Over 3 Trillion Trees Have Perished From Our Planet Since The Dawn Of Man


Trees are a miraculous organism, a primary pillar in the web of life on our once thriving planet. They perform countless essential functions including sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen. Not only have we already lost over 3 trillion trees during the anthropocene era (the age of man), the trees that remain are dying at blinding speed. No mainstream article dares to mention the climate engineering factor in regard to the catastrophic tree die-off even though this factor is mathematically the greatest and most destructive of all to the trees. The article below should be a shocking call to action. Climate engineering must be exposed and stopped before there is nothing left to salvage, make your voice heard.
Dane Wigington

Earth Has "Lost More Than Half Its Trees" Since Humans First Started Cutting Them Down

Source: The Independent, article by Steve Connor


The planet of the trees has given way to the planet of the apes. The Earth has lost more than half of its trees since humans first learned how to wield the axe, scientists have found.

A remarkable study has calculated that there are about 3 trillion trees on the planet today but this represents just 45 per cent of the total number of trees that had existed before the rise of humans.

Using a combination of satellite images, data from forestry researchers on the ground and supercomputer number-crunching, scientists have for the first time been able to accurately estimate the quantity of trees growing on all continents except Antarctica.

Previous guesses at the global number of trees were in the range of 400 billion, or about 61 trees for every person on Earth. However, the latest, more accurate study, based on 400,000 estimates of tree densities around the world, puts the total at 3.04 trillion, or roughly 422 trees per person.

However, although the actual number of trees may be about eight times higher than previously thought, the scientists warned that we are cutting them down at the rate of about 15 billion a year, with the highest losses in the tropics where some of the oldest and biggest trees live.


An area that has been cleared of rainforest to make way for a palm oil plantation in Sabah, Malaysia.

The scientists calculate that there are 1.39 trillion trees growing in tropical and sub-tropical forests, about 0.61 trillion in temperate regions such as the US and Europe and 0.74 trillion in the boreal forests in the higher, more northerly latitudes of Canada and Siberia.


Amazon rainforest. Intensive logging makes rainforest fires more likely as the Earth warms.

Mapping trees globally will help us to understand the critical role they play as part of Earth’s life-support system, explained Thomas Crowther of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, the lead author of the study published in the journal Nature.

“Trees are among the most prominent and critical organisms on Earth, yet we are only recently beginning to comprehend their global extent and distribution,” Dr Crowther said.

“They store huge amounts of carbon, are essential for the cycling of nutrients, for water and air quality, and for countless human services. Yet you ask people to estimate, within an order of magnitude, how many trees there are and they don’t know where to begin,” he said.

“I don’t know what I would have guessed, but I was certainly surprised to find that we were talking about trillions,” he added.

The researchers collated data on tree densities using satellite images as well as information from field scientists around the world and were able to make assessments on how tree numbers were affected by factors such as climate, topography, soil and human impacts.

“The diverse array of data available today allowed us to build predictive models to estimate the number of trees at regional levels,” said Henry Glick of Yale, one of the study’s co-authors.

The greatest tree density was found in the cold, boreal forests of Russia, Scandinavia and North America, but this was because the trees here tend to be younger and more stunted than those that grow in the tropical rainforests.

The largest forests, however, are those that grow in tropical regions, such as the Amazon, which are home to about 43 per cent of the world’s trees – boreal regions account for 24 per cent and temperate forests are home to 22 per cent.

An area of the Amazon devastated by deforestation, in northern Brazil

An area of the Amazon devastated by deforestation, in northern Brazil (Getty)

The collaborative effort, which was the result of work by nearly 40 researchers from 15 countries, documented the effects of deforestation and changes in land-use – such as the conversion of pristine forest to agricultural land – on tree cover over many years.

They found that as the human population increased, then the number of trees fell, which is what happened in Europe over the past few thousand years as a result of human development.

“We’ve nearly halved the number of trees on the planet, and we’ve seen the impacts on climate and human health as a result. This study highlights how much more effort is needed if we are to restore healthy forests worldwide,” Dr Crowther said.

Simon Lewis, a researcher in global change science at University College London, said the study is the first to come up with an accurate, global estimate for the number of living trees, but he emphasised that this is not the only important part of an ecosystem.

“A plantation forest of many small trees all of the same type isn't better than a patch of pristine Amazon rainforest with fewer very large trees of all different species,” Dr Lewis said.

“Similarly, measuring carbon storage in forests required different techniques than counting trees, as most carbon in a forest is held in a small number of large trees, not the many small trees,” he said.

“However, global overviews do allow us to see important new aspects of Earth, as the study shows that humans have removed 46 per cent of Earth’s trees, an important statistic showing the heavy influence of human activity on all ecosystems," he added.

Source: The Independent, article by Steve Connor

36 Responses to Over 3 Trillion Trees Have Perished From Our Planet Since The Dawn Of Man

  1. Why have 3 trillion trees have gone missing? Erm… Could it be the entirely corrupted notion that the Earth "owes" us a living? As if the Land is just a convenient investment. Hey! Lets make a buck! Or hey, lets make a killing!!! Right… I always thought the Land should be a place where people LIVE. Did I miss something? Like 3 trillion trees?

    Living "off the land" is something I hear all the time. I laugh (sardonically) at these "back to Nature" fools. As if the Earth is just some pleasant succulent tit for baby suck on. What ya gonna do when Mommy runs out of milk? Cry big tears? Write you congress person? Start a revolt?

    Sorry about ruining that stupid happy-face, but the Earth is listening to mankind's rhetoric big time. If a sober person wishes to continue living, they must live WITH the Land. As in: TEND the Land.

    When you insist that you wish to live "off the Land", the Land will eventually oblige and kick your sorry asses right off the planet…

  2. Teresa from Oregon says:

    This Amazing! I to have been ridiculed by friends, family ect… when talking about ''CHEMTRAILS''! My roommate and I go round and round about how they are simply "CONTRAILS" …….NO THEY ARE NOT!!!!! These lines that i have see over my house the past few years are "POISION"!!!! I have lived in Oregon (Eugene) my whole life!!! being owmost 40 years old as most people my age we grew up being outside playing alot more then kids today!  I cant say that i can ever remember a time when there was anything in the sky except clouds. Now saying that even i somehow became oblivious to the changes going on in our skys right in front of our eyes! I first herd of Chemtrails about 6-7 years ago. and well almost instantly i was nervouse thinking what the HELL is going on???? So i think by talking about it is a great way to get people to see the truth!!!! So please lets KEEP talking about this important topic!!!! i also remember seeing a video on youtube a few years ago. i think the ladys name was jan smith and she was talking about the disease MORGELLONS and the link it may have with chemtrails and then she also talked about the dying of the trees. very fasinating!!!!! sol these days i take pictures of every single chemtrail i see and then i document the date and time, what the weather was like that day and if i can document which direction the plane was headed. then finally i write down how i was feeling at that moment. and then if i remember i check that evening on how i feel. i dont know why but in feel as if maybe someday this info can be used! and maybe just maybe if more people were to do this in my town or all over the globe i think we would finally see the Truth!!!! keep up the fight I know I will be!!!!!

    • Dilla says:

      Looking at a Meetup  group hike pics at sequoia nat park, I was surprised at the hillsides full of dead brown trees. Massive die off. Nice backdrop for selfies as the hikers seemed clueless. . 

  3. Beverly says:

    Today, the skies were clear and blue and void of clouds in Big River, CA and Parker, AZ but, by noon the chemtrails were visible and the sky was a dark gray. I handed out GeoEngineering flyers at my Soroptimist meeting and all were glad to be informed about it. I'll keep passing out info to everyone I see.

  4. Rachel Robson says:

    Paul Vonhamish, Hello!  And thank you for this link.  I followed it-I usually do follow yours-felt lost right away and so thought of you, as if following you, and found the info you intended.  This is all new to me.  Ley lines and such.  I have, of course, heard of dowsers but know almost nothing about it.  One thing in particular stood out to me and that was a reference to ancient natives working in and through other dimensions.  That is what a medicine man does.  At some point in doing this and "following you", I began to feel your pain, and I was so overcome by it that I cried and cried, even howling as silently as possible into my tissue cupped hands, not wanting to be heard, finding that my low howling moans turned into my voice splitting into three separate tones, sounding for all the world like a pack of wolves in the far distance.  I had no idea my voice could do this.  Such pain, such despair.  I don't want you to die with a bad heart.  But I do appreciate the anger.  I wonder how it felt to you to be in this special place, to hug those pines. I appreciate you approaching them with humility, hiding your despair.  But know that you can tell trees your sorrows and pain and anger.  Believe me, they understand, they can take it and comfort you.  They will even teach you how to deal with it, even play with you, maybe even teasing you.  And trees love to gossip and tell stories.  They really are magical, but then, so are we.

    I wanted you to know that I also followed your links about the Animus river and tried to post my life experiences with contamination from gold mines, which is basically that what you don't see, will kill you.  The water will look good, but nothing alive in it.  I knew at a glance that this wasn't from the gold mine, but I didn't know what it was.  Thanks to you, I do now and also know "they" sent those contaminated fracking barrels to the Dine people, Navajo, in Arizona.  And, I know why.  Peabody Coal.  Some old Navajo women, most dead now, have been fighting Peabody Coal for decades as it has done great harm to the people there and the land.  One of my longest best friends, family really in that my daughter grew up calling her Grandma though she is 11 years younger than I, she's been a professional political activist all her life, at least since I first met her when she was 19.  It is a full time job for her.  She is not allowed to cross borders!  And, she is John Trudell's best friend.  With him now as he fights the big C.  She's spent much time, long time living in remote hogans with these women who are saying what I'm saying.  "They" are trying to make them move.  Some have drill rigs right next to their remote hogans.  Really, it was Hopi land, which has lead to some quarrels-the Dine, some, moved here for the grazing which the Hopi depend upon.  John is a distant relative of my daughter.  I have a poster of him from long ago and it is beautiful, the background a bit like Van Gogh.  It says: "Never trust anyone who isn't angry".  Thank you for these links and for speaking about Trudell.

    The Hopi are the keepers of prophecies.  In ancient times, long, long before white man came here, before airplanes and atomic bombs and all the death and destruction, the prophecies spoke of when a big change will come.  The main thing referenced is the weather and major weather anomalies.  There is no way they could have foreseen geoengineering.  So, what then?

  5. Bella_Fantasia says:

    With news of 55 percent of the trees being gone enters another alarming statistic similar to 40 percent of the wildlife also being gone in the last 40 years.  While there are many reasons for this, we're entering very, very serious territory.  There is so much heart break that goes with these deaths, but it's utterly quiet.  No wailing or wringing of hands.  I know the little birds, squirrels and mice surrounding my house are dead.  No one came for the sunflower seeds. 

    Do nearly all the trees have to die before people notice?  Will they believe what they've been told–that it's all due to global warming?  Or invasive beetles?  Biologists, agricultural experts and forestry experts at the recent CA event said the insects are dead and the trout had nothing in their stomachs.  Main Stream Media suggests the whale deaths in Alaska might even been blamed on global warming, but whales regularly travel between the Tropics and the Arctic.  They can take the heat, but need to eat something or they'll die of starvation like the seals have.  The "military training" is also killing them.  NOAA and NASA really need to stop lying and come clean.  They know what's going on but won't tell the whole truth.

    Meanwhile PBS has new shows like Earth A New Wild and Big Blue Live.  Are they trying to get more people to care for the environment? If so, it's backfiring I think.  People will think that all the colorful loveliness and bounty is fully intact and go back to their phone texts.

    My apologies for being bummed out for the moment. In a flash I'll return to this cause with renewed vigor.  Many thanks to everyone here who buoys us when hope wanes.  Love to All Here, and thank you Dane and everyone.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bella, thank you so much for mentioning the Navy!  I assume you meant the Navy's training exercises up close against our coasts, all our coasts, given by NOAA permission to "take" wildlife, as in whales, seals, all–in their play with every kind of weapon you can think of.  Rosalind Peterson is good at this-Agriculture Defense Coalition.  No blog.  Just the mother load of info in pdf form, because as she says, this info has a way of disappearing.  But, at the top of her site, she lists various topics, pick one and find out what is going on now.  Instead of just military, she lists Navy and for good reason.  Actually you can go to their site yourself, and the other militaries, they do admit to a lot.  Thing is, if they a proposing something, they usually leave a time period to comment while often moving it up by surprise.  But it is amazing what they will say.  So many spoke out on the Olympic Peninsula project of theirs that they head to slow their roll and hire outside help to handle the mail.  I've yet to get a response and that was some time ago.  Rosalind says if you just complain, say you don't want it, you will get a reply saying duly noted.  So, she suggests asking pertinent questions.  Like say about the effects of electromagnetic experiments on wildlife and insects.  Not to mention people at the decibel level of Growler Jets flying low.  Turns out they had not investigated this!  A good friend of mine has degrees in chemistry and works for water quality for fish in the Puget Sound and is Native.  She says the Navy gets to do what they want.  That doesn't work for me.  But a bit like geoengineering, just try to get anyone to care enough to respond, to do anything.  Sure, some up there have tried valiantly, but to no avail.  Everyone else seems clueless.  They are also using chemicals, doing weather modification experiments, bombs, seismic blasts, depleted uranium, lasers, sonic, rockets, every trick in the book.  How can the guys doing this not care?  Despite what they are told about national security, surely, at some point the light dawns?

      So, what do you say, Navy guys?  Speak out!  Give us an insider's view!  Are you aware of what you are doing, or kept out of the loop?  How does it feel to destroy America's own coast lands?  To blow up a whale?  Have we got it all wrong?  Please explain! 


  6. Kyle says:

    I found this street view image of chemtrails gone hog wild in Portola California where there is very little to no air traffic.

  7. Rachel Robson says:

    The new movie/documentary: Salt of the Earth is SO worth watching, over and over again.  Sebastiao Salgado, Brazil.  Grew up on a ranch/farm in a paradise of trees and water.  Only son, 7 sisters.  Father sold all his trees/wood to put them all through school and ranch turned into a desert, water gone, trees gone, weather bad, birds gone.  Himself burned out on all the devastation he'd been filming for so long.  So his brilliant wife gets the idea to replant the trees, trying to work in as many diversified Amazonian trees as possible.  They planted 2.5 million trees!  And more and more.  Big losses at first, then fewer and fewer.  Now a paradise again, real clouds again, rain again, water in their river again.  Trees ARE life! Damn good reason to hug a tree!

    • Hello again Rachel Robson: Interesting that you would suggest hugging a tree. I was so brutalized by EMF radiation the other day, I decided to get out of town and visit what's left of a local forest. I hugged several mature pines as I walked through a strong ley line area near an ancient creek. I spoke to these trees in humility – trying to control my despair. I've known about man's disregard for Natural forces my whole life. I nearly suicided over it a few times. Hatred and revenge is the only force keeping me alive. I will get even… You may enjoy these interesting pages: >
      Excerpted from: Delaware Forest Dolmen – mystery megalith on a limestone ledge
      ["Within this geometric grid, each low frequency, long wave energy has certain points of zero energy or null vibration. At certain points, the zero-sum point of one energy waves coincides with zero-sum moments of other waves. This creates a special null point in the grid spot which is empty and inactive. Ancient people seemed to know how to locate these empty places in the matrix or grid. And they erected stones or constructed earth mounds at these special nodes. These ancients had a technology to affect the energy matrix of the landscape."]
      Complete text:

  8. Tina says:

    Hi folks, good to see comments from all around the world. Awareness is growing in leaps and bounds.With the controlled media-it's sites like this for truth. The scope of evil we are up against is unimaginable. They are spraying at night again, all along the Pacific West Coast. We need to bring these planes down.You think the media would report on this?? Search up the article "Nazi" on americannationalmilitia.com  a good place for anyone with "doubts" to start. The queen of England as well.

  9. SD says:

    Watching TV report on the Syrian refugee crisis in Hungary the other day. Chemtrails obvious in the sky over Budapest.  More evidence of NATO involvement.

  10. Marc says:

    Just listened to an hour-long interview between Whitley Streiber and Catherine Austin Fitts, financial expert and advisor. Topics covered included ISIS in the middle east, Israel, Iranian nuclear deal, Pope Francis coming to New York, 9/11, etc, etc. Nowhere, NOWHERE in the entire discussion as to how these various world scenarios impact the markets, was there any discussion pertaining to climate change, or environmental meltdown, droughts, crop losses, weather anomalies, and so on!!! I was not surprised, and, yet, I was! I was also pissed off and disillusioned that such visible public figures so skillfully managed to sidestep even the slightest reference to the gigantic rainbow-colored ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. WTF??!! Really? Are these pundits so afraid of ridicule or "something else", that it's like, totally NOT COOL to even mention the absolute game-changer closing in on all sides? As in, CLIMATE MELTDOWN, OZONE DESTRUCTION. GLOBAL DIMMING, G-E-O-E-N-G-I-N-E-E-R-I-N-G!!!!!! Are these folks really that clueless? I am convinced otherwise. I think they both know what the hell is going on, but for cowardly reasons avoid these topics. How many are out there who sense our impending peril, but choose to happily go on as if everything's fine? Really?

    In my sphere, I am quickly becoming known as the guy who is into all that conspiracy theory crap, like geoengineering and that the government's out to kill us all, etc. I was at home the other night and my cellphone rang late in the evening. This is unusual for me, so I, of course, answered it. On the other end were my sister, her boyfriend, my cousin and his wife, all hanging out at a remote cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota. They were all like, stoned and drunk, and just having a great time with me on speakerphone. Then the jokes started up about me and all the "chemtrail" stuff I'm into. They were laughing and carrying on about what a doofus I am to be into all that stuff. I humored them a little but, mind you, I had just spent three hours researching geoengineering and related topics, only to then get a call from them making big fun out of it all. Now, you know, they're all good people, and, sure, they were trashed, but the contrast between their cavalier and I might add, ignorant, take on it all, and the mood I was in on that evening, is one for the record books. When that call ended I reflected for some time about where we're at as a species, about how and why the approaching nightmare doesn't hit home with so many, and whether or not we are gonna make it as species here on planet Earth. The poignancy of the moment is one I will not soon forget. 

    • Irene Parousis says:

      Your comment reminded me of my very wise mother and brought a smile to my face.  In her old age she would remark that, everyone around us is stoned and numb and that maybe we should smoke pot too, to be like them.  My parents were rebel fighters in the Greek civil war who were exiled to the Soviet Union for twenty four years.  Their life was a sacrifice for freedom and equality for ALL.   My mother especially was very connected to Earth, it's not a coincidence her name was Gaia.  Unfortunately I have three older siblings who are the polar opposites of my parents.  Although I was very close to my siblings and their kids, in the last three years I have had to cut them all from my life as they deemed me crazy for being vocal and active against the Geoengineering programs.  I feel sad that we have all become divided in this battle, but I look at it as soul evolution and we are all at different stages.  That said, it doesn't make it easy in dealing with all this in our third dimensional world no matter how much we want to be the bigger people.  I woke up early in my life due to a very difficult divorce and since have been patiently waiting for everyone else to wake up, but like the bull that I am my patience is done and all I see is red.   

    • JEFF says:


  11. Nick says:

    Great info as always. The battle for truth is on the up.

    Let this be your GeoEngineering WAKE UP anthem . Share far and wide..:)


  12. Keith Whittington says:

    I have been seeing terrible damage in the forest lately, but yesterday rode with a friend to town. Standing dead trees lined the road, some still holding leaves. Trees not yet succumbed had dead branches sticking out the tops, leaves yellowed with brown tips. The ground beneath is littered with leaves as if it was fall. Coincidentally, I bumped into a ranger and told him. He blamed it on Cicadas! Sigh.

    • Shannon Weckman says:

      Yes, I have run into similar ridiculous replies. My neighbor even sent me a link to world war II planes proving that contrails existed back then. Why is it so hard for people to open their eyes and use their common sense to know that something is horribly wrong. The skies do not look normal. Why can't they see that? and the air is really bad as well. People are coughing and blaming it on allergies. I am the sane one, the so-called conspiracy nut!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Shannon, you might want to point out to your neighbor that the WWll bombers had water vapor injection on them, something he certainly does not know or is not admitting to. The attached link my be of help to you. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/high-bypass-turbofan-jet-engines-geoengineering-and-the-contrail-lie/

  13. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Hello Becca,

    I just want you to know that I feel the same pain and frustration. The first time I saw these trails was in the spring of 2008 on a trip from my home in Alaska to South Carolina. The first day that I was there the sky was littered with trails running in all directions. Immediately I knew that something was terribly,terribly wrong. I clearly remember standing on the first tee at the golf course, lifting my arms towards the sky and screaming "What in the hell are THEY spraying!!!"  All of my family was there. I remember one of my sisters approaching me with her hands in front of her as if she was holding an invisible basket ball. She said my name several times in a strange comforting,calming tone. She said "Steven-Steven-Steven, its O.K., it's NORMAL, they're just CONTRAILS."

    I returned to Alaska and immediately went into complete denial for six years. For me ignorance was not bliss. The six years that I suffered from cognitive dissonance were the darkest most depressing years of my life and I didn't even know why.

    In January of 2014 the warm winter here in Alaska got me wondering what was going on. I started seeing the trails again and felt that there must be a connection. I searched for two weeks using "The Word."  You know the one that leads to lies and deception. I was frantic to find the truth.

    The day that I found GeoWatch changed my life forever. I was free from cognitive dissonance. I had found like minded people who were active in this fight everyday. I had finally found the truth! The very next day I went into action. I grabbed a sharpie and started writing https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org on every pizza box that left Charlie's Pizza. I did this for a couple of months (about 120 pizzas a day) before I started printing them 30 to a page, cutting them with a paper cutter and gluing one on every box. I've been doing it for over 18 months now and I won't stop until the spraying stops!

    Thank you for praying for me and I will pray for you too. I too am in this fight until my last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity.

    Never Give Up!!!

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      You said it Steven, "…without fear, trepidation or timidity".  

      That is why the Romans feared and never conquered the Druidic British fighters, whose battle cry was "Truth against the World".

      from previous emails: 

      1.  In AD 52/53, during Cractacus' amazing address to the Roman Senate he said "Does it follow, that because the Romans aspire to universal domination, every nation is to accept the vassalage they would impose?"

      2.  Do not be surprised if your nearest and dearest is highly critical …. As with Saint Paul, and the 'poacher turned gamekeeper' types, your greatest critic can become your greatest supporter.

      Keep on keeping on, everyone.

  14. And – – as forestry departments project, and already documented in Arnold Schwarzenegger's and Harrison Ford's "Years of Living Dangerously" – – in about 15 more years more than half of the remaining trees around the world will be dead.
    Do a medline search – – Pub-Med.com , NIH database – – and search for "Aluminum toxic to trees", and you'll learn that, in numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications, scientists reported that Aluminum (the key ingredient in chemtrail sprays) is the # 1 poison to trees.
    So, we have a total paradox: while trees are our first line of defense against excess CO2 (THE cause of GW, global warming), some pseudo-scientific lunatics – the ones that do the GW-enhancing chemtrail spraying – the loony-tunes "energy experts" from the carbon industry are actually killing them!
    Read more about what other loony-tunes ideas the carbon industry has in store for us:  "CO2 sequestration" – – collecting CO2, and pumping it underground.
    A PREDICTION: Expect more – soon to come – pseudo-scientific bogus/VooDoo – – CO2 SEQUESTRATION – – from the Carbon interests:
    PART I: Exposing the risks of “CO2 Sequestration” http://www.Expertclick.com/NRWire/Releasedetails.aspx?id=71034
    PART II: Energy alternatives galore:

  15. becca miller says:

    To put my two cents in, well to vent really I'm so burnt out and depressed and tired of trying to get the word out I mean over year now I've been trying and it seems so frustrating when I'm surrounded by distracted and dumb people, it's like something they're spraying has already made people stupid. I don't know why they can't see what's going on around them, I watch the news and I tell people that this is from the spraying. This is all from the spraying, from health issues 2 problems with our plants, the crazy weather and wars..everything…and I get so so disgusteded and I'm surrounded by sheep. It’s really disheartening,  my people, even my own family doesn't believe me. They call me paranoid and the conspiracy theory person and I'm tired of bumming out my younger kids. I wish that they could have a regular life. I moved to a little place with a well n garden For as long as it will grow in, for as long as I can breathe and talk I'll keep on screaming about this, but sometimes I just wish I didn't even know about any of it. I wonder if there  really  is bliss in ignorance,  don't know what else to do. I can't very well move to the southern hemisphere. I just pray a lot and I thank God that there are other people out there who aren't asleep or stupid. I thank God for people like Dane Wigington. Are you going to come back on the radio? Anyway we all must stick together n keep fighting the good fight and don't get dragged down into their imaginary race war or whatever other evil stuff they think up. I pray a lot and pray a lot and pray some more I pray for all of you and for our planet..

  16. Charlotte says:

    I'm feeling extreme gratitude that I decided early in life never to bring children of my own to this planet.  

  17. michael says:

    In some of the manufactured cultures of mind lock in america if you act like you care about a tree's life you get ame called as a 'hippe' and told to go hug the tree, so as to mock those that care about the environment that enables their existence, those cultures need to be re-manufactured out of such a mind lock, otherwise the entire planet is going to end up like that 1 story I once herd you tell dane where some people or corporate on an island somewhere were cutting down the trees until every tree was dead which rendered it uninhabitable, we can't sit back and expect these same unsane mentalities to suddenly smarten up and stop what they're doing cause the planet's entire biosphere is in collapse, but I just don't know what we can do about this……..

    • Mark from OZ says:

      @Michael. You've made a great point re: it is so wrong that some people have disdain for tree huggers and for genuine people (like those here) that see what's happening. Adding the 'human' element (on top of nature's plight–as if it's something separate) is another way draw attention and allow the urgency to be felt and not ignored.The largest displacement of humanity ever is under way already in No Africa and the immediate region to the north and the force behind is due to FF led climate change.

  18. Truman says:

    Very sad news….another reason this planet is in such trouble. Seems like there is no stopping the destruction.

  19. Tom Liccione says:

    Besides being a great resource and a good carbon sinker, trees seem to influence the formation of clouds, according to a recent article I recently read. We really need the trees. Unfortunately, the more we realize we need the trees, the faster they are disappearing. Considerable tree damage is now visible in the Denver area in spite of all the rain we got this spring.

  20. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 70th email to my contact list, titled 'Blue Ocean Event'.

    1.  Pertaining to the Arctic, a Blue Ocean Event is when there is no ice in the Arctic Ocean.  To be more accurate, since Arctic Sea Ice is calculated as an area with more than 15% ice and less than 85% open water, a Blue Ocean Event would be over 85% open water.  

    Despite the massive Geoengineering over the Arctic, and particularly along the natural barrier of the Aleutian Islands, this event could still happen this year. If not, it will almost certainly happen next year.

    So, what can we expect when we have an Arctic Blue Ocean Event during the summer months? The 2 years following the event will have dramatically increasing extremes of weather.  During this time a major methane release is highly likely.  During the 4 years following the methane release we will experience major human migrations and extinctions in the Northern Hemisphere, with the Southern Hemisphere following within another 4 years.  Total 10 years, which takes us to 2025/2026 at the outside.

    Infact, the 'Clathrate Gun', which signalled the start of unstoppable methane releases/feed back loop, was fired on May 12th 2011, and we have been waiting for the mega methane burp since then (signalling the 8 year countdown).  It may have already happened since Global methane has reached 1840 pbb.

    The 'Planetary Omnicide between 2023 and 2031' chart is worth studying, although it may be too optimistic http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Jcd6C9wz5lk/VOEzCMLvsyI/AAAAAAAAPxY/Kl2RHhV1V34/s1600/EUROP958-2.jpg

    With about 250 plant and animal species going extinct every day, we are definitely living in the 6th Great Extinction, and this one is happening incredibly fast.  Will any humans survive?  

    Go to http://www.arctic.io/explorer/8//4-N90-E0/North%20Pole, zoom in on the Aleutian Islands (@ Longitude -170 and Latitude 52) and scroll around checking the dates July 28/29/30th and Aug 23/24/28th.  

    Also look at the one day ice loss in the Laptev Sea @ Longitude 155 and Latitude 79 between Sept 3 and 4.

    2.  The Conundrum. We are now experiencing the effects of our CO2 emissions of 20 years ago.  If we were to stop all geoengineering and all CO2 emissions today and go back to living in the stone age, we would still have 20 years of global warming to experience.  However, we only have a maximum of 10 or 11 years before 'extinction'!  

    Since geoengineering is making a bad situation even worse, I believe humanity has a better chance in the stone age scenario. 

    • Marc says:

      Great post Andrew! Hard to know what to do, how to feel, where to go, how to prepare, what to think….If indeed the timeline is as short as many are saying, including high profile speakers like Guy McPherson, then what? Do we fight, fight, fight like hell against certain cataclysm, or do we essentially remain status quo? Can the orders of magnitude necessary to stop geoengineering really ever be achieved before meltdown?

    • Stuart McDermott from England says:

      Thanks for that information Andrew. The truth is never good, but none the less the truth. It's good to see finally that some people are looking at it with honest eyes. I would be happy to live in the stoneage life would be a lot more simple. Once again thanks for your honesty.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks for your comments Marc and Stuart.  Also interesting to zoom in and see the wildfires flare up again around Lake Baikal on 4th Sept @ Lng 107 and Lat 54.

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