New World Order Chemtrail Mural in Portland Oregon


Really well done clip by G. Perfectly illustrates the deep truth: “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius. – Zen

From Geoff Byrd at RadioMysterium:

Much like the Denver Airport Murals which use predictive programming and psy-ops, Portland Oregon has gotten into the mind control game by using these New World Order Illuminati Murals painted on yep, you guessed it, a police station. Government buildings depicting a planned police state and the use of chemical weapons on it’s citizens known as Chemtrails. Gross. Visualize Peace.


Zen Gardner

20 Responses to New World Order Chemtrail Mural in Portland Oregon

  1. I moved to Wheeler Oregon about three and a half months ago and I noticed the grading of the Skies with jets the weird clouds The Hazing and Whispering of the clouds something that I've noticed another places from time to time but nothing like this it's so obvious especially with the Criss-Cross patterns the constant sound of jets going in circles you can always see them either but you can hear them coming towards you and then going away and then the weird clouds

  2. Ben says:

    I have been studying the chemtrail for most of the summer and witnessed more activity when clouds are present. Also I clearly witnessed them turning the system on and off. I have been trying to stay in doors during the heavy days. 

    I have also noticed on heavy spray days there seams to be a haze in the sky. Also if you study the sun sets you will notice more yellow and orange present on heavy days. 

    today was a heavy spray 09/16/16.  



  3. Zeus Smith says:

    On Sat. Aug 13, 2016

    Heavy spraying PDX to Corvallis. I watched from early morning until sunset. The blue sky became whitish gray. Saw many planes many  vertical plumes not disipate but expand. Drove down I5 and back and it was unmistamable. 


    • Angela M. says:

      Heavy spraying over Beaverton yesterday morning. The skies have been hazy since then. Not the usual flight paths at all. Back and forth west to east. This morning, there are peculiar hazy clouds over my house. The weather reports claim today is clear. I beg to differ.

  4. Matt Van Zant says:

    Every sunny day we sit outside and watch as the skies become filled with chemtrails, within hours the skies become gray and the blue is gone. I blame the government for all the health problems the American citizens are having, this is just another way to control people and force them in to being submissive. 

  5. zeze says:

    My relatives every time say that I am killing my time here at web,
    but I know I am getting know-how everyday by reading such pleasant posts.

  6. Nancy says:

    I live right in downtown Portland, and for the past few months, mostly  in the mornings and late afternoon I see these chemtrails; parallel plumes sometimes 4-6 of them. The jets seem to be very high and always are headed the same direction-n or nw. Nearly every morning now around 6 or 7 a.m. I see a jet -it's job in progress. My family and I have had upper/lower respiratory flings this year-different from the usual cold/flu stuff. The outside of my window has had a sticky looking residue that was not there before. It feels more and more like a police state and I am a gravely concerned citizen. Does our local government give a damn? Any ideas on exactly WHO to contact????? I hesitate to contact any State official, as I've read  that the States are being told: to "leave it alone"! Also, that Congress does not even know about this. I find that hard to swallow but I'm not willing to call and look foolish. I will love to talk with someone who had some ideas  or who knows more about the chemicals being sprayed.

  7. Charlotte says:

    Of course those criminals removed the video. 

  8. Victoria says:

    What to me is the real apparent is that you NEVER, NEVER, hear anything on the news re; the massive trails on the local news, I MEAN NOTHING.  So clear evidence that the media is owned. Even PBS does no real reporting on it and we could always count on PBS to present things of question in the past.  Whats even more shocking to me is the clear evidence of the dumbing down of the population as you see very few boomers and seniors questioning our leaders, ie. those who know that for decades this has not been a normal event or reaction.  

    • Nancy says:


      Nearly ALL of our media- radio, t.v. newspapers, magazines has been owned and/or controlled for the past 40-60 yrs. by the Elite (Rockefellers, Rothschilds,etcetera) so of course we will never know about anything like this…..

  9. Bonnie says:

    I live on The Oregon Coast Nehalem, Oregon the Hub of the Jet stream!  Ever since may 2013 when the Air National guard asked the county I live in( Tillamook)  for a lil FAVOR…to extend and lower the airspace over us, we have been sprayed daily nonstop!  I have video of the AIr Force , Air China and Japan Airlines and also Delta Airlines spraying us like insects!  Mostly it has been BOEING out of Everett Washington I have two years of documented events!  Also, Ameriflight who hauls radioactive material( Boeing took them under their wing) flying over the forest in the Coast Range for hours going back and forth all day long! I don't think they are sightseers?  All I know is Ive been an activist for the beach here, and seems no one really cares anyway you finally start to give up!  There is allot more going on than the chemtrails, its also 21st Century Tactical maneuvers by our one and only Air National Guard>>>> Holograms<<<<
    I also tracked how they were putting a notch in the jet stream and documented!  I feel like Im documenting my own MURDER!  Glad to see a few people from Oregon on here Thanks!

  10. lani strietzel says:

    I live in La grande Oregon and the sky is constantly filled with SPRAY CLOUDS !!!!  I miss the true blue sky without the constant hays of the overloaded poison spray in our air!! Jets fly continuously over our valley polluting our beautiful sky and the air we breathe. I am so fed up and I dont know how to help stop  this horrible thing.

  11. Philip Madlem says:

    My wife and I arrived home in the Pacific NW two weeks ago after a five years in the Philippines. What blew my mind were the trails EVERYWHERE in the sky, and then the complete absence of the trails the next day… and then again this morning east of Hillsboro / Beaverton area the most bizarre series of parallel trails (about ten or more with one more being sprayed by a S to N Aircraft) unlike anything I have ever seen. I was born in Bend in '56, grew up in the Portland area and have been here off and on ever since, with the exception of living in the Philippines the last 12 years and a visit here to the states five years ago. I have never seen this type of activity in the sky and it is truly bizarre. It would be nice to have some answers. By the way, the plants and trees here now look sick, many of them are still carrying springs buds which should have already dropped by now. Something very strange is going on and most people I mention it to just seem oblivious or just plain flabbergasted. People should be asking strong questions and demanding freedom to inspect these aircraft.

  12. The sky was FILLED with chemtrails this morning here in Banks, OR, just outside of Portland about 50 miles. I took photos. While checking for chemtrails on 6/24/15 Our trees are dying on top too and there are NO TOMATOES on several of my plants.

  13. David Smith says:

    The elitist are controlling our media and governing bodies. They have the technology to create large storms and earthquakes, with the use of chemtrails and HARRP. If you look for patterns it will become more apparent. Also, look for inconsistencies with governing body decisions. The murals are an attempt to desensitize people to an unusual environment. They look strange, because your mind can perceive there is a unpleasant subconscious message. Treat others with dignity and respect. Peace.

  14. Angie Home says:

    Yes – I have seen the insidious signs appearing around us.I have just bought a Samsung S4 mobile phone and one of the apps on it has a picture of the sky with, guess what, the wispy clouds that follow Chemtrails. I do believe we are being conditioned to accept a different sky, one they made previously. They truly are the “mad scientists” you read about in children’s books and it looks as though we are on a losing wicket! We must try and reach more people before its too late. Everyone reading this must make a difference – please!

  15. Debra Smith says:

    I live in aloha Oregon and I have seen the mural. It is scary the spay.

    Alot at night now because people were getting angry .the haze that is left is killing the trees and we couldn’t get any of our garden to bear fruit ..thank you for giving a voice to all of us who are looking up.

  16. ellen causey says:

    after 2 weeks/harp signature over west florida,3days from palm bch. area,we are under a continuous milksky.sunday there was tinges of yellow during an unusually low heat lighting flashes,followed by quick red endings.same milksky mon.however most flagrant sign;no bird,squirell movement.night moths are hanging on to flower bushes not of buffo toads are hiding for two days AND NIGHTS?nothing is eating-why and WHAT are they waiting for?I have years of living outside in nature,and another 35 in this location.fcbk has been cleared twice,obstructed/shares,and attacks from malware occurred with three hm.computers trying to reach doctors of environment,shuman waves,harp and physical sciences.

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