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Observations Along the Route to Oudtshoorn


Observations and musings on a trip from Potchefstroom in the NW of South Africa along the N12 Route to Oudtshoorn in the  Klein Karoo , Cape Province :

Guest Writer  – geoengineeringwatch.org

For the best part of 2 years we have had no rain of any significance in the North West and Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Farmers have lost their live stock, crops, farms and Hope. The picture is even more bleak when you undertake a road trip winding past farm, villages, towns and cities in this vast area. For the first 600 km’s the sky was blanketed in one solid bank of chem-cloud cover. Images of barren fields, reduced cattle herds trying to find shelter in the shade of what is left of thorn trees, dams that have dried up and cracked and animals moving slow and appearing tired , hungry and thirsty to the bone. Over the farms vertical chem-dumps funneled down to the fields interspersed by red dust storms. Flamingo pans have dried up. Dams where Egyptian Geese used to nest are gone. All that was exciting to spot was a pair of Secretary Birds.


Entering Kimberley we were met by chaos. Streets had potholes. Street signs had changed or were missing. Diggers from the diamond fields were begging at the traffic lights. Somehow you find your way through Kimberley and pass the Masonic Lodge and Kimberley Club, introduced by Cecil John Rhodes,  then The Big Hole of Kimberley which has feathered the nests and pockets of the so called  “ elite” World  Wide. There are Towers and Towers and Towers. Communication, security or Military. Who knows. This dominates the sky line of the otherwise chaos of a run -down city with no proper infra structure and without water supply recently. Is this what one should expect in the light of a city which has generated so much wealth from its lap. The famous  Kimberley Diamond  was mined here. Would we not expect that the inhabitants of this city to at least profit from a good infra structure and enjoy clean air, water and  healthy  food . Is this too much to ask ?  Are they gearing up for the grand cull and using the Human Resources for the moment ?

Driving to Hope Town I muse and am always amused by the way the word “ sustainable” gets flogged like a tired donkey in all the documents of  Agenda 21 and all the websites of the Power Houses of the so called elite, and the pretend-to-be-so-good WWF posts. Sustainable for WHO ? NWO ? What a wonderful world this would be if we had less greed on the part of the 1% that want the whole fruit cake of the Earths wealth to themselves, speckled with Diamonds and Gold, and iced with self-indulgent flights into outer space, eating sea food that is still fished in pristine waters where their own excrement of radio- activity and oil rigs have not reached, owning islands to harvest spices, lodges in pristine natural environments, and ranches in South America where no chemtrail pilots are allowed. Just imagine how we would be able to sustain ourselves, we who are satisfied with clean air, water, sunshine, and healthy moral values the way our grand-mothers taught us.

Having reached Hope Town ( which has no Hope) I filled my vehicle up with petrol ( gasoline :0 ) . While doing so I witnessed a jet spraying in a fashion which seemed as though it was competing in an air show.  The elderly owner of the petrol station noticed that I was looking up at the sky and enquired after  my  gaze. I pointed at  the Chemtrail, to which he replied : “ Oh. No those are the aeroplanes flying from Cape Town to Johannesburg.”  I corrected him and told him to do his own research on Geoengineeringwatch.org. He protested   and declared solemnly  :  “ That will not be allowed, they cannot do that. We will take them down if that is the case.”  Little does he know that his own people are involved . His Ancestors  that once made a Covenant with God, when their days were  numbered.


The next 2oo km through the Great Karoo was hot and dry  , but with a reasonable blue sky cover. The Karoo is sparsely  populated  .  Then  Klein Karoo is  entered  through Meirings  Poort , a Pass of exceptional natural beauty. Once again the heavy chem.-cloud cover and continuous spraying towards  Oudtshoorn  and the Swartberg Mountain Range started. This muck would eventually drift down to the Ostrich Farms , the fruit orchards and vineyards in the still beautiful fertile valleys .

A round trip of 2400 km’s undertaken in a time span of a week did not produce one drop of rain, although it is late Spring in South Africa . A time in which we should be planting and the fields should be green and the Karoo should be bursting with Spring Flowers…..and still people are not looking up at the Sky and asking Why ? There is Hope though. We can have a change of heart and humble ourselves . We can ask our Creator  and His Army of Angels to wage the Battle for us. We can form a new Covenant with God and return from the Wasteland of Greed, Violence, Deception and Fraud. We can once again live on the High Ground of His Mercy.



6 Responses to Observations Along the Route to Oudtshoorn

  1. Anon says:

    There has been massive geoengineering going on in Cape Town, South Africa for a while now. Every time the (independent) forecasters predict rain we see artificial clouds, the humidity goes up and the forecasts are wrong. Meanwhile the rest of the country has huge geo-engineered floods and massive strangely-shaped destructive hailstones (check Storm Report SA on facebook).

  2. Cathrine says:

    Become active. Spread and share awareness. Do your own research. Pray.

  3. willie says:

    what to do?

  4. Gene Maynard says:

    Most are familiar with the account of Noah
    One-hundred twenty years laboring to build the Ark;
    This during a time when God was a distant memory
    And the world was spiritually dark

    Noah was chided, ridiculed, and mocked
    The people laughed; infamy has dissolved all fame;
    A flooded world could not be imagined
    But they perished in the waters that came

    I understand, believe me I do
    But once again the times are very dark;
    This world stands at the brink of destruction
    And it is imperative that we find an Ark

    This world once again is in the days of Noah
    A time world destruction was beyond their ability to believe;
    But governments today condone the murder of their own people,
    And that’s simply too much for our minds to conceive

    The prophets of old spoke much of this time
    A time when evil men would abound;
    A time when misery and death would be the norm
    And earthly sanctuary would not be found

    I beg you, acknowledge God as our only hope
    It is to Him we must implore;
    The planets survival dynamics are already destroyed
    And I cringe for the children over what lies in store

    I realize men today find it hard to believe this
    Truth is much harder to believe than a lie;
    They want you to misunderstand the time at hand
    But friend if we do, we’re all going to die!

  5. Susanne Dietrich says:

    It is almost four years ago when i first discovered that there is something wrong with our fauna and flora.I have noticed that everything seemed to have lost its vigor and appeared ill, plants, animals and especially the insects. I felt it all and went on the internet to find out some data, what i found was self-evident,chemtrails.
    To this day I have not met anyone else that is observant enough to see the radical changes. This is rather sad and shows clearly the self-absorbed, shallow nature of today’s people. When one points out the facts it soon becomes a battle to prove what is right in front of their noses and confirms their disconnection from nature. I wonder if they are even worth saving as there is little or no intellectual capability to grasps anything besides their insignificant routine lives. People have become spineless indoctrinated fools that think that they wound not do that, get a history lesson and see what they have already done. Why is it so difficult for people generally to embrace the unpleasant facts of our lives,`herein are the reasons why they let authorities get away with murder. What about the thousands of cars in South – Africa with paint-works on the roof that look like acid has been poured oven them.
    I saw this long before i even knew about chemtrails, are they all blind ? How can one not question anomalies so obvious ? Are you all asleep and comfortable in your little world…….well, soon there is not going to be one. Why have not even the conspirators questioned the use of Aluminum, Barium and Strontium, these could be replaced with reflective phosphates ( fertilizer ) to cause a blocking of the sun’s rays. Is this not proof enough that there is whole different agenda linked to warfare and deliberate ruining of our biosphere ? How does one go one knowing that we are all part of a planned destruction of our beautiful planet. The fact remains that the methods used need not be and this is where the madness comes to light, wake up, look up and talk about it or do not call yourself a human being.

  6. Gene Maynard says:

    Love your report Guest Writer, especially the ending. The amount of available oxygen in the air is said to be 20.95%. Although this is a decline from the 80’s it is still considered sufficient to sustain life. Problem is it is still going south. A level of 19.5% is considered too low to sustain life. Oxygen producing phytoplankton is dying as oceans acidify. Photosynthesis is on life support because of global dimming. The Boreal forest is sick due to chemtrails. Also, this morning we were heavily overcast with a strong odor of sulphur. Sulphur displaces oxygen. How many more times can earths oxygen making abilities recover? These people are blindly bent on destroying all life, including their own for a moments glory. As the kid who took his ball and went home so no one else could play, he could not either. His brief satis-faction was in knowing he had stopped them. God can and will stop them. If you’re not already, please pray. God loves us, but He loves these people too. Let’s acknowledge God’s power over everything, including these people. We have no other hope!

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