NOAA “Scheduled Weather” Map, Alarming Forecast


Dane Wigington

If the NOAA map below does not shock you, it should. Raytheon supplies weather modeling for NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and the National Weather Service. Raytheon is a major player with the ongoing climate engineering. The facts just mentioned add up to this, maps like the one below represent nothing less than the "scheduled weather". Global weather systems are completely manipulated and have been for a very long time. How far can the weather makers force the Earth's climate and life support systems to achieve their own agendas? How much more can the planet take? If climate engineering is not exposed and halted very soon, the consequences of these programs will eventually be total. The "forecast" map below shows departure from normal high temperatures (2-3 degrees for each color shade either above or below normal depending on the color shade). If the "scheduled" weather on this "forecast" map comes to pass, there will be record shattering high temperatures all over the Western US and Alaska while the US East will continue with engineered storms and record cold temperatures. This map shows what geoengineering is doing to our planet with shocking clarity, it should be contemplated and considered. The map below is the most alarming NOAA map of the US I have ever seen, the engineered extremes keep getting worse. The responsibility of exposing climate engineering rests on us all, make every day count in this fight.

Each color shade generally represents about 2-3 degrees of temperature departure from "normal" (above or below depending on the shade)


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  1. Isabella Speaks says:

    It's hard to imagine being able to thwart the NWO. I've been experiencing such rage at this horrific crime against humanity by those I've come to see as subhuman beings. That being said, I've adopted two strategies that have helped me retain some bit of hope. First is that I never go anywhere and not talk to everyone I meet about what is happening. My faith and hope has been somewhat renewed each time as I find…even in the most rural areas, people know what I am talking about. Next, I employ the theories of quantum mechanics where multiple Universes are at play simultaneously and every thought and intention causes a ripple effect. Rather than feel rage and anger I focus not on what I don't want, but instead on what I do want to happen. One example is, I imagine those low level employees that execute these atrocities wake to the Reality of what their actions are creating…or rather destroying, and refuse to continue aiding and abetting they masters. The list of positive changes we can meditate on is endless. I believe our only chance of surviving is through meditation AND, affirmative action.


  2. The Mayhem says:

    This HAARP-fueled nightmare is likely not going to end anytime soon. I saw lots of chemtrails spraying in our skies today. Every hour of the day, it's air traffic everywhere.

    NOAA isn't causing this insanity, though. It's the geo-terrorists who are continuing to dry out California like a raisin. The government is doing nothing except sit on their hands. Nothing we can do but to pack our bags and leave this wasteland behind if this drought continues. 


  3. kevin says:

    I am starting to stockpile  seeds  water  and bullets  for my family ..and if i cant find a place to relocate off the grid .. im going to buy a sail boat ..  in a last ditch effort to protect my family ….  I have been studying the biggest crime against humanity the world has ever seen long enough to see and now feel that its time to prepare  for either end of times or a new beginning ……. I can feel it …  its time to either get proactive or lay down and die ……  God Help Us All 

  4. Sandaura says:

    Thanks Paul for posting the link to Sandaura's wordpress. 

    For those feeling and hearing the effects of "Smart Grid Syndrome", please leave your testimonials at:


  5. Ken says:

    Hi Dane,

    How effective do you think biochar could be in reducing  the release of CO2 and CH4 into the atmosphere and sequestering these gases? 

    • Dennis Hardy says:

      Hey Ken, I have been researching and attempting to mass produce bio-char for 7-8 years. I, like I'm sure you have, found for the process to be worthwhile it needs to be on a very large scale. I have seen the "Big Boys" come and go and we still don't have an affordable method of pyrolysis. Bio-char, in my opinion, would be tremendously helpful AFTER we stop the spraying. I find the benefits of adding bio-char to my soil to be very limited. Why? Because by the time the microbial colonies establish themselves the toxic rain kills them off. Until we stop the chemical onslaught I don't believe anything will help. Now as far as dealing with all the dead trees that are being cut down everywhere, bio-char is a great idea. Not only will it keep the Co2 from releasing into an already saturated atmosphere, but you can stockpile all you can because EVERYONE will need it to grow any food in the future. 

      I firmly believe geoengineering is part and parcel of Agenda 21. If people are able to sustain themselves then "TPTSB"(the S is for Shouldn't) can't fulfill their One World Utopia. People will beg for a one world gov't when they are starving. That's not me, but Rockefeller paraphrased. Geoengineering is the method to attain the agenda, read their words.

      I have, and believe bio-char and many other old-world technologies will be the answer; but only if and when we stop the spraying. Sorry for the long winded response.

      Best, Dennis 

  6. Frank says:

    As I write this I say why bother who will listen. Am I just venting my anger at a evil corrupt system that doesn't care about anything but themselves. I look around me and I'm nearing my supposed retirement and all I see is mindless individuals who can't see past there tablets in front of them. I open the window and yell wake up but no one listens except a passing dog. I wake up with the same problem I went to sleep with and that is how to change the world. If I look at the big picture I get so depressed so I take one small part at a time. I go out and try to influence others and plant a seed of knowledge that hopefully one day will grow. I come home tired and sometimes sick from the spraying that effects us all. I look at the news and most is so corrupt and full of lies that I spot right away. What will the power structure have in store for us soon. One day turns into a week and then the months fly by into years. I look at myself in the mirror and see a hardened unfamiliar face that never was. I smile and know that I will make a change in more ways than I know. I will teach others the meaning of honesty even though at this time I live in a corrupt irrational world. I still have love I still have dreams I still have hope for another day. Peace to all.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Frank. We are listening. It is good to know there are so many like minded intelligent individuals out there speaking through alternative media like and sites like this. So much is happening very quickly in so many different arenas. We have to keep looking out after one another. Keep the faith!

    • anotherAnon says:

      I hear you Frank. I too plant seeds hoping they will grow in the minds of others as well. You're spot on about the tablets/phones etc… Everywhere and I mean everywhere you turn that's all you see. Heck, people don't even watch their kids in sports because they can't stop looking at the screen. Some are worse than others, but it's pretty bad in my opinion. I have been without a mobile phone for 1 year and maybe touch the tablet once a week or so if that.

      I like to spend every waking hour outside doing whatever I can or doing nothing at all, but I tell you it's hard when you look up and feel so helpless as to what's going on.

    • Frank, I just wanted you to know you are not alone.



    • Cheryl U says:

      Yes Frank, I am with you.   If you look at the big picture, it is so depressing.  But like you, everyday I get up, and hope I can plant a seed within someone, that might make a difference.   Let's keep planting and maybe, just maybe we'll make a difference.  Thank God we know the truth,  it sets us free from the lies of the evil ones. Thanks Dane for all you do.

    • Mark says:

      Same here Frank!  Good to hear there are others in the world that think the same,    i look at the skys in disbelief look around and no one cares,  keep dreaming keep hoping and keep up the fight never surrender!! 

  7. anotherAnon says:

    We had what I would consider a normal day yesterday here in Huntsville, AL, but that all ended this morning. The sky has so many stripes and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon as usual. What a shame.

    • Frank says:

      I agree, yesterday we had big fluffy clouds that were slow moving and a sunny day in the 70's here in southeast TN. Today the trails fill the sky here with odd patterns and milky haze that looks horrible. The sun is filtered through hazy spray with gravity waves abound. 

  8. Bella_Fantasia says:

    This map is like a perverse April Fool's Joke in perfectly even bands of Red, White and Blue.  This is an In-Your-Face Insult.  These monsters are laughing at us.

    Alaska is back to broiling after the geoengineers went berserk trying to make it winter for the Iditarod sled dog race.  They made it so cold in places several dogs died (we don't have results from the autopsies yet.)  But the winds were fierce, and fortunately the mushers had booties, coats and even leggings on them.  The temperatures have been much colder in the past, but the dogs didn't used to need coats as I recall.

    So Monday again it was at least a high of 46 F (7.7 C) in Anchorage and right now, 2 am on Tuesday, it's still 46 F.  We are not getting any Arctic cold from Siberia.  The whole state is getting just a little swirl of weather up from the Gulf of Alaska that barely reaches as far north as Anchorage, which is located in South central.  Some of the cold central Fairbanks got recently came in from Canada!  It was cold moving east to west, highly unusual.

    Yes, Dane, this map is more than alarming.  It's obviously unnatural, and they don't even care.  What's even worse are the real on-the-ground implications of these colored bands.

    Wishing Love and Perseverance To All Who come here. Thank you All for trying so hard.




  9. Karen W says:

    THIS IS INSANE!!  All day Saturday 21st the sky was being sprayed.  Sunday came along.  It was predicted for rain. Clouds coming in with spraying through the puffy clouds and above them.  Dark/gray rain clouds blanket the sky in the pm.  They look full of water.  Moisture in the air, yet Dry.  Late Sunday night a very light rain with thunder in the distance. Today (Monday) it was predicted for rain. It didn't come, and as the clouds left all that was seen was the geoengineered sky above.

    I'm thinking that the moisture and light rain was from the engineered clouds lifting the moisture (what was felt in the air) from the ground up, and consequently lightly raining down what was lifted up (like an illusion of the rain that was predicted), but the normal rain clouds were sent somewhere else. In conclusion, the rain we had only replaced what was lost from the planet these engineered war mongers took!   How far off am I Dane?
    And my pool, which I had just vacuumed the day before, had a sooty substance on the floor of it.

  10. Marc says:

    Friends, the Illuminati gave us a gift on 9/11. Yes, a gift. They fully revealed the extent to which they are completely and totally willing to obliterate American citizens in pursuit of their next cash cow and dreams of unparalleled global power. We only need to glance upward through the white fuzzed-out canopy of horror over our heads to realize all over again that these motherf@#!!**%ers will stop at nothing and seem to feed upon human suffering of every conceivable kind. If there's money to be made, the intrinsic value of humanity and the Earth is irrelevant, bordering on nuisance. I fear the bastards may soon pull out all the stops with the geoengineering. It's a shocking, depressing and humbling experience to realize that they have way more than enough capability to change the mix in the on-board tanks and quite literally spray us all to death. We are sitting ducks.

      The NOAA map pictured here is debilitating in the extreme. I die somewhere deep inside myself every day knowing these despicable people are free to conduct such operations with impunity. And all the while the spiritual zeroes on the Chicago Mercantile and on Wall Street light their cigars with hundred dollar bills while they mourn the loss of their parents, who died as a result of the same geoengineering that made these geniuses rich.




  11. I will be faithful to pass this article and map on by whatever means I can. Every one in my church is aware of the spraying and now the geoengineering agenda, I will do what I can. Thanks again, Dane.

    • Debra M says:

      Jefre Stone Cleveland,

      Where do you live. I want to be in a church that is telling the truth about these things. Can you even tell me the general vicinity. I want to get to a safe place.  Have been visiting in Mississippi and somedays, my jaw has dropped at all the chemtrails in a beautiful blue cloudless sky. Nobody is even noticing, but everyone is always sick. I want to be in a place with like-minded people; then I don't mind going out. If anybody know a safer place…

  12. Vanessa says:

    It continuously boggles my mind as to the seemingly willful ignorance of people on the issue of the geoengineering of our planet, when it goes on daily in plain sight. I have often wondered  why it is so difficult for people to wrap their minds around. Denial, delusion, brainwashing perhaps. Mostly fear of a 'comfortable' world view turned upside down.

    There is a MUST SEE film in theaters now, called 'Masters of Doubt.' Or catch it on DVD… It is a documentary on the tactics of deception by such entities as the tobacco industry, and it gets into quite a discussion about how people are easily deceived about the reality of extreme warming of the planet by the so-called 'climate deniers.'  (No mention of geoengineering, but still illustrates perfectly why they ARE cooling the eastern half of the US- -to create confusion and doubt! ) It exposes the entire playbook and should be shared with anyone who, on the subject of covert spraying,  says "Our government wouldn't let this happen"

    • Hawkeye says:

      Vanessa, It is easier to fool people then it is to convince them they are being fooled. Boy do I hear ya all!! Ditto on my end too.

      Jefre Stone, Thank you for saying everyone in your church is aware of the spraying. I think I "might" be seeing reason in why most do not even notice this sky nightmare OR they look but don't see what it actually is. Could it be as it is written in the Bible – those who do not believe in Christ WILL be deceived. When I read you I began to think the only friends I have that see like me and are horrified like me, are followers of Christ and not afraid to walk His walk or speak out His name in public. I think there is a connection here. Thanks to ya all for speaking truth.  Hawkeye

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Hawkeye, for the record, I have spoken to the leaders of many large spiritual organizations in Northern California, virtually none have addressed the climate engineering issue or even mentioned the issue to their followers, it seems in our area at least the spiritual leaders are more concerned with protecting their “non-profit” status. If you are aware of any church leader that is willing to go on the record against climate engineering, I would be grateful if you would let me know. In the meantime, lets all keep carrying the ball forward on our own.

  13. Lydia says:

    Is that 2 to 3 degrees accurate for this summer as well? If it is, then we could expect 125 or more degrees in some places in northern California this year.

  14. BaneB says:

    Mendocino update:  storm front coming in from the eastern Pacific and 60% chance of some rain/mist for tomorrow, Tuesday.  The jet have been at it all day going north and south issuing their aerosol toxins.  These jets are spraying to try and stop any rain from getting in.  The weather warriors are not yet able in my opinion to have gain a one hundred percent control.  Some weather systems do have unpredictable patterns that can fool them, and systems do get through the blockades.  But not without being greatly weakened, and often dried out by the chemtrail aerosols.  It is interesting how so many days I don't hear or see any jets, but let a storm front approach The Northern California coast and then they are here like the rat pack they are.  Anyway I have my fingers crossed that we will get some rain tomorrow.  We are getting close to the end of our rainy season and the season is about four to six weeks early.

  15. jump fox says:

    operation indigo sky fold look it up people wake up.US Navy to own the weather in 2025 they own it now wake up wake up……

  16. Zartan says:

    As Infowars reported last week, Jade Helm 15, a “realistic” military training exercise which will involve the Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division, will take place throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado from July 15 to September 15.

    It's strange that all of these areas are in the "red" zone.  Things have been known to "coincide" with these types of "drills."

    • penny says:

      Your point is very alarming, and sadly, I suspect you're right – it would surprise me if this weren't more than just "games".

      Nonetheless, whatever they do to California's agriculture, they do to the whole country (and to a large extent, I would guess, to Canada).  It is mind-boggling that those on the east coast aren't freaking out about the drought.  Do they believe their food is grown in Safeway?

  17. marco says:

    In Calif. this is the year (2015)that most lakes, reservoirs and rivers will run dry, or very close to dry.  the water table has been overdrafted for so many years, even water companies wells are starting to run dry.  The Governor and Legislature are starting to address the problem, but it is much too little too late. Governor Brown never answered the open letter to him about chemical spraying.

      A huge crisis is on the immediate horizon, affecting millions of people, and the Government's solution?  Denial and preparation for chaos and probable martial law, in other words: a police state.  In all likelihood, this would conceivably lead to open rebellion in many areas, with total loss of governmental control, and of course, complete chaos.  The army is even now being asked if they are willing to fire on fellow Americans, if so ordered.

      If this is our Government's plan and goal then it is about to bear fruit. If not, then I ask the Leaders of America, is loss of your position, and governmental control over American Society, worth continuing with this climate engineering that is taking place, clearly, by the Military of the USA?  

      The future is in the hands of these leaders.  I tell you this: you can choose to continue with this "geoengineering", BUT you cannot choose the consequences.    

  18. Bob says:

    Hi Dane! –

    What would you say the most prominent cause of this obviously manufactured, obviously un-natural, temperature disparity we see on this map?  I know there are many interconnected factors, but what would you say is the largest geoengineering mechanism causing this?  My undereducated guess would be the high pressure system that has been constantly in place in the eastern pacific, just west of california.  I believe there exists the ability to continuously generate a high pressure system in ionospheric heaters are used, HAARP, etc.  DO you think one heater station active on this location could do the trick? I really don't know how powerful they are and how much volume of air can be heated.  I saw a time elapsed video obviously showing how the jet stream is "running into something" in the eastern pacific, kind of like an invisible boulder in the stream, making the flow of the stream be diverted northward drawing warmer moist air into Alaska ( even though it is dissicated moisture, and holds its "payload" until it gets over the Rockies).  If there were no "obstruction" in the normal jet stream flow, would the dissication spraying have as much of an effect?  Just some thoughts.  Obviously the whole package of he geoengineering has to go, but if there was a better way to expose the largest cause.  Is there any way to detect how much power gets used when one of these is on? Is there any way to truly detect where a volume of air is being microwaved?  All this HAARP activity must have a detectable, verifiable, signature, so we can visually pin point it.

    Thank you for your time and all you are doing Dane, it is most appreciated.


  19. Wanda Allen says:

    I cant help but feel guilty even knowing that we have no control over this. I am beyond angry when I hear people here in the East say there is no warming. My heart goes out to everyone in California.


  20. penny says:

    By the way, we in Norway are being pounded by EISCAT (or similar HAARP-like systems).  My body is telling me it can't take much more of this… but is there any place on the planet that is not inundated by these waves?  (NOT a rhetorical question!)  I know the toxic air and food contribute, but I can predict ring patterns in the sky based on certain fairly recently-acquired ailments.

    I (who used to be the healthiest, happiest person I knew) am feeling, on these days, like just being alive is too taxing.  Does anyone else feel the impact of HAARP?  

    I sometimes try to console myself with the thought that if they "win", in the best-case scenario their prize is to be buried alive with each other: a cave full of psychopaths.  A fate far worse than death.  It certainly explains the modern Hollywood obsession with cannibalistic zombies.

    Sorry for the gloominess.  I blame it on EISCAT.  Cheers and peace to all!

    • Irene Parousis says:


      Hi Penny, I'm in Toronto Canada and I feel exactly like you.  It started about four years ago, I was hearing a very subtle hum which was debilitating my mind and body, had I not found information about these programs I would think I'm going crazy.  I also was a very peaceful, content and healthy person who hardly has the will to live now. I have read, and it kind of resonates, that these frequency manipulating technologies are targeting certain type of people, which doesn't surprise me since around me I see people unaffected by anything. The only thing that keeps me going is the battle for our planet and sites like this one where I connect with like minded people.  Hang in there, all the best to you.  

    • andrew says:

      Penny, what ailments do you suffer from when EISCAT transmits?

      Wind turbine ILFN at @ 3 Hz does me most harm, including severe sleep deprivation and headaches.  Obviously not the 224, 931 and 500 MHz of EISCAT, but it would be interesting to compare.

    • Vicki says:

      Penny,  We also are being affected by cell towers, WiFi, cell phones, antennas and yes HAARP.  I have ringing in my ears, can't sleep at times, fatigue, forgetfulness, and more. I try to tell others and they just roll their eyes, just like they do about GeoEngineering.  Go to and watch the "The Cooking of Humanity".  It would be so nice if we could get rid of some cell towers and all need to get rid of WiFi it's very very bad!!

    • penny says:

      Wow, I didn't really expect anyone to respond to that self-pitying mess.  Thank you all for the show of concern!  Yes, we are all being affected in our individual, and horrible ways. 

      What I notice on bad days (which I only just started keeping track of, but which definitely correlate with sine-waves in the sky), are: chest pains; shooting pains in my head, very isolated and unlike normal headaches; worsened tinnitus; and extreme lack of energy.  Also, the 2 teeth with root canals pound with pain, which of course they would.

      Thanks again for the replies, but I do wish there were not so many other sufferers! 

      Irene, I have read such reports as well.  The times when I hurt now are definitely times of general use, but I am positive that once (after having tried to pass an anti-Patriot Act resolution in my home town, and other overt political activity) I suddenly "remembered" that I was a heavy smoker – which I have never been, and have never even considered being!  In addition, I was convinced that I was unable to walk normally.  These mental images were incoherent, but persistent.  And since they appeared (probably in an instant) as memories, I had no way of telling how long they had been with me.  For years I thought I had been on the verge of a neurological disorder or breakdown.  I never told anyone about it, except my children, after I had shaken it off.  Anyway, I, for one, believe targeting happens.

      Best wishes to all,


    • Hello all,


      These personal reports concur with the ambient noise and deleterious health phenomena I'm experiencing in Grand Marais,Minnesota. If you look at the weather maps displayed on this page, you'll notice clear lines of weather demarcations running through the central United States. These high and low pressure cells are being held in station or moved by a combination of HAARP systems and aerosol particulates saturating the air stream (and environment).


      Symptoms include muscle twitches and extreme fatigue. Constant ringing in the ears in multi-tones. Night sweats. Heart palpitations. Chest pain. Pain in kidney areas. Rapid breathing or prolonged shortness of breath. Joint stiffness (like arthritis) and general inflammation including puffiness around eyes. Breathing difficulties, dizziness, and inability to concentrate.


      The HAARP frequencies are mixed mode frequencies (17.64 – 70 -217 – 9500 and others) also extremely low frequency modulations at approximately 4.8 cycles. Please contact Sandra Chianfoni and/or examine her web site at


      These HAARP imposed health impairments are being reported all over the world, and are a very clear indication of how dangerous the situation actually is. It is obvious that the broadcast power of these systems can be turned up and down at will, with direct and immediate sensory and/or organ related consequences…..

  21. Jhere says:

    The ocean water off the coast of Oregon is predicted to increase by 7 degrees this summer.

  22. penny says:

    The country laid out in red, white and blue.  I notice they have a sick sense of humor, a sick sense of patriotism, or both.

  23. alan says:

    It's over for California.

    A dead ocean and cracked dirt.

    And no one with a solution. 

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