On Track To Total Global Extinction

Very few are willing to face the fact that the human race is on a trajectory for total near term extinction. If we stay on the current course, near term extinction is guaranteed. The 10 minute video below is a glimpse into the dire issue of methane release already underway that will determine all of our futures if it continues. Once formerly frozen methane deposits begin to thaw and gas into the atmosphere, a feedback loop is triggered that perpetuates itself. As more methane is released, more atmospheric heating occurs. This in turn thaws yet more methane and thus the cycle spirals out of control. The methane release is an avalanche of greenhouse gas potential on top of all the damage already done to the planet from countless sources of human activity. The current reality is actually even more dire than this film portrays. The ongoing climate engineering programs are not mitigating this problem, but rather making it worse. In the attempt to hide the unfolding climate and environmental cataclysm from the public for as long as possible, the power structure and the geoengineers are actually fueling the fire overall and effectively poisoning the entire planet in the process. If we are to accurately understand what we face, we must do objective research. It's up to all of us to sound the alarm, this battle cannot be won by the few, all must engage. No matter how dark the horizon is, if we could expose and halt the climate engineering, it would be a giant leap in the right direction. Our planet would then be able to respond on its own to the damage already done rather than being encased in the destructive chains of geoengineering.

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  1. nikki says:

    Just a note:  at 5:41 in the video, Dr Dickens is discussing methane … if you look behind him you see clouds and chemtrails…. unbelievable.

  2. Glenda Jasper says:

    Im with you there I also have left things to help awaken ones with what were up against and YT also deleted my words right in front of my eyes.

  3. Yeah, right things like that are happening to me too! Hard to get on geoengineering watch, takes lotsa tries, well, they can’t stop us from speaking to people face to face! Most of the people I speak to see the sky and they agree… most people aren’t that stupid. God bless you, Pat in SF!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jefre, sorry for the trouble with the site loading, there is so much traffic (which is good) that the site sometimes overloads. We are making changes to a designated server that should remedy these problems in the coming days, thank you for your patience.

  4. DJD says:

    No matter how right you are, and you are absolutely correct in these assessments, until the entire money system and the way we the people view “money” (more accurately described as currency) is changed, then NOTHING will ever change. Period

  5. jim mack says:

    i agree…not good in Pa. a nightmare come true what the…

  6. Arizona says:

    THERES NO POINT in worring any longer,THE LORD says EARTH is dieing and its to LATE to stop,the USA has destroyed the planet,and soon it will no longer be able to support any LIFE,so thats means you let your government go to far,ANY MONEY spent now is a waste of money…….HAPPY day…you killed the planet america..NOW lets see what the other countries will do to YOU when they figure out what you’ve done……….

  7. ken weberg says:

    The real sad part of this as I see it is there are only 30 responces. This number should be 3 million, but NO only 30. The sheeple have spoken by their silence I’m afraid. For GODS sake don’t quit keep hammering away even if it seems futile. Times running out as some of us know

  8. Karen says:

    Ever since yesterday both infowars.com and your site I can’t get audio. Every other site I can but your two. hummm…..anyone else?
    I would really like to hear the video..
    I am so thankful that the “ugly truth” is coming to a head. Keep up the GREAT job Dane.

  9. Pat in SF says:

    More specific I posted this link on SFGate Secret Chemtrail Pilot Speaks, on Dec 8, 2014 on YouTube it was quickly deleted. Is YouTube the last vessel of unbiased unedited free information left and for how much longer?

  10. Pat in SF says:

    The last month I have been posting comments on SFGate.com regarding Geo Engineering and Chemtrails with not much success unfortunately. It apears now that all of my posts have been deleted an my login name has been terminated. Wow I am a true believer now if I were not a threat just a crazy tin foil hat conspiracy theorist why would they take such action?

  11. chad says:

    Couldn’t of said it better Cori. Can’t say how glad i’am that InfoWars put you two on last night to bring up this subject. I hope it makes an impact on his viewers. To quote Dane, i’m glad to march with you in this fight.

  12. Melissa V says:

    Thank you for educating me about this topic Marc. I will do what I can to educate others about this unfurling apocalypse!

  13. Mark Davis says:

    What are chemtrails doing to humans, and the human brain? Dr Russell Baylock tells us, and its not nice.


  14. Mark Davis says:

    This is getting more attention to chemtrails than anything else I have tried. Post it, people pay a little more attention to birds than us.



  15. BroLes3 says:

    Dane, There is so much propaganda & misdirection on the Internet that people use this as an excuse saying one can’t believe anything. I have found your comment above to be true, “We must ALL investigate the facts for ourselves or our conclusions will be based on headlines and hearsay.” The truth is out there to be found on this subject, politics or whatever. It does take time and dedication to sort it all out but we must do it and keep pointing people to the truth always telling them not to take just our word for it but to study, research & determine truth for themselves. This for the sake of our children & grandchildren.

  16. Marc says:

    Here in St. Louis we are experiencing day after day after day, weeks in fact, of amorphous, dull, gray overcast with only very occasional breaks and sun. I recall in years past stretches of monotonous gray weather in the late fall or winter but NOTHING approaching the duration of what is happening now. This “feels” abnormal, doesn’t look or “feel” right. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I have spent immense amounts of my life out in the “natural” world and do implicitly trust my perceptions and organic earth consciousness. Something is definitely happening, albeit, just slowly enough to where the masses are not being SHOCKED into sudden alarm. Many among us of course are in fact waking up earlier than others and that is perhaps neither here nor there.
    I have a very capable and tech-savvy friend who works in high level computer systems management for a major bank. When I have brought up geoengineering he puts on his “bullheaded” hat and argues with me that it’s all bullshit and that I have anointed myself an expert just because I sit in front of a laptop and surf the internet. Basically, he feels threatened by the prospect of his good friend (me) actually knowing about something of this magnitude while he doesn’t.
    I think this scenario plays itself out by the millions as we are trying to wake one another up to an unfurling apocalypse. As you, Dane, have indicated before, soon these crimes against all life will become terrifyingly plain to see for all the doubters, deniers, and the vacuous billions, for whatever reason, caught in the net of ignorance.

  17. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Thank you, Cori and Marie for all of your hard work to expose Climate Engineering. Check out Cori and Marie’s interview on InfoWars Nightly News from Dec. 16th. My list of true hero’s of humanity is growing daily. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0RbDoHL3sE
    Pass it on!

  18. Tim says:

    I feel we are doomed. This explains why the spraying has intensified. It is utter panic by the PTB. Sad.

  19. andrew says:

    My 28th email to my contact list, titled ‘URGENT Look Up, Look Down’.

    As thought, they have been testing less obvious (and more toxic) substances to atmospheric spray.

    Things are about to get considerably worse.

    The Haarp Report gives excellent information (see the other videos).
    This latest report of 8 Dec 2014 is extremely worrying.
    Tanker pilots receiving extra training as of 15 Dec, in preparation for a new spraying strategy starting Jan 21 2015 – probably including drone tanker aircraft.
    It is a MUST WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZaD-H_j3pU

    It reminded me of this 27 Dec 2012 video (also a MUST WATCH): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znaTirqLIds
    TTA is a Tesla Technology Array.
    HTA is a Haarp Type Array.
    Interesting that this incident happened over the Christmas holiday period 24 – 25 Dec 2012.

    May ‘The God of your Heart and Understanding’ bless you and keep you from evil.

    p.s. It appears Manchester, Washington and Edinburgh Universities are in the stone age compared to what is going on in the skies right now! http://www.alphagalileo.org/ViewItem.aspx?ItemId=148235&CultureCode=en

  20. Cori Gunnells says:

    Don’t for a second think your actions couldn’t possibly matter – they do. Like dane said, go to the website, look at action points, make flyers, take to people, find groups in your area, refuse to take “no” for an answer from your elected officials, and most of all… keep watching, learning and speaking up.

  21. MJ Johnson says:

    Yes, Catherine Albertini, it is very frustrating to be put off, put down, laughed at, and ignored…but every so often someone on the other end is receptive. I too have spent days calling our representatives at different levels of gov’t, also the media…and sometimes it’s as if I must be imagining ‘chemtrails’. But we must go on..in spite of our setbacks. Why? Because if you stand back and take a look, you will see that we ARE making a difference. Look how many people have viewed Dane’s page here, for example…a lot more than the first time I saw it. And look at how many new Facebook pages about chemtrails have sprung up just in the past couple of months. We are reaching a critical mass…this time of “the 100th Monkey” is what we’ve been hoping for…we’re almost there. I believe that a LOT of new cats will be coming out of the proverbial bag in 2015..you watch! We will win if we, like the chemtrails….remain persistent!

  22. chad says:

    Yea I think that video pretty much said it all, i”ll do what i can to make sure people see it. I also just watched the interview on the Nightly News that Cori did, it was good i thought but still i feel InfoWars tries to hide the subject a little. I know Alex has talked about it in detail in the past. But earlier today I called into the show, when David Knight was hosting, and was able to plug your website and to encourage people to google arctic methane emergency. But it seemed as though he didn’t want me to talk to much about it. I don’t know, im still glad they put them on. Just wanted to get your view.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chad, Info Wars comes and goes on the dire subject of climate engineering, I hope they will make it a priority while there is still time.

  23. bija says:

    AMEG called a press conference in Peru on December 4th to call attention to the methane release catastrophe. I just happened upon it on their website. Hadn’t heard a thing about it through mainstream or alternative media, have you???!
    Dane, the confusing thing is that the AMEG scientists are calling for geoengineering to stop the ice melt. They claim that 200 ships in the Arctic spraying saline is what it will take to cool the atmosphere and stop the methane release. Don’t you think that this is a deceptive tactic to get more people on board in favor of geoengineering? Do you thing they would truly be using a saline solution, in which case they can then pass off the current SRM worldwide assault as harmless. I fear this will help “sell” geoengineering to those who are on the fence or uninformed!

  24. Catherine Albertini says:

    I’ve repeatedly called my congresspersons and senators. Sadly, every time I call, I ask the receptionist if they have received any calls similar to mine only to be told that they have not. I tell as many persons as I can that I think would be responsive to this message, and very few are aware already of this. Most just change the subject, or tell me that it’s depressing, or indicate to me that there is nothing that they can do about it. One person told me that they couldn’t think about it, otherwise, why would they continue to get up every day and carry on as usual, or go to work. I live in San Diego County, we are being sprayed very heavily. It’s tragic and very sad to be slowly murdered. Please make the effort to call your representatives, repeatedly.

  25. Nick says:

    Scary stuff. I can’t believe lots of people are ignoring this climate change threat. California is already facing its warmest year ever thanks to the unusually warm Pacific. Something needs to be done to stop this.

  26. Paul Wenc says:

    I have been watching Geoengineering / SRM for only a few years now. I imagine how frustrated you must be. I to am frustrated and talk about this dilemma each and every day. I’ve shown neighbors and complete strangers this activity. Yet, I feel the need to do more. So many are oblivious and just don’t care and don’t seem to even want to listen. I will continue to fight along side of you for my family and two Grandsons.

  27. Mark Davis says:

    The warming of the oceans is not a good sign of things to come.

  28. Laurel says:

    Makes complete sense.

    I believe God gives man a chance to treat nature with respect. When that doesn’t happen, man gets wiped out.
    We are now approaching the 6th ‘wipe-out’. It has already begun, ruled by ignorance, indifference and greed.

    Could be between 2050 – 2100 at the latest, nature once again removes civilization as a whole.

    Perhaps a hundred million years from now, a 7th civilization will get another try. Hopefully then man will be more conscious, more responsible, more caring, and use more common sense in treating our natural resources of the land, water and air with respect..

    Rest in Peace, beloved Mother Earth.

  29. Heather Dykes says:

    That was chilling to watch. I hope it’s not too late st make the needed changes. Thank you Dane for continuing to inform us. This will be shared.

  30. Aaron McCaughan says:

    Thank you Dane!

  31. Lee Greenleaf says:

    I am wondering why we have not seen any pictures of these methane plumes that the scientists are observing. If they are monitoring these events, then why do we not see the evidence? Surely they have cameras in the artic.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lee, the evidence is there, you just need to search for it as the mainstream media is doing its best to hide it. Methane release has been happening for decades on a lesser scale. The Bermuda triangle ship sinking issues are generally attributed to the rapid release of thawing methane deposits. When entire fields release, it aerates water below the vessels and thus eliminates their buoyancy. This of course causes them to sink without any visible sign of damage. Google “Arctic methane emergency” and you will find plenty of hard data. We must ALL investigate the facts for ourselves or our conclusions will be based on headlines and hearsay.Atmospheric methane levels are escalating at a blinding pace. There are many sources, but the Arctic reserves that are expelling have the potential to eliminate life on Earth many times over if the current scenario continues. Climate engineering is not helping this situation overall, it is making it worse.

  32. Eileen Horne says:

    I am sharing this information but I fear that is not enough given the imminent danger. I’ve written to the POTUS and my congressional representatives but have received only “polite” non-specific responses. I see spraying going on everyday in my area.

  33. Eileen Horne says:

    Please help us to know what to do about this! I feel helpless.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Eileen, what we must all do is to effectively and credibly sound the alarm, wake others up with solid data. See the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrow” link on the upper left of the geoengineeringwatch.org home page. If we can wake up a critical mass of the population, the dominos of the power structure will begin to fall. Turn your anger and angst into fuel for the fight.

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