightful report from your life experience in a time capsule.  I know you can't wait to get the hell out of there and back into saner environs.  

  21. They are damaging California with the drought deceiving everyone by telling them its a normal drought and ordering everyone to conserve when the weather controllers are the one's who need to conserve they stall storms off shore until they are nearly empty.

    • bill mudd says:

      You tube 1PacificRedwood (no spaces) for daily HAARP and Chemtrail updates. The guy's a genius and a must see. You wont believe what they are doing to the west coast, especially SOCAL.

      They use phased array beams to kill the storms and lock in all the crazy highs day after day. These heat the ionisphere causing global heating. The chemtrails are zapped by these transponders and block the lift needed to rain.

      5 years of this man made drought and we are losing trees and the ability to grow food. 

      Press on DANE, press on.

  22. mike says:

    March 30/ 2016,
    Wow are they ever spraying HEAVY HEAVY today here in southern Ontario. I don't feel very good. Looking at the toxic sky doesn't make it better. I am handing out the flyers I had made up off this site. I am trying. People don't really think its a problem. I had one guy say to me "ya, aren't they pretty". I almost threw up. I am trying Dane. I have reached a few people but not many. I hope those people I reached inform atleast one person so I hope get the chain moving. We'll see, it's an uphill battle but I'm still trying.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Mike, I was privileged to spend Saturday with a 5 year old young man. He is a wonderful child and is kind of a grandson to me. He likes "super hero's" and play fights pretending to be them. He encountered something new when he tried to get me to play fight. I told him I "never fight and I never give up". Immediately the wheels in his young new mind started to process what I said. Our fight for "our" planet is much the same. Never be violent and "never" give up! Keep on "trying" Mike, sometimes it may feel like it, but you are not even close to being alone. Take confidence, be proud and sure, you  are backed by truth, nothing is greater.

      Nature has many, many parallels if we are watching and listening. In them "we" will find our answers.

    • Keep at it, Mike! We here at Dane’s great Geoengwatch site are a family/truth-team/combat unit/support group/classroom/spirit fire kindlers/friends! It encourages me every day to know that all the contributors here are out in the wide, toxic world, getting the blind to look up and finally see. I was in southern Ontario too, when I first learned about, and saw with my own eyes, the infamous toxic Sky Crimes….and that was way back in the late 1990s…I’ve seen them all over eastern Canada since then…and it’s killing me (probably literally) that they is STILL poisoning the Earth all these years later. How blind can some people be? And that ditch they’re heading for is a bloody BIG one. Keep giving out and posting those flyers… Plant the good seed, that at least SOME may be awakened. “Don’t let them boil that frog”!

    • mike says:

      To Steve,

           Oh i have too, i would like grand kids someday God willing. What right do they have taking that away from me or any of us?

      I was a kid in the 90's and ya i remember seeing geoengineering but not really knowing what it was. So i just ignored it. And my parents didn't know ether so. I inform my kids all the time about what they are and how to identify them. I started my kids and family on neasent iodine, Collidel silver. Seems to help.   

  23. joe says:

    The government is not controlled by the people, it is controlled by the big banks and corporations who bribe the politicians. 
    The top criminal organization is the Federal Reserve Bank which is privately owned and prints the money that the US government borrows. 
    The constitution explicitly says that the government must print/create the money NOT a private bank. 
    Why are the people letting this go on? A private bank is printing money for itself and then using this worthless “paper” to acquire all things of real wealth like land, rights to natural resources, precious metals, patents, and then when this “paper” crashes, the people will have been robbed of all things of real wealth, and the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank will own all of it.
    How stupid are the people  that they would let this robbery slavery go on?

    • Larry S. says:

      Hello Joe …… Yes the not so federal reserve is a scam . I will suggest you Google (Jesuit Order sinks Titanic to create federal reserve) . The history we learned in school has a lot of missing pieces . 

  24. Hi Dane,

    I was flabbergasted when I heard you mention this last night during your interview with John B. Wells on the Caravan to Midnight. I have retaken this news and some of your comments in this article I just published in French:

    Surchauffe des océans : la grande barrière de corail agonise

  25. TNgeoWatch says:

    This one hits hard. We are running out of time. 

    Dane, what do you see happening if critical mass is never hit?

    what will hit? Judgement day, biblical prophecy?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello TNgeowatch, populations will be forced to wake soon as events around them unfold. The more seeds of awareness we collectively sow, the better our odds of effecting the outcome in the right direction.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      There is always plan B.

    • W.C. says:

      quote " How can there be any legitimate discussion of the climate without even mentioning the single largest climate disrupting and damaging factor of all, geoengineering/weather warfare, and SRM programs? Answer? There can't be."

      Fully agree. While people like Al Gore *may*? have some legit points regarding 'climate change', who of those aware of geoengineering could ever take him seriously when he remains in full willful denial. I think he would stand a better chance of any message being received if he would just show a little honesty regarding the aerosol programs. Otherwise he simply looks like a snake oil salesman $$$ opportunist.

    • Frank says:

      What concerns me the most is this presidential election is going to rip this country apart. Many are at there wits end with the political corrupt regime. Will the parasitical elites force the Trump card now or later in the year. The pot is stirring daily and almost all there pieces are in place. There are a few scenarios that could play out but either way we all will be forced to deal with it.

    • jim stewart says:

      I prefer 'prophetic' reckoning to 'collectivist' rhetoric on these matters. The former doesn't mince words. Hatred of evil in defense of a savvy reckoning to a brave end. The experience here, for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, is a vision or an 'apocalypse' of a doomed future, based on the actions of a reckless and corrupt few, who forever manipulate the fears of the masses to a fool's end. The oligarchy that governs the many today has the same close-fisted and meanness of spirit it has always had since the days of Draco. I do not look to a 'collective' for redress, but to the 'ones' who once dared to pen their names to a reckoning that inspires me with their foresight and their courage __ from Aristotle, Cicero, and Locke to Col. Ethan Allen, may Nature's God smile upon their souls. 

  26. Stevan says:

    Mr Dane, I have  much respect for you and what you do.You put  enormous energy  in awakening the masses and pointing to geoengineering. I follow your work for a couple of years and for you and your efforts I have only words of praise. i'm trying to explain to other people and to show them the devastating effects of  geoengineering and some progress has been made .but I think all the things we do are simply not enough and that no matter how rough and defeatist looked or only chance is that power elite at the top of the pyramid  realize that geoengineereng doesn t work. It s simple as that. sometimes it seems to me that it will be necessary at this pace at least 10- 15 years until some progress will be made in a global picture. I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but the facts speak otherwise.Receive warm greeting from me  and sorry for my bad English. I m  reporting from Serbia so  english is not my mother tongue .

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steven, thank you so much for your message of support, and for making your voice heard in this critical fight. Truly, it is very uplifting for me to know there are people like you in the world. About the timing of events, be prepared, much more immediate challenges will soon manifest. Our task is to face what comes, head on, without trepidation or fear. Together, we can yet accomplish profound good even at this late hour.

  27. Jen says:

    I still can't believe the number of people that I mention this to and don't care about what is in plain sight. I also have the same response from my own family. They don't believe it is happening. They all think that I have some sort of problem in my head. I give up on them. I just go to the next person and if they are even remotely interested I give them information about the subject. When the complete Reef is totally gone, like the Arctic ice most people still won't awaken. They will just go La La La La La like not a problem to themselves. Also those involved in such a distraction will not stop until they have reached their goal of wiping out 80% of the population. There won't be much left for them though. Those big plastic boxes that house a whole bunch of expired bodies will become a reality if this is not halted sooner then soon. Something like a major tidal wave or major earthquake will be inevitable. They have the technology to do it and as history shows, it continues to spiral out of control.

    We are in deep Shitttttttttt  unless more and more learn what is unfolding.

    More whistle blowers are needed and more who are involved in this need to pull out and know they will succumb to this also if it continues on this path of destruction. 

    I just hope that Dane continues his fight.

  28. Moonflake says:


  29. Troy - Get the picture? says:

    The saying a picture tells a thousand words. I would only wish that people would only get what's in the picture. The photo below I believe was sent in on purpose to our local Fox5 news and yes they posted during the evening weather report. Please enjoy reading the comments posted by some of the local viewers. Click on the link and please share this with others.



  30. TOMBOLA says:

    Hi All,

    Pretty sad state of affairs in Australia. I drove from Esperance to Perth on Easter weekend and witnessed about 14 passenger jets flying the east-west link and vice versa with all planes that flew past us omitting thick trails that took quite a while to dissapate.

    I had doubts about commercial airliners doing this as i had never seen them spraying but not anymore.

    It was totally clear in bright blue skies and every jet sprayed.

    Even my mother saw it who did not believe but now she does.

    Also noticed that we can not light camp fires anymore because it attracts a $1000.00 fine under the bushfire act. Really. It is not the campers making the flora and fauna toxic & flammable is it?

    Keep sowing seeds everyone and speed it up if you can.

    Google Esperance Bay, Western Australia. 

    Take a look at a truly beautiful place but for how long?

  31. Marc says:

    Dane, your introduction at the front of this column is the most eloquent and comprehensive summary of our dire collective predicament that I have ever read or seen anywhere. Can anyone read this and remain unconcerned? Unimaginably, the answer is yes. Such is the cognitive disconnect. Many I talk to understand to varying degrees that we're essentially f**ked, and so then adopt an attitude that if this true, why bother with doing anything about it? It's the "McPherson Syndrome". A new diagnosis I'd like to take credit for but know better. Many, many of us are experiencing this phenomenon. Because so many are so deeply in love with their "lifestyles", and their "attachments", all born out of an historical explosion of consumer-based scientific gadgetry, and an existential resignation to the prevailing paradigm of exploitation and servitude, I find that a lot of people are opting to just grab for the gusto while resigning themselves to whatever is coming out of a feeling of complete impotence. I thank my God for voices like yours, Dane, who have yanked so many, including myself, out of the deep sleep of environmental ignorance.

    • marc says:

      While I have been "environmentally aware" for decades, it wasn't until I finally found my way to Geoengineeringwatch.org that I truly woke all the way up to the treachery which surrounds us. I used to be kind of like the many thousands of sincere environmentalists who seem to be everywhere these days. It is shocking how many of these groups still at this late hour will not show the spine to take a public stand on the obvious geoengineering going on all over the country. They would seem to be the groups most ripe for swinging over to "our side" but something mysterious blocks this from happening. Can this odd situation go on much longer as environmental hell breaks loose everywhere? 

    • BaneB says:

      Your post has impacted me and has elevated my spirit.  Thanks for your keen observations and understandings.  

    • Catherine says:

      Dane, this news sent me over the edge.   I too have felt frozen by fear to try to tell people what I know, knowing the reaction that they fear within themselves:   total annillatiion of their comfort paradigm.

      Thank you Marc and other kind and courageous souls, how you manage to articulate so well what leaves me speechless: spiritual eco/matricide as a result of a culture dedicated to money as a god.

      See this speech by Mike Ruppert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87giGsiH4aA

      Now you know why we were never taught the real meaning of anarchy in all of our schools/colleges of "higher" learning. 

  32. L says:

    Does anybody know if there are any plans or efforts being made to bring legal action against perpetrators of climate engineering in the UK or Europe?

  33. James-in-Ont says:

    @Roger Gibbons

    The CBC did a one min spot on it tonight (maybe you saw it too), it was a little more informative than the youtube vid. When the ambient temp gets too high, the algae move on,  exposing the coral which can then quickly starve, link->  http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/great-barrier-reef-bleaching-1.3510410

    It appears that this north stretch of the reef (600 miles of 2,000) is the one part they have just done the study on. I expect we are going to hear a lot more about this over the month. Its one huge alarm bell. We are in deep doo-doo.There should be an IMMEDIATE emergency world congress meeting, held on location, one where they also discuss the arctic methane release, disappearing polar ice caps, AND get the current geoengineering madness out into the light of day…. perhaps Putin and Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister, could co-chair.


  34. Dennie says:

    Greg Ray sailed around the world and reported this back in October 2013:  http://www.theherald.com.au/story/1848433/the-ocean-is-broken/  The depressing truth was a topic of discusson on Crossing the Rubicon author Michael C. Ruppert's Lifeboat Hour internet radio show at the progressive radio network.  Six months later, Mike committed suicide.

    • BaneB says:

      Interesting just how "prone to suicide" are the whistleblowers.  How many over the past few years?  Webb, Rupert, Hastings, Piper, Wiltgen, Breithart, ad nauseum.  There are way more persons of integrity no longer able to speak truth to corruption either because they are threatened, imprisoned, or suicided.  But, one realizes we are on the "Titanic."  Should the iceberg be ignored?  Should the wheelhouse be stormed?  Should the captain and his corporate taskmaster be declared insanely suicidal?  The passengers are asking questions and demanding answers.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Bane, I'd say its high time for a mutiny and a keel haul for those responsible for sinking the ship. Anybody know where Fletcher Christian is?..Captain Bligh?

  35. DrDignity says:

    I am heartsick about the Great Barrier Reef where I once had the opportunity of snorkeling & swimming at Green Island near Cairns.  I was overcome with the pristine waters, the bluest water that even stayed blue when I held my hands up like a cup. The Zooexanthellae algae give corals the most gorgeous colors, all expelled because of the hot water. We saw that occurring when in Samoa & the Tahitian Islands last October 2015.  The corals all white & laying on the sandy bottom with very few fish.  Heartsick. Thirty days is no time to cool the water & save the reefs.  Poor Australia, poor creatures, poor us.

    • Marc says:

      DrDignity, heartsick is the word. I have never been to Great Barrier Reef but have wanted to go for at least 30 years. I have snorkeled the coastal reef off Belize, several reefs off of Eleuthera in the Bahamas and also near Tulum in Mexico. All of these locations were beyond magnificent in the diversity of aquatic life and sheer beauty. But that was a long time ago. Dark days are indeed ahead for all of us for if there were ever an environmental "canary in the coal mine", our reefs are it.

  36. Terry says:

    Many of these articles and responses, always say THEY yet how many look inward on our own practices. Drive cars, use lots of water, waste disposal, air conditioning and heating. I now live in my boat, all solar, minimal water, negative carbon footprint, yet there is only discouragement to live respectfully of nature like this. So while people are driving home to all the modern conveniences…have a think….are you really part of the problem and just blaming others? 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Terry,  yes, you are certainly correct that all of us are a part of the industrialized insanity, some or course more than others. This being said, we are also caught in this paradigm, and forced to fight the primary orchestrators of this paradigm and thus the core of the insanity, those at the top. If we do not expose and stop them, how can we salvage anything else?

    • BaneB says:

      We have entrapped ourselves.  You are correct. The huddled masses are out in a proverbial limb and sawing off the life support.  We bought the lie hook, line, and sinker.  The task is to remove the saw before we all plummet into oblivion.  One positive step is for so many to cease flying on aircraft.  Visit and conduct business with Skype.  Use Amtrak.  Further, everyone should consider downsizing.  Cease trying to be trendy and fashionable.  Be practical, basic, and do with less.  Recycle the television.  And cycle and walk for personal planetary health.  Unplug.

  37. michael says:

    the unsanity continues , i hope we will be able to overcome it though , sucks that we're still in the stage of alerting people that there's even a problem to begin with….

    • Marc says:

      Michael, yes it does seem on some level to be the most spectacular absurdity that even at this late, late hour, when all ecosystems and species diversity are crashing around us, so many remain clueless.

  38. Rosalie says:

    I attended a large Town Hall event in Toronto tonight and met people there that are regular readers on Dane's site. We banded together and did our best to spread the word about geoengineering to key people that have the ability to affect many more people with this information.  We need to give it our best shot.  Now or never.

  39. Marc says:

    Have you ever wanted to grab someone by the lapels and scream in their face "What…………………………the ………………….f**k ……………is the matter with you??? Case in point, a current article in Huffpost cites Amanda Leland, senior vice-president for oceans at the Environmental Defense Fund, as co-author of a newly released study entitled "Global Fishery prospects under Contrasting Management Regimes." This study is published on the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences website. I almost lost my entire organic dinner when I read the following excerpt from the study under the opening heading of "Significance", and I quote: "Our results suggest that a suite of approaches providing individual or communal access rights to fishery resources can align incentives across profit, food, and conservation so that few trade-offs will have to be made across these objectives in selecting effective policy interventions."  Are you motherf**kers kidding me??? Is there one goddamn living breathing walking talking oozing human being on this f**king earth who actually thinks like this??? The Huffpost article is absolutely not to be believed in terms of the absurdity of the various pronouncements contained therein. "There's a really positive story right around the corner," Amanda exclaimed. "We can have our fish and eat it, too." Oh, really? So….the gist of this ludicrous, utterly disconnected-to-reality report, is that through various "leadership" driven interventions focusing on sustainability, global fisheries can recover, pure and simple. The projections of future increases in catch and profits are breathtakingly naive and even project all the way out to 2050. AND YET, NOT EVEN ONCE IN THIS ENTIRE REPORT IS THERE EVEN THE SLIGHTEST MENTION OF INCREASING ACIDIFICATION, WARMING AND GENERAL CONTAMINATION OF THE OCEANS DUE TO CO2, POLLUTION AND AEROSOL FALLOUT.  They do concede that further collapse of fisheries is inevitable until more widespread focus on sustainable practices is implemented. Tell that to the Japanese, and the Chinese, and all of Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the language in this report is disgustingly and robotically legalese. As if such issues and scenarios as they allege to be analyzing will be much more crystal clear to the average idiot if they undergo a reduction and a condensation into a series of perfectly erudite sentences, magnificent in their virtual meaninglessness. If this is the kind of refuse they are publishing on tabloid sites like HuffPost, we are truly doomed. This PNAS study is just more of the same that we have become so used to seeing from various echelons of the Academic community: utter disconnect from the realities in the field, regardless of the size of their database of relevant information.

    • Dennie says:

      "Our results suggest that a suite of approaches providing individual or communal access rights to fishery resources can align incentives across profit, food, and conservation so that few trade-offs will have to be made across these objectives in selecting effective policy interventions."

      UTTERLY HEARTLESS, language of the Left-Brained.  But then again, I've noticed, NO ONE wants actually to deal with EMOTIONS or emotional expression– waaaaaaay too messy, you know…. everything should Just Be REPORTING.  You can rise above it all, you know– just be sure that you don't stop to FEEL ONE THING up there in your mostly empty head. 

    • jean ballard says:

      thank you marc,,,,,  i could not have said this any better.  and  you hit the nail on the head.  it is scary to know there  are people out there who can spout this bull shit out. and those who thinks its actually a working plan. lord pray for us , who have the task of trying to get people to see the real world. in it, true state… i just watched a short segment on alex jones. he is asking for a million people to show up at next  republican and democratic  convention to stop the protesters  against donald trump or some stupid shit like that . just 2 piss hillary clinton off.   why are we not getting that million people to gather and stand up against the genicide of the human population and the planet of our birth.  we are dying  and the ocean is dead and dying .. what damn ,, difference  will it make for a protest at a political convention. when by november,, the ocean will be 80 %or more destroyed , gone , forever, ?  i use to have a little faith in alex jones but not now. if he is the stand up guy for  freedoms and rights . why is he calling us to make a showing at   irelavent political circus ? instead of saying folks we got to sound the alarm the earth is dying . the circle of life is about to stop,  we can not survive without the oceans:: we need a million people to stand up and say .( no more bullshit . we need the truth told to us for once) and. about the real condition of the oceans, the fisheries, the earth we all depend on for  life"" and how bad is the fall out from years of  aerosol spraying  the humans and the earth ? we need the truth ,  the whole truth ,, and nothing but the truth ………. 

    • Michel B says:

      At this late stage in history, any understated or overstated platform of lies from academia is needed and paid for in order to keep the slumber going for the general public. The cost of this doesn't matter: all the debts will be 'written off' eventually. By that I mean the cost of a false academia will be moot as they too will perish, after serving their purpose. They are helping to lie our way and their own way into the grave. They are being very directed in their intent, in their chosen language of obfuscation, in their diametrically opposite positions to the actual facts and truths. They have chosen to be mouth piece whores to hidden masters, hoping for scraps from the master's table, yet there is a bullet waiting for them too. They are as disposable as the napkins laid at the feast.

      You don't need to grab their lapels and scream into their faces. Just know that they are always lying. The tentacles have reached into every department. I have always wondered about our capacities for the absurd. All we are seeing are new depths being plumbed and knowing it is no solace.

    • BaneB says:

      This is the same gobbledygook governments spittle out upon common sense all the time.  The disconnect from reality is startling though not surprising.  The Orwellian language is evidence of a marriage between the coopted mainstream environmental organizations, government, and private and public foundations.  They are as is the EPA.  I have been hearing this crap for the past 30 plus years.  In the beginning, though, the early environmental activist groups and organizations did raise hell, and stood up to corporate polluters.  Indeed, that is how the EPA came into being.  There was much enthusiasm at that time.  Now?…..the silence from said quarters is sickening, paychecks, expense accounts, power meetings,  junkets to world class cities to wine and dine each other, and do nothing that grabs a headline for life.  

    • Diana Moss says:

      HuffPost is no longer the liberal website it once was, the current crop of articles clearly shows that it just another corporate shill for the fossil fuel industry.

    • Dennie says:

      George Pratt Schultz, sec'y of State under Ronnie Ray-Gun, was the guy who got the EPA started.  He has an anti-nuclear stance at least with regards to weaponry, but what else are the reactors for except to keep the military part going via the industrial flim-flam excuses.  I wonder where his voice is in this wilderness of corporate wolves polluting the planet ever-more thoroughly at this time?

    • Marc says:

      Diana Moss, I have watched as the Huffington Post, post-Ariana Huffington, has descended gradually further and further into tabloid-grade journalism. I do scan it every day because it is one of many barometers by which we can keep an eye on what kinds of trash and deception are being shoveled into the public pie-hole.

  40. This is a good animated tutorial from the Discovery Channel 2012, on Earth’s magnetic field and how crucial it is to our survival. You see how crazy it is to fool with our magnetic field with these plasma physics technologies like HAARP, giant radio frequency/microwave emitters, and worse CERN, that are building up God-knows-what in our atmosphere. I’ve often thought we should be worshipping Earth’s magnetic field!   :o)    The interesting part beings @3:00


  41. Robert m. says:

    They won’t stop until they destroy about 80%of the world population

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Robert, yes, agreed, those in power will not stop unless or untill populations around the globe make them. This fact should also be considered, on the current course, no one lives, not even those in power. No matter how dark the horizon, we must continue to work toward a critical mass of awareness. Once reached, we have our best chance to chance course, our best chance to halt the climate engineering/weather warfare/biological warfare insanity.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      A major blow to our oceans! This will spiral out of control like the domino effect. When the Great Barrier Reef expires, other species will follow. Dane, how and what do I need to do, in order to test for SAG/SAI/SRM contamination in the Retention Lake/Pond?.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello David, unless the pont is lined (as was the pond we took other tests in), I would recomend sticking to precipitation testing.

  42. Roger Gibbons says:

    How sad …that humans are destroying the animal life and te oceans that gave so muched.

    Am sure that reef will never, never will come back …..shame on all of us.

    Here in Southern Ontario, Toronto sky's blue and clear mist of the day except for around 5:00 pm heavy spraying to te west …spreading toward the east.

    So sad that the general population cant look up.



  43. The radiation from Fukushima continues to pour out over the Pacific.

    “Mind Blowing”: Die-off in Pacific far worse than anything ever seen before — Expert: Alarm over what’s happening in ocean — Deaths puzzling gov’t scientists, “I’ve never heard of such a thing anywhere in world” — Reports: Beaches full of bodies… Countless carcasses — Official: We want to know if it’s related to Fukushima / March 29, 2016

    The North Atlantic Current is weakening if not already halted.
    What’s going on in the North Atlantic?
    — stefan @ 23 March 2015
    The North Atlantic between Newfoundland and Ireland is practically the only region of the world that has defied global warming and even cooled. Last winter there even was the coldest on record – while globally it was the hottest on record. Our recent study (Rahmstorf et al. 2015) attributes this to a weakening of the Gulf Stream System, which is apparently unique in the last thousand years.

    The Arctic and Antarctic are melting.

    The Earth’s Magnetic Field is weakening.   /Nov.2015
    NASA has confirmed fears that recent weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field indicates that we are soon going to see a reversal of Earth’s magnetic poles that would cause compasses to point to the south instead of the north. There are growing fears that weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field and reversal of magnetic poles could have catastrophic consequences for humanity. Some experts believe that magnetic poles shifts in the past triggered mass extinctions, including extinction of Neanderthals.

    Cosmic rays increasing
    Solar minimum sees increase of cosmic radiation.                    Don’t underestimate it! Watch the lunacy levels rise!

    Aerosol spraying increasing…as the 'engineer mentality' in the Global Corporatist Regime relentlessly pursues profit in suicidal arrogance. A world gone mad…


    • There are no 2016 articles on the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field.
      Archaeologists discover 1,000-year-old weak spot in Earth's magnetic field. Patches of ground in southern Africa where huts were once burned down reveal surprising clues about the history – and future – of our planet's geomagnetic shield.
      By Sarah Lewin, SPACE.com July 30, 2015
      The South Atlantic Anomaly is a dent in Earth's shield against cosmic radiation, 124 miles above the ground (200 kilometers). It may be the most dangerous place in the Earth's sphere for satellites and spacecraft to traverse, because anything electronic traveling through it is vulnerable to strong radiation from space and tends to malfunction.  Even the Hubble Space Telescope takes no measurements when passing over  the anomaly. It's an area where, instead of pointing outward, part of the Earth's magnetic field actually ushers energetic particles down instead of repelling them, weakening the overall field in the area. And it has been growing.
      "Some have postulated that the Earth's magnetic field is leaking out the wrong way at that particular spot," Rory Cottrell, a geologist also at the University of Rochester and co-author of the new paper, told Space.com. "One theory is that changes in the South Atlantic Anomaly could be responsible for the decrease in the overall magnetic field that we're seeing, because these patches are growing or changing over time."
      Many researchers have speculated that this kind of anomaly is temporary, caused by changes of flow within the Earth's outer, iron core, which generates the planet's magnetic field. Such anomalies, in weakening the magnetic field, may bring the Earth closer to a magnetic reversal — when the magnetic north and south poles on Earth switch places, rearranging the magnetic field over the course of 1,000 to 10,000 years (although it can happen faster).
      "No one knows what causes reversals, and there is no agreement on whether we can ever even find convincing evidence to forecast a reversal," Ron Merrill, a geophysicist from the University of Washington…


    • Rob Wilkinson says:

      Hi Sarah. There is virtually no data anymore on the geomagnetic reversal – nothing meaningful. I pick up a compass every few days and check where the needle points. I'm going mad.

  44. gary says:

    so you know,the east coast of florida lagoon has a massive fish kill going on .it is also as fragile as the reefs but this death is every variety of fish,nothing is alive for miles,and the cause is brown tide bloom .i do not believe a word they say,sad so sad…….

    • Phil Morrison says:

      Ahoy Gary, sounds like you've got a radiation problem.   There are big fish kills near leaky nuke plants on both the East and West coasts of Florida: Indian River and Crystal River respectively.   Also, Turkey Point in Biscayne Bay has problems.   The dead animals, from pelicans to dolphins, are emaciated, which is the same effect we find in dead animals on the Pacific coast due to Fukushima radiation.      



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Phil, yes, Fukushima is a catastrophe of unimaginable proportion, but there is much more to the ocean die-offs than radiation. The attached link will elaborate. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-and-ocean-die-off-its-not-just-fukushima/

  45. SortingHat says:

    Today and yesterday the sky was absolutely beautiful.  Most of today guess what was missing that we grew so used to?

    • Here on the Olympic Peninsula WA they did not spray on Easter Sunday or Monday, but started again today. Perhaps the military got a day off. My friend in Berkeley CA also reported no spraying Easter Sunday, Monday, or today Tuesday. He was thrilled at the sight of blue skies and wondered if they had run out of money! We wish.

    • Dennie says:

      Even on the single days here and there that are actually blue, we STILL have the particulates flying through the air.  I can taste, smell and feel them.  It doesn't get better when "they" take just a day or two off.  More than one day off ain't happenin' any more.  Wonder what would happen if we had a whole WEEK off from the dogged-manned spraying?

    • guest says:

      In Belgium, exactly the same phenomenon, no spraying on Easter, monday, and until later on Tuesday.   We saw blue for 2 days after almost none in the past year.

    • Donna says:

      No Day-Off for Easter in Arizona, Lots of lines on Sunday, and white-out on Monday. Tuesday- white puffy clouds, trails, wind and cooler.  It was an odd combination. How fake our weather is. The little cowards just can't leave it alone.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, the past two days have seen a big improvement in air quality, including a noticeable increase in the oxygen level.  I felt renewed.  Where are all those terrorists jets?  Quiet, too.  After watching the UTube video over at 1pacificredwood (meteorological analysis based in Los Angeles), it seems they might have flown down to Mexico.  That nation was buried under a canopy of toxic grunge.  Once this odd jet stream pattern is artificially reconfigured one can be sure the weather warfare fleet of terrorist spewers will be back over us destroying the blue sky and natural "Yukon" clouds.

    • Barb Eaton says:

      We spent Easter weekend in Maine and actually kept an eye out for the spraying planes. It was worse than we'd ever seen – every 2 or 3 minutes another one would go over North to South.  Watched until 7:30 on Saturday until it got too dark to see them.  Easter Sunday they were at it again.  Driving home to NH on I-95 we watched them, one after the other flying over us North to South. It was incredible!!  We would like to know where they are coming from and where they are going.  Then on Monday we had monsoon rains.  Today and tomorrow close to 70, but this coming Sunday they are saying snow again.  Tonight when I arrived at my hairdresser they were spraying, I took her to the window to see and explained why she is on her 3rd bout of "bronchitis" this year.  We all have "frogs" in our throats and my eyes feel like they have sand in them too.  I can't even remember the last time I saw a "real" cloud in the sky.  Only the sickly silvery white crap. At night when we walk the dog we can hear planes, but can't see them.  Found out 2 guys at work knew about the spraying and we're working on a 3rd who thinks we should wear our tin foil hats to work.  I gave him the flyers and told him if for no other reason to check it out do it for your new grand-daughter.  There will be nothing left for her, we'll all be extinct by the time she'd grow up.

  46. Barry woods says:

    We are truly blessed to have you. They can't hear your words. I have tried to tell all of my family of the destruction that is taking place around us. My mother thinks that I am seeing things that aren't there. She like the rest of my family are not even willing to look up, much less do their own research. It is easier to label me as delusional. At this point I am only thinking of my Grandchildren. I can't see a future for them with the current denial of the population. Sublime madness and my faith in God is the only thing that keeps me going. Is it already too late? In order to fight any further I will have to give up my family. It is becoming more and more difficult to have my own opinion around my wife. Even though she has seen the writing in our skies she still wants to avoid doing or having me do anything try and stop it. God help us and keep us all.

    • Jaana says:

      I feel exactly the same as you…I've tried and keep trying to wake up my family but it just ends in arguments. I'm terrified for my grand babies and don't know what to do.  It's so frustrating and sad 🙁   

      Dane you are a true hero with all the work you put into fighting this insanity. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jaana, this battle is a team effort, I am just doing my part, so many other activists are doing the same. It is our combined efforts that matter, thank you for making your voice heard.

    • Barry Woods — "They can't hear your words. I have tried to tell all of my family of the destruction that is taking place around us. My mother thinks that I am seeing things that aren't there. She like the rest of my family are not even willing to look up…"

      It's as if the planet is already beginning to split into two states of consciousness. Those who are content to be ruled by the tyrants, who blindly follow the selfish elite, and live bound within a Sea of Lies — and those who reject tyranny, who can be sovereign, think for themselves, who feel interconnected and care for the common good. Strangely for me, this is what I predicted would happen in 1995 in my first book I wrote. Two earths…in a way two different planets…

  47. jimmy says:

    Between mostly geo engineering, and also cell phone towers, fluoride, and pesticide laced gmo food, many people are being depopulated, and you can just clearly see the health deterioration of Americans happening right in front of you.

    • Rodster says:

      Health deterioration has been a global problem for quite some time even for advanced nations and economies.

  48. Debra says:

    Undisputable video evidence. Wake up people, stop denying what is plain to see.

  49. Phil says:

    Thank you Dane for your continued effort!  I am letting everyone I know about this website and posting flyers everywhere.  If enough people awaken to this and force our elected representatives to do something about it, I am confident they will be forced to stop these destructive programs.   I honestly don't know what the elites are thinking, as they are going to go down with the ship as well. 

  50. chris says:

    Wat can i do 

  51. Michel B says:

    I've snorkelled on it at different times and places. Extraordinary ecosystem. But it is not just polyps that will die. The number of other organisms that depend on the reefs being alive is preponderous.

    While it is being destroyed by global warming, SRM toxic fallout, increased UVB and farm fertiliser run off, oil drilling companies are waiting like vampires to suck the life blood (oil for industrialised society) from beneath the bleaching coral.

  52. Helene says:

    With news like this it's difficult not to despair.  Here on southern Vancouver Island, the weather forecast for this week, including Wash State/Seattle area, was to be in the 60s/low 70s F with clear sunny skies. Yesterday air was cool but sky clear and sunny, we expected it to be quite warm today, looked forward to opening windows around the house.  Late this am the spraying began, very wide sprays, and now there are very few patches of blue; sky milky white, sunshine weak.  I was hopeful for 2 days in a row of clear skies warm temps, but no.  I'd be interested to know if Bernie Sanders has ever been approached with your info and if so, what he thinks.  He's still the best hope for the US imo.  

    To give you an idea of what we're up against, on a related-science topic, the TriBeCa Film Fest & Robert DeNiro decided to pull "Vaxxers" doc which looks at vaccines.  Major sponsor is Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; Sloan was GM CEO in 1930s/1940s big supporter of Nazis and kept GM's German factories going during that time, loved Hitler hated Blacks and Jews…ties to Merck they make vaccines of course…big eugenics promoter…also funds Sundance…so much for free speech etc…another aspect of being killed by chemicals, great article on naturalnews.com hope you'll check it out.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      I'm sorry to say, Helene, that Bernie fully supports the MIC even though he objected to a war or two.

  53. Sean Slavin says:

    Hello Dane,

    As you have stated, over and over again, those in denial will soon have their heads ripped from the sand. Here's their first taste of what is to come.

    Very sad. We are but a blip on the timeline of failed civilizations and other mass extinctions.

    On a separate note, I am working as hard as possible on my end trying to help and spread awareness. People are waking up. Every time I stop at the store if there is someone out front trying to get folks to sign this petition or that, I talk with them and ask them where their anti-geoengineering petition is? This gets the conversation started and then I work in what you are doing. I pass along credible information, get their emails and keep them in the loop.

    We are gaining ground, regardless of the outcome. As always, you are a saint and a model of what humanity should be.

    Thank you.

  54. Thank you, Dane. Heart-breaking devastating news. What is it going to take to get the geoengineering freaks to stop contributing to the warming the planet? Time is running out.  This story made other main stream media than RT: Reuters, WA Post, Wall Street Journal, Business Standard, Daily Mail, to name a few. “…scientists ‘in the water’ are already reporting up to 50 percent mortality of bleached corals.” http://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/australia-s-great-barrier-reef-hit-by-worst-bleaching-116032900415_1.html
    Australia's Great Barrier Reef hit by severe bleaching

  55. Rodster says:

    Yes Dane the three biggest deniers of SRM are Guy McPherson, Paul Beckwith and Dahr Jamail. Dahr Jamail loves to write about ACD and blames CO2 as the “ONLY” cause while neither of those three individuals acknowledge SRM, climate or geoengineering.

  56. Stewart says:

    Is Aluminum nano-particles being dumped into the atmosphere more damaging to the Biota than greenhouse gases?

    The International Oligarchs/Central Bankers is the group of individuals who privately own the central banks and print/create the money and the US government and governments around the world borrow it from them, while they do nothing but sit on their ass and use the money to destroy and depopulate countries with GeoEngineering among other things like supplying ISIS. Could there even be a setup more pathetic for people who are supposed to be free than this?

    Letting the private banks print / create the money is TOTALLY unconstitutional, because it is the government that is mandated by the Constitution to create the money.

    They will always use the money for depopulation using whatever methods they can think of, including GeoEngineering or not. They have proclaimed depopulation is their number 1 priority on the Georgia GuideStones.

    Many people know that the Oligarchs own all the big international banks and corporations, and pay off the CEOs, Congress, and the President to do their evil bidding.

    Protest by blockading every media studio throughout the US to make your voice heard. If you take the protest movement to the doorstep of the lying media studios, then they have to cover it, because it will disrupt their delivery of the propaganda they are putting out.

    The International Oligarchs / Central Bankers want to own all the wealth and turn everywhere else in the World into a soup of poverty and chaos so they can completely control it, with their banks and corporations through legislation like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which makes sovereign countries subservient to the international banks and corporations that the International Oligarchs own.

    Open borders are intentionally meant to flood sovereign nations with uncivilized, unreasonable, often violent dependents, to break these countries, add drought and poisons from GeoEngineering and you can see this is a full scale attack on sovereign nations by the International Oligarchs / Central Bankers.

    You should flat out say that Geo Engineering is extremely more damaging then burning oil and coal, and that the International Oligarchs / Central Bankers are Geo Engineering to control the food.


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